Super Bowl & Lawrence Taylor

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. Lawrence Julius Taylor (born February 4, 1959), nicknamed L.T. , is a Hall Of Fame former American football player. 5.0/5

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NFL announces that former Giants LB Lawrence Taylor is part of its "Super Bowl 50 Golden Team."
Lawrence Taylor was told his Super Bowl Ring was bought by Charlie Sheen via
the jets are only two players away from a Super Bowl--john elway and Lawrence Taylor
I love all the memes of Michael Vick. Except I don't see all the football fans with memes of Lawrence Taylor for all of his great deeds like having sex with underage prostitutes or doing more coke than Scarface... Or how about Ben Rothlisberger for raping girls in club bathrooms... Or Ray Lewis when he won the Super Bowl no one was passing memes around about him killing someone and covering it up... Or OJ... Never mind OJ didn't do it!:/ lol or what about all the players who got DUI's. or vehicular manslaughter charges or how about the great athletes we cheer who beat their wives and girlfriends! I ABSOLUTELY do NOT condone what Michael Vick did but the guy went to jail and served his time and lost just about everything he had and since his release has been an advocate against animal abuse and may have actually realized what he did was horrible and has changed! Sorry but I'm sure a degenerate like LT did not correct nor feel sorry for all of his misdoings! People are more mad at a guy who tortured animal ...
I would like all fans of the NY Football Giants to welcome Steve Forgus to the Big Blue Wrecking Crew. Bill Parcells, Bill Belicek, the late Dave Jennings, and Pepper Johnson were all originally Giants and all have won a Super Bowl in the last 45 years. The stadium belongs to the Giants. Here are the unconditional rules: 1. we watch every game all the time. 2. We never talk negatively about the team. 3. Eli Manning can no longer be called "Freido" or the "other" Manning after the last Super Bowl. 4. If you are not 10 minutes early for kickoff, you are late. 5. You strongly dislike Tony Romo and look forward to watching him self destruct in the 4th quarter each Sunday, unless they have the Thursday or Monday games. 5. You must send a friend request to Chris McGowan. 6. We do not reference or speak about Lawrence Taylor for anything off the field. He was the best linebacker of all time and revolutionized the position and changed the organization on the field for the positive. If you agree to ...
What interested me in the Combine is over, and now we're being besieged with everybody saying to draft Jadaveon Clowney. I missing something here? Does the Clown-man play QB? No, I don't think so.They say defenses win Super Bowls, so drafting a player like Clowney, who could be a Lawrence Taylor clone(there again, he could be a total bust), would be the most prudent move the the Texans could make drafting Sure, Seattle's D in the Super Bowl, and all year long really, was amazing to watch. But without an O who could light up the scoreboard, and a pint-sized QB with all the physical tools to get the job done, they wouldn't have even won their division. I'll take HEART over potential any day of the week, and Johnny showed everyone at the combine that his college days of immaturity are past, that he's a dedicated athlete who works incessantly on his game and that height is merely a number for a guy whose heart is bigger than his yardstick. Heart, passion, fire- a true leader. Johnny Football for the # ...
Fun Facts about Super Bowl Rings *The NFL gives each team an allowance of $5000 for $150 rings. *Lawrence Taylor's 1991 Super Bowl Ring sold at auction for $230,401! *The average male pro sports player's ring size is 12 or 13 *The largest size Super Bowl Ring ever produced was size 25 for William "Refrigerator" Perry who Played for the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX. To put it in perspective, a half-dollar coin could pass through Perry's ring.
Bruce Parmer...did you get the memo from THE BOOTH UPSTAIRS. New York Giants.Four in the Pre–Super Bowl era (1927, 1934, 1938, 1956) and four since the advent of the Super Bowl (Super Bowls XXI (1986), XXV (1990), XLII (2007), and XLVI (2011)), along with more championship appearances than any other team, with 19 overall appearances. Their championship tally is surpassed only by the Green Bay Packers (13) and Chicago Bears (9). During their history, the Giants have featured 15 Hall Of Fame players, including NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) award winners Mel Hein, Frank Gifford, Y. A. Tittle, and Lawrence Taylor.
I post this being a disappointed NYG fan but regardless of today's outcome, I agree with NYG great Lawrence Taylor. The time has come for Head Coach Tom Coughlin to go, it's not just about the record although that plays into it. The Giants have mailed it in too many times this year and last season, has anyone forgotten the Falcons and Ravens games that had to be won to better secure a playoff spot and the team got DESTROYED! Coughlin has been in my opinion the best coach the NYG have had the last 40 years not named Bill Parcels. The facts are the facts, the players aren't listening or buying in anymore, it happens to even the best of coaches like Chuck Noll of the Steelers and Pat Riley during the end of his run with the Lakers endured the same thing. In my opinion a new voice and a roster upheaval are in the best interest of the New York Giants. Coughlin brought us fans 2 Super Bowl Rings and I am eternally greatful but don't discount 4 of the last 5 years no playoff appearances also and a stinker of a f ...
Tonight on MNF Tampa vs Miami, Tampa is retiring Warren Sapp's and adding him to the ring of honor. One of the very best DT to ever play. 300+lbs. 4.6 second 40. Sapp is one of only eight Defensive Players in NFL history to make the Pro Bowl, be named Defensive Player of the Year and win a Super Bowl (or pre-Super-Bowl NFL title). The others are Michael Strahan, "Mean" Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, Reggie White and Sapp's former teammate, Derrick Brooks. Sapp was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame earlier this year.
Charlie Sheen bought Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring. It is being stored safely in some hooker's ***
Now that the Super Bowl's over, we won't have to hear any more about Ray Lewis being the best LB. Lawrence Taylor and *** Butkus top 2.
Although not related to UNC basketball, today is the 54th birthday of a Carolina sports legend, football superstar LB Lawrence Taylor ('81). LT was the ACC Player of the Year in 1980, the last year Carolina won the ACC season. LT went on to become the overall pick in the 1981 NFL Draft taken by the New York Giants, after the Saints took RB George Rogers from South Carolina with the first pick, and played 13 seasons all with the team, with two Super Bowl titles to his credit. LT is a 10-time All-Pro, was a 10-time Pro Bowler, won many Defensive Player of the Year honors, is ranked 3rd by the NFL's Top 100 Greatest Players of All-Time. His jersey at UNC is retired as well as his jersey for the Giants. He may be best remembered in 1985 for prematurely ending the career of Redskins' QB Joe Theismann when he helped assist a sack on him and got Theismann's leg caught underneath and broke it severely on Monday Night Football. LT also had a trouble life in his later years with drug use and within the last couple ...
Mike Singletary. *** Butkus. Lawrence Taylor. Jack Lambert. Maybe Ray Lewis goes down as the greatest Linebacker of all time if the Ravens win this Super Bowl?
Someone has made the statement that if the Ravens win the Super Bowl, Ray Lewis is the "UNDISPUTED" greatest defender of all. I mentioned Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott, or Reggie White. He said they played in a time when the NFL was smaller and slower...thoughts on both accounts?
As MUCH as I wanted the Denver Broncos to win today I picked the Baltimore Ravens to square off against the 49ers in the “Super Bowl” before the NFL season kicked off. I’m NOT going to lie though; my heart was rooting for Peyton Manning. He’s the BEST (QB) I seen since Joe Montana. On the other hand, Ray Lewis is the GREATEST Linebacker to EVER play the game (Respectfully). Yep, even better than Lawrence Taylor & Mike Singeltary. It’s crazy that Ray Lewis WON the MVP of a “Super Bowl.” The Packers have the best (WR) corps in the NFL with playmakers like Clay Matthews Jr. & Charles Woodson. The 49ers boasted the MOST “ALL-Pro’s) and Aldon Smith coupled with Patrick Willis is just NOT fair, lol. My beautiful Missy Donatelli is a big (QB) Matt Ryan fan and will have her jersey on in full swing tomorrow come 1 P.M. The Falcons-Seahawks game is going to be a classic! “Matty ICE” is desperate to win his first playoff game as is the GREATEST (TE) in NFL history Tony Gonzalez. I’m going to ...
Lawrence Taylor grabbed the headlines, but Harry Carson, Gary Reasons and Carl Banks were key contributors on two Super Bowl-winning teams.
You can choose to remember Joe Theismann as a Super Bowl winner, or the guy that Lawrence Taylor broke, or as a commentator. to me, he's just the Super Beta Prostate guy. Same for Jimmy Johnson.oh you have rings? Your also Mr. Extenze.
Charlie Sheen is winning...auctions? Last week, it was reported that the 46-year old actor purchased Hall Of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl
Charlie Sheen may have been the winning bidder for Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring -- emphasis on the may. Sheen is the buyer, as far as Taylor's r
Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring will hardly know it switched owners. According to Jay Glazer, the Hall Of Fame linebacker was told that a fellow aficionado of all things illicit, Charlie Sheen, was the buyer of his Super Bowl XXV … Continue reading →
Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... he is NOT the mystery buyer who dropped $230k on Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring ... despite widespread media reports to the…
Charlie Sheen has dismissed speculation he bought Lawrence Taylor's 1991 Super Bowl Ring for more than $230,000.
Sadly, the rumor was just that. The news that Charlie Sheen was the man who bought the Super Bowl Ring once belonging to Lawrence Taylor and auctioned by LT's son is not true. FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer first reported … Continue reading →
If the rumors are true, Charlie Sheen now has two of the most awesome pieces of sports memorabilia EVER. Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl 25 ring and Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring. Dude, that is freakin' AWESOME!!
Charlie Sheen is reportedly the proud owner of Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring, which was bought at auction for $230K.
Charlie Sheen was rumored to be the winning bidder who paid $230,000 to purchase Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXV ring at auction earlier this week.
Charlie Sheen bought Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring. If that ring could talk it would have to go into the witness protection program.
So word is Charlie Sheen bought Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring at auction. Two "former" junkies, a giant rock, and over 200 grand in a transaction. Yeah that sounds like those two.
Lawrence Taylor's son went ahead and sold his father's Super Bowl Ring without his knowledge, but now it appears that Charlie Sheen may have purchased the ring "Winning."
Charlie Sheen bought Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring. For some reason this makes sense to me.
Charlie Sheen bought Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring?Just too good to be true.
Charlie Sheen says he purchased Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring because he is a huge fan of cocaine residue.
Charlie Sheen buys Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring? Too crazy to be true?
Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring sold for $230K; Osi Umenyiora was not the buyer - Yahoo! Sports (blog)
New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor's title ring from Super Bowl XXV has been sold for over US$230,000:
Auction for Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXV ring ends with winning bid of $230,401: Osi Umenyiora's plan to buy...
legend Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring has been sold, but not to Osi Umenyiora. The SB XXV prize returned a whopping $230,401.
After auctioning off Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring, his son TJ will now auction off the Joe Theismann bone fragment dad gave him.
Osi Umenyiora will buy Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring and return it to LT. All he wants is 500K followers by 10PM. I'm in!
Lawrence Taylor has put his Super Bowl Ring up for auction. So far the top bid has been put in by Scott Norwood.
Lawrence Taylor is selling his Super Bowl Ring? Yea right, and Helen Keller won 1st place in a dodgeball tournament.
Lawrence Taylor broke Joe Theismann's leg, would you break the bank for LT's 1991 Super Bowl Ring that's up for auction?
New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor made shocked everyone when it was learned that his Super Bowl Ring was for sale. However, the Giant legend was just as surprised to find out.
Terrell Owens blows through $80 mil he made in the NFL, and now Lawrence Taylor is selling his '90 Super Bowl Ring. Sad. Pathetically sad.
Lawrence Taylor who took the New York Giants to Super Bowl titles in 1987 and 1991 puts his '91 ring up for auction.
Just putting it out there that if I ever had to sell my Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship ring or Heisman, I'd legit be inconsolably vomit crying from the depths of my colon. Per Adam Schefter: "Lawrence Taylor is auctioning off the Super Bowl XXV ring he won as a member of the 1990 Giants"
New York Giants Hall Of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor is selling the Super Bowl championship ring he won following the 1990 National Football League season.
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