Super Bowl & Eli Manning

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. Elisha Nelson Eli Manning (born January 3, 1981) is an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League. 5.0/5

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Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, and Eli Manning have combined for 9 Super Bowl wins. Blake Bortles is better than all…
At least Eli Manning never threw up from fatigue in the Super Bowl and forced Terrell Owens out of town directly afterwards.
Despite combining for 9 Super Bowl wins, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees are all 0-1. Blake Bortl…
Mark it down, Eli Manning reunites with Tom Coughlin in 2018 heading to Jacksonville to try to win his 3rd Super Bowl
Bruh Malik Jackson just said Jaguars winning the Super Bowl and yet Eli Manning got a random drug test a…
Eli Manning will try to lead the to their 3rd Super Bowl since 2008 behind a resurgent defense.
Tony Romo retires & all a sudden Eli Manning is a criminal? C'Mon Man!I bet Romo started that rumor so he can't get another Super Bowl Ring!
Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson are some of the worst Super Bowl winning QBs. Matt Ryan and Dan Marino as the best w/o SB ring.
Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg arrives at Super Bowl, thrilled that Eli Manning isn't there.
Matt Ryan laughed and said a bit too much was made of the "advice" Eli Manning gave him on how to beat Patriots in a Super Bowl.
Matt Ryan gets Super Bowl advice from Peyton and Eli Manning -
Eli Manning, the only QB to beat Tom Brady in Super Bowl, is texting Matt Ryan on how to topple the Patriots
Here's the Super Bowl advice that Matt Ryan got from Peyton and Eli Manning
Matt Ryan seeks advice from Peyton and Eli Manning before Super Bowl week:.
How do you beat the in a Super Bowl?. The guy who did it twice shared his secret with
BREAKING: The Falcons have reportedly traded Matt Ryan for Eli Manning after seeing Brady clinch Super Bowl birth
Sure did. Some of those plays reminded me of Eli Manning and his receivers in his Super Bowl wins!
Eli Manning in the Super Bowl against the Patriots stuff
Eli Manning is determined "to work harder than ever," so Giants need to build a Super Bowl team around him
Odd stat-Eli Manning has never won a playoff game other than the two years they won the Super Bowl.
Eli Manning has still never won a Playoff game outside of his two Super Bowl runs. via /r/nfl
Manning’s chances at a third Super Bowl Ring running out via
To all atheists; the fact that Eli Manning won not one but two Super Bowl's is proof their is a God, and he has a weird sense of humor.
Giants are looking like the overlooked Super Bowl teams of their past.
I know Eli Manning made two of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history. As a Dolphins fan from '71-'75, I loved 18-1!
Landry Jones. 0 Super Bowl losses to Eli Manning. Tom Brady. 2 Super Bowl losses to Eli Manning. That's all you need to kn…
Eli Manning:. •Carried by Odell Beckham Jr. •Throws the Ball with his Eyes Closed. •Worst QB to win a Super Bowl. •Jay Cutler w…
Eli Manning . 294 passing TDs (8th all time). 44,191 yards (11th all time) . 2 Super Bowl victories over Brady's Pats. Respec…
The fact that stupid ESPN ranked Eli Manning the most overpaid NFL Veteran is shameful! 2 time Super Bowl MVP's deserve…
Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Trent Dilfer, David Carr & Drew Bledsoe were drafted in the Top 10 and won the Super Bowl.
The guy at 1:47 making Eli Manning derp face from the Super Bowl
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Video: Peyton Manning went on the Tonight Show and made fun of Eli Manning's emotionless face from the Super Bowl:. ht…
did Eli Manning have a great defense in 11' when he won Super Bowl or was he best Qb in division yes or no?
Didn't Eli Manning look butt hurt when his big brother Peyton Manning got that second Super Bowl Ring last night?
to wish two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning a Happy Birthday!
Eli Manning beat Brady twice in the Super Bowl while the Eagles have 0 rings
Coughlin will likely be gone, but that is only part of the problem. They will never win another Super Bowl with Eli Manning..
How can Eli Manning be so bad with clock management as a two time super bowl winner named Manning with 9 years of experience? NYGiants
.you mean 2x Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, who beat Brady 2x in the Super Bowl? That's in th…
Eli Manning is the anti-Dan Marino when it comes to the Super Bowl/great QB argument. But both serve the same purpose.
Eli Manning won 2 Super Bowl Rings for the Giants. You don't understand how many people hate him here cause he has bad games.
Driving home and just thought about how Eli Manning has 2 Super Bowl Rings. Still don't understand it. Another example of rings mean crap
RE: Kevin Love -- Eli Manning separated his shoulder in Week 1 of the 2007 season. He didn't miss a game and the won the Super Bowl.
I was talking about Eli Manning, not Plax! Plax has 1 Super Bowl Ring. Know your facts partna!
Tom Brady is the only quarterback to lose to Eli Manning in the Super Bowl... twice
The Seahawks better be calling Eli Manning for advice. If they want a chance of beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
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According to sources, the New England Patriots will be punished by being forced to play Eli Manning in the Super Bowl.
Should Patriots fans be crying foul over the Giants two Super Bowl wins? Here's how Eli Manning alters footballs.
So the Patriots are back to their old ways of cheating and nothing is really going to happen to them. The first time they make it to the Super Bowl in a number of years and it turns out they were cheating. When they beat the Rams it turns out they were cheating. As much as the Giants are my team and, I love Eli Manning, they are not a great team and they lost twice to them. Is Belichick REALLY the best coach? Is Brady REALLY the best quarterback? just saying.
Eli Manning not being in the Super Bowl is another Patriot advantage
Duel in the Desert: Stats, figures, numbers!! Super Bowl XLIX matches each conference's top seed for the second consecutive year as the defending champion Seahawks represent the NFC in going up against the AFC champion Patriots on February 1 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This will be New England’s eighth Super Bowl appearance (3-4) while Seattle is in its third title game (1-1). Seahawks: Mind-blowing stats 1 Winner vs. Winners: Russell Wilson is 10-0 career vs. Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (3-0 vs. Aaron Rodgers; 2-0 vs. Eli Manning; 2-0 vs. Peyton Manning; 2-0 vs. Drew Brees; 1-0 vs. Tom Brady). He'll try to make it 11-0 as the Seahawks go against Brady and the Patriots in Glendale. 2 Riding High: Seattle entered the playoffs with a six-game winning streak. The last team to win the Super Bowl with a winning streak of five games or more going into the playoffs was the 2003 Patriots, who were riding a 12-game streak heading into the postseason. 3 All About The D: Seahawks onc ...
Eli Manning has more Super Bowl wins than Tony Romo has playoff game wins.
Quick question! What does RGIII, Mark Sanchez, Eli Manning AND Tony Rome have in common? They all will watch the Super Bowl at home!! LLS!!!
Romo needs to consult a 2 time Super Bowl winner , ELI Manning and and ask him not only how do you beat Green Bay at Green Bay not only once but twice in the playoffs but also how to win four in a row in the playoffs. Dallas fans can't take when calls don't go with them! In this case, it was ALMOST a good catch but the rules clearly say the ball can't touch the ground! Now I'll REALLY enjoy the Super Bowl in Phoenix.
Okay all your trash talking Cowboy's Fans, Romo has two playoff wins, Eli Manning has two Super Bowl Rings. Get it?
Hey, Kevin Tunell, guess which NFC East quarterback is the only one with a Super Bowl Ring? That would still be Eli Manning...
The sports gods have spoken... The Dallas Cowboys will once again fall short of making it to the Super Bowl... there is only room for one NFC East Team to win Bowls..Thats my NY Giants and Eli Manning..Romo and the Cowboys will NEVER EVER WIN A SUPER BOWL... I can rest easy...God Bless America!
Giants were 9-7 when they won their last Super Bowl. will be 11-5. But G-men had Eli Manning, too.
Couldn't agree more. And Kurt Warner was a backup to Eli Manning before he went to Arizona with Whiz. Then went to a Super Bowl
Eli Manning has officially passed Trent Dilfer as the worst QB to win a Super Bowl. And he has two! Thanks David Tyree and Wes Welker.
I've been watching football since the early 70s. In my estimation the best quarterbacks to never win A Super Bowl are Dan Marino ,Jim Kelly , Fran Tarkington , Dan Fouts... And the worst quarterback to ever win TWO super Bowl's is Eli Manning! Horrific! I believe the Giants won in spite of him not because of him.
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Despite his two Super Bowl titles and sustained success as an NFL quarterback, Eli Manning will forever be known for his tendency for...
The Sports Lady's Daily Highlight: Week three on the field of the NFL was a good one. The Giants Victor Cruz resumed his joyful end zone Salsa, when after two weeks of struggling offensively he and quarterback Eli Manning connected to score touchdowns and get their first win of the season. The Steelers ended their eight quarter touchdown drought last night against the Panthers winning 37-19 but with injuries to three critical members of their defense it’s going to be a rocky rest of the season. The San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl runner up’s in 2013 and contenders last year are now 1-2 losing to the undefeated Arizona Cardinals by a score of 14-23. If San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick does not cleanup his mistake filled play it unlikely they will be in the Super Bowl conversation again. The most interesting game of the week was a rematch of the 2014 Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Although the outcome was the same, with the Seahawks victorious, this game w ...
There is a couple things that Eli Manning has on Tony Romo.a couple of Super Bowl Rings and a lot more playoff wins
Some dude burning his Eli Manning jersey after a Week 1 loss after just winning a Super Bowl 3 Years Ago..wouldn't last a Sunday in Buffalo.
I can't defend Eli Manning anymore.. How is it that a2 time super bowl mvp can't hit a receiver in stride right on the numbers. To make it worse our best receiver is at best a on any other team.. I do like our new Tight End
86% sure Eli Manning is adopted! Eli never won a Super Bowl for the Giants, David Tyree did!
NFL: Foles has the Eagles favored in weak NFC East: Eli Manning has two Super Bowl Rings. Tony Romo makes the ...
I challenge Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning to take the Gatorade bucket challenge this year at the Super Bowl
At least Eli Manning completed a pass this time. This is what it’s come down to for the Giants’ offense. Three weeks into the preseason, the bright spot for the first team came when two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning found Jerrel Jernigan for a six-yard completion on a drive that...
Eli Manning's reaction after completing the pass to David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII.
“It may be 2014, but Eli Manning is still turning the ball over. two time Super Bowl Champion☺️
The greatest time of year is finally upon us and no, it's not Christmas. It's football season! Tonight kicks off another losing season preseason for the Buffalo Bills against the never going to another Super Bowl with Eli Manning Giants at the Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio. It'll be more note worthy to watch the epic clips of past performances from the men in yellow jackets while they cry at being enshrined into the brotherhood of millionaires without education. At least Thursday night's game will be more of a "game" with 49ers vs Ravens and the Cowgirls vs the Chargers.
Got 3 correct answers. Eli Manning is the only QB to throw for 4,900+ yards and win a Super Bowl in the same season.
Giants believe Eli Manning can still be Super Bowl level quarterback
Eli manning is going to win another Super Bowl peopleGO GIANTS!!
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Eli Manning has the better chance to win another Super Bowl Ring than his older brother peyton
Eli Manning has a better chance at winning another one.As great as Peyton is he has a loosing record in the Super Bowl and playoffs
MT"Which Manning is more likely to win another Super Bowl? Eli- I think Peyton is done
I know it's not football season, but I've gotten real sick of QB's getting all of the credit when their teams win/lose (mostly when they win). Everyone says its a passing league now which is true, but defense still wins championships. For example, the past 3 Super Bowl Champions (Giants, Ravens, Seahawks) have all won with defense. Don't get me wrong the QB's are a huge part of it, but so is the coaching staff, the DL, the OL, etc..Although I may be a little biased my main source of anger comes from Eli Manning. I've never seen such a mediocre QB in my life, and yet ESPN and others already have this guy enshrined in the HOF... Forget Michael Strahan and that defense, Eli won those rings! Here are my top 10 QB's (This list is based on who I want QBing my expansion team for this upcoming season only) To be clear that means Brady wouldn't have Belicheck, and Wilson wouldn't have that defense, and Eli Manning still *** etc 1. Rodgers 2. Brees 3. Peyton Manning 4. Brady 5. Romo 6. Rivers 7. Wilson 8. Luck 9 .. ...
Watching the 2007 Super Bowl gives me chills seeing Eli Manning avoid the sack and Tyrees helmet catch
A quick sketch of NY Giants QB Eli Manning from there first Super Bowl run
Eli Manning went 31-40 in a Super Bowl, the third highest completion rating in SB history, but it's luck... aight
Looking to sell some autographed steelers memorabilia all authenticated most with picture proof I have Lynn Swann ball a Hall Of Famer, Hines ward on a mini helmet, Terry Bradshaw on a mini helmet (4 time Super Bowl champ, 2 time Super Bowl MVP, Troy polamalu signed mini helmet, and the 4 starting line backers all on one yellow mini hemet, also have two Peyton Manning Autographed footballs and one Eli Manning autographed mini helmet. Once again all things listed are authenticated and have the sticker proof more pictures can be provided to interested parties. PM me with what you want and I'll give you prices reasonable offers will be taken in to thought Thanks
Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning and Russell Wilson – the 49ers will face four different Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. Outside of those top passers, San Francisco will have the task of stopping well-known, Pro Bowl-caliber quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer, Nick Foles, Alex Smith, Robert Griffin III and Philip Rivers. The 49ers new-look secondary will surely be tested
Eli Manning to David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII Named Greatest Play in New ... - Giants 101
SPORTS REALITY NUMBER 1NFL Teams don't "need" a great FRANCHISE quarterback to win a Super Bowl. For words' sake, I am defining a FRANCHISE quarterback as a starting quarterback that a team will have for at least five years without bringing in any quarterbacks to upgrade them (so guys like Jay Cutler and Tony Romo fall under the franchise quarterback label even if their production and abilities don't quite meet that of guys like Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning). In order to win the Super Bowl teams really need a number of impact players on defense more so than a great quarterback. Since 2006, the winner of the Super Bowl has true superstar quarterbacks only three of the past eight Super Bowls: 2006 Colts, 2009 Saints, 2010 Packers. Other Super Bowl winners have been quarterbacked by Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, and Russell Wilson. All of those quarterbacks would be considered good to very good quarterbacks (with the possible exception of Big Ben) prior to their teams winning the Super Bow ...
Remember when Tiki Barber retired, ripped the Giants, shredded Eli Manning, and then figuratively ran head first into chainsaw when he nailed his first TV gig? Michael Strahan stayed one more year, won a Super Bowl, retired on top, landed a FOX NFL job, then replaced Regis, and now he'll be part-time on "Good Morning America." Well played, sir.
Rich Gannon winning anything doesn't make sense, let alone beating Brett Favre in a Greatest Quarterback of all time contest. Also, how is Russell Wilson ranked higher than Eli Manning? Not being a homer, just doesn't make sense. Nor does Wilson being in this list at all make sense. One more thing, Terry Bradshaw threw only one 300+ yard game in his career and it was in a Super Bowl, why is he ranked in his group? If the Final four aren't Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Dan Marino (or Johnny U), then this contest is a fallacy.
With two Super Bowl Rings and the New York Giants' franchise record for career touchdown passes, Eli Manning makes the case for one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.
Pete Iorizzo Have a Happy Birthday! Always enjoy your columns. I don't know much about sports--if my oldest grandniece is always eager to explain things (she didn't host her usual Super Bowl Party this year because it wasn't the Giants & her beloved Eli Manning!!!) But I don't need to know much to appreciate your columns!
I would like all fans of the NY Football Giants to welcome Steve Forgus to the Big Blue Wrecking Crew. Bill Parcells, Bill Belicek, the late Dave Jennings, and Pepper Johnson were all originally Giants and all have won a Super Bowl in the last 45 years. The stadium belongs to the Giants. Here are the unconditional rules: 1. we watch every game all the time. 2. We never talk negatively about the team. 3. Eli Manning can no longer be called "Freido" or the "other" Manning after the last Super Bowl. 4. If you are not 10 minutes early for kickoff, you are late. 5. You strongly dislike Tony Romo and look forward to watching him self destruct in the 4th quarter each Sunday, unless they have the Thursday or Monday games. 5. You must send a friend request to Chris McGowan. 6. We do not reference or speak about Lawrence Taylor for anything off the field. He was the best linebacker of all time and revolutionized the position and changed the organization on the field for the positive. If you agree to ...
Chris Mortenson just said Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, and Phillip Rivers as "Super Bowl capable quarterbacks" ahead of Brees/Brady/Peyton..
Joe Montana and his brother have more Super Bowl wins than Payton and Eli Manning. Joe Montana doesn't have a brother...
The rest of the top 10 most-liked players: Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Interestingly, Smith ranks ahead of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took Smith's job in San Francisco and played in the Super Bowl a year ago but sits only 14th on the most-liked list.
Tyler Ennis is playing like Eli Manning in the Super Bowl. UNSTOPPABLE.
Aww bo. "With Michael Strahan inducted into the 2014 Hall Of Fame Class, which Giant great do you want to see next getting into Canton, and why? -Abel Dear Abel: I’d love to see Phil Simms and George Young get inducted in the Hall Of Fame, but it likely won’t happen. Simms played one of the best games ever by a quarterback in a Super Bowl and held all of the Giants’ passing records until Eli Manning came along. But his Hall Of Fame candidacy has never gained traction. Young was one of the most successful and influential executives of his generation. He built the rosters that took the Giants from chronic losers in the 1970s to Super Bowl Champions in 1986 and 1990. But Young’s Hall Of Fame bids have lost steam in recent years and with so many worthy candidates coming aboard, it’s hard to see him getting it back. Unless you count Morten Andersen (he spent the 2001 season with the Giants), the franchise might have to wait for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning to become eligible."
Jared Lorenzen got a Super Bowl Ring as Eli Manning's backup in Super Bowl XLII, and the former University of Kentucky quarterback is now playing for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the CIF...
Everyone that knows me on a personal level knows I’m not a sport buff, but I have to admit the Super Bowl game last night between the Red Sox and the Bruins was AWESOME, and once again my boy Tiger Woods made MVP 5th year in a row, isn't he tied with Eli Manning who is New York Knicks quarterback?
How could I watch the Super Bowl with such a busy day ahead (two rehearsals and an audition) when it started after 1am local time? Record it and wake up early (6:30) watching the game and fast forwarding through the commercial breaks!! Some comments, Eli Manning still rules the Manning family and too bad for big brother Peyton such a poor performance by the whole team. This is not like a baseball pitcher that can take control of a game. In football its a team sport and the Seattle Seahawks played a perfect team game and deserved that victory Wes Welker? 0 for 3 in championship games, twice to New York and once IN New York, ouch that's gotta sting... BRUNO MARS well I must say I was impressed at the BEST HALF TIME SHOW EVER... and kudos to the shirtless chili peppers, amazing show guys... Now I can only hope in the off-season that Eli's team will become a team around him so he can gun for number three !! I am out.
How Manning failed in the Super Bowl, imagine Eli Manning and Tony Romo combined and thats Peyton Manning tonight.
I've heard a lot of people saying must have been Eli playing instead of Peyton. Check the numbers. Eli is 2-0 in the Super Bowl. I'll trade Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Joe Willy Namath right now for Eli Manning. Somebody get Idzik on the phone, tell him to work the numbers.
There's wrong picks on a small scale, and then there's wrong picks on a legendary scale.  This year's pick falls into the latter, where my most updated pick was 35-31 Broncos.  Turns out Denver couldn't even hit double digits! Anyway, this was literally the worst Super Bowl in years, even as someone who was glad to see Seattle finally get a ring.  Let's discuss the facts... - Seattle literally scored on the first plays of both halves, both in hilarious fashion - Denver's defense forgot to show up.  And their offense.  And their special teams.  And their staff. - Eli Manning has won a SuperBowl in Peyton's (former) home stadium.  Peyton Manning is now 0-1 in Eli's home stadium. - Tavaris Jackson might be the worst quarterback to ever win a SuperBowl ring; also, he officially has more rings than Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, and Jim Kelly. - The only thing missing was Seattle returning a fumble for a touchdown.  It's practically like they were still mad over losing Super Bowl XL that they decided to h ...
Riddle me this... What does Brady's and Manning's Super Bowl woes have in common? Take a guess? Wes Welker and having something to do with Giants. Brady lost to Eli Manning and the NY Giants two times with Welker. Manning lost in New Jersey, home of the New York Giants with Welker! BOOM it's the curse of the MVP, the Giants and Wes Welker (LOL).
Strange Super Bowl Quotes Herb Adderly, Green Bay Packers cornerback (Super Bowl II): "(When asked if he would rather play the game in Los Angeles or Miami) "I'll play anywhere for $15,000." Joe Namath, New York Jets quarterback (Super Bowl III): "We're going to win on Sunday. I guarantee it." A reporter to Doug Williams, Washington Redskins quarterback (Super Bowl XXII): "How long have you been a black quarterback?" Eli Manning, New York Giants quarterback on Joe Namath: "Joe Namath was a great, confident man. That was then, this is now. I am not going to guarantee anything." Duane Thomas, Dallas Cowboys quarterback (Super Bowl VI): "If it's the ultimate game, how come they're playing it again next year?" Ernie Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle, on Super Bowl X in Miami: "I'll be glad to leave here. I feel like eating palm trees. I don't like this place. It's for people with arthritis. They come here to play golf and to die." Julie Brown to Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys running back (Super Bowl ...
Terry Bradshaw. Joe Montana. Troy Aikman. Bart Starr. Jim Plunkett and Eli Manning. Who are the 6 multiple Super Bowl winning quarterbacks without a loss, Alex. ...1-2 in the Big Game makes you the greatest of nothing Peyton.
Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker is glad to be back in the Super Bowl, but he's even more glad that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is not on the opposing sideline.
Had a great time at the Super Bowl party. A raffle was held giving away autographed jerseys and mini helmets but I didn't win :( There were some NFL players past and present in attendance like Marcus Allen, Tony Dorsett who was drunk, Gerald Mccoy who is a really cool dude, London Fletcher, Nick Foles, and the greatest of them all Eli Manning!!!
Big brother Peyton Manning is will play in his third Super Bowl on Sunday, this time in his little brother Eli Manning's home stadium, MetLife Stadium. Peyton revealed recently that the trip to New York allowed him to meet his new niece for the first time. But Eli said he thought these family reunio...
Eli Manning is handling Peyton Manning's Super Bowl ticket requests…Kobe Bryant: Sitting out the ASG is the right thing to do.
Eli Manning won a Super Bowl on Peyton ' s Home Field.Can Peyton repay the favor and win one on Eli ' s Home Field? NFL Guru
Saints-Chargers: Drew Brees and Philip Rivers would take center stage all week, with the rest of us getting to revisit the eventful quarterback decision San Diego made in the middle of last decade. After taking Brees with the first pick of the second round in 2001, the Chargers swung their high-profile trade with the New York Giants in April 2004, landing Rivers in exchange for Eli Manning. Brees continued to start for San Diego in 2004, taking the Marty Schottenheimer-coached Bolts to an AFC West title and a playoff berth. But then the Chargers slipped to a 9-7 non-playoff finish in 2005, Brees injured his shoulder in the season finale as free agency approached and San Diego turned the reins over, as planned, to Rivers in 2006. Brees signed with the Saints in 2006, won a Super Bowl in 2009 and has gone on to break a bevy of NFL passing records while making New Orleans a near-perennial playoff team. Rivers has had success in San Diego, but not on the same level as his predecessor. And if we got tired of h ...
Oh No Joe Flacco was 2nd in the league with 22 interceptions this season. If not for a poorly timed leap last season by Denver's Rahim Moore, Flacco would be the Jaguars QB right now. Instead he fooled the Ravens into paying him the crazy sum of $120M. The man they should have paid is now catch passes in San Francisco, Anquan Boldin. He wrestled balls out of the air that otherwise would have ended up in INTs last season. They won games and a Super Bowl because he stole balls out of the air that would have otherwise resulted in turnovers. ONJ again ranked at the bottom of the league in QB Rating 32nd out of 37, besting only Matt Schaub, Brandon Weeden, Eli Manning, Terrell Pryor and Geno Smith. He completed 59% of his passes which ranked him 27th and his 6.3 yards per attempt was 35th out of 37. When Timino Covington and other Raven's fans bemoan the fact that they've gone another 12 years before competing for a Super Bowl they can look at the contract given to instead of as the reason why.
The giants need to fire Perry Fewell as a first step of getting better. But the biggest thing is the lack of chemistry & timing from the offense. I mean really what the *** is going on? The formost stagnet offense I've seen in a great while. Cleveland & Jacksonville's offenses look like superstars compared to ours. IM ready for the smash mouth style football. Bill Cowher if ur reading this coach our team to Atleast one more Super Bowl under Eli Manning. We need ur toughness & football mentality. The talent is in place for u.
The world of sports is weird. Joe Flacco and Eli Manning have Super Bowl Rings. Neither of them even deserve any type of ring
In a remarkable 20-game stretch that began on Nov. 11, 2012, all sorts of the quarterback species have been unleashed against the Bengals. From the Super Bowl winners (Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco), from the No. 1 overall pick (Matthew Stafford), from America's quarterback (Tony Romo), from America's villain (Jay Cutler), from the Next Great One (Nick Foles), from the next Not So Great One (Geno Smith), from the journeyman (Jason Campbell) and from the Whodunits (Brian Hoyer and Thad Lewis), and the Bengals have emerged from the brush with a 15-5 record. Not only that, they have allowed just 19 touchdown passes in those 20 games while picking off 22 passes and leaving opposing passers with a total Passer Rating of just 70.5,
Good Morning World Coming Live from the Greatest City in the World South Bronx! ! First of I would like to thanks God. Want to send a BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY HOME STATE Team FOR DA WIN, WHO DAT!! Just to let that WHO DAT Nation know Our Homeboys Eli Manning, Rueben Randle, Brandon Jacobs, Corey Webster and the Gaints making a Super Bowl run. Don't be surprise if Eli Manning takes us to the Big Game and its in NYC at MET LIFE STADIUM!
Show me a person who judges Quarterbacks by Super Bowl Rings, I will show you a fool.see Eli Manning, Mark Rypien, Trent Dilfer and Jim Plunkett.
Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall were simply too much to handle. So was Tim Jennings. Cutler threw two touchdown passes to Marshall, and Jennings had two of the Chicago Bears' three interceptions against Eli Manning in a 27-21 victory over the winless New York Giants on Thursday night. The Bears (4-2) snapped a two-game slide following a 3-0 start. New York is 0-6 for the first time since the 1976 team dropped its first nine, a stunning turn for a franchise that won the Super Bowl two Years Ago. Cutler and Marshall were in tune early on, connecting for two touchdowns, and Jennings returned an interception 48 yards for a score as Chicago built a 24-14 halftime lead. The Bears were up by 13 when New York's Brandon Jacobs ran it in from the 1 in the closing seconds of the third after Jennings got called for interference against Hakeem Nicks near the goal line. That cut it to 27-21, but Jennings made up for it in a big way when he picked off an overthrown pass by Manning intended for Tight End Brandon Myers at ...
Jerry Reese missed big. Tom Coughlin is missing big. Eli Manning is missing big. The world is not over, it is 1 season, it is 1 season without a Super Bowl that 30 other teams will experience. Relax, there will be a next year, and it will include the same GM, QB, and maybe coach that have won 2 Super Bowls. And if this doesn't make you calm down, just think you could be a Jets fan.
Still proud of my Cowboys. Played a great game! I knew it would go down this way. Tony Romo and clutch drives really don't mix. It's like his brain melts on key plays. Those plays keep him from being an exceptional QB. Oh well.I will say this, no other team has made the Bronco work this hard this season. Pretty sure they will see the Super Bowl. If so they better win. In no way should Eli Manning ever have more rings than Peyton Manning. Just my opinion. If Eli has two, Peyton should have at least five.
I have given people all of the reason's why I think it is ridiculous to think that the Patriots are Super Bowl favorites this season, so now I will give New England fans the reasons how they CAN win the Super Bowl. Health. Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, Shane Vereen and Julian Edelman all need to stay healthy if the Patriots want to make a run. Gronkowski will be Brady's target when he returns and the Tight End position has not even existed for the Patriots while has been gone. Asking Danny Amendola to stay healthy is like asking Eli Manning to stop throwing interceptions. It finally stops, he gets on a run, and then it continues again. Running Game. What has happened to Stevan Ridley? Nothing, he just *** this year. For the Patriots to have a Super Bowl bid, Ridley MUST step up his game, or be replaced by Shane Vereen. He is a solid runningback and will take loads off of Tom Brady if he can get going. Tom Brady. I never thought he would be a problem, but he is. After playing the Bills, Jets and Bucs, .. ...
Colin Kaepernick, you are killing me slowly and without mercy. You were so promising. You went to the Super Bowl and now you hand me 4 points for the week Four points? If I were your pimp I'd.o! Save me Peyton Manning! Or Cam Newton! Or any OTHER QB with points over 10. Shoot, I'd even take.Jay Cutler...Geno (ugh) Smith or eeep... Eli Manning. Yes, I'm spiraling out of control.
Is this a joke? Ravens Article Flacco Doesn’t Make List Of Top 2016 Quarterbacks By the time the 2016 NFL season rolls around, some of the elite quarterbacks of today will either be retired or less productive in their twilight years. So if Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, and Ben Roethlisberger are no longer considered the top quarterbacks of the league, the reigning Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco ought to be at the top of this list, right? No? Well, at least he’ll be in the top 10, right? Not according to ESPN’s Mike Sando. “The [Super Bowl] performance enhanced Flacco's value in contract negotiations, but how much should it change our long-term opinion of him?” Sando asked. “Would you automatically project Flacco, now 28, to rank among the NFL's best in 2016, when he is 31? “The Flacco question and others without easy answers complicated our efforts to project the top 10 quarterbacks for the 2016 season. Limiting the list to 10 players forced difficult choices, a positive ref ...
Eli Manning is not the player his older brother is during the regular season, but he has a superior playoff résumé with the New York Giants. So I'll go ahead and say something I've said before: Eli -- a future Hall Of Famer, thanks to his knack for the moment -- is better in the clutch than Peyton. Eli is 8-3 as a playoff quarterback, with two Super Bowl wins against the team that has long served as Peyton's kryptonite, the Bill Belichick-coached Patriots. And Eli has twice ended spectacular seasons by the Green Bay Packers, stopping first Brett Favre and then Aaron Rodgers with amazing playoff wins. - Adam Schein May 21st, 2013
Playing with the Giants, a3448 defeated the Colts 41-6 on Rookie in Play Now. The leading passer was Eli Manning with 446 yards, and the leading rusher was Ahmad Bradshaw with 5 yards.
Ok - I get it - the Ravens won the Super Bowl. Or more correctly, the Ravens defense on a red zone stand at the end of the game, won the Super Bowl. And I pull for them all season as my team. But Joe Flacco as highest paid NFL player? Even Ravens fans need to be more realistic! Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rogers - all need to renegotiate their contracts. Joe's solid - but not in the elite yet.
Why is Terrell Suggs opening his mouth about Tom Brady ... AGAIN!? Like seriously, this guy sounds like a sore loser even after he wins the Super Bowl ... And by the way, Suggs - there are 32 total NFL teams. So when you make a statement and you say, "I know that the Ravens hate the Patriots, and the other 31 teams hate the Patriots too" . you my friend, sound like a moron. The absolute best part of this entire thing is that when Baltimore makes the HUGE mistake and maxes out Flacco's contract and can't afford any players, the thirty something year old linebacker who is out of his prime is going to be one of the first guys cut. I guess the Ravens need to suck up all the headlines they can get right now because now that Ray has retired, once they max out Flacco's deal and overpay for a 28 year old who has never A.) Thrown for more than 25 TD's in a single season and B.) Never thrown for more than 4,000 yards in a single season. Flacco went on one of those lucky Eli Manning runs but the difference is, Eli h ...
Someone made a top QB list on SB Nation (PLEASE READ) 10. Michael Vick 9. Drew Brees 8. Colin Kaepernick 7. Tom Brady 6. Eli Manning 5. Ben Roethlisberger 4. Peyton Manning 3. Tim Tebow 2. Tony Romo 1. Joe Flacco Are you kidding me? Why is Vick in the top 10. RIVERS is better than him. Why are they ranking Drew Brees so low? And same with Brady? And who the heck puts TEBOW as the number 3 QB in the league? Tony Romo? What the heck is wrong with the world? And the biggest issue with this is the pick for number 1. FLACCO? Fine, fine, he won a Super Bowl. How many has Brady, Roethlisberger, and Eli Manning won? MORE THAN HIM, AND HE'S STILL RANKED BETTER. Go ahead and have your stupid little fun with the Ravens and Flacco right now. Great, they won a Super Bowl and Ray Lewis went out in glory. Sure, Flacco did well this playoffs. Even though I'm a Steelers fan and I don't prefer the Ravens, I still think even if I was a Baltimore fan I wouldn't put Flacco at 1. I've seen alot of NFL Analyst do this lately. D ...
If history repeats itself, the Clippers will be NBA champions this year. At the start of the 2011/12football season, Eli Manning responded that he was elite and proved it by being MVP of the Super Bowl and winning. Right before this past season, Joe Flacco stated that he was the best quarterback and proved ii and was MVP of the Super Boll and won the game. At the start of this basketball season, Chris Paul stated that he is the best player in the NBA. My opinion, Lebron either Chris Paul or Durant
So let me get this right Tedy Bruschi, Joe Flacco (the Eli Manning of the AFC, sorry Eli) should be the highest paid quarterback? Is it due to the fact he was the quarterback of the winning Super Bowl team? So IF my Colts win the Super Bowl next year (which I doubt they'll do), should Andrew Luck become the highest paid quarterback? ESPN Logic.
CELEBRITY TO DO LIST: Joe Flacco He tore it up in the Super Bowl on Sunday, went to Disney World on Monday, and rode in a victory parade in Baltimore on Tuesday. See how the Super Bowl MVP follows that up with the Celebrity To Do List of Joe Flacco. --8:00 A.M.: Wake up. Look next to me in bed. Realize Tom Brady is still the bigger winner. --8:05 A.M.: Wonder why it's dark outside. Oh yeah, because I'm still in the shadow of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. --9:00 A.M.: Grab a razor and desperately hope that if I shave a small spot on my forehead, it may actually look like I have TWO eyebrows. --9:30 A.M.: Try to breathe with my mouth closed. Fail miserably. --10:10 A.M.: Continue to be the only person in NFL history who can make Eli Manning seem fiery and passionate. --12:25 P.M.: Look out window to see Super Bowl MVP Corvette already stripped of parts. *** I hate Baltimore. --3:00 P.M.: Prepare for endorsement deals based on my charismatic presence. In other word ...
From Poll: Is Joe Flacco ELITE now that he has a Super Bowl title? __ Oh, jeez. Here we go with this crap again. __ Sure! I say he's extremely ELITE. Also, I say he's a flugelhorn because apparently words don't mean anything anymore. __ He's MORE ELITE than Trent Dilfer, AS ELITE as Brad Johnson and LESS ELITE than Eli Manning. __ I don't know. Was Dan Marino ELITE? Because Flacco has to be better than him now, right? Isn't that how it works? __ Yes! I may not be a learned man, but I believe the definition of ELITE is: "one who plays at a high level for one month in five years" __ If he isn't, Baltimore's Super Bowl title is permanently tarnished because determining QB ELITENESS is the whole point of the NFL now
After making two exact 3 point upset forecasts for Super Bowls on February 3, 2002 and 2008, I was not about to make another yesterday because there was a much more important forecast to be made. The Lord's Twin's Blessing. Why would the Lord use major world events to send a message to his people? I don't know, but in Matthew 16:3, Jesus states, "Hypocrites! You know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but you can't discern the signs of the times!" My only interest in the 2002, Super Bowl was my radio forecast: It will be tied at the end and then comes the 3 point big upset of an overconfident team self proclaimed as, "the Greatest Show on Turf." Big deal most people said and I agree. Nevertheless, six years later, on February 3, I found myself rooting for my hometown Giants to pull off a 3 point upset, which I'd forecast on YouTube. With just 2 1/2 minutes left, I told my sons it was perfect for a last minute Eli Manning comeback. One miraculous play later, New York and New Jersey celebrated the 3 ...
Since 2000, QB's to make the Super Bowl. Kurt Warner, Steve McNair, Trent Dilfer, Kerry Collins, Tom Brady, Brad Johnson, Rich Gannon, Jake Delhommme, Donovan McNabb, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Hasselbeck, Peyton Manning, Rex Grossman, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Colin Kaepernick, Joe Flacco. If you were to rank these QBs where would they stack up against one another? I didn't put repeats in there but most of you should know who's been to multiple bowls. - Vishal
AND in 2008 Eli Manning leads the Giants to an upset victory over the previously undefeated Patriots making it the second consecutive year a Manning has been the quarterback for the victorious NFL Super Bowl team. Eli and Peyton, who QBs for the Indianapolis Colts (now w Denver), join a select group brothers who have won world championship games in back-to-back years that include Liván (Marlins, 1997) and Orlando Hernández (1998, Yankees), Irish (Giants, 1922) and Bob Meusel (Yankees, 1923), and Bubba (Colts, 1970) and Tody Smith (Cowboys, 1971).
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Jealous of Sierra Zamora. Who got to meet Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, and Eli Manning in 2 days at the Super Bowl. Legit!
Eli Manning on What it Really Feels Like to Win the Super Bowl - Parade Magazine
Super trend will continue Sunday in championship game During the middle of the NFC Championship game Jan. 20, I sent a message to my friend Adam, a hardcore sports fan, about how I hope the Super Bowl is as thrilling as the NFL playoffs have been this year. He texted me back about 15 minutes later and his response was blunt and right to the point: “Well, the last few have been.” The thing is, he’s right. We both remember the Super Bowls of the ‘90s, where the Cowboys stomped the Bills by 35 and the Broncos trounced the Falcons. These were snooze fests at best, as most fans tuned out before the end of the third quarter. The last five Super Bowls have come down to the wire with heart pounding finishes that no one would find believable in a Hollywood script, but these aren’t works of fiction: Super Bowl XLII: Eli Manning leads a late-game drive to stun the 18-0 New England Patriots. Super Bowl XLIII: Ben Roethlisberger does one better, hitting Santonio Holmes in the back of the end zone with 35 sec ...
Archie Manning, patriarch of the NFL's best-known quarterbacking clan, says he's glad the Super Bowl focus is on another family. Manning has practically been a fixture at the Big Game in recent years. Sons Peyton and Eli Manning have won three of the last six Super Bowls. The New Orleans Saints, the hometown team Manning toiled for through hard times, won a fourth during that stretch. Instead of regaling people with stories about raising two of the best quarterbacks of this era, or how he often he got booed and tackled playing for the notoriously bad ``Aints,'' Manning is getting his house ready for visitors. ``The boys and grandkids will be here later in the week, so I'm definitely looking forward to that,'' he said Monday. Going into Sunday's game, the Harbaugh family is drawing a lot of attention as the San Francisco 49ers prepare to play the Baltimore Ravens. Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49ers and brother John coaches the Ravens. Manning said he's glad this matchup isn't pulling him apart. ``That's one of ...
Just looked a list of the best Super Bowl quarterbacks, how is Eli Manning 12th behind guys like Jim Plunkett and Big Ben?
"Today's useless tidbit" Ray Lewis is the oldest Super Bowl MVP still in the NFL. Ray Lewis was Super Bowl MVP in 2001 when the Ravens first won the Super Bowl. The person who won the MVP the year before was Kurt Warner when the Rams beat the Titans. He has an opportunity to be the 6th person to win multiple MVP’s, following Bart Starr (2), Terry Bradshaw (2), Joe Montana (3), Tom Brady (2) and Eli Manning (2). He is the first defensive player to have the opportunity to do so.
Eli Manning eluding 3 sacks and David Tyree's helmet catch still gives me chills. Probably my favorite Super Bowl play that I've seen
Eli Manning, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady walk into a bar... To watch the Super Bowl. to watch the Super Bowl.
I used to make fun of Eli Manning, then I moved onto Joe Flacco. Does this mean Brandon Weeden is headed to the Super Bowl?
Eli Manning says he's an elite qb and he wins the Super Bowl. Joe Flacco says the same thing and here he is.your move Nick Foles
Ravens advancing to the Super Bowl. Great to see them do so well. I been critical of Joe Flacco for the past year saying his developement was not going well. Well apparently I needed to just give him 1 more season to mature. He has beaten Eli Manning (over rated as he is) Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck (the next coming of Peyton) and now Tom Brady. WTG Joe!! And where would the Ravens be without Ray Rice??!!!
With inflation, Bart Starr made more money off a Super Bowl victory than Eli Manning by $16,000. Bart Start made $15,000 each Super Bowl, before adjustment.
Over the last 3 years, in a series of publicly published posts and articles here on FB, I have managed to correctly pick the winner of the Super Bowl from among the 4 teams who made it to the Conference Championship round. Big deal, you might say, you had a 25% chance of being right. It is true, that I had a 25% chance each year, but when you multiply that 1 in 4 chance over the three years I have been correct, then it becomes much more significant.   Each of the men I picked (Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning) and their teams had to win 2 games -the championship game AND then the Super Bowl. So then basically, what I did is like calling 6 coin tosses in a row. The odds of calling 6 coin flips in a row is .5 to the power of 6 or .015625. Basically this means that if you repeated a sequence of 6 coin flips 100 times, the odds are you would call all 6 in a row correctly only once or twice. So, either I've been incredibly lucky, or perhaps I'm onto something.   The techniques that I us ...
NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin hasn't built bridges from last year's Super Bowl streak, Eli Manning and DLine to blame
12 Lessons We Learned from Athletes in 2012 by Brian Dalek December 25, 2012, 05:00 am EST Here at Men’s Health, we have the luck to regularly chat with the men and women who do amazing things on the court, field, and links. And we’re not asking them the usual reporter questions you see in postgame press conferences. We mine for golden nuggets of wisdom that you can take and adapt to your everyday life. Because honestly, it’s one thing for scientists to say how you can overcome mounting pressure in your life, but it’s another thing when you hear it from a guy like two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning. Here are the wisest, truest moments from a year of athlete Q&As. Take the knowledge that helps you the most, and have a hall-of-fame 2013. 12. “Restrictive diets don’t work. Honestly, you can’t give a fat person small meals and think they’re not going to cheat.” Basketball legend and Sports Emmy winner Charles Barkley, who dropped over 42 pounds after joining the Weight Watchers program ...
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Hey NFL, enough of this oh the Patriots are the team, ohhh the Texans are the team, oh Peyton's Broncos are the team, oh the 49ers are good (remember what the Giants did to them earlier in year).the bottom line is this (apologies to Ric Flair)."TO BE THE MAN, YOU GOT TO BEAT THE MAN." The man is : Eli Manning and the New York Giants. "You all want the Lombardi? Come and try to take it from us." 8 wins to Super Bowl victory.first ones down...the Green Bay Packers.
For nearly the entirety of Tom Coughlin's time as Head Coach of the New York Giants, the second-half collapse has been a yearly tradition. Twice the Giants made up for it by getting their collective act together by late December and going on a Super Bowl run. But they also missed the playoffs in both 2009 and 2010. So Giants fans could be excused if their "midseason slump" senses started tingling when Eli Manning managed only 192 yards against the Dallas Cowboys, even though the Giants escaped with a 29-24 win thanks to five Lawrence Tynes field goals. The next week, the Giants lost 24-20 to Pittsburgh at the Meadowlands, which officially kicked off Big Blue's case of ultra-repetitive deja vu. That feeling only got stronger the following week, when the Giants got pummeled 31-13 by a very mediocre Cincinnati Bengals team. When the Giants return to the field Sunday against the Packers, will their usual second-half slump continue?
Packers-Giants Preview Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers continues to throw touchdowns at a prolific rate, even though no quarterback has been sacked more. The New York Giants, meanwhile, are hopeful that Eli Manning's recent track record after bye weeks can help him avoid a career-worst fourth straight game without a TD pass. The injury-plagued Packers are seeking a sixth straight victory Sunday Night when they visit the Giants in a matchup of division leaders who have won the last two Super Bowls. Green Bay (7-3) has used this streak to tie Chicago for first in the NFC North while New York (6-4) leads the East despite losing its last two games. "Both teams this weekend, the last two Super Bowl winners, play," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "Each is in the lead in their division. So it's got a tremendous and exciting format." These teams last met in the divisional playoffs last season when Manning threw for 330 yards and three scores to lead New York to a 37-20 upset of the 15-1 Packers, who bea ...
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, good food, good company and good times. Thanks to the Redskins for beating the Cowgirls.Now on Sunday Night, the Giants will begin their march to the Super Bowl when they destroy Green Bay, sorry Aaron Rodgers.Eli Manning is the New Sherrif in town and you can count on JPP to be in your face all game long.
I always wonder how different the AFC West would have been if the Chargers kept their pick of Eli Manning. Would Phillip Rivers' career have been different had he played for the Giants? Would Eli have lead the Chargers to 2 Super Bowl wins? Its hard to tell. One thing I do know? Rivers sucked today. You have a lot to learn buddy. The AFC West belongs to the Broncos!!! Great win today.
Also doesn't help that as a Victor Cruz owner, Eli Manning suddenly regressed to his pre Super Bowl winning ways.
Uhhh. Phil... Eli has just as many Super Bowl wins as you do. Actually, he has two and you have one. Phil Simms was not the starter for Super Bowl XXV (Jeff Hostetler was the Giants QB for that game), but he was on the team. Super Bowl MVP awards: Eli 2, Simms 1 I think he is upset that Eli is going to break all of his records. Once again, I BELIEVE IN ELI!
Seriously, Phil Simms, what are you even saying? Last summer, when all was right with the New York Giants and the afterglow of being defending Super Bowl Champions still shined, Simms told our very own Jim
Eli Manning, NY Giants like view from first place with Super Bowl still in reach - New York Daily News
Eli Manning 2 Super Bowl wins. Dan Marino still waiting for his first.
Today I am thankful for my husband who is like Plaxico Burress to my Eli Manning... cause although I have the best intentions, like Eli I can throw some really ugly end over end wobbly messed up passes (that no one else could possibly catch or understand where I intended to throw it) and like Plaxico he can reach out in the most athleticism effort to catch that crazy ball, and make us both look good and finish the play with a touchdown, when it should've been either picked off or just an embarrassing incomplete pass. (Wow you know I'm a full NY "convert" fan when I use the Giants in my life analogies) lol But thank you baby for being the ying to my crazy yang...we're goin to the Super Bowl of life, cause I'm lettin Jesus be my quarterback instead and I'll do what I do best, protect and block on the line
I never doubt Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, JPP, Justin Tuck, Victor Cruz, Lawrence Tynes and the entire roster of player's abilities look at the nice plays Steve Weatherford, Corey Webster Antrell Rolle and Michael Boley made, not every player showed up today, they may have heard too many of the liberal media's comments about them playing at al in THE WAKE OF THE STORM. Angela Evanik Parsons remined me 'SOME OF THOSE GUYS JUST LOST THEIR HOMES. THEY DID GOOD... STILL VERY PROUD." My son reminded me theyhave the "BEST DEFFENSE IN THGE LEAGUE. we KNEW IT WAS GONNA BE TOUGH" We'll get them back in the Super Bowl. Who's goin with me?
Up about to start my Sunday ritual a lot of Big Games this weekend and they should be good Cam vs RGIII, Romo vs Ryan, Vick vs Brees (Monday night), and The Clash Of The Titans, 2 of the best QB's to ever play the game, they both came out in arguably the best QB Draft in the history of the game going & they have 4 Super Bowl Rings and 5 Super Bowl appearances between them in just 8 years of playing Big Ben vs Mr.Clutch himself Eli Manning
I just want to say I was on Game Center for the Pittsburgh Steelers VS New York Giants game and the fans earned my respect. They were leaving good clean comments. Saying this game will be good and that they had respect for Steelers fans. Last week on the Game Center the Redskins fans were all rude and leaving nasty comments. Just ignorant stuff. Just a bunch of awesome fans having respect for the game! I love that. Plus Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning both got drafted in the same year (2004). Both of them having two Super Bowl wins.
All you people talking about how much this country has changed since Obama took office, listen to this. The day Obama took office, the defending Super Bowl Champions were the New York Giants, coming off a SB win over the New England Patriots, in which Eli Manning was the MVP. Your argument just became *so* invalid. :-)
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I just gotta say it. Go Giants! Go Bears! RG3 = Legit. Eli Manning = Legitter. Seriously, let Tebow run the dang ball! Ravens are toast with no Ray Lewis. Brady Quinn is not the answer. Aaron Rodgers never left people, his defense doesn't always show up. Patriots are freakin garbage. They are folders and soft. There's no reason the Jets should be pounding anyone. At this point, Miami looks like the best team in the AFC East. The AFC will lose this Super Bowl. Whomever emerges from the NFC will be so strong and tough, that there is now way they lose. Nice win Raiders, you've still got heart. Keep fighting, that AFC West Title is still up for grabs. Never, ever, ever, bet against the Manning brothers. EVER. Cam Newton, you could learn a thing or two from them. Can anyone question the value of coaching anymore? Cowboys, all the talent in the world, garbage. Harbaugh comes in and turns a 49ers squad who had Alex Smith at QB, 2 rookies on the OL, lost their all pro nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, had Michael Cra ...
Remember when all of the "experts" ranked the 2004 QB draft class. 1) Philip Rivers, 2) Eli Manning, 3) JP Losman, 4) Ben Roethlisberger ?? Now I'll admit, it took me a while to become a Manning believer (LTR), but I've ALWAYS thought that Rivers is an overrated, trash-talking, sore-losing, crybaby, who has a throwing motion like a Tyrannosaurus-Rex. But even after Ben & Eli won a Super Bowls apiece the experts still said Rivers was the best. It wasn't until recently that he reeaally started sucking that they hopped off the bandwagon and admitted that okay, both of the two-time Super Bowl champs MIGHT be better.
1983, the year of the QB.. There were 6 QB's drafted in rd 1 that year and they combined for 2 Super Bowl titles and numerous appearances. In 2004 there were 4 rd 1 QB's drafted. They have 4 Super Bowl titles with Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning each having 2. Eli also has two SB MVP's as well..
So glad the Chargers told the Giants to select Phillip Rivers in the 2004 NFL draft in order to trade for Eli Manning. Could you imagine how awful the Giants would be having Rivers as the starting QB if the trade fell thru. Yikes!!! On the other hand, if the Giants couldn't get Eli before picking 4th, I still think they would of gotten Ben Roethlisberger instead. But we'll never know? Thanks Eli for telling the world you wanted to be a New York Football Giant! I think it's working out ok? just a hunch! 2 huge Super Bowl wins and a lot of dramatic comebacks to add to his legacy. You can't spell Elite w/o Eli! : )
"La la la you will never get these la la la"-Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger to Philip Rivers in their Borat voices while flashing their Super Bowl Rings to Philip Rivers
It seems that all you need to compete in the NFL today is a QB with a strong arm and any of the dozens of big-play receivers. The defensive backs simply cannot cover them. It's a passing league and running game and defense just doesn't matter much, as evidenced by the Giants taking advantage of Alex Smith's relatively weak arm and riding Eli's arm today. The 49ers superb run defense did not matter at all. (The Giants winning the Super Bowl last year while finishing dead last in running yards per game proves how secondary running is now. Although offense in general still mightily trumps defense.) There's so so many stud wideouts now: Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, even Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley on the Jets outperform the d-backs. There are QBs who through a strong arm alone can keep their teams in games: Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers and Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan and RGIII and Cam Newton (for all their speed, those last two have extremely strong arms) ...
The New York Giants were left for dead in the middle of the 2011-2012 season and Tom Coughlin was on the coaching hot seat. Funny how an improbable run to the Giants' 4th Super Bowl victory silenced all critics! McFarlane Toys salutes the New York Giants' title-winning season with this NFL 3-Pack...
One of you smart Choker Fans explain to me how can you pass up Ben Roethlisberger (3 Super Bowls) in the draft trade Drew Brees (1 Super Bowl) and trade Eli Manning (2 Super Bowls) for that CRY ME A RIVER cat? Count'em that's 6 Super Bowls you fools could have had. Smfh!!!
17-4 in his last 21 regular season games, 2 game winning drives in an epic post season victory, a muffed punt away from facing Tom The Great in the Super Bowl, outplaying QB's like Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and arguably Eli Manning in 4 of his last 7 games, and now leading the 49ers to their franchise best single game offensive output ever... I wonder if people are ready to stop calling Alex Smith a "bust" yet...
Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports interviews Eli Manning in April 2008 for the YES Network's Memories of the Game show that aires in May 2008. Check out http...
Tony Romo is the Greatest Dallas Cowboys Quarterback of All-Time, According to the Stats JOE OWENS 8 months ago « PREVIOUS POST NEXT POST » Tony Romo finished 4th in 2011 with a 102.5 Passer Rating behind Rodgers, Brees, & Brady. A high QB Passer Rating can be misconstrued at times and that is never more evident then this year alone. After finishing 4th in 2011, Romo also moved into second in NFL career Passer Rating at 96.9 but hasn’t lead the Dallas Cowboys to a playoff game since 2009. Conversely the New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning finished 7th with a 92.9 passer rate and coincidentally played for a second Super Bowl title. Romo’s only falls behind Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers whose career Passer Rating is 104.1. The top five in career Passer Rating is rounded out with Steve Young, Tom Brady & Phillip Rivers.
A few football notes and various other things I want to get off my chest. - I’d like to thank the Buffalo Bills for getting the Patriots season back on track. I feel so strongly about this that I think Mr. Kraft should include the Bills defense in his speech after the Super Bowl. The entire defense except Mario Williams, because I don’t think he was there yesterday. -I’m not sure what was more fun, watching Vince Wilfork totally ragdoll Donald Jones in the 4th quarter, or knowing Rob DeVantier and Jeff Manni were choking on their chicken wings while he was doing it. -I hate Eli Manning. Not as much as I hate A-Rod, but more than I hate vegetables. -On a related note, special thanks to Steven Gostkowski for muffing not 1, but 2 field goals; and Dennis Pitta of the Ravens for dropping a pass in the end zone, collectively denying my team 15 fantasy points and dropping the Mighty Wolfpack to 1-3. (And Michael Crabtree, 3 points in a 34-0 romp doesn’t make you a hero). Future transgressions will lead t ...
I hate it so much when people jump from team to team! People like teams based upon the teams record or who they have on there team like , why all of a sudden does every body like the giants? Because they won the super bowl and Because they got Victor Cruz , Bradshaw , Eli Manning, And Hakeim Nicks. But you can see the vikings havent made the playoffs in 3 yrs and i'm still a fan ?! wagons. hate them
Going into the 2012 season, the “who is the best quarterback in the NFC East” debwas very much alive. Tony Romo had the stats. Eli Manning had the ring. Fans, of course, were divided by team loyalty. Analysts attempted to quantify it with clutch-play and win-loss records. The only thing (a big thing) that really separated the two was a Super Bowl Ring. One year and three games later, that debate has become a bit one-sided. While Romo put together the best season of his career, Manning catapulted himself into elite status after defeating the New England Patriots and winning a second Super Bowl. If we were to pose the question of which quarterback you’d rather have on your team, Eli or Romo, anyone that picks Romo just hasn’t been paying attention. I realize that what I am saying will be viewed as treason in Dallas, but even Cowboys fans can’t ignore the strides Manning has made in the last few years to improve his game. That’s the true difference between these two quarterbacks: improvement. The ...
Mark Sanchez should take note that Eli Manning was very much the unproven QB at the same point in his career. Entering their fourth NFL season, Sanchez's and Manning's numbers were remarkably similar. Passing YPG: Sanchez 195.1; Manning 196.3. TD Passes: Sanchez 55; Manning 54. Completion Pct: Sanchez 55.3, Eli Manning 54.0. Passer Rating: Sanchez 73.2, Eli Manning 73.1 While I'm not saying in any way that Sanchez will become a multi-Super Bowl winning QB, this does show that Sanchez has something to strive for. Despite all of the issues he still has to overcome, it can be done.
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u know it's funny how people argue w/ me, trying to tell me that Eli Manning is garbage.. an opinion is an opinion.. FACT: there is only 1 NFL Player, let alone QB in HISTORY with more Super Bowl MVPs than Eli Manning and that's Joe Montana.. So at the end of the day nobody grows up and says "hey i want to lead the league in yards or QB rating but never get a ring"... Sooo at the end of the day "People Lie, numbers dont" - Jay Z
Panthers exposed on defense by former NC State running back Andre Brown with 96 yards rushing. 3 INT's by Cam Newton equals Giants 36 to 7 over the Panthers. Eli Manning is very good with 288 yards passing. That's why the Giants are Super Bowl Champs and the Panthers aren't.
Eli Manning has as many Super Bowl Rings as Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Tony Romo, Phillip Rivers, and Dan Marino combined.
Week 2 headlines: A shocker in Foxborough today as the Patriots drop one at home to the Cardinals 20-18 after a Stephen Gostkowski missed field goal from 42 yards out. Who'd thought that their week 3 match up with the Ravens is now a must win? The defending Super Bowl Champions survived disaster today at home against Tampa after trailing by 14 in the 4th where Eli Manning put up 510 YDS and 3 TDS. Going into Carolina on Thursday, I'm sure their thrilled to be 1-1 where they could easily be 0-2 right now. 2 weeks, 9 turnovers and the Eagles are amazingly 2-0 after beating Baltimore in the last minute of the game 24-23. Fans in Philadelphia could almost expect this every week this season, but the reality is they will probably not embrace it.
The Ravens are crybabies man. Harbaugh has just a whiny attitude, Flacco cries about being "picked on" by media, that's why I don't respect franchises like them and the Saints. Do you hear Bill Belichick or Tom Brady crying week in and week out? What about Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning? Didn't think so. Man up, play the game, and quit worrying about the media. Win something and you'll gain respect. At least get to a Super Bowl before you put yourself on Brady's, Manning's (either one), and Rodgers' level.
So. Noticed a trend wit Eli Manning. Every year he wins the Super Bowl, (2008, 2011) he's lost to the NFL MVP during the regular season and then came back and beat em in the playoffs (Tom Brady in 2008, Aaron Rodgers in 2011). Just a thought.
After just one week of the new NFL season Eli Manning has gone from Super Bowl Champion to Peyton Mannings brother.
A few final thoughts on the game today: Fact: During the Giants first Super Bowl season with Eli Manning the Giants defense gave up 80+ points in the first two games of the season. We will be ok. Spag's defense takes a bit to learn. Jabari Greer is also out. Not crazy about P. Robinson, never have been. Plus our corners are young. Like I have said prior to the season 10-6 would be a really good season with everything that has gone on. A 3-3 split until Vitt gets back would be outstanding. The current interim coach and Coach Carmichael are a bit too lo key for me. Lastly, Pierre Thomas needs more snaps.
Michael T: that's not fair. Me: life's not fair. Eli Manning has 2 Super Bowl Rings & Dan Marino has none.
While attending Saturday night's Ole Miss game, I heard the P.A. announcer state that Ole Miss and Alabama were the only two SEC schools with Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. He said that Bart Starr had won two and so had Eli Manning. Apparently the announcer forgot that Bama's Joe Namath won Super Bowl III. And what about Peyton Manning of Tennessee?
t’s time for everybody to take a deep breath. The world isn’t going to end because the New York Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys in one game. Did everybody already forget we just won the Super Bowl? Our second Super Bowl win in five years, to be exact. People need to remember that feeling and not the one the Giants felt after losing to the Cowboys. The last 12 defending Super Bowl Championship teams won their opening game, but the only team to repeat in the last 12 years was the New England Patriots during the 2004 season. So how important is winning the season opener? Not very important. Tony Romo threw a bad interception that should’ve went back for six, but it didn’t. The Cowboys defense stepped up when it needed to, and Romo stepped up after throwing that pick. Eli Manning, in my opinion, didn’t have a bad game at all. Remember those interceptions Manning gets knocked for? He didn’t throw a single one. Victor Cruz dropped three passes in the numbers, and David Wilson had a very costly fum ...
I watched the Cowboys beat the New York Giants last night in the NFL season opener. Was the first regular-season game I've watched since 2008. Was like riding a bike. I found the old groove in no time, which means I fell asleep midway through the second quarter. (Judging by the score, it looks like Eli Manning did the same). Also found another old groove -- losing. I picked the defending Super Bowl Champions to beat Jerry Jones' bunch. Wrong.
ok as far as the 24-17 loss to the cowboys. You want me to be repetitive about what you just Saw on tv or live at the game. You ? what they do all off season & what they did at summer training camp. There hasn't been a Running Game since idk what season i can recall god knows when. The Lines front guys on both sides of the ball Stunk. Cruz had 4 dropped catches. G-men clearly have No Pass Defense. the giants D can't stop the Run game. Only bright spot was Eli Manning & Tight End Martellus Bennett. Idk if the giants were caught up distracted by the whole super bowl home game ceremonies, idk if they were not as ready & prepared. The Cowboys clearly improved got better, giants took a little step back. Lets Hear it for the Replacement Refs oh yea good job (scumbag *** suck dam zebras a joke). The Big plays hurt the giants. I'm not worried i'm not concerned no panic not mad or upset. Every team wants to start 1-0, it was 1 game. Get the cowboys again in Dallas. Giants will be the Good Giants they know how ...
Oh boy here we go again, I wonder how many people are going to jump on the Tony Romeo Cowboys ship with Jerry Jones after beating the Superbowl champs?? Let me just say this as a Football fan, Tony Romeo is overrated as a quarterback!! And just because he beat the New York Giants in week one Don't mean squat!! Just for the record I have more Respect for Eli Manning because he's won two Super Bowl Rings and Tony Romo Zero!! So When the Cowboys play the Giants again in week eight Watch Out Tony Romo, Eli Manning coming after you!!! And Tony Romo you better be prepare for the Buccaneers in week three Cause Coach Greg Schiano Going to have Josh Freeman in check you better believe that!
Time to expose the joker Eli Manning! No more picking on Terrance Newman.time to let your true colors shine! The Eli we all know and love who is mediocre at best 80% of the more riding the success of your defense while you huck up hail marry's in the super bowl.your lucky run is OVER! Game on.
5 Keys to the Giants' season: 1. Can the offensive line - especially changes at tackle - protect Eli Manning? The two time SB MVP took a beating down the stretch and somehow kept getting up. LT combo of Sean Locklear/Will Beatty must step up on blind side and David Diehl moves to the right side where stability is important following veteran Kareem McKenzie's departure. 2. Will David Wilson ignite the backfield and get dormant running game off the ground? The Giants were last in the NFL in rushing and still won the Super Bowl, so even incremental improvement will do wonders for the offense. The electricity of rookie Wilson and improved health of Ahmad Bradshaw should produce better results. 3. Has the secondary put the communication breakdowns of 2011 behind it? CB Corey Webster is an emerging star. The safety tandem of Antrel Rolle and Kenny Phillips is among the league's best. Against the great passing teams on the schedule, this is a unit that can't afford slip-ups like last season (see New Orleans, "MN ...
Tomorrow is a good day because tomorrow, my dear friends, Eli Manning starts his quest for his third Super Bowl Ring. Three. Just like Tom Brady. Go New York Giants!
Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning, a tough-minded approach to the fourth quarter and the big-game experience separate the defending Super Bowl champ
Tomorrow we will be showing more NFL preseason action as the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots take on Eli Manning and the defending Super Bowl Champions! Game starts @ 4pm!
Super Bowl match up for 2012- Payton Manning and his Denver Broncos against Eli Manning and the New York Giants. Now that would be intriguing.
Random examples of breathakingly incredible perfection in this world.the Purple Rain soundtrack, McEnroe in 1984, Lyla Garrity, Eli Manning in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl, Frank Deford in his prime. I will think of others.
in deference to KFAN-MN and the common man, there are quotes that need to be spread worldwide; therefore the 1st of many weekly installments to my 20 friends: Todd's toddlings(a word you will find in Websters 2020): 11) Trent Tucker: "The Timberwolves play better on the road because they don't have to deal with the distractions that they have at home like ticket requests, driving in traffic and parking" 12) Dave Sinykin: trying to spin the reasons the Wolves might be able to attract a talented veteran free-agent to the team said "...and the climate has changed, It isn't as cold here all year round" 13) Peter King: "If Eli Manning wins the Super Bowl, he should be considered the greatest Playoff Quarterback of all time" 14) Dan Dierdorf: as CBS introduced all the national punt-pass-kick winners for 2011, "I've always admired these kids. It takes a lot of courage to be involved in this competition" 15) Matt Birk: after NFL season ended, "It's like being out of jail. All you've been doing is going to work ...
New York Giant Justin Tuck finds Clay Matthews' comments that the Green Bay Packers beat themselves depressing. Where's the respect for the reigning Super Bowl Champions?
Happy B-Day to Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. I can't believe he turned 35 today & hopefully we can have another successful Season. Hope he can bring us back to the Playoffs so another Opponent can miss another FG kick tie in the AFC Championship so NE can advace to SB XLVII in New Orleans, LA. If anyone's talking about the Tom Brady wanna be's Peyton Manning & Eli Manning, none of them can't win a great Super Bowl than Tom Brady w/ 3. How do I even know it's his B-Day? Because his B-Day is August 3, 1977. Can NE make it back to SB XLVII & win it in New Orleans? Ooohhh yeah!!! Happy B-Day Tom Brady; you're twice kick *** than Overrated Manning Brothers.
Former New York Giants receiver Amani Toomer won a Super Bowl with Eli Manning, but says he would choose Tony Romo over him. 
So, Colin Cowherd of ESPN is doing his Eli Manning worship this morning.Eli is a first ballot Hall Of Famer, if he never plays another game, says Colin.OMG...Now, before Giants fans go nuts, can we consider the following, with the undertanding that Eli will get into the HOF one day? 1-Eli has played 8 seasons in the NFL...In 6 of those seasons, his teams either didn't make the playoffs, or DIDN'T WIN A PLAYOFF GAME...that's nearly 70 percent of his career... 2-If Assante Samuel makes a relatively easy interception in Super Bowl 42, that game is over, and if Wes Welker makes, what for him, is an easy catch, Super Bowl 46 is over. Jim Plunkett hasn't gotten into the HOF, and he won 2 Super Bowls and was MVP of one of them...Just sayin...
Can someone tell me why Tom Brady, the LOSING QB of the 2012 Super Bowl is on the Under Armour advertisement and NOT the deserving QB, Eli Manning?
Can ESPN crawl any further up Tim Tebows *** !!??? He isnt even gonna start and you'd think he was Tom Brady!!! Didn't the Giants win the Super Bowl? Where's the Eli Manning love?!!
Yep I know it's football season now we are already talking about Tim Tebow in New York, when the most celebrated quarterback in New York is Eli Manning that dude has only beat Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl. Tebow is a nice story, but I thought sports was about rings and championships. Let's put it all in perspective the same Patriots Eli's (Giants) beat, basically beat down Tebow's (Broncos) in one half of football.
Eli Manning's wife wonders why the Giants make it so tough on fans during their Super Bowl runs. It isn't bothering Pete Prisco, who says the G-Men start at the top of the league, but wonders for how long.
Dear ESPN, How do I address my anger and disappointment in your organization. How is Eli Manning not nominated for best NFL player of the year...yet Aaron Rogers is. I have no qualms with Drew Brees, since he broke a NFL record in throwing yardage, but seriously, Aaron Rogers. The guy who choked due to Eli Manning and the Giants in his own home playoff game which prevented Green Bay from seeking back-back Superbowls. Eli Manning may not have thrown for 45 TD's last year, but he did carry the Giants on his shoulders and brought them a second Super Bowl title in 4 years in one of the most improbable ways. He went on the road and beat 4 very strong teams...5 if you want to count the win against the Cowboys which gave the Giants their NFC Eeast Championship and playoff berth. All I have to say is...ESPN, get off Aaron Rogers' *** and stop suckling at his bloated stats. I'll take Eli any day over any other quarterback in the leauge. And, by doing this ESPN, you go against yourself (well, not surprisingly) aft ...
My vote for play of the year? Easy. Eli Manning to Mario Manningham in the Super Bowl with 3 and a half in the 4th, down by 2.
Something people forget: if Asante Samuel catches that easy INT and Wes Welker catches that pass, Eli Manning would have 0 Super Bowl wins.
doesn't believe bath salts lead to the creation of zombies but egregious errors in sports, like Amani Toomer ranking Romo over Eli Manning after winning his second Super Bowl.
Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan believes an old teammate of his, Amani Toomer, could use some help. After Strahan heard Toomer call Tony Romo -- not Eli Manning -- the NFC East's best quarterback, all the warning signs were there: "You gotta check his house for bath salts," Strahan told "Hill & Schlereth" on ESPN Radio (funny to all except those swallowed up by reports of a zombie uprising). Debate: Still no respect for Eli? After not making the list at all last season, Eli Manning checks in at No. 31 in the "Top 100." Is this still too low? More ... Strahan and Toomer both won a Super Bowl with Manning at quarterback, prompting Strahan to call the former wideout's commentary "surprising." (It's increasingly less so when you consider Toomer's trying to make his mark as an analyst on SiriusXM NFL Radio.) "I look at Eli and I think he's the only two-time-winning quarterback in the league who probably gets less respect than anybody else," Strahan said. "And I think maybe it's his demeano ...
Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin have been linked since 2004, when they both arrived in New York. There have been bumps in the road, but Kimberly Jones says life is good after a second Super Bowl title.
Amani Toomer caused a stir by stating Tony Romo is a better QB than two-time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning. Michael Strahan thinks his ex-teammate isn't thinking with a clear mind.
Amani Toomer should be thanking Eli Manning for getting him a Super Bowl Ring, instead of making idiotic statements about him. Saying that Elii gets too much credit for winning. I guess he thinks that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning get too much credit too. Oh, and to say that Tony Romo produces more.really, 1 playoff win versus 2 SB titles. Come on, man!
He only has one ring. Big Ben and Eli Manning have two. I'll take the Super Bowl wins over the regular season stats and one SB.
Joe Flacco should have been in last years Super Bowl & if I had to pick a QB his game reminds me of its Eli Manning
Michael Vick will never lead the to a Super Bowl... Wish we had Eli Manning
Mets Insider: Eli thows first pitch at Citi: Eli Manning's arm helped the Giants win two Super Bowl titles by th...
RANK 6 GIANTS As mentioned above, the Giants face a daunting task in repeating as Super Bowl Champions. Having a gifted quarterback in Eli Manning eases some of the pressure, not to mention an outstanding Head Coach in Tom Coughlin and that game-changing defensive line. Running back Brandon Jacobs and receiver Mario Manningham are the two biggest losses, but all the other key stars are back.
NY Giants are fired up to defend Super Bowl title with distraction of Osi ...: Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin are ...
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is honoring the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, crediting them as a team that didn't quit despite obstacles. It was the second title in four years for Super Bowl MVP quarterback Eli Manning and the Giants.
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"APD in the Community" staff is back in action today volunteering at The Children of the City,David Tyree and The New York Giants Bowl A Thon.Guests will include Eli Manning and the rest of The Super Bowl Giants.Let's raise some money for this foundation and all the children they help in NYC. 2nd
Don’t expect Eli Manning to rest on his laurels after winning his second Super Bowl Ring. Manning said on today’s Dan Patrick Show that the Giants’ mindset this offseason isn’t that they’re the defending champions who enter the season as the top team in the league.
In the case of Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo, the aforementioned standard makes for an interesting dilemma when determining who is the better player. Manning, a two-time Super Bowl Champion/MVP, is coming off the best season of his eight-year career, with career highs in passing yards (4,933) and yards per attempt (8.4), as well as unparalleled fourth-quarter brilliance. He took his game to another level in the playoffs, connecting on 65 percent of his throws for 1,219 yards with nine touchdowns and only one interception. In addition to his spectacular stat line, Manning made a number of clutch plays, including his 38-yard strike to Mario Manningham on the New York Giants' game-winning drive in Super Bowl XLVI, with the outcome of the game hanging in the balance.
I couldn't believe it when I read today that TO would like to finish his career as a 49er. Uh Terrell... I think your career is already over. Even the Raiders don't seem interested... and Carson Palmer was the last QB who he teamed up with and had a fair amount of success in 2010. Now we seem to have an embarrassment of riches at the wide receiver. But the one guy I think may put us over the top and finally make Alex Smith a Pro Bowl calibre QB is Mario Manningham. He certainly made Eli Manning look good in the Super Bowl. Anyway it's fun to see them all come out of the woodwork again now that our team has gained sudden respectability. Lot's of luck TO... but you are no Jerry Rice. Beyond that... this is from a fairly interesting column that I read today: Some of the post-draft grades were ridiculous. Some gave the Niners a C or C- because they drafted a relatively unknown receiver in the first round and a smallish back out of Oregon in the second. What they don’t realize is that, in assembling the ...
Eli Manning, Giants to get latest Super Bowl Rings - Houston Chronicle
Eli Manning, Giants get latest Super Bowl Rings: Roger Clemens' lawyer jabbed his left index finger and hammered...
All-new show today! Kelly welcomes “The Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison as guest co-host. Academy Award® winner Billy Bob Thornton turns the page to his new book. Super Bowl-winning quarterback Eli Manning visits. And meet high school teacher Monica Dunn from Pride, Louisiana, the third of our five “Top Teacher Week” finalists!
Two-time Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning hosts the May 5th, 2012 edition of Saturday Night Live. In this sketch, Manning appears on the parodied Swedish version of Chelsea Lately as football star "Eliasson Mannerheim."
Eli Manning wins his second Super Bowl with a young, talented Giants team, but all the offseason chatter surrounds Peyton and the Broncos. You want to crown them? Go right ahead, but excuse Pete Prisco for not buying the hype.
When the New York Giants won their first Super Bowl under Tom Coughlin, they were known for the offensive line and their defensive line. The pass rush remains fearsome, but the identity of this team has changed. Eli Manning has become one of the best quarterbacks in football, in part because he's surrounded by incredible skill position talent. Giants general manager Jerry Reese is known for drafting talent over need, but he combined the two with No. 32 overall selection running back David Wilson from Virginia Tech. Wilson should be a serious upgrade over Brandon Jacobs, who was in decline and couldn't help on passing downs. Wilson is a dynamic, three-down player just like Ahmad Bradshaw. His addition will give Tom Coughlin options.
Happy Saturday! Tonight we are live with host Eli Manning from the Super Bowl winning New York Music guest is
Eli Manning sensed his brother's shadow even as a comedic actor. 'Saturday Night Live' producers invited the New York Giants quarterback to host after he won his first Super Bowl in 2008.
The President has recently let us know that had it not been for him, Osama Bin Laden would still be on the planet. You heard it . . . "I directed . . . I planned . . . I made the call . . . I got him." It's as if no one else was involved. We know now that there was for sure at least one Admiral designated to take the fall if the plan failed. I think it's more like this: You are the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. You have recruited the best players for years; you have strategized all year for this opportunity; the team has practiced diligently; and you have had sufficient success to get to this crucial game. You're up by 5 points on the Patriots with 30 seconds to go. Eli Manning gets hurt and is put out of the game. You call in your backup quarterback. He is to take 2 knees down and the game will be over. He does this, and you, the Giants are the Super Bowl Champions. The backup quarterback nabs the nearest ESPN reporterette and starts rehearsing his strategy and execution without which the victory wo ...
Eli Manning, he of the two-time Super Bowl-winning New York Giants, will finally host Saturday Night Live on, well, Saturday. Watch the new promos
Eli Manning just won his second Super Bowl MVP and is set to host Saturday Night Live, but the New York Giants quarterback say he's behind Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow when it comes to popularity in New York City.
Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless were talking the Super Bowl, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, who's got more on the line, and all those arguments they use to fill t...
14. Dallas Cowboys – Eli Manning, QB: Jerry Jones expresses his public devotion to Tony Romo at every turn, but the man doesn't live in a cave. Watching Peyton's kid brother win his second Super Bowl in stirring fashion last February – not long after Eli and the Giants bested Romo and the 'Boys in a pair of late-season clashes – surely gave the Dallas owner a serious case of QB Envy. And right now, the younger Manning isn't just the king of the NFC East, he's the man every passer in the league wants to be.
Talking about the Patriots "easy" strength of schedule, ESPN big mouth Skip Bayless refered to the Patriots as, "The team that should have won the Super Bowl". SHUT UP SKIP!! If they were supposed to win the Super Bowl they would have. It was no fluke the Giants beat New England, AGAIN, in the Super Bowl. Should have doesn't win Super Bowls, Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, Ahmad Bradshaw, Tom Coughlin, those guys win Super Bowls.
Andre Brown leads the Giants in another round of their infectious Super Bowl chant "We got a ring!" at the City Hall ceremony Tuesday.Eli Manning hoisted the...
And the Baltimore Ravens clinch Super Bowl XlVII with Joe Flacco's statement today. See: Eli Manning.
But for some reason, I don't see Joe Flacco putting up Eli Manning numbers or being super bowl mvp next year. If the Ravens win it it will
Joe Flacco says he's the best QB in the NFL. Eli Manning said he was elite last offseason and he backed it up by winning the Super Bowl
Aaron Rodgers, Big Ben, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees are people who can CARRY you to a Super Bowl.
Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning to speak at Press-Radio Club Dinner - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
NY Giants' Eli Manning has two Super Bowl Rings, but not the circus following ... - New York Daily News
The RSVPs are already coming in: Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, Univ of Maryland head football coach Randy Edsall,...
"With all the cameras at Super Bowl XLVI focused on quarterbacks Eli Manning and Tom Brady, Western Illinois...
Brady, Belichick heading to Pebble Beach: Eli Manning went to Disney World after Sunday’s win in Super Bowl XLVI...
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