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Supreme Court Justice

The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest judicial body in the United States.

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Obama wasn't allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice in his final year as president, so I don't see why Trump should b…
Trump is Putin’s And Gorsuch is Putin’s Supreme Court Justice. Impeach both!
Supreme Court Justice is Sandra Day O'Connor 1984 Geraldine Ferraro is first Director 1775 Second Continental Congress, again
And Clarence Thomas is still a sitting Supreme Court Justice.
Has a Supreme Court Justice ever appeared before a hearing in Congress before today?
Here is my report when Justice Wyrick's honest was questioned by a U.S. Supreme Court Justice when he was Solicitor…
But unfortunately that was how it worked with the last Supreme Court Justice. Delay un…
Why is a Supreme Court Justice (Neil Gorsuch) at an event backed by the most powerful lobbying family (Koch Bros)? Serio…
.Captain Jocelyn Mitnaul, and law clerk for Supreme Court Justice , was named a member of…
Law clerk for Supreme Court Justice , Captain Jocelym Mitnaul, earns membership in the To…
When a Supreme Court Justice comes to town, you go! Thanks Justice Breyer and for a great evening!
Lisa Smith--U R so right --Thomas is a great Supreme Court Justice -- so good 4 AMERICA -- may God Bless him !!!
Supreme Court Justice gives speech @ Trump Hotel “who funds American Studies? The Charles Koch Foundation and the B…
Amazing work by Pro Publica shows: . Supreme Court Justice used false information in SCOTUS ruling. How that false i…
Justice Alito predicted this. (Of course, you didn't have to be a Supreme Court Justice to know this was coming.)
Kindly seek justice from the supreme court as provided by a wonderful constitution
Who all do you think is going to protest this denial of justice by the Supreme Court? The liberal secular Indians? The awar…
Denial of justice from the same Supreme Court that has no qualms about judicial overreach in legislative & trivial issues t…
Doesn't Supreme Court have better things to do? Why should anyone care how someone does worship? Bizarro Land justice.
I am DEVASTATED. Had high hopes on Justice Chandrachud. This is a blow difficult to recover from. (h/t htt…
for the next US supreme court justice! Now, I would pay big time to attend those hearings! She r…
So long as supreme court and high courts work in language of england, majority of indians…
Some hoodlum again tried to demand justice for Kashmiri Pandits. What does he think KPs are? Jallikattu bulls?. https:/…
Up at 5:30 on a Saturday. But later on today, I'm hanging out w/ the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, so. 😁
You are the Supreme Court of India. NOT the Supreme Force. Do wake up before you are branded as the mid-wife delivering st…
No justice for Kashmiri Pandits. Judiciary too has failed them. How can there be reconciliation without justice https…
Does SC mean Supreme Court or Shariah Court?. Islamist Lobby at work !. Shame on Deepak Mishra & DY Chandrachud for Denying J…
For those who goaded us to file a review petition, Supreme Court, that last door for justice, has been slammed...
KP Lawyer in Supreme Court: 215 FIRs registered against killers of Kashmiri Hindus between 1990-1995. Not one case inves…
"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.'' - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., U.S. Supreme Court Justice
I’m so mad at these “off the shoulder” shirts. One arm raise and my *** looks like a Supreme Court Justice. Roe vs Wade *** sh…
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You’re also not an 84 Supreme Court Justice
"Hi. My name is Antonin Scalia. I was a Supreme Court Justice known for a strict interpretation of the Constitutio…
24 years ago today began her term as the 2nd woman US Supreme Court Justice:
24 years ago today, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, making her the 2nd woman to sit on the be…
We may have democracy or we may have great wealth concentrated in hands of a few, but can’t have both.~Louis Brandeis,Supreme Court Justice
GA Supreme Court Justice, Carla McMillian will speak at Calvary Christian School today. Details >>>…
50 years ago today, Thurgood Marshall made history when he was confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.
Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice, "deaths, civil & literal, warn us that no one can breathe in this atmospher…
Poll: Ex-state Supreme Court Justice holds massive lead over Trump-backed candidate in Alabama run-off
Statue of Supreme Court Justice, author of the Dred Scott decision is removed from Maryland State House
Supreme Court Justice has published the draft of the new Constitution to be presented to Congress:
So I took a picture with the Supreme Court Justice of Nebraska today.
They stalled out a legitimate Supreme Court Justice, but yeah. Go ahead and approve Trump's picks. That's what you should do.
Justice Kennedy speaking now. About on be first Supreme Court Justice to sit on the bench with a former clerk.
What worries a Calif. Supreme Court Justice about AI and the law?
Reagan and Sandra Day O’Connor, whose nomination as 1st female Supreme Court Justice he announced today 1981: ht…
You know what Justice Gorsuch's title is.Supreme Court Justice of the United States. Fo…
POTUS will nominate another Supreme Court Justice. American governed the way the founders intended. Dems going nuts
The left is going to have another melt down when President Trump gets another Supreme Court Justice. Winning never gets old.
Ford: recent survey suggests only 11% of folks can name a Supreme Court Justice and 80% know exactly who Judge Jud…
Not Kagan or Ginsberg? I'm pretty sure a Supreme Court Justice holds a bit more power than a rip off shoe manufacturer. Bu…
Supreme Court Justice to be featured in a book about her routine. . MORE:…
Demos going after a Supreme Court Justice. Do the Demos know how ridiculous they look?
I've just passed the Senate for my role as a Supreme Court Justice. I can't wait to be sworn in!
Sort of moot - Trump can not fire a Supreme Court Justice. He could lie and promise...
Oh poor thang!. 1) You're NOT a Supreme Court Justice, and. 2) The statue you're citing ISN'T RELEVANT!. https:/…
Trump: I want to thank Heritage Foundation and Leonard Leo (of Federalist Society) for picking my Supreme Court Justice
Louis Brandeis was the first Jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justice. This unusual conversation brought him back to life:
Since Trump is campaigning for re-election now, why did we nominate a Supreme Court Justice. T…
What do you think of Neil Gorsuch's early steps as a Supreme Court Justice?
The first vote Trump's Supreme Court Justice made was to hasten an Arkansas execution
Guess what day it is tomorrow? With Gorsuch being confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice... That's right. ITS…
Dear liberals,. Hope you enjoy your President and new Supreme Court Justice... Have a great day!
Judge Neil Gorsuch will uphold the Constitution as written. He will be a great Supreme Court Justice!
USA: Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch sworn in as Supreme Court Justice
Neil Gorsuch Sworn in as 113th Supreme Court Justice of the United States .
Judge Neil Gorsuch has been sworn in as Supreme Court Justice! He will preserve and protect our Constitution!
he's not a real Supreme Court Justice just like yur not a real President! the fake world according to Donald J Trump! Ahole
Judge is sworn in by Justice Anthony Kennedy as the 113th Supreme Court Justice
And really good news - Neil Gorsuch becomes Supreme Court Justice. 2nd Amendment is protected!
YES! What a GREAT day! America will FINALLY have a new Supreme Court Justice! After more than a YEAR of the D…
In victory for Trump, Neil Gorsuch to be sworn-in as US Supreme Court Justice
YES! Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed as U.S. Supreme Court Justice and will be sworn in on Monday! He will uphold & defend ou…
Congratulations, Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch!! prays for the advancement of biblical values through your…
OFA: “Let's be perfectly clear about what just happened: Justice Gorsuch was handed a lifetime appointment to a stolen Supr…
"Today we appointed a new Supreme Court justice, Justice Neil Horcrux."
Whether u support him or not, Neil Gorsuch will be our next Supreme Court Justice. We should all hope he succeeds and rules…
To every man and woman who voted for Trump, you are the reason that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch happened today.…
Neil Gorsuch sets a new high-water mark for the politicization of the Supreme Court
."For the first time in 6 years the nation has a new Associate Justice on the Supreme Court." https…
We would like to recognize all the activists who helped confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court! THANK YO…
EARLIER: Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch as next Supreme Court Justice with 54-45 vote.
I know & it STILL feels like we are on defense! We have a new Conservative Supreme Court Justic…
We bombed Syria last night, Sweden attack today and a Supreme Court Justice spot was just stolen but is tre…
Congratulations to our new Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch & thank you for nominating him!
Above the doors of the Supreme Court are etched the words ‘Equal Justice Under Law.’
I liked a video from Illegitimate Neil Gorsuch Confirmed Supreme Court Justice
In other news: Justice Gorsuch was confirmed to the US Supreme Court. And it looks like another seat will be opening u…
Judge Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed as the newest Justice on the United States Supreme Court. 🇺🇸🏛
Congratulations, Judge Gorsuch, on your confirmation as Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
Hamilton Collection
Justice Gorsuch is 49. His confirmation for Supreme Court guarantees that Pres. Trump's impact will be felt for years,…
I'm very honored to become the 113th justice of the Supreme Court.
Congradulations Mr Trump on getting Justice Gorsuch in the Supreme. Court.
Congratulations to the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court!
Congratulations to Judge Neil Gorsuch for being confirmed as the 113th Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court!
Trump kept his promise of a Scalia-like Supreme Court Justice. . Promises made. Promises kept.
In one of his first cases as Supreme Court Justice, Gorsuch has the opportunity to affirm Religious Liberty
Gorsuch will forever be plagued by public suspicion that he’s not a Justice for all the people.
The nomination of Neil M. Gorsuch of Colorado to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is confirmed.
I want to congratulate Judge on his confirmation as the 113th U.S. Supreme Court Justice.🌟. Please pray for h…
WELCOME TO Justice Neil Gorsuch. We are fortunate to have you. TRUMP'S SUPREME COURT.
We now have a Supreme Court Justice for life picked by an illegitimate president. When Trump's found guilty, Gorsuch s…
BREAKING: Neil Gorsuch confirmed as new Supreme Court Justice. Rand Paul casts 51st vote to confirm.
A Supreme Court Justice may be impeached by the House and removed from office if convicted in a Senate trial, same as…
It makes sense that the illegitimate president would have an illegitimate Supreme Court Justice! Senate Republicans
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Neil Gorsuch will make an excellent Supreme Court Justice. .
Since Ms. Diane seemed to think Ted Nugent could not totally be a Supreme Court Justice.
Senator Ted Cruz I just love you I watch you on Fox News turn these old people around and make Neil Gorsuch two Supreme Court Justice
America needs a Supreme Court Justice who will put the Constitution first. America needs Judge Neil Gorsuch. h…
if you stand w/ & his nomination for Neil Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court Justice.
It wouldn't be right for Trump to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice now, in the final months of his presidency...
Judge has the resume of a Supreme Court Justice:
Senate Dems would rather have a Supreme Court Justice who makes Law up than follow the Constitution. http…
Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearing begins today. Let's confirm as Supreme Court Justice and make America GREAT AGAIN!
Happy birthday to the ultra Supreme Court Justice ! 🎉 👵🏼 🎂
Doesn't care about the American people, refuses 2 put people b4 party. A conservative Supreme Court Justice is
Earl Warren was the only Supreme Court Justice nominated by a Republican President & confirmed by a Republican Senate be…
"Only a Free and Unrestrained Press can effectively expose deception in government." ~ Hugo Black, Supreme Court Justice
they killed him to use the "we gotta have a Supreme Court Justice" campaign excuse- Ginsberg in on it!
Do u want me 2 tell anything to the Supreme Court Justice of United States ?. Richard Loving : Yes. Tell them .. I…
I don't think should be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice during his last year in office.
IT was a pleasure being The home of the late Supreme Court Justice with U& Senator Kerry prior2 his death thx4 including me D
John Podesta's connection to the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia
Can we really confirm a Supreme Court Justice in the middle of a presidential campaign?
.If Trump withdr Gorsuch,it sends a message that not even a Supreme Court Justice nom is safe from his war…
Give us our Supreme Court Justice, Merrick Garland, and I'll call all the Democrats myself to tell them to hurry up
Judge Gorsuch respects the Constitution and will make a wonderful Supreme Court Justice. .
Tonight, nominated a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold the God-given liberties enshrined in our constitution — Judge Gor…
Steve Bannon: Right hand of the President, member of National Security Council and now Supreme Court Justice?? Could happen
nope he name Herman Goering as his nominee for Supreme Court Justice
That's Trump Jung Il's Supreme Court nominee. He's gonna be the new Chief Justice.
The quickest judge is not appointed to the Bench. In the Supreme Court of Nemo Judex In Causa Sua natural Justice p…
& Supreme Court Justice that's all the Republicans care about. Let our country's moral fiber go up in flames around the world
Laurance B. Vanmeter of Lexington will be invested formally 2 pm Feb 7 as new Supreme Court justice in ceremony in Supreme…
Yeah, but I know how this ends. Juggalos as the dual-presidents of the United States and Guy Fieri as a Supreme Cou…
Statement by family of Supreme Court Justice Paul Ayah following his illegal arrest & incarceration by Govt
Donald >>> Who is picking supreme court justice >>>YOU or MIKE PENCE???
Justice Samuel Alito will speak at in February Tickets will be available t…
we are holding your feet to the fire to vote no on these people and a vote no on any Supreme Court Justice
If Obama with overwhelming support shouldn't pick a Supreme Court justice Trump who doesn't even have the majority vote shouldn't j
A big thank you to Chief Justice Martin (of the Supreme Court of NC) for meeting with our
he would make a great Supreme Court Justice, but we need him in congress.
If a Supreme Court justice was nominated that promised to outlaw abortion, I would be deeply suspicious.
Chief Justice Mark Martin, members of the Supreme Court attend the Special Session to administer Oath of Office for Judge Ber…
President William Howard Taft is the only person to serve as president and chief justice of the Supreme Court. https:/…
Chief Justice Clements agreed the Supreme Court overstepped their boundaries on removing Judge TreyGowdy from the Federal C…
The GOP who said "let the people decide" the next Supreme Court Justice will soon be cheerleading one named by a minority rule prez.
u going to mention the hypocrisy that is the GOP. amount of Executive orders, Supreme Court Justice picks, family values, etc.
"He strangled a dying Supreme Court Justice" "Yeah, but he did pass that police reform law"
Call for a moderate Supreme Court Justice nominee: via
Sandra Day O'Connor was the first female Supreme Court Justice of the United States appointed in 1981 (Retired 2006) by President Reagan.
seems determined to name a Supreme Court Justice who would overturn Roe v Wade. Counting on to filibuster... for 4 years.
Could Scalia Thwart Trump's Agenda?: Justice Scalia is no longer on the Supreme Court, but his influence certainly……
"I stand for life," chants crowd attending Mass in Washington, D.C. ahead of rally https…
Pence told the March for Life crowd that Trump would appoint a Supreme Court justice who is opposed to abortion
Wow, I have not seen you work this hard since you fought to block Obama from picking a Supreme Court Justice.…
Praying for God to guide our country as our leadership chooses the next Supreme Court Justice in the days ahead.
May G-D guide you as He is doing all along, in choosing this key Supreme Court Justice posi…
I sort of wish we had been that dedicated to getting a Supreme Court Justice appointed while Obama was still in office. Can't go back now.
Justice Clarence Thomas: the first Supreme Court Justice to administer the Oath of Office. Congrats https…
Indiana's sole minority Supreme Court Justice to retire this year...
Whether or not Trump is legitimate, the new Supreme Court Justice will never be.
Roy Moore for Supreme Court Justice?: Okay, say it with me: Supreme Court Justice Roy…
I hope chooses a Supreme Court Justice who won't do a "John Roberts" on us.
George P. Stiles has been a Supreme Court Justice in Utah Territory since February 1855 (and, as of last May, is the only one remaining).
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Watch remarks on the 25th anniversary of Clarence Thomas becoming a Supreme Court Justice.
and since Trump will be putting a new Supreme Court Justice the Court will be more Right leaning meaning
How can Obama put someone in the Supreme Court Justice, replacing Antonin Scalia what the *** is going on?
No us Supreme Court Justice for this minority prez. As the Rs said: let the people chose who gets to pick the next…
The Republican House and Senate would never let this happen Donald Trump will put the next Supreme Court Justice ev…
I like that I have a favorite Supreme Court Justice. The Supreme Court also being my biggest worry now.
In a world that's full of surprises let me be the first to predict that Judge Judy will be our next Supreme Court Justice.
Are you sure it won't be 1956 & David Dukes is a Supreme Court Justice or Sec of State?
David Duke for Supreme Court Justice and Lucifer for Secretary of Education
He can also nominate the next Supreme Court Justice
David Duke will be a quality Supreme Court Justice. Used to wearing robes, wigs, etc.
Reminder that the president will choose a new Supreme Court Justice and DT wants to overturn crucial social justices cases like Roe v Wade!!
GOP Senate took away your right to have Obama nominate Supreme Court Justice when you chose him to do so. So make them pa…
Reason not to vote Republican - When Clinton wins they vow to NOT to confirm Supreme Court Justice - Gridlock caused by who???
Don't let Washington appoint a new Supreme Court Justice who will steal your right to keep and bear arms. Vote on November 8th…
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Can't we have the former Supreme Court Justice say "let's play ball" instead of Jim Belushi?
LorettaLynch will make a perfect Supreme Court Justice just liked my hubby promised her on the plane.
open borders with anyone good or bad & then paying for it. You either want a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold the
Maybe after allowing a vote on a Supreme Court Justice, your colleagues should take this up and fix it. Thank you S…
Jimmy Carter is the only full term President who did not appoint a Supreme Court Justice
We need to win all three plus confirm a Supreme Court Justice.
75 yrs ago in Supreme Court Justice and equality crusader Louis Brandeis died on 10/5/41
I want all 9 Supreme Court Justice positions to be filled by Sonia Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor has the distinction of being the first Supreme Court Justice of Hispanic heritage. Herita…
Supreme Court Justice attacks quarterback over national anthem protests
Trumps kind of Supreme Court Justice: the most amazing, beautiful justices
Sources say the private conversation between Lynch and Bill Clinton had a deal mentioning a Supreme Court Justice appointment.
Justice Ginsburg is a truly intelligent and needed Supreme Court Justice. May she continue to have good health.
MAKER just published her first book since becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 1993!:
Which Federal High Court Judge will allow a Supreme Court Justice to be brought to his Court for trial?. This is what me I'm interested in
Parenting advice from an iconic Supreme Court Justice...
Supreme Court Justice for the State of Michigan, Richard Bernstein, speaks. He is the first ever blind judge.
The fact that Hillary Clinton could nominate Barack Obama as a Supreme Court Justice,should scare all of us to vote. https…
Public Servants shouldn't ignore our Congress to Consider a 9th Supreme Court Justice or be…
"libertarian" Gary Johnson said Anthony Kennedy is his favorite current Supreme Court Justice not Samuel Alito or CJ Roberts
I hope your colleague Lester Holt asks "Will you appoint a Supreme Court Justice who will defend Roe V Wade women's choice?"
The galactic Republic Senate can elect a new chancellor in days but we can't even get a new Supreme Court Justice
William Howard Taft was the 1st President & 1st Supreme Court Justice to be buried @ Arlington National Cemetery
I would absolutely vote to confirm Sally Field as a Supreme Court Justice.
📷 vox: Donald Trump just joked someone should assassinate a Supreme Court Justice or Hillary Clinton...
YES - I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not only a very fine Supreme Court Justice, she is a marvelous, intelligent woman.
Supreme! This day in 1993: native Ruth Bader Ginsburg is confirmed as the 2nd female Supreme Court Justice in US history
One more liberal Supreme Court Justice and you can stick a fork in America's gun rights.
Congress showed we can go a long way without appointing Supreme Court Justice. Predict we go 3 more years & lose 2 more before America acts.
It is unprecedented for a sitting Supreme Court Justice to stoop to partisan politics. You Discredit Yourself Ruth‼️ h…
You bet yer *** an 83 yr old Supreme Court Justice can speak her mind as she likes. Suck it, crybabies. .
Ruther Bader Ginsburg is a radical Left-wing activist dressed up as a Supreme Court Justice.
maybe if Chewbacca Mom had been responsible for the GOP blockade of a Supreme Court Justice nomination the press would…
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 83 yr old Supreme Court Justice is PETRIFIED at the notion of a "President Trump."
to Clint Bolick sworn in as Arizona's newest Supreme Court Justice
So I guess will be our next Supreme Court Justice.
Couldn't that be said of the Republican senators who won't hold a confirmation hearing for the new Supreme Court Justice? 🤔
Will one day find out that Supreme Court Justice was actually murdered by those in political power?
yeah. It was extremely hard to not laugh in the face of the state Supreme Court Justice who issued the oath
Why don't we elect Kim Kardashian to the senate or Ryan Secrest for Secretary State. Why not Oprah for Supreme Court Justice.
Alicia as State's Attorney & Diane as Supreme Court Justice. I feel l we don't have enough powerful women - can you tell? ;)
The GOP is reportedly against a proposal to retroactively void all of Justice Scalia’s votes from his final lame duck year on Supreme Court.
Get a justice on the Supreme Court! All this b/s we got going on distracting us from 1 CURRENT decision that's extremely important.
He's a disgrace to us all! Justice Thomas' wife calls Supreme Court retirement report "bogus" via
I spot in this SCOTUS photo gallery I think?
my Supreme Court justice is being held up by one person. Do due process?
Marble, drape and justice: inside the U.S. Supreme Court | The Wider Image | Reuters
and GOP refusing to vote for Supreme Court Justice is what exactly? Take a look at yourself.
Trump-Im so prolife,so much so that I believe my sister who is pro-death of babies would b a fabulous supreme court justice-
It's going to be hilarious when Donald Trump's campaign fraud case get to the Supreme Court and Justice Barack Obama weighs…
Supreme Court decides to send Cunha's wife & daughter criminal cases (over Swiss bank accounts) to Federal Justice (in Curitiba).
you don't understand that the European court of justice is supreme can overrule any uk legislation.
The Supreme Court ends NRA lawsuits trying to stop cities from enacting measures.
Striking behind-the-scenes photos from but all I wanna do is meet the elevator guy and the gardener.
“The court today ... forgive[s] a police officer’s violation of your Fourth Amendment rights."--Justice Sotomayor
Exclusive: Behind the scenes images at the U.S. Supreme Court with 5 of the 8 justices https:/…
Exclusive photos show previously unseen moments from the Supreme Court:
"unlawful police stops corrode all our civil liberties and threaten all our lives.” Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Too late. He should be a Supreme Court Justice.
Former Rehoboth man gets life for killing brother of R.I. Supreme Court justice
A sit in? Democrats need to stop with these antics!
Life sentence for man convicted in murder of Supreme Court Justice's younger brother
Justice Hobbs shares his experiences on the Colorado Supreme Court and his love of CO
Photos reveal Supreme Court justices in private moments
Justice Breyer was nominated by This is a "liberal" justice. Goodbye 4th ammendment
Republican: suggests new Supreme Court justice . Obama: nominates the exact person they're suggesting. R: NAH, WE AINT PICKIN HIM,…
These photos via are beautiful, but especially this one of
Why US must elect a Democrat for President.voices of reason, common sense, justice outnumbered in Supreme Court. ht…
and do their job and vote on the Supreme Court Justice
Republicans can manage to repeal 40 times but can't pass a jobs bill or confirm a Supreme Court justice
In other words, the only way we will see streaming video from inside Supreme Court is if new justice does it themselves.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg on the Second Amendment: "The Second Amendment has a preamble about the need...
That's right.Senate GOP is holding up Garland nomination to give this guy power to appoint Supreme Court justice: ht…
The late Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger on guns & the 2nd amendment!
U.S. Supreme Court justice Sotomayor to speak at UAF - Fairbanks Daily News
Check out article announcing the confirmation of KY born Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.
Interesting pics inside SCOTUS.there are still hand operated elevators. Really.
Sonia Sotomayor, An example of good and ethical Supreme Court Justice even at dissenting:.
Why not one single Supreme Court Justice?! I'd love to have a Ruth Bader Ginsburg & a Stephen Breyer action figure!
Thurgood Marshall nominated as the first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice by LBJ 1967 htt…
"Fight for the things you care about.". Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice
Trump "Justice Scalia was a remarkable person and a brilliant Supreme Court Justice, one of the best of all time," Italian, no issue wth hm.
he needs to replace Antonin Scalia as our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice must not count... Many more where she came from.
Is the insanity really about bathrooms? Texas Lt Gov calls for Cruz to be next Supreme Court Justice
“Labor cannot, on any terms, surrender the right to strike.” —Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice
Today's brainstorm: selects a new Supreme Court Justice on the reality TV show "The Associate.".
"The remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence." - Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice
Said he will defend Second Ammendment. The Supreme Court Justice is most important
Obama use an executive order to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice? If so, would he?.
Apr 27, 1880: several appointments are made to Supreme Court: FBT Carter as Chief Justice & Robert Pinsent as Assistant Judge
Court Cuts: When Fali Nariman made snide remarks about Justice Markandey Katju in the Supreme Court
Two days after our Chief Justice cries, that judges have no time for cases, he goes and does this-
Supreme court judgement is final. Impeachment of CJI is nearly impossible affair wn all parties are supporting justice
A common man's only Hope of justice is Bombay HC & Supreme Court,thanks to both for stopping IPL nuisance in drought hit Maharashtra
Would you rather have or appoint the next Supreme Court Justice? I certainly know who I choose!
"If RINO Trump is the nominee I don't think President Hillary Clinton will be inclined to nominate him." culdees2020
"It’s the lifeblood of room to give the Supreme Court justice policies, including the fight to be done.
If Hillary is president, she should nominate Obama as a Supreme Court Justice.
Who would you trust to pick a Supreme Court Justice?
Methinks CORD should next storm the Supreme Court so that we hear what Chief Justice Willy Mutunga will comment.
Honorable Goodwin Liu, assoc. supreme court justice of to speak 65th Commencement Ceremony!
Supreme Court Justice, Actor, Blogger -What do they have in Common?The Great Equalizer, Turns...
prince gets police investigation but supreme court justice Scalia doesn't. What's up with that?
I would love to see nominate Cruz for the Supreme Court opening. I think he would make an excellent Justice.
All purpose parts banner
Racial inequality is real and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor is correct. Read the WP article.
But creepiest of all is this one flanking the front doors of the Supreme Court. Darth Justice.
Supreme Court Justice Takes Ceremonial Oath of Office: An investiture ceremony has been held for Tennessee’s newest…
With all of the references about Justice Scalia in class, I thought this was interesting.
The Kansas Supreme Court delayed issuing opinions for eight months. Johnson: "I find that to be a denial of justice” h…
Law and Justice spokeswoman calls Polish Supreme Court "a bunch of cronies who uphold the status quo of the previous governm…
It is corrupt to the core being expensive made to deny justice to the 80% majority of the people -
Listening to the Supreme Court oral argument on Justice Sotomayor wasted no time to question Scott Ke…
And hard core conservatives will not allow Hillary to pick a Supreme Court Justice, so it's Trump or lose SCOTUS
Our team working phones to gather elements for our coverage of the death of US Supreme Court Justice Scalia. https:…
What happens if SCOTUS rules 4-4 in a case before Scalia's replacement is confirmed
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