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Speaking of stuff you do, I just heard about 'Sup, Holmes?' ending! I'm gonna have to go back and watch them all now.
Sup Holmes? Glad you're bringing some love our way finally...thought you were all Urban.😝
I'm too excited for this. Especially after losing Sup Holmes.
I hope you can be on Sup Holmes sometime around launch! We've got slots open starting in February.
I think if Rousey and Holmes fought again it would be a different outcome.
Sup Holmes shakes tongues with Beardo Games - Destructoid: DestructoidSup Holmes shakes to...
Sup Holmes shakes tongues with Beardo Games: . [Sup Holmes is a weekly talk show for people that make great vid...
Last minute change in Sup Holmes guests but we've got on in about 13 minutes! Stream will be here soon!
Also, we still have to book you for sup holmes. Whats your best month in 2016?
Christine is the best. She was on sup Holmes years ago, talking about a text only fighting game she made
Sup Holmes goes back to school with Wayforward's Austin Ivansmith
Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Associate Justice, U.S. Sup. Court
One of these two pooches is getting sent to a sup Holmes backer this week
Installed a bunch of tamper resistant outlets while listening to on Sup Holmes with David Fox. Now looking for Zak Mckracken...
how likely is it that What Pumpkin Studios appears on Sup Holmes?
This sup holmes episode with this tyler glaiel guy is just a rich white guy constantly being unaware of how much priv he has for 90 minutes
Order Miche Bag Online!
Man sup holmes hasnt had any good guests for ages
Many thanks to and for having me on Sup Holmes?. Always weird to talk about myself, but it was still fun times.
Milky Holmes is finally a reality with James Mielke: . Today Sup Holmes we welcome James Mielke, formerly of 1U...
Really cool to hear two people I have worked with, and talking on Sup Holmes. Congrats on all the success you two!
Off to shoow a new Samus and Sagat but we've got on Sup Holmes later today whooaaa
We've got on Sup Holmes tomorrow for real.
SUSD FB page asks its followers to "welcome back" Holmes. He used to be the district's asst. sup. for curriculum & instruction
district officials just finished setting up the board room to formally announce Steven Holmes as the new sup!
signed my copy of the Sup Holmes comic and drew a Skull Kid looking Holmes! He is also the best!
Sup holmes im seeing weezer in 4 days
*on my death bed* Now time for Sup Holmes with Amber Coal. "So Amber, you have a day to live, how are things?"
Are you talking about Sup Holmes backer rewards? I have like 60 out of +300 to go!
Ayee sup witchu you ainn over there breaking folks phone is you holmes.?
Sup Holmes masters mathematical masculinity with Tim Rogers - Today on Sup Holmes we'll be talking to Tim Rogers, ...
[Destructoid] Sup Holmes masters mathematical masculinity with Tim Rogers
Sup Holmes masters mathematical masculinity with Tim Rogers
I've been forgetting to watch Sup Holmes since it came back. I knew I wasn't getting enough Jonathan Holmes in my life.
To everyone who thought Sup Holmes was a podcast about Sherlock Holmes, NO! It is a good game development podcast:
Chris is on "Sup Holmes" next week. He's bought a fancy pants headset and everything.
We're going live with Sup Holmes with NOW!
I’ll be going live with for Sup Holmes in a couple minutes!
Half hour to Sup Holmes with I can't wait! Fun is going to happen! JOIN THE FUN
Disasterpeace is gonna be on Sup Holmes today!
[Destructoid] Sup Holmes makes sweet music with Disasterpeace
Sup Holmes makes sweet music with Disasterpeace
Was`sup, holmes?. You got a problem with something, holmes!?
Zero Cool is also a show I wanna archive. And I have to finish the Sup Holmes? archive.
Game James, democracy, and new found fame with Drinkbox: . We normally run a live airing of Sup Holmes live at ...
Sup Holmes may not be live today, but the re-run of last week's ep with and is up on itunes!
We're live right now on Sup, Holmes? with and over at and you should come watch!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Sup Holmes with of Charlie Murder and I MAED A GAM3 WiTH Z0MBIES IN IT!!!1 on in 23 minutes!
Please get of Gunpoint and of The Swapper on Sup Holmes? Both are brilliant games.
Want to learn about indie game development? Listen to excellent interviews with devs on Sup Holmes?
Weekend Escape will not be on today, but please stay tuned for Sup Holmes at 1pm PST!
MS is just one of the things I'm awfully excited to talk to about today on a special Satruday Sup Holmes
ALERT! Sup Holmes will be on a Saturday this week. Same time though! 1pm PST/4pm EST. This week we'll be talking...
Sup Holmes murders Charlie with Ska Studios' James Silva: . ALERT! Sup Holmes will be on a S...
OnePiece of Information Leads Me to Wanting More! Icelandic Ancestors Up until May 2013 we knew very little about our great grandfather James Hall.  We knew James Hall was not his birth name. His father was Huldor Berg and as listed on his death certificate his mother was unknown. We thought James was born in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The story is he was orphaned and brought to this continent when he was about five with his brother Fred and they were adopted out. It was said Fred moved to Canada and took the name Berg.  James was married September 24 1910 in Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA to a Lady from Maine, Isabel Thayer (b.1885-d. 1945). Isabel is our link to the Mayflower Pilgrim’s, John Alden, Pricilla Mullens and Myles Standish. The Thayer Genealogy has been traced and document for years, by many.  Isabel’s mother is Myra Barnum; yes she is a distant cousin to PT Barnum of Barnum and Bailey Circus. James Hall and Isabel had three children Dorothy May Hall 1911-1985, Herbert Thayer Hall 1912-1 ...
Hey, did you see/hear the River City Ransom Silent Hill Persona Wayforward episode of Sup Holmes?
Just bought Lone Survivor after seeing you on Sup Holmes, best $10 I've spent all year, thanks :)
Many of the pictures were taken from the public Internet space. Please if you know the name of the PHOTOGRAPHER, write it down the photo or send him a link to this page.
Just did a short and sweet Podtoid with on the Wii U. Next, Sup Holmes with WayForad in 90 minutes!
Almost ready to Sup Holmes with Adventure Time dev He's such a hunk!
Just about 2 hours to Sup Holmes with Adventure Time game dev, Hey Watch us dance!
Hotline Miami devs reveal new game plans on Sup Holmes
Electronic Device Insurance
Sup Holmes gets badly hurt with devs of Hotline Miami
Sup Holmes gets spooky with Nicalis' Tyrone R.: [Destructoid's Director of Communications Hamza Aziz as...
Yeah, video will be up later today, itunes will be up here on Tuesday.
Here is where we'll be getting with MCpixel creator on Sup Holmes in an hour and a half!
I'm OK with the fact that no matter how well I market Sup Holmes it wont ever be as popular as a show filled with anger and ***
YES! We've got creator of McPixel and Thelemite on Sup Holmes this Sunday!
We've got of on Sup Holmes today to talk about his game! Show starts live at 1pm PST/4pm EST so join us yes do!
Come celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with me and on Sup Holmes.
Holy Smokes! So many hours of Sup Holmes now on Youtube, with flavorites like and many more!
Sup Holmes gets boggled by Antichamber’s Alexander Bruce
Sup Holmes gets fierce with tech braniac Zach Gage
The new Sup Holmes podcast with is up! And we have on this Sunday, so check that out too!
Sup Holmes talks with up-and-comer Sophie Houlden: [Destructoid's Director of Communications Hamza Az...
Gonna have on Sup Holmes in less than an hour and a half! She made my favorite game about jobs being awful!
Sup Holmes invites Anna Anthropy to blow your minds
The plan is for to be on this Sunday's episode of Sup Holmes and I'm totally excited about it.
Sup Holmes with and devs of starts in about an hour! Get up on us!
Sup Holmes with the devs of Sound Shapes starts in abotu 2 hours! Join us and ask us questions! Just gotta eat then I'll write the post!
Here's where you can ask me and questions on later today. Please get with us!
This weekend on Dtoid TV: Jonathan Blow on Sup, Holmes? via
Sup Holmes: Flirting with a hot dog with Diego and Emmett
Even better, I wrote a post about it! It's where the people can go to see us!
‘Sup Holmes: Media Watch host gets down with the kidz
Okay, so I actually decided to take a day off today and play something. Then I remembered Christine Love (who made Analogue: A Hate Story) was going to be on "Sup Holmes?" today. When asked about Visual Novels that break the trend and offer an engaging story without being hung up on character visual designs, she recommended a VN called Collage. Just finished it. Holy crap that game was amazing.
Sup Holmes with the EVO loving, text adventure making love starts in less than 2 hours. GET UP ON US
Whoa. A lot of people talking about Sup Holmes wiht
Sup Holmes is always the highlight of my weekend; suck that I'll have to miss it.You should all watch it in my absence
I'm wondering if Sup Holmes is trending because of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are breaking up? Whatever the reason, I'll take it!
Hey! The legendary will be on Sup Holmes tomorrow! Get in on it please and don't forget!
SupHolmes with goes live in less than 2 hours! Join us! Ask us questions! DO SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!
SupHolmes with clown friend starts in less than 2 hours! Please ask us questions so you can be on iTunes!
The audio version of Sup, Holmes? is now listed on iTunes! and I would love it if you rated the show!
Sup Holmes with starts in less than half a hour! Jump in the chat with us and talk about videos and games!
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