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Superstorm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic tropical system in diameter on record, is a late-season tropical cyclone that has affected Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the eastern seaboard of the United States, reaching to the area south of the Great Lakes Region of the United States, and Eastern Canada.

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2008 recess, sev times Repubs shutting down gov & threats to had adverse effect, superstorm Sandy, strong $ slowing exports now.
The grant will help improve recreational access and repair damage from Superstorm Sandy.
Then of course Superstorm Sandy came, and that pretty much locked Christie's second term and made everyone forget the BS.
Chris Christie MUST be indicted. Has contempt for people. A criminal. See See Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. CONTEMPT. INDICT HIM!
Superstorm Sandy, which wreaked havoc on New York City in 2012, and and the 2014 “Snowvember” storm that dumped 7...
Hey Christie, thanks for hugging Obama after Superstorm Sandy and agreeing to head Trump’s transition!
Four years after a look at how has superstorm-proofed itself:
hard to believe we were reeling from Superstorm Sandy four years ago…
This is a fountain renovation that was transformed into a seating area after it was destroyed by superstorm Sandy...
4 years ago, Superstorm Sandy slammed into NY & NJ. In May, we examined why thousands are still not home [w/ https:…
Superstorm Sandy was the second costliest natural disaster in U.S. history -- and 25% of the rebuilt homes still...…
I'm testing scripts on a new reanalysis data set (MERRA2), so I make sure to pick Sandy or '93 Superstorm so I know it's right, and it's fun
ICYMI: is organizing businesses to prepare for the next Superstorm Sandy. Their profile:
Hard to believe Superstorm Sandy was four years ago. On one hand it seems like it was forever…
A chance to tell your real Superstorm Sandy story | Di Ionno
Meet OMA architect Laura Baird on Nov. 10, 6:30 p.m., who will discuss Superstorm Sandy Rebuild by Design strategy:…
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Berkeley Island County Park to be rebuilt 4 years after superstorm Sandy.
this is what the BCVFD had happen later during Superstorm Sandy.
Four years on from Sandy. Lessons learned - a risk management perspective
is one of the many towns working hard to repair the devastating damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.…
Almost all of the park has been closed for nearly four years since Superstorm Sandy hit.
You never answered the debate question: name two examples of pork in Superstorm Sandy bill. Bad memory?
NYC Transit R46 6176 is shown working the Post-Superstorm Sandy H Train at the Beach 90th Street…
soon your reign and Entourage will come to an end and like the aftermath of superstorm sandy we can begin to repair the devastation.
Fleming could not name one specific superstorm Sandy program he opposed
was 4 yrs ago. Read our new blog on how we r improving ur service on LI/Rockaways in its aftermath:
Working w/to speed probe into Natl Flood Insurance Prgrm's handling of Superstorm claims.
Four years ago today superstorm Sandy was wrecking havoc on the east coast.
4 years after it was majorly damaged by Hurricane Sandy, is nearly done superstorm proofing…
Report: Mold still an issue for tenants in 4 years after Superstorm Sandy.
No, YOU sit down and shut up! gets shouted down at anniversary event at
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Event will run from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Belmar Recreation Gym
TNC, RMS & Lloyds partnership shows that coastal wetlands reduced the impact of Superstorm Sandy.
Statement from Mary Pat and I marking the 4th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy:
An relief organization that sprung up after Superstorm Sandy is facing significant fines after allegedly ignoring...
A Virgin Mary statue stands in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, New York, after Superstorm Sandy destroyed…
Superstorm Sandy trying to do too much
Hurricane Matthew, Superstorm Sandy, floods & destruction due to ... get ready for more — a lot more:
Thank you New Jersey 101.5 for helping us tell the story of many still impacted by Superstorm Sandy.
LETS GET RID OF BIG OIL, COAL & GAS. They ruin the lives of millions of Americans and directly cause things like superstorm sandy
NYGovCuomo,hope u get the state of NY more prepared b4 anymore hurricanes should come anew. Think what Superstorm Sandy did b4 Halloween '12
New $20-million substation in Montvale designed with post-Superstorm Sandy standards - super-resilient and reliable. https:…
sorry man. I've dealt with Superstorm Sandy here in NY so i know the feeling. You and need these
I added a video to a playlist Superstorm Sandy's Destruction: Wind, Floods and Fire
I liked a video Superstorm Sandy's Destruction: Wind, Floods and Fire
As the four year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaches this month, a number of impacted families remain...
Jeff doesnt care abt American people (he voted against Superstorm Sandy relief), he only cares abt NRA donations
Article by "The 7-11ft storm surge from FL to SC is greater or equal to what NJ-NY observed by Superstorm…
The word 'Superstorm' was conjured up for 2012's Tropical Storm Sandy because it was not even at hurricane strength when it made landfall.
Happy u came thru it okay. Scary times I know. Superstorm Sandy hit us badly up here in 2012, but we got thru abt same as you.
CoreLogic: Matthew insured US property losses as much as $6B
Lizzie Green (NZL) SUPERSTORM SANDY in the CICYH* KBIS British Eventing 6yo Championship at the Osberton...
. Thanks! I first noticed the sprinklers on during Superstorm Sandy! I think thats why manhattan flooded!!
Sandy was a "superstorm" because it hit NY, Mecca to the MFM. Hugo is the worst I've seen (or hope to see). F&$k hurricanes.
.re: Matthew -- Superstorm Sandy was a relatively small, class 1 storm until the storm surge came in.
As a lesson learned from Superstorm Sandy, we closely monitor floodwaters to help mitigate storm surge damage
How to Prepare Your Home and Family for a Hurricane or Superstorm: . After Hurricane Sandy, which devastated t...
Remember "Superstorm" Sandy. Wasn't a Cat anything when it came ashore. Still brought terrible damage from flooding.
Wolverines are like Superstorm Sandy to an unprepared NJ.
RTHow to prepare for a storm: This month will mark four years since superstorm Sandy reminded us of ...
So this *** on CNN just said Superstorm Sandy was just a tropical storm.
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Drinking and reminiscing about superstorm sandy.
$43 million in Sandy funds unaccounted for, audit finds
$43 million in Superstorm Sandy funds unaccounted for, federal audit finds
Superstorm Sandy damage to force closure of Manhattan-Brooklyn subway
came to our aid after Superstorm Sandy. Let's help carry their burdens. Find out how you can help here:
In honor of the start of the hurricane season, here is a pic of our pumps helping out after Superstorm Sandy.
Buyers line up for 400 homes wrecked by Superstorm Sandy - BABYLON, N.Y. (AP) -- New York has auctioned off mor...
BABYLON, N.Y. - New York has auctioned off more than 400 wrecked houses that it bought after Superstorm Sandy.
Whelp. There it is. Sandy impacted ALL OF US. . "Toms River still has a ratable problem. Superstorm Sandy...
REPORT: "Assessing and Improving Flood Insurance Management and Accountability in the Wake of Superstorm Sandy" -
Do you have legal questions/challenges regarding Superstorm Sandy? There will be a Nassau County Storm Recovery...
See if you can guess when Superstorm Sandy hit in this graph
Kdot has headlined concerts to benefit Indian rural development programs & raised funds for Red Cross in the wake of superstorm Sandy.
Storm-damaged home auction held in Hauppauge: Homes damaged during Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and Tropi..
But why didn't they just shoot Superstorm Sandy away?
This was the fourth time since Superstorm Sandy that they have made a donation to help those affected by the...
Technically, in 2012, he should have waited to see if American people wanted him to mobilize for Superstorm Sandy.
The story of how one portable church reached their community after Superstorm Sandy:
I just need to see Enterprise. I was in NYC shortly after superstorm Sandy and it was closed for repairs.
The Pipes Cove Bridge, reconstructed after ... - https:/…
Superstorm Sandy Blues solo live in Brisbane at the Brooklyn Standard
1000's of hours of classic wrestling radio thought to be lost due to Superstorm Sandy is recovered! Details soon!
Connecticut communities to receive more Superstorm Sandy aid -
delivered $60.4 billion in federal aid tax payer $s for the his district after superstorm Sandy.
Why was it tied to Superstorm Sandy funding in the first place? This is what's wrong with fed finance.
How Superstorm Sandy helped inspire a Brooklyn prototype for more efficient temp housing after a natural disaster
Beach Haven Expects to Be Reimbursed an Additional $2.7 Million for Superstorm Sandy-Related Expenses - The…
Brings back memories from our summer mission trip for Superstorm Sandy relief work. Loved Central Park
Do you remember the Greenport skating rink? It's battling back after Superstorm Sandy. Photo gallery.
Jersey Shore got slammed in this storm.1 mayor said water damage is as bad as Superstorm Sandy. Hopefully not another setback for the area.
Governor Christie speaks on comparisons between Superstorm Sandy and
How the NYU Health Sciences library dealt with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy (from the October JMLA):
Lake Takanassee, Deal Lake, and Wesley Lake Included in Army Corps Study on Coastal Lakes after Superstorm Sandy
[Advisory MEX] 17 Nov 2015 - A new anti-flood system is rolled out in a subway of lower three years after Superstorm Sandy.
Where was Paris when I was suffering with no power nor internet for 9 days after Superstorm Sandy?
This season, we remember how thankful we were to return to school after Superstorm Sandy:
This beach home, rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy, is casual yet beautiful.
This apartment building was completely restored after decades of neglect and damage from Superstorm Sandy. The...
Three years ago, Superstorm Sandy brought a new focus to the real estate industry: Resilience
Could Hurricane Joaquin be another Superstorm Sandy?: (CNN)—It’s October. A powerful hurricane is brewing in t...
they talking about a hurricane hitting the Northeast😒 flashback to Superstorm Sandy &that October storm where we had no power for a week.
Gerritsen Beach residents prep for Joaquin in fear of another Superstorm Sandy
Elmwood Park couple indicted in insurance fraud related to Superstorm Sandy
Artifacts are being returned to a NY museum 3 years after Superstorm Sandy hit Ellis Island:
Artifacts removed from Ellis Island after Superstorm Sandy are being returned:
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Artifacts stored in Md. are returned to Ellis Island 3 years after Superstorm Sandy. The story coming up
Three years after Superstorm Sandy, replanting project focuses on restoring coast
Affected by Superstorm Sandy? Join me tomorrow night for the ABC's of NY Rising at Lindenhurst Village Hall.
Today I was joined by 106 local Ocean County officials to call on FEMA to extend the deadline for Superstorm Sandy ins…
Deadline nears to reopen Superstorm Sandy claims
EDITORIAL: More injustice for Sandy victims via
Look at New York's lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy to help your community plan.
Artifacts that were removed from the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration after Superstorm Sandy are being returned following comple…
Artifacts return to Ellis Island for first time since Superstorm Sandy - CTV News: CTV News Artifacts return to…
Artifacts Removed After Sandy Returned to Ellis Island: Artifacts that were removed from the El...
And when Superstorm Sandy hit that is where everyone went to get charging of electronics.
Artifacts removed after Superstorm Sandy returning to updated Ellis Island museum:
Ocean surface waves in hurricane Ike (2008) and Superstorm Sandy (2012): Coupled model predictions and observation…
Nearly 3 years after being damaged by Superstorm Sandy, Lorain Christian Temple Disciples of Christ getting new roof
Beach front home damaged by Superstorm Sandy in Manotoloking in 2012. (Mark Wilson, Getty…
Green-wood Cemetery will get $565,475 for repair damage sustained during Superstorm Sandy
At the corner of 7th and Ocean avenues in Ortley Beach sit homes devastated by Superstorm Sandy (Photo…: . At ...
On the way to Ortley Beach--coming up on 1,000 days since Superstorm Sandy.
I live a few miles from the Jersey Shore and went through Tropical Storm Irene and Superstorm Sandy - be prepared.
How NY leveraged federal money better than NJ after Superstorm Sandy
If your child is still feeling sad or anxious after Superstorm Sandy, you can get free help:
Statue of Liberty now seen in a whole new light: New York landmark has a certain glow about her after Superstorm Sandy repair
Can the poor afford to live at the Shore after Superstorm Sandy?
"Nearly three years after Superstorm Sandy devastated the homes and lives of New Jersey and New York residents,...
FEMA says Superstorm Sandy flood claims can be reevaluated if homeowners wish. More @ the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Superstorm Sandy survivor, UFC fighter Chris Weidman looks ahead to fight with Vitor Belfort
did you lose someone as a result of Superstorm Sandy? If not you have no right to bring that up
NYGovCuomo,a lot of the water around NYC should b scooped b4 the next hurricane approaches. Remember what Superstorm Sandy did in Oct. '12?
Historic print Superstorm Sandy comes in a few sizes, for pricing and sizing informations please email...
"More than 2½ years after Superstorm Sandy caused a multibillion-dollar path of destruction, just one-eighth of... http…
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Two and a half years after Superstorm Sandy, thousands of families are still not home for good. Summer is on the... htt…
Top ten reasons to be part of the "Bring the Shore Home" Tour next Thursday May 28th:. HGI, the firm that messed... htt…
"Superstorm Sandy victims who need temporary housing while their homes are being repaired or elevated will now be... ht…
Homes damaged by Superstorm Sandy up for auction on Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk via
Sorry to hear 9 yrs after Katrina this is still problem: 'Diverted Assets' During Storms To Focus On Image ht…
A former employee says the Red Cross was unprepared for Hurricanes Isaac, Katrina and Sandy, focusing more on PR
**PLEASE SHARE DEDE!! SHE HAS BEEN HOMELESS SINCE SUPERSTORM SANDY!!** . This girl is such a love and SO deserving...
& Info Session to assist Homeowners Tues 6/9 4pm-7pm at the Civic Center - More info:
How is Superstorm Sandy still impacting trees? Read about it here:
and Superstorm name a few.
The agency ran into problems in its response to Superstorm Sandy. Then came the Haiti eart…
N.Y. appeals court affirms dismissal of claims against insurance agent in Superstorm Sandy dispute
NY court affirms dismissal of claims against agent in Superstorm dispute
Superstorm Sandy claims under review, NFIP (still) under fire:
In Superstorm Sandy still taking a toll on trees. Check out science on
: Rustic abstract photo featuring the unique shapes of a particular cut tree after Superstorm Sandy. Textures ...
I'll never forget Christie blaming Superstorm Sandy on global warming. Oh brother.
Best "standards" so far are for weather and after Superstorm Sandy.
How NYC is still feeling the wrath of Superstorm Sandy
Here's how some Superstorm Sandy victims in N.J. may get more money via
Thank you Ally Stanton for getting us SAVE THE SHORE (post Sandy superstorm) workers into the locker room in 2013.
Island Park Fire Chief Anthony Esposito recalls Superstorm Sandy and the "work, tenacity & love of the
I lost faith in the Red Cross a long time ago. Same stories over & over again. From 9/11 to Superstorm Sandy
sorry I still don't buy it. There have been questions about other relief efforts as well (Superstorm Sandy, for example)
cuts ribbon with boaters & NPS at post-reopening of Staten Island's Great Kills Nichols Marina
Sandy backlash swamps flood program: It seems the fallout over Superstorm Sandy claim-fumbling may come back t...
and being a mess is exactly one of the reasons I left NY, especially after Superstorm Sandy.
Photo: Are We Ready for the Next Hurricane? A Symposium on Superstorm Sandy and Preparedness
New York City still feeling the wrath of Superstorm Sandy - CBS News
The secret disaster following Superstorm Sandy and how PR took priority over relief:
NYC trees dying by the thousands, due to salt-water
states who voted against disaster relief for superstorm Sandy. One nation. We should be together
seeking NY/NJ help he would have denied post Superstorm Sandy. Do it on your own, you big moocher
and FEMA ..they aren't the best department..Superstorm Sandy anyone?
Watch this space! MT TX Senators & voted AGAINST federal aid for victims of Superstorm…
Just a reminder that both senators from Texas, Cornyn and Cruz, voted against federal aid for the victims of Superstorm Sand…
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