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Super Bass

Super Bass is a song by Trinidadian-American recording artist Nicki Minaj, from the deluxe edition of her debut album, Pink Friday.

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this girl in my school. her: omg I love Nicki Minaj. me: what's your favorite song?. her: super bass
I don't trust anyone that doesn't know all the words to Super Bass.
me: jumin listens to Super Bass and thinks it's about him. : probably lmao
lol my truck horn is in the same key as Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. i figured it out by playing them simultaneously.
I don't trust any girl that doesn't know the words to super bass by Nicki Minaj
Gina Rodriguez rapping Super Bass is the best thing I have ever seen in my life
'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj is expected to be the first song by a female rapper to recieve a diamond certification. https…
if you like this song. Fav if you don't . (Song- Super Bass)
Lhotka van was singing Super Bass and Lhotka inquired about what kind of *** he was in
Listening to Super Bass [Explicit] by Nicki Minaj, on the album: Pink Friday (Deluxe Version) [Explicit]
5 years ago, Nicki Minaj released "Super Bass". It went on to be the best selling female rap song of all time. https:/…
HS days ni KKD! 😂. Super Bass by Kianna Dy and friend 🎵💁
So on today's first free response I had no idea what the answer was so I just wrote all the lyrics to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj.
I can not believe how fast the time goes only recently watched a video from Ellen Show, where you sang "Super Bass" Love ya::))
I love Super Bass by Nikki Minaj so much
CIAO RESTAURANT in EASTCHESTER was in TOP FORM last night serving us super CHILEAN SEA BASS and MUSSELS - perfect service! *
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Onikafact: 'Super Bass' has never left the iTunes hiphop/rap top 150 in 32 countries 👑
Onikafact: RIAA's new rule made 'Super Bass' officially 1M copies away from being the first diamond fema…
9am and your playing some kind of bass music super loud... IS THIS A JOKE?!
Super exited about our next release from Zed White (UK) Out 21st of March
12 super reigning methods in order to boggle ventage in re pledging bass passage 3: iKvx
I hope she sings starships and super bass ndazi ezo qha. I'll email you your T.Mazwai tickets as soon as they send it to me
Do you have that Super Bass? Here’s how YOU can WIN Nicki Minaj tickets:
For some reason, Super Bass reminds me of
I spend the last half hour practicing to this song called Super Bass by I know its an old song but its a classic! Its hard!
I listen to super bass at least five times a day 😁
I still am slightly proud of the fact that I can rap super bass
Xander is making sure he's hitting all the notes to super bass right
I still know every word to super bass 😲
I also spoke to the bass player for a bit too and she was super cool as well!
Super Bass came on my music and I'm trying so hard to stay calm on the shuttle
*Spotify's user information hacked*. *looks at the number of times I've listened to Super Bass by Nikki Minaj*. Me: Well shoot.
My HS band class was lit! We used to play Spotlight, Let me love you , Dirty diana, Smooth criminal and Super Bass
Super freak of a tim_hine with a giant on our last day of snot rocket…
Tracee Ellis Ross rocks Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" on -- watch!
Was thinking about selling a bass, then read that its apparently super rare now which means I could get even more for it. Cha ching!
He got the super bass. Boom. Badoom. Boom. Boom. Badoom. Boom. Ba. Yeah, that's that super bass
Super bass ka ba? Kasi you make my heart beat running away... - Yaya DUB .
I didn't know Fancy sold more copies than Super Bass. Wow
HOW was super bass only a bonus track?
Wrong again. Super Bass sold 8 mil in the US. Lol WW sales exceed 12mil, sis. So again, SB is the biggest song. 😘 https…
LMFAO you *** Super Bass sold 4.5M in US. Just cause it's 8X platinum doesn't mean it sold 8M, ***
Remember this song that is now 8x platinum...Super Bass? 💕✨🎀
Ours have been blasting super bass-y music all afternoon, and this morning, let their alarm clock go off for about 2 hours.
"Super Bass" & "Starships" are expected to be the 1st & 2nd female rap song to be certified Diamond in the US. https:/…
Camy, Anna, & I are holding tryouts for new friends and the requirements are you must be able to rap all of Super Bass & you must be rich
Why was Joseph Gordon Levitt so attractive while performing Super Bass 😂
"Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj peaked at but still outsold Lil Kim's "Lady Marmalade" by almost 3 million copies h…
'Super Bass' is a solo & it's 9x Platinum, 'Lady Marmalade' is a collab & it struggled to get 4x platinum
Yes officer I realize I was driving 20 over the speed limit but do you understand how rare it is to hear Super Bass on the radio these days?
Nicki Minaj is the only female rapper to have 2 singles sell more than 8M worldwide with "Starships" & "Super Bass" ht…
starships sold more than fancy & problem and super bass sold 8 million in USA not WW
The super life of still a marvel at 92—including how he came up with Spider-Man.
Super nice patches with Mysteron by underdiscovered person.
lol Wow ! Pretty sure that's a super power I knew you were something special 😉
Jd inget nicki waktu di ellen " i know music is beautiful but u must stay at… ♫ Super Bass by —
Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away. Beating like a drum and it's coming your way. Can't you hear that boom,...
Did you know?. Kesha was supposed to get featured on Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' official remix.
Ugh I really want to learn Guitar too, so that I can play both Bass and Guitar and just be super cool at playing.
I'm jamming out to Super Bass because I can
what's a bassist without his bass? 😉. [ dt: halle koonce because shes super sweet an... (Vine by
It's super hot and my little *** bass speaker is working as an ac rn
Anaconda & Super Bass have reached 500million Congrats
Nicki Minaj has the most streamed song with "Super Bass" with almost 100M streams worldwide.
Since the Anaconda video was available on iTunes, Super Bass, Starships and Anaconda hasn't left the Top 50 music videos (UK Hiphop/Rap)
'Super Bass' & 'Starships' peaked at and on the Hot 100, respectively, yet both outsold Lil Kim's single. htt…
I don't remember anything on tests and exams but after 5 years I still remember the rap in super bass
super bass is 8x platinum, check RIaA
Listening to Super Bass. Mia says, "Aww old school! Back when Niki Minaj was just icky before she went all anaconda."
I liked a video Taylor Swift talking about 'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj
In a bit we'll play you Khaya Mthethwa's cover of Super Bass & the original by Nicki Minaj.. wants to know
Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" sold more than any song released by Iggy Azalea.
well let's talk about Super Bass having 500M views & Happy Birthday to Pills n Potions did you think both would have an impact?!
remember in middle school when girls could rap Super Bass and therefore swore that they had mad bars
Super catchy bass and beats on that Fester *** tune
Kim Chiu hear that boom boom-badoom boomboom badoom-boom yeah that's the super bass HUEHUEHUE
Super bass? More like super ring! with this 15-carat heart diamond costing approx $500 000!!
Yass my copy of Pink Friday Deluxe edition comes In today 🙌. I only got the standard so I'll finally have Muny, Super Bass and Blow Ya Mind
Why the *** was Super Bass played on my The Weeknd station. 😐😐😑
I heard it in yfm the first time... The bass in that track is super dope, I wondered how it would sound in the club
Remember when knowing all the words to super bass was cool
hey! Super Bass by Nicki Minaj i want to win with my party friend pls pick us 😢 173
'Super Bass' by Nicki Minaj has sold more copies than any song by Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim or Missy Elliott to date. http:…
"Super Bass" by is steadily climbing the billboard Hot 100!!
o my god listen to this girl singing Super Bass . Why she did this why . I'm crying!. via
Sophia Grace is BACK baby, and she’s releasing her own single. Recognise this cool kid? She found fame when her aunt released a video of her and her cousin Rosie rapping along to Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass and it went viral. She was eight, And then she ended up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform and It. Was. Incredible. [ 47 more words. ]
Claiming her spotlight, rising star Sophia Grace, last seen on The Ellen Show debuting with her co-host, Rosie, hits the stage solo with her latest single “Best Friends.” We remember Sophia Grace and Rosie from their Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass cover going viral. Since then, Sophia’s hit the red carpe…
Am I the only one who noticed that Nicki Minaj can no longer sell her music without being sexual? Remember when Nicki Minaj got really big & famous when she made that song "Super Bass" & "STARSHIPS". She was able to make those 2 songs big hits without really being sexual at all.Then she made that song "Pills & Potions" which obviously was a flop. It didn't do well at all. So she went & made "Anaconda" which is really sexual that's when she got like 10x more views on that than she did on "Pills & Potions"! When she did Anaconda she blew up all over again. Now she's all about her *** & titties. Like is this the only way you can get attention? Nicki Minaj wants to act like Kim Kardashian & a stripper more than acting like a actual rapper. From the way Drake & Lil Wayne rapped about having sex with her in this song just proves that MEN are really only into her for her SEXUAL image & could care less about her being a rapper... Which is really sad & true. Nicki Minaj can grab all those views from doing "Anacond ...
De solo me sale el Rap de Starships, Super Bass, Freedom, Bang Bang y el de Give me all your luvin' 😩😩
Doesn't this song take u back to idols 2012 mthethwa ♫ "Super Bass" by
PHOTOS: Nicki Minaj COVERS OCTOBER 2014 ISSUE OF L'UOMO VOGUE Nicki Minaj graces the cover of the latest issue of L'uomo Vogue. Check out the photo spread below and read the full cover storyNicki Minaj has a precise goal in mind and a tight game plan to get there: the New York rapper wants to earn five hundred million dollars and leave a permanent mark on the world of music. All within four years. After which, she will retreat and become a full-time mother. "I gave myself a time limit to reach my professional goals", says the 32 year-old singer on the telephone from her home in Los Angeles. "I don’t want to work my whole life without ever experiencing the joys of a family". The singer, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, author of hits like Anaconda, Super Bass and Starships, never kept her ambitions a secret. And, in fact, she is not far from realizing them. Her rise to stardom was lightning quick, even by the Warholian standards of the term, thanks to a mixture of musical talent, sensuality and arro ...
Super Bass cover gone wrong Like '' Flap Jack'' for more vidoes
Until now I've avoided watching these viral YouTube kids that appeared on Ellen: Apparently Kid, Heaven, Super Bass girl.
I think super bass is my favourite thing ever
I'm gonna be 33 next month and I know all the words to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass
I've had super bass stuck in my head all day so now I'm listening to it over and over
Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom...yeah that's that super bass
Played guitar and bass on this track for ..Its a super fun track ..Check it out ppl !
The song super bass reminds me so much of
Super Bass has me feeling magical on the inside
Talents include: rapping super bass and anaconda
The Anaconda video was so trash. Super Bass was cute. It was just over done and extremely forced. Booty is wonderful but don't force it.
when you actually realize that Nicki Minaj's SUPER BASS , may actually be SUPERB ***
I love super bass just as much as the first time I heard it.
Don't let go of my hand, because you lift me up out of the shadows. . Arjun - Chaiyya Chaiyya (Super Bass Remix):
I just scored 50,443 playing Super Bass on LYROKE... Here's a FREE GIFT to help you start playing with me!
All About That Super Bass - Nicki Minaj / Meghan Trainor: I see why likes them. It's about bass anyway ;)
Watch out. This is how Nicki Minaj happens. I was brainwashed into liking Super Bass and now I'm in a 12-step program.
I've never been more embarrassed and secretly proud of knowing all the words to Super Bass.
The history of interwoven with history of And the Super Bass-o-Matic.
Super happy our remix of Acid Bass is up to number 8! Thanks to everyone who has already shared, supported and...
Badoom, boom, he got that super bass
watching Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez rap along with Super Bass practically sewed my *** shut.
nothing put me off more than all the white girls having Super Bass memorized. I still cant get over it. Took away so much cred
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super bass is kinda bigger than anything Beyoncé has ever done.
Super Bass will forever be my favourite Nicki Minaj song 💁
Has super bass been sound checked for OTR??
Super gluing my fingertips so I can keep playing my bass. pro tips
I relate to sue heck on way too many levels
Ted Cruz's claims about SNL and campaign finance reform should be thrown into the Super Bass-o-Matic.
Twerk it, Ellen! Nicki Minaj stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday, Sept. 10, and saw a whole new side of a booty-shaking Ellen DeGeneres. "Let's talk about 'Anaconda,'" DeGeneres said to Minaj of her chart-topping, butt-celebrating new single and its super-sexy accompanying music video. "All of your songs are hugely successful. 'Super Bass' was hugely successful. But this, and this hasn't even been out that long, and it has 115 million . [ 217 more words. ]
Name one US president who could flawlessly rap "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj aside from William Howard Taft.
Napadaan lang and si Jasmine Curtis is so noisy singing Super Bass here. She's pretty though. :-) (@ TriNoma)
Nicki would be the first rapper with a Diamond single when Super Bass gets the certification right?
Wasn't Super Bass supposed to be certified Diamond WW already
Starships went 6x platinum in 2 years. It'll be diamond soon, along with Super Bass.
We need to get Super Bass to diamond status.
"Super Bass" - 8x platinum. "Starships" - 6x platinum. I can't wait for Nicki to have a diamond single.
In the future, Nicki will have 2 diamond singles, Super Bass & Starships. Omg
Super Bass is almost diamond and Starships is 6x Platinum. WOW.
I just listened to Super Bass by Nikki Minaj & I remember when Cambria & I tried to learn the rap 😂 ***
It appears that Nicki Minaj's fashion ways have come full circle. First she was the Super Bass ...
Super Bass has been my jam for the past couple days. .
Super Bass is a funny *** song lmao love it when Nicki Minaj does that manly voice
I feel like the fact that she did Super Bass and Starships after doing Chiraq & Danny Glover was so perfect.
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Killer Joe by Ray Brown from the album: Super Bass
Did you notice, Ms Minaj, you can't spell Super Bass without superb- oh. Oh you did know that already
The DownTown Fiction - Super Bass. A lot better than Nicki Minaj's version lawl
SELENA GOMEZ and Taylor Swift singing super bass by Nicki Minaj: via
Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass Yeah that's that super bass
Throwback to when super bass was like the most popular song ever
This is the Best Super bass You qwill ever heard. Thanks fir Drewby i use her voice in this video.
I rapped the whole first verse of Super Bass to my mom... Swag😎
Super Bass is playing on 2 stations 😳
Nick Minaj REALLY had a hit with super bass in my opinion.. you got to really have that ear !
I love the video where selena raps super bass 😍
Is it bad that I just lost myself singing super bass by Nicki Minaj?
You know your nights going good when you have pink bridge of light pumping at 59dbs then Adele comes on and sets fire to the rain then I hear Rihanna come on and say cheers (drink to that) Nicki Minaj just pipes up and says super bass lmfao says I'm gunna get you wet avicii just levels Beyoncé just sates love on top and that's enough music talk for me maddonna lol thank you very much clezy park yehe
You know it's going to be a good day when Super Bass comes on the radio 👏
Nicki Minaj Sings 'Super Bass' with Sophia Grace (Full Version) ve no final
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Rebel Wilson was there, too and we sang Super Bass as a duet at my church.
Super Bass: We'll throw you a double quinceañera soon. Could someone get me some ice for this burn?
Although our resident DJ, Bass Rider is only practicing and doing some tests his going super hard
Super excited for 's album launch gig. lets get bass'ed out
I want one hybrid song on the album, like super bass but no starships
Alli just rapped Super Bass on top of the toilet while "dropping it," as she told me. She also took her clothes off.
Excuse me, you're a *** of a guy I mean my my my you're like pelican fly... Super Bass!
Can I put down on resumes that I can rap the beginning of Super Bass flawlessly
The 215s are freaking beast mode level 90 super Saiyan. Marshall has some sweet cans, but the bass response is Beats-like
Today is so busy but not really in a bad way
“streaming counts towards Billboard.. i.e. the reason why Super Bass is almost diamond, imo. ” Oh Yeah *downloads it* 👏
super beautiful. Wanna go to bass pro shop with me today?
remember when there was a rumor about Heather and Dianna singing a Super Bass / Edge Of Glory mashup
But am expecting them to enhance their Phone speakers too with beats by dre, imagine hearing super bass on ur phone speakers
I liked a video How To Play Bass for SUPER Beginners
Coming back from writing, then I have to clean someone else's mess, while the *** has been here all day playing Nicki Minaj's Super Bass
I remember seeing someone with a sign at Nic's concert that said: "I can rap Super Bass". I still cry 😂😩
Zalfie5ever // flawless acc and the accuracy in your bio is just . Super bass - Nicki Minaj
he got that super bass lol have my heart beating like BOOM BOOM
No way my super bass boy, what you doin?!
No matter my mood, singing Super Bass with Michael K Davenport always makes me happy!!
My 48 Hour Challenge . Super Bass by Nicki Minaj . Nicole's version . I know . I sucked . Just wanted to get it over with . k
Derrik be rolling up with that super bass bumpin
The Downtown Fiction's cover of Super Bass will never be bad. Same with Silverstein's cover of Apologize. And Cute Is What We Aim For's cover of Dead and Gone.
Selling super bass pro box with one Memphis for $75 obo
2 12" L5s ina super bass pro box 300$ obo pick up in Arlington Texas only.
*rapping first verse to super bass* dad-"these are the days where i question my parenting skills and how we got to this point" Proud father moment
Anyone else get a nice super bass voice when they are sick?
"Smoking indoor" with tht super BaSS in side indoor
WOW! ! ! super bass turned to super boobs . . . *** .
At the hospital with my Aunt Linda [just precaution , so far everything looks good] and Nicki Minaj just liked my picture on Instagram.yeah these Nurses are staring at me all weird now (probably cause I just did the whole 'Super Bass' dance in the ER) lol
Movie nite with the hubby ! Kids all happy n tired in bed sub woofer on 4 ..super bass on...on demand woo :)
Super Bass is my jam and you better believe I rap it like nobody's business
Some dude has been playing Super Bass on a loop for the past three hours. Pretty successful every guy in the hall is now mouthing the words
Every time I hear Super Bass all I see is Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing it
My lil niece Niya loves Nicki Minaj that she listen and watch her on you tube all my husband prank ed call my phone and I pretended to be Nicki and talked to her. She was so happy and even started singing Super Bass for me. Now that was my laugh for the night.
We were all surprised when we saw Sophia Grace and Rosie's amazing performance of Super Bass on YouTube, but today the surprise was on them! These two ...
Super Bass got sooo much buzz which gave Nicki a lot of attention, but songs like Up In Flames which is lyrically better…
I hope you know Super Bass hit 400,000,000 views on VEVO."
Is it just me or does everyone picture Joseph Gordon Levitt when the song Super Bass comes on the radio?!
Jane Lynch singing Super Bass is the best thing I've ever seen.
Nicki Minaj - Super Bass cover by She enjoys singing it to the point it will make u happy watching it!. >>
Sophia Grace the girl who sang Nicki Minaj's Super Bass has not only made her own song, but is in movies too
For the first time really listen to Khaya Mthethwa's Super Bass. And I actually love it.
lagi pengen yang ngebass? Super Bass - Nicki Minaj is on the playlist londoners
i feel like Super Bass explains my love for Robbie Kay except when she says American guys, change that to british
Joseph Gordon Levitt lip-syncing Super Bass on Jimmy Fallon. I just re-fell in love with him again.
Khaya Mthethwa had to jazz up 'Super Bass' in order to do justice to it... But for Sonke no... Randall had him sing it the way it was.
Onika Tanya Maraj (born December 8, 1982),[2][3] known by her stage name Nicki Minaj (/mɪˈnɑːʒ/), is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Born in Saint James, Port of Spain and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York City, she enrolled in performing art schools as a child. After success with three mixtapes released between 2007 and 2009, Minaj signed to Young Money Entertainment. Minaj's debut studio album Pink Friday (2010) peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200 and was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Its most successful single "Super Bass" was certified quadruple-platinum and has sold over four million copies, becoming one of the best-selling singles in the United States. During this time, Minaj became the first female solo artist to have seven singles simultaneously charting on the Billboard Hot 100. Her second studio album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012) topped the Billboard 200 and became one ...
Isn't it weird that if you rearrange the letters in Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass," you get "Superb *** "
U got dat super bass love tha way my heart beats ~ cruel
Super proud of my Hardstyle scene lately. I'm blessed to have grown up around such talent.
Super bass! Super bass! Could you be quite? I'm trying to focus on my thesis. Please, stop the party tonight.
We're all talking about the same "super hot" Chuck Bass right? The guy that attempted rape twice in the first episode?
Somebody please tell him who the F i is ♫ Super Bass by —
Woot! We made the "10 Colleges Where Getting Involved Is Easy" list over -
Super Bass tops the 4 million mark this week. It's the 1st song by a female rapper to reach th…
My day is made! Super bass just came on my radio. My jam. Only song I like by her.
Had a super fun season chasing big Bass. I'd like to thank Bass Magnet Lures for the privilege of being on staff...
Maino made the song super bass or nah
Still to this day when I hear Super Bass it makes me think of
My talent for this brag list: I can sing half of Super Bass and I'm Asian
Schroeder playing super bass off of his personal iTunes account made me uncomfortable
So now I know that nicki manaj - super bass will keep olivia quiet lol
bass super low and alcohol is served, ya sound man I get it you're trying to get people to start grinding each other!
I wish Say What? Karaoke still existed so I could murder Super Bass on it
Yeah that's that super bass Got that super bass boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom,
I just realized Super Bass is the only Nicki Minaj song I like because she says, "Yes, you'll get slapped if you lookin', *** " That's totally a warning I would give if someone was eyeing my husband.
Sitting in tech waiting to get into class and i thought the sound of two wee girls singing super bass was bad enough.. then they started talking about thigh gaps and how they make you look like spongebob. Oh my christ, tech like
Kpop song make me feel free! :D Espeacially when I dancing face to the mirror! :D That make my heart beat so fast, Ignore everything around me..Just enjoy my step and music in my ear (y) who feel the same with me? Feel like crazy when dance with a super bass song! :D
Knock knock. Who's there?. kim chui . kim chui who?. KIM CHUI hear that BOOM BAROOM BOMBOOM BAROOM BOOM BASE got that super b…
Fan video of "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj. Created using Video Star:
The bass in "Super Breakfest" is tasty..(I know that sounds weird but it's the only word that accurately describes it)
Super Hans says that he came up with a bass loop for our new track that is so good that when he tried to turn it off he physically couldn't
I was like great I would do honking more or perhaps put on super bass on the speaker and watch the next funny thing they would do.
In all out of sudden my stomach plays super bass by Nikki Minaj
If you can rap along to Super Bass then there's a 100% chance you're white
when Ms.Sablan gave me super high notes on the melodia test, but im a bass ergh
Playing Khaya Mthethwa's Super Bass rendition... The one he did ko top3... I miss my best friend ☹
Excuse me, you're a *** of a guy You know I really got a thing for American guys I mean, sigh, sickenin' eyes I can tell that you're in touch with your feminine side, oh : Nicki Minaj - Super Bass
hi I'm Hector from Chelsea ,can you play Super Bass by Nicki Minaj
Dan is all quite and then super bass from Nicki Minaj comes on the tv and he knows every word.. And dance move
Boom boom boom he got that super bass
I already have 10 likes so im gonna put the video.the song were gonna rap is: super bass from Nicki Minaj
I just found the funniest video on my phone of us singing super bass & some one direction song! 😂😂
Knock! Knock! Who's there? Kim Chui. Kim Chui here that boom borom, boom boom got that super bass. :'(
Halloween Savings! Purchase any Costume and get a FREE Bracelet!. Super Bass Wig
For the first time hearing by with earphones and omg it's super bass song. Wow
for some reason I have only just seen you lip syncing to Super Bass. One question. Marry me?
When super bass comes on the radio omfg
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I can't remember the exact model. They have 3 models. The one I like is the super bass model rm199
Boy you got my heart beat runnin' away ♫ Super Bass by —
Super bass reminds me of patience... I remember we listened to this song like 6 times a day at NAU.
See I need you in my life for me to stay. No, no, no, no, no I know you'll stay. No, no, no, no, no don't go away-Super Bass
Jake is really listening to super bass right now.
it's UGLY! have you seen Super Bass? EW... I'd much rather prefer a video like Hit The Lights
I'll play some House tracks at small room Vs.SYNDICATE super bass tonight,Without a doubt,They will win~
Shouts to for the dope Bluetooth Super Bass Speaker with the assist!
Sorry for no reactions buddy was to busy singing my heart out to Nicki Minaj super bass (
can't you hear that bum burum bum bum bum burum bum bum bass he got that SUPER BASS
I have loved you forever but seeing you lip sync on just reminds me why!!! You killed super bass!!
I dare you to try and yodel 's Super Bass
DG song to Super Bass...dejavu of L2'11?
   legitamizes Super Bass to enter my playlist.
Remember when Harry sang 'Super bass'. He made it pop lol XD
Day complete...month complete...year complete, thanks to my mom rapping to Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" today.
Taylor knows all the lyrics to the rap of Super Bass by Niki Minaj.
Be real yall... The best moment ever on was when Sue did 'Super Bass' with Becky Jackson & the Cheerios!
I can no longer listen to Super Bass w/o picturing workin it on Fallon
I think watching Joseph Gordon Levitt lip sync to super bass was everything I need in life
Super Bass was just on and guess who I thought of...that's right, YOU.
In need of some sick super bass earphones. I cracked mine :( :'( :'( :'(
I got your text but my phone DIED, lemme know tomorrow!. Also, Boom, badoom, boom bass. Yeah that's that super bass ♫♫♫
I'm officially the "super bass" of my acapella group because I can sing the lowest. 😁🎼
If Nicki Minaj's song 'Super Bass' doesn't fit somewhere on the top 10 worst songs ever made I'll give it up
kinda feel like anybody who doesn't say "Super Bass" can take a walk into the ocean
Super Bass just puts me in a better mood
The first rap song I ever memorized was Super Bass x Nicki Minaj 😍
I remember when super bass came out and it was text tones 😳😂
So I was in best buy. I was looking at Apple TV and I changed the song to Super Bass and turnt it up extra loud. Your welcome
If you dont know all the words to super bass, don't talk to me
“Boom boom Bo boom Bo boom Bo Boom Bom base, he got that super bass”
That awkward when super bass comes on and your dad knows all the word.😳 um.😂😂😂 ***
Super bass on the radio.. Lmao made me laugh
Can I just listen to super bass without anyobe judging me ¿¿¿
For some reason Super Bass is stuck in my head :/
Cancion o canciones favoritasm? — Uff propuesta indecente, more, wrecking ball, i love it, super bass, amor de ...
nicki in that super bass video , lawwd I just wanted to squeeze for phat plastic ***
So my friend Ryan starting singing Super Bass and I wanted to say calm down there Ricky Minaj instead of Nicki
Just went back to 2012 and watched Khaya Mthethwa sing Super Bass.. I miss that guy. Idols is missing something without him
I liked this My cover of super bass 😄
Lol why is he listening to super bass
The most listened to song on my iPod is super bass.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Stephen Merchant Lip Sync For Their Lives With Jimmy Fallon Jonathan Higbee | September 25, 2013Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives twerking a try during his performance of "Super Bass" as he and Stephen Merchant lip sync for their lives with Jimmy Fallon. Which one shantes and stays...
Ester Dean got this plaque for Super Bass, 4 million sold!!! So awesome!!! :)
Ester Dean with her Plaque, Super Bass sold 4 million copies!!! That's what's up Ester Dean,…
Don't think I'll ever get over that song "Super Bass - Khaya Mthethwa edition!
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