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Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol is an Indian film actor, producer and director.

Bobby Deol Abhay Deol Sunil Shetty Soha Ali Khan Mohalla Assi Singh Saab Karan Johar Preity Zinta Anil Sharma Ajay Devgn Kangana Ranaut Rajesh Khanna Shah Rukh Khan Sanjay Dutt

Man you don't have to go full Sunny Deol on this :)
Blame Sunny Deol's poor sperm count & Karan Johar for al good reasons we know.
..hey preity ...sunny deol and Preity Zinta rocks.can't wait for release...🙂🙂
Sunny Deol is like a desi Jeffrey Dean Morgan. entry in action king SUNNY PAAJI starrer "*BHAIYAJI SUPERHIT"* is actor INDER KUMAR ...waiting for this blockb…
I was looking through my old pics so thought I would send you this one. I'm a huge fan of Sunny Deol &…
I am more impressed by them making Sunny Deol speak English because he is a senior officer
The movie ABCD can justify it's tittle only if in the next sequel it features Prabhudeva making Bobby and Sunny Deol dance
Misleading posters to get the crowd in theatres during 90s. . Darr poster did something similar with Sunny Deol as b…
Chodhari chacha is sunny deol fan. He is learning to operate his new iPhone, his reaction when…
Sunday was dull until I remembered the time Sunny Deol's game was so strong that 8 random letters chosen for him ended up forming CHAMPION.
Sir pls tell..santoshi ne Fateh Singh kyun chhod di? Why is he not making Sunny Deol film.
Lead actors matter in nationalistic genre - Sunny Deol in past and Akki now can deliver on it not others - Saif got buried with Phantom
Akshay Kumar's nationalistic and social movies doing well coz people accepted him in that genre after sunny deol - rest will fail
Sunny deol..bumper..Vin Petrol 😂 omg!!! Ocean of talent u r Sir😊 U r my fav as bumper but now also as Vin petrol 😉😉
.is a better dancer than Sunny Deol .
its an old dialogue of sunny deol frm d movie BORDER.
even in Border sunny deol said this dialog.
. there shd be one more option. Dharmendra ji & Sunny Deol Paaji both 💪👌
no one dares to clash Salman and aamir but even sunny deol is ready to clash with srgay
"Jolly Ji tum ne to serious hi le liya sunny deol ban gaye" wonderful movie we need lawyers like…
sunny deol had biggest fan flwing in 90s in Punjab Haryana side
actually iam very harsh to Sunny deol in his time he destroyed khans, atleast he has dignity and has more fans than Aj in delhi Ep.
they have eyes, but they don't want to see reality like every deluded person,Ajay has joined the league of Sanjay dut,Sunny deol.
unlucky - sunny and bobby. Lucky - Abhay Deol acted in oye lucky lucky oye.
We say Sunny Deol as Gabbar, and uses his dhai kilo ka haath to kill Kalia instead of the bullet
Sunny Deol: Why should I do your film?. Director: We've cast 3 actresses and deol are beautiful.
Sunny Deol : No if , No But, only Jatt.. Karan Johar : No if, No jatt, only Butt 😍😍😍
Sunny Deol has some advice for his son Karan
Akshaye Khanna fought alongside Sunny Deol in Border. What has Rahul Khanna done apart from posting nangu photos?
I added a video to a playlist First Look of Poster Boys | Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Shreyas Talpade
I liked a video from Sharukh khan, salman khan , amrish puri , sunny deol, aamir
Sunny Deol's son Karan Deol is making bollywood debut with movie "Pal Pal Dil Ke Pass"
Happy Diwali to & all fans..Hope to see a Blockbuster movie before next…
Thank you for safeguarding the sovereignty of our country, you are the real heroes of India!
happy Diwali to you sir. Humble request that whenever genius starts to roll please we want sunny deol cameo in the movie.
I added a video to a playlist Nazar Ne Nazar Se (Full Song)movie sultanat-Dharmendra,Sunny Deol,
Dear All The Best for Your Dream.will do wonders. 3 Days To Shivaay...
No. Only Sunny Deol was our valiant guard at the Border before 2014. Now we have an Army.
Sunny Deol Rocked Bollywood in the 90's with Ghayal, is rocking now in 2016 with GHAYAL WINS AUDIENCE HEAR…
"It has been a very tough and difficult journey" - on
Sunny Deol has the charisma to pull people to theatre in hordes. Ghayal Once Again has only seen an upward…
When love crosses limits, it becomes devotion. And when devotion goes astray, it becomes an obsession. This story...
Katrina Kaif’s Kala Chashma video mashup with Baba Ramdev, Sunny Deol and Sia will leave you in splits!
I was both loved and hated for being upfront. But I was just being myself...
Lol, what muscles!! Dhai Kilo ka haat...sunny deol will feel ashamed in front me lol 😀😀💞
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I would say one must just keep working hard and not lose faith. You don't...
Sunny deol really did a good job there
Read what advice has for his son Karan and other newcomers.
My fav dialogue of Sunny deol a real power
Actors should never be director. Sunny Deol & Ajay Devgn both great actors but their direction penned.
Punjabis hv ruled over bolly from its starting, Dev Anand, Kapoor family, Rajesh Khanna and Dharm ji, Sunny Deol and many more
Will team up for The Expendables' remake?
.6) politics has taken a down turn definitely, he's following in the footsteps of Sunny Deol's Gadar(ne…
Ghatak!!! Sunny deol at his best. Its the only movie i have watched more than 3 times (actually i have lost the count)
yesterday did same to what Shahrukh khan did to Sunny Deol IN
Happy Birthday Sunny Deol: This is why Sunny paaji is a non-dancer’s icon
There is only one action hero and that is our Sunny Deol. Guys and Gals, go and watch this great action…
Sunny Deol nice human being like his father: Hema Malini -
India is excited with the come back of SUPERSTAR SUNNY DEOL We want more movies like htt…
Amazing to see sunny deol fans are trending - GIVE GHAYAL MORE SHOWS that means success to make reconnection wi…
GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN - what a film!!! Superb action, family emotions. Watch it if you haven't. Proud of you Sunny Deol. U r d…
Saw last night! The power of a movie star was roaring right through.Sunny Deol rocks and how! True…
is mind blowing.Must watch 4 all young ppl.Deol showed Himself as a action hero,which is really e…
Will Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Sunny Deol team up for The Expendables remake?
ARTICLE : Will Sunny Deol team up for The Expendables' remake?.
Sunny Deol to launch his son Karan in |
* DJ Bobby Deol plays songs. * Guests demand refund. * Sunny Deol sitting at the refund counter . * Guests go back & sta…
If we build submarines in India we won’t be held hostage to whims of foreign vendors.
You are looking like Aamir Khan through Prisma, good. ☺
How can any human do this to a child? Stop this bloodshed in Kashmir.
It's said that 10hrs masters a skill. Always strive to improve, never settle,
With my brothers and . A great launch of also turned out to be a great reunion http…
Morning is good when u start ur day with some breathing exercises n some bowling
Price war: and to slash tariffs to compete with
Be careful if you want to borrow milk or Kashmiri chilies from Sunny Deol.
Sunny Paaji might start his one with 's father ,Title - Mera Bharat Mahan n Also Debut of Karan Deol
no really? Ram and Sunny dont look the same. Check out your namesake - Sunny Deol.
Haquikat of Dharmendra & Border of Sunny Deol are Awesome & Best Movies made on War . SuperStars Father Son Duo 💪💪
Internet: "If you scream for 8 years, you produce energy to heat one cup of coffee.". Sunny Deol: "BALWANT RAI KE K– o co…
Sunny Deol wants to remake Betaab 2 with son Karan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara. But
To me, the box-office is basically the cost of film. If your film costs so much and your box-
He has appeared twice ... in 2013 and 2016. These photos are made in 2013
Sunny appeared in the TV series as a guest during the promotion of G.O.A.
Sunny Deol is my most favourite actor: Preity Zinta
Sholey and Gadar are my Favorite amongst All . SuperStars Father Son Duo. Dharmendra and Sunny Deol. . 💪💪
Humour: PM names Sunny Deol as home minister: Find out how Pakistan, Robert Vadra, Arnab…
Humour: PM names Sunny Deol as home minister
Check out Sunny Deol rescues Preity Zinta from a train accident: Of late, readers may be aware t...
Amisha Patel to once again team up with Sunny Deol in an Action Comedy "Bhaiyyaji Superhit" releasing in 2017
sunny deol is planning to convert to Islam. he is changing his name to sunni deol
Breast Cancer Awareness
I am happy with my family and my colleagues and want to continue makin...
I don't want to be known for bad things in life, ever. I should be kno...
If they are muslims for any reason I am not.The Prophet said "killing one innocent human was equivalent to killing the hu…
To be a Muslim one has to follow the Prophet and Quran. I dont know what these people are following but they are not foll…
My heart goes out for d victims of Dhaka attack.stop killing ppl in the name of religion,stop this utter nonsense
On this eid let us pledge that our prayers will be incomplete without condemning the senseless cowardly killing.
Dhaka -The people involved with these acts at regular intervals all over the world call themselves Muslims.
advance booking TERRIFIC... Expect a HURRICANE at the BO, when the film opens on Wed.
What is the meaning of getting an apology from a person under the guillotine, who knows rightly or wrongly that he has no…
Normally people apologise to get rid of the problem but, I meant it hoping that the problem would be over.
''We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love.'' - Mother Teresa.jpg
In my new 1st role as an Arab Sheik ..enjoying the comfort of the costume..
Indian Air Force inducts first squadron of Home-Grown Tejas.
Holy month of Ramadan is meant for prayers,love & gratitude.Prayers for the victims of Istanbul,Dhaka & Baghdad 🙏 https…
Arey sonal to sunny deol nasava I think Sunil Shetty
He laughed so hard for the Sunny Deol's act played by
My production company wasn't doing well, so we were not producing film...
Directed the first Video ... An in complete Project with late . Featuring https:…
I do not know. Under this picture there was no signature.
They named India's unmanned aerial combat vehicle on Sunny Deol's movie...
My Mah Govt led by BJP-SENA is mere an acting institute casting actor Sunny deol TARIK PE TARIK.
Goodbye africa. You re as amazing as one could imagine. Thanks for taking me on this amazing journey. https:/…
Dont miss this mad episode with mr sidhu n mrs sidhu
Super happy and proud of you . Superb goal and well played team . Best wishes with the team 💪👍
If Salman Khan is not comfortable with driving cars, he should stop it. Save innocent lives!. Sincerely,. Indian(Sunny Deol)
As another typical masala film releases… 8 reasons Bollywood must do away with song and dance.
This is look like Sunny Deol hand. U know Sunny?
Border was the highest grossing movie of 1997!.
I will be launching my sons in Bollywood next year: at .
Calm Before The Storm. ​Visions of perfection during the recee of Shivaay
Kangna did a fil I Love NY opposite Sunny Deol bt is now taking legal route so dat d makers cant release it as she knows its a flop.
ICYMI: The 45-second video you need to watch to get Narendra Modi's interview Arnab Goswami
Watch the blockbuster starring Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Naseeruddin Shah and tonight at 9 pm
Sunny Deol's wants to direct his elder son's Karan Deol's Bollywood Debut film, a love story with action.
TIL Desk Bollywood/ Actor-director Sunny Deol has expressed his desire to make a sequel to his last directorial...
guys, request you to do Sunny Deol's Gadar Ek Prem Katha trailer review.
. coming soon. Abhay Deol and Bobby Deol vs Dharmendra and Sunny Deol
Sunny deol's old movies with sleeveless shirts and whole load of hairs everywhere. 😆.
but at last.lost the dil or yess plz plz bring back my(her) dil or SONG FROM A SUNNY DEOL MOVIE in
Awesome Pics. Sunny Deol and Shreyas Talpade together on sets of BhaiyyaJi Superhitt. 👌👌
movie..Indian...sunny deol...all dialogues
He is like Sunny Deol of movie Gadar; single handedly crushing anti-nationalists. He is like lion in a jungle full of jackals.
Iftita pay iftita, iftita pay iftita just like tareekh pay tareekh by Sunny Deol. Menar e Pakistan is next?
Preity Zinta to return on silver screen after marriage, with Sunny Deol’s Bhiayyaji Superhitt!
Here’s proof that Fawad Khan is a BIG Sunny Deol fan!
happy bday to the Sunny deol of television .. The beautiful, n stunning actress... May god give u lot of success,happiness..
I added a video to a playlist 'Judaai' Full Song with LYRICS - Falak | I Love NY | Sunny Deol,
Behind the scene of with Sunny Deol. Waiting release on big screen soon! 🎦🎬
only two ppl survived headshots from point blank range . 1 malaria(malala) . 2 sunny deol in Bo…
Ghayal Once Again movie review: This film is NOT even for a die-hard Sunny Deol fan!
Censor Board refuses certificate to starrer
The master of high-voltage, low-key performances: Here are the best films of Sunny Deol
Not action, Sunny Deol wants to sing or play an instrument
Did Sunny Deol just take a dig at Anil Kapoor?
Ghayal Once Again quick movie review: Sunny Deol’s action flick lacks the punch you expect!
liberals accused Sunny Deol of not using freedom of expression
EXCLUSIVE: Sunny Deol OPENS UP on not working with younger actresses!
this chutya calling Sunny Deol fraud no wonder Punjabis have always been braindead
Thankful for the internet which lets people make fire gifs of sunny deol dancing
Sunny Deol actually cried after release of the film. He cries till this date every time Darr is being mentioned😂
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Awesome News for Audience and All Sunny Deol Fans. Eagerly waiting for First Look . 👌👌👍👍
Best thing about Sunny Deol movies is his movies are audible even if you watch in mute.
'Darr ke aage Jeet Hain'. Sunny Deol had both Darr and Jeet releasing in the 90's. First Darr, then Jeet.
was one of the best movie Inn 80's..Sir make some another one with sunny deol..he is still the best…
Priyanka made her debut in Bollywood with The Hero: Love Story of a Spy in 2003. The film also starred actors Sunny Deol and Preity Z...
Sunny Deol stomps would be more accurate :D
Sunny Deol dances to 'Champion': It was only a matter of time! (via
Sunny Deol's reaction after he come to knows that refuses to say " Bharat Mata Ki Jai ."😈😈😜 👇👇
8 reasons why Bollywood must do away with its silly song and dance routine...
This scene is playing in JNU . Sunny Deol played by - Innocent JNU students. Amrish puri -Played by Pro Afzal group https:/…
If ur target audience is small town n rural men then someone like Sunny Deol or Ranveer Singh might be the best choice-P…
Oggy and the Cockroaches with the dubbed voices of Sunny Deol, Gulshan Grover, Hrithik and SRK is sooo *** funny!
Comedy Nights Live: Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol reunite on screen after a long time!
A movie where Sunny Deol and Juhi Chawla find a match in each other and Shah Rukh Khan is swiped left, right and centre: Tin-Darr
Sunny Deol to make Gadar sequel starring Arnab Goswami as Tara Singh.pratap bhanu mehta to play role of Amrish puri
Sunny Deol, Madhuri Dixit Nene spread love on Valentine’s Day
Good evening my brother Sunny Deol. We wish you to film series ghayal. We hope Anil Sharma, director or Imtiaz Ali
Sunny Deol nice human being like his father Dharam ji: Hema Malini
Look what Hema Malini has to say about Sunny Deol.
Sunny Deol, Aftab Shivdasani, Tusshar Kapoor to appear in 'Comedy Classes ... - The Indian Express
Reliance Entertainment joins hands with Sunny Deol to release all India on 5 Feb 2016.
Snapped: Sunny Deol at Ghayal Once Again's new trailer launch -
Proud of you Sunny deol he is the man with a big heart. GHAYAL BACK IN 12 DAYS .
Sunny Deol the most fit actor. Is He really 58 years old?
Sunny Deol The Sher-e-Punjab & King of Action is back with GHAYAL BACK IN 12 DAYS
Thank you all SUNNY DEOL fans. Keep up the tempo. Burrrahhh
Army band is playing Border songs for Deol and team GHAYAL ON 5TH FEB
Guys checkout new action packed trailer of Sunny Deol starrer on 5th Feb
Sunny Deol is back once again... GHAYAL BACK IN 12 DAYS
Sunny Deol returns in Watch the trailer here
Ghayal Once Again is What Sunny Deol Will Make You in Brand New Trailer: The new trailer is packed with powerf... http…
GHAYAL BACK IN 12 DAYS. Here comes our sher Sunny deol...Ghayal Once Again is going to be blockbuster of the year
Ghayal new poster : Sunny Deol and Soha Ali Khan impress with their angry and intense avatars!
Sunny Deol has plans to screen ‘Mohalla Assi’: Sunny Deol is hopeful that his film "Moh... via
Rithvik Dhanjani with Sunny Deol & the contestants on the sets of Rate & Comment on IF: h…
Sunny Deol pays tribute to dad Dharmendra in Ghayal Once Again via
The Indian Express: We have not grown up as humans: Sunny Deol.
Sunny Deol Says Both Sons Want to 'Become Actors': When Sunny Deol was asked whether it a...
Sunny Deol: Both my sons want to be actors
and 400rs ki tickets dete h. I'd rather watch sunny deol in 150-100 rs duh.
Sunny deol visited yesterday late night Golden Temple with shawl so that nobody can recognized & he can enjoy divine htt…
Showbiz: “Next year I will be launching my sons”
I have some good stories on wrestling, The person who can do justice with this sub is one and only Sunny Deol.
Fifteen yes back I wrote an article in dainik Hari Bhoomi "Sunny Deol ek bejod abhineta"
U can't compare any actor with Sunny Deol, nobody can do what he has done in his previous films.
Just watched interview with sunny deol on ABP NEWS channel of looking looking Blockbuster teaser
Sunny Deol on APB News talking about Ghayal's sequel 'Ghayal once again'. IAMSUNNYDEOL . Watch
My sons want to be actors, will make their debut soon:
Sunny Deol is a real angry and muscle man. In Ghayal,Damini,Border, Gadar and Ghatak he was outstanding.
My sons want to be actors: Sunny Deol
Ghayal once again will be treat to watch as Sunny Deol has made lots of efforts, brought Dan Bradley Action coordinator 4 it
I added a video to a playlist Krushna as Sunny Deol and Sudesh as Amrish Puri - Comedy Circus
Soha Ali Khan slaps Sunny Deol, literally: It is vital for every actor to get involved in his or her character.
Soha Ali Khan slaps Sunny Deol on sets of ‘Ghayal Once Again’
Pic 1: Sunny Deol going to Pakistan. Pic 2: Abhay Deol going to Pakistan
Sunny Deol is back once again . Ghayal !
'Ghayal Once Again' poster unveiled: Bollywood actor Sunny Deol has revealed the first look poster of his upco...
Sunny Deol at Dharmendra's brother & Abhay Deol's father Ajit Deol's funeral. See the video :
With Caste & Communal hate the way they are I am reminded of what Sunny Deol said to Akshaye Khanna. 'आदत डाल दो।'
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Or perhaps,just one.It just struck me like a 2.5 kg Sunny Deol punch. Rab ne bana di jodi!!Get it?Oh God,it all makes sense now.
Sunny Deol is apparently upset with Karan Johar & Punit Malhotra
Amazin acting by Sunny Deol , Amrish puri & Danny denzongpa.. — watching Ghatak
TIL Bollywood live/ Actress Urvashi Rautela, who made her debut opposite Sunny Deol in "Singh Saab The Great", is...
stop NSA level talks Pakistanis will understand only Sunny Deol level of talks.oye Gande nale di padaiesh
Ye Doval mein kuch dum nahi, Modi Sarkaar shud have sent Deol - only one Sunny Deol with 4-5 water-pumps for the
We grew up in a generation where Sunny Deol was the hero and Shah Rukh Khan was the villain. So kids of today, stfu about y…
- Sunny Deol is in super form, too much BossDks😂 & a badly edited movie (2.5☆/5)
Handpump ..I am better than sunny Deol
‘Sunny Deol is very shy as a person so I was nervous talking to him’ – Soha Ali Khan -
that would be easy for sunny deol. Although sunil is a better dancer amongst both of them
Imagine a dance off between Sunil Shetty and Sunny deol.
Soha Ali Khan nervous working with ... -
Would love to watch you review ajay jadeja, suniel shetty, sunny deol and celina jaitely starrer KHEL.
For Pakistan arnab goswami is sunny deol of journalism. :) :p
The way Ind cric team addresses media is funny. When shastri talks, it's like he is sunny deol of border saying,'Bhairo singh MMG sambhalo'
musharaf is mentally ill :p like sunny deol always does over acting ..kabhi army ne tanks pe chardh Kay ganay gaye ?
I present to you my proof . More proof - Have fun analysing! :P
I love this song. Ajay cam dance better than Sunny Deol right? 😂
If the talk happens sunny deol should be present with hand pump to hit Mr Aziz if he says something moronic
hang loose on a thin thread. I just hope Pakistan doesn't *** Sunny Deol off. They don't want to *** Sunny Deol off.
they thought it was BOLLYWOOD LOC sunny deol style fight lol
We should send Sunny Deol to pak jst to show Handpump incident once again . Need an action not talks
I dont know what are compulsions when in GOI but i believe in sunny deol philosophy "no iff no butt" when it comes to my enemies
Sunny Deol handpump wala 'Amen' to this attitude :-)
Watched A fun movie and how cute a pair did Sunny deol and Kangana Ranaut make!
If you are a Sunny Deol fan,. you must know this song too!
India should send Sunny Deol for NSA talks...Bobby Deol as a backup ?
These hilarious logics will make you go ROFL!
"The loudest one in the room, is the weakest one in the room." except Sunny Deol / Leone 😂
what about Dharmendra n Sunny Deol. They both were superstar.
already broken by dharmendra-sunny deol,sunil-Sanjay Dutt…srk son is not more handsome Dan u ,if u are flop…
would be like watching a Sunny Deol movie without abuses
though best sikh movie has to be gadar and border, with sunny deol playing sardar. He does give justice to the character.
evn sunny deol had a better Pakistan policy in gadar. than s
And !!! I thought sunny deol was india's strongest man. 😂😂😂
Ajay Devgan is not the right fit for Sons of Sardaar. A film on Battle of Sargarhi requires an actor like Sunny Deol.
Singh Saab The Great: plus Sunny Deol just rocks in his movies. If Sunny's in it then I want to see what it's about.
Singh Saab The Great: you know it is very sweet that if they can, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, and Dharmendra will cameo in each others movies
Paresh Rawal ke roop me Sunny Deol nilka be... 😋
Yup. Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Sunny Deol are all lucky !
Great month for me, Jimmy Sheirgill, Bobby Deol, Sunny Deol, Adil Hussain, 2 more stars added to the list yesterday.
Sunny Deol's character in Ghatak is one of the best portrayal of macho characters on the silver screen.
A Rare capture of Sunny Deol with Ahana Deol and son Karan Deol.
Vote on the poll Sunny Deol best movie. on via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bollywood News: Sunny Deol plays a in his upcoming movie . Let see Ye dhai kilo...
Hey cutie, could you like and comment my video on you... — Cutie? 😳. Kabhi suna ha,Sunny deol bhat cute ha 😒. Th...
Bajrangi Bhaijaan met Gaddar Sunny Deol before going to Pakistan. . You will die laughing after watching this 󾌴󾌳󾌳󾌳
Last schedule of starrer to start in August.
I liked a video from how to cool down sunny deol.
Sunny Deol starrer Bhaiya ji... Superhitt has wrapped up its Mumbai schedule and the cast and crew will soon be...
TIL Desk Bollywood live/ A court here on Tuesday restrained the release of Sunny Deol-starrer ‘Mohalla Assi’...
FIR lodged against Sunny Deol & makers of film Mohalla Assi for hurting sentiments of Hindus.
Delhi HC restrains the release of Sunny Deol starrer 'Mohalla Assi'
Watching Border on ever green movie, fantastic direction by J P Dutta, owesome performances by Sunny Deol, Sunil Shetty...
FIR against Sunny Deol for doing 'gandi baat' in Mohalla Assi
after Sunny Deol, Anil Sharma will now direct for Gadar II.
Someone should make a Desi Expendables with 90s heroes like Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Sunny Deol, Govinda & Akshay Kum…
Aamir & Sunny Deol hv clashed at the box-office thrice... and each time their movies emerged as big hits! 14 Years of …
Kangana Ranaut – Sunny Deol starrer to release on 3 July 2015. Produced by T-Series and directed by Radhika Rao …
Guess the 1994 directed by Harry Baweja; stars Sunny Deol, Saif Ali Khan &
Last i saw was Sunny Deol winning the world boxing championship for his brother Bobby Deol, both coached by Dharmendra.
Sunny Deol rejects three-film offer from Yash Raj Films for beta Karan Deol
Sunny Deol is said to be scouting for big names to helm the debut film of his son, Karan.
Sunny Deol is on the hunt for a director to launch his son Karan
Sunny Deol on a director hunt for debut film of his son Karan?
. And I want to see sunny deol making debut in
My kid showed her fist to my wife while saying it a la Sunny Deol. My wife was stunned and thinks I'm a bad influence for my daughters.
good night bhai sunny deol dreams :P
There has been violence down the ages. Sunny Deol was born in 1956. Do you think there was a Sunny in every era who instigated
But than we do have sunny deol to kick this Butt-hole and Delhi ka AapHole
This World Cup Australia looked ten times more unbeatable than Sunny Deol in Gadar .
Watch old Arjun movie by Sunny Deol u guys r used like Chowgley uses Sunny in that movie..wake up
Vivek Pandey has voted for "Sunny Deol" on the poll Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol
appears to be like the character of in Sunny Deol wali movie
exactly So?its no big deal if she is salman's sister or sunny deol's. 2 thumbs for you gal
Year 2075 ..Sunny Deol,still grossed out to flatter ladies all hairy :D
sunny paji is allways Rock .i wotch every film of sunny deol. I am waiting for ghayal ones again
omg you look so much like Sunny Deol in this picture, when he wears a turban 👀
Relive the era of hardcore action as the real stars of Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt team up for a...
Sunny Deol very unhappy after AAP's stunt 2day.Mr. Deol strongly objects & says today's drama was copied 4m his upcoming film
Taj Mahal -> Shiv Mandir. Then:. SRK -> Sunny Deol?. This is tougher than Algebra. I just don't get it.
Yesterdy night I saw sunny deol movi 'singh sab' wich came on dd1.In this movie roll prformed by sunny paji was amazing.hats off 2 sunny sir
Dan Bradley shoots with Sunny Deol for his upcoming movie, Read on to know more :)
absolutely. But the Q is - is there any AAP volunteer like Sunny deol
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