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Superb Owl

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year.

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* Superb Owl. * Rugby with padding. * Handegg. Getting hyped for these & similar great comedic takes this weekend from Mrs Brown's Boys fans.
Having your flip flop come off in the rain in the Superb Owl
Dallas and New England is going to be your Superb Owl in Feb. Everyone go home.
Superb tribute to the legendary thug whose legacy could be seen in Owl baba 😁
Michigan should have enlisted the help of the Superb Owl
I would rather see a Superb owl. THAT is entertainment
No Superb Owl jokes allowed. You'll have to decide if that is a price worth paying.
Great first day in the Honduran Bird Race with the Wacky Warblers. Amazing Crested Owl - superb!
i once recorded the Superbowl because i thought it was a nature documentary about a Superb owl.
How many sacks will the Atlanta Falcons finish with in 2016? via 39 and 2 at the superb owl 99 44
Here's all the Specific Bird Harpies (??) so far :0. Barn Owl, Pidgeon, Budgie, Sun Conure!
gif search results for Superb Owl are 50/50 owl/football. I don't have a point, just thought you'd like to know
Cubs win world series . Cleveland won the NBA title. Donald trump won the election. If the Cowboys win the superb owl I think the rapture next
There's still time for a Bernie run next election. Sanders Vs Trump. The real superb owl.
Superb Videos by Flying Lights: take off with J.B Chandelier
yes you can win an amazing trip to the Superb Owl
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The Superbowl is neither superb nor an owl
Way to go # Wayne County can't win a superb owl but you can win a presidential election
This could be YOU on Friday enjoying a superb meal for . Call 01508 4911…
I am and let's get and both a Superb owl ring.
Always delighted to meet up with wise owl - a superb collaborator (and coffee maker...)
well, we're not gonna see much of this officiating crew in the superb owl LMAO
The fact that I had to work 11 hours today due to call-outs may or may not have assisted my decision to impulse-purchase the superb owl.
To be honest I find it kind of assume something happened in the Superb Owl
My phone autocorrected Super Bowl to superb owl lmao
same I said they'd win the superb owl within the next 3 years
If tight end Jimmy Graham scores more that 11.30 points tonight my defence of fantasy NFL 'Superb Owl' trophy in ruins.
But can he win the Superb Owl with it?
Beautiful shot, just wished I could have got there earlier looks like I missed some superb owl action
Superb ride home tonight with a Barn Owl circling me for couple of minutes on the cross bike, magic 👍🏼 What you don't get in a car
Okay but what if and do a crossover with AND both their country songs at the Superb Owl?!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
A superb female Long-eared Owl ringed at the Obs this morning. 😀
thanks owl, you'll not be disappointed, it's superb! Chris has produced a fabulous piece of work.
The Raiders are taking home that Superb Owl & gonna pet it and let it saw gloriously, free & majestic
He won the Superb Owl? YES! Thats even more rare than a Nobel Prize! Was it for Superior Ornothology or Rice Art?
Celebrate the the Nat Geo way. 10 pictures of the "Superb Owl": https:…
A really Superb Owl by Toby Houlton. A barn owl at sunset:
INITIATE HIPSTER MODE. I can honestly say that I didn't miss a single thing by not watching the Superb Owl this year. HIPSTER MODE COMPLETE
Oh yeah. What's this Superb Owl everyone thinks they seein'? Only championship that matters is when Lord Stanley gets lifted, ya know.
Last time I went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, I spotted a Superb Owl too!
It is Superb Owl weekend. As Ebeneezer Scrooge said about Christmas, I keep Superb Owl in my own way.
That list is actually pretty incomplete, I mainly just wanted to tweak Zeitgeist for their kowtowing to the Superb Owl.
DAMNIT. Okay, I'm going. Here, have a superb owl on my way out.
I observe both the BI GGAME and SUPERB OWL as any bisexual owl lover should do.
bruh.I'd be down but already have Superb Owl plans tomorrow :/
No, no, the question was, What menu do I serve for a Superb Owl Party?
Superb owl BIG SCREENS, BIG BEERS, BIG SPECIALS, BIG GIVEAWAYS!!! See you there!. Photos from Grind Glenwood's post in Super...
It's migration time for the Superb Owl. I believe it is flying north and by tomorrow will be in the US. Get your binoculars out. 👀
There's just 36 hours left to make your cute "superb owl" jokes!
Guys! If you put in a space, this weekend's Superbowl looks just like - you'll like this - Superb Owl!. Someone shd mak…
I can't wait for the Superb owl tomorrow!
Teasing a (legally can’t say) ad with a Superb Owl doesn’t make sense. But neither does Bai.
Puppy is long way from superb owl. Cannot even see from yard! Puppy will watch on teevee.
Oh! We get to celebrate a terrific bird of prey this weekend :-) It's Superb Owl Weekend!
Thanks for staying away today so I can get a Bay Tour in before the Superb Owl airspace shutdown. Hopefully is up
Here's how to get to superb owl 50:
What is this "Superb Owl" people keep talking about? As a grown adult nerd, I don't understand football! Why isn't it called "Hand Egg"?
I'm not sure they started yet. Barkeep told me probably closing after this weekend. (For the Superb Owl.)
Looking forward to the Superb Owl tomorrow. ;)
The Supercilious Owl thinks his superb owl team is better than your superb owl team.
Forget the here are our favorite pictures of the "Superb Owl" from https:/…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Weekend of wildlife. Note, especially, the superb owl, & the wingèd buffalo.
Thank you Superb Owl for bestowing us this temporary protected bikelol jk
The "Superb Owl" has no time for giant sculptures around San Francisco:
oh btw given that the Superb Owl is coming to the bay area, I may be heading south to get away lol
The owl completely owning it, is just such a superb moment.
i hear there's a superb owl coming from Red Hat.
Ah yes my favorite NES game, Tecmo Superb Owl
Someday this will have Superb owl numbers.We can always Hope *** ,I'd settle for Halftime Show.
Maybe it's finally time for the Superb Owl.
I really hope the r/superbowl subreddit, which consists entirely of superb owl photos, started out as a Super Bowl forum and got hijacked.
Microsoft Word should have an autocorrect feature. I never mean Superb Owl. I always mean Super Bowl.
I'm sure there's a superb owl coming up soon
Hobby giving a superb display and a barn owl taking a snack home to the chicks yeatrday
Last week, we made a big deal over four superb teachers. CEO reflects on surprising one of them.
My wife is home for the Superb Owl.
Finally getting around to uploading the Fall Superb Owl to Youtube. Spring coming soon
Superb evening. Stunning views of 2 Long Eared Owl, 4+ Nightjar, 3+ Woodcock among the regulars as the light fell
superb Barn Owl footage on help me raise money for pls donate and RT
Was it the blackout means the superb owl
if my cousins team win the Superb Owl
Most qbs in this league would take the hawks to the superb owl with all the talent they have.
Night owl or early bird? Whether it's light or dark, it’s easy to read using technology via
A little bit of fun! 30 unusual scholarships that don't require superb SATs
My grandma didn't check to make sure I wasn't in the Chicago Cubs win the Superb Owl
My neighbor has just invited me to some kind of 'Superb Owl' party this weekend.
because Sam Bradford will ascend above the level of a super saiyan and will lead us to a superb owl victory
fan here. I agree. They need def. they're superb owl win with Rodger was solid d
I keep misreading "Super Bowl" as "Superb Owl." I think the latter would be much more interesting.
I just used the Waynetech gear to become Batman could be a lot of my colleagues is a POWERFUL OWL A SUPERB AVIAN*
Superb! With 27749 miles flown I have reached new level 7: Owl
Meet Black Singles 300x250
And Keyshia IS known for being messy sometimes too. Last mistake (to my knowledge) being Bey's superb owl show.
Dallas really going to the superb owl this year. Just watch 😴
The 'Superb Owl' joke is also a ritual. But it's not one of my rituals.
US Fish and Wildlife Service tells the story behind the viral "Superb Owl" photos:
For people asking about my apparent mis-spelled words ... Superb Owl. It's not me ... it's The Colbert Report .
It's going to be our first Superb Owl with The Colbert Report. :(
Speaking of the Superb Owl, who wants to come to Bay Ridge and eat ribs on the cheap with & I?
Whenever someone says "Superb Owl" I can never NOT think of the best Soul Calibur III character.
good to know tree_bro's legendary Superb Owl still stalks the jungles of southeast asia
Americans are distracted, post pictures of Superb Owls!
LOL, spell check just tried to correct my spelling of 'Superbowl' to 'Superb Owl'. Well no, I was not referring to 'Superb Owl Sunday' ;)
I still dont understand y ppl who r loud and dont do work go to the library it has me So ConFuSeD?!
let him know when you own Crabtree to send your team to the superb owl
Misleading : im cutting my hair tomorrow holla
I'll get there. All this sunshine and lovely friends making things better ❤️
bought my sea kelp tablets! Now if I can only be patient with an out of shape bob for next while.
are you able to tell me when we can convert or CP to a marriage?
Does anyone know when we are able to convert Civil Partnership to Marriage? I just read it might be end of yr!
Goodbye hair uve been a decent friend...
Pats and Seahawks superb owl next year
Oops! *** autocorrect... I meant "deloused my account." It's been scratching itself like crazy and I'm pretty sure it ha…
In all seriousness, I think it would be best if I deleted my account. Here goes...
Only question that matters: Cheetos Puffs or crunchy Cheetos?
feck really?? Well I've no wedding to motivate me but I'd love to have long hair after 16 years with short-ish hair. Will try!
promise! It made my hair grow for the wedding!
really? Have zinc and vit d but will try anything!
The year the change their jerseys full time to the powder blues (and the old ones not the new edition) they'll win the superb owl.
...the best record in the AFC the past two years, a superb owl appearance, he has done a great job
great that he can get big name guys in, but what has his team done lately? Got owned in Superb Owl and torched year before
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
now I'm at home lol. Norm time is 5pm but when it gets busy tends to be 6 or even 6.30pm
love youre show. Superb owl made me die. And why president no fight. Its the American way dammit.
That's not good. You like your job normally don't you?
GOAL! Who would have bet on this? 5-0, Stobbs the creator yet again, Rafa Floro the man with the excellent finish from …
Could happily walk out of my job today.
What is this superb owl of which you speak?
I do most of the time I like my sleep to much! What time you finish?
.& lots of rescheduling & booking in work with customers. I prefer it to be busy, days go quicker
me too. What time do u start? My days going pretty fast, going into busy time of year now so lots & lots of phones calls.
Summer went by really fast this year
P's this if for therapy not for the course.
they charge me £20 a session because that's all I can afford but they do go as low as £15. It's in oldstreet?
they did? At the place near Liverpool st? My supervisor thought I should go back but no ££; maybe I can after all!
way too early! I'm not a morning person at all lol. Currently eating brekkie & then off to work myself boo
Under dog days are over .. I'm an over cat !!!
Superb opportunity for an ambitious Data Planner to join one of London’s leading digital/direct marketing agencies|
My phone just autocorrected superbowl to superb owl. It knows me so well.
Theres only going to be like one week of decent weather in between the week where we all freeze and the week when our faces melt off
Congrats to alumn Linval Joseph signing w/ the Wearing that purple again, he's bound to don some more Superb Owl rings
One week after the 48th Superb Owl game, Pixels & Bits is back to review what many consider the greatest football games ever made – Tecmo Bowl on Nintendo. We’ll talk about the four-play system (huh huh get it, foreplay, huh-huh), Bo Jackson and how he KNOWS how to escape an army, and the thrill of a high five after a touchdown PLUS, Ed DiFolco recounts his time at Magfest 2014, we talk about the actual Superb Owl and the beating the Seattle Seahawks gave the Denver Broncos, and a bonus segment about Sylvia Browne and Coast to Coast A.M. YAHOO!
There were a lot of great "Superb Owl" commercials this year, but take a look at how these companies are...
Anyone who watched the Superb Owl on TV: was Anthony Keidis wearing Adventure Time leggings on the halftime show? Watching video and it's too fuzzy to make out but the colours seem right..
Superb Owl panel on Sky Sports of Pat Nevin, Richard Gordon, Mixu Paatelainen and John Mackay
Hey, yo, every time you live update about the Superb Owl, remember that I'm not complaining about it and would like the same courtesy extended to me DURING THE OSCARS AND TONY AWARDS. THANK YOU AND ENJOY YOUR GAME.
I'm so ready for the Superb Owl. Thanks Stephen Colbert!
Happy Super Bowl..or as Stephen Colbert calls it Superb Owl cuz you can't use Super Bowl without giving the NFL a gazillion $.. Go Broncos. ..OMAHA $
Superb Owl (thanks Stephen Colbert) will be on at 6:00 in the connection place. The man Kirkman put up the big screen and the projector with an HD signal. Bring snacks and beverages ... Kickoff is at 6:30
Two new patterns. You asked for owls? You get owls! You asked for zippers? Well, okay, you didn't ask for the zipper, but here's one anyway. My fave so far: Superb Owl: (Thank you, Stephen Colbert!) It! Cowl: thanks to my beautiful and willing model friends! I have such pretty friends!
Now that Stephen Colbert and George Takei have both used my joke, I figure it's time to retire it. For a lot of you, it got old. But it looks like it's just started. It had a good run. You won't be hearing about the Superb Owl from me anymore.
So, this was in my email today and I can't find any news supporting it. Anyone not busy with Superbowl/PuppyBowl/Superb Owl festivities that wants to conspiracy bust or confirm? This should be huge if it's true. We need to protect our vote as being equal for a democracy to work. If Democracy is broken, we need to rally. We need to protest. We all need to vote them all out.-J "One family of calculating billionaires plans a massive anti-middle class, pro special interest piece of legislation - Right-To-Work. Then, in December 2012 that family bullies, pushes, offers protection, and basically cuts deals with every Republican politician in Michigan. Next, those same politicians double contribution limits. Finally, on December 31, 2013, the big pay off happens. That day, 9 DeVos family members give the Michigan House Republicans $340,000, all at once"
Working on some recharters, loading up some popcorn, and grabbing some print outs for Roundtable, then heading home to watch what Stephen Colbert likes to call the "Superb Owl"!
Half the fun of THE Colbert Report is seeing who can keep up with Stephen. Joseph Gordon Levitt was suprisingly brilliant. As part of Superb Owl week, there was another great one, Cris Carter
Wow... The Duke vs Syracuse basketball game that just concluded was remarkable! (Final: Syracuse 91 Duke 89) A game that could easily go down as one of those classics. (Tomorrow's "Superb Owl," should be so lucky!)
Me neither. I love Superb Owl. I don't care about football but love the mandate to eat a lot. We're making tortas.
I don't care about who wins the Superb Owl... I just think this is gorgeous. I like the new type of lights on the ESB. Their Christmas package lighting was perfection!
Delighted that Canta Libre Chamber Ensemble will be performing my "Between the dark and daylight" once again on February 2nd, that's this Sunday for those of you in the east who will Not be home watching the Superb Owl game:-)!
Whoever came up with the concept of this week being "Superb Owl XLVIII" week on the Colbert Report deserves a raise.
New Question ! What percentage of Seattle residents will watch the Superb Owl on Sunday? I'm guessing really high--86% over/under?
While the rest of the nation eagerly anticipates Super Bowl Sunday, Audubon sees things a little differently this week. We’re ramping up to celebrate Superb Owl Sunday.
Raptor fans: Steven Colbert talks about the game Sunday: the superb owl.
The Superb Owl is like the football Christmas. Every year, I put out a plate of chicken wings in the hopes I will catch Terry Bradshaw.
So my husband writes me an email. Includes the word Superbowl. Which is not a word according to auto correct. So auto correct divides it into two words: Superb owl. Now, I think I would like a like a Superb owl. And I would waste a Sunday afternoon watching that.
I can't wait to watch the Superb Owl.
Celebrate the kickoff of week by sharing your favorite Superb Owl memes!
Superbowl Party this weekend? Why no, my wife is throwing a Superb Owl double feature: the Fourth Kind and Cry of the Owl!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Today I decided I'm rooting for the Broncos in the superb owl. It's criminal the Peyton has fewer rings than Eli, I hate Marshawn Lynch and and Richard Sherman, and Welker deserves a ring (do it for the short white guys, Wes.)
Ugh, why can't I get any info on this superb owl
Anybody want to form a band real quick? No rehearsals required. The band is going to be called "Superb Owl." We can auction tickets on ebay for an upcoming gig: "SUPERB OWL TICKETS! Awesome seats, row J or better. Only fifty left!"
Why is everybody talking about a superb owl?
What are these Superb Owl commercials I keep hearing about?
Heed the words of Stephen Colbert, you can't have an SB party, the NFL will sue you. So have a Superb Owl party instead
I was stumped for a moment, wondering why I had "SUPERB OWL" written in on my calendar for this coming Sunday! :)
Is everyone excited for the Superb Owl!?
"Plus... many of my commercial breaks will feature Peyton Manning eating or driving things" Who's ready for Superb Owl XLVIII?! :)
Why study trademark law when I can learn about the superb owl?
Jackson: What is wrong with Microsoft Word?! I put in 'Superbowl' and it changed it to 'superb owl'!
Why does everyone care about the superb owl? What makes it better than other owls?
Aggressive trademark protections from the NFL make the 'Superb Owl' a game that must not be named
I'll be watching the Superb Owl with Stephen Colbert ! :)
Can't wait for the Superb Owl Commercials on Sunday. They better be amazing!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I love all the football 'fans' complaining about the weather for the Superb Owl, while there's a whole lot of people at Yankee Stadium on a freezing cold Wednesday night watching a hockey game. its 20 degrees, with a wind chill of 11.
No game this week due to the Superb Owl. Back on Feb 9th!
I'm getting excited about the Superb Owl 48 game!!
Gotta love Colbert's "Superb Owl". Did you know a barn owl can rotate it's head 270 degrees. "Does your head spin around?"
Who's doing anything for Superb Owl Sunday? I'll hopefully be better by then, and willing to root for the Seahawks (one of my secondary teams) to beat the Broncos (my primary team's rival).
Where's the best place to watch this Superb Owl I keep hearing about on Sunday?
Did you see the The Colbert Report on this weekend's Superb Owl game? At the National Aviary, our Snowy Owl is rooting for the Seahawks and the Burrowing Owls are rooting for the Broncos -- Whoever wins we are asking you to donate some of your Superb Owl winnings to the National Aviary. Our owls are pretty superb!
The Colbert Report did a segment on Superb Owl. Do their writers follow Quenchers?
Just went to superb owl boulevard in midtown. LAME!
I had one of those moments today - I was thinking about Stephen Colbert's silly "Superb Owl" stunt this week, and thought I should call Robin so we could laugh about it, then in the next second I realized I can't do that anymore. I'll be having those moments all my life, I'm afraid.
Only spellcheck would correct Superbowl to superb owl.
Any parties in honor of the Superb Owl this weekend? Looking to take my talents out of town.
If you don't have plans for Sunday, come on over for the Superb Owl XLVIII Party
Two football squares for, to quote Colbert, the Superb Owl this weekend. One for $5 and one for $10 - come put your name down! Need not be present to win.
I can't see anything but Superb Owl now.
Cant wait for the Superb Owl this weekend.
Yeah, I'm totally going to watch the Superb Owl this weekend!
Superb Owl XLVIII is only days away! Can't wait!
There are still 18,000 tickets available for the Superb Owl.come on all you Seattle and Denver fans,put your money where your mouth is. Don't you want to spend thousands to fly,stay,and then sit in the frozen tundra for 5 or 6 hours?.Where's your spirit? (Rest assured,if the Pats were playing,it would be sold out!)
Go Seachickens! Beat metalneck. Honestly, Manning is insufferable already,if he becomes the first QB to win a superb owl with 2 different teams he will be impossible. Not my fault, I wanted 49ers vs Patriots.
More Superb Owl on Stephen Colbert last night. David Yarnold, Audubon Chief, and Sophia, the Barred Owl. Superb!
Road thoughts: The more 'superb owl' TV commercials that are 'leaked' the weeks before the football game, the less likely some people will actually watch the game.
The National Audubon Society CEO, David Yarnold, was on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" last night to promote National's promotion, SUPERB OWL WEEK. Get it? Who will be making it a two-fer this weekend, searching for owls and watching the big game?
I could care less about the Superb Owl this weekend but HOLY *** the Puppy Bowl because PUPPIES.
This is what is going on at the Lyric this Sunday. I love how funny he is! Hey everyone, If you know me, you know that I am a HUGE football fan, but only when everyone else is a HUGE fan too. Which only happens that once in a blue moon when the Bronco's go to the Super Bowl. I can't wait to see John Elway throw a line drive to Vance Johnson in the middle of the 9th quarter to steal the game from the Jayhawks. I hear they have a new second string Peyton, I think, who look like he has some promise. Maybe he'll learn a thing or two from the Elway Freeway! I've got my lucky Alf doll decked out in a Bailey Chamberland jersey and a full fridge of Crystal Pepsi. So come join the Lyric crew for some rootin' tootin' football jive talk this Sunday. We'll be watching the Superb Owl on the TV in the cafe because our brains would explode if we watched it on one of our screens. Just kidding, it's totally going to be 12 ft by 6 ft of big heteros slapping *** and Goaldowns that will mak ...
So, apparently there was some sort of Superb Owl seen by many last night... i love owls... hate to have missed it :(
reddit: Richard Sherman interviewing Fans at the Superb Owl.
Maybe I'm a broken record, but you tell me of any other radio station *in the world* that this morning for the Superb Owl played four minutes of Basil Rathbone of Poe's "The Raven" and a rare symphonic work from c. 1900 inspired by it, and then for the news of the likely discovery of Richard III's skeleton in Leicester played a *half hour* of Walton, Shakespeare, and Gielgud (huzzah, Carl Grapentine!), and then started its scheduled program with Fritz Wunderlich singing Beethoven's "An die ferne Geliebte," Op. 98, and it's only 9:25 a.m.! ;-)
My fave Beyonce/Superb Owl joke from Sanjeev Kohli, who is both amazing and great. 'What would Beyonce Knowles be called if she married Roy Castle? She would be called Beyonce Knowles because she is an INDEPENDENT WOMAN.'
So the Ravens won the Aerican Football last night, but its all gone quiet on the Superb Owl chat. I'm all for appreciating the greatness of our feathered friends, but I'm unsure as to how one can be more Superb than another. Was it a Prof Brian Cox thing?
Nick "DIY SOS" Knowles' younger sister Bouncy was on TV after the Superb Owl. If she works hard, she could be as famous as her brother
I'm at a complete loss. Everyone is talking about what must be a new species of bird. They've been talking / posting about it all afternoon and into the evening...the "Superb Owl". It goes this way... it moves that way... I've been trekking around the neighborhood with my binoculars. I simply can't see it! Am I the only one not able to watch the Superb Owl
no just winning a Superb Owl. Which is better because it exists and can be experienced. Or do you mean Bill Parcells?
My nephew played football at Woodstock High School with on the Forty-Niners, Bruce Miller. I might sorta care about this Superb Owl game now. :)
Kaepernick will be knocked out by Ray Lewis. The Ravens will take control of the game. Alex Smith will come in and the 49ers will win the Superb Owl.
Editorial/commentary on the "Superb Owl"...and some notes and useless trivia. Today's Super Bowl broadcast on CBS will be the first in HDTV for Greenville MS CBS affiliate WXVT 15 (15-1). WXVT did not have equipment to broadcast the Super Bowl in HDTV back in early 2010 but did receive a equipment upgrade later that year. Super Bowl XI (1977) was the last played on a Sunday afternoon. Beginning in 1978 with Super Bowl XII, it was played (and broadcast at night). I missed nearly all of Super Bowl XXXVI because of a weekend trip and getting home late. I had to listen on the radio en route from Memphis and had arrived home to catch the final 3 seconds. This was viewed from WNYW New York City via DirecTV (I had a waiver since I was living in Star City proper at the time and was in the shadow of a water tower---the days of pre local channels on the dishes). The first Super Bowl broadcast in HDTV in Central Arkansas was the infamous Super Bowl XXXVIII (which is best known for Janet Jackson's halftime show ...
The Great Chicago Fire was caused not by a cow but by the mere gaze of the Superb Owl
From what i have seen it seems like the whole of America are watching some wildlife documentary tonight about a Superb Owl, bet it wont feature David Attenborough doing a superb job of narrating it ;-)
2min to a WIN - unless Kyle Williams fumbles again like last year when he cost us Superb Owl
Feast of the Superb Owl is an indie rock band from Syracuse, NY consisting of Kevin Earley on lead vocals and guitar, Jason Pelkey on drums, Alain Skarupa on guitar and backup vocals, and Mitch Van Camp on bass guitar. The band self-released their first demo in January 2011. The demo garnered a larg...
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