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Sunni Islam

Sunni Islam (or ) is the largest branch of Islam and are referred to in Arabic as ʾAhlu-s-Sunnati wa-l-Jamāʿah , people of the tradition of Muhammad and the consensus of the Ummah or ʾAhlu-s-Sunnah .

Shia Islam Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia Middle East Islamic State

Sheikh Kamel al-Fedawi, explains how an ultra-conservative version of Islam took hold in the city.“Wahhabism starte…
Still the Sajdah was made to Adam not to Allah 😊 .. I was raised Sunni in KSA. Converted to Shia Isl…
- are donor eggs allowed in Sunni Islam?
You have a number of division in Islam. First Shia ,Sunni.Wahabi like wise.Then SK,Sayeed,Mughal ,Path…
Can you explain the connection between my white skin and knowing that 4 schools of Sunn…
Saudi Arabia presents itself as the defender of Islam in general and Sunnism in particular. As a Sunni Muslim I say, not…
The enclave of muslims in The Philippinesis also strange. Islam made it their before the Catholics…
I added a video to a playlist Sunni Islam leader meets with Pope Francis for third time
Problem is, the laymen women and men, of Sunni sect of Islam don't know their hero's and idols aren't as p…
Also, while Iran is a predominately Shia nation, a war with it will be viewed by many as US' war on…
Iran=Shia Islam. Saudi=sunni islam. Isis=sunni and they hate shia. there made it clear for you
Assuming you get your Moslem world, Shiites, and Sunnis will demand a Shiite or Sunni World. Radical Islam is a cul…
Second, temporary marriage only happens in Shi'a Islam, Sunni Islam does not have any kind of temporary marriage.
he should know you are either Sunni or Shia and that is now. When Islam was delivered you were just Muslim
Sunni Muslims consider Hazrat Ali as 4th Caliph of Islam . Happy Diwali
Diversity in Islam for Absolute Beginners, Sunni, Kharawaj, Shia or Shi'ite, Wahhabi and Deobandis featured in NBC s Science of Love
Indra separated the 3heads of viishvarupa, god, man, demon, a…
I’m not Sunni or Shi’a, I am muslim there is no division in Islam
So before the US invaded Iraq, there was bo conflict between Shia-Sunni Islam? Is this what you are saying?
Sunni grandfather hates Shia, and Shia military give him good to eat..this is Shia Islam.
Can’t see sunni Islam taking that on board
I don't care if you're Sunni, ahmadi, sufi, if you are a good human being i will help you and make dua for you regardless.…
I'll add another point. I do believe we are in sort of civilizational conflict with I…
Is sunni ways lying about being a feminist or favoring islam? Can't do both.
He went to a Sunni madrasa. He's not a practicing muslim but they de…
Ask yourself y is 99.9% of Somali Sunni nd its neighbors not? Ethiopia, Kenya ? How did Islam reach the Horn of Africa be not its neighbors
Where does the ultra conservative Sunni Islam come from? Which nation is it's major g…
And doesn't actually punish the nations that are actively promoting global ultra cons…
Islam the religion of peace, Iraqi and Iranian Muslim shias are attacking the Iraqi Sunni Muslims and the Kurds .
Sunni Islam is the Protestant of the Middle East
Wi xafat, bro shia and Sunni are two branches of Islam, it has to do with religion, KURDS ARE AN ETHNIC G…
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There’s no Shia terrorist in the world in history of is fighting against ka…
The Shia Sunni divide and their hatred of Kurds still won't ever be healed, Common denominator is Islam! Not…
That 👇is not Islam, it's which is a distorted & extreme re-formed version of Islam, less than 300yrs old…
happen to include the brand of Muslim (Shia or Sunni) that they want to wipe out. Beyond the Sectarian wars will be the phase in which Islam
Interesting how freedom of religion only applies to Sunni Islam. Christians on the other…
I liked a video What is the Difference Between the Sunni and the Shia? - Islam
True Islam, would that be Shia or Sunni? That's the biggest problem with religion, everyone's religio…
It was 'Umar (ra), 2nd caliph of Islam, who liberated it in the 1st place. Then a religious Sunni…
There is no one "Islam". Sunni and Shia have differences. Som…
"The issues is not about Sunni/Shia Islam, it’s about nation-state interest. The religion is not the source of the…
How is it when the rest of the Middle East is Sunni Islam . Not to mention places like Indonesia?
Recommending to RE departments to puchase RE Today's new booklet on Islam. We really like the sunni/shi'a diagram on c…
Sunni Islam is inherently populist. Anyone can twist its ratchet with the right message.
Being Muslim in the NBA: A roundtable of current and former basketball players discuss Islam and their careers. . https:/…
ISIS is not defeated. Sunni interpretation of Islam and western leaders with a fetish for regime change, s…
Difference between Shia and Sunni in Islam via
Iraqi Army, Isis, not really very much difference. Facts are all there to see. Sunni Muslims are the Nazis of Islam…
Saudi are Sunni Islam, Iran are Shia Islam. Both Islam both hate each others religion and want to dest…
Authoritative Jurisprudence in Sunni Islam, Clearly exhorts Muslims to wage War against and Subjugate unbelievers:.
No he left NOI, converted to Sunni Islam and died a Sunni Muslim.
I wanted to be a nun but I was a Sunni Muslim. I had never heard of a nun in Sunni Islam. Maybe they exist where…
"He embraced Sunni Islam...". You realised the NOI is not a mainstream Musli…
And Al Azhar is the foremost school of Sunni Islam. Lebanon became a Muslims country when…
Pls don't talk about things you hate and don't know basics of, Sunni Islam has awaren…
Firstly, Sunni and Shia Islam have some variance on the pillars of Islam, but we will focus on the vast majority of Sunni Islam
Sunni Islam is a harmful ideology. Reason being it has 1200 hadiths to Shia's 10
Wahhabism is a Satanic Sect that rebelled against Sunni Islam. Y…
Isn't Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim looked at as the most authoritative collection of Hadith? At least in Sunni Islam?
Al-Azhar, the foremost institution in Sunni Islam, refuses to declare the Islamic State apostate
Turk Muslim invader Khilji annexed to Delhi Sultanate and converted Hindu to Sunni Islam under sword 1205.
Al-azhar university. Worlds leading global authority on Sunni Islam endorses this. Are they wrong or you right…
I have read the article. It is one person. Many others disagree. Here is just one
So we know tattoos are haraam in Sunni Islam. But plucking your eyebrows? Is this a thing? So vague that it can be stretched to anything
. 1/ Islamists do not represent all Muslims but their interpretation of Islam conforms with mainstream Sunni Islam. And
but too many non Muslims say Isis has nothing to do with Islam and Sunni majority countries are silent, try again
Somewhere between this Shia and Sunni debate, Islam lost.
if you were raised in an observant Sunni household, you prob believe you know the 'reality of Islam'. I say that's YOUR reality.
Baha'i isn't really under Islam. Just like Jews don't think Christianity is under Judaism. I'm sunni.
I was born raised Sunni Muslim; after study research QuranHadith Sira I concluded Mo was bogus prophet & Islam his sick mentality
. Really! ISIS, AlQaeda and Al-Nusra are Sunnis. All the Islamists are Sunni. Sunni Islam condones killing the Alawites.
ISIS is real Sunni Islam. Iran is real Shia Islam.
well for you guys your mainstream Sunni Islam IS EXTREMIST and SALAFIST
An Egyptian diplomat takes aim at Qaradawi, Sunni Islam's pontiff of terror. An important article. Read it:
Sunni Islam commits terror attack ON civilians while being supported by large number of Muslims but it's ok...
Israel takes sides at its peril in Islam's Sunni Shia divide
Proofs that Sunni Islam permits killing apostates in non-Muslim countries.
Sunni enemy, Khomeini, is reformed and set up their Shia, hatred, according to Sunnis and Islam.
Sunni is reformed and set up their of and
Same as in salafi-wahhabite mosques; not teaching true Sunni Islam but Takfiri terrorism
Pashtunwali tribal code with elemnts of Sunni Islamic teaching to form an anti-Western,anti-modern Islmic ideology isn't real Islam
he's right tho. Isis is v close to historic islam regardless if shia or sunni!
. Sunny. Just one letter away from sunni, a form of Islam. . What are YOU hiding?
Rep v Dems in the US is getting as bad as Sunni v Shia in Islam.
Islam is defamed by ppl like u who divide Muslims into Sunni & Shia. u r endorsing ur sect, sects r not allowed in Islam.
this is what the dirt-worshipping wahhabi trash teaches the younger generation and how they are simply poisoning sunni Islam
are not They don't represent orthodox or 1.6 billion of us. They follow the doctri…
Saoudi Arabia ´s sunni and Iran's Shia are fighting in Syria. This is a religious war involving different sides of islam.
keep up your lies. The world is sick of sunni-jihadis. Try your best to downplay. Sunni islam is incompatible with the world
Islam can no longer stand idealy by and allow further desecration of all that is sacred. Apart from shia sunni kafir kafir.
All 4 schools of Sunni Islam endorse FGM as Islamic - a component of sharia. Unlike has no clue. http…
Morocco 98% of the population is Sunni Muslim hijab is seen as a sign of political Islam or 'fundamentalism' against the secular government.
No. Actual reason is Sunni Islam. Convert all Sunni Muslims of valley to Kashmiri Pundits. All problems will disappear.
The indisc mass killing of civilians by terr'ists espousing Sunni interpret's of Islam are not usual in Iran, true..
Shiism naturally has a more sophisticated hierarchy compared to Sunni Islam, Iran can control its proxies, Saudi has at best minimal control
They asked Akp to fight against Hamas. Help Sunni's to get stronger in ME. Soften Islam.
often i been asked, did this unknown German pro us guy know the different between Shia and sunni Islam praying?
No doubt a spectacle, but "Ahmadiyya" is probably closer to B'nai B'rith than to Sunni Islam
BH believe they r Sunni Islam, they want to return ‘Islam’ to what they view as d interpretation of first generation Mu…
We don't consider that Saudi Arabia is a true representation of Sunni Islam but it seems like you do
The Hanbali school of Islamic law is part of the mainstream, just at adds with the rest of Sunni Islam.
Hamza Ali Abbasi says he is a Sunni Muslim even though he does not believe in any thing of Sunni Islam
Sunni Islam, the religion of the khan from Özbeg, was the most represented in the Golden Horde, but in the provinces there was another,
I am very well versed on Sunni Islam actually. This is the dumb reaction to a Shia leader's visit:.
So, you believe the US, Russia, and the Shia are all working together against Sunni Islam? -VJ
Reuters discovered a fifth jurisprudential school of Sunni Islam: "For the Al Saud dynasty, which has always ...
Shariah law in Sunni Islam supports the green environment. Prophet Mohammad said "Anyone enlivens a dead land, he owns it". My Bio
What is mainstream Sunni Islam's position on homosexuality?
It stems from Saudi Arabia Sunni Salafism and Wahhabism violent interpretations of Islam.
So, that's wiped the Sunni and the Shia out of the Islam roll call. Not many left after that.
. rather hadith cult by mamluk Egypt and sunni ottoman added their superstitious in islam
There's no such thing as loyalty in Islam, Sunni Allah's ambition is paramount. These two used to holiday together.
Sunni/Shia rift is recent; this issues during first 1,000 year of islam's history was centered only among the intellectuals
Then you don't know Islam . Shia & Sunni fight , by your thinking same Muhammad , right ?
Why do I keep hearing that Whaabism is a 'strict form of Sunni Islam'??
Yazid is 6th Sunni Caliph, son of Mu'avia. Founder of Sunni Islam
Pakistani are not Arab but Hindu converts shy to call Yazid as Sunni. In Arab Islam, Yazid is top notch Sunni Caliph
Sunni Islam is bcz of 6th Sunni Caliph Yazid. He has the credit to annihilate Shia Mo's progeny (Hussein) in Karbla
The Saudi Regime & its Takfiri Wahhabi ideology does not represent Sunni Islam
Abubaker Umer Usman Mu'avia Yazid are heroes of Sunni Islam but terrorists and villain in Shia Islam.
Abubaker Umer Usman Mu'avia Yazid are 5 pillars of Sunni Islam but have zero value in Shia Islam.
Islamist Terrorism. Death to ISIS. Death to ALQAEDA. Death to SAUDI ROYALS. Death to ALL WAHHABIS. LONG LIVE SUNNI ISLAM
in this case, the Hanafi branch of Sunni Islam. They are not enforceable, legally or otherwise in India.
= Violence moved from tribalism to nation states not so w/ a burden on humanity
You going to give me a response to the most important scholarly institution in Sunni Islam refusing to condemn IS?
If you're not a hetero Sunni Muslim man, Islam wants to oppress, enslave, or slaughter you. Fact.
The Islamist Terrorism you guys are talking about is the Saudi Royal Cult of WAHHABISM. Nothing to do with Orthodox Sunni ISLAM. Wake Up ppl
decentralized religion like Sunni islam does not lend easily to institutional control .
A few denominations? Sunni is the biggest branch of Islam in the world, and is also the basis for many Islamist groups.
. It's Peaceful because Sunni Islam is still entrenched in Society. I even seen White Americans walking around safely there.
ISIS is not an Islamic anomaly. They kill Shia&apostate Sunni, why? Because the prophet said they need to die.
While it's easy to box Iran as Shia and box Saudi Arabia as Sunni, the reality is far more complex.
ISIS, ALQAEDA & The Saudi Royals are Salafi-Wahhabis who oppose the Orthodoxy of SUNNI ISLAM.
a little like the Neo-Con fascists in the States who've hijacked Christianity, my faith or Wahhabis who hijacked Sunni Islam?
Tough call. He gave shiites in Iran a pathway to NUCs, but he did study islam as a kid in sunni Indonesia. What are you
Problem is usually Sunni Islam. For them more than for others Islam is a "religion of the laws"
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Right now they are after Sunni Islam.
Oh bite me. Its a civil war between Shia IslamIST terrorism, and Sunni ISLAMIST terrorism. Take some *** responsibility for Islam.
Islamic State reads Islam's history and it's foundational texts selectively choosing the parts that fit into it's vision o…
ISIS, Al Qaeda, al Nusra are not Sunni Muslims, They are mass murders & tyrants who do not represent Sunni Islam.
If ME did not have hateful Islam, with shia/sunni divide,Iraq would have been another Germany/Japan/South-Korea
Another trouble maker visiting India to create sectarian divide ?.
Shia-Sunni conflict almost as old as Islam is. Didn't stop Jinnah from mobilizing almost entire Muslim pop in India; http…
She has also selected Donald Trump, who recently converted to Sunni Islam, as her running mate!
Alevi, Alawites, Ahmadiyya, Shia, & other non-Sunni minorities have much to fear - just like indigenous Sunni Islam attacked by Salafi virus
radical islam by sunni wahabi roots saudi, pakistan ,obama,truth n justice or all will unite n stop jehad.saveEU,USA
Mohammad was biological father of Shia Islam, Godfather of Sunni Islam. Nothing spiritual about him.
Mo made terror of Islam and created Shia Sunni conflict beheading 3 chiefs of rival clan Ummayad (Sunni) in Gazwa Badar.…
This is where some groups of followers of Sunni Islam with machine guns attacked Shiite mosques and worshipers are praying to attack them
Sunni Islam (2%) is terrorism. Shiite Islam (98%) is not terrorism, and they are very respectable members of society.
true, particularly as majority of Sunni Islam in Ivory Coast is Maliki/Qadirriyah-based, harder for takfirism to take hold
bukhari writing is a world wide accepted in Sunni Islam as true hadiths lmao.
Sunni vs Shiite. Islam has our gov and uses mid east war to distract US from invasion under its nose.
FYI. Watch this so you can understand what the problem is.. Sunni versus Shia explained.
Next its gonna be "Shia/Sunni conflict has nothing to do with islam"
this explains much of what is happening.was barack HUSSEIN what a bumma's father a shiite or sunni? if...
the only good thing about the shia- sunni confrontation is that by now even the most ignorant has got that Islam has its differences
True say and by 'sunni beliefs' you mean the only belief in islam and the prophets religion
We should all convert to Islam. Then we'd have only shia and sunni. Please will prevail, surely!
Muslims only live in peace if they can force their will on others.You can't even find peace in Islam, Shia v Sunni!
What Modi must learn from West's mistakes in the Middle East
please if you have time, your thoughts on Shia & Sunni & why they fight for political power? Why is Islam involved in politics?
You can begin understand why intolerance rooted Islam by realizing irrelevant differences Sunni-Shia kill each other ht…
DailyO_: What must learn from West's mistakes in the | KamaIChenoy |
Shia & Sunni share the Qur'an..Shia head loppers r a tad more devout. 15 of 19 911 perps were Saudi..Islam ***
What must learn from West's mistakes in the | |
The Economist explains: What is the difference between and
Sunni Islam stems from the Prophet's associates who keep the Koran and his sayings holy. Anybody intelligent can be an Iman to lead prayers.
Why can't Sunni's and Shia choose to be one?
Nothing like Sunni/Shia rift. Saudi Arabia has never represented Sunni The Saudi regime only sponsor terrorism-enable…
Nationalism in the Shroud of Islam: The contradiction of Saudi Arabia’s Sunni and Iran’s Shia Islam
Perhaps you could write about your life in UK, the difference in faiths, tribal so UK understand
Sunni & shia created by Mulvi. After Karbala there can be only 2 the 1 who follow Islam or other who follow yazidiat
Learn more about the different branches of Islam with CFR's Sunni-Shia InfoGuide:
The Heirs of Muhammad: Islam's First Century and the Origins of the Sunni-Shia Split -
But Sir,what about Sunni-Shia divide in rest Muslim world? Sectarian supremacy in Islam 14centuries old.No?
Saudi & Iran follow two very diff interpretations of Islam (sunni/shia). my problem with u is the claim ISIS reps authentic Islam.
As Saudi severs ties with Iran, what are the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims?.
true it is impossible to reform Islam because there is no Islam; only & '…
By this the Saudis pose as defending Sunni Islam against the threat of other sects while hosting dozens of US...
House of Wahhabi Saud must be Destroyed & Only Sunni Muslims can do it. The Gloves are Off. Time to…
Malcolm x did walk away from the nation of Islam, and starts practicing, tradition Islam, which is Sunni Islam,
Peace under Islam? And yet the Sunni/Shia tribal divide has given the Middle East hatred, blood & fire for centuries
Sorry Bro do call themselves but their actually is cancer which killed
Based on Islamic clerics, Mehdi Hasan accuses Yazid -- the 6th caliph of Sunni Islam -- of sleeping with his mother. How wi…
I am an Atheist respects all personal freedom. Correct on Wahhabi radical Sunni Islam.
Checks out: US ally Saudi Arabia funds Sunni Islam - an enemy of Iran - and terrorism (including ISIS)
" the center of Sunni Islam � hates Iran because it is the center for the rival Shia Muslim sect"
Some Muslims believe Allah was reincarnated in Ali/Muhammed some believe in mystical spirituality some dont practice Sunni Islam get over it
haven't done much research on it, what's it's distinction from sunni Islam ?
Not that there is much of a difference between Sunni and Shia ideology: they're both vile.
that is the islam that is guilty. Sunni wahhabi extremist islam
I suppose you could, at a massive stretch,class Ayyubid promotion of Sunni Islam as"repressive"of Shias,but makes little sense.
. Sunni Islam makes up over 90% of Muslims. Are they not true Muslims?
within sunni islam...there is an idea of takfir...calling someone a non-believer. Idea propogated by ibn-taymiyya
well, I understand... But you agree that not all Sunni hate Shia!? The fact, daesh not represent Islam..
Compared to Shi'ite Islam, Sunni hierarchical structure is looser and often falls under state, not clerical, control.
As the men are in the grave, some cry 'Ya Ali', the IS killers insult them as this goes against their version of Sunni Islam, then kill them
their releases for years. Atheists, communists, traitors to Sunni Islam. Let Saladin down, etc.
are sunni or orthodox shia. This turns Islam into a killer religion and don't compare the KKK, a few hundred lunatics=»
Proof of God, Islamic miracles, Biblical and scientific evidences for Sunni Islam & more
Sunni & Shiite were standing next to each other with no sign of sectarianism. This is the purity of our that we need to spread out.
6. And Iranian identity will continue to be defined negatively (as against Zionism, America, Sunni Islam, etc.) rather than positively.
8/ The regime has made it clear, thru the likes of Nouri al-Maliki, that it is after Sunni Islam, & is out there to undermine it.
Facts : Islam come to Southeast Asia through Muslim Traders from Arab , India etc. It is not from conquest.
As a Half-Arab BLACK North African who was born Sunni Muslim, I just detest/resent Arab Islam so much.
Yemen is among place for Islam. In Riddah War , Sahaba battle "false prophet" Mosailama in Battle of Yamama , Yemen
Please don't get me wrong , however is an invention, predominantly
Would like to differ , is mainly divided into two sects 85% & the rest 15%
It is point blank haram in Islam in ALL political sects such as Sunni & Shia & whatever else!
They believe too much with ISIS abu boker al smackdaddy propaganda ! They lack knowledge about Islam teach by Prophet Muhammad PBUH
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Why our religion "Islam" is so divided into sects'Why sunni says shia kafir shia say sunni Salafis says Wahabi kaafir Sufis says Ismaili ?
US troops fighting for Sunni's version of Islam? Shiite Peace Brigades fight ISIS in Iraq, north of Baghdad YouTube
which islam does he talking about ? Shiite following islam or sunni following islam?
Actually the Salafi creed followed by Jihadis today is a kind of reformed version of Sunni Islam. It's not Orthodox.
its to do with Sunni extremists following the Wahhabi ideology, wrong to generalise and simply say "Islam"
The more you learn about fiqh, the more you understand why different madhabs exist and how they co-exist to form Sunni Islam.
A'isha saying to a woman: "I'm not your mother but I'm the mother of your men." !!!.
Anti-Islam Element sow seeds of discord b/w Sunni-Shia in MiddleEast. Buy Oil. Get back the money by selling weapons .
To suggest that orthodox Sunni Islam today is the same Islam as that of the Prophet (sa) is suggesting humans can live for 2,000 years...
Omanis practice Ibadi a sect distinct from the Shiite and Sunni divisions. for the to spread.
Sufism unlike Shia Islam and Sunni Islam is not a religion it's a spiritual connection with the being and Creator.
Why we always divide Islam in Shia Sunni etc. Muhammad (s.a.w) ne to nai kaha tha. and quarn mai bhi nai likha
There is no Sunni, Shia, Hanafi, Wahabbi, Salafi, Sufi in the Glorious Qur'an. We are all Muslims. One Ummah.
thats why Farrakhan rebuilt the noi because warith deen converted his followers to Sunni Islam it wasnt the same when he took over
no he departed and converted his followers to Sunni Islam
em a Sunni and Shia are our brothers proud of them because we are two arms of Islam,.
Genuine question: If one were to convert to Islam, which is a better sect to convert to - shia or sunni?
in history of Islam shia has only taken Sunni land while Sunni has liberated people from oppressed government e.g. kuffer
Yemen:Sunni Muslims r killing Yemenis to protect their "majority-rule"of Islam from Iranian-led Shia minority! Arabs call it Farsi influence
2. Your "reformist Islam" wouldn’t be considered Islam by orthodox S…
Is the US & UK the reason why Sunni slaughter Shia, and Shia slaughter Sunni? .
Please follow Islam and be a Muslim but not Shia or Sunni..
funds to promo sunni islam, main enemy is shia Stickin our nose in it is real threat
. And Christians and Atheists and Jews have given their lives to save Kurds and Sunni and Shia. Islam is what it is..
1 author encyclopedia site: Clash of With Podcast Book
No Sunni No Shia Only Muslim There is no Sunni or Shia. There is only Islam, which is based on Quran and A…
I wish mainstream moderate Sunni Islam like that advocated by Dr. Sherman A. Jackson swept the "Salafis" from the 'hood.
I'm sorry to hear that. Where'd those Muslims get their ideas from? Not mainstream and moderate Sunni Islam.
ISIS & the crisis of Sunni Islam: “This is not an ISIS revolution. This is a Sunni revolution”
2.) Somewhat related; Sunni Islam seems to be led by Arab supremacism and imperialist instincts, and what are
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Why was the man considered the highest authority in Sunni Islam at this week?
A Call to all Sufis in the World, unite... unite ... unite. Sunni Islam is in danger: extremist groups may soon reach y…
can a Shiite write about Sunni Islam and call himself a "former Muslim"?
If Pak become part of Gulf war Shia and Sunni divide will be more deep in House of Islam. PTI utilize SM Qureshi FM experience in MslimWorld
so we're just going to ignore the billion dollars KSA used to spread their Wahabi Islam in the Sunni populace?
. We'll SUNNI Islam teaches to Kill apostates and says in the last days. Muslims will Kill all Jews.
The weather has converted to Islam. It has. become 🌞🌞
Shia is the more peaceful version of Islam. Violent & evil Sunni Islam is a cancer on humanity. Sadly, Sunni Is…
I was born Sunni Muslim in Omdurman, Sudan... real name is Naima Bint Harith. . I speak TRUTH abt. Islam. Real Islam. .
Sunni v Shia: why the conflict is more political than religious
Israel and Iran, are the Jew/Shia partners in genocide of hypocrite arab sunni, who have left Islam...
Islam has more than 50 sects. violence is being committed by one sect - Sunni …
Imam Khomeini talked about liberating Palestine...and did not talk about liberating Bahrain... Islam first.
We knew only one Islam before but now we know there are many.. Sunni Shia radical moderate etc. Dont forget religious and political Islam.
Extremist groups make even worse demands, insisting that we be a certain type of Sunni or Shia. Amid all their demands, Islam …
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The eschaological hadith for both Sunni and Shi'ite Islam (Bihar al Anwar mentioned this of Dajjal.
People conflating Iran's goals with those of Isis (ahem! NETANYAHU) need to learn the diff. b/w Shia and Sunni Islam and the tension there
Isis/chechenya/al Qaeda all have the same belief of Sunni islam dominating
If Iran is assisting Iraq in fighting ISIS, we will see a rise in Sunni Islam and all be taken over.
All have same Religion and that's Islam.We should not be Shia or Sunni but Muslim Instead the one who worship Allah only
quiz on sunni/shiite. my score 88%, 2 missed, but I actually knew one but jumped the gun.
Look, in Islam there could be different views for Shia, Sunni and other(if any) in Hindiums, there are such many.
Iraq, like Iran is Shia Islam. A small pocket of Sunnis are located in the Sunni Triangle.
. because Iran is a branch of Shia Islam and ISIS is Sunni Islam. The two have hated each other for over a thousand years
Shia or Sunni? — Ooo I don't like to say what sect of Islam I follow but you could get s hint from my bio..?
(Sunni) & (Shia) both want militant state/republic of Islam One has knives the other 190k nuclear centrifuges
. ISIS and Iran are radical Islam. (One Sunni one Shia) and they will get the bomb if Obama has his way
Khobar Towers bombing in '96. Sunni or Shia, all of Islam is our enemy.
agreed Sunni Islam and Pakistan is a bigger threat but a nuclear Iran no less sir !!
Today, it's critical the U.S. develops relationships across the M.E & N.Africa w/ pragmatic representatives of Sunni & Shia Islam
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
.WAKE UP! .did not pull you into conflict. both & have!
Malaysia bans the practice of Shia and other non-Sunni forms of Islam outright, and under its Security Offences Special Measures Act of 2012
Iran is Shia; IS is Sunni. Netanyahu said the two are fighting for the soul of Islam.
the greatest threat is militant Islam and nukes. He conflates Iranian Shiism with Sunni jihadists.
Islamic State is largely the consequence of a literalist reading of Sunni Islam and the doctrine/obligation of Jihad.
Imo, the most reliable on the market. Yūsuf Ali.
Last part "...ISIS is now almost a representative of Sunni Islam". Did he mean Salafi Islam?
With belief in Sunni islam,Allah gives AKP 20% extra votes out of thin air! Is there such a thing as Sunni Miracles?
. Advised NOT Forbidden. Are you thick or What?. Get off that Wahhabi nonsense & Go study Sunni Islam.
the Quran does not say what ISIS is doing is ok. The leader of Sunni Islam has condemned ISIS as the enemies of Islam.
. Women are Advised not to go but not Forbidden. That is True Sunni-Islam. Not what the Wahhabi Extremists tell you.
Whoever your family got that off are Snakes. Our problem is that ppl cant tell the difference between Sunni Islam & Wahhabism
When I think of the word "Islamophobia"--I think of all the Phobias Islam had against me as a Sunni Female
. Never Confuse Sunni Islam with the Extreme Wahhabism of ISIS, Al-Qaeda & the disgusting Saudi fake Royal family.
. Who told u that? . I Bet u it was a Wahhabi Snake. Sunni Islam permits women to go but only advised to not go.
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Get it now? Sunni Islamic Jihadi Islam 21st Century . "Don't you know it!.
Alevi children should not be forced to attend religion classes that only teach Sunni Islam.
They shouldn't be different sectors in islam like people say oh im a sunni or wahaabi Muslim...theres no such thing like that.
I was BORN a Sunni Muslim. SO what if Malcolm X was a Muslim. He put Blacks in front of Islam just like I do. .
Denying Shia Islam is Islam is how the whole Sunni-Shia civil war got started in the 1st place
"Sunni Islam as outlined by the four orthodox schools of Islamic jurisprudence discriminates against non-Muslims (Sharia)" .
The two major groups in Islam are the Sunni and Shi'ite. Another influential group is the Sufi Mystics.
unless you're a Muslim thinking of becoming Apostate or the wrong kind of Muslim shia/sunni ~.
The WORLD should demand that end the 'family feud' of Sunni vs Shia ~ Or face the consequences of being associated w the worst of it
but that's not what you said "our religion" then clarified you meant Sunni Islam.
They are. Just like Sunni Islam and Shiite Islam are different. Just like Catholics are different from protestants.
Jordan is a country with 92% whom are Muslim and support Sunni Islam and see there attack on ISIS? they deserve praise
their biggest trick is taqqiyah. u may heard about it. it Sunni Islam (90% muslims) that doesn't exist! 1/2
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