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A supreme court is the highest court within the hierarchy of many legal jurisdictions. The Chief Justice in many countries is the name for the presiding member of a Supreme Court in Commonwealth or other countries with an Anglo-Saxon justice system based on English common law, such as the Supreme Court of Canada, the Constitutional Court of South Africa, the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong, the Supreme Court of India, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Supreme Court of Nepal, the Supreme Court of Ireland, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of the United States, or provincial or state supreme courts. 5.0/5

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9/3/2005- Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States William Rehnquist died.
Shri Justice Dipak Misra was sworn in as the 45th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan to…
Congratulations to Justice Deepak Sharma for becoming 45th Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India.
Preparing for a meeting with Former Chief Justice of Kenya & President of the Supreme Court of Kenya, Willy Mutunga.
Advisory: In view of the Chief Justice orders work in Supreme Court suspended starting 2:30pm. |
Deepak Mishra is unworthy and underserving of becoming the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 'Independent' India.
AMAZING commencement speech from our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 🙌🏼
Wonderful evening hearing from Chief Justice of US Supreme Court, the Honourable John G Roberts Jr
George Washington appointed Him as the Supreme Court's first chief justice, serving from 1789 to 1795.
Hint:One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Was the nation's first chief justice of the Supreme Court.
Question: Who was the first chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court? . . A). Benjamin Franklin. B). Samuel Chase. C). John Jay. D). John Marshall
Justice Thomas should be the Chief Justice of Supreme Court! Roberts isn't ready and h…
RIP Parker Lee McDonald, 93, American jurist, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida (1979–1994).
John Jay1st Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and President of the American Bible Society"By conveying the..
Warren Burger was confirmed Chief Justice that day, ending the Warren Era on the Supreme Court, so I…
Big Salute to Ex-Chief Justice of Supreme court Sushila Karki. Good interview by .
Statue of Lady Justice removed from Bangladesh Supreme Court because it is an idol. Orders given by Chief Justice. https…
No, in impeachment trials, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides…
.It's important to know that it was Andrew Jackson who appointed Roger B. Taney as Chief Justice of the Sup…
Read up on Chief Justice of the AL Supreme Court, Roy Moore. Then read
Feat'd pic: Roger B. Taney, the 5th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, holding that ...
Roger B. Taney was born 240 years ago today in Calvert County, MD. 5th Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Andrew Jackso…
John Roberts is Chief Justice of the United States, not Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Important to get that right.
Maria Lourdes Sereno is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. She…
how come you appoint John Marshall as Chief Justice of Supreme Court
That's Trump Jung Il's Supreme Court nominee. He's gonna be the new Chief Justice.
John G. Roberts, Jr., when considering your role as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, defer on Friday. Follow...
I was the only one in my mass media & society class that knew that John Roberts was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 🙃🙃🙃
SC sets aside contempt ruling against 4 journalists for articles about Former Chief Justice of India Y K Sabharwal.
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Chief Strength of the Military. Chief Wealth of the Department of Commerce. Chief S…
First female:. - in QLD to become QC. - judge of QLD Supreme Court. - Chief Justice of High Court. Susan Kiefel, smashing…
TIL the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is typically Chancellor of the Smithsonian. This meant John Roberts had to speak today at NMAAHC
Was Justice David Maraga the right choice for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya?
Congratulations to Justice Maraga for his nomination as the Chief Justice & President of Supreme Court of Kenya.
was appointed the Supreme Court's Chief Justice in 1789
He was Chief Justice of Uganda between 1963 to 1969, and spent 13 years as a judge on the Supreme Court of Nigeria htt…
Shalom Justice David Maraga! Kindly follow back and by the way,congratulations for being appointed Chief Justice of Supreme Court
Nomination of Justice David Maraga for appointment as Chief Justice & President of the Supreme Court a neutral ending to
Judge David Maraga has been nominated as the new Chief Justice . Supreme Court
I can now comfortably apply to Supreme Court to STOP Employers from forcing Seventh Day Adventist to work on Saturday "Chief Justice"
Congratulations Justice David Maraga for your nomination as the next Chief Justice of Supreme Court for the Republic of Kenya.
Justice David Maraga is the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya, JSC announces.
HBD to Cincinnati native William Howard Taft, our 27th President and the 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court!
Police Maintained Presence at Supreme Court for Chief Justice’s Ruling: A notable number of law enforcement m...
Fun Fact: William Howard Taft is the only US president to be both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ever.
Warren Burger, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court,quoted; "75 to 90% of American Trial Lawyers are incompetent, dishonest or both."
Monday Briefs: Precedent forms for the Supreme Court, honouring the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia
Regard to the late Trilok Pratap Rana the ex-Chief Justice,Supreme Court,Nepal who was also, the fellows participant with us !
and the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court runs it like a theocracy what can go wrong
Another quote from recent speech by the Chief Justice of Canada's Supreme Court
First trial as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; first degree murder and the defendant deemed not guilty✅
Beatty to be 2nd black Chief Justice of SC Supreme Court
Congratulations to alumnus, Justice Donald Beatty, the next Chief Justice of the S. C. Supreme Court
An interesting article from the Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina on how his...
William Howard Taft. 27th President and 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The only man in USA history to hold both positions.
thesis that the Supreme Court admitted a judicial error. Voice of one Justice is not voice of court, not even Chief Justice's
Oliver Ellsworth, 3rd Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, was born this date in 1745; member St. John's Lodge, NJ.…
New post: ". Alabama's Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been suspended for trying to block same-sex marriage…
Renato Corona, 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, passed away today at the age of 67.
Roy Moore (the actual Chief Justice of an actual state Supreme Court) is reaching new levels of unhingedness today.
Apr 27, 1880: several appointments are made to Supreme Court: FBT Carter as Chief Justice & Robert Pinsent as Assistant Judge
Trump should immediately add a seat and put Barron on the Supreme Court. Obviously as Chief Justice.
Also, the late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and sleazy male stripper Earl Warren.
Supersession Clause. Commander and Chief needs Chief Justice to take state level Attorney General to Supreme Court.
Today in In 1865 Hugh L. Nichols was born in He became the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
New post (Supreme Court Judges appointment row - Chief Justice vs Modi government?) has been published on
Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the '50s and '60s, was born 125 years ago today:
3/19/1891- Earl Warren, Governor of California and Chief Justice of Supreme Court of United States, born.
I nominate Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court for the position of Chief Justice for the U.S. Supreme Court.
At the Supreme Court honoring John Marshall, the great Chief Justice...and my 5th Great Grandfather
There are many John Roberts. Voice actor on "Bob's Burgers" and also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Call me maybe?
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Bart Katureebe has directed the Electoral Commission to immediately avail the...
Our on John Marshall: The Chief Justice was praised for transforming the Supreme Court into a dominant force in American life.
Dr Mathilda Twomey, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Seychelles, with Professor Donncha O'Connell, Head...
The lights went out in the Supreme Court during oral arguments. "I knew we should have paid that bill,” said Chief Justice …
That act says the Supreme Court "shall...consist of the Chief Justice...and eight Associate Justices."
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1) GOP: scandalous for Obama to make recess appointment to Supreme Court. 2) Eisenhower appointed a Chief Justice that …
Prime Minister of India and Chief Justice of Supreme Court and Chairman of NGT: Stop ‘Rape’ ... via
After his presidency, William Howard Taft was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Graciela Dixon, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Panama.
Indeed, Sereno is very good at her job as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.😁✌😉👍
Jan 2, 1826: the Supreme Court of Newfoundland is constituted by Royal Charter, Chief Justice is R. A. Tucker
TIL that William Howard Taft served as President as well as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. - ...
An interview with my friend on the decision of the BC Supreme Court's Chief Justice.
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; what great men he would join. John Marshall, Charles Evans Hughes, Warren Burger… mmm, burger.
Chief Justice of US Supreme Court is cranky and fed up with you slackers. Fix racism already! And get off my lawn!!
We were received by d Registrar of d Supreme Court who represented d Chief Justice of d federation
Appeal to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan to fix the case for hearing HRC 23730/2014, September 13, 2014. eagieagle
Supreme Court of India, Chief Justice of India, Attorney General of India: Charge Mr. Salman Khurshid... via Change
Yes, Reagan put a racist like Scalia on the Supreme Court but to be fair he also made a segregationist Chief Justice.
Supreme Court Judge TS Thakur sworn in as 43rd Chief Justice of India - The Indian Express: The Indian Express...
IF Chief Justice of Supreme Court get notice of corruption f sharifs&zardaris&their stooges only then Pakistan can b saved otherwise no hope
Natural law was given by the Sovereign of the Universe to all mankind. John Jay. 1st Chief Justice. US Supreme Court
Bangladesh hanged Islamist leaders who killed Hindus. Muslim country with Hindu Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Send anti-Hindus there
was listening to your pod with Klosterman, William Howard Taft U.S. President and Chief Justice of Supreme Court after
William Howard Taft went from President US to Chief Justice of Supreme Court. It has been done.
8 November 1841: Sir Francis Forbes, the first Chief Justice of NSW’s Supreme Court, dies in Sydney
Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court: "Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to…
Hey Y&G! Vote for 68th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Hatts off to Raza Rabbani, for the 1st time in history of Pakistan, Chief Justice of Supreme Court is addressing to Senate …
Supreme Court asks the Chief Justice of Jammu & Kashmir to constitute a 3 judge bench to resolve the beef ban issue
Chief Justice of PA Supreme Court: AG Kane's suspended law license is no bar to her staying in office.
If The Simpsons taught us anything, it's that your kid will grow up to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as a result.
"Percentage of Americans who can correctly name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: 9" via
If Ben Carson can become a renowned neurosurgeon i can become Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
Welldone ! Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan for upholding the punishment of the killer of Salman Taseer,Ex Governor of Punjab.
Had meaningful discussions with Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Bangladesh today.
Who was the only U.S. President to also serve as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court?. William Howard Taft. John...
This was the essence of 's campaign. John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, would...
Chief Justice of the E.C.Supreme Court, calls on OECS member states to put modern family legislation high on their agenda.
FROM LEFT: Former Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Sylvester Onuh; Former Chief Justice of the federation,...
VP Osinbajo w/ the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mahmud Mohammed & the Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. Sept 21. ht…
While we're on the topic of the Supreme Court, did you know Taft was the only president to serve on the Supreme Court (as Chief Justice!)?
I just discovered that Salmon Chase, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, issued the lone dissent in Bradwell v. Illinois. Cool.
Coalition rebuked over signing of same-sex marriage amendment: Chief Justice says, with appeal pending, move c...
From a Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Who would know better?
"Maybe a land war with the chief justice of the Supreme Court is a bad idea."
will announce a new Chief Justice of the AR Supreme Court later today
Chief justice says from now on, any qualified legal practitioner can make it to Supreme Court
Appreciable & at least Chief Justice of High Court & Supreme Court should have guts to admit relations !
“There is an error at p149 of Ally. It says Louis D. Brandeis was Chief Justice of Supreme Court. He never chief justice.
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John Roberts and the Supreme Court's business docket over his ten Terms as Chief Justice:
William Howard Taft -. Became President of the United States & Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Yet remembered for getting stuck in a bath
Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Honorable Samuel Alito, Jr., speaks not really on the *** Marriage...
Look at judiciary.Neither Chief Justice of Sindh High Court nor Chief Justice of Supreme Court took sou moto notice of deaths of 2000 people
Went to the Supreme Court today and met the Chief Justice in person. She was wearing a hot pink blazer. 💘
John Marshall, who became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 1801, wrote the landmark decision. The Court’s...
Supreme Court has gotten it wrong before. 1857 Chief Justice(slave owner) Dred Scott case>ruled “negroes are subordinate class w/ no rights"
(4/6) This is from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a person who is not accountable to the people, but with a lifet…
There is only one Supreme Court. It's Chief Justice is Jehovah God and He has already spoken on marriage. Gen. 2:21-24
"opposed City of Ottawa, the Canadian Bar Association, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada..etc"
Next to Alexander Hamilton I feel like a candle by the sun at noon. ~John Marshall, first Chief Justice of US Supreme Court
All Rise for Chief Justice Robot!: On the eve of some big U.S. Supreme Court rulings, we ask: Could a com...
I loved Girls State, I was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Lauren went too, County Judge, I think.
But really, if the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court makes political campaign speeches, why can't a Manitoba judge?
Chase Holcombe for Lt. Gov (left) & Sam Mashburn for Chief Justice of Supreme Court
let us not debate on otherwise would qualify to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court himself. https:…
Last Sunday was the 75th birthday of Reynato S. Puno, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 2006 to 2010.
Franklin Graham turns eye to Supreme Court . 'Join me in prayer for Chief Justice John G. Roberts,…
SC: Only PM, President and Chief Justice can feature in govt ads. did it again :)
Only PM, President, Chief Justice can feature in government ads, says Supreme Court
Only PM, President, Chief Justice now allowed in government ads.
Deccan Chronicle - India - Plea to stay case against Chief Justice in Supreme Court -
"Chief Justice Pat Roggensack says author of New Yorker article that criticizes Supreme Court 'didn't know his…
Shame on Supreme Court of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Pakistan .
Surreal: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of US called for Jury Duty Couldn't happen in UK (Judges are exempt)
Chief Justice, Attorney General dragged to Supreme Court over exorbitant court fees
I think they should have let the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on jury duty.
Who cares who's the WI Supreme Court's Chief Justice? It doesn't matter but wait it does & I agree with
Chief state's attorney and top Public Defender both agree that Chase Rogers has done a good job as Chief Justice of CT Supreme Court
Did you know that our Chief Justice at the Supreme Court of Canada is from Pincher Creek Alberta? Beverley McLachlin.
He is more powerful than the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court right hour now he sounds like a judge about to deliver a verd
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Roger B. Taney: Blacks "had no rights which the white man was bound to respect'. ht…
former acting Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan and ex-chairman of Federal Public Service Commission
Chief Justice of Supreme Court will launch new Law School.
I could not disagree w/ U about the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, MOORE…" "Marriage"
West goes on to become first Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Bombay. Dies there 1828 (5/9)
I note; the whip line for the vote to remove Former Chief Justice & Supreme Court Judge was based on consensus reached by…
This date in 1930, former President William Howard Taft resigned as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:
Then Alake of Abeokuta & his son,the 1st Chief Justice of the Federation of Nigeria(supreme court)Pic' taken in 1959 h…
KS Chief Justice rejects Governor Brownback's Supreme Court proposal in State of the Judiciary address:
Chief Justice rejects Governor's Supreme Court proposal, highlights value of court system
Greg Abbott sworn in as newest Governor of Texas by Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Texas. @ Texas…
Both the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Secretary of Agriculture in that clip. NICE!
Wall Street Journal reports: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Portugal calls on the governments…
Swearing in day Tuesday, Supreme Court gets new Chief Justice and our duly elected legislators make it official.
Cameras in the Supreme Court? Not in 2015 as debate continues Chief Justice
This day in NC history: Susie Sharp becomes Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court via
Keep referring to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as Earl Grey not Earl Warren
Ordinances ‘absolutely illegal’: ex-CJI, Delhi High Court, KUDOS TO JUSTICE R SACHAR New Delhi, DECEMBER 26: Slamming the Centre’s decision to promulgate ordinances to push Bills for raising foreign direct investment in insurance and kicking off coal mine allocation, Former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Justice Rajindar Sachar, said these are “absolutely illegal and fraud on the Constitution.” “If the matter was so urgent, why were Parliament sessions not extended,” he said in a press statement. Justice Sachar cited a Supreme Court ruling in 1987, where it held that the ordinance making power “is in the nature of emergency power to take action when the legislature is not in session… this power is to be used to meet an extraordinary situation and it can not be allowed to be “perverted to serve political ends”.
How U mar looted our Money . According to the documents obtained only about half of the sum was documented as “legal fees” and gifts”. In a particular case, Umar approved N19 million as “wedding gift” to the son of the immediate past Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mariam Mukthar Aloma. It is not clear what form the gifts took and what became of them. nonetheless gathered that Umar had passed N1.5 million US dollars through a front to bribe the then CJN, but that “the money ended up in the pockets of those agents.” A source close to the attempted bribery said the former acting governor was “fooled into parting with such a huge amount of money when everybody knew Justice Aloma as a woman with impeccable moral standards.” Justice Mukthar retired on November 20, 2014. The following day, the Supreme Court sacked Umar, reinstating Danladi, a man he had spent over half a billion Naira to shut out. Documents from the Office of the Accountant General, Jalingo, revealed ...
On December 4, 5 and 6, 2014, five of the Interactors of Boone County participated at Kentucky Youth Assembly in Louisville and the Kentucky State Capital chambers in Frankfort. "The Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) is a three-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in a simulation of the Commonwealth’s democratic process. Acting as Senators and Representatives, students write, debate, and vote on legislation that affects them. As candidates, lobbyists, or members of the media, students experience the rich spectrum of activity that constitutes our political process. As advocates and justices, students argue and judge a legal case in the actual Supreme Court chambers of Kentucky. Officers elected by students serve as Governor, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Media Corps Editor in Chief, and other conference leadership positions. KYA offers students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs w ...
Current Affairs November - 1. India remembered the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks on its sixth anniversary today with different functions organized in the city to pay tribute to the martyrs who lost their lives fighting the terrorists. 2. India's biggest dairy brand Amul has celebrated National Milk Day today (26th November) across India to mark the 92nd birth anniversary of late Milk Man Verghese Kurian. He (1921-2012) was the father of the India's White Revolution also known as the Milkman of India as he dedicated his life to bringing together milk-producing farmers in cooperatives country-wide. 3. The Lok Sabha passed the Delhi Special Police Establishment (Amendment) Bill, 2014 by voice vote during its winter session which started from yesterday. As per new bill, CBI director will be chosen by a panel comprising ofPrime Minister, Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha or the leader of the Single largest party in the House and Chief Justice of India or any Supreme Court Judge. The Bill also makes a provisi ...
By BRIAN MULENGA. It’s nomination day at the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice and the Electoral Commission are...
TIL William Howard Taft became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after he already had served as Preisdent
I have been thinking - what might Barak Obama do once his term is up? I think it may be likely that he would become a Supreme Court Justice, as Taft did. He is a Constitutional scholar who has taught at one of the most prestigious Law Schools in the country (University of Chicago). I think the only thing that may keep him from pursuing this course is that the Chief Justice position will probably not be available for a long time, as Roberts is relatively young. What do you think?
LEST WE FORGET Wind of Change: Supreme Court Sacked Five Governors By Ali Adoyi on January 27, 2012 Friday was the darkest day in the history of some Nigerian Governors, namely Ibrahim Idris of Kogi State, Murtala Nyako of Adamawa state, Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa State, Aliyu Wamako of Sokoto State and Liyel Imoke of Cross River State were sacked after a seven–panel of the Supreme Court held by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Dahiru Musdapher decided that they were long overdue in office. Their sack came after the panel resolved that their tenure ended on May, 2011. In an undisputed judgment prepared and read by Justice Walter Onnoghen, the highest court in Nigeria resolved that their four year tenure commenced from May 29, 2007 when they were sworn into office. Justice Onnoghen asserted that nobody elected into office under the 1999 Constitution is allowed to continue in office even after four years. “The oath they took in 2007 remains valid. To accede to the request of Respondents (governors) is to bri ...
Why President Jonathan is not eligible to contest in 2015 In a seminal thought-provoking analysis, Okoi Obono-Obla, a lawyer and chieftain of the APC who was Deputy National Secretary of the defunct CPC, makes a case against President Jonathan’s re-election bid in 2015… It is a notorious fact that on the 6th May, 2010, in a solemn but sober ceremony in the Office of the then Chief Justice of Nigeria, Honourable Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu administered the Oath of Office and Oath of Allegiance as enjoined by the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, on the then Acting-President Goodluck Jonathan as the 5th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria following the death of then President Umaru Musa Yar’adua. It is well settled that by virtue the provisions of Section 146 (1) of the Constitution the Vice-President shall hold the office of President if the office of the President becomes vacant by reason of death or resignation or impeachment, permanent incapac ...
My Texas statewide, Nueces County, and city of Corpus Christi endorsement list for my Democratic friends: Vote Straight Democrat, then go back and change these offices: Commissioner of Agriculture: Kenneth Kendrick (Green). Justice, Supreme Court, Place 8: Jim Chisolm (Green). Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4: Judith Sanders-Castro (Green) Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9: George Joseph Altgelt (Green) Member, State Board of Education, District 2: Undervote this race. Don’t cast a ballot. I'm sorry, I cannot cast a vote for someone who doesn't support the teaching of sex education. Judge, County Court at Law No. 4: Mark Woerner (Republican). Remember the Coliseum. Propositions: State Prop 1: Highway Funding: Yes City Prop 1 Roads Yes City Prop 2 Roads Yes City Prop 3 Parks: Vote AGAINST. These should be sold precinct-by-precinct not in a citywide package. CCISD Prop 1: Vote AGAINST. This bond is to fix the brand new high school that is suffering from massive cost over-runs. The contrac ...
The unnecessary queering of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari On November 14th, the Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the Election Commission of Pakistan to register votes for transgender people in Pakistan; they were allowed put down ‘other’ in the gender box on their national identity card. Almas Bobi,commended the Chief Justice for recognizing them as human beings. This is the world that we live in, even being deemed to be a human being is praise worthy. However, the judgement might have made them human but they still seem to be less human than everyone else by most. Besides probably knowing the name of 'Mehak' at Khada Market Karachi. How much does the average Pakistani know about gender and/or sexuality? If you know where you stand, how is this for a litmus test: what is the difference between 'transgender' and 'transsexual'? The politics of these terms is such that they may not even neatly translate to explain the life experiences of people in Pakistan. They are western terms coined for a western audience ...
"The people who own the country ought to govern it." John Jay (1745-1829), first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.
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September 26, 1789. Edmund Randolph is appointed Attorney General, John Jay as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Thomas Jefferson as...
Justice Dattu sworn in as 42nd Chief Justice of India: Justice H.L.Dattu took oath in the name of God at a brief ceremony held at the chandeliered Durbar Hall of the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Justice R M Lodha, who retired on Saturday as the CJI, senior judges of the Supreme Court, the High Court, retired judges and members of the Bar were also present. Justice Dattu has been heading the bench monitoring investigations into the 2G spectrum scam. He will have a tenure of 14 months and will retire on December 2, 2015. He joined the Supreme Court as a judge in December 2008. Born on December 13, 1950, he enrolled as an advocate in 1975 and began practising in Bangalore and dealt with all types of matters -- civil, criminal, tax and constitutional cases. From 1983 onwards, he appeared in various capacities before the Karnataka High Court, including as a government pleader for Sales Tax department, standing counsel for Income Tax department and later as a government advocate. After being designated as a senior stand ...
I would love to be Chief Justice on the Supreme Court but that's prob unrealistic so I'd settle for Associate Justice if I had to
The dean of the University of Michigan Law School was Thomas Cooley, who died SEPTEMBER 12, 1898. Thomas Cooley was Chief Justice of Michigan's Supreme Court, President of the American Bar Association and the first Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission His commentaries were influential in shaping American law. He declined offers to teach at Hastings College of Law, University of Texas, Johns Hopkins University, Boston Law School, University Of Pennsylvania and Cornell Law School. In Constitutional Limitations, 8th Edition, Volume 2, p. 966, 974, Thomas Cooley stated: "While thus careful to establish, protect, and defend religious freedom and equality, the American constitutions contain no provisions which prohibit the authorities from such solemn recognition of a superintending Providence in public transactions and exercises as the general religious sentiment of mankind inspires, and as seems meet and proper in finite and dependent beings."
you might turn emotional" - CJI Lodha to party in person; Adjourns PIL seeking de-registration of Congress party :- = A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking the cancellation of the registration of the Indian National Congress party for its alleged role in the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984. The PIL, which has been filed by one Malkiat Singh Bajwa (Petitioner), also seeks a withdrawal of the Bharat Ratna awarded to Rajiv Gandhi. The matter was listed before the Chief Justice’s (CJI) court today. Bajwa appeared in person before the Bench which also comprised of Justice Rohinton Nariman and Justice Kurian Joseph. Justice Lodha told the Petitioner that they will not entertain him “in person” and he would have to be represented by an advocate considering the nature of the subject matter involved. “You will become emotional and won’t be able to argue on law…. We have gone through your petition. The court can decide cases only based on law and not emotions”, said t ...
Roy Moore, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, PUT A TOMBSTONE TO THE Ten Commandments in the COURT BUILDING. What's he doing today?...
0wned by DodePersie ~ Lyndon B Johnson blackmailed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and confessed to doing so on tape.
The Modi government has opened a new door to tempt serving Chief Justices by picking the former CJI P Sathasivam for governor's post. He is the first CJI, but not the first Supreme Court Judge, to be offered Raj Bhavan tenancy. Justices S S Kang (Kerala) and M. Fathimabeevi (TN) were made governors by the Deve Gowda govt when, after retirement, they were serving as members of the NHRC. My information is that Kang's name was proposed by CPM Gen Secretary H S Surjeet.
Bart would be a better Chief Justice of the Supreme Court than John Roberts
Imran Khan rejects Nawaz proposal of Judicial Commission for the inquiry of Elections and states that Nawaz should resign because Judiciary Commission would be ineffective under the administration of Nawaz Govt for this inquiry. I am supporter of IK but donot agree with him because in such way all current High Courts and Supreme Court are usesless as these are working in the same administration and Constitutional setup, essentially which is not correct as we are still hopeful of these Courts after independence movement of Justice, are stronger then ever before, and moreover, at the same time, IK trust current Chief Justice / Supreme Court on other hand. Can't understand this rational.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a stark reminder of the importance of reclaiming the Senate from Democrats.Recently, Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did something that Supreme Court Justices almost never do; she gave an interview to Yahoo's Global News Anchor Katie Couric.  This strictly held protocol of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has usually been followed to keep these lifetime appointees, out of the public eye and off the stage of public opinion in order for us to hold onto the illusion that above every other institution of our federal government, the Court can be trusted to keep our ship of State on course--listing neither to the port nor starboard.  Owing to her health, and her objection to the proper narrow decision in the Hobby Lobby case, Ginsburg couldn't help herself.  She, and her liberal friends became frustrated that not enough attention was given to her dissent in the case; so Ginsburg and her Left Wing associates in the media decided it was time to fuss and ...
John Jay was the 1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Jon Jay is an outfielder for the Cardinals
The promise of death in Akwa Ibom – 1 “Those who want to take power through the back door will die and the PDP will continue.” Governor Godswill Akpabio, quoted in PUNCH, Thursday, July 17, 2014, p 19. “Either one respects due process of law and the right of every citizen to a trial, or we live in a lawless jungle where one of us might be the victim of a mad executive…In a civilized society, you do not kill a man because you think be a bad man.” John Marshall, 1755-1835, Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, 1801-1835. I had prepared, for publication, another article titled OPEN SEASON ON AKPABIO IN Akwa Ibom on account of the avalanche of attacks aimed at the Governor of Akwa Ibom State – incidentally, by people, who a few months ago, were full of praises for the same man. How times have changed! I expected a response from Akpabio. But, threat of death for those he described as “politicians seeking power through backdoor”, whatever that means, was not one of them. I had also ** ...
New Delhi, July 21: Press Council of India Chairman and former Supreme Court Judge Justice Markandey Katju has made a sensational claim about existence of corruption in the judiciary. Speaking to ANI, Justice Katju said: “When I came as chief justice of the Madras High Court in November 2004, this gentleman was an additional judge. I got a lot of complaints from various people that he is indulging in corruption . I went to Chief Justice of India, Justice Lahoti, and told him that this is the information I am getting for a secret IB investigation against the additional judge. So he got a secret IB inquiry made, the report corroborated my knowledge.” Justice Katju expressed his pain about the compromise which Former Chief Justice Lahoti had to make in giving an extension to the corrupt judge despite an adverse Intelligence Bureau (IB) report against that judge. ”I was surprised that even after that, he was given an extension of one more year, which was not correct. When the IB report was against it, t ...
We live across the street from the John Marshall (1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) Library.
Honoured to have been appointed a Notary Public in the Supreme Court today by the Chief Justice of Ireland!
Robert Onyango Alai says : "In 2010, Raila Odinga requested Toyota to set up regional office in Kenya, they heeded the call. The roads and railways you see Uhuru relaunching are a result of Raila's infrastructure blueprint while the Roads Ministry boss. We need initiatives by Jubilee. Usidandie ndoto za wengine. Give us new ideas. Raila didn't seek to get kickbacks from the initiatives but Jubilee government is having more corruption in every project. New original ideas please. Hizo zingine ni za Raila. Mara itakuwa hate speech. " * Fine bro, But next time be fair enough to include challenges we are now facing as a Nation, That was brought by "Baba". Our soldiers in Somalia, Baba was in that security meeting right?. Angloleasing- Baba was the chair of that committee to pay his friend Pereira... IEBC- his friend Mutula Kilonzo was the chair and they saw Isack Hassan capable. Chief Justice Mutunga- whom you blame he robbed your victory at Supreme Court, I remember William Ruto opposing, we cannot be led ...
Chief Justice of India (CJI) RM Lodha said that senior counsel Gopal Subramanium, who recently withdrew from the process to become a Supreme Court Judge after government leaks about his suitability, should be the special Public Prosecutor in the Coalgate scam cases, reported the PTI.
Current Affairs Update (07-07-2014) * 1) Reliance Infrastructure appointed M S Mehta as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He took charge as CEO for a period of five years. He will succeed Lalit Jalan who held this post for more than seven years. 2) The Supreme Court of India ruled that the fatwa's "cannot be used to punish innocent". The court said a fatwa has no legal sanction, and restrained Shariat courts from unilaterally issuing directives that may affect the rights of Muslims. 3) Justice Arun Mishra, Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel and Justice Rohington F Nariman were appointed as Supreme Court Judges on 7 July 2014. The three judges were administered the oath of office by Chief Justice of India, R M Lodha. 4) The Union Civil Aviation Ministry constituted an Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) to examine the maximum potential of the GPS Aided Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) system. The IMG will be headed by Ashok Lavasa, the Secretary of Ministry of Civil Aviation. 5) Granville Austin, the eminent scholar of the Indi ...
FORMER Prime Minister WRITES TO CJ OVER CANCELLED SABA SABA RALLY Dr. Willy Mutunga, E.G.H Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court Republic of Kenya Supreme Court Nairobi Dear Sir, RE: COMPLICITY OF THE JUDICIARY IN SUPPRESSION OF CIVIL LIBERTIES. The CORD fraternity is dumbfounded by news that a court of the Kenya Judiciary has issued an order against the Principals of the coalition ordering them not to convene any mass action in Kenya on the 7th July 2014 and stating that the said Principals shall be personally liable for any damage during the protests they convene. From the very outset I wish to reiterate to you Article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya which states that: “Every person has the right, peaceably and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket, and to present petitions to public authorities”. Mass action is just a common phrase to describe the exercise of this constitutional right and is not a legal principle that can rend itself to interpretation of the court outside the c ...
The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy. - John Jay (1st Chief Justice, U. S. Supreme Court, 1789)
HC campus witnesses open defiance of Vehicle beacon rules I today sent a complaint to the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court about the alleged violation of ‘beacon on vehicle’ rules by members of subordinate judicial service. As per the complaint, recently in SLP(C) No 25237/2010 Abhay Singh vs State of UP, the Supreme Court showed great displeasure at the misuse of beacon and flasher lights on vehicles and issued many important directions about them. In compliance, the UP Government also passed notification no. 352 /XXX-4-14-8(1)/2013 and 354 /XXX-4-14-8(1)/2013, both dated 10 March 2014 respectively for the use of red and blue beacons on vehicles. Through these notifications, in the subordinate judiciary, the District Judge and equivalent judicial officers and the Chief Judicial Magistrate are entitled to use blue beacon on their official vehicles. It is also mandated that the blue light shall be permissible only on Government Vehicles. Unlike theseI have sent a list of 10 private vehicles parked ...
ISLAMABAD: To hear the government’s appeal over a Sindh High Court (SHC) decision over removal of Musharraf’s name from the Exit Control List (ECL), Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has constituted a bench, Aaj News reported.
QUEENSLAND'S Bar Association president has resigned over the appointment of Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody to chief justice. PETER Davis sent a resignation letter on Friday to members citing concerns about the process that resulted in Mr Carmody's appointment. Mr Davis criticised the leaking of confidential discussions between him, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie and one of Mr Bleijie's senior staff about Mr Carmody's possible selection. He also said the president of the Bar Association ought to be involved in the process of appointing judges and he had "no faith in the integrity of the process". Premier Campbell Newman announced Mr Carmody's appointment as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, replacing Paul de Jersey, on Thursday. The appointment was criticised by senior legal figures who questioned Mr Carmody's experience and closeness to the government. In his resignation letter, Mr Davis said his move should not be taken as a personal criticism of Mr Carmody, but he was concerned with the process of the ...
Susan and I thank Chief Justice Cynthia Kinser for her service on the Virginia Supreme Court. Cynthia Kinser has been a truly exemplary Justice as well as the historic first woman to serve as Chief Justice. When appointing Justice Kinser nearly seventeen years ago, I had confidence in her integrity, legal abilities and understanding of the proper, fair adjudication of disputes by the judiciary. And, she exceeded my high expectations. From her special investiture to the Supreme Court at Lee High School in Ben Hur, Virginia, Cynthia has lived by her 4-H motto “To Make the Best Better”. Cynthia Kinser embodies the essence of a perfect justice. And, all Virginia is better for her impeccably honorable service and admirable character.
If John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would have done his job right we would've be in this mess
CNPP raises alarm over INEC’s recruitment of CJN son for Obiano’s case - by: Osita Okechukwu - June 8, 2014 The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) raises alarm over the imminent subversion of justice at the Appeal or Supreme Court in the case of Chief Willy Obiano of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Vs Comrade Tony Nwoye of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Senator Chris Ngige of All Progressives Congress (APC) for the final determination of thevalidity of the election of Obiano as Governor of Anambra state in the November 16, 2013 governorship election in the state. This is sequel to the uncany recruitment of Barrister Mustapha Majiyagbe, son of Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN). CNPP is outraged that shortly after the tribunal in Awka, Anambra state, hurriedly delivered judgment against the two political parties in an election that was less than transparent. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which did not endeavour to produce witnesses at the lower tribunal, ...
CJ warns two talk show hosts: You’re flirting with contempt Chief Justice Ivor Archie yesterday warned two television presenters against "flirting with contempt of court" and "calling into question the ethics of judicial officers. "Referring to two specific incidents broadcast live on national television in recent weeks, the Chief Justice cited Inshan Ishmael's claim, aired on the show Breaking Barriers on the Islamic Broadcasting Network (IBN) on May 7, that he knew of "cases before the courts "where magistrates and Judges, etc, have been bought out.” The second incident involved Fazeer Mohammed who described judges of the Supreme Court as "long-winded clowns" on his TV6 Morning Edition programme yesterday while discussing the decision in the Section 34 case. [GUARDIAN ]
On June 3, 1848 The Cecil Democrat newspaper reported judgments of $2,500 against two Cecil residents who had been found guilty of harboring runaway slaves – at $500 per slave. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney of the US Supreme Court rendered the verdict.
Today, we flew from Oakland to D.C. We were looking forward to the annual black tie dinner put on by the Supreme Court Historical Society. Our connecting flight was delayed in Chicago because of weather. I was fortunate that my son William (I call him Spankie) was available to drive us from Dulles to the office to change and then to the Supreme Court. Rubbing elbows with the Chief Justice, Justice Scalia, and Justice Thomas while drinking cocktails was humbling experience. Getting to meet and exchange ideas with lawyers from all over the country was memorable. A great dinner followed by a concert by a band that played Civil War era music capped off a perfect evening. I guess age is catching up to me.
TIRUPATI TEMPLE LOOT BY THIEF EVIL CRIMINAL-GANGSTER OF POLITICS.RELIANCE INDUSTRIES.LOOTING HINDUS TO DESTROY HINDUISM. Chandrababu Naidu (born 20 April 1950) is an Indian politician and the President of Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh. He is the current Chief Minister designate of Andhra Pradesh,who will take oath of office on the outskirts of Guntur,at the massive open fields opposite to Acharya Nagarjuna University at 7.21 PM on 8 June 2014. In November 2011 the Andhra Pradesh High Court ordered an investigation of Naidu, petitioned by Y. S. Vijayamma (MLA and wife of Late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, who sought an inquiry into Naidu's alleged disproportionate assets). The petition accused Naidu of doling out favours to corporations and amassing undue wealth. Naidu fought to halt the investigation, challenging the high-court order before the Supreme Court; the latter refused to intervene, asking the petitioners to approach the High Court for an interim order. Naidu, Ramoji Rao and others filed a vacat ...
Primary voting is tomorrow May 20th. My pick for State School Superintendent is Nancy Jester and for U.S. Congress District 11 is Barry Loudermilk. Everyone get out and vote! "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers. " -John Jay, Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Many people (especially Republicans) forget that Brown -v- Board of Education happened on Eisenhower's watch, and he sent U.S. Marshals to Little Rock to enforce the Supreme Court's abolition of school segregation. Chief Justice Earl Warren, who presided over many liberal decisions of our High Court, was an Eisenhower appointee.
Angående EU-skatt mm:. "The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy". John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1755-1835)
Where the Executive and Legislative branches are elected by the people, members of the Judicial Branch are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Article III of the Constitution, which establishes the Judicial Branch, leaves Congress significant discretion to determine the shape and structure of the federal judiciary. Even the number of Supreme Court Justices is left to Congress — at times there have been as few as six, while the current number (nine, with one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices) has only been in place since 1869. The Constitution also grants Congress the power to establish courts inferior to the Supreme Court, and to that end Congress has established the United States District Courts, which try most federal cases, and 13 United States courts of appeals, which review appealed District Court cases. Federal judges can only be removed through impeachment by the House of Representatives and conviction in the Senate. Judges and justices serve no fixed term — they se ...
John Jay was one of the writers of the Federalist Papers and the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. If...
Thirty-one years ago today we gathered in the Great Hall at the Law Courts on Smythe Street in Vancouver to watch John Campbell be conferred as a member of the Law Society of British Columbia by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. No pictures of this historic event exist, I was too over wrought with emotion and not able to focus the camera through my tears! An interesting note - I hauled his original barrister's jacket & vest out of the closet last week, they fit again! Now we have a size 56 to be shoved into the back of the closet!
1. Second World war began in Ans. 1938 2. Kancheepuram was once the capital of Ans. Pallavas 3. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can hold office until the age of Ans. 65 4. The largest gland in the human body is Ans. Liver 5. The chemical name of common salt is Ans. Sodium Chloride 6. In the Parliamentary system of India, the Executive is subordinate to Ans. The Legislature 7. The Election Commission can be removed by Ans. The Parliament 8. The system of dual citizenship exists in Ans. USA 9. Who are the guardians of Fundamental rights? Ans. . Supreme Court and High Court 10. The President of the constituent Assembly was Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Stephen Harper hasn’t advanced any evidence for a claim that he had to rebuff an improper lobbying bid by the Chief Justice to block a Supreme Court appointment.
Snoopgate inquiry panel to be set up before Lok Sabha results Before the start of counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections, the Centre will appoint a retired judge of Supreme Court or a retired chief justice of a High Court to head the commission set up to probe snooping on a woman architect allegedly by Gujarat government headed by Narendra Modi. Top government sources said the snoopgate inquiry commission would be functional before May 16, the day results of Lok Sabha polls will be declared and the fate of Modi's Prime Ministerial aspiration will be known. Sources denied the government had approached the Chief Justice of India for the services of a sitting judge as head of the commission. BJP said it had "nothing to worry" about the snoopgate probe and sought to question the Nehru-Gandhi family for carrying out snooping in the past. "How a young woman was chased, all that will come forward. There is nothing to worry about it," BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said. "So far as snooping goes, I can o ...
India’s next Chief Justice brands his budget ‘grossly inadequate’ as he promises more transparency and ‘activism’ New Delhi By HARISH. V. NAIR (Mail Today ) :-Supreme Court Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha, who will take over as the Chief Justice of India on April 27, on Sunday hinted that the Apex Court will continue the "activism" for which it has become known for the past two decades or so. Defining the envelope of this activism, Justice Lodha told Mail Today: "Courts should normally not be touching administrative matters but at the same time, wherever there is illegality which require intervention, courts should not shirk responsibility. The fine demarcation should be kept in mind. Judiciary cannot take upon itself the role of the executive." Inadequate In his first interview after being named the next chief justice, Justice Lodha, who will assume charge after incumbent P. Sathasivam retires on April 26, slammed the Centre for the negligible annual outlay for the Supreme Court, amounting to betwee ...
John Roberts is Chief Justice of THE United States (not "of the Supreme Court")
Which among the following court has the original jurisdiction to hear petition and give decision challenging election of the Legislative Assembly/ Vidhan Sabha ? 1. District Court of a constituency 2. High Court of the State 3. Special Judge authorised by the Chief Justice of India 4. Supreme Court
The power of the Supreme Court does fit in with the concept of checks and balances to all aspects of government. "The interpretation of the laws is the proper and peculiar province of the courts. A constitution is, in fact, and must be regarded by the judges as a fundamental law. It must therefore belong to them to ascertain its meaning, as well as the meaning of any particular act proceeding from the legislative body." Hamilton The power and status of the Supreme Court was most developed by Chief Justice John Marshall. He believed in a strong central government and was a federalist. In his thirty four years as Chief Justice (1801-1835), he developed its power "more than any justice before or since." (Williams) His most famous case was Marbury v Madison in 1803. It was in this particular case that Marshall established the principle of judicial review should be held by the Supreme Court. States have always jealously guarded their rights. The Tenth Amendment (1791) gave them the right to govern all aspects ...
John Marshall (1st Chief Justice on Supreme Court) - "An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to...
Indira Gandhi – bore & started Dictatorial & Fascist Personality Cult….. 1- 18 months of Emergency in 1975-76was a period of authoritarian rule, as all democratic rights were trampled & Indira Gandhi took on her alone. 2- Indira Gandhi master minded Emergency & she lost in Election 1977. 3- Indira Gandhi was seen as democrat but she changed the path at the instigation of her younger son-Sanjay Gandhi. 4- Indira Gandhi actually put in place an illiberal regime. She did it deliberately. She did it under the mask of social justice for the people – a ploy of all authoritarian regimes to remain in power. 5- Bank Nationalization (1969) & abolition of Privy Purses(1970) when struck down by Supreme Court, she issued ordinance or in 1991 she amended Constitution. These legal hurdles gave her idea of a ‘committed’ bureaucracy & judiciary, means all were to be committed to what government was trying to propagate. So, she appointed A.N.Roy as Chief Justice of Supreme Court by superseding 3 judges & who beca ...
Proud moments for SBS Punjabi!! Our documentary based on domestic violence “The Enemy Within” has won the best report in multicultural media at the legal reporting Law Foundation Awards - Victoria 2014 Picture below: Executive Producer of the Punjabi language program, Manpreet Singh, and Sacha Payne, from the SBS Radio Newsroom with the Chief Justice of Australian Supreme Court.
DIOS KO, NASAAN ANG HUSTISYA? :'( SC CLEARS FM HEIRS OF ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH CHARGES By Manila Standard Today | Mar. 31, 2014 at 12:01am Also absolves in-laws, takes PCGG, SolGen to task THE Supreme Court has junked the ill-gotten cases against the heirs and in-laws of the late President Ferdinand Marcos due to a lack of evidence, and took the Presidential Commission on Good Government and the Office of the Solicitor General to task for bungling the job. The dismissed cases involved the alleged accumulation of P200 billion in ill-gotten wealth and the acquisition of media networks IBC-13, BBC-2 and RPN-9; the alleged use of De Soleil Apparel for dollar salting; and the alleged acquisition and operation of the bus company Pantranco North Express Inc. The decision by then Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, dated Feb. 8, 2012, was not released to the press. Sereno was named Chief Justice six months later, on Aug. 12, 2012. Second Division Justices Arturo Brion, Martin Villarama Jr., Jose Portugal Perez and ...
Great services today with Artie and Dora First Christian Eureka Springs,Ark..and Arthur,Artie and Dora's son and guitar player extraordinaire... Phil Wilson is our Pastor.Artie is the new Director of the Kiamichi Mtn Christian Mission.Artie spoke as a visionary.about the future of the K-mission...This year's gathering is gaining momentum to be a bigger than usual meeting.Matt Staver,head of Liberty Counsel and one of the most active and out-spoken conservatives in the nation and The "Ten Commandments" Judge ,now the elected Chief Justice of Alabama's Supreme Court...Will be the headline featured speaker on the closing Thurs night...The exact dates are May 6,7 & 8 (Tue-Thurs) Ben Merold and I will have a special session on Wed (9 AM till noon) on Soul-winning,church-growth and 'how to get your congregation on fire' for God! All new attendees are admitted FREE! As many as 10,000 have attended in the past when Paul Harvey,Anita Bryant and other luminaries have been the headline speakers! WHAT ...
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