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Super Mario

is a 1985 platform video game developed by Nintendo, published for the Nintendo Entertainment System as a sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros.

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Evening:. Generation X: Time to play football. Generation Y: Time to play Super Mario. Generation Z: Time to watch Pewdiepie play Call of Duty.
Super Mario brothers 3 will always be my favorite game.
I really want to play Super Mario 64 DS but my cartridge is broken, why,,
so don't be like me and come up with "Super Mario 64 All Slide Stars" and get WR in it xD
I liked a video from Top 10 Super Mario 64 Fails In Speedrunning | SM64
I added a video to a playlist Super Mario 64 Part 4
I liked a video from Super Mario 64 Fan Remake - Updates 01
The sitar in Get It Together sounds straight out of the Super Mario 64 Lethal Lava Land.
Watching my son play Super Mario 64 DS on FaceTime and helping him look up how to defeat bosses. This is my kind of Saturday.
I liked a video from Super Mario 64 NO B BUTTON CHALLENGE!
I liked a video from Super Mario 64 Live PART 1
Watch every new Nintendo Switch game trailer: Super Mario
Isles rook Josh *** Sang wearing 66 in tribute to Lemieux. . Said he'd 'consider' changing. if Super Mario asked him to.
Man, I've got neighbors with Super Mario & King Tut in the same tattoo sleeve; with thot lips and stars 😆😆🤣🤣
decent console, just no games on it. Super Mario 3d world is excellent. Kirby & the rainbow paintbrush, Mario kart 8.
I liked a video from Super Mario 3D Land - 03 - World 1-3
I am fully dying at pictures of my nephews as the Super Mario Bros for World Book Day. Moustaches and all. I'm weak. 😂
World Book Day! 🌎📚 what did everyone's little ones dress up as? We had Alice in Wonderland and um.Super Mario 😂
to the retro room? How are you going to play DKC:Tropical freeze, Xenoblade, Super Mario 3D world and all the other great titles?
Your six monthly reminder that Salman Rushdie became addicted to Super Mario while in hiding.
Koji kondo - Super Mario (2015) unofficial reissue... had to get it getting ready for zelda…
Super Mario 64 DS Casual Playthrough. Feel free to come chill and join the fun. :D
I liked a video from Super Mario 64 LIVE W/ Original151
well it has been what? like 12 years since the last one. (being Super Mario 64 DS.)
I added a video to a playlist Slider (Anniversary Edition) - Super Mario 64 DS
After the great performance of Super Mario yesterday, we have 2 runners heading to Ladbrokes Park Sandown.
Move over Super Mario! Watch John Legere and crew take on the wireless industry in 8-bit graphics…
Maybe if Apple didn't have 1000 useless mandatory apps on their phones I would have more storage and could download Super Mario Run🙃
Just realized my kingdom in Super Mario Run is at the max level so I guess I should just delete the app now.
Super Mario Run is so much fun on the pooper!!
it's one of the better 2D sonics. I still prefer Super Mario games
Update your maps at Navteq
Wow. Nintendo's super messy Super Mario debut in iTunes wiped out more than $3B in market value. $3B people!! 💸
well Super Mario World was 7.99. And Super Mario Bros was 4.99
Nintendo says it doesnt have plans for any additional Super Mario...
Also Smash Bros, Super Mario 3D World, new Paper Mario. Super Mario Maker was incredibly addicting, too.
lol, just tried playing as Peach in Super Mario Run. Her float almost feels like cheating, and the backwards swipe thing works much better.
I liked a video from I SUCK at Super Mario Run!
I liked a video from Realistic Minecraft - Super Mario Run IN REAL LIFE!
Stop whatever the *** you are doing right now and see this! Super Mario to a violin.
I went from playing The Last Guardian, a game with awful controls, to Super Mario Run, a game with, more or less, awful controls
Super Mario Run will be out TODAY on TWEAKBOX!. Suggest apps below 10$ to add to the Apple ID before i release ❤️
[Gone Free] Super Mario Run: Mario comes to iOS in the most interesting way
There's no Super Mario Run on Android :(
Shibuya is more interesting than Harajuku. Spotted Superman, Super Mario etc rempiting down town.
i'm so close to completing all of the f2p levels in Super Mario Run but idk if i wanna pay £8 for the rest
How to save battery when playing Super Mario Run
Still can't believe we're using Friend Codes in Super Mario Run. Friend codes CANT be standard on the Switch. 😫😫😫
Super Mario Run has taken over mah life
Nintendo's Super Mario Bros for the coin sound (1985).
Tell me why I was waiting for the super mario app and it's only free up until you reach the castle. That really blew mine.
Super Mario Run earned roughly $5 million in first day revenue, players spent about 16 minutes in the game
Super Mario Run mystery: Why are the black coins clearly GREEN?
"Super Mario Run" scored more downloads on Day One than even "Pokemon GO" did
Nintendo's flagship plumber is making the leap to mobile devices with Super Mario Run! Check out Brent's review...
I liked a video from This App is SO much fun | Super Mario Run
Dr. Simone just said they found her dad's body and they got Super Mario music playing in the background 😨 the disrespect
so what's your impressions so far about Super Mario?
One more player still going in the Super Mario All Stars 4 game race. GET IN HERE!!!.
When you wanna play Super Mario Run but you own an android 😔
I liked a video from The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Gaming Historian
REVIEW: is a fun and addictive first foray for Nintendo's plumber on mobile devices!.
Super Mario officially has taken over my life 😇😇😇😇
Passengers aboard one Southwest Airlines flight received free 3DSs and voucher for Super Mario Maker
I liked a video from Super Mario Run - Toad Rally |
This Cashmere Cat "Wild Love" track is what you get when you mix "Dark Fantasy" Kanye vibes, Super Mario Bros and Trilogy lev…
My dreams were crushed when I downloaded Super Mario Run! You have to buy it after the third level! 😩
Super Mario Run is the most frustrating game I'm heated
The saddest thing you'll ever see. He's watching vertical videos of Super Mario Run on his Samsung Galaxy and pretending lik…
I remember when I was younger &I had super Mario 64 on the DS and there was this mini game you played as yoshi
I liked a video from Super Paper Mario (Blind) -27- PHONE ZONE
I don't know how I feel about the new Super Mario Run. It's kinda hard to get used to since Mario is automatically running.
I liked a video from SUPER FUN NEW ADDICTING MARIO GAME!!! | Super Mario Run
Super Mario Bros app had to be the biggest let down of 2016
Make your own Super Mario art with this magnetic pixel kit
I have NEVER seen a flower this big! It's like something from Super Mario! via
Super Mario in the App Store is litty
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I got 10x copies of Super Mario Run. I'll let them go for $300 each.
I am going to buy Super Mario Run when its released and to share!. To get access:. - Follow . - RT. - Reply. GL and Stay…
Todd playable in Super Mario Run. He can run a little bit faster.
*** Super Mario Run still not out yet...
Nintendo to release Super Mario Run in mobile game test.
Super Mario Run set to arrive on Apple devices staring today >
It's December 15th and Super Mario Run is not yet available in the 😳 You're killing me,
Nintendo catching up with mobile gaming as Super Mario Run debuts
Super Mario Run will be launched at 1:00 pm EST time Confirmed
Super Mario Run will hit the the App Store around 1PM ET today
I don't care about Super Mario Run because I'm not an Apple pleb.
Super Mario Run not available yet, which is really messing with my productivity, meaning I now have to be productive
When does Super Mario Run release time matter most? (for Android, ...
Sitting here waiting for Super Mario Run to drop on the pp store like...
Just downloaded GameCube Emulator and Super Mario Sunshine. Expect that on stream sometime soon!
Nintendo: We should release Super Mario Run at midnight on Dec 15. Nintendo to Nintendo: Let them wait. .
Super Mario Run rewards & missions are live on My Nintendo. Check them out here while you wait for the game to drop!
what if Super Mario Run actually released but it was just out of stock
SPOILERS: You can play as other characters in Super Mario Run including this new character Todd.
Nintendo Marketing is on point, first the Switch trailer and now this awesome Super Mario Run via IM HYPED
Deleting all my apps now for when Super Mario Run drops
Such 1 odd choice to pick Everybody Golf to go against Super Mario, Pokemon & Marvel IPs... cc
There's a brand new Super Mario game out this week - here's all the details
Super Mario Run comes out in 3 days
Super Mario will be buying at the open...
My new favourite line... "If it was up to you Super Mario would be better known as 'Fat Plumber'😂"
Could we see Super Mario in an Italy kit again soon?
Shows how much the great Ghanaian Balotelli is missing. Get well soon Super Mario!
Balotelli scored the next goal for the "Nice". 👏. Super Mario is back! 😎👑. .
I feel lost in the restroom another staffer looked at us and was like a Super Mario 3D World title for Sonic instead?
follows ya please ask for the rights to show all 3 classic Super Mario shows soon on tv
I think I got this. 1. Super Mario World. 2. Link to the past. 3. Yoshis island. 4. Super Metroid. 5. Super Mario RPG. 6. Chrono trigger
A new favorite: Lullaby (Super Mario 3 Music Box) - Raisi K. by Raisi K. the RaisinMan on
Nintendo of America programed a 3 pack of Super Mario - Bowser during
"Super Mario's Soda Hunt" should've been a real Nintendo game
An Airbnb host in Lisbon has listed a "Super Mario"-themed paradise, complete with a Wii U, amiibo characters, and a Nintend…
Even after 20 years, "Jolly Roger Bay" has the best Super Mario song ever!
seems solid. I really liked Super Mario galaxy
Did you know Galaxy is only the third 3D game in the Super Mario series?
I scored 20 out of 22 on the "Can you name these Super Mario characters?" quiz via
Proof that Super Mario plays better with better players another goal tonight.
Super Mario Run is about to be my new favorite game
Web2.0, it's me, Mario! Nintendo embraces software above the level of a single device w/ Super Mario app
Patiently awaiting that notification that Super Mario Run is available 😩
Mario Balotelli has scored 2 goals in a game for the first time since December 2013. Super Mario is back.
Electronic Device Insurance
Mario Balotelli scores 2 goals in his Ligue 1 debut for Nice. Super Mario is back!
i was wondering if you could play my Super Mario Maker Level? Don't make Dashie suffer 29FF-0-028F-4245
Barely anyone likes the look of the 3DS Version of
I never knew that, I always had just the original Super Mario World and a separate copy of All-Stars that was just the NES games.
Huh. So Luigi has his own unique sprites in the All Stars+SMW version of Super Mario World but in the original he's just a Mario recolor.
Mal's new Super Mario RPG painting is gorgeous—I'd love to see it get some attention. Share it around, Internet 👍 https:…
Today, in 2015, 'Super Mario Maker' was released. Now there are more than 8 million levels created!!
Yall look out for Super Mario Run. That's gonna be the new wave in December 2k16
Fun Fact: . Super Mario Maker has sold over 1 million units in Japan. . One of four Wii U games to do so.
My childhood friend is coming in phone. . Super Mario Run is coming to Android too
Beta64 - Super Mario World - I suspect many listeners would enjoy this video!
I liked a video from Gmod Death Run Funny Moments - Super Mario 64!
Super Mario Run hits iPhone in December... nearly three years after Iwata said he wouldn't. https:/…
You made me think of Nastasia from Super Paper Mario, Doxy.
The Super Mario Bros. theme never grows old!
Thinking about buying a NES Mario 2 Player Pak? Read our latest review of the pro via
Do you like Super Mario RPG? 🌟 You should check out my latest painting~.
Super Mario 3 and the genocide of the untermensch by Bob "moviebob" Chipman
We sat down with Shigeru Miyamoto to talk about Super Mario Run. Here's what we learned.
We heard you like those DON'T PRESS ANYTHING/DON'T MOVE levels in Super Mario Maker... http…
mainly super Mario zelda pokemon and monster hunter most are older games though
Super Mario Maker for Wii U was released on this day in Japan, one year ago (2015)
Super Mario's final bazooka will be to base the Euro on the good faith of Steven Seagal
I liked a video from Super Mario World - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. JonTron
imagine when Super Mario Run comes out all the copy right strikes.
I only watch the Apple Keynote to find out about the new iPhone, but now I'm happy I did because Super Mario is coming to App Store.
Super Mario creator Miyamoto on why turned to
Super Mario Run is being developed by the original Super Mario team.
Super Mario creator Miyamoto on why Nintendo turned to iPhone
Nintendo shares soar 18% with Super Mario game debut for Apple iPhone 7
Super Mario Run for iPhone: Release date, price and gameplay - CNET -
Apple launches new waterproof iPhones, smartwatches & Super Mario
"Super Mario Run is copying Sonic Runners!" cause Runners was definitely the first endless runner. Shut up lol
Why 'Super Mario Run' for iPhone is Nintendo’s Ultimate Trojan Horse via
Apple announces Super Mario coming to the App Store.
Wow iPhone 7...You had me at 12MP, Super Mario Run, Water & Dust Resistant & A10 Fusion Chip.
I think this means America is going to be great again
So, are you excited about the announcement of Nintendo's Super Mario Run for iPhone and (later) Android? https:/…
super Mario is coming to iOS, I'm happy asf 😭
Super Mario Run will not release on Android devices in 2016, according to Miyamoto: S...
Super Mario Run coming out in time for the holidays for a fixed price (no in-app purchases) Price TBD.
Yo there's gonna be a Super Mario Run game in the App Store? Best believe I'm getting that. 👏🏼
Yeah... I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree with a lot of this. via
Miyamoto says Super Mario Run will be on Android, but not this year
Really well-done YT video on origin of Yume Kojo (original Japanese inspiration for what became Super Mario Bros 2): http…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Mario is coming to iPhone in a new game called "Super Mario Run":
Super Mario Run by Nintendo Co., Ltd. Most exciting news from today's Apple event 😆. Hope Nintendo can nail this one
Don't worry, 'Super Mario Run' is coming to Android too
Let's take a deep breath and appreciate the reality of Mario on iPhone 😌🤗.
Super Mario Run is Nintendo's first true smartphone game
Super Mario is coming to the iPhone.
Super Mario is coming to the iPhone
Watch the first 'Super Mario Run' gameplay footage right here:
Nintendo loses a little piece of its identity with 'Super Mario Run' - Engadget
Super Mario is going to become an app for the iPhone ?yo that's dope AF .cause then that means we'll eventually get Mario kart as well
'You look like a cross between Super Mario and Jimmy Saville' - everyone 😂
just for running indie games that looks like Super Mario World in 2020!
Japan's Prime Minister, dressed as Super Mario, stole the show at the Rio finale
Japan’s Prime Minister showed up at Rio’s closing ceremonies dressed as Super Mario. People went crazy celebrating the arrival of a plumber.
AP Explains: Super Mario's global appeal - On Sunday, the Japanese Prime Minister turned up at the Olympics clo...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Japanese Prime Minister Shinsuko Abe dresses up as Super Mario for Rio closing ceremonies:
Warping from Tokyo to Rio as Super Mario, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe surprises Japan and the world.
Japan's Prime Minister appears dressed as Super Mario in Rio
Japan's Prime Minister dressed up as Super Mario at the closing ceremony
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe showed up at the Rio closing ceremonies via giant Super Mario warp pipe:
Japan's Prime Minister dressing as Super Mario at suggests will be epic https:/…
Japan's Prime Minister dressing as Super Mario was the best Olympic handover ever
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wows at closing ceremony as Super Mario
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at closing ceremony is all our Super Mario dreams.
Mr. Shinzo Abe the Prime Minister of Japan as Super Mario. The most creative commercial ever!
Japan expected to see Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Rio. But not dressed as Super Mario.
Rio Olympics 2016: The best part of the closing ceremony was the 2020 Tokyo teaser featuring Super Mario
"A Morning Surprise for Japan: Shinzo Abe as Super Mario" by MOTOKO RICH via NYT The New York Times
Japan's Prime Minister dressed as Super Mario at Rio closing ceremony and totally nailed it vi…
As much as I love Jimmy Page, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe appearing as Super Mario in Rio/Tokyo Olympic handover was a touch mor…
Proud breathes sigh of relief as Shinzo 'Super Mario' Abe takes baton
Japan PM Shinzo Abe dressed as Super Mario at of
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe dresses as Super Mario as Rio hands over the Olympics to Tokyo | Mail Online
Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe is more than just Super Mario - he's given a power-up to Tokyo's foreign policy htt…
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at as Super Mario to let you know that will be lit. https:…
In have little love for the Olympics for a several reasons, but well played Japan. See you in 2020.
Closing ceremony had a Mario & Doraemon cameo and then an orchestral version of the Super Mario Bros theme! So cool!
"Japan's PM appeared as Super Mario. [Brazil's] Michel Temer was dressed as the Invisible Man."
More than 320 million games featuring Mario (Super Mario Franchise) have been sold worldwide.
Japanese Prime Minister turns into Super Mario for Tokyo 2020 segment of closing ceremony:
Japanese PM appears as Super Mario in transition to Tokyo 2020.
As Tokyo prepare for the 2020 Olympics, it's only fitting that Super Mario came to Rio.
Best thing ever was Prime Minister going through the pipe as Super Mario.
⚡️ “Wait, so the Prime Minister of Japan is Super Mario? 😱”.
Rio Hands Over Olympic Flag to Tokyo, Who Accept with Awesome Nod to Super Mario Bros.: Tokyo, you're up
The Prime Minister of Japan just popped out of a Super Mario pipe to appear at the
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, dressed as 'Super Mario', during the
The Olympics will always be my favorite event ever, but I'm even more excited for Tokyo now after seeing their super Mario Prime Minister
When the Japanese Prime Minister comes dressed as Super Mario, we know is going to be epic!.
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, dressed as Super Mario, during the closing ceremony. By
Japan's Prime Mister arriving to the Rio Olympics as Super Mario! I like the looks of the next Olympics.
*Sees Prime Minister of Japan dressed as Super Mario on a warp pipe in closing Olympic ceremony*. *Starts buying Nintendo stock*
Shinzo Abe playing Super Mario: superb. Could you have imagined 2012 David Cameron trying to be James Bond or Postman Pat?
Your new Super Mario frustration video was great.
Super Mario brothers for me. I was 10 at the time.
King Koopa was just a single dad trying to raise his bad *** kids in the Super Mario cartoon.
yup. When Marty gets the year wrong after Biff steals the Almanac. Also King Koopa from the Super Mario Bros movie
Miss old-school 'Super Mario' and 'Donkey Kong'? The classic Nintendo system is coming back
/Super Mario 3D World. Just got 100% on the first 8 worlds, now I just have the post-game bonus worlds left.
I liked a video from Captain Toad Goes Forth! - Super Mario 3D World
Captain Toad controls the same as in The Adventures of Captain Toad minigames from Super Mario 3D World, and cannot jump.
Pokémon's Gary Oak's Japanese name is derived from Shigaru Miyamoto, AKA the lead guy behind Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda.
recently purchased a Nintendo 3ds, still that retro feel when playing Super Mario ! Look forward to the YT video
I liked a video Super Mario sunshine part 7
Super Mario 3D Land 2 sponsored by Fisher Price and only avaliable at the early learning center
If u want a Mario game for 3ds I recommend Super Mario 3D Land. It makes great use of the 3D effect.
Super Mario collected all those coins because Princess Peach was a gold digger.
Watching playing Super Mario on the Super Nintendo is possibly the greatest thing I've ever witnessed😂
I'm watching a video of playing Super Mario... Why is this so entertaining??? 😂😂
ever seen Super Mario brothers movie? Every time I see him
I'm glad it wasn't the Super Mario series. They're awesome Mushroom Kingdom characters.
super Mario possesses the exact average build for us americans
Hay! Can anyone suggest some really good 4 ? Similar to: super mario, binding of Isaac, Zelda-LBW :)
along with Mario+Luigi and Paper Mario, might I suggest Super Mario RPG
For today's battle we have Wolverine Vs. Super Mario! As always, LOVE for Wolverine and WOW for Super Mario, or...
My is Super Mario 64 levels reimagined as Jorge Luis Borges stories.
I liked a video from super mario 64 bloopers: Who let the chomp out?
I need this Super Mario Bros 3 rug in my house.
Here you go. For your Super Mario World let's plays.
I liked a video from Super Mario Maker - Online Courses
Watch how Super Mario 64 is teaching millions the nitty-gritty of game design |
The theme for Team Skull reminds me of that song that plays in the seaside town in Super Mario RPG
When you play Super Mario World and ask yourself "How the *** did I finish certain levels when I was 10?!?". Seemed way easier in the 90s.
The letters with a star on them on the Super Mario Galaxy logo spell out 'UR MR *** :
Looks like we have the star of the next Super Mario Bros. live-action film right here! :)
The box for the VANS x Nintendo shoes is inspired by the NES! Pic via Stonknod on Reddit.
I liked a video from Super Mario Maker TOP 7 QUIZ Courses (Wii U)
"Super Mario" has a moustache because he was too small to draw a mouth on when he was created by Nintendo.
jin knows how to hit that super mario 😂😂😂 (Vine by
nice been wanting to get that Mario and luigi super saga.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I wanna play to Pokemon and super mario for hours 🌞
Yo mama so fat in Super Mario Maker, she broke the limit of the amount of BLOCKS!
That's made my day: tiny child playing the Super Mario theme on one of the Westfield pianos while his family had a bit of a sit down.
This is what I would look like in Super Mario RPG
Can you please make a super mario sunshine Remake for NX
Super Mario Sunshine is actually really good.
Going to play more Super Mario RPG right now!
Super Mario to invade the movie theater? video
Two Beloved Video Game Franchises Collide in the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition - SYS-...
Who's the bigger star: Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, or Super Mario
My favourite thing is how the standard tree is nearly the same in Super Mario 3D World
Nintendo is partnering with Mojang and Microsoft to bring the worlds of the Super Mario series and Minecraft together.
I was fixated with playing Super Mario, Mario Kart, Tekken 3 and Gran Turismo.
Super Mario Maker returns in all of it's soul destroying glory! Episode 28 is now live ^_^
Grasshoppers and Super Mario favorites at Art in the Park - Anderson Independent Mail
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Cruiser 'Super Mario' lives his life at sea
Use the star, Luke! Super Mario and Star Wars collide in this short film
Giving new Cavern of Anti-Matter a listen. It's like someone's taken all the drugs in the world whilst listening to a slowed Super Mario.
Super Mario 3D World the 100% Run returns tomorrow at 10 AM! The finale draws near and we kick it off the final Captain Toad level!
Like if you just sat down and listened to the Super Mario 3D World soundtrack, I'm pretty sure you'll be happy
That moment when you're playing Super Mario 3D World, and G Planet comes on...
Super Mario 3D World is the biggest downgrade to a series ever since Sonic Heroes. You just don't follow up Galaxy 2 like don't..
I liked a video Super Mario 3D World - Episode 17: Head in the Clouds
Come check out PeekingBoo! He's playing Super Mario 3D World for Wii U on his dance pads! It's really fun to watch!
World record Speed Run for Super Mario beaten - ...
FUN FACT: . This is what Super Mario 3D world looks like in Japan. The one you've played was censored by Nintendo of America.
game play idea! . The Mystery House Marathon on Super Mario 3D world 😂😂
The idea of Clear Pipes was inspired by the producer of Super Mario 3D World, Koichi Hayashida, who wondered what Mario did in Warp Pipes.
Super Mario 3D World looks nothing like I remember it.
I think it's superior to its predecessor "Super Mario 3D Land". Surely you aren't comparing it to Galaxy, that's incorrect
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just slapped my leg really hard and then almost started to cry. I think that's enough Super Mario 3D Land for tonight.
Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World don't feel like a traditional Mario game at all. The stages aren't memorable at all
Nintendo 3DS w/Pokemon Black and Super Mario land for sale
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