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Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach (Slanchev Bryag) is a major seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located approximately 35 km north of Burgas in Nessebar municipality, Burgas Province.

Black Sea

British footballer, 20, dies on holiday at Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria.
Great beach weather today. 84 on the coast & sunny.
Currently sat by the beach in sunny but…
Sunny Beach is ran by the Mafia. It's strange to see how many incidents happen there.
Enjoy my sunny sunday at the beach 🌊..
The sunny weather is here and the beach is looking very attractive today!
Yay for sunny Sundays strolls down to the a beautiful breezy beach 🙌🏻💕😍. . . .
A young Scottish man has died while on holiday at the Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria
Probably not, going Ibiza & Vegas this year so I wanted a scatty cheap one, Sunny Beach fills that descripti…
Bulgaria's Sunny Beach offers 'best value in Europe': omits that wages drop, and quality and price goes together -
・・・. G'day, mate! Care for a sunny side egg by the beach? 🍳☀️
April started with glorious sunny weather.Fancy stroll on the beach?Book a self-catering
Current weather is Mostly Sunny! With a high of 28°C. For beach people, kindly remember sunscreen as UV index is r……
I don't want to develop software, I want to do yoga on a warm sunny beach
For sale fully furnished one bedroom apartment in Shumen complex, 400 meters from the beach of Sunny Beach, Burgas
It's a perfect day for some beach volleyball w blue skies, & warm sunny weather. Thanks for sponsoring…
where I would rather be, or on a sunny beach would be nice too (:
Is a sunny/hot day with you on the the beach to much to ask for.
In less than a week I'll be on a warm sunny beach 😍😍
Good morning all from beautiful Cornwall where life is a beach. Sunny day forecast but a bit of a dull start.
There's nothing quite like a sunny Autumn beach day!
First sunny day in a long time! What better way to spend it by doing some out on the
Whirled over to this stunning beach in to the border with the sunny Sultanate of
Prepare for sunny beach parties in. Brighton. Tanning salons should do really well now
New free stock photo of sea, sunny, beach via summerpace18
New free stock photo of sea, sunny, beach
Nha trang Beautiful Season!. can come to Nha Trang every month in year. All the year with sunny and…
The Eyes shot up a bar in Sunny Beach over a late protection payment. Five people got hit. But refugees are who Dinko's focusing on?
Sunny days at the beach this weekend and some fun waves.
Had an amazing beach day with our sisters yesterday💕 Nothing better than mobbing out to the beach on a sunny day😎
I'm Bulgarian but I'm not there. But I recommend you see Varna, Sunny Beach, and the Black Sea coast. A…
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Naomi have spent her time out in Sunny Beach, she is now permanently drunk
Wish I was laying on the beach, on a nice sunny day, reading a good book
Beautiful sunny day at beach with . Windy as *** hence the sweats being needed.
Kitchen 305 on Overpriced if you don't go on Wednesday's or Fridays food is pretty decent but not worth the …
Sunny Day Beach Tote Now offered at Come find your treasures! Free Shipping Anywhere!
I just want to lay on the beach with my friends listening to good music until the sun goes down when it's sunny and 85 deg…
"Easter Weather by the Sea - Snapshots of Bexhill's Sunny Foreshore." below De La Warr Parade,
sunny day at the beach: overcoat, gumboots & an umberdoodie. . pouring rain: stoic photo op. NO umberdoo…
Playing 50 ft from the beach today at Banana Cabana IOP from Noon to 4pm. Sunny 70 degrees and a nice breeze...
Coach Darren and son Peyton lovin' this sunny Sunday and eagerly awaiting start of the beach season!…
This is what the doctor ordered: 80s and sunny at the beach, now finishing the evening with a book on the balcony. God bless San Diego!
Can't wait to get sunny beach paid off and look forward to 11 days in the sun 👌
I would kill to be somewhere warm and sunny and on a beach rn
Life is great at the beach on a sunny day...until your husky rolls around in a rotting seal lion carcass.
It's supposed to be 66 and much sunny out, thaaat calls for a beach adventure 😁
The story they have been building is Charlotte vs Bayley
Must be so stressful living in sunny cali and having to go to the beach... 😂😂😂
People always think of hot, sunny, beach filled places as sexy. Truth is, when the sun's away the privates will play.
This time last year I was in Sunny Beach 😩 depressing
4 star hotel in Sunny Beach resort , Bulgaria
Brothers playing Andy Murray first round in Wimbledon and I'm in Sunny Beach with predicted thunder storms.
Tonight was class, now get me to Sunny Beach... 11 days
Beautiful sunny day at at the Come get some sun and https:…
Beach volleyball on sunny days is always great 🌞
A good sunny morning to start with them 😊😁
Over here, it's nice and sunny, and people are hitting up the beach. While in Newfoundland, they're preparing for another winter storm.
Beautiful sunny beach day, everyday is a great day, just make sure to make it one😊
I hate summer weather. I hate sunny days. I hate the beach. Why do I live in California?
I wish I lived by the beach where the weather was always hot and sunny
SNSD Sunny is a summer beach babe in Bali with SURE magazine
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Jst want to be lying on a sunny beach with a can of Fanta lemon 😩🌞
Sunny A gets down and dirty at the beach while she basks in the warm sun and shows off her…
Woo. It's sunny here at the beach. Gloomy everywhere else.
Beach party in backyard today. 86 and sunny in Not too hard to take for a Wisconsin native!
Sunny and 46 degrees. Not a bad day for a stroll along the Plattsburgh City Beach.
I wish I lived somewhere that was warm & sunny all the time. I just wanna go to the beach.🙁
Can't wait for the summer when it's warm and sunny and I can flutter around the beach and make short films with my friends
One week and I'll be on a sunny beach with 2 of my best buds 😎
.Kasich: that warm baggie of melted Jello you don't need on a sunny day …
I cancelled my beach plans this weekend bc climate experts said bad weather. it's been sunny all weekend. 🌤☀️
Photo of an Australian Landscape of a Beach via
Another attack at another beach resort,beachgoers were shot&killed at a resort on sunny day last year https:…
Want to escape the cold? The snow? Take a trip to a sunny Florida beach in the pages of BEAUTIFUL MUSIC
Enjoying another beautiful Autumn day in Sydney, Australia. Here is sunny Manly Beach.
Down to double figures, sunny beach in 98 days! Buzzing isn't the word, holiday with the boys is what I need in my life.
_What a nice day. Why would you ever leave this city?
Sunny and cool day at the beach! @ La Jolla Beach San Diego CALIFORNIA
when you find out it's gonna be sunny all week on the beach for SB
Sunny days and getaways with the bffl ❤️😊 @ Gray's Beach
I wanna take sunny to the beach but she's so little the waves would knock her over& take her out 😂😂😂
Still on the fence about a sunny getaway? Get off the fence and onto the beach.
Just another sunny Sunday in SD. Coffee and a walk on the boardwalk in Mission Beach!.
One of life's pleasures ! A Hockins ice cream on a sunny spring day beach
Don't care how cold / not sunny it is ... I want to go to the beach 😫
Looks like my kind of day, love the beach when it's like that, I know. But I burn when it's sunny 😕
Would do anything to be on a sunny beach with an ice cold drink rn, Sunday blues hitting me hard
we have pics of our girls playing on that beach 23 years ago, such a gorgeous sunny day in June.was dog friendly too as 1
Big sandy in today, ideal to sit in our garden and sip a cold local beer!
Sightseeing with mum.that's what sunny Sunday's are all about
How I would love to just jump on a plane right now ✈️ a sunny beach somewhere is calling my name
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it was also sunny when I went to Portsmouth lol but they don't have a beach.
The latest creature to turn up on the sandy shores of Acapulco's sunny beaches was not a surfer or a coed partying
Earlier when I was on my way to the family house and then sitting on the beach 💖💖💖
NEW for - PLAYBOY PARTY Get your bunny ears on it's the sexiest night you’ll have in Sunny Beach!
What I would do to be led on a sunny beach somewhere with a drink in my hand 🌞
It looking like a warm sunny day on Belcekiz beach Oludeniz .. the view from the Buzz Bar Beach web camera
Sunny beach next year, don't mind if I do 👌
The wind has ruined site, looks like sunny beach strip
One of the most famous clubs of Sunny Beach is Iceberg. With their international staff and crowd you can find...
Hoping the lads have a good holiday and that the tidal wave doesn't hit Sunny Beach too hard 🌊🏊🏻
Lol not drinking lasted a grand total of a day. AberG will make a pleasant change from Sunny Beach.
Book the Step Hotel in Sunny Beach for NOW! >
Denmark suprised us with some sunny hours today. 😊
Sunny and cool weather continues today in Palm Beach County
I'm in need of iced coffie, warm sunny beach and me in swimming trunks worshipping the sun.. 😊
Best news ever :-) just been signed as the new resident DJ for club Iceberg sunny beach summer of 2015
BEACH TERRACE OPEN TODAY! It's so sunny! Come down to our beach terrace and enjoy a drink and some delicious food!
Taken on a Sunny Day on a Beach at Bribie Island in Australia. "Wave Break"
Really really really want to go to sunny beach this summer ☀️🍹
My mom was raised in Long Beach. She needed a parka. It's currently 38 and sunny. It's still March.…
Drinking sangria on a sunny Spanish beach with my girls. So how's your afternoon going? ;)
So hot and sunny today 🔥 A perfect day to go to the beach and use 's water-based serum 🌴🌊
thats because most of yours have been waking up on a sunny beach in Thailand my haggis, neep and tattie friend 😏
While you guys are at school doing work, I'm in sunny FL on the beach (: (: (:
My gals 18th's, Sunny beach, Skegness! Gotta have summet to look forward too this year 🙌
Good Morning Clearwater Beach,FL: Sunny today! Current Temp is 50 with a high of 75 and a low of 64 Clearw…
Looks like it's sunny beach Bulgaria this year then 😜
Nude babe with sunglasses feeling happy on sunny beach.
Nudist couple taking a photo on sunny beach
Returning to Sunny Beach 8th June. Best get extra alcohol ordered
Blustery but sunny on the beach this morning
Basking in the sun - Hrithik and his kids enjoy at the sunny beach (Courtesy MM)
Beautiful sunny day at home but stuck in doing my dissertation 😢, want to go to the beach ☀️
Beautiful walk in sunny Margate this morning!
It's Sunny Funny Full of activities. Children Beach Club in ROBB. . If we are not in Pirate's Club by Leisure then...
I need to go somewhere where there's a beach and it's sunny and a daiquiri will magically appear in my hand.
Which way's the beach? new collection is awash with sunny seaside vibes. Hit it!👉
Come live in sunny Spain, less than 100quid pw for this straight rent bar nr the beach 30min east of Malaga
Yer me too!! As I was looking forward to sunny long weekend on beach😊
Had a dream last night that I was on the beach in a sunny, hot country and now I'm immensely depressed because I'm not actually there.
A sunny day & a 10 min walk to the beach from my flat. What do I do? Close the curtains & play videogames
My great grandparents and my grandma (middle) in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, 1960. (First post!)
Wish I was waking up somewhere hot and sunny where I could lay on a beach all day
Morning Blanca...gorgeous picture. ..wish I was there. I love the beach. Cold but sunny here too :)
Long Beach weather forecast: Sunny, breezy for Monday
Going to the Big Reunion with all the Ayia Napa, Sunny Beach, Ibiza, Bulgaria, Kos and Zante people 😁
Listening to these songs is bringing back the memories of Sunny Beach. Sarah Foreman Thomas Clarke Zoe Limerick
Omg when I came home from Bulgaria, Tyga then went to Bulgaria. I was Sunny Beach and I don't saw him :(
Beware of Criminals in Sunny Beach, Foreign Office Warns - - Sofia News Agency via
Never thought I could miss a club so much. Den Glade Viking (bring me back to Sunny Beach!
This time in a week me and the team will be in Sunny Beach! Excited! 😬🙈🍻
*Travel alerts* D = Disaster W = Warning C = Caution I = Info GLOBAL EARTHQUAKES - Chile, Philippines, Indonesia, Zealand TROPICAL STORMS, HURRICANES & CYCLONES - None at this time Bahrain Country Risk Level - High W 30 May UK FCO TRAVEL ADVICE: Sanabis, Jidhafs , Al Daih- UK citizens advised that planned protests and demonstrations are taking place today. Belgium Country Risk Level - Low C 30 May Charleroi - TEC Charleroi transport workers have gone on strike in Charleroi today, causing bus and light rail disruptions. Bulgaria Country Risk Level - Medium C 30 May Sunny Beach - A British tourist is in intensive care after being attacked at Sunny Beach by a group of men. Sunny Beach, a purpose built holiday town, is the largest resort in Bulgaria. Central African Rep. Country Risk Level - Extreme C 30 May Bangui - Shots fired at young people while protesting against the government and foreign military forces deployed in the country. Hundreds of people marched near the city's airport and in the stre ...
Bulgaria - 4 Star 15th August 2015 Family Of 4 All Inclusive FANTASTIC HOTEL IN NESSEBAR!! Departs Humberside 2 Weeks £2997 - £280 deposit Festa Panorama is a modern and bright hotel located on the pedestrian promenade of the new part of Nessebar, not far from the shopping strip of the town and only a short stroll from the old town of Nessebar. Festa Panorama offers quality accommodation as well as a range of facilities. The outdoor swimming pool is facing out to the sea and overlooks the whole bay occupied by the popular resort of Sunny Beach, St. Vlas with its marina and Elenite. Facilities Restaurant • Lobby bars • Safety deposit boxes at reception • Night club • Outdoor swimming pool with children's section • Pool bar • Indoor swimming pool with children's section • Spa area with jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath & massages • Fitness • Table tennis • Volleyball playground • Wi-Fi Meals Buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner • Pastries & coffee at the lobby bar 3-4pm • Hamburgers, pizz ...
Hey guys, I just saw that, for the earliest comers - it's this brand new club in Sunny Beach grand opening on 9th May. I don't know how many of u are coming that early but if so, u can go check it out, seems like a good offer.
A trip to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, the biggest resort town of Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. This is a place to unwind and have a good time without it pinching your pocket.the next episode on Xplore Bulgaria , Premièring on Travelxp tonit at 9 PM.
I just asked Ben Starr if I could turn tv over (Question Time) he said no it's educational! We have just watched Sunny Beach!!! Enough said!
Linda Nolan making an appearance on What Happens in Sunny Beach, playing the role of 'Beth'
What happens in Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) is on at half 12.. Girls watch and you'll see what NOT to do in maga😂😂
Sunny Beach time. Its like Benefits Street with syphilis
King Billy and ow'd Jimbo are frequent visitors to Sunny Beach, they like a good scouting mission
Little Giant Ladders
1 week all inclusive in June for under £250 Sunny Beach is so Cheap!
Wow omfg so Sean Cullen just followed my personal and he's going to Sunny Beach while I'm there and I'm freaking out and
Just checked in at 415-FourFifteen Hostel in Sunny Beach, 300m from the beach. 4-bed dorm all to myself for the first 2 nights, with individual air con. It's like staying at a hotel!!! Balcony with a view of the hostel pool as well
When one thinks the economy is becoming just a tad better, things happen. Understanding the stock market is complex, understanding economic decisions of late tend to make me wonder. Who is in charge of the asylum today ? I have a need to find a beach ! A Sunny Beach !
BULGARIA - Sea Tourism The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a wonderful place for a summer holiday. Cape Emine is the place where the Balkan Mountains meet the sea, and this place conditionally divides the Black Sea coast into a northern and southern part. The coastline is 378 km long, with 209 beaches that have a total area of 16 square kilometers. Many are wide, while others are small and nested in picturesque marine bays. The beaches and the sea offer excellent conditions for various water sports such as surfing, water skiing, diving, underwater exploration, and fishing, whether from the surface or underwater. In 2011, the beaches at Albena, Bunite (Varna), Dyuni, Elenite, Pomorie (east beach), Harmanite (Sozopol), St. Vlas (central beach and Venid beach), Sunny Beach (north and south beach) and Sunny Day beach were all recognized for their excellence. The saline content of the Black Sea is low, just 16% to 17% in the coastal waters, and the high and low tides are minimal. During the sum ...
The beautiful Victoria Palace hotel that I am staying in just now at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Sole On The Ocean Sunny Isles Beach from $192 USD: The Sole on the Ocean hotel is located just north of Miami Beach…
Brilliant weekend camping in sunny Wales - Criccieth beach was especially beautiful...
Loving Sunny Capetown , waking up by the beach ... I could get use to this ;)
Nothing worse than waking up from a dream on sunny beach with all the boys and realising your not going away this year!
as if you're going sunny beach too? What date do you fly out think you'll be going same time as me!
I only like the beach when it's hot and sunny, checked the weather and there's no sun at all this week! Ragin!
If Yuta is free on tuesday next week,we are going to go a beach!♡ I hope it will sunny.♡
Recieved this fresh from Sunny Beach this morning! Cheers lads!
Wednesday is going to be hot and sunny, BEACH 😎
Great sunny evening at Crosby Beach yesterday
I've never worked so hard down the gym. Just 11 weeks more to go! I will get shredded for sunny beach
Looking at videos of sunny beach have got me so excited for holiday!
Thailand and sunny beach! Need a chat with you anyway, something good has come up
yes sir! Sunny and hot. Beach time again for you!
I really hope its sunny out tomorrow so I can have a much needed beach day ☀
2 nightshifts the. Get sorted for sunny beach
sunny beach Bulgaria, 5 days to go.
After posting sunny photos of the beach on a lovely morning it's come to this all ready :( miserable weather
Two tree wash your brother ... Republic how are going to destroy? * This is Travel. * And insisted I write; rightist-leftist, Is not a matter of Alevi-Sunni something ... Turkey ... Boredom is managed by people who have never experienced his youth. * You know, the school year to share the same ranking, although vaguely remember his face, by the presence of an absence, you can not remove your memory types are in difficult or even the name of the ... Here they are managing. * Resistance during the day ... Clark Kent, evening Superman not understanding it. * Of course, they are also 18 years old and 25 years old were, but they were not young at all. Cut school and cafes to give it up side by side, hand in hand, sitting, sixties girl-girl could not stand even the bus stops. Nature march guitar twang on the beach, burned a romantic fire around, no matter how far they ... canteen uproar, festival, dance, graduation night, humming love songs, the lower side of the beer. How far away. * "Neighborhood pressure" of ...
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Lovely place. Berb stays in the Majestic.
Discounted property: One-bedroom apartment in Harmony Suites 2 in Sunny Beach. Price : 49500…
Happy Monday from sunny Miami :P somedays life is such a beach :P hope ur all enjoying work lol god i love my job xox
It's been sunny all week, until the day I'm going Blackpool pleasure beach. Great.
Wish it was sunny again with this weather need more beach time :)
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If someone would like to pick me up and take me somewhere hot and sunny with a beach- I'd be very grateful. Work is not what I want today!
Stupidly happy I squeezed as much time outside as I could when it was sunny. Trips to be beach, walks by the sea + beer gardens! Ta-ra sun.
*** hum. Busy. Tired. A few weeks on a warm, sunny beach would be nice, but as it's not to going to happen, I trudge on. :)
Both Rainy & Sunny day, we have awesome beach scenery :)
it was hotel majestic sunny beach Bulgaria we had the price of six of us half board everything included ie seats insurance
It better be sunny at the beach tomorrow ☀
View out to sea from Barmouth Beach with Infrared filter
Mzuzu weather :). Its one of the reasons I'd move up there, the weather and the contrast of a sunny beach being 30 minutes away
Forecast says its gonna be hot and sunny tomorrow. I say I'll be on the beach ALL DAY! Pack breakfast, lunch, and dinner! lol 😂☀🌊😍
Beautiful Sunny Southwold.Come for a picnic for the beach or a nice long walk over the beautiful dunes or across the harbour
Might go to the beach tomorrow , is it gonna be rainy or sunny ?
I trusted everyone that its gonna be a good beach day tomorrow then I look & it's not even gonna be sunny *** guys
I wish I was sitting in the sand on a sunny beach right now, far away from here. 👍
Ima miss out on the fair but I'm gonna be on a sandy sunny tropical beach. Sounds good to me👌
No kidding? Never been at a NorCal beach tho. It's been all sunny SoCal for me :D Just gotta put up with the *** :\
Hopefully it's sunny tomorrow, so I can go to the beach.
okay ! Can't wait 😘😘 maybe we will have a nice sunny day soon and we can beach it
I like when the weather is extremely hot & sunny. This way I can lay out on the beach with a cold corona all day
The weather tomorrow is supposed to be sunny & 84. It better be!! I'm going to lay on that *** beach if there's a monsoon!!
Brunch picnic next to a beautiful creek, sunny California beach afternoon, and a scary movie to top it…
Somewhere, somewhere sunny and 75 You and me on a beach chair Yeah I’m so there every time I look in your eyes
I really just want it to be hot and sunny outside so I can go swimming and play beach volleyball.
For all of our TX family, we're having a going away party/beach day on wednesday around 11ish. We'll be at Sunny Beach at the west end of Gtown for all that can come out.
Ok girlies! Let's go to California the last weekend in August! That gives us more planning time!
What is the best beach/ resort to visit other than Destin that's not so far??? Kid friendly...
The full text of the statment that we read at our Long Beach gathering. Long Beach'teki toplantimizda okudugumuz bildirinin tam metni: We are here to show our support and solidarity for those who are fighting to protect and preserve Turkey’s secular democracy, constitution and republic. What started in Gezi Parki on May 28 as a peaceful protest has spread rapidly around the country and amongst Turkish citizens around the world after violent attacks by riot police, including burning tents, aiming tear gas canisters directly at citizens and even running people over with riot control vehicles. For far too long the government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has been operating without any checks and balances and with full disregard for the will of the people. Winning an election does not give a civil servant the right to do whatever they please without consulting the people. The government is responsible for protecting the rights and freedoms of all people who live within the Republic of Turkey. The right t ...
Was introduced to the sport of paramotor-ing yesterday. I think I have a new sport in my (probably distant) future.
Perfect day. Slept in, went to Topsail Beach for some sun loving and a nice stroll and then ended the day with an ice cream at Sunni Sky's. hello summer!!
What was the Khutbah about in your community? Please share one gem with us, from the khutbah!
Wanna run away from Phoenix right now.
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Had fun today Guys and Girls. We should do this more often.
You must know this... Turkey must move on despite the happenings at Taksim Square. I know this protest is fuelled by Israel and its allies from west. This distractors and enemies of peace never want any country to develop...expecially if your country is against Israel wishes..TURKEY among the few. But these masses at Taksim square should know that,to protest in Taksim is not Tahrir . Erdogan whom they claimed his applyng Sharia law in some places,,has been rated one of the greatest leaders in the world. He brought a solution to a decade conflict with PKK led by its jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan. He is at the forefront speaking for the voiceless palestinians and somalis.Being the first first European leader to clear off IMF'S loan. He brought development to PKK controlled areas like MUS,,mush,,, so,these protesters dont exactly know their benefits,,, sure
Biz, done. Jummah Mubarak, Blessed Holy Day. Study time. Back to biz Saturday morning, or possibly Monday, if I feel like learning/teaching for a few days in a row. What is everyone reading? If U are attending a Sunni Jummah, what is the Kutbah about and how do U see it? If U are attending class, where, and with whom, and what is the Lesson Plan? Add on.
Now...heading to Myrtle Beach International Airport to pick up Sunni! Luke's Mom is in town and now Sunni, too. I am a busy happy lady! Lots of family everywhere!
Roll Call: We have had a huge number of people adding this page (I think because the Kids Prayer Network shared it) but I was curious to where you are all from. SO..where are you all following Sunni's Story from.?
Morning Cow Report!! I've thought that if you want to watch a great 3D movie, just watch a play...My friend was complaining that my car doesn't have enough get up and go. I said, no, but it has plenty of get out and push!... when I die I want to be cremated and put in an etch-a-sketch~ I say the Miss Universe contest is always rigged, the winner is always from Earth~! Finding a whole worm in your apple isn't as bad as finding half of one... Have a great day!! Doksa Ake!! :D
These are the wonderful Fijians that we meet n felt in love with xxoo
No coverage... Maybe because the lamestream lap dogs don't want people getting any ideas ?
I f'n hate stoopid people walking their dogs on the concrete in this hot weather. The dogs are lifting their paws as they walk because their poor feet are burning. I pointed it out to the owners and they didn't seem to care. Poor little doggies crying at each step :(
Will be visiting with Brunswick County Republican Women today in Calabash, NC. One of my favorite places. Looking forward to seeing old friends and new friends.
We've quite a community going on here in this virtual world.
Sunni Lee let's go to Skate Factory of Vero Beach tonight lmao
Good morning fb peeps time to get up I'm ready to go home now and get stuff ready for this move to the A! But 1st I have to figure some other items out then I hit the road going south!!! So my besties won't be over the top upset lol Yontrell LeCounte Sunni Anderson Smith see you ladies soon :)
Today is the 42nd anniversary of my first Kundalini yoga class that I ever attended, in Atlanta, Georgia, May 31st, 1971. It is also the anniversary end of 6 7-year cycles of consciousness. Little did I know that that little class, on that day, would change my life and destiny. MY deepest gratitude to yoga teachers Gurutej Singh and Livtar Singh, who introduced me to the joy and ecstacy of the melding of mind, body, and spirit through yoga; the peace and vastness of mind and being, through meditation with breath and mantra; and my soul's ecstacy in the release of fear and limitations through resounding the sound of the Shabd Guru, from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. There is no amount of money or earthly wealth of any kind, that touches the spiritual wealth of these practices. Sadhana. Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Sangat. Solstice. How blessed and lucky I feel.
Booked a holiday to Sunny Beach this summer? Tag everyone you are coming with and if you like the page, you're in with a chance of winning a £50 voucher to be spent in the bar. The more friends that like the page, the more chance you have of winning yourself free drinks!!
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Beach tomorrow for Mr. Gabes field trip and other shenanigans! Had an awesome day with Natas Shillibeer and Shauna Roberts! Take pics of alayna tomorrow for me lady!!! :)
BEAUTIFUL BEACH DAY - The sun shone from morning to evening. I did my chores, got my parents sorted and went to the beach at 11.30. I lay on a beach mat on the pebbles and the sun was hot and I had the beach partition [it is divided by breakwaters] all to myself for an hour. The walkway is high above the beach and I was at the end away from the tourists so noise is not a problem. I could hear the waves falling on the shore - they came quite close to me at one point and the sun in the cloudless sky was beating on me. and the air was full of the seaweedy smell... Just bliss. Came home went in my garden and observed beets, snow peas, kale and onions coming along... So glad I did that because the forecast is not as good for tomorrow! I just knew I had to have some beach time. It's so near, 5 mins by cycle...
Finally we got our crab legs before heading out Sunni Andrews , Robinson Marielle,and Rita BadgirlMccain .Back to home we go.I will miss you Myrtle Beach!!!
Had a great lunch at longhorns... (thanks Adam and Sunni) now jfs time to hit the beach with my husband:-)
We've found a seven-night escape to Bulgaria's Sunny Beach resort from only £267 pp, up to 45% off the usual price!
Sunny Beach owners’ association complains to Prosecutor-General about management
OMG.I CAN'T BELIEVE GUS GOT MAD WITH ME. Ok, I was walking down the hall and tripped over his forehead... All I said was, "OH, you have a small lil knot coming..." Oh and I said, "Excuse me..." I believed he asked me again about this Sunny Beach... smh
I went to "Sunny Beach', the Russian Mafia walk around, dressed head to toe in black. They provide ALL security there >>>
For those of you that like skiing then please look on the following link : Although I was fully booked for Christmas and the New Year periods there are quite a few dates available for the rest of the ski season. If you don't know about Bansko then briefly its the no.1 ski resort in Bulgaria and recently they have been holding World Cup ski competitions there. There is something for everyone, from novices to the professionals, not just skiing but also snow boarding and sledging. For those of you who like to relax a little or even pamper yourselves then my apts are in the best place to be. Bansko Royal Towers, which is right next to the ski gondola has its own spa, with heated indoor pool and jacuzzi's, steam rooms, massage rooms, etc... There is a bar and nightclub on site along with a top class restaurant. Bansko itself is full of character with a wide range of traditional Mehana's in which to dine at. Away from Bansko and to my 3 double bed villa down at Kosharitsa, overlooking Sunny Beach, I am taking . ...
Have you been to the party capital of South-Eastern Europe - Sunny Beach? A Black Sea cruise might lead you there
Lovely weekend in Fowey with gorgeous family and the always lovely Dyball family! Sunny Beach in the morning huge roast at king of Prussia! Now trying to get home in torrential rain and snow in Somerset!
Big reunion is like 3 and a half weeks away eee, cant wait to party Sunny Beach style once again!
In Burgas, en route to beautiful Sunny Beach :D
Can't wait for Friday: pay day, last minute clothes shopping then Sunny Beach for the week :)
Just got off the phone to Stuart Knight confirming VIP to see Mark Knight and Fedde Le Grand in Sunny Beach, BUZZING!!
Cant wait to go on holliday! *** my panties Get chases by the Bulgarian mafia see the death of Matthew Ward watch Ross Tomlinson choke slam the country watch Adam Sircar cry because he misses Hannah look at Zach McDonagh in his spedo's watch Brandon Lewis turn green video record Ali Brown eating a salad of ross's . cry myself drink so much i die and join pat butcher in the ground and generally have a wicked time Sunny Beach has gota be better than this MORB of a country!!
Sunny Beach has turned into a serious hole of a place. If anyone is thinking of coming to Bulgaria, I recommend Marina Cape in Aheloy. On it's only €43 per appartment per night and very near Burgas airport. Great restaurants, great pool, beside the sea and big quality appartments. Added bonus is Aer Lingus flies in three times a week.
I was in Thomas Cook with the gf and the rep brought up Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Couldn't stifle my giggles…
Yellow Catch Contest Starts in 2h 20m since now(post) Ends in 2h 57m The task is to catch the biggest Yellowfin Tuna at Sunny Beach (Great Barrier Reef) among all players participating in the Tournament. Lv.45-60
Today in Sunny Beach it is thunder and lightning
On the list for a cash game at the crown plaza casino in Sunny Beach.
Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Fit and Healthy Woman Catching Beach Ball on Sunny Beach in Spai - 18"H...
BULGARIA SUNNY BEACH: Elite III - holiday complex in the heart of Sunny Beach. 59.22 sq.m. 40862 €
Sunny Beach lies near the town of Nessebar Bulgaria on the Bulgarian Black: buick riviera 1964citroen saxo vts r...
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