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Sunday School

Sunday school is the generic name for many different types of religious education pursued on Sundays by various denominations.

Relief Society Bethany Baptist Church

Bethany Baptist Church will not meet for Sunday School but WILL meet at 1030am for Morning Worship.
Join us tomorrow morning at Bethany Baptist Church as we look at “Sola Gratia”. Sunday School at 10am and worship at 11am.
Join us tomorrow as Pastor delivers the next part of the series. Worship service at 10:45a; Sunday School at 9:30a
Join us tomorrow to hear Pastor Patrick speak on "Spiritual Check Up." Sunday School begins at 9:30 & morning worsh…
Seeking a Sunday School teacher for our 1st/2nd grade class at the Religious School of TBEMC/Temple Beth El...
Potluck done. Middle/High school kids go to their Sunday School class to kick off year at St Thomas More Catholic P…
Sunday School starts in 56min. at Victory Baptist Church...don't be late! Spiritual Christians attend Sunday School!!!
Lord have mercy... What's gotten into you? I'm gonna invite you to Sunday School
Hope to see you fill these chairs tomorrow! Sunday School @ 9:30am and Worship at 10:40am.
I'm at Sunday School at 9:30am at New Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in St.Petersburg, Florida
I can't remember the last time I attended Sunday School. I'm happy I made it to church early today.
1st Service has come to an end and it was amazing. Please do not miss Sunday School today. Run down to church, it promises to be incredible
Now: Sunday School as anchored by 4th e House Shepherds unit of the Church.
I used to talk about greek mythology with a friend at church, annoyed the *** out of my Sunday School teacher.
Ready to worship this morning with the saints at Locust Grove! Come gather with us at 10 for Sunday School and 11 for Worship!
I added a video to a playlist Sunday School with Alton Beal Grace Baptist Church 4-3-2016
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This Sunday is our Back to School Bash! Join us for Sunday School at 9:45am, worship at 11am,…
My goal for this week is to write all the lessons for Sunday School and Youth Group from now until the end of September.
Seventh Street UMC will be hosting a cookout after worship and Sunday School on Sunday... come join us! All are welcome!
We will have ONE worship service this Sunday, July 30 at 9AM! Sunday School will begin at 8AM.
Somewhere a Sunday School teacher and a Pastor are preparing to be a blessing and help to you this Sunday. . Have you prayed…
Laura Leigh and I heading to Sunday School and church at FBC Laurel, like the Psalmist we glad to go the house of the Lord!!
but I *think* it might have been my RBF keeping humans I don't like away, and skipping Sunday School and Relief Society… because BABY STEPS!
My YSA ward in Colorado has Sunday School first, then Relief Society/Priesthood, sacrament last.
"Be subject to one another..." Eph. 5:21, Jed Bartlet. Listen to & take care of one another. Someone missed Sunday School.
Not true,.You just can't see how..This is a foreword of "They Lied to us in Sunday School". It's by a…
I love my church. I love my pastor. I love my Sunday School class. Church is the high point of my week. ⛪️
Don't think I'll be doing this Trinity activity at Sunday School tomorrow 😂
Our family enjoyed the service, Sunday School and picnic at the Anglican Church of the Transfiguration today.
I didn't time it this way, but I get to teach on Christ's resurrection and ascension today in Sunday School, right after ascension day.
Jerusalema Encha hitting me with a throw back to the days tša Sunday School ya Dutch Reformed Church. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sunday at Grace: Sunday School and adult Bible study at 9:30 am. Worship at 10:30 am.
Thanks! Attending pastor Jeff's conf. as well. R u teaching Sunday School this weekend? Would love to…
Sunday School and Morning Worship canceled at Riverside Baptist Church. We will meet at 6...if the Lord wills.
Outstanding article about Sunday School by one of our former team members who serves now ...
What a great Easter morning! Thanks to Bus Ministry, Sunday School, the Music Department, and AL of the child…
Don't forget: Easter service starts at 10:45 at Trinity Yukon (no Sunday School). Judging by tonight, it's going to be big. Invite and pray!
We have Sunday School at Holy Trinity every Sunday at 10 AM to help children grow closer to Christ and strengthen families.
Covenant Presbyterian Church again! Kids enjoyed Sunday School & church service. Met more members. New pastor. Kids want to go back again!
Sunday School teachers. It would have been hand to hand and I would butcher and kill every last man. You cross that Mason- Dixon
In 1927 the Buxton Rd Congregational Church opened a Sunday School. Today the Hardwick Gardens flats stand in it's…
Sunday School starts tomorrow at 9:30! Listen to Matt Chandler talk about the Gospel Project Curriculum that we...
Check out last Sunday's Sermon. Join us for Sunday School and Adult Bible Study at 9am followed by 10am Worship...
When you go to Sunday school di teacher will call you a big dutty fool
Wanna watch me react to a Sunday School song called Deep and Wide? trust me, you do...
Brother chukwudi how are you preparing for your sunday school sermon?
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The Omen, I went to Sunday school here, you wish to play games?
When is Easter 2017, how long are the school holidays this year and how is the date decid...
did you meet a Rachel Steinberg at Sunday school?
this sunday in Los Angeles. First High School student Hosting a Pop Up from dfw
Sunday drives and singing along to old school RnB with your person ❤ . I promise your week will start off on a high note❤
fly out Thursday or Friday morning and go home Sunday, just in time for school 😉send me your flight info when you find them
"So how does the raising of upstanding, moral children work without prayers & Sunday school? Quite well, it seems."
We need get a 40ft container's worth of kiddie goods packed to kit out a school in Zataari Camp THIS SUNDAY - DM me…
Our taster day for The Wedding Singer is THIS SUNDAY! 2pm till 6pm at Christopher Rawlins Primary School.…
You be graduate and u nor understand or ever used the word "Ahro", guy na Sunday School🏫 you go.
This is what we should teach in Sunday school. you make my heart sing.
Well on sunday going back to my high school. Gonna be recording for a project
did you meet a Nathan Stern at Sunday school?
The high school youth will be going to the The Rock and Worship Roadshow in Spokane on Sunday March 19th.
"Want to Fix Schools? Go to the Principal's Office". Importance of quality school leadership in transforming schools
MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO and share it in your Flat Earth Sunday Schools, and After School Programs. DOWN LOAD NOW!
Big game this Sunday as the lads look to send the club to its 1st ever cup final. 10:30ko @ Manor School vs Cambridge Academy. 💚
Every Sunday night kinleigh mysteriously doesn't feel good and doesn't end up going to school on Monday's.. I've taught her well 💁🏼
School principals touted as factor in Chicago Public Schools' turnaround.
did you meet a Benjamin Stein at Sunday school?
AN EDUCATED MESS . Data rolling in on school and it's far from encouraging via
Even though Sunday's are full of unfinished school work through out the week and the dread of Monday the next day, it's…
Your ideas are stupid. Go back to Sunday School if reality distresses you. But fergodsake stop whining.
You yell 'golf shot' to someone when they make a good shot in golf. "Golf Shot" to this blog, Ken.
Oops is ill prepared and does not even try to disguise it's agenda. Railaphobia Period. Sound like a Sun…
did you meet a Noah Klein at Sunday school?
A sneaky Sunday goal. If you fancy a try get yourself to training tonight! 7.30pm at Streatham and Clapham High school…
Did your Sunday School award these for excellent attendance?
You want your church Sunday school or Bible study to grow Win Souls!
UNC recruit Coby White, Virginia Tech recruit BJ Mack shine at NC Top 80 camp Sunday. was there:
did you meet a Adam Klein at Sunday school?
Tatik was on the Sunday school choir, then the youth choir... then him backslide and start do dancehall!
When u think it's Saturday but it's Sunday and u got school/work tmr and looking in the fridge and there's no food
School principals are a large part of high graduation rates & test scores at inner-city across the country
did you meet a Adam Cohen at Sunday school?
Me: If God used Judas to betray Jesus to forgive all our sins...doesn't that make him a hero? . Sunday School Teacher:
Me: So if Cain left the Garden of Eden, but he had a family later, does that mean he had kids with his sister? . Sunday School Te…
I liked a video from Pokemon Vending Machine Cards Opening - Old Schoo…
Wisbech 7s: It was the inaugural 7s on Sunday - here’s what happened
Although he plays centre mid on a Sunday for his team, he plays goalkeeper in school team 👍🏻
Join Us This Sunday - Woodridge Elementary School Groundbreaking - Parking will be at...
did you meet a Noah Stern at Sunday school?
Some ideas fail, like school vouchers:
Every Sunday I lose sleep because of the thought of having school the following day. I slept at 4:30 this morning😩I need to stay awake oml💆🏻
did you meet a Jacob Gold at Sunday school?
It's his Sunday school congregation :-)
First Communion retreat coming up on Sunday, March 19-details on the website!
It's SCHOOL OF MINISTRY and SUPER SUNDAY . march 25 &26 @ A-groove Events Centre with our Lead Pastor. Mark your calendars…
Yesterday in 1st-5th grade Sunday School, we talked about how everyone (including us) needs a little forgiveness.
I have school tomorrow until 1 but that's pending the snow😒 I work 8-8 on Wednesday and Sunday I work until 3!
This Sunday we travel to Starlands St Annes in the league. 2pm kick-off at Aldridge School (WS9 0BG) with all support welcome as always
Spring Pictures are March 21st. The form is going home today. This will be a dress-up day. Students may wear school uniform or Sunday best.
Funny, I don't remember my Sunday school teacher doing this to me at my protestant Christian church...
did you meet a Matthew Weiss at Sunday school?
Come join us at oak park baptist church this morning!. Sunday School is at 10:30 & service is at 11:00💓
Join us at 0945 for Sunday School and 1100 for our Worship service. . Sermon by Kevin Champion. Series: The King...
Join us tomorrow for Worship with Pastor James J. Christmas Sr. starting with Sunday School at 9:30am & Service...
Raised Lutheran, lax family. I used to getting trouble for asking too many question in Sunday School, so I stopped going.
Hey, FBCC Youth! Y'all are a part of Adulting 101 Sunday School group this morning! Can't wait to y'all!
The 82 Valentine's the Sunday School children made last Sunday were delivered to residents at Oconto Falls...
it's okay! We went to see Lego Batman and now I need to write my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow
Great Service today - Sunday School / Worship by Youth/ Sermon Ps 119 - God's Prescription for your Ailment : The Word of Go…
170205 The state of the Union. + Lazy sunday i could spend in my bed. - Tomorrow is Monday and i still do nothing for school
It's FANtastic Sunday! Bring your Friends, Associates and Neighbors for Sunday School, Gospel Preaching, and Chili…
It's so cold and I have school... on a Sunday. I just wanna lay in my bed 😭
Happy Sunday !!! . We hope everyone has a great week at school. Enjoy this last day of the weekend :)
had to wake up @ 6 AM on super bowl sunday for a soccer tournament, bruh i dont even get up this early for school
It was a Sunday-my first day in school. A boy was asked to fetch water for the Senior House Master. He refused.
medical school desensitizes you to the fact that Sunday will never. ever. be rest day
Congrats to for waking up early and getting ready for school on a Sunday 🎉
Whose Sunday school colleague is this? 😁. Edit by (Via
From waking up at like 6-7am everyday really makes me crash *** Sunday's when I'm off and don't have school...I feel like trash lol
Old school death metal for a Sunday morning
I just had a panicked attack I thought I woke up late and I had to go to school💀💀 it's Sunday
Sunday School at 8:45 am.Worship Service at 10:00 am. See you there!
God I can't be arsed pal. I've horses to school in a min and that's far more interesting than twatter on a Sunday
High school musical rave first thing on a Sunday, canny beat it
Super Sunday School at The Chapel - Watch The Big Game Half-Show at The Chapel live. Watch your favorite team...…
Sundays are for rnb,neo-soul,alternative rock,old school/conscience rap ❤ only heathens play trap on a Sunday
Is there anything better than 90's/00's RnB slow jams on a Sunday morning? 💖. So many songs I haven't heard since I was in school 😂
Good morning students, today is Sunday, don't go to school.
So it's Sunday again, meaning tomorrow is Monday, meaning it's school again.
Check the schedules posted below for the weekly Sunday School and Children's Church teachers.
Here's a great Sunday School activity for Valentine's Day: Have kids prepare cards to help elders
This is on a Sunday morning at grammar school
Happy Sunday to you's just another reason why we all love Hessle High School!
SUNDAY SCHOOL is a great place to encourage someone & to build community. (Ours starts at 9:45.)
This morning at Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Marion NC we will meet at 10AM for Sunday school, 11 AM for...
thank you ate ssylflorentin for the personalized notebook/journals of our Sunday School…
I'll spend my actually sunny nice *** sunday doing stuff for school now I'm so excited
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So sad knowing it's Sunday, I don't wanna go to school tomorrow💔
Learn to be a brave and merry knight at our very own KNIGHT SCHOOL! Sunday 12th Feb 10-5pm.
Good morning! Services are at 8:15 am and 11:00 am. Sunday school 'Bible Football" is at 9:45 am. Confirmation...
Me and Sunday Morning are like School friends. We plan to meet every other time but it never happens. .
Hey fans:. FOX will air a ~7-minute piece on Texas high school football on the Super Bowl pre-game show. Sunday around…
We made these in Sunday School to send to people in the retirement home for Valentine's Day or use a
Been appointed Deacon and Asst. Superintendent of Sunday School at the Church. God is good
Sunday School @ Sanders Temple Church of God in Christ begins at 10:00am... Superintendent Elder Howard Lesley...
"Went full time on $25 a week. Family lived in church attic and Sunday School rooms for 3yrs" Ps Campbell
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