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Super Tuesday

In the United States, Super Tuesday, in general, refers to the Tuesday in February or March of a presidential election year when the greatest number of states hold primary elections to select delegates to national conventions at which each party's presidential candidates are officially nominated.

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is the biggest election day in US primaries - millions of people will exercise their right to vote.
Levine:for everyone whose moral compass is sound&whose head is screwed on right, final “super Tuesday” was,&always will be,a day of infamy
I got the tickets for the game today super cheap considering how close we were, I'm gonna get them before we play Tuesday
Right, forgot the media called her win the night before Cali and Super Tuesday. 😉 That alone cancels her.
yes they are safe and sound still, I've been super busy since badfish, but i promise they will get to you safe, hmu on tuesday
He won ONE State on the first Super Tuesday. He split conservative vote and lost his own state.
Ahh..a Cruzer. He was done Super Tuesday when he lost the South.
He should have dropped out and endorsed Cruz after Super Tuesday losses.
Actually he lost before NY. He lost on March 5 Super Tuesday when he lost both OH & Fl by double digits.
My fiance's birthday is on Tuesday so I made his favorite dessert tonight. It will be super…
I have a date Tuesday night with a super sexy man and I can't wait!
Trump: "The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an artform"
Also in that piece, lots of stuff, and winning Hair of the Week.
New at WNBAlien - The W Dozen: WNBA's Super Tuesday, Spacey D, Crazy Stats, and more
so it is v Argentina in Houston this Tuesday night! Going to be a super semi
Sorry there hasn't been a video up on my YouTube this week:(I've been super busy but there will be one up Tuesday before I leave for vidcon!
All purpose parts banner
I am super jealous of anyone going to watch the USMNT vs Messi in person in Houston on Tuesday. A real treat it will be!
During the Battle of Jakku, what Super Star Destroyer crashed on the planet?
Don't worry argentina has a super squad , but they defenitly catching a L Tuesday night .
so I know this isn't your specific dept, & I'm super stoked for fwiw, but is there a bag check on Tuesday?
Coming soon!!! Pre-order Tuesday on with super early bird pricing too!! The only…
Expo was super-hot last Tuesday night. I don't think the A/C was working at all. Hope it's fixed for the weekend!
I am! Thanks! I'm busy with my of my novel lol It should be out Monday or Tuesday!! Super excited! 👍
Super Each win was a triumph for a variety of reasons. More in the
I am officially super excited for Tuesday night😄😄!!
Lol, race was over on Super Tuesday.
Our next homebrew club meets this Tuesday 21st June when we'll be joined by to talk super micro brewing!
Hear our SUPER clarinet trio Tuesday night at 7:30 at CHS MKLPAC FREE! Bring the Family!
Yes m'aam! It's super got starting today. 90s and up to 110 til Tuesday
They declared it BEFORE Super Tuesday. Super Delegates don't vote until the convention...
Keep the votes coming! super close race so far! if you want to do slayer deed tuesday VOTE!!
Super excited for free live & at on Tuesday, 6/21! Come celebrate the solstice with us!
UPDATED x2: For the record, I called Trump’s running mate on Super Tuesday:
Should be revising for my history exam on Tuesday... Instead I'm being super productive and watching Captain America films in bed 🙃
Super excited to see Laura, Beth and Claire on Tuesday 👭❤️
Hope so! JUST found out my August appt has been moved up to Tuesday, so am super nervous. Bought large carrier for the trip.
Trump supporter: 'Mexican' not a race, so not racist
it's gone be super late though so you might as well say Tuesday morning
Clinton builds more momentum ahead of Super Tuesday
Super excited to be speaking in Dublin this Tuesday about monolith-> microservices evolution.
Though Hillary Clinton swept Super Tuesday II, Bernie Sanders virtually tied her in both Illinois and Missouri, salvagin…
Don't forget that registration for goes up on Tuesday! Register now for $5 off the event!.
For the Record: I called Trump's running mate on Super Tuesday.
"Google reported a spike in searches for “move to Canada” after the Donald swept the Super Tuesday primaries in...
Uh, Sanders is a zombie candidate, and has been since Super Tuesday.
Super Tuesday as stormy as politics
it was too wet to get outside to garden on Tuesday so Red class made super cool grass seed heads
Welp. I found my wife today. She works at Ruby Tuesday's. And is WAY out of my league. Now I'll be super awkward when I order food 😭😭😭
My aunt died last Tuesday. Her funeral is Friday in Vegas. I'm super iffy about going because price and I hate funerals but family
Plus, I hope we give super kelv a night to remember on Tuesday. 🔴⚪️
Last ever day at my job on Tuesday and it's making me super sad 😭😭
Sooo super excited for G-eazy's show in Paris on tuesday but like I have a final that day and the next morning... So yeah pray for me people
The Republicans after Super Tuesday: Donald Trump under fire from all sides
We want to see all your pretty faces London! Come down to on Tuesday and dance with us!
I have an interview on Tuesday .. Super excited my bestfriend and I will might get to work together !!💓
super excited to see you again on Tuesday!
If Tuesday could just come and be done id be super grateful 😪
Super Tuesday. You can't write off black voters completely without lasting consequences.
i got in a car accident on Tuesday and hit my knee super *** the dash. im totally okay though besides the whip lash
Super excited one of my favorite ppl is preaching Tuesday night! 🙌🏾
doing a GG show with the super sexy on Tuesday :D
Thanks for a super day on Tuesday - the sun shone, birds were fantastic and the views were tremendous
Basically just miss me with all these prognostications until Super Tuesday.
I feel after Tuesday I won't be in super stress mode and can actually relax until June and be even worse...yay...
OV Baseball will play at home vs. Sullivan on Tuesday, May 17 at 6:00PM in the WIC Crossover game for 3rd place.
Super Tuesday get out and vote for Donald J. Trump in the Primary this week! All votes count!
Super tempted to get my hair braided Tuesday Ngl
super excited I just bagged my self a copy of or book! Can't wait for Tuesday delivery day!! 😃😃😃
Yesterday, that's really a fantastic beer, super sm... (Double Barrel Black Tuesday (2014))
Hope to see all you awesome super heros Tuesday 4-8PM for Super Hero Night in the Market Grille
Hillary Clinton takes a shot at Donald Trump in her
Super Tuesday: Clinton, Trump look to pull away from
Planning to catch up to AssClass tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm gonna do a super long video for my thoughts.
tomorrow's going to be a super long day but thank god for elearning day on Tuesday 🤗
Good mornings training ahead of our home game Tuesday. Now time for super Sunday and some fod ⚽🙌
Tuesday is gonna be a super special and exciting day for me
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Now, it's easier to get two-fold microscopy resolution increases. Learn how at Tuesday's Healthcare webinar.
Yes. What baffles me is why Sanders cultivated this message instead of expanding base http…
"Holiness is a super nova. 1 holy person can save a city-a nation."Her Grand Silence is out Tuesday! htt…
I called Trump wins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, & New York on Super Tuesday (and his Ohio loss)
And Rubio could have won Florida if Cruz would have dropped out after Super Tuesday.
Super Tuesday!!. Tomato Florentine and Chicken & Dumplin' Soups!. Buffalo Chicken Sammich will warm you!. Chicken Salad will make you Cool!
Donald & Sarah Palin was in Tulsa a few months ago before Super Tuesday speaking at Oral Roberts, a dark cloud cane upon Tulsa
In honor of trump sweeping on Super Tuesday @ First Niagara Center
Overheard in the newsroom: "Is there a Super Tuesday every week?". Reply yelled out: "Not on Thursday."*
In a world where every Tuesday is Super Tuesday, one Tuesday will take it upon itself to become Regular Tuesday. Coming this Summer.
Since every other Tuesday has been "Super Tuesday", should we label the next week "Hoosier Tuesday"?
Super Tuesday: Clinton leads Trump in Harvard poll of young voters: On Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton and Don...
Maryland's wild primary and other snapshots from the 'other' Super Tuesday - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
YES! says to vote 4 Hillary Clinton. Such a strong woman who stands against like me!
Clinton vs bernie in the North east part of america in tomorrow Super Tuesday.
Debating whether or not to go to Super Tuesday
Acela primary and I-95 primary are both acceptable. Super Tuesday 4 is not.
our is steaming through the Super Tuesday states.I followed back all new foll…
Hopefully Super Tuesday goes well for Sanders b/c this Hillary thing is bothering me the more that I think about it.
One more super Tuesday. Lets keep democracy going. Anything could happen.
It's Super Tuesday here in CT tomorrow... how fun, not like CT is a make it or break it state for anyone 😂
Aw, remember the Super Tuesday The 1st time the media called the race over? Then in Then in
Packed Tuesday. Starts with a 5:30 super set Shoulder and Triceps workout.
Tomorrow will be a Super Tuesday indeed. Going to be a beautiful day everyone! Can't avoid reality The people want…
After Momentum of another Big Super Tuesday & Indiana win next week,Fat Lady will be Singing
Tune in for Super Tuesday, to possibly take all 5 states!!!
Donald Trump is going to have another huge Super Tuesday. 🇺🇸
Several states in the North East of USA are voting in the primary election today. It is another Super Tuesday.
Bernie's path to nomination hasn't added up for about a month. After "Super Tuesday" tomorrow, it'll only subtract.
I refuse to say tomorrow is Super Tuesday IV. So, what can I call it? I-95 primary?
POLLS OPEN in less than 24 hours here on the East Coast! Let's try to give another 5/5 Super Tuesday t…
yes! Where is coverage of this insanity? 3 groups with over 100,000 members the night before a Super Tuesday??
2008 is a better gauge. NY was on Super Tuesday. McCain won with 50% and 333,000 against Mitt, Huck,…
I'm super excited for the premiere but I have to watch the The primary is this Tuesday.
Okay New Upload Schedule this one is for real💯. Tuesday- Minecraft trolls. Thursday- Gta 5 Mods. Friday - Gta 5 GF. Sund…
I'm definitely typing as Super Tuesday left out loud. Would anyone dare stop
She is my talisman as we head into Super Tuesday. Here's the indomitable Ann Richards!
he won't be needing 2 huff the vapor after Super Tuesday. I keep thinking about how he cried to his Mormon bro & sis
yeah since Tuesday. They are super good about it
Super excited about the fiesta event tutoring is having Tuesday. Check my awesome banner!
I didn't receive any votes for Super Tuesday's polls. I'm done. Good luck America you had your chance.
Feel the Bern "to resolve crises without carnage" in the NY State Primary on Super Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Tuesday until they aren't super spread out or leaked?
‣ The Mythification of Climate Change | "Now that Super Tuesday is over, it looks like..." | |
And on Super Tuesday, the Clooneys is expected to be released shortly of them visiting a "refugee...
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Stop whining re calendar - analysis & shuffle randomizer show you'd be losing no matter order
What are you doing Tuesday night? Coming out to see me and other super fun people present on ANYTHING WE WANT?...
I just found out that endorsed Hillary Clinton last year and worked to help her win primaries: I unfollowed.
Hillary stopped campaigning on issues such a long time ago. it's just been tone-policing Bernie & his surrogates since Su…
Stumped by Trump? Baffled by Bern? Our U.S. politics expert has the scoop on
except for the people who participated in the almost 3,000 caucuses on super Tuesday
FACT: "you look at the states in that SEC primary … you couldn’t color a better map"
ALSO I got 2 Morphe eyeshadow pallets delivered to my place so I'm super excited to be home Tuesday
And Bernie held his Super Tuesday rally in VT. Strategy? Looks a lot more like playing it safe. Not so revolutionary.
to thanks for sharing come with us ever Tuesday!
There was no Colorado caucus. CO Repub caucus was held March 1. Over 60,000 people attended.
Imagine my disappointment when I learned that Super Tuesday wasn't a cage match between all of the candidates.
Super ready for my tattoo on Tuesday!! Finally getting another after two patient years of waiting 😍😂💀
I liked a video Bringing data to life on Super Tuesday
I conducted a million random orderings of the Dem contests. 90% of the time, Clinton led after Super Tuesday.
My last class dope so I don't like missing it and she not gunna be here Tuesday she's super cute fa dat!
3rd Marking Period Report Cards are Going Home Tuesday! Anyone else feel like this year is going super fast?
That's w after throwing on Tuesday. is 12-3 this year https:/…
Videos: Bringing data to life on Super Tuesday
No matter how you reshuffle the Democratic contests, Clinton usually leads after Super Tuesday
How real is Bernie's momentum? Just look at how he's gained with late-deciding voters since Super Tuesday.
.65,000 were not locked out last month in Colorado. Are you drunk, or just an uneducated Trump imbecile?
Super Tuesday, Geeks Who Drink Trivia tonight at 8p! Come in and play! Or just belly up to the bar and enjoy a...
A look at Buchanan County, SWVA coal producer that went 70 % for on Super Tuesday, via
Looking forward to chatting Rodney Marsh and Tommy Smyth at 10:25.Super Tuesday – Must Win Games | via
A lot of Fox News correspondents really hate Bernie Sanders. He "fled to Texas" after Hillary won South Carolina before Sup…
no stream tonight... super tired, sorry guys. But I have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off so I'll see you then! :D
Super eagles Goalkeeper, Carl Ikeme, ruled out of Tuesday's match against Egypt due to ill…
Super excited about a special creative team up this Tuesday!! Bring it on &…
Super pumped for Tuesday because Bernie will be in Appleton and I don't work until 4 🎉🎉🎉
Literally: 3 wks ago Kristof interviewed an "imaginary" Trump voter rather than a real one. https:…
TRUMP proved his turnouts advantage in Mini Super Tuesday(3/15). My Analysis Post:
Super Tuesday is Family Meal Deal night at The BRT! $59 is all you pay to share a garlic bread, enjoy 2 main...
Super Tuesday 2016: 12 states are voting. Here are the results so far. via
According to Mrs. Sanders after Super Tuesday wins by Clinton, states not voting Blue in November don't really count :(
Feeling super spontaneous and can make it to PDX until Tuesday? We have 2 spare tickets for Let uns know if you w…
Photos of Super Eagles players training ahead of match against Egypt on Tuesday
South Dakotans narrowly missed the detonation of a precedent-setting bomb on Super Tuesday when Gov. Dennis...
Hi! I hear you're going 2 B in Westmoreland County, my home town! I voted on Super Tuesday in VA, but good luck!
If republicans wanted to be smart and actually get a republican in the White House we would've been standing behind Cruz last Super Tuesday.
Mother Love, Mr Kennedy and Sam Hassan discuss Super Tuesday, Iran and why Arabs hate Jewish people.
After third Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton turns focus to fundraising via
Mainstream-media wants you to believe that Clinton won after last nights Super Tuesday results, but when you look...
I bet is ready for Super Tuesday to end so he can start Super Wednesday: the day he plays fruit ninja on that big touch screen
Muslims and Black Panthers threaten riots in Texas on Super Tuesday. Texas? Really? Shows you how stupid they are.
FL OH NC MO IL. GOP party establishment will cheat to keep Donald Trump from. defeating corrupt establishment on Super Tuesday
Ohio and Florida reporters preview Super Tuesday: Henry Gomez of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Adam Smith of ...
Arkansas Times - A truly Super Tuesday: What the polls are saying
Just sit back, pop your Jiffy Pop and watch the Super Tuesday destruction of the 3 stooges.
during Super Tuesday flurry he was lunching w/gov Abbott & Rick Perry in Austin.
And and Trump News never offered Marco Rubio an hour long or town hall before Super Tuesday or now
Did ever body notice that Chris Christi disappeared after trump son humiliated him in Florida after Super Tuesday
Stay tuned in, Hawaii coming up... ***Horse Race LiveWire*** Super Tuesday: Part Deux - Breitbart
SD's version of "Super Tuesday" is today. Summit League championships and 18 state boys' basketball tournament spots on the line.
Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) covers the outcome of Super Tuesday, including Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) and...
Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson tell us what to expect during Super Tuesday.
Super Tuesday could lead investors to panic about who the presidential nominee will be, according to NBC News. The day, when about a dozen
Of the 5 Texas counties won by Trump on Super Tuesday, 4 were along the Mexican border
Come on Mike be fair, in that Super Tuesday total Cruz had his home state and Oklahoma.Easy wins for Cruz.
We hope you have a "Super Tuesday" 😉👏🏻 Thanks to our impressive political science panel for a great forum!
ABC News' Jon Karl and political analysts Matthew Dowd and Donna Brazile break down the state of the presidential race after Super Tuesday.
John Kasich talks about moving north after Super Tuesday, but he won't be on the PA ballot and not eligible for the 148 de…
Be truthful Trump's high mark on Super Tuesday was 49%. On Fox you said it was 35%. Sloppy reporting.
Super Tuesday county results for Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia | BHC
More women voted Republican than Democratic on Super Tuesday. by Ashe Schow via
Matthew Dowd and LZ Granderson break down Super Tuesday and the race ahead.
Cruz political director Mark Campbell sends supporters an email about the road ahead after Super Tuesday:
. Photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP Images. Now that Super Tuesday is over, what…
Republicans are gathering tonight for the first debate since Super Tuesday. Here's how to watch:
Why Ted Cruz might be the last, best hope for conservatives to stop Donald Trump after Super Tuesday - James Hohmann
A few people in Cameron County were confused at the polls on Super Tuesday.
Super Tuesday results: So bye, bye, Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
Breaking down Super Tuesday in Williamson County - via
Breaking down Super Tuesday in Williamson County from precincts to campaign donors –
Super Tuesday primary coverage sets ratings records for Fox News and CNN
Buffalo Trace Distillery says that if yesterday was Super Tuesday, then today must be Whiskey Wednesday! We like the way they think!!
Tonight will be on Chuck Todd’s show at 5:30PM ET to discuss the campaigns after Super Tuesday.
This was before Super Tuesday. DID win Mass. Winning over MANY "white New Englanders."
The only TN county that didn't vote for on Super Tuesday? Williamson County.
Brazoria County voters have their say on Super Tuesday via
El Pasoans respond to Super Tuesday results - KFOX El Paso: KFOX El PasoEl Pasoans respond to Super Tuesday re...
Is Trump's momentum unstoppable after his Super Tuesday wins? Our Washington bureau chief weighs in:
Business Loses on Super Tuesday, needs a grand strategy, led publicly by key CEOs.
Corey Robin with some insightful analysis of Super Tuesday results
Super Tuesday has come and gone, and.hold on, let me check...yep, the Triune God is still sovereign over all creation.
Secretary of State Brian Kemp films Rockdale Elections Office video on Super Tuesday. See
Super Tuesday results coming soon as polls close in Vermont Georgia and Virginia at 7pm.
Timeline: calls Super Tuesday races. A chronological recap of a big night in presidential politics:
The real winner of Super Tuesday is Canada
Super Tuesday takeaways the morning after the biggest day in the 2016 presidential election so far-
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Gwen Ifill's whole look is the real winner of Super Tuesday
Ben Carson hosted Super Tuesday watch party in downtown Baltimore
Morning!! Up early to guest host on ! We start at 7am and we're talking Super Tuesday results this am. …
DTN Israel: Trump and Clinton leave rivals in the dust in Super Tuesday races: Washington bureau chief Michael...
Super Tuesday could lead to rally if this happens
Super Tuesday is often a bottom in stock market
Clinton schedules post-Super Tuesday victory lap: a mega fundraiser with lobbyists from Wall St, pharma & the NRA
Tesla not taking part in the stock market's Super Tuesday. $TSLA down 3%. Citron declared that it has gone short. Ruh-roh.
Across the nation: Night belongs to front-runners on Super Tuesday: By JULIE PACE and JILL COLVIN Associated Press…
Looking back at the origins of Super Tuesday: Watch Video | Listen to the Audio GWEN IFILL: And now a… |
oddly, no change at the front of the market from pre-Super Tuesday prices
CNN markets: Dow soars nearly 350 in 'Super Tuesday' for stocks
Utah political experts weigh in on what Super Tuesday results means for Beehive State: SALT LAKE CITY — Donald…
What a day: Pat Dodson in office, Scott Kelly back on earth, Super Tuesday done and dusted, more Pell outrages. We all deserve ice cream now
US:Market Focus :. Highlights. Politics and the results of Super Tuesday aside, the economic calendar will be...
Super Tuesday Often Bad for the Stock Market - Super Tuesday has often signaled a short-term bottom in the stoc...
What does the market expect from Super Tuesday?
scott kelly: [gets off spaceship] home after a year in space, ahh and on Super Tuesday! who won?. ... scott kelly: [get…
Scriffin Tip for Super Tuesday: Full-text news & analysis from around the world! ProQuest:.
7-4 in terms of states on Super Tuesday in favor of Sec. Clinton!
Canada's immigration Web site is overloaded on the day Trump is crushing Super Tuesday
Y’all are watching Super Tuesday and I’m watching Bizarre Foods. I know what really matters
I saw no references of Super Grover or Super Dave today. Pfft, some Super Tuesday this turned out to be..
Super Tuesday elections: Would Nolan Ryan be a good candidate?
All over the country it's Super Tuesday. In California, still just Taco Tuesday
its not fair that all the hillbilly *** cousin-marrying *** country music singing *** confederate holding *** states are in Super Tuesday
Clinton on her Super Tuesday wins: 'this country belongs to all of us' - video: Democratic presidential candid...
These candidates all get participation ribbons on Super Tuesday, yet they talk like they won an Olympic gold medal.
It's Super Tuesday, but we've got some great news for fans too: is looking good in practice:
Nice touch to bury this news during Super Tuesday. Next up, The Empire Strikes Back.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Super Tuesday - and I’m over here, all IS IT WALKING DEAD SUNDAY YET
Well due to been uppish cause of Super Tuesday just caught up with MOTD2 given only watched last 10 mins of Sunday gunners game.
Super Tuesday following an Oscar Sunday is going to have me muting everybody.
"Wall to wall" cover of Super Tuesday. We need more monitors!
Super Tuesday is great and all, but Selection Sunday's coming up soon 🏀
It's Super Tuesday but I can't stop thinking about Sunday and brave performance at the Oscars
Super Tuesday is more exciting to me than Superbowl Sunday...What's happened to me?
Your one-stop shop for Super Tuesday results:.
Declared a blackout for myself on all things political on Sunday, but forgot to factor in Super Tuesday.
- It's Super Tuesday ~ vote for my daughter's class to win a trip to Jasper! Now-Mar 18!
Sunday Shock: Trump dominates in all Super Tuesday states post debate aside from TX
per my tradition : this is Al Jazeera America's first and last Super Tuesday
Super Tuesday liveblog. You bring the whiskey. We'll provide the soul-crushing analysis.
Will the GOP dumpf Drumpf? Will the Dems Bern Hilldog? Follow live as Super Tuesday polls begin closing at 7pm ...
A brilliant essay on fate of the Republicans after Super Tuesday is put to bed tonight:. The GOP's Super Doomsday
Breast Cancer Awareness
Super Tuesday > Super Sunday?: Everything you need to know about why this Tuesday is Super.
Latest on Super Tuesday, the aftermath of a broken water main in Mission Beach - joins us at 4
The only 9 states that never have voted on Super Tuesday:. Indiana. Iowa. Mich. Nebraska. NH. Penn. S. Carolina. S. Dakota. https:…
Keep this tab open all night: Live results maps from every Super Tuesday contest
Super Tuesday: a signal that Obama's time is nearly up. Can he finish with a flourish?
Super Tuesday seems like this election season's quinceanera.
You know how important Super Tuesday is? It means it's only 185 days until Razorback Football vs LA Tech @ Razorback Stadium!
I liked a video from Doug Wead gives the history of Super Tuesday
Super Tuesday makes me feel left out, and that makes this a mediocre to bummer Tuesday AT BEST.
If you’re as plugged-in to federal affairs as we are, then you probably already know today is Super Tuesday. As...
It's Super Tuesday and the vending machine is out of Mt Dew.
Super Tuesday showdown: How Brian Kemp placed the South in the spotlight after being an "afterthought."
Video: Anti *** pastor John Hagee says vote the Bible on Super Tuesday cc:
Worst part of Super Tuesday is all the self-satisfied "I voted" selfies.
It's a Stray from the Path, Anti-Flag, NOFX, Against All Authority, and the Descendants kind of day in honor of Super Tuesday
"What is Super Tuesday, Katherine?". It's the American celebration of our lord and savior Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman
1) Turned on CNN. 2) Saw that CNN is interviewing Clay Aiken(?!) about his thoughts on Super Tuesday. 🙄😳. 3) Turned off …
Make your vote count. Super Tuesday can make or break this country for years to com. Carpe diem LIONS ROAR!!
Make it a Super Tuesday with our Grilled Ahi for Dinner~ white pepper crusted ahi tuna, fennel + parmesan polenta...
Doug Wead gives the history of Super Tuesday: via
Trump at 49% in latest national poll - Super Tuesday set to become Black Tuesday for Republican establishment
Kids vote at Downtown Ele. on Super Tuesday in Many of them think will win today.
Follow CNN 'S Jim on Trump coverage on this Super Tuesday. Jim is one of the best.
It's not just the national polls; Trump leading in polls of all Super Tuesday states but Texas.
Super Tuesday: Donald Trump has 49 per cent of Republican support as voters in 11 states across the US go to the polls: In a national...
Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, or as it will be known henceforth, "The day the national Republican Party died."
GOP candidates on a frantic sprint to slow Trump before fateful Super Tuesday -
Super Tuesday for more than political reasons! What a beautiful day it is along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Great...
Super Tuesday: Five things to watch for...
SANDERS VOTES - Sen. Bernie Sanders casts his Super Tuesday vote in Vermont.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Locate your Precinct number for your area in Fort Bend county. . Super Tuesday. Vote at your Precinct locations.
A State Where Caucuses Work: It's Super Tuesday and tonight my home state of Minnesota holds its cau...
It's Super Tuesday! Remember-you have to go to your regular poll today. Need to find it?
Here - just in time for Super Tuesday - is our translation of Thursday's ultra-civil
Montgomery County, Texas Sheriff Rand Henderson, get out and vote for the most qualified candidate. Rand for Sheriff. Super Tuesday
8:05 a.m. Henrico Registrar Mark Coakley. 8:14 a.m. John Clark in Georgia on the latest Super Tuesday polls and...
WCAX Bernie Sanders to cast Super Tuesday vote in Burlington: Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is going to be ...
Super Tuesday open thread: Today’s the day!  Get out there and vote, and tell us what you’re seeing.  If you’re…
Could Cthulhu trump the other Super Tuesday contenders?
To me, every Tuesday was Super Tuesday. I'd go round to Jimmy Nail's with a mint Aero and we'd watch up to two episodes…
It's Super Tuesday and we've got several guests including former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter for the...
It’s Which makes me even more excited for Super Tuesday vs Bat Tuesday.
Donald Trump should enjoy his Super Tuesday win because he’s going to be crushed - “Last week, Sam Stein...
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