Super Beta Prostate & Joe Theismann

Joseph Robert Joe Theismann (born September 9, 1949) is a former quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL). 5.0/5

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hi, Joe Theismann here with super Beta Prostate [pisses all over the new throw rug]
maybe he should advertise Super Beta Prostate like Joe Theismann
Breaking: Joe Theismann expects to stop by spring training and give Super Beta Prostate samples.
Rocking version of 1-877-KARS-4KIDS or the mellow version? Joe Theismann or John Ratzenberger aka Cliff Claven for Super Beta Prostate? Discuss.
I wonder if Joe Theismann gave out bottles of Super Beta Prostate for Halloween.
Joe Theismann tossing that bottle of Super Beta Prostate to the dude leaving the porta potty makes me giggle every time.
I wish the NO NO would GO GO away already and take Joe Theismann and his Super Beta Prostate with it.
Wouldn't it be ironic and glorious if somebody took Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate and shoved it up his ***
It could be worse; you could get Joe Theismann shilling for Super Beta Prostate.
Joe Theismann needs Super Beta Prostate. Tony Siragusa wears Depends. I blame my love of football. Need to evolve.
This game is so long that if Joe Theismann was at this game, he would have ran out of Super Beta Prostate.
Joe Theismann doing a commercial for Super Beta Prostate. Must be broke
Interesting how Joe Theismann is doing ads about Super Beta Prostate. I would've thought it would have been for Dr. Scholl's.
I was getting really concerned about Joe Theismann's prostate, but thanks to Super Beta Prostate, now we can both sleep at night
that won't happen thanks to Joe Theismann and Super Beta Prostate and testosterone.
I can't stand Joe Theismann and try as I might, I couldn't value his opinion any less. Super Beta Prostate does not make you still relevant.
Joe Theismann will attempt to have his false ad suit against him and Super Beta Prostate dismissed this Friday. Suit claims pills don't work
I'm really glad Joe Theismann found super Beta Prostate and doesn't have to go as often, I was worried
Joe Theismann is selling super Beta Prostate vitamins on tv.THE RECESSION CONTINUES!
I have a TV-A HUGE ONE! I hate commercials. Especially the Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate one. As bad as Jay Caufield
Tell him to mix in some Super Beta Prostate. - Joe Theismann
He needs to talk to Joe Theismann about Super Beta Prostate.
Super Beta Prostate has a new promotion going on. With every $50 purchase Joe Theismann gives you a free prostate massage
Super Beta Prostate. Joe Theismann is pretty *** excited about the stuff.
Now every time I have to pee I'm worried I need Super Beta Prostate. Screw you, Joe Theismann!
I bet Joe Theismann was a pain in the *** to go drinking with until he started taking Super Beta Prostate.
My sense is that Super Beta Prostate also colors Joe Theismann's hair.
Super Beta Prostate...poor Joe Theismann, but does he need to tell the word his problems?
Joe Theismann is pushing Super Beta Prostate on TV harder than a Democrat pushing Obamacare.
I think Super Beta Prostate messes with your mind by seeing some recent Joe Theismann quotes.
Yes, I wanted to know that Joe Theismann has a Super Beta Prostate and goes less often.
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Thinking of your shattered knees wasn’t enough, now I gotta think of your swollen prostate? Thanks, Joe Theismann & Super Beta Prostate.
Joe Theismann really wants me to buy some Super Beta Prostate.
seems like he needs to talk to Joe Theismann and get some Super Beta Prostate
I think Joe Theismann needs to give Marv Albert some of his Super Beta Prostate.
I cringe every time I see those Joe Theismann clips on TV. (Not the broken leg.Super Beta Prostate)
If you want a stronger urine flow and a more complete emptying of the bladder, Joe Theismann wants you to use super Beta Prostate.
Nonexistent is messing with us. Peggy Kessler is hawking Super Beta Prostate and Joe Theismann visits Cancer Centers of America.
Best thing on TV is Joe Theismann pimping Super Beta Prostate
And I know more about Joe Theismann's prostate than I ever wanted to. Thanks for nothing Super Beta Prostate.
Word on the street is that Joe Theismann wants to have Kevin Ware on his next Super Beta Prostate commercial.
Joe Theismann makes the news for reaching out to Kevin Ware, coincidentally the Super Beta Prostate commercials take over ESPN?
Wonder if Joe Theismann gave Kevin Ware a bottle of Super Beta Prostate?
I wonder if Joe Theismann ever thought that Super Beta Prostate and another famous leg injury would bring him back into the spotlight.
hopefully they also ask about super Beta Prostate Joe Theismann on the show at 4:30to discuss ware injury
Maybe Kevin Ware can join Joe Theismann and be a spokesman for Super Beta Prostate.
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OH: "Joe Theismann will ship the kid some super Beta Prostate...he'll be ok."
Joe Theismann does commercials for Super Beta Prostate so his *** is so irrelevant it doesn't even matter
"I take Super Beta Prostate before every ball game. Can't get the high scores without it. - Joe Theismann
According to the Super Beta Prostate commercial, Joe Theismann gets asked about his prostate more than anything.
Joe Montana appears in Joint Juice ads while Joe Theismann hawks Super Beta Prostate… weren't they doing Wheaties boxes not too long ago?
Pairing celebs/brands takes ingenuity by agents/ Joe Theismann + Super Beta Prostate...hope a fearless journalist tackles that one
I'm not a mean person, but I hate Joe Theismann's super Beta Prostate commercials more than anything.
Joe Theismann's super Beta Prostate commercial is boss
For the love of God, please make Joe Theismann stop saying "Super Beta Prostate"
I wonder if Joe Theismann really takes Super Beta Prostate. Hmmm . . .
feels like Im on a first name basis with Joe Theismann's super Beta Prostate.
Just counted and Joe Theismann says "Super Beta Prostate" 83 times in that commercial where he's selling Super Beta Prostate
Joe Theismann was right, this Super Beta Prostate is fantastic
Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of these Super Beta Prostate commercials? I really don't care where or how often Joe Theismann has to take a leak.
Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate ad is the worst on television by a long shot.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Hmm. Joe Theismann recommends Super Beta Prostate to we menfolk over 50. Bending over and smiling once a year sure is a drag. Always been afraid of sharp fingernails... Particularly since my doctor of choice is a woman. What's a bloke to do?
I'm in awe of bladder. I don't see him doing commercials for Super Beta Prostate anytime soon. Joe Theismann's real jealous!
that Super Beta Prostate commercial with Joe Theismann really tugs on my heart strings...and makes me have to pee
One day, I hope to be as famous as Joe Theismann so I can have my very own "Super Beta Prostate" commercial just like him.
GEE Wiz .. how many times does Joe Theismann say "Super Beta Prostate" in the commercial? ... lol
Thank you Joe Theismann! The line at the bathroom was long so i took a Super Beta Prostate and now i'll never have to pee ever again
Well, I'm up beause of my "Joe Theismann" prostatic thang. Eagerly awaiting my bonus jar of Super Beta Prostate. Damned lazy bladder muscles. After a most fulfilling day at the Casa de Amor...I find myself with my GalPal Miss Anderson.Monday will really be great...a jo opportunity from an Automotive Paint Pal that hopefully will turn my life around. Praying and really pretty confident, that with my skill and The Almighty's Will...I will again join the ranks of The Employed. I do love Wendy Williams, but really...and, as my Brother Mic asked me one day, "what was her name when she played in the NFL???" quite possibly the funniest utterance my little serious brother has ever offered to me anyhow. Love you Mic...even though I never tell you this. 17 shopping days until your 49th birthday. Goodnight all...keep your fingers crossed please.
the comments on You're a Nation read brief speed, weakened, sounds like Joe Theismann's urination, he needs super Beta Prostate. PED or not?
Yo, Joe Theismann has a healthy prostate because of Super Beta Prostate.
get a bottle of Super Beta Prostate. -Joe Theismann
"My life revolved around finding the closest bathroom, before I started taking Super Beta Prostate". -- Joe Theismann Really, Joe? You've fallen that far since your NFL glory days?
"I used to *** myself during broadcasts, not anymore, thanks to Super Beta Prostate!" -Joe Theismann
Took some Super Beta Prostate and I'm videotaping a testimonial to send to Joe Theismann because that's pretty normal.
Joe Theismann fully endorses Super Beta Prostate, so that's really all that matters.
It's a sacrifice you have to make. I feel like Joe Theismann.Super Beta Prostate!
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Back in the fall I went to my doctor and had my full examination, including prostate. Everything seemed fine, just needed to lose weight. But repeated bathroom trips were annoying, plus it kept me from getting proper sleep. Then one night I saw former Redskins QB Joe Theismann in a commercial pushing Super Beta Prostate. I ordered a bottle out of curiosity, and so far, so good! Bathroom trips to 'flush the kidneys' have been cut in half. Sleep time has been much improved. I don't intend to sound like a commercial, nor am I being compensated for this post. Just want to help in case there are others out there who had the same problem I did.
As the future of the Rep party, I beg of you to please stop airing the Joe Theismann "Super Beta Prostate" commercial. PLEASE.
I wonder what would happen if Joe Theismann overdosed on his Super Beta Prostate.
You know, if *** Vitale used that Super Beta Prostate stuff Joe Theismann shamelessly hawks, he could have avoided that bathroom break.
Re bathroom break on The 5: Haven't you seen Joe Theismann's commercials? You can get a free bottle of Super Beta Prostate.
Another creepy ad: Joe Theismann wants me to send him a video if I ever use "Super Beta Prostate". I suppose he wants a video of my prostate? :-?
Endorsed by Joe Theismann and running multimillion dollar TV media on over 35 channels. This campaign features a free trial offer valued at $42.95. This is the top performing prostate supplement currently on the market. Super Beta Prostate is the number one selling prostate supplement in America. Cu...
How bad has it got for Joe Theismann that he's pimping Super Beta Prostate?
I kind of really hope Ray Lewis' retirement plan is teaming up with Joe Theismann for Super Beta Prostate commercials
Why did we just see Joe Theismann lustily copping two single bottles of red wine from the Hyatt hotel store? Skated out of there like he had completely run out of his Super Beta Prostate caplets.
Joe Theismann's commercial has been playing on the TVG horseracing channel several times a day every single day since last July or so and it is still going strong. Other commercials come and go. This outfit, combined with Joe Theismann, must have given TVG tons of money to play the commercial so freaking much-there's no other explanation that I can think of. I will throw the biggest party in the world when this commercial no longer airs.
Announcer (in golf whisper): We've secretly replaced Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate with Folger's Crystals. Sit back and watch the fun!
It saddens me to see Joe Theismann doing Super Beta Prostate commercials.
I'm sure "Super Beta Prostate" helps older dudes, but I'm really tired of hearing Joe Theismann talk @ his urine flow in that commercial.
Got no sleep b/c Joe Theismann was in a tree outside my bedroom window yelling about Super Beta Prostate all night long
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Joe Theismann needs to stop trying to sell me super Beta Prostate
For the love of god, I'll buy Super Beta Prostate if we don't have to hear about Joe Theismann's man-plumbing again.
Did Joe Theismann really NEED a free bottle of Super Beta Prostate?? Don't those sportscaster jobs pay well?
I don't want to hear Joe Theismann hyping Super Beta Prostate and his strong urine flow.
Joe Theismann says I can get a FREE bottle of Super Beta Prostate!
Right around the time we see her in a Super Beta Prostate commercial with Joe Theismann.
I wanna see Joe Theismann try to say "Super Beta Prostate" 5 times fast.
So Joe Theismann picked up his phone, called into Super Beta Prostate million bottle giveaway and then endorsed product? America says BS.
Joe Theismann tells me I'll sleep better at night if I buy Super Beta Prostate. Doesn't Beta mean its the test batch?
Am I the only one who finds it weird that Joe Theismann is randomly holding a microphone in the Super Beta Prostate commercial? Probably.
The only thing more painful than watching Joe Theismann's leg breaking is watching Joe Theismann's 'Super Beta Prostate' commercial
do u sell or can u get me a Joe Theismann signed mini helmet with the inscription "Super Beta Prostate". Thanks
I see Lance Armstrong squeezing Joe Theismann out of his Super Beta Prostate gig one day.Good. I despise that misogynistic ***
Sarah Scherger Sheehan and I watched the Lance Armstrong interview last night. My first thoughts were that I was really impressed with Oprah, she was on the attack and didn't let up, good for her. Second thoughts, Armstrong seems like a vindictive, controlling, ego maniac who is now going to get sued out of his mind (and lose) and no self respecting sponsors will ever touch him again. Lance, I hope you enjoy doing Super Beta Prostate commercials with Joe Theismann
Who would have ever thought you would see Joe Theismann, making a living Throwing bottles of Super Beta Prostate! He's still bad ***
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How much Joe Theismann making on Super Beta Prostate ads? First I gotta see his leg shatter, now I have to hear about his aging prostate?
I wonder how often Joe Theismann used to *** himself in public before he discovered Super Beta Prostate.
Pimping super Beta Prostate is a polite way to say you've taken it up the *** so long you *** the bed at night Joe Theismann.
I don't know what's more haunting, Joe Theismann breaking his leg on Monday Night Football in 1985 or his ads for Super Beta Prostate.
"I never knew Joe Theismann's prostate was giving him fits."not anymore. Not since Super Beta hit the
I wonder what was more painful for Joe Theismann: his horrific, career-ending leg fracture; or, starring as the spokesman for Super Beta Prostate.
What the *** Joe Theismann has a commercial about nearly pissing himself? What part of the game is that? Super Beta Prostate = lame.
wow! Super-Beta Prostate really works! seriously. Whenever I break into Joe Theismann's house now I never have to use the bathroom anymore.
Joe Theismann has me convinced I need some Super Beta Prostate. Sleep through the night, awake more energized, no frequent urges? SOLD!
Thanks Super Beta. I knew so little about Joe Theismann's prostate until about 30 seconds ago.
All I really wanted for Christmas was to never see another Super Beta Prostate commercial with Joe Theismann. Guess there's always next year
Super Beta Prostate!! I don't care what Joe Theismann's prostate is doing!
Next time you see Joe Theismann, tell him to lower the volume on his Super Beta Prostate commercials. My ears bleed.
I have a channel called Cool TV. I put it on and it had a Super Beta Prostate commercial with Joe Theismann followed by a Sean Paul video.
Kind of bummed that I'm not seeing Joe Theismann and Super Beta Prostate during ~ too early!
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Joe Theismann will not rest until every man over 50 owns a bottle of Super Beta Prostate.
Trying to decide which part of Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate commercials makes me hate him the most.
Was that last Redskins touchdown brought to us by Joe Theismann's prostate and Super Beta Prostate?
Hi- I'm Joe Theismann's Prostate. I throw fits and get drunk on Super Beta Prostate.
I didn't think I had a flow problem until I started to get inundated with Joe Theismann and the Super Beta Prostate ads.
I understand celebrity endorsements, but there is something about Joe Theismann hawking Super Beta Prostate that feels very wrong.
Joe Theismann and his Super Beta Prostate creeps me out.
I'm so glad Joe Theismann has found Super Beta Prostate! Now if he'd only stop talking about it on my TV!
Perhaps he could team up with Joe Theismann to advertise Super Beta Prostate.
What's harder to watch: Joe Theismann's career-ending leg injury or him talking about "strong urine flow" in Super Beta Prostate ads?
Joe Theismann must be married to a transsexual since he and his wife benefit from Super Beta Prostate
I wonder if Joe Theismann ever has to get out of bed and pee at the same time his Super Beta Prostate commercial is on.
Thanks to Super Beta Prostate, Joe Theismann was able to watch the conclusion of the vs. game.
Then perhaps you should take the advice of another legend, Joe Theismann, and try Super Beta Prostate.
It must be late. I'm considering ordering Super Beta Prostate cuz Joe Theismann is vouching for it
Joe Theismann uses Super Beta Prostate, so I should too, right??
Anyone still have a Good Liver?Want to test it? Drink 4oz.of Beer Every Time U see ad w/Joe Theismann shilling for Super-Beta-Prostate
It's pretty pathetic that Joe Theismann has resorted to super-Beta Prostate commercials for extra dough
Joe Theismann suggests you use Super Beta Prostate for that problem!
Joe Theismann used to broadcast Monday Night Football. Now he's doing commercials for "Super Beta Prostate". Bit of a fall for him.
Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate ads are one thing, but do we really need commercials for "self-lubricating catheters"?
Your watching 2 much Late TV. Joe Theismann all over it w/ Super Beta Prostate
If I see one more commercial of Joe Theismann and Super Beta Prostate, I will scream.!
Joe Theismann tells me I can have a stronger urine flow with Super Beta Prostate.
may be nitpicking here, but why is Joe Theismann holding a microphone in this Super Beta Prostate commercial?
Somehow just ordered 47 cases of Super Beta Prostate. *** you Joe Theismann.
Joe Theismann for Super Beta Prostate. Joe's prostate will kick all yous' prostates' *** !
I'm intrigued, Joe Theismann approves Super Beta Prostate on ESPN...Do you ?
Sometimes, as I make my way through the day. I can't help but wonder just how many takes it took Joe Theismann for Super Beta Prostate.
You're lucky they are not working the Joe Theismann Super Beta Prostate this morning. 1000x worse than Montel.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
As Seen On Pc is introducing our newest campaign, Super Beta Prostate, promoted by Joe Theismann and Hulk Hogan.
Can we have some promotion where Joe Theismann throws a bottle of Super Beta Prostate through a tire?
Thank goodness Joe Theismann and his aging prostate are getting relief with Super Beta Prostate. I have seen this commercial 1 million times too many.
Joe Theismann's performance in the Super Beta Prostate ad is the pinnacle of something
I can't help it, I see Joe Theismann selling Super Beta Prostate on TV and I feel pain in my right leg and quiver in horror.
it makes me uncomfortable to see Joe Theismann in the Super Beta Prostate commercial say "my prostate was giving me fits"
If it weren't for Joe Theismann I'd never have known about Super Beta Prostate
According to the Joe Theismann commercial I just saw, if we just sent some Super Beta Prostate to Obama, he may stop urinating on us.
I freakin hate and I mean hate his obnoxious lengthy commercial about his aging prostate. I have to mute the t.v. when it come on or I'll shoot the screen out. Does the man have no pride? Hasn't he made enough money?I'm sick of his prostate gland issues. Enough. We all get it. The name Super Beta Prostate is mentioned about 5,000 times which adds to the obnoxious horrendously horrible commercial. .
Maybe just me, but those Super Beta Prostate commercials creep me out, especially the Joe Theismann one. does it at least work?
Joe Theismann: "You'd have to take 100 pills to get the same benefits you get in one Super Beta Prostate." Ron Wood: "Is that a dare?"
Haven't done one of these for a few weeks, so, here goes . Steel cage match. Joe Theismann's prostate vs. Hulk Hogan's prostate Super Beta Prostate death match. Which prostate wins ?
We need more Joe Theismann endorsed Super Beta Prostate commericals during the debate.
Super Beta Prostate. How did Joe Theismann get so old???
That Joe Theismann commercial for Super Beta Prostate isn't wearing thin. No, not at all.
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Joe Theismann is a great spokesmam for Super Beta Prostate.
Joe Montana endorses Joint Juice. Joe Theismann endorses Super Beta Prostate. Whose retirement is going better?
I think Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate commercial wins over Clinton.
I know that common human decency dictates that I not mock Joe Theismann for hawking Super Beta Prostate while discussing his frequent urination and weak stream.but I've never considered Washington Redskins to be human, anyway.
For everyone who wanted Joe Theismann off of the Super Beta Prostate commercials, I give you Hulk Hogan! Happy now?
Dear Super Beta Prostate, I am sick and tired of hearing about Joe Theismann's Prostate problems and his weak bladder.. Seriously.. stop with the commercials
Who is more humorous? Joe Theismann's late night Super Beta Prostate ads, or VP Joe Biden speaking in general?
Super Beta Prostate turns Joe Theismann into Lawrence Taylor… ready to tackle anything.
Joe Theismann gettin Super Beta Prostate for the low
Thinking about ordering me some Super Beta Prostate. I mean, if Joe Theismann reps it it's gotta be good, right?
well according to former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, it doesn't have to! Try Super Beta Prostate today!
has Joe Theismann given up on Super Beta Prostate?
Joe Theismann is doing commercials for Super Beta now. He doesn't have a magical prostate that allows wee-wee out on command
I think Joe Theismann says Super Beta Prostate too much. I don't like it.
I always though of Joe Theismann as on the great QB's on the field and figured his legacy would be hie achievements and leadership. Now however, all I know is he has a raging prostate and if it weren't for "Super Beta Prostate" he would be standing at the toilet all day long.. Sure glad I have a mute button..OBTW Deb wanted to know if he was the guy after whom they named the trophy.. ROFLMAO
do you think Joe Theismann's prostate is ok? He really is pushing this Super Beta Prostate.
That awkward moment when you hear Joe Theismann doing a Super Beta Prostate commercial and it kinda sounds like he calls himself Joe Biden.
taking Super Beta Prostate will end prostates as we know it. Just ask Joe Theismann.
Me and Joe Theismann snorting super Beta Prostate, going knuckle deep in each other as we tongue kiss passionately.
Hey! Did u see Joe Theismann do the Super Beta Prostate supplement commercial? Show it to Angelo on YouTube & get his reaction.
Happiness for me is knowing Joe Theismann's prostate is doing better. Thank you Super Beta Prostate.
You can choose to remember Joe Theismann as a Super Bowl winner, or the guy that Lawrence Taylor broke, or as a commentator. to me, he's just the Super Beta Prostate guy. Same for Jimmy Johnson.oh you have rings? Your also Mr. Extenze.
Joe Theismann is on TV telling me I should buy Super Beta Prostate for a better urine flow and emptier bladder. He's like a mind-reader.
Super Beta Prostate is an all natural supplement which has been specifically produced to form and maintain a nourished atmosphere for maximal prostate health within the body. For good reason, numerous males opt to ingest Saw Palmetto in order to enhance their prostate wellness. Super Beta Prostate h...
At the age where I can't get enough of Joe Theismann's Super Beta Prostate commercials.
I thought the low point of Joe Theismann's life was his career ending broken leg, but I just saw his Super Beta Prostate commercial
Joe Theismann no longer needs to use your restroom thanks to Super Beta Prostate.
Joe Theismann and his sell job of Super Beta Prostate is one for the ages.
Joe Theismann is pushing a vitamin called Super Beta Prostate. Congrats dude, you are old!!!
Joe Theismann plays pool without interruption now thanks to Super Beta Prostate. He sleeps THROUGH the night.
I just can't enough of Joe Theismann talking about Super Beta Prostate
I don't know! Will Joe Theismann still be covered? Or, doesn't he come with your Super Beta Prostate?
It seems like every time I turn on the TV Joe Theismann is trying to sell me Super Beta Prostate. ***
Did Joe Theismann really have to wait for a free, giveaway bottle of Super Beta Prostate before he tried it?
Know who would make a cute couple? Joe Theismann from Super Beta Prostate, and Lisa Rinna from Depends.
Joe Theismann tosses the bottle of Super Beta Prostate for the touchdown!
I'm a jerk for waiting for Lawrence Taylor to pop out of the porta-potty in the Super Beta Prostate ad & blow Joe Theismann up again, right?
Joe Theismann tossing the bottle of Super Beta Prostate makes me giggle every time!
According to the commercial, Joe Theismann feeds his wife Super Beta Prostate. What's the statute of limitations on the concussion lawsuits?
Cheers to the dude searching for "Joe Theismann Super Beta Prostate commercial" & landing on my mockery of it.
Joe Theismann now throws bottles of Super Beta Prostate so keep your head on a swivel.
Hey, Joe Theismann! I don't want a Super Beta Prostate. I want an Awesome Alpha Prostate!
Thanks to the Super Beta Prostate commercial, getting his leg shattered by LT is only the second grossest video of Joe Theismann out there.
'My wife and I don't wake up in a puddle of *** anymore!' - Joe Theismann re: Super Beta Prostate
How have I missed the Super Beta Prostate commercial with Joe Theismann until tonight?
Ugh! I just lost any respect I ever had for both Jimmy Johnson, and Joe Theismann! Johnson hawking 'Extenze' and Joe for 'Super Beta Prostate'. Ya don't see Gretzky selling Snake Oil... *** guys?!
I aspire to advertise for Super Beta Prostate on late night , just like Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann must have went thru his NFL pension to be doing middle of the night infomercials! Poor baby! Super Beta Prostate
Joe Theismann. I know 0% about your NFL career, but I know you empty your bladder fully with Super Beta Prostate
Super Beta Prostate helped Joe Theismann, why can't it help me?
Joe Theismann pushing Super Beta Prostate on Nick at NIte. Stay hot, Joe.
I hope that Super Beta Prostate is paying Joe Theismann a lot of money for that commercial- at least enough to buy back his pride.
NOTE: Next time you see Joe Theismann's exciting prostate commercial, notice the men's ears, one of the guys has ears down to his shirt collar.side effect of Super Beta Prostate, or side effect of a badly performing prostate. The French say you will not have trouble with your prostate if you SIT down in the bathroom. THIS HAS BEEN A Public Service Announcement.
OMG. Joe Theismann is doing a Super Beta Prostate pill on a tv commercial.
I really like that Super Beta Prostate commercial with Joe Theismann.
Watching the Super Beta Prostate commercial w/Joe Theismann &thinking the filming was prob similar to Lucy & VitaMeatavegimen
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