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Supreme Court Justice

The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest judicial body in the United States.

Sonia Sotomayor Ruth Bader Ginsburg Clarence Thomas Antonin Scalia Thurgood Marshall Ted Cruz Ruth Bader Ginsberg William Howard Taft Sri Srinivasan Louis Brandeis Donald Trump John Roberts Anthony Kennedy Stephen Breyer Executive Order

Wow, I have not seen you work this hard since you fought to block Obama from picking a Supreme Court Justice.…
Praying for God to guide our country as our leadership chooses the next Supreme Court Justice in the days ahead.
May G-D guide you as He is doing all along, in choosing this key Supreme Court Justice posi…
I sort of wish we had been that dedicated to getting a Supreme Court Justice appointed while Obama was still in office. Can't go back now.
Justice Clarence Thomas: the first Supreme Court Justice to administer the Oath of Office. Congrats https…
Indiana's sole minority Supreme Court Justice to retire this year...
Whether or not Trump is legitimate, the new Supreme Court Justice will never be.
Roy Moore for Supreme Court Justice?: Okay, say it with me: Supreme Court Justice Roy…
I hope chooses a Supreme Court Justice who won't do a "John Roberts" on us.
George P. Stiles has been a Supreme Court Justice in Utah Territory since February 1855 (and, as of last May, is the only one remaining).
Watch remarks on the 25th anniversary of Clarence Thomas becoming a Supreme Court Justice.
and since Trump will be putting a new Supreme Court Justice the Court will be more Right leaning meaning
How can Obama put someone in the Supreme Court Justice, replacing Antonin Scalia what the *** is going on?
No us Supreme Court Justice for this minority prez. As the Rs said: let the people chose who gets to pick the next…
The Republican House and Senate would never let this happen Donald Trump will put the next Supreme Court Justice ev…
I like that I have a favorite Supreme Court Justice. The Supreme Court also being my biggest worry now.
In a world that's full of surprises let me be the first to predict that Judge Judy will be our next Supreme Court Justice.
Are you sure it won't be 1956 & David Dukes is a Supreme Court Justice or Sec of State?
David Duke for Supreme Court Justice and Lucifer for Secretary of Education
He can also nominate the next Supreme Court Justice
David Duke will be a quality Supreme Court Justice. Used to wearing robes, wigs, etc.
Reminder that the president will choose a new Supreme Court Justice and DT wants to overturn crucial social justices cases like Roe v Wade!!
GOP Senate took away your right to have Obama nominate Supreme Court Justice when you chose him to do so. So make them pa…
Reason not to vote Republican - When Clinton wins they vow to NOT to confirm Supreme Court Justice - Gridlock caused by who???
Don't let Washington appoint a new Supreme Court Justice who will steal your right to keep and bear arms. Vote on November 8th…
Can't we have the former Supreme Court Justice say "let's play ball" instead of Jim Belushi?
LorettaLynch will make a perfect Supreme Court Justice just liked my hubby promised her on the plane.
open borders with anyone good or bad & then paying for it. You either want a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold the
Maybe after allowing a vote on a Supreme Court Justice, your colleagues should take this up and fix it. Thank you S…
Jimmy Carter is the only full term President who did not appoint a Supreme Court Justice
We need to win all three plus confirm a Supreme Court Justice.
75 yrs ago in Supreme Court Justice and equality crusader Louis Brandeis died on 10/5/41
I want all 9 Supreme Court Justice positions to be filled by Sonia Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor has the distinction of being the first Supreme Court Justice of Hispanic heritage. Herita…
Supreme Court Justice attacks quarterback over national anthem protests
Trumps kind of Supreme Court Justice: the most amazing, beautiful justices
Sources say the private conversation between Lynch and Bill Clinton had a deal mentioning a Supreme Court Justice appointment.
Justice Ginsburg is a truly intelligent and needed Supreme Court Justice. May she continue to have good health.
MAKER just published her first book since becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 1993!:
Which Federal High Court Judge will allow a Supreme Court Justice to be brought to his Court for trial?. This is what me I'm interested in
Parenting advice from an iconic Supreme Court Justice...
Supreme Court Justice for the State of Michigan, Richard Bernstein, speaks. He is the first ever blind judge.
The fact that Hillary Clinton could nominate Barack Obama as a Supreme Court Justice,should scare all of us to vote. https…
Public Servants shouldn't ignore our Congress to Consider a 9th Supreme Court Justice or be…
"libertarian" Gary Johnson said Anthony Kennedy is his favorite current Supreme Court Justice not Samuel Alito or CJ Roberts
I hope your colleague Lester Holt asks "Will you appoint a Supreme Court Justice who will defend Roe V Wade women's choice?"
The galactic Republic Senate can elect a new chancellor in days but we can't even get a new Supreme Court Justice
William Howard Taft was the 1st President & 1st Supreme Court Justice to be buried @ Arlington National Cemetery
I would absolutely vote to confirm Sally Field as a Supreme Court Justice.
📷 vox: Donald Trump just joked someone should assassinate a Supreme Court Justice or Hillary Clinton...
YES - I think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not only a very fine Supreme Court Justice, she is a marvelous, intelligent woman.
Supreme! This day in 1993: native Ruth Bader Ginsburg is confirmed as the 2nd female Supreme Court Justice in US history
One more liberal Supreme Court Justice and you can stick a fork in America's gun rights.
Congress showed we can go a long way without appointing Supreme Court Justice. Predict we go 3 more years & lose 2 more before America acts.
It is unprecedented for a sitting Supreme Court Justice to stoop to partisan politics. You Discredit Yourself Ruth‼️ h…
You bet yer *** an 83 yr old Supreme Court Justice can speak her mind as she likes. Suck it, crybabies. .
Ruther Bader Ginsburg is a radical Left-wing activist dressed up as a Supreme Court Justice.
maybe if Chewbacca Mom had been responsible for the GOP blockade of a Supreme Court Justice nomination the press would…
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 83 yr old Supreme Court Justice is PETRIFIED at the notion of a "President Trump."
to Clint Bolick sworn in as Arizona's newest Supreme Court Justice
So I guess will be our next Supreme Court Justice.
Couldn't that be said of the Republican senators who won't hold a confirmation hearing for the new Supreme Court Justice? 🤔
Will one day find out that Supreme Court Justice was actually murdered by those in political power?
yeah. It was extremely hard to not laugh in the face of the state Supreme Court Justice who issued the oath
Why don't we elect Kim Kardashian to the senate or Ryan Secrest for Secretary State. Why not Oprah for Supreme Court Justice.
Alicia as State's Attorney & Diane as Supreme Court Justice. I feel l we don't have enough powerful women - can you tell? ;)
The GOP is reportedly against a proposal to retroactively void all of Justice Scalia’s votes from his final lame duck year on Supreme Court.
Get a justice on the Supreme Court! All this b/s we got going on distracting us from 1 CURRENT decision that's extremely important.
He's a disgrace to us all! Justice Thomas' wife calls Supreme Court retirement report "bogus" via
I spot in this SCOTUS photo gallery I think?
my Supreme Court justice is being held up by one person. Do due process?
Marble, drape and justice: inside the U.S. Supreme Court | The Wider Image | Reuters
and GOP refusing to vote for Supreme Court Justice is what exactly? Take a look at yourself.
Trump-Im so prolife,so much so that I believe my sister who is pro-death of babies would b a fabulous supreme court justice-
It's going to be hilarious when Donald Trump's campaign fraud case get to the Supreme Court and Justice Barack Obama weighs…
Supreme Court decides to send Cunha's wife & daughter criminal cases (over Swiss bank accounts) to Federal Justice (in Curitiba).
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you don't understand that the European court of justice is supreme can overrule any uk legislation.
The Supreme Court ends NRA lawsuits trying to stop cities from enacting measures.
Striking behind-the-scenes photos from but all I wanna do is meet the elevator guy and the gardener.
“The court today ... forgive[s] a police officer’s violation of your Fourth Amendment rights."--Justice Sotomayor
Exclusive: Behind the scenes images at the U.S. Supreme Court with 5 of the 8 justices https:/…
Exclusive photos show previously unseen moments from the Supreme Court:
"unlawful police stops corrode all our civil liberties and threaten all our lives.” Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Too late. He should be a Supreme Court Justice.
Former Rehoboth man gets life for killing brother of R.I. Supreme Court justice
A sit in? Democrats need to stop with these antics!
Life sentence for man convicted in murder of Supreme Court Justice's younger brother
Justice Hobbs shares his experiences on the Colorado Supreme Court and his love of CO
Photos reveal Supreme Court justices in private moments
Justice Breyer was nominated by This is a "liberal" justice. Goodbye 4th ammendment
Republican: suggests new Supreme Court justice . Obama: nominates the exact person they're suggesting. R: NAH, WE AINT PICKIN HIM,…
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These photos via are beautiful, but especially this one of
Why US must elect a Democrat for President.voices of reason, common sense, justice outnumbered in Supreme Court. ht…
and do their job and vote on the Supreme Court Justice
Republicans can manage to repeal 40 times but can't pass a jobs bill or confirm a Supreme Court justice
In other words, the only way we will see streaming video from inside Supreme Court is if new justice does it themselves.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg on the Second Amendment: "The Second Amendment has a preamble about the need...
That's right.Senate GOP is holding up Garland nomination to give this guy power to appoint Supreme Court justice: ht…
The late Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger on guns & the 2nd amendment!
U.S. Supreme Court justice Sotomayor to speak at UAF - Fairbanks Daily News
Check out article announcing the confirmation of KY born Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.
Interesting pics inside SCOTUS.there are still hand operated elevators. Really.
Sonia Sotomayor, An example of good and ethical Supreme Court Justice even at dissenting:.
Why not one single Supreme Court Justice?! I'd love to have a Ruth Bader Ginsburg & a Stephen Breyer action figure!
Thurgood Marshall nominated as the first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice by LBJ 1967 htt…
"Fight for the things you care about.". Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice
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Trump "Justice Scalia was a remarkable person and a brilliant Supreme Court Justice, one of the best of all time," Italian, no issue wth hm.
he needs to replace Antonin Scalia as our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice must not count... Many more where she came from.
Is the insanity really about bathrooms? Texas Lt Gov calls for Cruz to be next Supreme Court Justice
“Labor cannot, on any terms, surrender the right to strike.” —Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice
Today's brainstorm: selects a new Supreme Court Justice on the reality TV show "The Associate.".
"The remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence." - Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice
Said he will defend Second Ammendment. The Supreme Court Justice is most important
Obama use an Executive Order to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice? If so, would he?.
Apr 27, 1880: several appointments are made to Supreme Court: FBT Carter as Chief Justice & Robert Pinsent as Assistant Judge
Court Cuts: When Fali Nariman made snide remarks about Justice Markandey Katju in the Supreme Court
Two days after our Chief Justice cries, that judges have no time for cases, he goes and does this-
Supreme court judgement is final. Impeachment of CJI is nearly impossible affair wn all parties are supporting justice
A common man's only Hope of justice is Bombay HC & Supreme Court,thanks to both for stopping IPL nuisance in drought hit Maharashtra
Would you rather have or appoint the next Supreme Court Justice? I certainly know who I choose!
Little Giant Ladders
"If RINO Trump is the nominee I don't think President Hillary Clinton will be inclined to nominate him." culdees2020
"It’s the lifeblood of room to give the Supreme Court justice policies, including the fight to be done.
If Hillary is president, she should nominate Obama as a Supreme Court Justice.
Who would you trust to pick a Supreme Court Justice?
Methinks CORD should next storm the Supreme Court so that we hear what Chief Justice Willy Mutunga will comment.
Honorable Goodwin Liu, assoc. supreme court justice of to speak 65th Commencement Ceremony!
Supreme Court Justice, Actor, Blogger -What do they have in Common?The Great Equalizer, Turns...
prince gets police investigation but supreme court justice Scalia doesn't. What's up with that?
I would love to see nominate Cruz for the Supreme Court opening. I think he would make an excellent Justice.
Racial inequality is real and Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor is correct. Read the WP article.
But creepiest of all is this one flanking the front doors of the Supreme Court. Darth Justice.
Supreme Court Justice Takes Ceremonial Oath of Office: An investiture ceremony has been held for Tennessee’s newest…
With all of the references about Justice Scalia in class, I thought this was interesting.
The Kansas Supreme Court delayed issuing opinions for eight months. Johnson: "I find that to be a denial of justice” h…
Law and Justice spokeswoman calls Polish Supreme Court "a bunch of cronies who uphold the status quo of the previous governm…
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It is corrupt to the core being expensive made to deny justice to the 80% majority of the people -
Listening to the Supreme Court oral argument on Justice Sotomayor wasted no time to question Scott Ke…
And hard core conservatives will not allow Hillary to pick a Supreme Court Justice, so it's Trump or lose SCOTUS
Our team working phones to gather elements for our coverage of the death of US Supreme Court Justice Scalia. https:…
What happens if SCOTUS rules 4-4 in a case before Scalia's replacement is confirmed
Trump should immediately add a seat and put Barron on the Supreme Court. Obviously as Chief Justice.
Please take your time and sign . Supreme Court : Justice for James Wathen - Sign the Petition! via
Apparently Secretary Clinton was a secret Justice on the Honduran Supreme Court. And GWB's Secretary of Defense.
via Judge is just awesome. She should be Trumps VP or Supreme Court Justice
I bet never thought he would get destroyed like he did tonight. He'll make a great supreme court justice though.
did you seriously mention Ted Cruz for Supreme Court Justice? I want to hear it from you.
We have courts of limited jurisdiction such as justice court and municipal court.We have District Courts and the MT Supreme Court
your going to make an excellent Supreme Court justice!
Supreme Court Chief Justice learned sign language to swear in deaf lawyers
Ted please drop out & seek the Supreme Court. You would make a good Supreme Court justice. It's just not your time to be Pres.
Judge Jeanine you need to be appointed to the Supreme Court Justice
Ted Cruz would be a good Supreme Court justice. Ted Cruz should drop out now & seek the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz, it's just not your time
Our Supreme Court & CJI is interested in all matters(esp. Frivolous) & not delivering justice. We need for a
I didn't know you were a Supreme Court Justice!! 😱
In June I will get to vote for my preferred candidate❤️. In Nov. I'll vote against anyone who'd appoint a Conservative…
Since Supreme Court has also been labelled as "tainted", Kenyans will be told the courts cannot deliver justice and so…
and he gets to pick a Supreme Court Justice. Most likely a LGBT supporter
Do not have to guess it is the worst Supreme Court Justice in USA history thanks to George Bush Sr
Yes, but don't think Sanders could do it. I mean, *** we can't even appoint a Supreme Court Justice w/ Dem President
Former IA Supreme Court Justice to Justice delayed is justice denied .
Can Diane Lockhart be nominated for the next Supreme Court Justice please?.
Dear & . Please and confirm new Supreme Court Justice.
Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, 83 yr old Supreme Court Justice, just one of many older Americans blazing trails
US Senator Heidi Heitkamp to meet with US Supreme Court Justice nominee
So in honor of the late Supreme Court Justice, a law school was named after Scalia. Abbreviated: "The *** of...
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so much of this is a MESS, but at the end is he really implying that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is somehow NOT a Supreme Court Justice?
Judge Rebecca Bradley faces her first election as WI Supreme Court Justice tomorrow. She attained the position...
Area Attorneys: Rebecca Bradley unqualified to be Supreme Court Justice. >
Trump has said publically his liberal sister who is a judge on the Third Circuit would make a good Supreme Court Justice.
I'm nominating the bill from Schoolhouse Rock as a Supreme Court Justice .
Just watched the very prescient episode where President Bartlett is trying to decide who to nominate for Supreme Court Justice!
how about giving the NRA back their money and vote for the American people vote for Supreme Court Justice or does the NRA own you
The people decided Obama would be President. The Constitution says the President nominates Supreme Court Justice.
Where in the history of America has the American people ever chosen a Supreme Court Justice ? Really ? When ?
Click below and tell Senators to let the people decide our next Supreme Court Justice:
The House should let that guy be a Supreme Court Justice and after him, they need to look at other judges and cases they've tried around
Sen. Lindsey Graham says next President should be the one to nominate next Supreme Court Justice.
I guess was alright for Joe Biden to do it and Charles Schumer to obstruct the Constitution for Supreme Court Justice
you know Ted Cruz would be an excellent Supreme Court Justice.
get Ted Cruz on board promise him Supreme Court Justice position win campaign
No lame duck president has EVER nominated a Supreme Court Justice. Opposing the nomination is standard operating procedure.
Nominating a Supreme Court Justice is duty & responsibility to the American people.
As bad as it is would you rather have Brian Sandoval as your Supreme Court Justice?
Former Pa. Governor weighs in on Supreme Court Justice nominee process.
Among many terrible Reagan policy makers on AIDS was John Roberts, now Supreme Court Justice:
also I definitely do not want "True Believer Ted" picking anything resembling a Supreme Court Justice.
Ron Paul for VP. Judge Napolitano for Attorney General, Allen Keyes for Supreme Court Justice. You're a shoe in!
My nomination for the next Supreme Court Justice is: Every lady out there.
We'll say this is for Women's History Month but really... a US Supreme Court Justice with a coloring book? Who...
When a regular dude defends women's rights, he's called a white knight. When Stephen Breyer does it, he's called Supreme Court Justice
If elected, could Obama be a Supreme Court Justice as William Howard Taft was? - Quora
I can see that way Holy Spirit...although it is her turn 1973...9th Fat *** Supreme Court Justice, and what ...
Sonia Sotomayor: Is the first latina women to serve as a U.S Supreme Court Justice.
Until we get equality in education, we won't have an equal society. — Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice
Kayla Moore, wife of Chief Justice Roy Moore: 'I trust Ted Cruz to pick the next Supreme Court Justice"
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You know how I often forget John Kerry is Secretary of State? I also keep forgetting Elena Kagan is a Supreme Court Justice.
POTUS has a constitutional duty to nominate a Supreme Court Justice and the Senate has a constitutional duty to respond…
Not easy for BHO to attend the Supreme Court Justice's funeral. It would take an hour out of his Saturday and he'd hav…
Senator Al Franken on Republicans refusing to hold hearing on next Supreme Court Justice:.
Everyone call your Senator and Mitch McConnell and tell them not to allow a Supreme Court Justice to be confirmed.
ICYMI: Eric Steltzer spoke with Congressman John Shimkus about the pending Supreme Court Justice appointment, the... https:…
And it's where do the candidates stand on the Republican's refusal to of Barrack Obama to nominate A Supreme Court Justice!
Advocating for the first Supreme Court Justice. My letter to President
There is literally *no argument* to be made that Obama should not select the next Supreme Court Justice. It's literally *hi…
US Supreme Court Justice sitting on vital case which cld decide future of Affirmative Action dead of natural causes
I had a dream I was the new Supreme Court Justice. First remarks to the court: "I make a mean challah french toast" Room went wild.
The President of The United States should be in attendance for the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice.
Republicans: Obama is not doing his job!. Obama: Ima do my job and appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. Republicans: Lmao you wild, wyd tho?
Will Senator Lamar Alexander STAND UP for Tennessee in the upcoming fight over the next Supreme Court Justice?
On the Death of Supreme Court Junket King Scalia - by DAVE LINDORFF t’s appropriate that Supreme Court Justice ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Nominate Ellen Pao as Supreme Court Justice. Watch her power hungry schemes dismantle the court. At its weak point, invade the court and es…
Paulist Fr. Dave Dwyer and New York's Timothy Cardinal Dolan remark on the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice...
LIVE! We cover the death of Supreme Court Justice & developed poison dart gun - Tune in 11am-3pm htt…
We need a new Supreme Court Justice who has the same solemn respect for the Constitution and the will to enforce it as Earl Warren.
All you calling Cruz a liar...who do you think will hold the line on Supreme Court Justice? Ted will. McConnell, Graham make you queasy?
The next Supreme Court Justice should agree that Armie Hammer be named spokesman for Arm & Hammer
It's another KBUR Open Phone day during a tumultuous political time with the passing of Supreme Court Justice...
re: Supreme Court Justice confirmed in election year - Anthony Kennedy in 1988 by Reagan.
WQAD: Iowa judge mentioned as possible replacement for late Supreme Court Justice
Obama's plans to nominate new Supreme Court Justice causes Republican firestorm
Anyone want to bet B0's Supreme Court Justice nomination will be Lizzie Warren - no wonder she didn't run for Prez- lifetime employment
Sri Srinivasan is a top choice for Supreme Court Justice... via dailymail
US Supreme Court Justice top nominee: Who is Srikanth 'Sri' Srinivasan? Things you may not ... -
Is this the next Supreme Court Justice? Meet the top candidates
"Is this the next Supreme Court Justice? Indian-American litigator Sri Srinivasan is tipped as ..."
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and the Senate is still the Senate. Sorry, O can't appoint a Supreme Court Justice by Executive Order.
'You CAN'T issue an Executive Order to make a Supreme Court Justice!' - Bob Woodward slaps down 'legacy' talk
POTUS can appoint a new U.S. Supreme Court Justice while Senate is in recess, Article II, Section 2 of the U.…
If the new Supreme Court Justice isn't a black atheist transgender from Syria who moonlights as a plus-sized model, I'm starting a riot.
I'm surprised Obama hasn't written an Executive Order to select Janet Napolitano for the next Supreme Court Justice. Maybe Monday?
We will elect a new Supreme Court Justice before we elect a new Slam Dunk champion
My heart goes out to Mrs. Scalia and yet my head has to ask… Will Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. become our next Supreme Court Justice?
President of the United States: Appoint Omar Infante as the new Supreme Court Justice - Sign the Peti... via
We will get a new Supreme Court Justice under President Obama! I am going to champion this! 💃🏻💃🏻
You can't make an appeal to societal progress yet celebrate the death of anyone, let alone a Supreme Court Justice. RIP Scalia / Thank You
I don't believe in our illegal legal system, but, hey, I bet Leonard Peltier would make a pretty good Supreme Court Justice.
Remember when Scott Brown said his ideal Supreme Court Justice was Antonin Scalia? We had this vote in 2012.
Elizabeth Warren for Supreme Court Justice. Just to make Megan McArdle cry.
Maybe Martin Sheen will get to nominate the new Supreme Court Justice.
Justice Bolick's family part of today's investiture, starting w daughter, Kali, leading pledge,remarks by son Evan
Now it goes to Supreme Court. Correct? I don't trust Anything in Washington! Clearly the Head Justice Himself is...
Second justice retiring form state supreme court
."We are one justice away from the Supreme Court striking down the 2nd Amendment...(and) every restriction o…
If a tribunal finds Justice Tunoi guilty, he can within 10 days file an appeal in the Supreme Court. In excel hii inait…
Thurgood Marshall was the first African American Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of USA
Guess whose Dal Law 3L daughter gets a photo with one's former law prof who is now Supreme Court of Canada Justice?
Nothing against you, it's just I don't trust anyone who isn't a Supreme Court justice.
Attended the investiture ceremony for Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick.
Watch Justice Clint Bolick's investiture ceremony today. Remarks by &
Who would you nominate to the Supreme Court & why? Or who do you believe has been the strongest justice over the past 25 years?
(R) candidates all need to be asked to name their favorite Supreme Court Justice. What's their criteria for a selection?
CJ Roberts says criticism of “doesn’t bother [him] at all.” Good, b/c we weren't planning on slowing down
Thurgood Marshall was the first black man to become an Associate Justice 4 the Supreme Court htt…
Another reason not to let Clinton near the Oval Office: No as justice.
😍😍😩 lmao I had my life mapped judge.Supreme Court Justice
Partisan fights over Supreme Court nominations hurt the court's image, Chief Justice Roberts says via
John Roberts: Politics is damaging public opinion of the Supreme Court. No Jerk, YOU ignoring the …
John Roberts, the activist who rewrote ObamaCare from the Bench, says the Supreme Court is not political. Source:
Justice Roberts Denies Supreme Court Bias via Say What? Sure he denies it h…
Justice Kennedy and the Supreme Court case waiting to happen.
Today Supreme Court can do the right thing & make history by rethinking Or it can just do the easy thing & ignore jus…
Yukon Supreme Court Justice Ron Veale orders contested placer claims in Dawson City will go to whichever partner puts in …
When asked about what she's looking for in a potential Supreme Court justice, the Democratic frontru
The supreme court denied us justice – APGA
On Rivers and Akwa Ibom Supreme Court verdict:. "This not of Justice, it's an
With dizzying speed, the Supreme Court has created a better justice system for juveniles: via
Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Sells $250K - $500K of Microsoft stock ahead of Xbox 360 case.
Just memorized every Supreme Court justice and the date they were sworn in 😰
6yrs after they were drawn, approved by Obama Justice Dept and upheld by NC Supreme Court. Yeah OK.
Thanamart from visited Senior Associate Justice Antonio T Carpio at the Supreme Court.
In 1967, Thurgood Marshall became our nation’s first black Supreme Court Justice!
1967: President Johnson appoints Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. He becomes the 1st black Supreme Court Justice.
Bro.Thurgood Marshall the 1st African American to serve as Supreme Court Justice from 1967- 1991
I could imagine a Ted Cruz Presidency where he would select Mike Lee as him first Supreme Court Justice.
Would be something wrong with a Supreme Court Justice in a position to rule on his own executive branches past decisions.
If asked to name my least favorite Supreme Court Justice, it wouldn't be Scalia. It's really Thomas.
Rubio doubled down on saying he didn't support Sonia Sotomayor, for Supreme Court Justice, what kind of self-hating R U?
Best U.S. Supreme Court Justice of 2015: Sonia Sotomayor. (sorry Ginsburg, Scalia, and were tied as runners up)
Chad DiMera, you ARE the father! Thomas Jack a Supreme Court Justice ;) (And grandma Jen is not pleased!)
2/2 . Why do we need Because We are ONE Supreme Court Justice away from losing our 2nd Amendment rights. .
Has anyone told him we have an African American President? He needs to be the 2nd Supreme Court Justice in US...
And to think, this from a Supreme Court Justice. He sounds like Chief Justice Taney and John Marshall in the annuls of his-lie
George Wallace sitting in as a Supreme Court Justice! Is this Chicago?!
Ms. DuVernay suggests the creation of a Ruth Bader Ginsberg doll, dressed as a Supreme Court Justice. I would not...
Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice, worked for Monsanto and always rules in their favor.
William Howard Taft was the only person to become a Supreme Court Justice after serving as president
Bill!! Just listening to your Klosterman podcast - William Howard Taft, see, former President was Supreme Court Justice!!!
Actual William Howard Taft was the only President and Supreme Court Justice
Cld Obama be a Supreme Court Justice? (Taft was after being President & Warren was a VP nom)
After two coworkers asked if I was a Supreme Court Justice (I'm Hermione.), I'm wishing I had gotten a wig and glasses.
This is extremely problematic at best, especially coming from a Supreme Court Justice.
Now,at JFK Library Wil Haygood author of Showdown, bio of Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice.
7 anti *** statements Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, has said or written about people/
What could Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg (The Notorious RBG) have in common with the rapper, the...
OTD: 1991 Clarence Thomas is confirmed as Supreme Court Justice and Most Hated Black Man list is started
I appreciate Biden's sentiment, but it's also why Clarence Thomas is now a Supreme Court Justice.
Clarence Thomas could *** well be the worst Supreme Court Justice in 226 years.
Supreme Court Justice officiates wedding of *** couple
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