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Sunita Williams

Sunita Williams (born Sunita Pandya; September 19, 1965) is an Indian-American astronaut and United States Navy officer who holds the record for longest spaceflight by a woman.

International Space Station Astronaut Sunita Williams Kalpana Chawla Indian American United States Naval Satya Nadella Kiran Bedi Saudi Arabia Indra Nooyi Sania Mirza Yuri Malenchenko Bobby Jindal Bhagavad Gita Lord Ganesha New Delhi

Sunita Williams bcoz She holds the records for longest single space flight by a woman (195 days)
Photo: humanoidhistory: Astronaut Sunita Williams snaps a space selfie on February 4, 2007. You can see the...
If you haven't watched Sunita Williams' half hour tour of the International Space Station, you should. It's awesome.
Serena williams is actually Sunita Williams :-)
Astronaut Sunita Williams is in Mission Control helping with today's 👍
Is that Sunita Williams doing CAPCOM right now?
Today’s featured woman for is Sunita Williams
Patience - the gift of being able to see past. the emotion. - Rodney Williams RT
Sunita Williams to return from space today:. Record-setting Indian-American National Aeronautics and Space...
Excellent,best regards,Have you seen 'Sunita Williams to return from space today' on Rediff yet?You should... and now
Fascinating video featuring Sunita Williams -- living weightlessly on the International Space Station
As Salamu Alaikum wa rehmatullah. Sunita Williams never converted to islam. The news is hoax. Be careful what u post.
Astronaut Sunita Williams snaps a on February 4, 2007, while working outside the
what do you want...Sunita Williams be made the chairman of ISRO or may be Neil Armstrong or Rakesh Sharma
Sunita Williams is an inspiration for being the first Indian women to visit space
Sunita Williams, the 1st indian lady who went to the moon on 02/07/2007 said that from the moon, the whole earth looked very black and dark, except the two places which were bright and shining when she saw through the telescope. These places were MAKKAH & MADINA (Saudi Arabia). Also, at the moon all the frequencies failed but still she could listen to the AZAAN..s'allah[
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Tonight let's Ask Arnab goswami . if sunita Williams can be owned after her success. Is shri Dhar to be owned or some tiny abbération.
Spending with is more important than spending on Douglas Williams
You're only given a little spark of madness. You must not lose it. -Robin Williams
(Sunita Williams to return from space today) has been published on Moral Definition
Rahul : Mom, I also want to go to space with Sunita Williams. Madam ji : Sweetie! that's not Italy. You need to have courage to go there.
Its like..if u take 'Sun' away from Sunita Williams u cud even argue her spacefaring might not hav been possibl atleast not in the grand way
SUNITA WILLIAMS (proud to be indian) who has inspired all the women in society.
Photoset: humanoidhistory: October 16, 2012 — Astronaut Sunita Williams takes photos of the Canadarm2...
Sunita Williams, 2 astronauts return to Earth from ISS: via Congratulations all passengers.your new world
Sunita Williams converts to the religion of Islam. Just to set the record straight, Sunita William is a naval officer of United States and a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut as well. She was able to join the Expedition 14 and 15 for her assignment in the International Space Station and thus she maintains the honor of being the one female space traveler with the longest spaceflight of about 195 days as well as some claims, holds the record of being the first Indian woman to go to space. However the former assertion is still in argument since the first woman of Indian ethnicity to fly in space was said to be in person of Kalpana Chawla. Her father is Hindu while her mother is Christian but Sunita Williams has high regards for both the said faiths. As a matter of fact, she is an avid believer of Ganesh, the Hindu God of wisdom and prophecy who removes obstacles. However, according to claims by various forums and websites, Sunita Williams had converted to Islam from previously be ...
American female Astronaut Sunita Williams take yo…: i love this stuff
really motivating movie.PC next should be "Sunita Williams"
India is my religion and Tamil is my caste. My older citizenship of Hinduism is like Sunita Williams is an Indian.
Welcome back Sunita Williams. Digvijaya Singh should have gone there with you so that he could meet his alien friends.
Wishing all the best to Sunita Williams...u make us proud.
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Indian-American Astronaut Sunita Williams takes over the command of the International Space Station
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Sunita williams is so show off as she hardly remains down to earth during the whole year 😜
Historical visit of Astronaut to Polio Foundation It was indeed a great moment for all at Polio...
10. Having Sunita Williams as my teacher would made my life, the passion to fly with dreams :)
Astronauts Sunita Williams and Joan Higginbotham working in the International Space Station's Destiny laboratory.
Here are a few examples of the claims being made:. Sunita Williams (First Indian woman who went on a space...
Sunita Williams, 2 astronauts return to Earth from International Space Station. Welcome back.
Wishing all the best to Sunita Williams for donning the role of a commander in her second visit to outer space.
Sunita Williams said she carried Gita and Upnishad with her in space..but media reportng about just
last I checked, Daniel Chopra for sports and Sunita Williams for science.
Strange for a Nation, that does not tire of claiming Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla as its daughters, to say Sania Mirza is not our own.
So get this: Sania Mirza is Pakistani, but Sonia Gandhi is Italian, and Sunita Williams is an Indian. Looks like a scen…
Sania Mirza , sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla have any difference in citizenship.
are these the same ppl who claim sunita Williams to be one of their own?
Though born & brought up in US, Sunita Williams is pride of Gujarat bt Sania Mirza not pride of Telanga
Acc to anyone resides abroad & married to non - Indian are not Indians. But Sunita Williams is Indian acc 2 Modi.# Hypocrisy
Sunita Williams 😃"in '2001,' an astronaut is seen running in space. On they run daily. You can train, too:
Astronauts Greg Johnson and Sunita Williams explaining to Finn it's not so much a space walk as…
2nd place AG win at Armstrong Air and Space Museum 10K. Astronauts Sunita Williams and Greg Johnson were there!
Lol it wasn't serena williams lolol it was sunita williams some astronaut lol... big disappointment
How do you use the toilet in Space cool video by Astronaut Sunita Williams
they are the same people who claimed Sunita Williams converted to Islam after looking at Kaaba from space .. absolutely fake ..
Sunita Williams in her final days as a Commander of the International Space Station recorded a tour of the station's modules.
Citing multiple reliable sources, this article examines all of the evidence put forward to claim that Sunita Williams had converted to Islam.
Q~Name the first woman who went in space? A. Yuri gagrin B. Velentina tereshkova C. Sunita williams D. Kalpana Chawla
First Hindu-American to enter in the US House of Representative as senator is– (A) Tulsi Gabbard (B) Sunita Williams (C) Jyoti Sengupta (D) Ami Bera
Indians are so proud about people like Sunita Williams or Bobby Jindal. Hey, there's an Indian in Nicki Minaj too, how about that?!?!???
Nasa team of female astonot Sunita Williams, is down to earth immediately after the Muslims all over the world announced. Sunita Williams says: "All the world was dark, the only two places in a spectacular way glowed, then the images we were fascinated. Later that two places where the Islamic holy lands of Mecca and Medina is detected. Finally the months continuous Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar cries witness that they are loved." # Bişar
An article by Vikram Muthanna on Star of Mysore titled, 'Basking in reflected glory'. Worth a read. Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft and our minds crashed like Windows Operating System with the Nadella overload. It is one thing to say he is from India, but to claim credit for his success, well, its just silly. But the truth is almost all of our boys and girls who go to the USA make it there, that’s why they never come back, unless of course they have made enough and are overcome with nostalgia. But ask each of them what attributed to their success, it will have very little to do with India. And yet we take credit for a lot of Indian-Americans’ achievements. In recent times many Indians who migrated there have made it big. And most of them are not Indian citizens anymore. If anything, their success in the United States of America reflects more on our incompetence to nurture talent. Instead we shamelessly bask in reflected glory. Silly us. What have we learnt from this repeated success of almos ...
Sunita williams the 2nd lady of india a space astronaut has accepted islam.Alhamdulilahi rubil aalmeen.May God give more non muslims this privilage to understand the fundamentals of ISLAM.
This spectacular shot of NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams was recently snapped from space, as the flight engineer made routine repairs to the International Space Station. Earlier this week two astronauts on board the ISS had a MacGyver moment when they made repairs using a $3 toothbrush and saved around $100 billion.
Proud to be indian 36% of scientists at NASA are Indians: Govt survey Top 5 Indians Working at NASA 1.Sunita wiliam...Sunita Williams is the Deputy Chief of the Astronaut Office at NASA, 2.Meyya Meyyappan.Meyya Meyyappan is the Chief Scientist for Exploration Technology at NASA Ames 3.Kamlesh Lulla.Kamlesh is the chief scientist for Earth observation in the Human Exploration 4.Sharmila Bhattacharya.Bhattacharya is the Chief Scientist for Astrobionics at NASA Ames Research 5.Ashwin Vasavada.Ashwin is the MSL deputy project scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in .
I thought it would be relevant to post another comment here which i mentioned in Satya Nadela Post "This is the problem. We pretend to be would be "huge potential" and so on. I read somewhere that MS is $ 72 Bn company and you know India's contribution, it is merely $ 1 Bn. US is in depression and still their automobile production in nos is 9 Mn and India 3.5 Mn. (communist China is 17 Mn). The machine tool industry (I belong to this) is $7 Bn in US, when it is completely shrunk. (China $20 Bn) as against India $1 Bn. You put together all excavator production of India and Caterpillar alone stands more than that. It's only China that is termed as potential market (though I hate to write this) and India is still "would be huge potential" market. Believe me बहुत पापड़ बेलने है. I donot think, Indra Nooyi, Vikram Pandit, Satya Nadela, Ajit Keskar, Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams are selected for their respective job as they have some connection with India. It is because they ha ...
In her final days as Commander of the International Space Station, Sunita Williams of NASA recorded an extensive tour of the orbital laboratory and downlinked the video on Nov. 18, just hours before she, cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Ag...
Was wondering when people will realize this. Had heard about Hargobind Khorana, then Sunita Williams and a couple of others. Now it is Nadella.
who made india proud:- Sunita Williams or Sunita Pandya Krishna born in September 19, 1965. She is an Astronaut in America and on Naval officer in US. She was appointed as a member of Expedition 14 and 15 of ISS – International Space Station. She has spent 195 days in space which is recorded as longest space -flight. Williams also sets the record of spending forty-four hr spacewalks time during her sixth spacewalk.
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Again the false Pride of our Fellow Indians exposed . Sunita Williams , Kalpana Chawla . and now Satya Nadella . Whats with the India born achievers ??? We dont hear them saying we are proud Indians , Matter of the Fact is they are American citizens . Why try to own their achievements when they dont acknowledge their roots . STOP THIS MADNESS .
I didn't know brain-drain was something to be proud of... Isn't our self-image misplaced if we celebrate a foreign MNC tapping into our best talent & nurturing it into CEO material, and we forget the fact that our nation lost yet another indigenous business magnate? Let's keep Ambani, Kurien, Sarabhai, Kalam as the quintessential Indian role-models; not so much Indra Nooyi, Sunita Williams, Kal Penn or Satya Nadella. Shouldn't we be prouder of the Indians that make the world sit up and take notice, whilst living and breathing on our motherland?
Satya Nadella: New CEO of Microsoft, the name every computer literate is familiar with has evoked a sense of pride from most corners along with some critics calling it the unfaithfulness of these people and ridiculing our Govt's inability to recognize talent and encourage it. The people like Satya, Bobby Jindaal, Sunita Williams, Raj Shah and even infamous Preet Bharara are a testimony to our capability to achieve great things which Indians are now recognized with,not mere a third world country residents anymore. Take inspiration from them, develop confidence in your abilities, be proud of your origin , and lets make our country the 'Jagat Guru' again. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
People like Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Sunita Williams... shows the the Positive impact of "Brain Drain" on our country.
American female Astronaut Sunita Williams take you inside the International Space Station
Prayers go out to Zach Williams' family & friends. 🙏
one thing strikes in my mind again and again and that is "we feel very proud by saying that sunita williams and Kalpana Chawla have a relation wid our india but in the other side we r always ready to insult rudely and laugh loudly on the foolish jokes related to mrs. Soniya gandhi".but nt a big deal its a "CULTURAL KACHRA".we want respect by insulting others.vaise bhi hum ladkiyo ko devi mante hai tavi to ladkiyo ko birth se pahle hi mar dete hai...bcoz "deviyo" ka dharti par kya kam.
Explore the International Space Station Explained by Sunita Williams Watch the Part 2 at: this link also:
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In 2007,Sunita Williams ran entire marathon on Intrnational Space Station,simultneusly with Boston Marathon,that her sis…
This is the video from the american centre, delhi where a video conferencing with sunita williams was organised.I was lucky enough to be there.
We are still living in such a world where a newly born (maybe a few hours old) girl is thrown on the street only because she was a girl and she was found being eaten by street dogs, it happened in my neighborhood only today, don't know what to say but seriously sad to see people disrespecting Goddess power, No women means no Men either, think about Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla and so many other Indian women who have worked equally to make this world a better place to live!!"
In this video, Sunita Williams takes you on a fascinating tour of the International Space Station's orbital laboratory. The extensive tour shows many curiosities and answers different questions in the process.
On August 15, 2012, Shah Rukh Khan was in Mumbai and Astronaut Sunita Williams was in Space; both joined Riti Sunshine Bhalla from their respective ...
Unedited footage from the video conferencing event between Sunita Williams aboard the ISS and students, press and guests at the American Center, New Delhi.
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Indian-American Astronaut Sunita Williams has sent out a special Diwali message from the International Space Station to Indians around the globe. We get you .
In 2007 I joined THE BANGALORE HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, this is where the things started changing for me. In the geography class, I was made to sit in the last bench with the other so called ‘’wrong number’s’’ as I was discussing about the earth ,which was the first chapter of this year. Well , at the end of the class a guy called Nikhil , fb name: NIKHIL BHARADWAJ stood up and asked a question ‘’WHY DOES NORTHPOLE AND SOUTH POLE GET 6 MONTHS NIGHT AND 6 MONTHS DAY??’’   THE TEACHER WAS UNABLE TO ANSWER, SHE SAID SHE WOULD REFER A BOOK FOR HIM AND TRY AND  CLEAR,HIS DOUBT IN THE NEXT CLASS. I WAS SITTING IN MY PLACE AND JUST WONDERED WHETHER I HAD THE ANSWER FOR IT. I WROTE FEW DIAGRAMS OF EARTH MOVING AROUND THE SUN .LATER ON EXPLAINED THE CLASS. It was all spontaneous, I never tried hard to do anything , may be today marks the secret to all discoveries-accidents. It was something like that, all my rough note I scribbled the diagrams of earth and moon ,until I finally arrived at the ...
I have highest regards for all the woman of the world. Recently some woman have started talking of things like woman are equal to men, woman are more than men. Nature has created men and women to play unique and independent role in the life. Both are complimentary and supplementary to each other. Some girls say I am a modern girl. What is the meaning of modern? Modern in what? 2000 years back also there were extra ordinary woman with outstanding achievements. Even today also in some cases it is woman who is pulling down woman. Woman should change their mindset towards their fellow woman. I salute women like Kiran Bedi, Sunita Williams and Marie Curie (scientist). These women never claimed that they are modern or they are equal to men or they are more than men. S. JAGADISH
Q4 Sunita Williams is the recipient of which of the following Awards given away recently? (a) Woman of the year 2007 (b) Padma Bhushan (c) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (d) Pravasi India Award 2007 Prev ans- 1
Millions of Muslims from across the Globe are performing HAJJ at the HOLY KAABA (Built by Prophet Abraham and Angel Gabriel)..This is the HOLIEST SITE in the whole World, as the center of the Earth..There is an incredible LIGHTS that emanates from it directly to the HEAVEN as connected to the its PAIR of Holy KAABA in the HEAVEN..It was this incredible LIGHTS seen both by NEIL ARMASTRONG and SUNITA WILLIAMS while on the MOON with the AZAN sounds (Muslim call of prayers) as they heard above..(please check more details on the WEB)
Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawala has shown the abilities of Indian Women # India should also send Women on Moon
Now it is clear that the US authorities had misinterpreted the salary of the employer to be the promised salary of the maid Sunita Williams. That means the whole case of the prosecution falls flat, If it is really so, the Indian govt. should not let the US officials go by merely apologizing. Yesterday in an editorial in Times of india, the strip / cavity search of the diplomat was termed as state sponsored Rape. I then realised that yes as per the new definition, it does amount to rape, if they fail to justify the requirement of such a search. In that case the concerned officials should be booked for rape charge. The Indian Govt. should not settle for any thing less.
Sunita Williams is going to hate me because I'm definitely about to wake her *** up at midnight to open one of her stocking stuffers
After Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla, and Sunita Williams, a fourth Indian is ready to hurtle into space. Meet...
Bio of Sunita Williams by Rohitraval: This Article is of sunita williams (Budget: ₹12500-₹37500 INR, Jobs:...
My sister posts this story in arabic about an Astronaut called Sunita Williams who converted to Islam after her space expedition.
would like to gift it Sunita Williams for completed a triathlon in space by running, biking and swimming
We're so excited that Astronaut Sunita Williams will visit Grade 3 on Dec. 6 at 14:00. Parents, please join us!
Literacy Week Culmination with Online chat with Astronaut Sunita Williams,amazing experience for students.
BIG day at school tomorrow, Nov 22, as students take part in a live video chat session with Astronaut Sunita Williams.
of Female Figures like Kiran Bedi, Sunita Williams, Mary Kom, Who earned a Name despite of many difficulties
Having created a new record of stay in space by a woman, Indian-American Astronaut Sunita Williams now has set...
Now here's something funny. A question was asked at work today, as to who was the 1st woman to climb Everest. A dude yells "SUNITA WILLIAMS"
Please open the post all the way. It's much easier to read. These events all happened on November 19 2012 Burmese President Thein Sein and National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi meet U.S. President Barack Obama, the country's first visit from a sitting U.S. President 2012 Expedition 33 ends and Expedition 34 begins as astronauts Yuri Malenchenko, Sunita Williams, and Akihiko Hoshide return to Earth with spacecraft Soyuz TMA-05M 2011 Part of the Prompt Global Strike program, a U.S. hypersonic weapon system undergoes a successful test, proving capable of striking targets 3,700 kilometres (2,300 miles) away in under 30 minutes 2011 Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Muammar Gaddafi, is captured in Libya; he will be tried for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court 2010 The Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader, says cultural genocide is happening as a result of the Chinese law requiring Mandarin as the language of instruction in Tibetan schools 2010 Many nations urge lower fishin ...
2012 - Astronaut Sunita Williams returns to earth on Soyuz spacecraft - read about this amazing woman here
Tracy caldwell dyson and barbara morgan with a picture of Clayton Anderson, Sunita Williams and Patricia Robertson
don't worry bro.may be one day he becomes next or Williams
This is totally a bogus story. This stupid post claims that Sunita Williams went to the moon in 2011. But the fact is that the last time man walked on moon was on Dec 7, 1972! She was a member of the project "Expedition 14" of NASA and actually travelled to a space station. So she never went to the moon, and she is not even the first indian woman to travel to the space. Nor she ever converted from Hindu to Muslim. Well, she holds the record for the longest space-flight for 195 days as a female traveler. Now you can say "Alhamdulillah" if you want. There is no harm in saying that!!!
See it! Great movie. Also see . Sunita Williams, commander of the space station, give a tour:
News (04.10.2013) JAMMU: Former President A.P.J Abdul Kalam and world renowned Astronaut Sunita Williams will be among the 40 scientists, including several Nobel laureates, participating in the 101st Indian Science Congress being hosted by University of Jammu in February 2014. Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is scheduled to inaugurate the Congress. Giving broad details of the high profile event, first in the academic history of Jammu and Kashmir, General President Indian Science Congress Association Prof R C Sobti said Dr Kalam has kindly consented to inaugurate Children Congress, a part of the Conference. Ms Williams will be interacting with the students during the event. Flanked by Vice Chancellor University of Jammu, Prof Mohan Paul Singh Ishar, who is also the President of the Congress; the General President outlined special features of the Congress at a media interaction here this morning. He said all the concerned departments of the University and the various state agencies are working in tandem to ...
Sunita Williams is living my dream.
because it can empower Women just look at Sunita Williams she reached the confines of Outer Space
Sunita Williams from space ,. Sania Nehwal from sports, . Priyanka chopra from Bollywood ,. Rahul Gandhi from Politics. .
Freda Payne, Joe Morgan, Ernie Sabella, Ken Rosenthal, and Sunita Williams have birthdays today. Cass Elliot was born on this date in 1941.
Sunita Williams converted herself into a Just because, from the moon, she could only listen to prayers and mosques. Wow
I'll give it to my to Sunita Williams so that she can take into outer space
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If your looking for a great tour of the ISS- my faves are from Sunita Williams & Andre Kuipers
another hoax!says Sunita Williams converted to islam after returning from the moon but you see the last person on the moon wasEUGENE CERNAN!
Bhaisaab can a view agnst a person make someone disloyal?wht if sunita williams or Late. Kalpana Chawla had put up some views?
Astronaut Sunita Williams describes how space travel changes your perspective:
I have tried to investigate a bit about Sunita Williams conversion to Islam please read through if like to know...
Open a window just a bit and Kalpana Chawala, Sunita Williams as astronauts of Indian parents in USA. List is never ending
Students of CIMAGE College showcasing the empowered image of women as Rani Jhansi, Sunita williams, Kiran Bedi,...
"In space you need to stay as 'usual' as possible." US Astronaut Sunita Williams on keeping a routine in orbit
Sunita Williams' twin Mars missions- Memories & thoughts of her fav childhood food helped keep her "normal"
"I didn't feel like I was a person from the Unites States, I felt like I was lucky enough to be a person from Earth" - Sunita Williams
Earlier Sunita williams didnt allow Modi to see her. Now Sen doesnt want Modi as Indian PM. : Feku nd his 75% fake followers.
"Sunita Williams came back from the moon and embraced Islam." In what universe did Sunita Williams go to the moon? She went to the ISS!
BBC News - Astronaut Sunita Williams: You need to make peace before leaving Earth
US Astronaut Sunita Williams explains how she coped with life on board the International Space Stati
Tech Note: NASA - Profile of Astronaut Sunita Williams: 'I made peace before leaving Earth'
Sunita Williams talks about life on the ISS and eventually going to Mars : - a good read! Thanks
Astronaut Sunita Williams on what it is like to live in space for months together.
Is it true that Sunita Williams, the US astronaut accepted Islam after saying the only two bright spots she saw in space was Makkah Madinah?
When Kalpana Chawla & Sunita Williams reached space, it was a moments for their family & all of us
1. Who was the first Indian. woman in Space?. a. Kalpana Chawla. b. Sunita Williams. c. Koneru Humpy. d. None of the above
Bose was probably more Indian than Sunita Williams, I suppose. But this appropriation never creases to abuse.
I wud have accompanied Sunita Williams to SPACE, my dream to reach to the SKY ! ;)
For instance, the way Sunita Williams was feted in India as if she was an Indian achivement was particularly pathetic.
I liked a video from Live Communications With Sunita Williams - ISS (Full Version)
I just hope that Sunita Williams & Tulsi Gabard come here & slap us 1 or 2 with Indian love. Let's see then media reaction.
Who is the first US woman to fly into space?. A) Kathryn Sullivan. B ) Sunita Williams. C) Sally Ride. D) Ellen Ochoa
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a woman in a sari! See how Astronaut Sunita Williams inspired artist Teju Ben
to accompany Sunita Williams on her next space sojourn
Once Sir Jadeja hit ball for six.Sunita Williams has gone twice into the space and spent weeks to search the ball.
I trust that ppl have sent u vids of Sunita Williams?
I wish u would become the next Sunita Williams :)
got Killed said his dad, wife niece Sunita Williams agrees, refusing 2 meet
For a moment I really thought sunita williams really converted. But no she didn't .
Sunita Williams, keeping my ambition alive and clear.
you know people like Yuki Bhamri, Sunita Williams Vishnu Vardhan and Sanam Singh
Sunita Williams giving a tour of the space station is another I can't watch too many times.
Sunita Williams who converted into Islam, an astronaut who saw 2 lights from the moon. The 2 lights were medina and mecca
6. The first Indian-American woman to go into space was a. Sucheta Kriplani b. Harbans Kaur c. Kalpana Chawla d. None of these 5 ans A
wd accompany Sunita Williams in her next trip to outer-space. Waive Indian Flag& create new history
Good afternoon 240 friends I was wondering if this world didnt have 240's what car would you drive and why David
Logan's at another milestone. crawling at 10 months!
Well to the Chauhans of Surat many of whom I know have you heard the news ? Prince William is1/64 Indian and his so many times Great Grandma on his Mothers side is from Surat!!! Muna Chauhan Sarika Maxwell Jaishree Chauhan Sunita Parmar Rakhee Amliwala Shyam Amliwala.
Name the astronaut of Indian American origin who took over the command of International Space Station on September 2012 ? A. Rakesh Sharma B. Kalpana Chawla C. Sunita Williams D. Tessy Thomas Previous ans (C) China
TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW YOU WILL BE MORE DISAPPOINTED BY THE THINGS THAT YOU DIDN’T DO THAN BY THE ONES YOU DID DO.  SO THROW OFF THE BOWLINES.  SAIL AWAY FROM THE SAFE HARBOR.  CATCH THE TRADE WINDS IN YOUR SAILS.  EXPLORE.  DREAM.  DISCOVER.   UNIVERSE.  After a New Year's Day holiday, Indian American Astronaut Sunita Williams and her two companions at the International Space Station spent another busy week preparing a 2nd oxygen-generating system and upgrading soundproofing in their living quarters. With new gear delivered just before Christmas, she and Commander Michael Alegria installed in the Destiny laboratory the oxygen generation system delivered on the shuttle mission in July 2006.   WORLD.  More than one million revelers in Times Square of New York City greeted 2007 with cheers, kisses and a whopping 3.5 tons of confetti at the massive city’s New Year’s Eve party.  Party goers from all over the world poured into the area hours before the clock struck l2.  It was a scene repeated ...
As recently suggested by Sunita Williams astronaut, young educated people of country must participate in GE.instead of blaming the system.
Sunita Williams is always in the space.. She must be knowing so much about other person.
Now that's an Indian woman! “Astronaut Sunita Williams: 'You can never get enough of Indian food; I had samosas in space with me.'”
Meet Sunita Williams: astronaut & triathlon space athlete: her video tour of the International Space Station plus...
oh, Sunita Williams! Whitson was the FIRST woman commander of ISS.
Sunita Williams talks about what it's like to spend months at a time in space! 8pmET on AXSTV
Our Own SUNITA WILLIAMS! She has travelled in the universe like its a cake walk! I like ;-D
We are celebrating today,on this occassion we are having a Google+ hangout with Will & Jaden Smith as well as Sunita Williams
Day on which Sunita Williams came to our college
Filmmaker & Astronaut Sunita Williams will share their views during the chat at 6pm
Check out our intv w/Sunita Williams, who's spent almost a year orbiting Earth! Tue 8pmET on
Chat live to Google’s Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk, Alexandra Cousteau and NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams, April 23 at
Mumbai is beautiful, says Sunita Williams - The Times of India
A tour of the International Space Station by the (then) departing Commander, Sunita Williams - amazing stuff
That guy was not Indian. No more Indian than Sunita Williams, Jindal etc
10th The first Indian movie to scale mount everest was ? A) Kiran Bedi b) Bachendari pal c) Sunita williams d)...
Astronaut Sunita Williams takes a tour of the International Space Station. I want zero gravity.
Sunil Tripathi can't be called an Indian but Sunita Williams is very much an Indian. ~ Indians
funny how people are quick to own Sunita Williams' mixed birth as ours, but find a *** in STripathi's mixed birth.
Late news post : Sunita Williams visit to Gujarat :...
Astronaut Sunita Williams wants an Indo-US space mission.Let us collaborate, take Tusshar Kapoor into space and keeps him there forever
to Sunita Williams - Lady with Guts, Power & Mission...who has pushed INDIA to a new oracle ! :)
I'd like to say to Sunita Williams for making come true the dream of every Indian to go to space!
Suni Williams, female astronaut and U.S. Navy officer
Rahul Sir has travelled with sunita williams to space and came back
LOOK: This woman's job is much, much cooler than ours.
Sunita pandya williams in space with indian flag. proof:
Sunita Pandya Williams took Bhagwat Gita, Upanishads & Ganesha Idol along with her during the space mission.
Welcome back Sunita Williams! You are truly an inspiration for all, especially for youth and women. We are very proud of you.
with Astronaut Sunita Williams ..oh wait thats me ;)
What did NASA's Sunita Williams carry to space? A pendant of Lord Ganesha, the Bhagavad Gita, a box of samosas:
Once Sir Ravidra Jadeja hit Six..It went out of the space and Sunita Williams went 2 times searching the ball..Still Searching !!
Meet the coolest female astronaut you haven't heard of
raise ya naan breads for sunita RIP babez xxx
Astronaut Sunita Williams on Space and Her Indian Roots WSJ via she also reads the Upanishads
lUVED the views shared by Sunita Williams>>On issues cls to her heart-On participation by ppl of all age Groups in cleaning
NASA warned Sunita Williams not to be snapped with Modi, lest he photoshopped both of them in spacesuits holding up flags of Guj
Never knew sunita williams is cousin of haren pandya
Most of the NRI in west change their names & faith. Bobby Jindal, Sunita Williams, Kamala Harris.They are all Lankies of Hypocricy
‘We forget we are here because of our river’: Spacewoman Sunita Williams speaks to Paul John on issues close to...
modi avoid to meet Sunita williams who is indian proud just bcoz of she is haren pandya's relative.modi broke d protocol 4 rajnathsinh.
As much as Gujarat can claim for success of Sunita Williams ..but honestly this is silly discussion I should have avoided
Do not complain if you don't vote: Sunita Williams - The Times of India
then *** like you wud say sunita williams was born and brought up in US y is Modi claiming credit for her success!!
Sunita Williams supports VHP she was with Pandya's wife. She took Gita and other scriptures to space.
Do not complain if you don't vote: NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams
Dear saw u at ndtv india today, u criticized modi that he didn't meet Sunita Williams. 1/2
'U can go all over the place if U dont aim it'. Sunita Williams on using toilet in space. How apt a comment on a prospective PM's speech!
Indian entrepreneurs can learn a lot from tht 'lame eg', btw has nobody told sunita Williams abt the Sikh genocide of '84,
why didn't Modi even welcomed sunita Williams when she visited Gujarat? Only because sunita is late Haren Pandya's cuisine?
Strange that Modi glorified the women in the food business but isn't impressed by the Gujarati origin Astronaut Sunita Williams.
My dream of going to the moon yet to come true, says Sunita Williams via during trip 2 India
y mentn sunita williams as succesful INDIANLADY!she left india,married to an amrican for green card n workin for US!
. yes Sunita Williams is a proud Hindu like many of us CRTs who hate BJP, RSS &
sunita williams is a proud Hindu u dork..she took holy Gita with her in Space and studies Upanishads,unlike u haters
I saw s asking why not sunita williams, she was not bourne in india, she dont know how indian women are suffering.
quotes a lame example of a pizza lady in Gujarat, but dare not project Sunita Williams bcos she is secular & anti-Modi.
Hope that NASA and ISRO will work together one day: Sunita Williams
Who said 'space almost feels like home now'? Answer - b- Sunita Williams
Expect Sunita William's name after this?Sunita Williams ignores Modi during Guj visit
in what what you think Sunita Williams contributed to India's Growth or Indian ppl..??
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I think women cud do better than papad and pizza. Wish he had spoken about sunita williams who was recently in guj
Had Sunita Williams not ignored Modi, he wud hav claimed all the credit for her space missions :). is really feared !!
All the achievers earns respect e.g Sunita Williams. Some resort to beggary for identity and they fail to pass
Dear know Sunita Williams gave u that does not mean that u stereotype women as papad makers.They hav reached into space.
Science in its depth is spirituality.'Thr's something bigger&stronger than us in d universe'-Astronaut Sunita Williams on seeing the aurora.
‏RTwhile talking about Women Empowerment how Modi forgot Sunita Williams, is this the reason.
This week's is great: interviews with Jessie Ware & NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams, plus a piece on the history of Chanel x
Landing a spacecraft on moon is my dream, says Sunita Williams: Sunita Williams, the US astronaut of...
Sunita Williams with Bhagavad Gita and idol of Lord Ganesha in space Indian-American Astronaut Sunita Williams...
NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams holds a replica of Ashoka pillar presented to her by the Indian Council of Social...
A woman I really admire? Sunita Williams. My dream as a small boy was always to explore space. Still is.
I just wants to fly on the next spacecraft once again : Sunita Williams
Sunita Williams speaks at Working Women's Hostel in Mumbai. - PTI Photo/ Shashank Parade
Being in space can change your perspective: Sunita Williams
Sunita Williams says being in space can change your perspective. Then again, so can living in Noida.
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I had samosas in space with me, says Astronaut Sunita Williams via
Today we know you because you worked hard!This is our proud .gopinath
WOW ! « Sunita Williams of NASA provides a tour of the ISS orbital laboratory » (via
I'd always wondered how ppl wash their hair in space - v.interesting interview with Astronaut Sunita Williams in today's
Sunita williams also took a copy of the Upanishads and Bhagvad Gita. However NDTV has samosas in headline :) :)
Sunita Williams talks about life in space -
Astronaut Sunita Williams sparks students' imaginations with stories about ... - Vancouver Desi | Ki
India’s space programme is excellent: Sunita Williams
03 april, 2013 - Sunita Williams calls Indians as creative and innovative: via
What Astronaut Sunita Williams was explaining to school kids in Kolkata was the cosmonauts Overview Effect -
Accolades to Sunita Williams for holding the record for longest space flight by a woman..We welcome you to India...
Sunita Williams took samosas in space. Like a true Gujju, hope she didnt have plans to sell samosas with chutney and chai up there.
Dear what happened those samosas sunita Williams took with her?? Did she left some for minorities??
There's something in space that we don't know about: Sunita Williams
Sunita Williams said she carried Bhagvat Gita and the Upanishads with her in Space, But NDTV reports she carried Samosas!K
Ms. Sunita Williams delivering lecture at Kolkata in event by National Councils of Science Museums, Min of Culture
I had 'samosas' in space with me, says Astronaut Sunita Williams
Hey u said sunita Williams carried samosas in space...u didn't clarify.. was it communal aalo or secular kabab samosas?? Pls do it..
According to Sunita Williams is a Badminton Player, not even tennis, BADMINTON!
After going to the Moon, Sunita Williams will be visiting a new planet called "Chembur" today. Let's pray for her safe return!
Indians stop taking pride on Sunita Williams , she is not Indian, Kalpana Chawla is , but she is no more, and so is Kohinoor Diamond
Sunita Williams hopes for US-India space collaboration Hoping that NASA and ISRO will collaborate in the...
Image of the Day: April 1: Sunita Williams in New Delhi during her India visit.
Thanks to Pallava Bagla on NDTV for this! Sunita Williams at the national science centre museum
I'll accompany Sunita Williams on flight and teach her to keep the best company (Fosters) when in alone in space
white for people like Sunita Williams & Kalpana Chawla who make us proud!!
NASA's Sunita Williams tour of the ISS. Definately worth the time to watch.
Just rang Dev and asked him if Sunita is dead or in a korma
Indian flag reaches space.Sunita Williams hoists the Indian tricolour in the space shuttle! Proud moment!!!
Sunita Williams to hold sessions with working women in Mumbai. Will this encourage women to pursue their dreams.
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Future news: Astronaut Sunita Williams meets school students in Mumbai - Wed 3 Apr 2013 (in 8 days) -
Hope Sunita dies on corrie tonight, need dome drama
on Astronaut Sunita Williams & give some to her to sprinkle in moon to make it look colorful :-)
Sunita Williams is in India next week. Another smashing party, with all the national *** in tow. What fun!
Sunita Williams in Mumbai next week - The Times of India will inspire like her K bedi & P Usha other sud pay do same
Sunita Williams in Mumbai next week. She will be interacting with school students on April 3 and 4.
Sunita Williams in Mumbai next week - Times of India: Sunita Williams in Mumbai next weekTimes of IndiaMUMBAI:...
Wah new DP. In this costume you look like Sunita Williams :)
wid Sunita Williams 4 a spaced out flight wid her munching her fav samosas n my fav pizzas *Admin hint taken?*
Looking forward to meeting Astronauts Sunita Williams & Akihiko Hoshide at Embassy Residence reception today!
Astronauts Sunita Williams (NASA) who is of Slovenian descent and Akihiko Hoshide (JAXA) today visited Slovenian Embassy.
Currently meeting with NASA astronauts Sunita Williams and Akihiko Hoshide
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