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Sunday Adelaja

There is no product without the process of production. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
“Disrespect for life is a direct reflection of violating the laws of the kingdom of love” . ―Sunday Adelaja. The Fact…
Please Ruffy I am still expecting the link of Sunday interview with Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Merci.
You don’t wait for grace or favor to give you results without working for them. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
One of the most painful realizations in life. is to all of a sudden discover that you had. possessed things all along…
"Integrity is an eternal virtue we should focus our mind on and not." ― Sunday Adelaja
The rule of life is that you work hard for your results. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
What about the likes of Sunday Adelaja, Mathew Ashimolowo etc?
The only person that would become a millionaire is the person that has worked hard for it. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
Ruffy please I need the link of the interview with Pastor Sunday Adelaja...the call you made of the show yesterday. Thank you.
Sunday Adelaja: Time is the content of life...: via
"None of us knows the day of our death. However, if we knew that death is actually our acquisitio…
Tune in Pastor Sunday Adelaja is on air ! Brand New series: Joblessness. .
As long as you are focused on your own problems, you live and think as a self-centered man. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
You need to get all the information that is related to the work that the Lord has called you to do. - Dr. Sunday Adela…
Inside you there is something that the whole world needs. Sunday Adelaja
Little Giant Ladders
Please the link for the interview with Past. Sunday Adelaja. Thank you
TV PROGRAMS WITH DR. SUNDAY ADELAJA - •Acceptable year of the Lord p.1
"To be focused on acquiring material things is to forfeit blessings associated with eternal reward" ~Sunday Adelaja
Only meditation on God's word is capable of changing our way of thinking. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
The biggest criteria in choosing people for your team, is their love for God and relationship with Him. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
You can renew your mind by filling it with the Word of God. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
If you want to be used by God in a great dimension, then you must seek knowledge. - Dr. Sunday Adelaja
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🐌Take responsibility to compel your nation to adopt kingdom lifestyle. 🤔👉Sunday Adelaja
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'Money won't make you rich' by Sunday Adelaja done and dusted. On to the next one 'The Noticer' by Andy Andrews
God desires to free our country from darkness through our active civil position. Sunday Adelaja.
If it's ok for Ayo Oritsejafor & others to publicly endorse GEJ, then nothing stop Mbaka or Sunday Adelaja to endorse Buhari
“…SO WHY DIE SUCH A TRAGIC DEATH?” by Sunday Adelaja (upgraded and expanded) The need to write this article after the video of a similar title was released on social media, arose because of so many requests by friends and followers of our ministry. Many, who don`t have access to the internet could not download the video, but preferred to have the message in text form. I also think it is proper to upgrade my statement in this article by establishing some of the points scripturally. From the comments I have been receiving on my social media pages I understand that many Christians do not seem to see the Biblical perspective of my submissions. I therefore wish to encourage everyone to finish reading this article even if you have watched the video, since some of the fundamental principles that were not in the video will be reviewed in this article. Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy your read. I am a covenant brother to Dr. Myles Munroe, therefore I am compelled to respond to the numerous insinuatio ...
Recently, I've been studying the revival in Ukraine and listening to pastor Sunday Adelaja, and i think i have a little idea of where we might be missing it and what we need to do. It is the same reason why the Jews with all the encounter they have had with God and His reality in their lives still fell prey to the practices of the heathens they where living with (which eventually led to their destruction and exile). The key here is - you can't be living in the world without confronting the evil practices and not be influenced by them no matter the quality of your previous spiritual encounters! If the Jews had wiped out or converted all the heathen that were in the promise land they wouldn't have fallen prey to idolatry and all the other evil practices that destroyed them. Once they became comfortable with them and started living with them, the die was cast! The secret of the Ukranian revival is that every member of the church is taught the concept of a promise land (the sphere of society they have passion ...
* A Nigerian will stand out anywhere you find him/her, from Libya to London, Tokyo to Timbuktu. Well known examples include Hakeem Olajuwon (Houston Rockets, USA), Olumide Oyedeji (Seattle Sonics), Tunde Baiyewu (Lighthouse Family), Sunday Adelaja (Ukraine), Chris Aire (US), etc.
God wants the church to become the standard-bearer of order and righteousness in every country ~ Sunday Adelaja
The church fulfills its mandate when it changes society, not when onfined to its sanctuary & Sunday school classrooms ~ Sunday Adelaja
"Civil disobedience is righteous when you are fighting unrighteousness ~ Sunday Adelaja"sounds like Thomas aquinas.
Any life wtout discipline is a meaningless life.Dont call cow a brother bcos u wanted to eat it, be bold 2say No or Yes wen d needs arise dat's d prerequisite 4good leadership...A timid leader can never achieve d purpose of God...God is searching 4a fearless,faith and courageous leader like Pst. Sunday Adelaja of Ukraine,Pst E.A Adeboye,Bishop David Oyedepo etc...Will GOD find you? Lord,am ready 4u,use me HERE I AM...Shalom!
When you gain wisdom, DARKNESS WON'T find it easy to DOMINATE YOU - Sunday Adelaja
The BEST WAY to overcome fear is TO START DOING what you are afraid of - Sunday Adelaja
I am so BLESS to be a part of the Minstry of Christ the Rock Church, Pastor Chris & Becky Bennett. We serve inside of Ridgeway Middle School (Qunice St) 10-11:30 every Sunday Adelaja. Not because we can't afford a building. Wow!!! All because of our VISION of the GOSPEL, COMMUNITY and MISSION. How excited are you about where you WORSHIP?
Four years ago, Sunday Adelaja who is the founding Pastor of the Embassy of God in Kiev, Ukraine was accused of fraud by the government of Ukraine in relation to a capital venture company that went broke due the global economic meltdown in 2008.
Religious and Racial Discrimination Against Prominent Black Leader in Kiev, Ukraine? Chicago, Illinois, USA – August 24, 2012 - Recently, the international community rallied around Iranian Pastor, Yousef Naderkhani who was facing execution because of his Christian faith. It appears another case of discrimination against a Christian Pastor is ongoing – this time in Kiev, Ukraine. During an exclusive phone interview last week, Sunday Adelaja, an African immigrant in Ukraine, who founded and leads what is considered the largest Evangelical church in Europe revealed that he has been asked to report to the police base on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. According to an email from his attorney, chances are that they would attempt to have him arrested and possibly imprisoned without a trial over unproven allegations of leading a criminal ring in Kiev. This is a new twist in a case that has been under investigation for four years without any evidence to support the allegations, many around the world believe these al ...
Failed investment: Ukrainian police probe Nigerian pastor Ukrainian Police has summoned a Pastor, Sunday Adelaja, to report for what is feared may be an arrest and detention in a controversial racial discrimination and religious victimisation case which has been going on for three years, Empowered Newswire reported. Confirming the invitation by the nation's Internal Affairs Ministry in an interview over the weekend, Adelaja said the case over which he was being summoned was about the collapse of a business outfit owned by members of his church. The Nigerian-born Ukranian pastor, who was described last year by the New York Times as one of the country's "Best Known Public Figure" is facing what many see as trumped up charges in a country where another young Nigerian man was recently charged with attempted murder for defending himself against four Ukrainian attackers. Adelaja, founder of the largest church in Europe, The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Kiev, told Empowered Newswire t ...
Rwanda just came out of a Genocide but is Africa's 3rd fastest growing economy because e.g President Paul Kagame sent his Minister for Customs to jail for clearing the Presidents container without the President paying duties. Ironically, the poorest nations in the world are also the richest in Natural Resources. Why? Because Natural Resources ÷ Corruption & Bad Governance :poverty., Prov. 14:34 says “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”. Sunday Adelaja said "a nation is not wealthy by the virtue of their wealth, but by the wealth of their virtue” Quote from W4W Devotional...Pst ED. Today is my beloved Pastors Birthday. If you̶̲̥̅̊ know him give him a shout and buy him a gift. I love you̶̲̥̅̊ Pastor!
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