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Sunday Best

Sunday Best is the British music company founded and run by BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank. Its primary business is as a record label, but it also stages regular club nights and is the flagship organisation behind the UK music festival Bestival, which takes place on the Isle of Wight each September.

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Blessed be to the God's fearing people,Thangx to Jehova Lord. SUNDAY BEST.
If you're absolutely perfect, this won't apply to you. However, if you're like the rest of us, our attendance policy at New Generation Ministries is pretty open. Some of you have seen this before, but for those that haven't, we'd love to have you: You don't have to get your "Sunday best" on--Wear your PJ's for all I care. You don't have to sing, but you can if you want. You don't have to come to the altar. You don't have to give us a dime. It's okay if you're still drunk in the morning, come on. We'll get you some coffee. Shackin' up with ol' boy? You're welcome too, sweetheart. Smell like weed? I'll have some Visine. Bring your own Cheetos. Cheating on your wife? Come on! He restores marriages! Spent the evening working on the corner? Come on-- we could use the cash. Turning tricks all weekend? Saving you a seat, and tell the pimp to come too. Got out of prison last week? Come on, I'd like to see your tats. Don't believe in God? Come see why I do! Same sex relationship? Come, wear your pride shirts if yo ...
Thanks to everybody who wished me luck prayed for me and had my back today really enjoyed myself trying out for Sunday Best a wonderful experience made it to Round 3 but I will be there next time they have auditions and again THANKS !!!
Clip of Sunday Best Contestants making one big choir as we waited to audition.
To all the amazing singers who auditioned for Sunday Best today in Memphis! I say congratulations even if you didn't make it through to the next round of the auditions! But continue to push forward one day at a time! Know that this may not be the way that god wants to elevate you and that its only a matter of time!
I don't know how many times I can Thank God, but He has blessed me truly. My last son, Jarveous audition today for Sunday Best and the outcome is that he will be a contestant on Season 7 Sunday Best. Its been long day , but the reward is so much better.
Who is the first Sunday Best winner?
*** sunday best auditions was friday I should've tried out
This day most of the people call it Sunday best! Many people wear expensive clothes on this day, you might think that its fashion day! Then some head to various churches, others to pubs and others visit their friends and others have no where to go! Why do you go to church? Whether its on Sato or Sunday? Others go to church becoz its a routine, others to meet their friends, others to pass time, others to show people how expensive they can dress and finally others go to church to praise, worship and thanks God for what he has done in their lives! Others people go to church for entertainment and they go out or back home or go to their dates before the sermon, others start sleeping as soon as the pastor starts preaching, others start chatting on fb and stil the sermon is going on, to others, that is the time they start reading news paper, novels etc etc, others go out during offering, they dont give their offering! My brothers and sisters, why do you go to church? Which category do you belong to? How are y .. ...
Welp! I wanna thank everyone who prayed for me on this LONG TEDIOUS day! Unfortunately, I passed all my Sunday Best auditions EXCEPT the one in front of Donnie.. Kim.. Yolanda and Kierra! Great experience.. God saw otherwise for me in this season! Out of 2,000 people I made it to the top 50!
Be Sunday Best at your own churches!
This is my journey the day of Sunday Best!
I wasn't chosen to be on Sunday Best but I'm glad I went to audition. I enjoyed every minute of it, even standing outside in the cold for an hour!
I join the ranks of the rejected for Sunday Best. Pastors Donnie and Kim say I am a singer, just not competitive enough for this SHOW. To God Be the Glory!!! Thanks for all the wonderful words and encouragement. Now let's continue to pray for Carla Tolbert Taylor II, Jeffrey Allen Murdock, Michelle La'Vette Prather and all who remain!!! Blessings!
Some of you all didn't make Sunday Best because You are Already the BEST! Don't Give Up! It's a stepping stone!!!
Thanks everyone for all the love and support today as I auditioned for BET's Sunday Best!!! I made it to the last round of auditions, but I will not be on the show. Best wishes to all the wonderful contestants for this season!
Tasha Merritt wanted to thank all of you for your support. She didn't make it because she was told she sounded too much like Tamela Mann & Jessica Reedy. It was also stated that her voice had too much of an anointing to compete in an audition such as Sunday Best. However, she will be auditioning in Atlanta! Thanks for your support.
Hey everyone!!! Yes! I tried out for Sunday Best but i did not make the cut!! Thanks everyone for encouraging me to go! I had alot of fun! It was a great experience! ~muah -Dani Belle
My cuz Angie wasn't chosen today. This gurl is Sunday Best all day long. So this tells me that the folks chosen today must be apart of the heavenly choir. I can't imagine who what why & when. U still my favorite singer cuz.
Sitting at the Sunday Best taping in Memphis and i must's rather interesting.
This is so funny I told my husband I was going to stand in line for the Sunday Best Competition he told me please don't go over there and embarrassed Arkansas like that. Lol
Who cares if Sunday best is at Pikeville?
Tried out for Sunday best again but didn't make it through but it's okay just not my time yet
Excited for everyone that made Sunday Best so far! Glad I tried and made it as far as I did but didn't make it. I know my lane tho! Lol!
At the Sunday Best audition and got the privilege to meet gospel great Kirk Franklin!
I would like thank everybody that cheered and prayed for me during this time of me auditioning for Sunday Best!I made it threw the first round and didn't make it to the third!I really enjoyed myself and had a blast what a great experience!And I saw Kirk Franklin*Thanks again y'all y'all had me blushing!Thanks to my supporter Mr.Tim Lindsey!
Shoutout to Derrick Roundtree!!! Good luck at your Sunday Best audition!!!
Big shout out to tk for sending me and Coco Banks to Memphis for Sunday best auditions. . not going to bash the competition. But I sit there in the exact same room and watched my girl blow what a friend we have in Jesus. To pieces and still was told no. we were told that the competition was not about how anointed you were.?what!? That's a competition I can walk away from with a smile. cause no matter what I sing the anointing is always gone come from within. no need to cry over spilled milk. especially if it's spoiled anyway... shout out La Shawna Hale for being in our corner!!! Please believe we got our cam time in I even had a chance to sing for the camera and kings toy gone take Kirk Franklin job lol... All in all we came saw we conquered no need to compete for Sunday best when we are 2 of tks best. Once again thank you all for your love support and prayers
Well, it wasn't my time at Sunday Best, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity and the experience that I was so blessed to have in making it to Round 2... I'm not the least bit discouraged about it at all... I still know who I am and I still know who's I am... Thank everyone for their support and I pray that y'all still show me that support next week at my CONCERT(March 15th)!!! Still got work to do for the kingdom... House of Faith Ministries in Somerville, TN Be there!!!
Thank you all for the well wishes but I'm not Sunday Best!! I think you are going to like this season!
So yea went out for Sunday best! Had a great time, didn't make it but it was worth a try. IM SOOO EXCITED FOR THE ONES THAT MADE IT! Stay tuned. A NO doesn't deny your destiny.
Congrats to all the ppl who tried out 4 Sunday Best and made it to round three I made it 2 the second row I did well and all the glory belongs 2 God to c my friends who made it so far have tears put Joy n my heart... All I got 2 say is Memphis has so much talent and season 7s winner needs to come from here...😀
Sunday Best was ok I had fun being a part of the competition but I didn't make it to the second round but GOD is still clapping for showing the gift he gave me
Good luck to everyone auditioning for Sunday Best today!
Memphis showing out it so much talent here the judges said somebody from memphis gone win this year sunday best they sending folks home but they don't want too they have too so much talent
Goodmorning everyone i would like to thank God for blessing me this morning the try outs for Sunday Best was good i didnt make it but im not giving up i will be tryn out next year if it God will thanks everybody for there pray
I want to send a S/O to my sister Monica Hayes she is auditioning for Sunday best may god bless you im with you in spirit love you
There is someone somewhere in Memphis that can't sing but because of the love their had push them and talked them into auditioning for Sunday Best - go for it - you never know
Good Morning childern of GOD i want to take the time to say to my GOD Brother Min.Mario Dye for making it on Sunday Best in Memphis Tenn.I know go win bro good luck
So I'm headed downtown to audition for Sunday Best Yall. Wish me luck! :)
We here at Sunday best in Memphis, tn im asking for everybody to pray for my wife hoping she will make it. Lord she you right now.
I remember my experience sitting outside freezing for two days with my bestie Crystal Monique Jones, and our awesome mommies, to audition for American Idol... It was a great one Indeed!! Best wishes to ALL of my SANGIN' friends who will be auditioning for Sunday Best... ALL of y'all are the best... Do GREAT!!! ~B. Shelbz
Good luck to all of those who are auditioning for Sunday Best! Stay warm as possible, be prayerful and remain humble. God bless
It's a thousand and two people out here for Sunday best. All of them want to talk and shake hands. I'm not being rude but I can't be shaking everybody hand. I don't know what you been doing with your hands. Germ X only works so good. I'll listen all day but no touching hands!
Dereka Smith i knw u trying out for sunday best right
I'm here waiting to be called tha next Sunday best winner put best foot forward an let God handle the rest
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Sunday Best, are they looking for people with or without oil?
Maurice Griffin from season two Sunday Best has made it to Hawaii.. We will be rehearsing with him tonight at our church and we will be his back up singers on Sunday both services the 8am and 10am... If you are on Island you don't want to miss this event. The International City of Refuge Christian Church Ministries in Waipahu I'm not sure we will live stream this one.. No charge he will have his items available for purchase..
🎶My song for Sunday Best audition will be J Moss's We Must Praise. The place for those of you who are going for support will be MISSISSIPPI BOULEVARD CHRISTIAN CHURCH 70 NORTH BELLEVUE BOULEVARD MEMPHIS TENNESSEE. Hope to see you there! 😘🎶
After winning Best British Male at this years Brits, today's Sunday Best is David Bowie - pick your favourites & I'll play 3 of them. David.
Tomorrow's radio show... Be afraid... Be very afraid! There will be Folk... There will be Prog... There will be Goth... And there will be William Shatner!!! Plus special guests Sally Bosman and Dave Oberle. Mark Pendry's Sunday Best/ 6pm to 8pm/
When Joshua Rogers stops by St. John Church the worship shifts to another level. We watched this talented psalmist on Sunday Best. Now as he climbs the Gospe...
Joshua Rogers the unstoppable recording artist stops by St. John Church to worship with us. This talented psalmist from Sunday Best is both as inspired as th...
Tune into the tonight at 6:30pm on with our guest BET Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers! Don't miss it!
Sunday Best: A month since the announcement of his separation from wife Sussanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan was in the mood to bare his soul, as he unveiled his br...
Season 5 Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers talks about life after Sunday Best. The 19 year old talks to Path MEGAzine's Kris Patrick about the hardest part of...
Joshua Rogers @ 2014 Stellar Awards Posted on January 19, 2014 by adminLeave a commentIn just few short months, Joshua Rogers has become a household name to gospel music lovers across the nation. The 18 year old winner of BET’s highly successful reality singing competition, Sunday Best, has captured...
Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers in the house. Post Stellar Concert
The RITE Marketing has become an OFFICIAL Promoter of the 29th STELLAR MAGAZINE! You can purchase this fine magazine at " The RITE Marketing 3rd Annual Showcase" which will be held at Dave & Busters across from the Grand OLE OPRY House. Show starts at 4:30 p.m. A Few special guest are Dorinda Clark-Cole, Lamar Campbell, Joshua Rogers, Pastor Darrell and Lady Latonja Blair (from Kirk Franklin & Family), Cymien M Hughes & GOD PHAKTORR, Jamel Michael Lewis( season 6 Sunday Best).This event is FREE to the public, but it is limited seating. We have more great news to come in the next few days. Check out The RITE Marketing Events!
Revealed: The Lies That Were Jubilee Celebrations By Patrick Gathara Thursday, Kenya marks fifty years of independence. Over the next week, I expect that much of the country’s news media will be focused on a retelling of the history of the past half century. However, the previews I have seen over the last week do not offer much cause for hope that this will be an exercise in full honesty. For example, last weekend NTV had two reports on the Kenya Defence Forces: one posing as a history of the force and the other highlighting the KDF’s special forces unit. The first totally ignored the numerous atrocities the KDF has been accused of committing in Northern Kenya against its own citizens; the second similarly skipped over the uncomfortable subject of KDF actions during the Westgate terror attack. So it is clear that this will be a season of hagiography. Kenya will put on its Sunday Best and apply some patriotic perfume to cover the stench of the last five decades. We have already heard former President M ...
Interviewing Joshua Rogers, winner of Sunday Best today at House of Blues! Final day of SWAC. This week I've interviewed Slim Thug, DJ Babey Drew and Traci Steele, and bumped into some elite citizens of Houston. Even spotted Booker T at one of the venues. This journalist life is cool, but I can't wait until it's me who's highly sought after! My time is coming.
Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers has a nu video out, view it here...
Saw a really good show at the Ryman Auditorium tonight. We saw 6 different acts including "Sunday Best" who made their 1st appearance at the Opry. They brought the house down with a long standing ovation.
Listening to Sunday Best at grand ole Opry. Wow they are great
I just had to explain what getting "HAPPY" means to my child.. We are watching Tamela Mann performance on Sunday Best. Yes, I still have it!!! She was watching the background singer's getting HAPPY in the background, she said Mama that's unprofessional. I had to tell her that WHEN the love of Our Father gets in you it doesn't matter WHERE you at, WHO you with, WHAT your doing NOR HOW your doing it - IT WILL BE RELEASED!
FYI UNIVERSAL PICTURES ANNOUNCES GET ON UP! CASTING CALL UNIVERSAL PICTURES ANNOUNCES AN OPEN CASTING CALL FOR ACTORS, MUSICIANS AND EXTRAS TO AUDITION FOR A FILM ABOUT THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JAMES BROWN GET ON UP SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2013 WHO: Men, women and children of all ethnicities and ages African-American musicians ages 20 to 35 with experience playing the trumpet, saxophone, guitar, bass, trombone and/or drums African-American male twins ages 5 to 8 WHAT: Casting directors are searching for performers, young twin boys and extras to audition for GET ON UP, an upcoming drama about the life of James Brown. As the film takes place from the 1930s to the 1990s, period hairstyles are a plus. Arrive in your "Sunday Best," or wearing an outfit from one of these time periods, with your hair styled to its real, natural length. Please, no wigs. If you currently shave your head, allow your hair to begin to grow before the casting call. WHERE: Mississippi Department of Education 359 North West Street Jackson, MS ...
Watching Sunday Best makes Xfactor so amateur ! Cerise Jackson you'd actually appreciate Sunday Best on B.E.T remember Joshua Ledet ? It's like watching female and make versions of him for an hour. So good!
On Sunday 6th October 2013 Bluebird Care Westminster will be calling on residents aged 65 and over to don their Sunday Best and join them for a variety of free activities being held as part of Silver Sunday, an annual day to celebrate the valued role of older people in the community. With just a few weeks to go, final preparations are underway for a nationwide day of free events designed to bring older people together and recognise their importance. For one day every year, Silver Sunday provides those in their silver years with an annual opportunity to get out of the house, try new things and meet new people in a bid to combat the loneliness and isolation felt by many older people.   Bluebird Care Westminster in partnership with other local organisations, charities and individuals across the UK are organising events and activities on October 6th to help raise awareness of loneliness among older people. Peter Slough, Director of the organisation said; “I think it’s really important we celebrate the ac ...
A big week of Theatre coming up. Tonight at Wokingham Theatre for some Pinter, tomorrow Romeo+Juliet and Sunday Best little Whorehouse
What's happening is Tamela Mann performing Take Me To The King on Sunday Best. She lifts people spirits with her love of God .
Nothing like getting the LA week started with some sprinting fitness, and Sunday Best runner up…
If you have Verizon FiOS, please watch Sunday Best on demand. God is able to let us have faith in him and have faith in ourselves.
Ashford Sanders singing a lil Rance Allen at church dis morning from Sunday Best even though he didn't win he selling his cd in the foyer.
I made it home to see Sunday Best at 9:00 p.m. EST. Kim Burrell is singing! Love her and all her music.
I'm glad Sunday Best came on twice because hearing that Kim Burrell song just blessed my soul and spoke to me in an unbelievably way.
Kim Burrell just smashed anyone whoever sung on the Sunday Best stage.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I missed the first 10 mins of Sunday Best... Kim Burrell! Yes, ma'am.
I just sung in front of Sunday Best winner Leandria Johnson's manager
You think he could have been on Sunday Best? He saw the best in me, by Pastor Marvin Sapp. Bishop
That Kefia girl from Sunday Best gives me everything that Amber Bullock already gives me. I think Tyler should win.
And that's why that young boy was last seasons Sunday Best! Excellent job Joshua Rogers!
Lib Dem Voice: LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week: Many thanks to the  visitors who dropped...
Lord!!! Sunday Best already half way over...
I feel like watching Leandria Johnson's audition on Sunday Best
Ok now that we know Sunday Best is staged. I want you to give a shout out to yo Sunday Best on this post.
watched Sunday Best earlier.. Kim Burrell is ruthless!
Yolanda Adams is my favorite host on Sunday Best
Feeling relax after 4 or 5 laps walking warm shower cold bottle water watching Sunday Best. I could barely see Rebecca& myself in the Houston crowd right behind the back of the white fusion car.
Help me Lord to make it through Sunday Best!!!
This is not the Steve Harvey Morning Show where they say that they can't boo Jesus. Sunday Best will sit you down quick!
I think I am going on Sunday Best next time.
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Sunday Best, Kim Burrel so funny and Pastor Donnie should be ashamed:D
I want these contestants on Sunday Best to take off their "tenney-shoes" (tennis shoes) and stop running marathons on all these songs!! I appreciate a good riff here and a good run there, but if I can't even find the doing WAY TOO MUCH!
Minister T, I think u and I could have a real shot on Sunday Best! Are u listening to this? lol
Sunday Best is just another "Reality Show"sorry saints hope y'all not looking for the real deal of this show..
I'm sitting here watching Sunday Best and a couple of these judges are pissing me off with these ugly spirits...and they are supposed to be a representation of my Father...i think not!
Why is Kim Burrel so dang on mean? But when you love something, you are very protective of it. Stanley FlyByrd Jr. I wish you would go on Sunday Best
Am I the only one who has a problem with BET's Sunday Best?
I have personally been 3 times to Sunday Best and made it al the way (past the 2 pre judging) to the judges table 2 of those 3 times and they have yet to show me on tv dang it! lolol I always get the same, 1 yes and 2 no's and a "you can sing tho!!"...Hmmm Point is, Its something that they are looking for and it has nothing to do with your singing! 50% singing and 50% of something else lol
I really want y'all to leave that 's' off the end of Sunday Best. Thanks.
Watching Sunday Best. R.I.P. Calvin Coolidge Caldwell my stepdad who loved Sunday Best. He had an opinion about each contestant whether you wanted to hear it or not!
I wanna hear some straight singing on Sunday Best! Stop all the rolls, riffs, and ad libs.
Rotel dip bake chocolate chip cookies waiting on Sunday Best in this rainy Sunday!!!Nicole King Destiny say she suppose to be watching it over your house !!!Only thing missing is Danielle Johnson miss u niece !!!
Family! BET's Sunday Best premieres tonight at 8pm / 7c. Tune in!
Man what a weekend! Got to hang out with my friends from Saul Brooks band. Saul Brooks Curtis Vanoy Brandon Gordon Will Newhouse and Chuck you guys are such good friend. You all will go far! I got to meet Steel Magnolia, News Boys, and Sunday Best! Thanks Mike been a great weekend! Picture will be posted later or in the morning!
Rained on and off but overall it has been great night. Saul Brooks, Sunday Best and Steel Magnolia...
But y'all just hated on Megan Good many Sunday Best commercials did they show when she took that *** bath, got her jollies at work, and whipped out that turkey baster.
I'm tryna go on Sunday Best . I got them good vocals boy I would sing a church song like Tamela Mann !
I remember the season Leandria Johnson won Sunday Best. She has a story and a powerful voice. I Love her.
Brandy and Le'Andria Johnson (BET Sunday Best) were recently spotted together. No word, set on what was happening. will keep you updated. Le’Andria Johnson is a Grammy Award–winni... am very disappointed in the Houston auditions for Sunday Best. Over 7,000 people showed up and they only picked 9!?!?! I know several people that auditioned and they didn't make it!?!?! WOW!!! I am officially turned down!
*An online statement confirmed Tuesday that Season 3 "Sunday Best' winner Le'Andria Johnson is pregnant. Viewers suspected that the slight bulge in her cloth
Lib Dem Voice: LDV’s Sunday Best: Many thanks to the 12,000 visitors who dropped by Lib Dem Voice this week. H...
Sunday Best bets Fremantle V North Melbourne Analysis: The kangaroos have been the Richmond of 2013 dropping too many games which they could/should have won. The dockers on the other hand are just too hard to beat they have amazingly lost just 4 games in the past 12 months of football! Both these sides are very quick starters & with heavy rain expected in Perth around 4-5pm both sides would want a commanding lead before rain sets in. Already once this year the kangaroos have travelled to the WA for a narrow unlucky loss & with an extra week off, expect them to be right in this one. I'm expecting a very close game which the kangaroos definitely have a chance of winning, however tipping against the dockers is ludicrous! Prediction Fremantle by 10 Suggested bets Fremantle 1-39 $2.05 North Melbourne +20.5 $1.92 Either Team under 15 $2.75 Highest scoring half 1st Half $1.95 With both teams quick starters & rain expected during the match get on this market as I'm predicting a slower sloppy second half should it ...
When's Sunday Best auditions at Greater Travelers Rest? I'm going to audition...
I am considering doing more Natural pageants besides my Magnolia State prelims. I want to make sure there is enough interest before setting anything up. Let me know what you think. Would you like regular natural pageants and what kind, themed ooc or Sunday Best?
Watch New Order perform Blue Monday live from the Main Stage at Bestival 2012 Pre-order the 'New Order Live at Bestival 2012' CD from the Sunday Best webstor...
Dub Pistols new single 'Bad Card' out now on Sunday Best...
PSA: To all the "Sunday Best" watchers a new season airs Sunday July 7th & I'm excited!
BET Gospel is home to all your favorite BET Gospel programming, including Celebration of Gospel, Sunday Best, Bobby Jones Gospel, Lift Every Voice and more!
WOW! There is not even an inch of a doubt that if this young lady went on Sundays Best this SEASON coming up this month. Or the first week in July that SUNDAY BEST judges and Kirk Franklin would just shut the SHOW down once they heard this voice. It would not be NO NEED for this 'Anointed-Phenomenal-Voice-of God" to compete with anyone, because God has truly given her not just a gift but an "Extra-Special-Anointed Gift". Young lady I don't know you, but it is my "sincerest prayer" that you please take time out of your schedule and go onto the next Sunday Best coming up. I think it at the end of this month of around the first week in June. I tell you what if I was a producer, I would sign this young lady YESTERDAY. My my my my my, it is clear that she deeply LOVES who she is singing about, the Lord. Because as she is belching out this song, The Lord has Truly Blessed her with this Dynamic Voice. Even though I do not know this young lady, I am going to pray that somewhere, somehow, someone discovers the "a ...
Steel Magnolia is playing at Cherokee Park on July 4th with special guests Sunday Best and Saul Brooks for $5 per person. Q100.3 is sponsoring this concert. It will be another great show! :-)
Hey everyone - tell us how you get your country on and the best comment will win 2 backstage meet and greet passes to see me, Sunday Best and Steel Magnolia July 4th in Morristown, TN
Amber Bullock, soared to the top of the gospel music charts after capturing the hearts of millions as she topped a talented field of singers to become the 2011, Season 4 winner of BET's Sunday Best, the rated weekly gospel music competition show. Bullock, a St. Louis native and single mother of t...
its definitely Bishop Marvin Winans, he debuted it on "Sunday Best".. Its off of his new Cd "the praise and worship experience"
Check it out! The Walls Group, Alexis Spight & Ashford Sanders backstage at Sunday Best auditions in Houston
Listening to Alexis Spight, she's awesome (Sunday Best winner )
To the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Do y'all have at Least one brother who can sang and win the Sunday Best competition? Lol
To the Ladies of Zeta Phi Beta sorority Inc... Does your sorority have the song bird to win the Sunday Best competition?
So sings "The Ladder" on the 2011 Trumpet Awards and on BET's Sunday Best in 2012. When will she release the song?!
Lookin sharp in Sunday Best. Didnt recognize ! Very sexy !
South Carolina has pure singing talent. Joshua Rogers from Sunday Best & Candice Glover are AMAZING singers.
My interview w/ Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers is tomorrow! Tune in to 2pmEST, 1pmCST & 11amPST!
Signed to Sunday Best in 2012 and described as ‘One to watch’ by The Guardian, Valerie June is a Roots singer-songwriter from Tennessee. Billy Bentley caught up with her whilst ...
BET Show Comes to Windy City Black Entertainment Television brought its auditions to Chicago on March 9 in search of more competitors for the hit-show Sunday Best. Tryouts were held at the New Faith Baptist Church in south suburban Matteson for those age 18 and up. Chicago is home to the founders and legends of gospel, including Thomas Dorsey and Mahalia Jackson. It is also home to Shari Addison, a finalist in the first season of the cable network competition show. A number of other Chicagoans have competed on Sunday Best, now in its sixth season. The show airs on the cable network and is hosted by Kirk Franklin. Gospel celebrity judges - for the auditions and the show - include Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams and CeCe... ~GeeK3r
Calling Chicago's best!!! I'll be in Chi-town listening for your Sunday Best audition tomorrow. See you at New Faith Baptist Church!!
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Can't wait to hit the road to Chicago to support my mother for the auditions for Sunday Best and this is her third time trying out so hopefully the third time's a charm!! And also can't wait to see my fam Ryan Johnson Shanee Little-Lofton Robert Lorenzo DaGreat Johnson Ari Johnson-Battles Alishea Coney Bill Coney Mary Cowans
Aye last yr when Alexis Spight ran out on that Stage with Joshua Rogers on Sunday Best and started shouting chile i almost lost it
Had another Sunday Best with family yesterday wow nothing like getting together at moms house enjoying a home cook meal and catching up on the week events ,Enjoying it now to the fullest caues when NFL kickoff it's EverBank field here we come .but even with us calling ,visiting and texing on a daily nothing beats Sundays To Mal Jamal Baker,Suwanda ,Cree ,Nadirah ,Zakiyyah,Marcus 1&2 Heedah&Bernard my Family you are my world my backbone my support group so bless to be the Princess in charge .
Morning! wanna know where I am? I am on a Church tour with Neely Dickerson, a producer from. BET'S Sunday Best. Auditions will be in Chicago March 9th. at New Faith Baptist Church in Matteson. We just may pop up at your church today. What church do you attend and what is the address and service time? We just may come throuh. - I Love me Some You-
Sunday Best is super proud and rather excited to play host for a corporate Style & Shape event. The prestigious firm Farleys Solicitors chose our wonderful destination to treat their female clients to a designer style evening, while their male colleagues opted for a day at the races.
She was scheduled to perform this weekend in Lansing, MI, but BET's Sunday Best winner, Le'Andria Johnson had to cancel all performances when she learned that a family member had been killed.  Acco...
Preparing to take my bro-in law to Sunday Best auditions & then head up my health fair community service project this morning.
Gospel musician and host of BET's Sunday Best, Kirk Franklin has a new gig these days.
Prepare yourself for an overdose of good sangin’ as Isaac Carree has tapped Sunday Best graduate, Le’Andria Johnson for a duet on his forthcoming LP! The “Chances” singer revealed the news v...
"Steady" is the first single off of BET Sunday Best finalist Alexis Spight's debut album, L.O.L. (Living Out Loud). L.OL. is available in stores, Amazon and ...
Joshua Rogers first song after winning Sunday Best: via PRECIOUS GOD.
Going to see Joshua Rogers tonight!! (the one who won Sunday Best in 2012)
Looking for something fun to do tonight? Swing by the Adams-Jenkins gym tonight at 6:30 for a free concert with Joshua Rogers, recent winner of BET's Sunday Best. This event is part of Black Heritage Weekend, an annual event hosted at EWC by the 11th District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Ok Folks. Eat Chocolate. Drink Chocolate Stout. Then start packing for Swain Resort tonight! packing list: Beer Flask Jammie bottoms (for Saturday Night TommyGun Fun) Sunday Best (the boarders will allow the skiers to dress up too) Sense of Adventure (Marhar 2014 demos! We are the first to try em!) GOOD LUCK CHARM (You wanna win, doncha?) A few extra bucks to donate to the American Cancer Society Pan Ohio Hope Ride jar. (We ♥ you Denise!) More Beer. Ok. Finish your chocotate (stout).
Heard that a few churches are having an "All-Star" Celebrity Church Celebration where it's $10 to get in and 21 to take REAL communion. All attendees get to capture the event on camera because there will be an Instagram photographer on site with a wicker chair and a backdrop full of NBA players posing to capture the event for all attendees. A Valentine's Day LOVE offering will be collected at the beginning, middle and close of the service. Oh, and I forgot to add that there will be a VIP section for all the church ballets out there. VIP status gets you: front row pew access; get to shake hands with the Pastor and First Lady; picture with former NBA D-League MVP Jonathan Underwood; listen to a live celebrity DJ (TBA), playing gospel music of course, along with the Wobble, zydeco and other line dance songs; celebrity worship from one of the Sunday Best's Season One contestants who didn't win but went on to record their own independent album; some horse' derbies (purposely misspelled); and a Bible Study to . ...
Wifey thinks I should try out for Sunday Best...what do you think? Is it bad to say I'm really not into a lot of the gospel music that's out right now? Vocal acrobatics don't do it for me anymore...I'm a Message man.
Falmouth Art Gallery in the Telegraph on Sunday Best art galleries for children!
I'd like to see Dottie Peoples and Dolly Parton perform together next year backed by the DPs (Sunday Best winners). LOL
~ATTENTION HOUSTON FAM!!! Sunday Best is looking for Production Crew Members while they are in H-TOWN March 22-23, 2013!
As I approach 12 years with New Hope Baptist Church, I'm thankful for favor. New Hope has ALWAYS brought the hottest Gospel talent to the city in FREE Gospel events and we just paid the bill and let the saints shout. When I took the helm, we were in the midst of a country-wide recession, high gas prices and low finances everywhere. BUT GOD. In the past 12 years, FAVOR has allowed me to continue the great legacy of Gospel at the Hope even in a bad economy. We've hosted FREE events (free to the public AND to New Hope) like the ONE CHURCH TOUR which brought in Smokie Norful, Rizen, Vicki Yohe, Kurt Carr and His Singers and a rising Vashawn Mitchell. Other names that come to mind are Dorothy Norwood (3 times) Leandria Johnson of Sunday Best, the Georgia Mass Choir, Angela Spivey (2 Times), Kim McFarland, Lemmie Battles, LaShun Pace, Dianne Williams of Cosmo, Karen Clark Sheard, Vashawn Mitchell (again), Dr. Leonard Scott, Luther Barnes, Monica Lisa Stevenson, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Bishop Walter Hawkin ...
Have any of you ever been to a dance with your children? My little man is in Kindergarten and has a Sweethearts Ball next Friday. Of course, I will be his date but how dressy would you take your outfit? Would you do your "Sunday Best" or a little more dressier than that? ~Jessica
Lecrae and Joshua Rogers from Sunday Best in Cleveland, presented by Providence Baptist Church
The fantastic woman who shot this video Lauryn and I have both been contacted by someone from Sunday Best who has also been looking for these ladies after he...
The idea of Sunday Best was to have a show that was geared towards all aspects of the nightlife & house music industry. Hosted by Kurt Habermann & Nicky K, The Sunday Best show has become a source for house DJs looking for the newest tracks to rock on the dance floor, and a place to discuss topics r...
In the last several days, I asked God of the validity of teachings many profess to condone and adhere to. A soft whispher confirmed all I needed to know. "If you didn't hear my voice, it wasn't me who said it." So often we listen to the counsel but not the Counselor. I was concerned about Rheme teaching about prosperity. God said, "did I teach you that?" That those who are poor are not blessed, and that your favor with me is manifested in the clothes you wear and the car you drive? Is it I that snubs you at the chruch entrance by goon bodyguards who profile you when you come in your Sunday Best "rags". Who told you you were poor? I have enriched you with my favor. I have chosen you. Let no man put asunder that union you and I have. There is a serpant rising, dressed in His Sunday Versache suit, and driving a RR. Why he's the pastor/ minister/ prophet/ belonging to the Ministerial Alligance Counsel of the One World Ministry.I asked God what He meant by this statement, God said, "if you didn't hear it from ...
Congrats to Pastor Shirley Caesar for becoming the next judge on BET Sunday Best.
Refuting the top ten arguments for not going to church: 1. Well, I could not come to the church last Sunday, because there was a sermon in the radio. REF: It's even better live! 2. There are too many hypocrites in church. REF: of course there are, the church is made up of sinners. How about coming and lifting us higher with your knowledge, lifestyle and thoughts or are you too close minded to try it? 3. I can’t follow what they do, so why should I just sit there. REF: if you are just sitting there, you are doing it wrong. It's YOUR job to worship. 4. I don’t like the songs we have to sing. REF: learn a few new ones and suggest the ones you like. 5. I’m not religious.REF: neither am I. It's about relationship 6. I don’t like all the hollering and yelling some people do. REf: I don't either. We don't holler or yell at our church. 7. I don’t go to church on Sunday because getting the kids dressed in their Sunday Best first thing in the morning makes me cuss and curse the Lord……very lo ...
Do you have what it takes to be Sunday Best? Well the BET singing competition has returned and auditions begin soon! The Sunday Best Season 6 audition dates, cities and a locations have been announ...
New Direction Singles Group will be presenting a "Night of Love" on. 1-16-13 at 6 Lake Bernadette Club House admission is free.stay tuned for details. Come in your Sunday Best!
Me and one of the producers for the hit how on BET Sunday Best would like to visit tonight or tomorrow night. Please hit me up!
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The BMW DTM drivers will be in their 'Sunday Best'. All 6 will have new overalls to celebrate 40 yerars of BMW M
John Franklin from Blackheath gets his Sunday Best played this hour. A little Nirvana coming up.
I always watch Leandria Johnson audition for Sunday Best on YouTube! I love her voice!!!
Hey!! Any of you get the Sunday Wisconsin State Journal? Check out the ad for Jean's book in the "Sunday Best" section!! It will be in tomorrow's paper.
Sunday Best winner, Grammy Award winner, Stellar Award winner Le'Andria Johnson !! Yeah thats my cousin and proud of it..
I'm in Nashville, again! The Stellar Awards Show was a blast tonight at the Grand Ole Opry House! I had a fantabulous time! Dr. Bobby Jones was there to present his Legends award to Inez Andrews, posthumously! Other stars I saw in person were: Vashawn Mitchell (close enough to touch); Ernest Pugh, T.D. Jakes, Marvin Sapp, James Fortune, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin; Mary, Mary; Kim Burrell, Donald Lawrence, Rockmond Dunbar, Michelle Williams (of Destiny's Child fame); the winner and first runner -up of Sunday Best fame); Dottie Peoples, Dorothy Norwood, Shirley Caesar, Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago, Israel Houghton, Andrae Crouch, Kierra Sheard, Forever Jones, James Hall and Worship and Praise, Paul Morton, Jessica Reedy, Rance Allen, Isaac Carree, Anita Wilson, Tamela Mann , Marvin Wynans and many others! Here are some portraits of a few of them! (l to r) Vashawn Mitchell, Ernest Pugh, Leandria Johnson, Mary, Mary and James Fortune)
Just In: An authentic 1940s War Time "Tablecloth Wedding Dress"! They made due with whatever they had, and this bride must have used her mother's "Sunday Best"! - Its so lovely, though - photos next week!
A MUST SEE: Sunday Best's Winner Joshua Rogers is featured in January issue of JET Magazine!! Read more at
Awww Joshua Rogers' new single is on Sirius. I love "Young Buck". (Sunday Best winner)
I'm confused y'all help me!!! Did recent winner of Sunday Best release an album of all remakes? I just want to make sure my ears are correct because I may be wrong.
OMG...we had a treat this morning at church...the winner of Sunday Best... Joshua Rogers and boy did he sing his butt off. Still in awe of how beautiful this young man's voice is. On top of that Pastor Oliver preached from Psalms 57:1-11...Facing 2013 with a fixed heart. 1) Don't let life shake you 2) Don't allow life to stop you 3) Don't allow life to silence you. Even with the calamities of life we have to declare confidence in God. We will encounter people and things that will cause us to want to give up.DON'T. Regardless of what we go through, don't be silenced. Our praises should not be conditional nor should they be confined. Look at David in Psalms 57 and how he didn't allow his life to defeat him. His heart was fixed on God.
good morning fb up getting ready to go see one of my young people who has grown up to be an awesome vessel for God!! some of you may remember him from Sunday Best or seen him singing with Smokey N, or Beverly Crawford, Dottie Peoples, Donnie M. I remember him from singing in the youth choir at New Bethel,him and Jenn practicing Now Behold the Lamb at my house util past midnight and they kilt it at church that Sunday, I remember him playing for the Sunday school and today I will be at New Bethel A.M.E. Church singing for the first time since he became so famous! I cant wait and Presiding Elder Henry L. Postell will be preaching gonna be a great family reunion
"Put on your Sunday Best kids..we're going to Sears!"
UNITED STATES – Jan 3 : Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-CT., wore her Sunday Best to the Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sponsored photo opportunity with the Democratic women of the House to highlight the historic diversity of the House Democratic Caucus in the 113th Congress and celebrate the increased number ...
The Deltas' largest selection of name brand merchandise! Best Brands. Best Values. Best Prices. When you know our brands, you will love our prices. Look your Sunday Best every day! Come experience it for yourself!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Joshua Rogers “We Expect You” [NEW MUSIC ] - Joshua Rogers is the season 5 winner of BET's "Sunday Best," and he's getting ready to release his debut EP "Well Done." Take a listen
The youngest winner of Sunday Best, Joshua Rogers takes the on Billboard Gospel albums with his album debut, “Well Done.” Rogers is also on Billboard 20
The Advent Program is tomorrow at 12:30! Grades K-4 should wear their "Sunday Best" and Grades 5-8 should be in uniform. When planning for your arrival to the program please keep the following in mind: "On Friday at 10:00 AM, there will be a large funeral in our Church, with a luncheon to follow in Regan Hall. We ask that you do not arrive for the Advent Program until 12:00 PM. The program begins at 12:30 PM. We know that the day of the Advent Program is a popular day for families to have lunch with their children. Due to space availability, parking, and staffing due to the funeral, if you are able to plan that lunch for another day - we ask that you do. Thank you for your understanding."
The Christmas Concert was insane. Somebody get Kirk Franklin over to Ward. We got Sunday Best ere Sunday!
Two announcements about this week: 1. KMS Holiday Band Concerts are THIS WEEK in the LSHS auditorium @ 7 pm- 6th/7th gr. bands on Tuesday ($2--but students/seniors free) 8th/HS bands on Wednesday (opt. donation at door) Please have all KMS students at LSHS by 6:45 pm 6th graders report to the LSHS band room, just off the NEW lobby, and 7th/8th graders report to the LSHS cafeteria, just past the OLD gym. 6th graders wear "Sunday Best," and 7th/8th wear their uniforms (black pants/shoes/socks, and their tux shirts with blue tie/cummerbund). Also--students can earn 5 points extra credit by going to the OPPOSITE KMS concert (for example, a 6th grader going to the 8th gr./HS concert) to listen. 2. No MSBOA Solo/Ensemble practice this week due to the concerts and my having to go to Waterford to pick stuff up for them on Monday. Don't worry--we'll have LOTS of time for this when we get back from break. I'll be happy to answer questions that you may have about your music this week. See you at the concerts, ...
Dear MCA Families, I am sending a note regarding the dress code for the Christmas program Friday evening, 12-14-12. P/S and P/K wear Sunday Best. Staff will have bows for them upon arrival. Kindergarten through 8th Grade: Girls: If your young lady has a "period dress" assigned to her she needs to have white tights and black shoes to wear with the dress costume. (please remember they will change after the program) If she has a skirt assigned to her, she needs to wear her white peter pan collar blouse with white tights and black shoes. They will change into their skirts and aprons upon arrival at MCOB. Again, please remember they change after program, so please have them dressed appropriately for the reception. Boys: Andrew and Mason: please wear Sunday Best. Other boys, long sleeve button down shirts (any color), khakis or dark slacks tucked into LONG black socks and black or brown shoes. A derby cap if they have one. We have provided suspenders for some of the boys to change into upon arrival. If you p .. ...
check out your boy on BET Sundays Best, Sunday Best: Digital VIP Suite Auditions- Atlanta | Sunday Best ...
The Cheetah Group is sure looking forward to Messy Art Day today! They get to "walk in snow" aka make a huge mess walking through white paint lol! Remember parents - Wednesdays get messy, do not send the children in their Sunday Best! :-) Have a good day everyone!
Alexis Spight has skyrocketed in the past few months after being crowned the 1st runner up in BET's highly successful reality television series, Sunday Best. The 19 year old “preacher's kid” has wowed audiences nationwide with her vocal ability, distinctive style, signature red hair and transparent...
Gospel's newest singing sensation, 18-year-old Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers, talks about his debut EP and new music career.
Me and Joshua Rogers from Sunday Best he shut the house down and shoutedbawhile!!
Jessica Reedy is the Jennifer Hudson of Sunday Best . She didn't win the season but we know her music better than whoever won!!! lol
Sunday Best - Rob da Bank's independent record label & party starter, and the creative team behind the multi-award winning Bestival & Camp Bestival festivals.
Disappointed about this Joshua Rogers record!! Not one original song. Why rush these Sunday Best artists out with songs we already have.
Tonight it is on at Wednesday Verses feat. Zenobia Bey & Joshua Rogers of Sunday Best, 8pm, $7 all night, Bohemian Caverns!! :)
Live concert on the night of BET Sunday Best's Winner - Joshua Rogers' Debut Album Release
We just experienced Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers live in word...PHENOMENAL! Make sure y'all get a...
Debut EP from Season 5 winner of Sunday Best, Joshua Rogers in stores and online tomorrow! Support him!
Watching the recap of Sunday Best and that Joshua Rodgers! He sounded awesome singing along with Kim Burrell!!
Sunday Best: youth and suffering, heaven's myths, Thomas Kinkade and video games in church | Asbury Seedbed
I favorited a video Pastor Kim Burrell on Sunday Best finale 9/2/2012
The Asbury Park Press is looking for businesswomen in Monmouth and Ocean counties to tell their stories for our weekly Getting Ahead feature. If you are interested, write a 500-word first-person essay about how you developed your career, from your early dreams to overcoming obstacles along the way. If we choose your essay, we will send a photographer to get your photo and run your story in our Sunday Best section on the Working Woman page. Please send your essays to Business Editor Dennis P. Carmody at dcarmody
Just left the concert for Joshua Joshua Rogers Concert. All I can say is Awesome! Really enjoyed Ashford Sanders and Demetria Moore and Michael Lampkin all of Season 5 Sunday Best! What a night to remember and my phone would wait to die when i wanted to take pics of Josh!!! Oh well I did get to buy a picture... T-shirt and a cd!!! Josh.keep it up man!!! I support you 1,000%! Also shout out to William E Dunmore and Band!
Season 5 Sunday Best contestant, Ashford Sanders, performs at Gospel great/legend John P. Kee's church in Charlotte, NC, singing "Millions" (with an insert f...
I absolutely love her deep velvety voice. But even more so, she sings with conviction and faith. If you need a lift today, this is the selection that will bring you peace and faith. Just say “Peace Be Still.” Jessica Reedy “was the runner-up on season two of BET’s ‘Sunday Best.’ Though Reedy did...
We at Valley Brook Baptist Church would be absolutely honored if you're available to come worship with us Sunday morning! Sunday Best winner Leandria Johnson will be preparing us for the incredible "Evening of Worship" coming to Evangel Cathedral in Spartanburg Sunday afternoon That event will feature-along with LeAndria- Beverly Crawford, Ernest Pugh, DeWayne Woods, LeJeune Thompson, Tyronn Wilkins and Favor. Wow! Already excited for the whole day!.at Valley Brook we start promptly at 9:30am every Sunday. Worship begins now!...Have a great weekend!
Greeleyville's finest Joshua Rodgers aka Young Buck sangin the mess outta Isaac Carree's "In the Middle" on Sunday Best!!! This young man is a vocal beast!!!
Make sure you get your tickets for this great Christmas Concert. This will be a Live Taping to be aired on The Word Network. Featured guests are Joshua Rogers and Alexis Spight from BET's Sunday Best.
Skied Northstar on Friday. Magic Mountain on Sunday (best rollercoasters!) and saw Rush on Monday.They were awesome. Got home today to pick up my new truck. Thanks Christine, God, all my family and alot of Hard work!
DID YOU ENJOY THIS SEASONS SUNDAYS BEST? DID Joshua Rogers REPRESENT FOR SC OR WHAT? GREAT NEWS FOLKS..JOSHUA WILL BE IN SUMTER THIS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 23, 2012! Hey FB Family, my husband Quanjay ”LYON” Jones will Performing in a venue being hosted by Elijah Bradford PurposeDriven on 11/23/2012 (Friday), starting at 7:00 P.M. highlighting his two artists. The event is located at Mt. Zion Enrichment Center, 315 W. Fulton St, Sumter, SC. There will be several other artist performing AND Special Guest Joshua Rogers from "Sunday's Best" will be in the building performing people! If you purchase your tickets through him, you will be in the place for just $15.00! If you choose to pay at the door, tickets will be $20.00. Don't miss this great opportunity to have a good time, with good folk, and good music. To purchase your tickets for just $15.00, inbox me your request for tickets and I will provide you will more details on how to get yours. See you there!
- I wanna do a season of SUNDAY B E S T even if i don't win. . I'll be recognized.!
The first couple paragraphs about Not being offended by wishes of "Merry Christmas" regardless of being Jewish are great, wonderful. Wish there was more of that. When someone wishes a non-Christian a "Merry Christmas" it's (usually) not an insult of their religious background... As for his claims that "America is an Atheist nation," While I personally wish that were the case, it is far from true. It doesn't take much searching to find some zealot who is a front-man for one of numerous highly organized and well funded religious groups insisting that America is ONLY for Christians, and everyone else doesn't matter because they're going to burn in *** anyway because "God Hates *whatever they are*" I don't have a particular problem with God (though I'm often accused of it), because I don't believe in God. What most can't understand though is that I also don't believe there isn't a God. I do believe that if there is a God, He/She/It/They is either vastly less powerful and knowledgeable than many would have us ...
"God is better than a pot of greens. Righteous forsaken that something that I've never seen. Sunday's best or you can praise Him in your jeans. Oh praise the Lord Psalms 117!!"
Thanksgiving Thursday in gmo black Friday Jason boland Saturday and church and dog trade Sunday!! Best weekend ever!
“Sunday Best” season two finalist Dontavies Boatwright has died. The 34-year-old baritone died in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. The official cause of death has…
My cover of kiki sheard "paise him now" hope you enjoy rate, like, and comment thanks alot !
I need formal attire for the finale of Southeast Texas Sunday Best. BY NEXT SATURDAY, OMG! lol I'm like Dorothy Welton (singing) I don't know howww...but I know He's gonna DO IT! I don't know wheeen...but I know He's gonna fix it! lmbo
We will be cruising to St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and Puerto Rico. Come and cruise with Ms. Jessica Dudley from Sunday Best Season 5. Let's have a Holy Ghost good time.
Cheers Chelski. I didn't want 750 quid anyways! Ah well! Last rave of the year in London this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Best get resting!
Wicked people can be in your midst.and you don't know it! So what.if they're dressed in a suit or Sunday's Best! Cruel!
Pastor Michael Lampkin let us have it with his version of "We Need a Word"!! He is definitely anointed!!
Join us for Christmas at The Tabernacle Sunday December 16, 2012 @ 5:30 pm. Our special guest will be Amber Bullock, season 4 winner of Sunday's Best. We will also feature the sacred arts ministries of The Tabernacle @ GBT. Get your tickets now $10 for adults, and $5 for children 12 and under.
Just in case you missed it! Here is a recording of 2012 BET Sunday Best praise break. Right after Joshua Rogers finished singing Alexis Spight and him picked...
Greeleyville's finest Joshua Rogers again blazes the stage with "Rain On Us".I don't Ernest Pugh even wants to sing this again after watching & hearing Jo...
Putting on my Sunday best to go thrifting. Take that, Wal Mart shoppers!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Berlin, Thanksgiving 1989. Friends and friends of friends, American, German and expats were invited or asked to be invited to visit me for Thanksgiving--THE WALL WAS DOWN! 14 of us -10 overniters- were my guests. A slumber party at ages 30 or 40 plus-hims and hers. Giggling, laughing, waiting our turn for the bathroom-plenty of coffee & fresh rolls-a bakery next door! Eager to get to the wall. My turn to prepare dinner-I'd been to the wall-several times the past weeks-. An American turkey dinner with all the accouterments awaited them (thanks to the commisary and my grandmother's recipes and tutoring on how to properly entertain large numbers. 5 o'clock we sat down to dine-candles lit, wine glasses filled-in our Sunday best- holding hands- each in turn offered their thanks-choosing words or simply bowing their head---with their own belief. Most of us were old enough to remember the war--our group represented people from both sides-with many memories. Many spirits were present--peace, comfort, hop ...
REPOST: If she always greets u "form ni gani mtunguyas?",she aint the 1 4 u man If u always find her kwa baze ya vaite akichonga,run bratha!run! If she usually opens a bottle top with her teeth,she aint the 1 If he sees wasee wa wreso akina John Cena alafu anashout "awww he is sooo cute",tafuta dame mwingine roho safi coz he aint the 1 If kwa mat ukinunua tropicals kumi,unampea mbili alafu anadai "buda!, ata ka hatujuani,c tunafaa kugawana tano tano",anza safari if he wears timberlands na toja ya material ka sunday best,need i say more? If he/ she _,he/ she aint the 1 © Gud 9t freds
Follow Julian Awari, Sunday's Best Finalist for more news and updates of upcoming events. Get information about our beloved Youth Pastor and and Psalmist along with information about his upcoming album.
Amanda is gone. Day 2. There is a very complex mathematical equation when it comes to just how much sleep one needs after working night shifts and you want to join the rest of the day walkers. Too little sleep and the sound of the kids coming home from school and saying 'hi' could be enough to tip one over the edge and lead the kids straight upstairs to the bathroom and drown them in the tub one by one. Then get them all dressed up in their sunday best and bury them in a shallow grave before driving your car into a body of water. then later, get in front of a news camera and say your car was hi-jacked by two gentlemen of a different ethnic background than yours wearing baggy pants and a black hoodie with the kids in the back seat that were sleeping at the time. Too much sleep and when the kids come home after school and say 'hi', waking you up and the results could be the same as before if you are not a 'morning person'. Plus too much sleep and you are up all night again and the process repeats itsel ...
Hear Keiko Matsui Live in Memphis, TN w/ Kirk Whalum on November 30th at New Direction Christian Church. Tickets can be purchased at NDCC or online Also hear Sunday Best winner Amber Bullock. Get your tickets today!!
Check it out! For the first time ever, Sunday Best will release their first compilation album featuring songs from the top ten contestants from Season 5, including songs…
Brothers we must understand that being OVERWEIGHT IS DEADLY!.we must work on LOSING THE WEIGHT!!.this brother was only 34 years of age and died of a massive heart attack. Walter Hampton II
On this sad day when I say goodbye to the most Amazing and Strong person I have ever met, her words of advice for all of you: ...everyday is a special occasion. I hope to see all of my children graduate, marry and But, that may not be the plan. So I live for today . Use your best china...wear your Sunday best...raise a is meant to be celebrated! Don't put things them now with great enthusiasm! Above all else.tell the ones you love how much they mean to you...always. there may not be a second chance. ~Donna Rowley
I have been looking for that perfect Christmas gift for my neices. You know the one: Baptismal Barbie. Baptismal Barbie comes with Sunday best formal clothes for Ken and Barbie, baptismal robes, two body length towels, and trendy new change of clothes for each one. There is a 10 by 12 inch baptistry sold with it too. Sold separately is Pastor Bob who is complete with pulpit, mininature Bible and four pews for Barbie's friends to sit on during the service. There are four Pastor Bob suits too, red, black, grey and green. Baptismal Barbie and Pastor Bob are trademarks of Doll church.
So I'm thinking about Sunday's Best Season 6...What ya'll think??
Y’Anna CrawleyY’Anna Crawley is the 2009 (Season II Winner) of BET’s Sunday Best. She’s a native Washingtonian, product of DC Public Schools, and proud alum of Eastern High School. While she was a student at Eastern Y’Anna was a member of its Award Winning Choir, and mentored by its/director Dr. Joy...
Last week I attended the Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Complex Retreat. My life will never be the same! I will "DIE EMPTY!" I have commited all my plans to him and they will succeed!! -Psalm 37 Special Thanks to Dr. Bobby Jones for welcoming me and Telisa Stinson (the Barry Gordy of Gospel) for being a complete inspiration! All the people you see me in the pictures with were dynamic, giving, friendly and full of the love of Jesus Christ. "I believe I will run on to see what the end will be!" Thank you to all in Georgia and D.C. who made sure I attended.
OK Golden Triangle (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange) and surrounding areas. 2012 Sunday Best winner Joshua "Young Buck" Rogers will be performing at Mt. Gilead during the SE Texas Sunday Best audition finals on December 1, 2012 at 7pm!
Interesting social experiment. Seems clothes really do maketh the man. We had an appointment to attend together and Steve went dressed in his Sunday best. He was greeted with a handshake, included in the conversation and all together given a lot more respect than when we'd had a similar meeting and Steve wore jeans and a tee. I guess we all do it to a degree- treat people differently based on their appearance.
Went to c twilight breaking dawn part 2 on Sunday (: best movie ever
SUNDAY BEST kicks off this Sunday, with Adi *** Lisa Tomlins and Doughboy Johnson from noon. Music, treats and beats on the balcony.
do we have a good chance to get on Sunday Best!
So I saw Sunday best winner Joshua Rogers at Wendys today! Then I tell my co-workers and they where like who? -___- smh for the next week ima have them watching the videos on break
So I go to McDonald's and I hear two racist white old women talking about how stupid they think black people are for getting dressed up in their Sunday best. It's amazing how ignorant people can be even in their old age, and even knock people who follow the same religion.
Chad Henne will be starting for the Jags Sunday, best decision they have made in years... Now they can lose better...
Might have to go check out lil sister!
This is so tragic. I just realized I'm actually excited about going grocery shopping because I finally get to get out of the house. Sad. Just... Sad! Oh well, put on your Sunday best kiddos! We're heading to Walmart!
Going to see West Ham vs Tottenham Sunday :) Best mood!!
Some fellas get up on Sunday put on their Sunday best grab their Bible and off to church they I get up put on my old camo grab my hunting rifle and off to the woods I go to see what the almighty had created first hand and harvest some of his critters.if I'm lucky
Augustana - sunday best I do not own any rights to this music! Support Augustana and buy their album "All the Stars and Boulevards", available at
Put on your Sunday best kids we're going to Sears.
I thank god for a great weekin both of my foot ball teams won gators on sat an sanits on sunday best of all i had both of my grankids on sunday we had lotes of fun
Sitting on the bus listening to old dears moaning about the rain and 'how cold that wind is'! My answer, don't wear a fecking skirt then! Its Dumfries, your 'sunday best' is not required!
Oooh.haki 2 my sunday best shoes stresd
I could be at home sleeping right now... instead i'm here at college in my Sunday best -___- curse you speeches! tomorrow needs to hurry up and end!
Wow, what a Sunday! Best brunch/12 hour party ever. Big ups to our new neighbours, quite lucky to have such a super nice couple right next door at our new place. Thanks to Lo La for being a super chef all day long.bacon, eggs, bacon, sausage, bacon, hash browns, bacon, pancakes...and bacon. Thanks to all of our wicked friends who made the day awesome. Dallas Robertson Vinni B Matty Jay Ash Turner Trina NoEnbridge Bean Bri NoEnbridge Den Alan Ranta Evan Peters Julie Michelle & more :)
Well the Auditions are over! Buffalo's Best Meets Sunday Best has 11 AMAZING semi-finalists! Tix to the Buffalo Best Showcase available at WUFO Studios located at 89 Lasalle ave!
Thanksgiving Feast day in my classroom! Have about 40 students and family members enjoying a wonderful meal together. Cute part: kids are all dressed in their "Sunday best!"
Mfas get on fb and put they Sunday best on but go to they house it's nasty *** *** B like *** where u take the picture at
SUNDAY BEST returns to give anointed and gifted singers a chance to show off their vocal abilities among the world's finest in a genre of music that both blesses and inspires. SUNDAY BEST conducted a nationwide talent search, taking auditions to cities all across the country. Singers from storefro...
Savour the goodness of Tropical Cooking via Tropical Joe.:)
I've gotta stop running into guys in my apartment block when not in my Sunday best!
from the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother
Nov 18: I'm thankful today for the Primary kids who let me share a couple hours with them on Sunday. Best calling ever.
Weekend went good but, today. Maybe cause it Sunday. Best day. loll no.
A demo of Fire of Unknown Origin, included on the 2001 remaster of Agents of Fortune... Death comes sweeping through the hallway, like a lady's dress Death c...
what a wonderful day, woke up to happy children, got to go worship my Lord in church and hear his word. what a blessing, then went to momma's for fried chicken dinner yumm yumm and a nice visit, watched the fishermen out on the lake all bundled up in their carharts, when grandpa came in on his boat watched my little princess run down there in her Sunday best dress and shoes and throw him a rope, with big brother quickly following after her, it was so cute, my momma said she will ruin that dress, i said, mom the love there is worth the washing that dress will need, she helped him put his fish in the basket and did need a wash by the time she reached the house but watching it from the deck was priceless. thank you Lord for wonderful grandparents for my children.
Words of wisdom by Kim Burell on an episode of Sunday Best "Do Better Baby!"
Wingfield Baptist Church was on fire today. If you are not being fed at your Church you need to join us at Wingfield Baptist Church. If you need the address, hit me on face book. This afternoon we had a program entitled Sunday's Best and it was the BEST. Thanks to all the groups, Cheryl Scott and Ed Stamps for making this program a success. God is awesome!
Sunday's best dinner :Steak,,rice,,brussels sprouts & cornbread
Bishop Lester Love & Pastor Fran Love's 14th Anniversary Highlights 11/4/12 (3rd service) 21st Century! Mixing Technology, Theology, and Social Media! UPGRADE! Grow your business, organization, or personal branding! This is what we do! Call me for
Alexis Spight, BET Reality Star, 1st Runner up of Sunday Best chats with me about her plight to stardom!
Shout out to the TAB youth choir...God really blessed y'all proud of y'all! So proud of my nieces tonight...this is only the beginning! My brothers TFB always come through! We are just humbled and excited! It was an honor to be on the program with Joshua Rogers (winner of Sundays Best) Pastor Michael Lampkin, and Danitra! All in the top 5 from Sunday Best! They were all so humbled and sweet! Thanks Min. Dwight Gavin and Evangelist Teirrany La'Shun Bledsoe for thinking of us!
Daniel Johnson is having a free live recording in Houston on the 30th of this month and also please pray for the family of Season's 2 Sunday Best finalist Dontavies Boatwright. He passed yesterday at the age of 33 from a heart attack.
BRL Chicago is having a Christmas Concert on December 8th. Anyone interested in attending this concert featuring Sunday Best's runner up Alexis Spight and winner Joshua Rogers please click on the link below.
Where can you see Dr. Jamal Bryant AND Sunday Best finalist Alexis the same night?? Only at Impact Church!! 12844 Elmdale in Detroit, Mi @ 7pm! Come for a REBOOT!! Be there or be an L7, as they say!!!
I have to say... Liberty Grove Baptist Church had their own Sunday Best yesterday. I WANT everyone to know we had an awesome time.
if you have not ever visited Sunday Best, make it a before-the new-year-resolution to do so - you'll not be disappointed!
Aye what ever happened to Joshua Rogers from Sunday Best?
Rae met Alexis Spight from Sunday Best the other night and she is STILL smiling !
I had the pleasure of working with Dontavies Boatwright on season 2 of Sunday Best! My heart is heavy on this one! Lord cover his family!
Nashville check Sunday Best and 2x Stellar Award winner this Sunday at Fisk Chapel. 2012 Homecoming 5pm
"HEY ALL!!! Limited Space is Available for Vendors for the BRL Christmas Experience 2012 in Chicago, Dec 8th . Please email chicagobrlfor more details. Space is filling fast. Deadline is October 15, 2012 Special guest Joshua Rogers winner os Sunday's Best and Alexis Spight of Sunday Best live in Chicago
I taped Sunday Best and Joshua Rogers just bless my soul every time. I just love him
I still remember Amber Bullock's 'that's why I praise You' that she did on Kirk Franklin's Sunday Best. Bless her heart. It takes a thinking heart to really thank God. The sincerity of her thanksgiving is an inspiration. If it had not been for the Lord on my side, tell me, where would I be?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Check out Gospel Explosion Featuring 2012 Sunday Best winner Joshua Rogers performing live at the Trinity Life Center tonight at 6:00 pm.
This Sunday at 5:30pm on WPDT 105.1 FM,my guest on The Talking With Sue-Ham Show is BET Sunday Best winner and recording artist, Joshua Rogers! Listen also via the Internet at or on Wednesday night at 9pm on
Sitting right next to Joshua Rogers and Alexis from Sunday Best @ the midnite musical @ Cogic Convocation and they hittn sum runs! Smh! Wow
Celebs brought out their Sunday best to vote on Tuesday! + 8 other stars who voted with style:
I refuse to delete the last episode of Sunday Best off my dvr b/c I like to periodically come back & hear Marvin Winans sing. My lawd!!
ASHVILLE!!! Hold on, we're comin- this Wednesday, November 7th at the Emerald Lounge with Eric Dodd and Sunday Best. Doors at 8, show at 9!
Hm, how to play out an Easter Stocking, though. Painting Eggs? Dressed in her Sunday Best? Holding a Basket of Easter Candy? Options, son
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