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Super Bowls

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year.

Tom Brady Bill Belichick Peyton Manning Kurt Warner Super Bowl Buffalo Bills Ben Roethlisberger Terry Bradshaw Jim Kelly World Series Pete Carroll John Elway Joe Montana Marv Levy Aaron Rodgers Jim Plunkett Troy Aikman Tim Tebow

NBA is different from the NFL, Super Bowls serve as bragging rights but Finals trophies aren't worth near as much
Honestly softy, I just wanna win Super Bowls! Im willing to take on a few bad apples if it means the hawk…
Sure. I like winning Super Bowls. I'm sure the do too. Isn't that what first rounders are…
Bill wins numerous Super Bowls, he gets more of a leash.
yo this row of flags got the same W-L record as the Buffalo Bills in 1990s Super Bowls
tell us which American Football team won the first two Super Bowls (in 1967 and 1968)?
Little Joe Morris was a BIG-time player for the made Pro Bowls in '85 & '86 & was a key part of the…
The least has won 20 Super Bowls the most has only 1. There's a price to pay if you want a winning team.
Again. Them 2 Super Bowls not gonna help him this year lol. That video of Odell going around right now, t…
Yea trump is ridiculous but if lebron and Serena Williams have a kid he's winning 8 rings 12 Super Bowl
Eli manning winning 2 Super Bowls is still much more mind blowing
While we're wiping out unpleasant remnants of our nation's past, can we include those two Pats Super Bowls against the Giants in the mix?
1)How many statues r there to the British loser generals? How many losing Super Bowls teams get rings? How many los…
I wonder if that gif was recorded at either of Super Bowls that the patriots were beat by the Giants
Additional breaking news, the Steelers have won six Super Bowls.
Wit that guy? U used to win Super Bowls wit that guy .. he work for Michelin now ⛪️ .
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Oh Ben? That my dawg! We win Super Bowls with this guy...
Having a HOFer QB who gave your team 2 Super Bowls? It's an amazing feeling that a lot can't relate too
They don't play in the 4th quarter of Super Bowls either
*** the NFL been around longer than our government. We've had 51 Super Bowls and only 45 presidents...
If Dan Marino played for the 49ers he wouldn't of had 4 Super Bowls?
HE is a first class Quarter Back. Five time supèr bowls. HE is One OF THE…
If you know which team lost four straight Super Bowls in the 1990s, you may want to take this week's trivia quiz...
You're and sore loser Big mouth. How supèr bowls HAVE youre suckie team wo…
Would rather extend one stud than maintain a handful of mediocre/rationale players. Super B…
He became dominant after his team got him 3 Super Bowls
Super Bowls are team accomplishments is my point
The Raiders standard are Super Bowls? Hm... How's that working out for you?
Deion Branch...yeah lots of Super Bowls for this guy. Solid human. @ The International Golf…
How many dual threats have won Super Bowls?
After the start of the new millennium they became a dynasty in 5 years. Present day they have won 2 Super Bowls in the past 3 years
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If Mike Smith was coaching the falcons id kiss another Super Bowl berth goodbye but Quinn is a winner...dude has been to 3 Super Bowls
I could gladly make you a highlight real of 5 Super Bowls if you would like, then we can put it against rog…
Kurt Warner went from the Arena Football League, to Super Bowls, to the Hall of Fame! . He's the first person EVER to do that…
This is foolish, lmaoo. Super Bowls are a team accomplishment and beat him? Peyton is 3-2 against him in the Playof…
"Without TD (we don't win Super Bowls. That's fact."
Fantasy football Alex Smith and Jay Cutler quarterbacks and Super Bowls: via
Reggie White & Charles Woodson. Packers would have two less Super Bowls without them.
Marino with no Super Bowls is a better pure QB than Brady. For example.
*** even says Brady is the most clutch in Super Bowls, and was able…
Brady might be the only QB who could go 5-2 in Super Bowls w/6.7 YPA. Some NE fans mistake this for skill, ignoring t…
Greg Warren, Long snapper. Because when it comes to winning Super Bowls, there are no small roles. (Released/health)
I think Tom Brady intends on winning two more Super Bowls before retiring. I'm sure he wants to surpass Pittsburgh in SBs
I corrected him and said "actually it's TWO Super Bowls, and yes, Justin Rose is his long lost twin brother"
Jim Irsay will ‘be damned’ if Colts don’t win multiple Super Bowls with Andrew Luck. (SPEEDonFOX)
If this was 2007 they would be winning multiple Super Bowls. Now this team…
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Richard Sherman blames Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll for not winning multiple Super Bowls, per https:…
Oh so we're just talking Super Bowls as far as 'winning' ? Regardless of that Stafford is top 100
It didn't take Super Bowls into account. I was mildly surprised it didn't have the Tuck Rule Game, though.
Scott High School grad Nate Washington played 11 years in the NFL...He won 2 Super graduated from Tiff…
Did You Know: New Eagles rookie Derek Barnett has won as many Super Bowls in his 30 second NFL career as the Eagles ha…
Won 3 Super Bowls in my lifetime. Eagles have won a grand total of 0 in…
Tom Brady leads a second half comeback to be the first quarterback to win 5 Super Bowls solidifying his place as the G.O…
Comparable photos: The last time the won two Super Bowls in three years, 36 players visited the White House. Today,…
I have no problem with this debate, but you can't say he won those Super Bowls. That's TEAM effort. Co…
Name one offensive weapon Brady won his first 3 Super Bowls with? Manning had 2 HOF receivers during that era!! & h…
"Do we ask [Tom Brady] about regular season games... He wins Super Bowls." — with on LeBron…
I think mike tomlin is an awful coach with a great team steelers should have more Super Bowls than patriots with the offense they have
Breaking: Tests on Tom Brady's recovered jersey show it exceeds the NFL cotton/polyester ratio. Goodell has vacated all 5 Super Bowls.
So per the NFL, a member of the international media managed to steal Tom Brady's jersey at TWO Super Bowls.
Clark won two Super Bowls with the 49ers during a nine-year career that ended in 1987.
"My son Lonzo Ball could step in to play QB for the Cleveland Browns and win more Super Bowls than Tom Brady over his…
Yes, Tom Brady has won 5 Super Bowls, Johnny Manzel is/was also an NFL QB.
bill knows what he doing wining Super Bowls great cap my god...
The Redskins won two Super Bowls post Joe Theisman, how is that irrelevant?
F1?s Chase Carey: races should be Super Bowls, events that capture a whole city ?
best Super Bowls ever and it wasn't like we didn't have our opportunities Jackie Smith drop the game winning touchdown
Elway: You gonna be mad if we win Super Bowls with DeMarcus and Tony?. Garrett: Shut up, John
Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey will meet with at NFL combine. His father, Ed, won three Super Bowls as an NFL receiver.
Watching the 30 for 30 documentary on the Buffalo Bills. Still can not believe they lost 4 Super Bowls in a row
Super Bowls shape legacies. was no different. 9 Men shaped by this year's Big Game: (via
Jerry Jones has won 3 Super Bowls as owner, president and GM of the Cowboys.
21 years ago Bill Belichick was fired by the Browns. Now he's won 5 Super Bowls!. "Hardships prepare ordinary men for extraordinary destiny"
Emmitt Smith: Cowboys could have won 4 Super Bowls with Jimmy Johnson
Mine is the keep Joe Kapp after 1969 season. They win multiple Super Bowls, I think
Happy Birthday to former NFL quarterback Jim Kelly, who l d his Buffalo Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls but...
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Passes over 29 yards:. Aaron Rodgers: 3 in 1 Super Bowl. Tom Brady: 2 in 7 Super Bowls
5 tds and 8 ints in 4 Super Bowls. Garbage. Also had an elite coach in tony dungy and beat REX GROSSMAN
"When you've got balls in the biggest stage, you win Super Bowls" Scott Zolak
who was behind using a late Rd pick to draft Herschel Walker for the Cowboys. Always wondered that. That guy won 3 Super Bowls!
Everything is better with Titanic Music, including winning Super Bowls.
These three Super Bowls read out like Chris Tucker yelling at Jackie Chan's character from Rush Hour. LI, LII, LIII ! http…
.quarterback Tom Brady is now the first player in his position to win five Super Bowls following last nig…
One of the best parts of the Patriots winning Super Bowls is how viscerally upset it makes so many humans. Love that
we might not have been at the Super Bowl this year, but how many Super Bowls have you actually won? Oh that's right.
*** proudly missed one of the best Super Bowls to date, to watch a show that he can watch on HBOGo at anytime
if I 'cheat' and/or plagiarize, i would get kicked out of SU yesterday. meanwhile... ninjas winnin 'Super Bowls'...
When you realize you coulda been playing in this & multiple other Super Bowls, making millions, & all you had to do was…
It's not about the game. So much surrounding the SB shows we're in a - dare I say hopeful - political environment. https:…
The top-5 former player performances in past Super Bowls:
Hightower has two season-saving plays in two straight Super Bowls.
smh ur one of those *** who punishes TB for making it to more Super Bowls? JM only made it to 4 but cus hes 4-0..better?😂
Peyton would still be in Super Bowls if his arm and neck didn't literally give out
The positive economic impact of the is like hosting 7 Super Bowls a year in More via
The coaching staffs of the Seattle Seahawks & the Atlanta Falcons are the reason why New England has won 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls.
I've seen all 51 Super Bowls, 49 in person. None better than
How does a random *** QB picked 199th go to 7 Super Bowls. I can't figure this out.
A new standard has been set. Tom Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to win 5 Super Bowls.
Tom Brady has won more Super Bowls than the Browns have won regular season games in the past two years.
Headed back to DC on Air Force Two with our 🇺🇸 heroes. Incredible comeback. One of the best Super Bowls ever. Congratulations to
My backup QB got more Super Bowls than your starting QB?!!? YUCK
Tom Brady: The only quarterback ever to win five Super Bowls, and the only player ever to win four Super Bowl MVPs
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick become the first quarterback and head coach to win FIVE Super Bowls. http…
No team has comeback from more than a 10 point deficit other than once in all Super Bowls so excuse me for saying the Falcons were gunna win
Super Bowl LI Was the Best Ever - It's not how Super Bowls start. It's how they finish.  Super Bowl LI kicked o...
A friendly reminder that Joe Montana never threw a pick in four Super Bowls
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That moment when you realize you coulda played in multiple Super Bowls and make $40 million and all you had to do is n…
been to 7 Super Bowls won 5. 4 Super Bowl MVPs lmao okay guy
Tom Brady has now won five Super Bowls - more than any other quarterback in history. http…
Dan Quinn and Pete Carroll should be in Patriots ring of honor. If not for their idiocy Tom Brady would be 3-4 in Super Bowls.
Tom Brady breaks Terry Bradshaw & Joe Montana's record of winning the most Super Bowls in NFL history.
that's not the point, Terry Bradshaw called his own plays and won 4 Super Bowls in 6 years 🤔
And now I can safely say that 51 is the Alfa Romeo of Super Bowls.
fans,. Terry Bradshaw is no longer the QB with the most Super Bowls
Tom Brady is the greatest football player to ever live. Five bleeping Super Bowls. The conversation is over.
As a Pats fan this is quickly turning into the Phantom Menace of Super Bowls
The only QB to win 5 Super Bowls is going to be Dak Prescott
The Patriots have 0 first-quarter points in Super Bowls under Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.
Squirrel Hill residents must be firing up a lot of Super Bowls, because I smelled dope on 4 separate occasions during my pregame walk.
How many of us today on Super Bowl Sunday? Every day my meals are Super Bowls! 🐷😪
Matt Ryan wins MVP, possible bad news for Falcons on Sunday. NFL MVPs have lost the past seven Super Bowls they have play…
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why is Jerry jones going to the hall of fame? He's only made a lot of money. How many Super Bowls? Jason Garret, SuperBowls?
Bill Belichick has coached in 20% of all Super Bowls. That's insane.
Since 1987, Bill Belichick has appeared in 33% of the Super Bowls ... 🐐
George Toma has helped prep the field for all 50 Super Bowls. At 88, he's back to prep for (via
Tom Brady ended this argument 3 Super Bowls ago. I also think the Patriots will win a Super Bowl shortly after he retires.
In two weeks, 14 percent of all Super Bowls will have been started, in part, by Tom Brady.
Bradford missed 25 out of 32 games over 2 years. Kurt Warner missed a lot of games and went to 2 Super Bowls.
my unpaid internship gave me my career in TV. . Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals, Olympics, etc.
This is Bill Belichick's 10th SB appearance as HC or assistant. He has been part of 19.6% of all Super Bowls.
John Ayers helped the 49ers win two Super Bowls, but was a country boy & would return with his family to Canyon, Texas during the off season
Los Angeles has been historically known for some great Super Bowls...
I’ve been Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup…USAatMEX WCQ stands out, as does seeing American Phara…
Full list of players who have made it to 7 Super Bowls:. Brady - The End!.
Tom Brady and Matt Ryan could deliver one of the most offense-driven Super Bowls ever.
Starkey's Mailbag: Did the Patriots cheat the Steelers out of Super Bowls?
Bill Belichick has 4 Super Bowls with Tom Brady... would have won more with Aaron Rodgers
mark rypien and Doug Williams won Super Bowls behind lines. Qbs are good with time even the mediocre ones.
With Big Ben and Tom Brady set to play in the AFC Championship. 13 of 14 Super Bowls will feature Brady, Roethlisberger and P…
As much as Eli is streaky he's easily a hall of famer 😂 You have tons of players in there with no Super Bowls.. Eli…
If Pete Johnson gets one more yard Ken Anderson wins a Super Bowl. Does that make him a HOF? Why are Super Bowls so important
Chargers exec on coaching search: 'You're in it to win Super Bowls'
We could have had Phil Robertson and still won 4 Super Bowls.
RIP Broncos season. I guess it'd be too much to ask for back to back Super Bowls in the same 12 months that the Cubs won the World Series
Bill Bilichick, Tom Coughlin, Mike Shanahan, Tony Dungy, Pete Carroll, and Gary Kubiak all won Super Bowls after being fired by other teams.
Bradshaw didn't think Chuck Noll was a great coach or Tom that is what 7 Super Bowls?
I'll never get over the fact that the Patriots lost TWO Super Bowls to a team with such a joke of a QB under center
Exactly. And they have won how many of the 50 Super Bowls? Thanks for playing. Goodbye.
"I’ve covered 50 Super Bowls, but never one like this.". The best 📸 from this year's Super Bowl.
What's funny is that the Denver Broncos actually won consecutive Super Bowls a couple years after that episode aired.
The Tom Brady isnt as good because he lost Super Bowls is ludicrous. Basis = Brady better off had he lost earlier & never re…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tim Tebow thought he was going to 'win a bunch of Super Bowls' with the Patriots
We're live on for this morning's Talking Central Mass football & the upcoming Super Bowls.
Nutritionally impeccable, our grab & go Super Bowls are lots of organic bang for your bucks! Get them daily at THE…
Elementary school Super Bowls going on all afternoon!
How many Super Bowls did we win after trading Jones, Collins and letting go of Revis? 🤔 lmfao
FYI Tom Brady has won 4 Super Bowls and Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana also played for 1 coach.
Good one! John Elway lost twice as many Super Bowls than he won. Dan Marino and Jim Kelly lost them all. Trent Diff…
two Super Bowls in my life time, but I also endured Kyle boller, Anthony Wright, Elvis Grbac, etc
Jerry fired Jimmy Johnson after winning two straight Super Bowls then years later released Emmitt Smith why not Romo?
the only history these announcers could say about the Chargers is that other teams have won Super Bowls in the city of San Diego
I think Joey Harrington could have won 4 Super Bowls with Belichick.
Here’s what I say. Between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the state of Pennsylvania has 6 Super Bowls. Keystone State baby!
John Fox went to 2 Super Bowls. 1 with Jake Delhomme as QB. He won a playoff game with Tim Tebow at QB. Could lose job with Cutler at QB
Tom Flores and Jim Plunkett VS Marv Levy and Jim Kelly ! 2 won , not in HOF , 2 lost 4 Super Bowls in Hall of Fa…
Tom Flores won 2 Super Bowls and isn't in the hall.
Colin Kaepernick's jersey went platinum with no Super Bowls
I dont want generational talents, I want Super Bowls. Haven't seen Julio or AP or AJ Green or Dez or win one yet.
Aaron Rodgers would win 16 straight Super Bowls if he played for Bill Bellichick.
this is like saying Trent Dilfer is better than Tom Brady just because he was 100% in Super Bowls.
too many bowls of that green. maids come around too much . too many joy rides in daddy's BMW. super rich kids with nothing but fake friends
I'm not going anywhere. My dad lived to be 102. And we've got Super Bowls to win.
If that was Kam, Tom wouldn't be alive to win all those Super Bowls
yes Dad went to two Super Bowls. Mom fe…
Local star Steve Foley played @ from `72-74 & for the from `76-86, including 2 Super Bowls. https:/…
yes Dad went to two Super Bowls. Mom fell asleep in syafium😂😂
14. Jan's. Super healthy, my fav is definitely their acai bowls, the best acai I've ever had; by the beach
any thoughts on getting some famous sports games on demand? Like all Super Bowls or PGA series
Rodgers soon, Brady soon, Big Ben soon too. Hopefully Wentz can be our guy and rack up some Super Bowls
"At least the Bills went to Super Bowls." Zero wins
11 Pro Bowls. 9 All-Pros. Super Bowl champion. Join us in wishing Hall of Famer a Happy Birthday!
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My last column for Looking back 35 years, at Super Bowls, championships and kangaroos
Conventions, Olympics, Super Bowls: Which mega-events are worth the money?
And teams that Tom Brady has been on have won 4 Super Bowls.
There have been nine Super Bowls in New Orleans, and not all of them have brought the best o...
Dear Tom Brady - Deflategate is a lost cause. Just like those 2 Super Bowls to the Giants.
This is a critical analyzation of Tony Romo and you're bringing up Super Bowls?
I think buddy should be in the hall of fame I mean two Super Bowls rings and turning the Eagles around man BEARDOWN!!!rip buddy
Ryan won two Super Bowls: SB III as Jets DL coach and SB XX as Bears defensive coordinator
The Browns left Cleveland for Baltimore and started winning Super Bowls, why Doesn't The Lord like Cleveland
In my lifetime the Steelers have gone to 3 Super Bowls and the Penguins have been to 3 Stanley Cups... The Pirates need to step it up.
The NFL is expected to award three future Super Bowls — 2019, 2020 and 2021 — at the league's owners meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina …
NFL Owners To Award '19-21 Super Bowls. Will “hear bid highlights from staff, pitches from each city that bids & appeal from owners.
Wouldn't Clayton Kershaw be more like Dan Marino instead of Peyton Manning? Manning still won two Super Bowls
South Florida optimistic as NFL gets set to award three Super Bowls
Dude, if it wasn't for Adam Vinatieri's last second field goals in NE Super Bowls,Tom Brady would be Jim Kelly.
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That's an insult to Al Davis. He actually won Super Bowls.
.counterpoint: red jerseys/Pat Patriot helmet were SO MUCH BETTER than Flying Elvis, but can't argue with 4 Super Bowls
What about the Buffalo Bills with Kelly, Thomas, Reed, and Bruce Smith going to 4 straight Super Bowls without winning?
Bob Buckhorn highlighted the success of hosting the RNC, Bollywood awards, and multiple Super Bowls.
Big Ben Russell Wilson Steve young that's it out of 40 Super Bowls!
Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger are the only 2 QBs from the to win 2 Super Bowls while Phillip Rivers had 0 Super Bowls!
Not elite, but DL Phil Hansen was an excellent player; Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame, three Super Bowls.
Crazy to think Kurt Warner was within the last 2 minutes of 2 Super Bowls & having 3 rings and 1 yard away from having zero
I'll give you a hint I'll give you a lifeline Doug Williams should have as many Super Bowls is Tom Brady Leo the Lions
Get him and hopefully Spence falls to 34. Top it off w/ a RB in the 3rd and a mold-able QB later and give us all the Super Bowls
Did Jerry Rice spark 5 Super Bowls for the 49ers? No, they won their 2nd in four years and drafted him to go with Joe…
Reggie White in PA with all their Super Bowls?
Troy Aikman had fewer wins in first 32 starts...only went on to win 3 Super Bowls, and Hall of Fame
How in the world does Troy Aikman not make the top 10 all-time QB list? The brotha won 3 Super Bowls.
correction. Jim Plunkett won two Super Bowls with the Raiders
Yeah, then AJ won 3 straight Super Bowls. Oh, wait, that only happened in Wayne Huizenga's dream
Big Daddy how can Jim Plunkett not be on the list he had a rough start and went on to win 2 Super Bowls
the B.C. Lions have won the exact same amount of Super Bowls as the Detroit version has.
Using West Coast Offense prevents winning, especially Super Bowls. Since 2000 the only winners that used it were TB in 2003 …
No one is taking a RB at No.1 when you can win Super Bowls with Ahmad Bradshaw, Shane Vereen, C.J. Anderson and James Starks.
Patriots won Super Bowls & fielded top offenses with Antowain Smith at RB & David Givens & David Patton at WR. They'll be …
The only things I like about Buffalo are the things that could have happened there. The Bills could have won four Super Bowls or just one.
Vietnam Vet overcomes war injuries to win 4 Super Bowls with Pittsburgh . .
Vietnam Veteran overcomes war injuries to win four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers
Army Vet Rocky Bleier overcame injuries sustained in the Vietnam War to later win 4 Super Bowls w/ the Steelers
ESPN Predicts Next 25 Super Bowls - Only 12 more years until we finally get the Lombardi Trophy!
Let's face it, Super Bowls without Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are sloppy games of slap *** football. Hard to watch. In…
Bart Scott: I would have won two Super Bowls with Alex Smith
The next two Super Bowls will be played in Houston (2-5-17) and in the Vikings' new stadium in Minneapolis (2-4-18).
It's not about his happiness. 49 previous QBs list Super Bowls. All stood up after, answered questions and took the heat.
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. will play till he's 41-42 years old. 4 years=2 Super Bowls. No one will ever top 6 rings.. 8 appearances.
Another chapter in the Book of Manning. Peyton and Eli have combined to win 4 of the last 10 Super Bowls.
These brothers have combined to win four of the past 10 Super Bowls.
Peyton Manning becomes the 2nd QB to throw an interception in 4 different Super Bowls, joining John Elway.
teams win Super Bowls. And Bill Belicheck is the greatest coach ever.
The team wearing white jerseys have won 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls, that one team that wasn’t wearing white?
50 Super Bowls n only one black quarterback has won one... Yall didn't believe Cam was going to get that jawn on the 50th anniversary
Asked where he thinks Broncos defense ranks among great defenses that have won Super Bowls and Wade Phillips...
so you are saying that the ultimate goal is not to win Super Bowls and that a goat is whoever beats Brady?
Definitely one of the best Super Bowls! put on a show for its golden anniversary! Great game, great halftime & great commercials!
Tom Brady has thrown more touchdowns in SB49 than Peyton has in all four Super Bowls. . Brady: 4. Manning: 3
QBs to win Super Bowls with more than one team:. * Matt Cavanaugh. * Jim McMahon. * Earl Morrall. * Jeff Rutledge.
Sir Isaac Newton has as many Super Bowls as Cam Newton
That awkward moment when you realize Bruno Mars has been to 3 more Super Bowls than Tony Romo
Next time the Super Bowls in Detroit Eminem better come out and have a rap battle with Papa Doc for the half time show
A triumph of Arabic numerals: After forty-nine Super Bowls enumerated by Roman Numerals, we hashtag and not
Not a fan on Super Bowls played in daylight ..fully east coast bias
They should have Super Bowls every day .. The streets are empty and specially the gym 🐇
Tedy Bruschi played in 5 Super Bowls,won3. Highs, the despair, his health recovery... .
.Fact | LB Ken Norton Jr. is the only player to win 3-straight Super Bowls.
Terrel Davis deserves the NFL Hall of Fame more than John Elway. Davis is the reason Elway won 2 Super Bowls !!!
They went to four Super Bowls together. Now Jim Kelly gets to watch Bruce DeHaven in Awesome pregame moment. https…
Despite a league-record eight Super Bowls, again snubbed from the
Yall just be going to folks Super Bowls uninvited empty handed?? How sway?
Super Bowls today which means most places in Austin should be empty, sounds like a fun day around the city to me. 😎
Widow of Kansas City Chiefs founder one of 16 to see all 50 Super Bowls
SAD STORY: Willie Wood HOF defensive back helped Green Bay win the first two Super Bowls.
Last time I saw 3 things that outta place was when Trent dilfer, Eli manning, and Rex Grossman made it to Super Bowls
"I've played so many Super Bowls on Madden I feel like I've been here before"- Von Miller. (via https…
Dan Reeves is in the house! He's played and coached in more Super Bowls than anyone!
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It's starting to feel like major traveling sporting events (Super Bowls, Olympics, World Cups) are just giant Ponzi schemes.
It's Monday & I already can't wait for Sunday. It willl be the Super Bowls of Sundays w/ baptisms, vision, & Easter reveal!
I'm sorry, I can't forget what Seattle did to Peyton & Co. 2 Super Bowls ago when Denver was FAVORED by 2 1/2 ... 43-8.
It appears list is also based on multiple Super Bowls. Harvey Martin was co-MVP and won two SB
How does ESPN have Tom Brady as number 1 in the 50 best Super Bowls? Joe Montana had better stats
Super Bowls first black quarterback defends Cam Newton via Cam represents athletic grace we enjoy watching
Vick was the greatest Tennessee Titan of all time. Franchise mode - trade 1st round pick for Vick - win next ten Super Bowls.
Ahmad Bradshaw is the only player to lead the Giants in rushing in 2 Super Bowls.
Think about how close Kurt Warner was to being 3-0 in Super Bowls, or 0-3 in Super Bowls. Insane.
Look at the 3 Super Bowls that the Hawks have been in- 2 losses in blue jerseys, 1 win in the white jersey...
12 of the last 13 Super Bowls have featured Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Ben Roethlisberger. .
Get Tom Flores to the Hall of Fame! Won 2 Super Bowls as a Hispanic Head Coach for the Raiders!
Manning has had his fair share of Super Bowls. Ray Lewis didn't. He definitely deserved that ring.
The guys who have been to all 49 Super Bowls were in Ada, Ohio tonight to see Wilson make the Super Bowl 50 ball
12 of last 13 Super Bowls (including this year) will have featured Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Ben Roethlisberger. http…
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U don't get a parade for that. Marv Levy lost four str8 Super Bowls. And ur point?
Each of the last 4 Super Bowls have had a QB who was 26 or younger: 2013 (Kaepernick, 25), 2014/15 (Wilson, 25 & 26), 201…
You said 6 Super Bowls and 10 AFCCC games so obviously appearances count. Joe has four and he never lost one.
Sam beat Brady so Brady's records and Super Bowls all transfer to him. Therefore Bradford = GOAT.
How many Super Bowls has Charlie Strong coached in.
Wade Phillips was Broncos head coach 1993-94 and was out in '94. Of course Mike Shanahan followed and won 2 Super Bowls
I'm honestly not worried there's a reason Tom has 4 Super Bowls and Manning has a noodle arm
Makes you wonder how many Super Bowls the Bills would have gone to if they fired Marv Levy halfway through the second SB season...
Cedar Crest HS displays its NFL Golden Football in recognition of alumnus Frank Reich who appeared in 4 Super Bowls. h…
Teddy Atlas on "These fighters are Peyton Manning and Brady. They’ve been to a lot of Super Bowls."
Either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning to Super Bowl; eight of the last 12 Super Bowls have featured one or the other as a st…
12 of the 13 last Super Bowls will have either featured Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Ben Roethlisberger.
fan w/ that has 5 Super Bowls on it is like an American flag with 48 stars
Packers fans be like . "How many Super Bowls you got Arizona?"
yeah but his uncle is Eddie D.5 Super Bowls.did I mention his uncle is Eddie D?
Dolphins owner says Adam Gase will lead team to 'many, many Super Bowls'
Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Effusive in Praise for New HC Adam Gase — ‘[He’ll] lead us to many, many Super Bowls'
Stephen Ross talking Super Bowls lmao lets get to the playoffs first man
I couldn't finish my first blog of the day without a coffee. Tom Brady has won 4 Super Bowls without drinking one.
Rob Ninkovich more big plays in AFC Championship games and Super Bowls
RB Terrell belongs Hall of Fame before Kurt Warner & Brett Favre, impact, team does not win 2 Super Bowls in row without him
Funny thing is the Vikes went to 4 Super Bowls in the 70's (lost all), built a dome in early 80's and haven't been back since.
The Vikings played in a dome longer than the Hooks. On the other hand they went to 4 Super Bowls via outdoor playoffs. Back in a dome nxyear
I hope Kirk destroys all of Warner's records. Hopefully Kirk will win more Super Bowls than Kurt. One shouldn't be too hard.
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