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Superior Court

In common law systems, a superior court is a court of general competence which typically has unlimited jurisdiction with regard to civil and criminal legal cases.

Ontario Superior Court Western Digital San Francisco Chula Vista San Francisco Superior Court Pierce County Forsyth County

Judge Palmer serves as president of Council of Superior Court Judges of Georgia
New post: Superior Court judges are suing Québec over its provincial court's jurisdiction
That definition is BS, supremacist is thinking ur race is superior than another…
Daniel for yoir kids. My house as sale agreed by Redmond Superior court. Younwas ripped of. 9546 46th Ave NE. Seattle
Wheres Daniel. Dads already had two heart attacks. Thats home less my never saw $22500 superior court. Cause Zawahi bough in to what? Aswell
You mean GHQ is superior to Supreme Court. The case is in the SC not in GHQ.
Congratulations to my good friend Judge Ben Reyes! He is now the Honorable-- a Superior Court Judge in Contra Costa…
Hey check this out So, unjust. In The Middlesex County Superior Court 2014, all "white" jurors w/ a resident
Also no established affidavit system w/ online-only notices. Forsyth Co. Clerk of Superior…
Spokane County, VOTE in the primary election by August 1st. Vote to retain Tony Hazel Superior Court Judge Pos 6. Excepti…
Cherokee County Superior Court ordered me to pay attorney fees equaling 5 years child support because I was trying…
The Honorable Judge from Bristol Superior Court: Punish woman that hung her dogs from tree, calmly wa... via
Law Society’s DHC appointed a judge of the Superior Court of Justice via
I think as we see in minutes orders, some are corrections from the Superior Court and it's up to her attys update as they occur
6-the name of the United States in the D.C. Superior Court.An offense that violates a state law is not an offense against the United States.
Guessing, some may be related to things like corrections caught in Superior Court (JSS) minutes
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I'm just trying to help you out here kiddo.Runs in family/Law gf was a superior cou…
It's not what fed, st supreme court, & st superior court judges/justices I worked for did, either. & Rs accuse libs…
Devil Comes Calling for more Judges on Santa Clara Superior Court Bench . Who Will be next ? ?
for sharing. Indeed, the I want to commit suicide, everything I've been…
According to court documents filed at the Superior Court in Los Angeles, the 38-year-old singer was diagnosed...
I suffer severe harm pains trauma, etc. The Superior Court so, WRONG to ASAP dismiss my Race…
I told the whole vs In The Middlesex County Superior Court Woburn, MA all white j…
Jarred Vanderbilt is a tremendous rebounder, runs the break, superior court vision. Terrific fit for Kentucky offense.
You should see the new Kings County Superior Court building in Hanford.
I liked a video 1st Amendment Audit LA superior court, Lancaster FAIL! Threatened with arrest we call
An appeal bond is required if you wish to appeal a California Labor Commission case to Superior Court. Learn more!
It's The Whole come out I'm human vs Defendant lied in Superior…
I do continuously seek I what I deserve my Race vs Solic…
Superior Court orders new trial in Mustafa Ururyar sex-assault case - The Globe and Mail
Where was superior court when dictator bulldozed it and enjoying his life in Dubai Is it for civilians only
If the Magistrate Court judge cannot set a bond pursuant to O.C.G.A. 17-6-1 (charges that only a Superior Court...
BREAKING:A Superior Court judge ordered a new trial for Mustafa Ururyar, a man who was convicted of sexually assaulting a fellow PhD student
What a decent remarks for the judge of Superior Court of Pakistan
For the second time in a week, a Superior Court judge has dealt a blow to the efforts of defense.…
Judge Michael Williams of Napa Co.Superior Court to step down after getting caught stealing 2 $50 cardh…
* Claude Coleman, then a 4th Precinct cop and now a Superior Court judge: “It took us a while to realize…” (1/2)
D.C. Superior Court judge Fairooz bunch of crap charging her for laughing, stop it... Sessions is funny! ♥
NOW: City Atty Mike Feuer congratulates staffer Diego Edber on being sworn-in as Commissioner for LA Superior Court!
Peter Kalichman, partner at named judge of the Superior Court of Quebec, Montreal District.…
Judge O'Neill read jury "Spencer charge" based on this case. Possible insight into his thinking:
rulings for June 15 now avail online:
Sign up to receive info on how to call the Santa Clara Superior Court + special alerts re:
The charges were filed under seal on June 13 in DC Superior Court but have now been unsealed. Two arrests so far
So wrong 2016 my dismiss by Defendants same Witnesses lie…
Torres, who killd Faqir Singh in a DUI-related collision, had his charge upgraded to murder in Fresno Superior Court
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Is this going to be at Santa Clara's Superior Court? & if so, what department?
Superior Court judge has rejected the latest request to put elections board changes on hold pending appeals
Alan Nochumson of explains the impact of a recent Pa. Superior Court opinion on real estate law.…
NC Conference of Clerks of Superior Court members & Judicial Branch staff participated in a walk in support of…
to return to ON Superior Court of Justice to seek fair remedy for loss of rights under Bill 115-
Follow along! We're showing Santa Clara Superior Court that we need
Electronic long motions pilot program to launch in Ontario Superior Court of Justice
"Superior Court Affirms Municipality's Right to Counsel of their Choosing" - 2017 ONSC 3150 ~
Here’s the Mass Municipal Lawyers Association blog take on the PETA Ex. (n)/(c) decision.…
In Plymouth County Superior Court in for the Joshua Grispi trial, a former UFC fighter charged with abusi…
At Osgoode Hall for third and final day of Ontario Superior Court hearings in challenge to doctor-assisted dying rule.
Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins is first defense witness. Watch live:
Western Digital seeks an injunction in the Superior Court of California to stop Toshiba from selling its NAND chip business.
Los Angeles Superior Court Small Claims cases are now electronic. RT
San Bernardino Superior Court’s Needles Courthouse will reopen one day each month starting in July.
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Happy to hear King Co Superior Court judge upholds I-124 and keeps worker protections intact! Congrats to
Thanks. I'm in Superior Court 500 Indiana AVe NW Washington DC room 210 in front of Judge Salerno.
"Supreme" court is merely following the dictates of its superior court, the ECHR. UK no longer has a SC!
A great pleasure to attend the swearings-in today of Justices P. Monahan & L. Favreau to the Superior Court of Justice fo…
all evidence presented in court of law. and mind it IK hadn't any superior post in pakistan
Is there something going on at D.C. Superior Court?
Western Digital seeks injunctive relief against Toshiba in Superior Court of California .
The decision is a reflection of the challenges faced by superior court when acting as court of first inst…
Western Digital’s SanDisk Subsidiaries Seek Injunctive Relief Against Toshiba Corporation in the Superior Court of C
Court decisions can be appealed to superior courtd
Western Digital seeking injunction to stop Toshiba auction - Western Digital has applied to the Superior Court ...
Palmer judge to launch Family Infant Toddler (FIT) therapeutic court
Finals 'justice' for many fans so appropriate Superior Court bldg in sporting team colors t…
Now a positive: these big men are incredible around the basket. Hands, feet and touch all superior to today's big men.
Now the trial court & Superior Courts must watch & intervene so that ends of justice may join in time
I think he would average 45-15-10. Not even joking. His athletic ability is so superior to everyone in this game it's scary.
✌ "Los Gatos: superior court rules against town on North 40"
Congratulations to Rani Sampson on her appointment to WA's Superior Court Judges' Association on Family and Juvenile Law!
On January 5, 1971, Davis appeared at the Marin County Superior Court and declared her innocence before the court and nation
"He said he had jury duty to attend. I said we're all accused in the court of the Reaper King, and gave him his sentence."
Today the March term Grand Jury of the Superior Court of Glynn County indicted John William Rosevelt
Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 11 in county Superior Court.
APPEAL from a judgment of the Superior Court of Kern County. H. A. Staley,. Judge.*. Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General,
Goff is currently a Superior Court judge in Wabash County.
So wrong, not right their new Superior Court . The Middlesex County W…
Volunteer Recognition Ceremony May 4 at noon hosted by the Superior Court of California, County of Ventura. THANK Y…
Superior Court judge handed Jennifer Suzanne Taylor with 1 yr. in Prison and 20 yrs probation for child abuse of 10…
Human Resources Technician - - Superior Court of California, County of Solano. Location ...
Tuesday morning’s argument in Bristol-Myers Squibb v. Superior Court of California brought the justices a case at...
The ringing interrupted arguments in Bristol-Myers Squibb Company versus the Superior Court of California.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento invites applications for the position of Court Executive Officer.
SCOTUS preview on Bristol Meyers v. Superior Court of California
I'm at Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, Family Justice Center Courthouse in San Jose, Calif
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court of California may have significant consequences for multistate litigation
Superior Court says slip-and-fall case against Parx Casino was properly transferred from Philadelphia - The…
Congratulations to Kyle Bowland, who will be interning this summer at the Superior Court of California, Santa Clara…
Read the results of the 2017 YMCA High School Mock Trial Competition held at Superior Court:
I know "Judge" Napolitano from his days as a judge in the NJ Superior Court. "Great legal mind?" Far from it.
It takes a Justice Team army to take on the County of Orange in OC Superior Court. 💪🏼
FYI'm Folks: Hudson County and the Superior Court have a 10:30 delayed opening. The Schools of Technology...
Christie nominates three longtime Bergen County lawyers to N.J. Superior Court: The nominees are Darren T. DiBiasi……
TRUMP: Last week a wealthy businessman was murdered by a corrupt Superior Court judge. ME: That's the plot of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
This past Friday, a Superior Court judge ordered the state of California to release a document discussing the...
Congratulations to Judge David Mincey, newly sworn in to the Superior Court in the Macon Judicial Circuit!
Last Lawyers the top in ONTARIO heHhe I Went against in Superior Court ended UP GETTING FIRED. he broke down in court n begged me to stop
It's wonderful having our very own DeKalb County's Clerk of Superior Court, Debra DeBerry out here!…
Read about our new Clerk of Superior Court and other county info!
Superior Court clerk denies that he or she is made of flesh and blood.
The DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court will be closed, Monday, February 20, 2017 and will reopen Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 8:30AM.
Congrats to our newest Superior Court judge, Judge Ashley Wright.…
Congratulations to the Honorable Ashley Wright, the newest Superior Court judge in the Augusta Judicial Circuit.
Shut down the service. Why pay for something the Superior Court of Canada will not enforce after rendering decision.
Superior Court of Ontario supports Town of Halton Hills decision on Stull property
Judge Ronald Prager, a longtime Superior Court judge who has presided over several high-profile civil…
Have you seen them? Amber Dawn Buck and Ryan Gregory Matthews, both wanted on Superior Court orders. Call CrimeStop…
From late yesterday: 19 applicants are vying for DC Superior Court seat, incl. the wife of the court's chief judge
San Francisco, California Superior Court will be amended on January 1st. RT
Listening to my nana tell stories about her days as an Assistant Clerk of Superior Court. On of my favorite pastimes.
Justice for Floyd, a defenceless one-year-old chihuahua adopted and tortured to death by Kyle Barbre!
Good news! In a lawsuit challenging the ban, AB 96, CA Superior Court has upheld the law, ruling in fav…
My favourite gift today... a copy of a complaint filed in a superior court to review and treat as homework... I miss school.
Bizenjo to take census issue to superior court...
Congratulations to Rachel Cano on her appointment to the San Diego Superior Court!
The judgement of Honble Court is much superior than 'GoodOrder' & needs no comments
Office Assistant in Silver Spring, MD: court, litigation, superior, criminal, district, law
Want to work at Superior Court Mendocino Co? We're in CA! Click for details:
Woburn, ma Superior Court , Middlesex County is a rigged system. daughter jailed over 2yr no bail no speedy trial, help.
: Supreme Court is missing and also the salaries of these Honorable Judges, including superior judiciary.
My new Kathleen Kane Amicus Superior Court case 3575 EDA 2016 will be received Tuesday December 27th 2016 -
My Uncle & I arent on good terms but he jus got appointed as Superior Court Judge so I swallowed my pride & congradulated him via phone call
Superior Court of Cumberland County had a donation drive with the employees. Here's Dolly dropping off donations. T…
. CP3 is a better shooter from everywhere on the court, is a vastly superior defender & is a more efficient play-maker...
Interesting; each court different. No prob ever at Hampshire Superior / Northampton District.
Wa state spokane Superior court judge ruled With eyewitnesses testimony oregon trooper lied and withheld exculpatory evidence on his report.
Clayton Stevens.Oregon state troop withheld exculpatory evidence and lied about eyewitnesses. I proved it in Superior Court.Police misconduc
U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy and three other local lawyers appointed to SD Superior Court bench.
B.A., M.B.A., Former Sergeant Army, Former Attorney, Former Superior court judge, former mayor. Now DM and I'll show you!
a superior court judge ruled they couldn't find Brady guilty of anything. he just got suspended cause Goodell a ***
LAWSUIT-HAPPY Superior Court Judge sues Catholic school to force them to let her daughter play on boys team.
A Delaware judge has sided with state environmental officials in a lawsuit challenging a ban on non-hunting...
"Only 69 out of 143 superior court judges have accommodation - Chief Justice". Click to view
Matter is before Supreme Court, put ur evidences their..Or U think urself superior Judge than Supreme Court
Out of the total of 143 superior court judges in Ghana, only 69 have official accommodation.
Gov. Brown picks LA and OC superior court judges: 8 men, 1 woman
Judge JP Boulee, (Superior Court, Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit, wanted to follow in the...
Looking for info on LA Superior Court judge candidates? Here you go:
Principal Skinner is real. Armin (Armen)Tamzarian is real, and strong, and he's a judge on the Superior Court of Lo…
Voters in LA County, info to assist with the non-partisan contested LA Superior Court judicial races
Read 's ratings of judicial candidates seeking election. to the L.A. Superior Court on Election Day, 11-8-16:
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I feel like I live in court. (@ Superior Court of California, County of San Diego in Chula Vista, CA)
Join the Superior Court of California Cou... team! See our latest opening here: CA
4:09pm... think I'll return that call to the Superior Court of Riverside County tomorrow.
Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara - Mandatory Electronic Filing and Service Rules
Orange County, CA Superior Court has done a major security overhaul after employee was found tampering with cases.
Strike over, Superior Court clerks tackle backlog...
A Superior Court judge has ordered Waycross and Pierce County to to resolve a water services court case.
Farmer (Harvey) V. Superior Court of California, in and for County of Alameda U.
Don't ignore Ontario Small Claims proceedings - you're more likely to go to jail for avoiding them than Superior Court.
“A Superior Court judge has determined that San Diego County didn’t properly audit votes from the June primary...
Questions now on damage awards at Superior Court level, judges vs juries
Congrats to newly appointed CA Superior Court judge Dean Hansell, a partner at and Williams Institute Legal Council member!
Comment by July 15 on 19 applicants applying for on DC Superior Court.
Nineteen lawyers, magistrate judges and admin. law judges apply for judgeship on DC Superior Court
Bunmi Awoniyi: The 1st Nigerian to be appointed a Superior Court judge in the ... -
Back visiting friends at the Superior Court of California today. Hope judge is lenient this time. When did they make narcotics "illegal"?
governor nominates Superior Court judge to fill vacancy on state Supreme Court
Heads up: New Local Rules for the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda |
Looks like we're going back to Superior Court - Judge denies Kane's plea to dismiss case via
Superior Court of California, Alameda County - Local Rules as of July 1, 2016, PDF with rules and forms available...
Lambton County man appointed as Superior Court judge
Rumana nominated for Superior Court judgeship in Passaic County
Breaking news: Assemblyman nominated by for Superior Court judge: http…
Superior Court of Orange County has multiple for Research w/civil lit and/or family law exp
Superior Court in the morning. Taunton District Court in the afternoon. Bristol County House of Correction this...
Proceedings of the Suffolk Bar and Superior Court in Memory of Albert Mason, Chi
Superior Court judge: Rozier takes Pierce, but Spivey holds lead with ~62% of vote with 4 of 6 counties reporting. (Ware, Coffee remain.)
Court Attendant - Superior Court of California, County of Alameda - Alameda, CA: Please an...
Steven Murray denied bond in Superior Court: Burke County, Ga. (WJBF) –  Steven Murray, who is charged in the...
A TAXPAYER has filed a complaint in Superior Court against Lt. Gov. Victor B. Hocog and Finance Secretary
In Kane Country: The Montgomery County DA moved to quash Kathleen Kane's appeal to the Superior Court:
In the California voter guide… Scott Steiner could be a Judge of the Superior Court.
If the judgment of Superior Court of California does not qualify as proof what will?The word of God?
I checked in at Superior Court of California - Van Nuys Courthouse East on
the Commonwealth filed a petition in the Superior Court pursuant to G.L. c. 123A, § 12(b ),
State Sen. Peter Barnes to be nominated as Superior Court judge by
Cape May County Republican Leader Michael Donohue sworn in as state Superior Court judge.
Here is a photo of Dorothy Groves being escorted from Ontario to Superior Court of Justice this morning.
Shehada Issa, 69, was charged in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday with willful, deliberate and premeditated murder in the ...
Muslimas are 'superior' to the Kafir+ won't remove their bagheads in court -Sharia uber alles for the supremacistas
Wondering if I should continue to court Maru, or if Abigail would be the superior choice
Come to the superior court hearing TOMORROW to show your support! -
never man.. Warriors are way to far to lose. Their home court advantage is far superior to any other court
First ever oral argument is in the bag! @ San Francisco Superior Court
With my friend Eric Dunaway, the next Fulton County Superior Court Judge. Election day is May 24th
Judge Ken Crow had been a Superior Court judge since 2003
About to do my first ever oral argument! (@ Superior Court of California in San Francisco, CA)
in CA: certified court interpreter-spanish at humboldt superior court of calif...
It's going 2remain an issue because they think the superior court, court of appeals and supreme court are all wrong
LA rail yard halted over pollution concerns: A superior court judge has put a stop to a $500m rail yard...
Worcester man pleads not guilty to 40 burglary charges in Superior Court - Worcester Telegram
Superior court judge rules against Jersey Shore residents in sand dune case
You mock a superior court Judge who ruled on Facts & Evidence? You can not deny history
Superior Court Ruling. Holocaust is historical & witnessed FACT
Judge orders Army vet back on ballot. The decision comes from a lawsuit filed on March 21.
We're Click to apply: eligibility list-court legal process clerk i/ii - CA
Judge orders Army vet back on ballot
Hey! Guess who filed a name and gender change at the Superior Court house in San Francisco today? This gal,...
A Bibb County Superior Court Judge brings a courtroom to tears and all she does is tell the truth. Hear it for...
Suspect in West Seattle arsons just arrived for sentencing in King County Superior Court.
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MDJ Fred B. Miller designated by as chair of
Inglewood Superior Court on Monday 😩, class assignment or not I hate b'ing up there
rulings for April 1 now avail online:
Egyptian court upholds three year prison sentence against writer Fatima Naoot for 'insulting religion'
Great turnout for Megan Wagner's event. She's well qualified to be OC Superior Court Judge.
the question will be how I think I can prove it. Well ladies and gentleman, that's what superior court is for. Too late to give up now
Hiddle appeared in Vigo Superior Court Div. 1 today. Arrested Thursday. Previously worked at ISU as website content developer.
District of Columbia one step closer to legal sales.
Jerome moore was found guilty friday in superior court of possesing heroin in 2014 but a jury found him not guilty of selling drugs
3/ has now been upheld as lawful by the Ontario Superior and Appeals Courts, and the Supreme Court of Canada.
Your local superior court has a law library. Contact Secretary of state in your state by email snail mail.
The Marin County Superior Court has the appearance of one of Donald Trump's elaborate buildings…
Had a hearing yesterday in LA County Superior Court in our case against Bill Cosby.
Need a DC Superior Court opinion? We've got you covered. Online for our subscribers or email ready for those that...
on the phone with California's superior court & simultaneously smoking a bowl 😉
"We've gone crazy with house arrest and the necessity of surety bails in Ontario" Justice Gary Trotter Superior Court 2-2 April 1, 2016.
Time for court. And the waiting game. @ Kern County Superior Courthouse
My sweet cousin-in-law is up for re-election as Murray County's Clerk of Superior Court. Be sure to vote for...
HB940 [Enroll] Forsyth County; position of IT/special projects administrator of the Clerk of Superior Court; exe...
Donna Flood, Murray County Clerk of Superior Court, administers the oath to a newly-appointed notary public today!
The clerk of Superior Court in WNC thinks it is OK for an elderly ward to look like this.
Vote my auntie Jeanette Battle Dixon for Clerk of Superior Court, 17 years experience, she's the woman for the job!!
Attorneys bemoan issues with Superior Court of San Bernardino's new public records system.
Join us to support our good friend Naser Khoury who is a candidate for the Los Angeles County as a Superior Court...
A man granted assisted death by Superior Court is first in
Ontario's first assisted death case going before the Superior Court today.
A local cab driver has filed an injunction with Ontario's Superior Court to prevent Uber X from operating in T.O.
📷 jodockerys: Original caption: Blonde cinemactress Carole Lombard is shown in Superior Court as she...
I was wrong about the 10 year thing that is for superior court not supreme court. :P
Rise in deaths reported by is part of a winning argument to unseal autopsy https…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
"What court do you go to for claims of like $5,000." "Superior court." "Good most of my friends are judges there."
Shelly Speer, candidate for Superior court judge in Pierce County, now speaking.
Brown's autopsy report to be released - great interview w/ Mr. Bauer
Former ADA to run for superior court judge seat: Kicklighter third candidate to seek vacated position...
I am pleased to announce that the Ontario Superior Court Justice has ruled in our favour so I will be coaching my team …
Bill preliminary hearing scheduled for March 8 has been stayed temporarily by Superior Court that is weigh…
Lawsuits against Uber go forward with limits: A San Francisco Superior Court judge affirmed that a lawsuit ove...
Riverside Superior Court: Where you're forced to pay $300 for a ticket you didn't deserve.
Your smile Lu U pass, but your hand swearing like that at Not Like That . Lol
Riverside County's Superior Court is laughable in the way it handles cases and Judge Albert J. Wojcik is an ***
MC Superior Court The possible change of plea in State v Ryan Giroux set for tomorrow has been continued until 4/8/2016 1:30 pm.
Bobbi Kris' autopsy to be unsealed this week.
Join the Campaign with your Most Qualified Candidate for Superior Court Judge (Clayton County, GA):
GHURA employee indicted by a Superior Court of Guam grand jury in connection w/ accepting bribes & other charges.
Is anything real? What IS reality, anyway? The people wait for a response from D.C. Superior Court.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
On Point commends a proper and just decision by the Ontario Superior Court. THE KIDS. THAT'S WHAT IT'S ABOUT!
Tammie Mosley announces she will run for court clerk job: | |
The LA superior court granted class certification this morning.
The Superior Court granted class certification this morning. HCID continues to take no action.
An update on the push to keep the Merrimack County Superior Court downtown, by (It's not going well.)
Judge in Atlanta agrees to unseal the autopsy report for Bobbi Kristina Brown - 11Alive News
The Superior Court granted class certification this morning.
The Santa Monica superior court is literally my 2nd home
The cause of death of will soon be released.
At King Count Superior Court to cover the TRB hearings, the adult posting board that was seized by the govt
Jason Young to get another hearing in Wake Superior Court
Sullivan Superior Court Judge H.R. Hunt has approved a continuance in the Johnus Orr murder trial after Sullivan...
PENNSYLVANIA COURT ASKED TO THROW OUT TOPAMAX VERDICT: In a case before the Pennsylvania Superior Court, an at...
Judge in Atlanta agrees unseal autopsy report for Bobbi Brown 11Alive News
Hamilton County Superior Court Judge Steve Nation, in an interview for his application to be appointed to the...
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Our judicial referrals to subsidized (8 hours) mediation at Toronto’s Superior Court of Justice are more than double the provincial average
Jason Young, convicted of killing pregnant wife, to get new hearing in Wake Superior Court
Can someone remind Chuck Douglas that he was appointed and confirmed to the NH Superior Court bench during an election year? Thanks.
What the court case demonstrates is that guidelines established by the Ontario Superior Court are ridiculous https…
Gibson Superior Court staff confirms that James Allen, driver in the Sept.24 fatal van crash on I-69, will enter a guilt…
District Attorney: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s autopsy report to be released
ADA Imelda Pate, running for superior court judge, urged folks to vote on first day of early voting.
Per Gibson Superior Court, it's still uncertain as to which charges Allen will plead guilty. His guilty plea + sentencin…
Congrats to our newest WA judge: has appointed Laura Riquelme to Superior Court.
More action on DC Superior Court nominees—three have a committee hearing on 3/2: Context:
After serving 22 years in the Atlanta Judicial Circuit, Judge Isaac Jenrette retired from the Superior Court...
Bill defense team files appeal to Pa. Superior Court over Montgomery County ruling allowing sex assault case to proceed
Superior Court judge faces no opposition:
The case was bound over to Superior Court. Dixon was ordered to be held in Muscogee County Jail without bond.
Prefix Update 2620:d7:c000::/48 Superior Court of California, County of Sutter
BREAKING NEWS: If today's decision by the Superior Court in the case of Jason Morris v William Geising New London...
Atlantic County’s first black Superior Court judge, Samuel Jacobs, remembered via
Thank You West Covina Superior Court for taking all my money over a stupid traffic ticket that was not even my...
Atlantic County’s first black Superior Court judge remembered via
Judge Jack Nevin swears in a witness testifying via Skype in Pierce County Superior Court on Wednesday.
Former Paradise police officer Patrick Feaster was arraigned Wednesday in Butte County Superior Court on a charge...
Pyrrhic victory in the Middlesex Superior Court today. Not guilty’s on the most serious charges but client will still get hammered.
VP presents his defense before the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) in re-election campaign case.
Atlantic County's first black Superior Court judge remembered
Judge reviews video footage in Danbury child abuse case: DANBURY — A Superior Court judge and attorneys for both…
Superior Court Judge Escala retires for the second time
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