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Summer Roberts

Summer Cohen (née Roberts) is a fictional character on the FOX television series The O.C., portrayed by Rachel Bilson.

Seth Cohen Rachel Bilson Marissa Cooper Blair Waldorf Anakin Skywalker Ryan Atwood

I find it hilarious that Roberts parents complain about me going out as if I go out more than once a week. Like I h…
Blair Waldorf and Gossip Girl, or Summer Roberts and The OC? Both rich girls with blonde crazy bffs and cute love s…
Instead of Summer Roberts, she was your Summer Finn.
When you complained that it was melting hot all summer and now you’re freezing your *** off
Teens, like Cedar Hill Collegiate High student Demonte Roberts, are geeking out at summer engineering camp
To kick off the “Blacktop Roots” series discussing DC Summer Leagues we start with the Melvin Roberts Summer League.
Trouble have IF Mourinho did leave next summer is who would come in. Ancelotti collapsed at Bayern. Pochettino st…
I stopped watching them over & over again because I started critiquing them and I didn’t want to d…
David at the opening of the 'Airborne at the Bridge' visitor centre earlier this year. Arthur Letchford, of the 2nd…
Christie can also fill in on the right when Roberts leaves next summer too. Assuming they don't actua…
A "bevy" or "wedge" of trumpeter swans flying north over Roberts Bay this past summer.
Chuck a summer fruit down her gullet she be all over it
If you flap your arms during the summer they give you one
Congrats to the following Trinity cricketers who will represent age groups this winter and next summer…
If we talking best looking it would have to be his wife's roommate who ended up being a *** Forget…
Annabella roberts is a walking embarrassment x
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The new summer house has arrived many thanks to Malcolm Roberts from the friends of Worthing hospital who gifted us…
Yo Steve Harrington imma let you finish, but Summer Roberts had the greatest teen character development of all time.
Of course. But I'm more of a Summer Roberts gal.
We have 280 characters now but the only character I️ care about is Summer Roberts. She was smarter than Seth, more…
In 2012, Robinson was cast in the lead role of Joe Toy in director Jordan Vogt-Roberts' feature film-debut The King…
France shivers under cold front as first snow of season arrives
Summer Roberts deserved more than anakin
No one will get near Germany next summer - only the French if they tick
So proud of my student Victoria Roberts who presented her summer internship research from the…
HITC: Graham Roberts criticises Liverpool for crazy summer decision after Tottenham wi...
The moment i began to hate summer roberts
"Softly Summer" blush pink hydrangeas and Carolina wrens.
Ill be your Summer Roberts if youll be my Seth Cohen
Rumours Rooney to leave United next summer. No joking, no trashing a United great. But it's time to part ways.
Cargill sees profit jump in summer months, driven by meat business
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Earlier this summer, Chip “Sippy Fly” Roberts and Tommy Stinson toured as to pass the time...
You like the chase and that is all - Summer Roberts to Seth Cohen, 2009
I wish someone knew where my friend Floyd Roberts Jr is. He disappeared from the South Rim at Summer Solstice.
This was easily the best summer of my life can't stop thinking about it..
Snapchat isny gonny bring back best friends, McDonalds irny gonny start daeing deliveries and ye canny go back tae summer 2014…
hey Summer girl, thx for the follow... x
Not exactly my favourite month; transition time is very tricky with clothing? Wardrobe full of summer still! Must sort
Regaling and with stories of the debaucherous Rob Norton "all media welcome" end-of-summer parties of the 90s.
Send Roberts back to City idc anymore he's just the male equivalent of Summer Harl
Just sitting here thinking about how poppin this summer was I miss Roberts so much ***
Freedom at last. Two months without a bike ride. The summer is coming to an end and now I'…
Implications of summer breeding frogs from Langebaanweg, - Regional at 5.1 mya…
Stunning new upload from Howard Roberts. ht…
best believe if I was rich, I'd be walking down the street in a fur coat middle of the summer bruh
These are the three characters I relate to the most. Summer Roberts from The OC, Michelle Tanner from Full House &…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Okay fine, I'll bite. Me in three fictional characters: Peyton Sawyer, Angela Chase, and Summer Roberts.
Ryan Atwood & Summer Roberts are so underrated, they're both amazing characters. :/
10. I have brown eyes and brown hair and I'm really small, so a lot of people say I look like Rachel Bilson / Summer Roberts lol
Summer Roberts, Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen they are those that make history.
"I have to worry about Julie Cooper giving my Dad a VD and taking all his money, so my plates full.". Summer Roberts everyone.
Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts both had a baby but not with each other and now Ryan Atwood has had a baby and Taylor Townsend isn't the mum
" Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday". -Lucas to Brooke. "Go change the world Summer Roberts" . -Seth to Summer
📷 nateschucks: I will go down with this ship → [8/10] Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts (the OC): “ It’s...
📷 grimesgallagher: get to know me meme [27/50 relationships]: Summer Roberts & Seth Cohen “Back then,...
Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood/Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts will always be relationship goals man
Hinds, Wet, Marlin Williams are going on my "sullen, lazy, longing for summer" mix
Amanda Pepper Mystery Ser.: In the Dead of Summer by Gillian Roberts (1995, Hard -
Live Summer in sneakers. Shop our mens range here
How to cope with heat: 12 tips for keeping cool in summer. The bidorbuy Living Zone blog. https…
I remember over the summer Dylan called me Roberts girlfriend & I got so heated, but now look where we're at 😩😭😂
Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts is really the only reason I watched The O.C.
"This isn't goodbye. You're my destiny, Cohen.". "Go save the world, Summer Roberts."
I feel like I need some more summer plans 🤔😎
This is the Wellington summer I've been waiting for.
summer-roberts:. When the snows fall and the white winds blow,.  ...: summer-roberts:. When the snows fa...
Our Gentling Wild Horses course last summer was the catalyst for these discoveries I made and share in this...
Cool off in summer dresses. Shop the sleeveless panel dress here: http…
You guys are all excited for summer but I think y'all are forgetting the dry *** 11178997 degree sunny days that we all dread
More great news! We just confirmed world renowned Bob Hope impersonator Lynn Roberts for this Summer's 1940's...
YAASS to this use of Summer Roberts + Leafs. All my favourite things.
Summer all year around - Unique, fine art home decor choices
Should have bought John Stones in the summer.
Can't wait to travel Australia for a year next summer!! Some of these awesome gopro pictures of…
Jordan Roberts, can you please inform me whether you shall or shall not be visiting Ibiza in the summer of 2015??
fashion from the early 2000s makes me cringe. but Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts are life.
I actually don't know how I got to work this morning. I think it's something Summer Roberts referred to as "rage blackout".
Survive the heat wave -10 best swimming pools to cool off in CT this summer https:…
Summer shirt sale on Levi's Vertigo Aca Joe and more | Two shirts for R499 -
School today was enough. Let's be on summer break now
"I know she got her heart like totally broken, but why'd she have to go and eat arsenic?" I feel Summer Roberts on a deep level.
"It's like one guitar and a whole lot of complaining." Summer Roberts the most accurate music critic of our generation.
Summer this year will reach expectations, I will make sure of it.
Can we just talk about how season 3 Marissa Cooper is the worst and season 3 Summer Roberts is the best
Álbum de fotos: summer-roberts: marvel meme ☆ [½] brotps “we maximoffs have each other. and that’s all...
Talking about the open web as though it's the natural order is the tech equivalent of not shutting up about the Summer…
Need to work out. Get big for the summer .
Álbum de fotos: summer-roberts: The way I see it, being a hero just puts a target on your back.          ...
why didn't AVFC buy decent players in the summer?
That moment when Summer Roberts realizes it's Seth Cohen she wants
is out! US, you can get each of our covers & exclusive tracks in if you like.
Only if Summer Roberts is kissing me.
In the summer of '80, Silhouette bought my first book. - Nora Roberts
Roberts: Babysat for his mom at 16, deckhand for Riverboat discovery for 17 and 18. Firefighting the summer that he was 19.
Roberts: When he turned 14 he started working every summer. Worked for school, for graveyard.
5 seconds of summer with my best friend, August 30th ❤️❤️
Summer Roberts is being nice to me? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?
Photoset: summer-roberts: marvel meme ☆ [½] otps “So…even though you’ve been lying to everyone, about...
This is my cover for Sounds Good Feels Good :-) .
, I just heard from another of our fabulous writers that he has had a story published this summer. Gareth Roberts,
How to Build a Search Engine for Mathematics - Siobhan Roberts: On the average summer Saturday, the...
So mapping Ellis Island not really as romantic a summer project as one might imagine! Hope you didn't have any long-term effect.
What a fascinating summer project, Diane. It is sad to see the decay captured in this virtual tour.
Forgot about Roberts. That was a decent deal under any owner though. And accounts for 90% of that incoming for the summer.
Andrea & Colin are on the blog tonight. Looking forward to documenting their wedding next summer:...
"Even the stars are not immortal, we all must burn." - my 10 word story. (via summer-roberts)
Ryan Atwood is scorpio af. Summer roberts is either an aries or a leo. Seth Cohen is a gemini. and Marissa Cooper is a pisces.
this is a post that I wrote about my time volunteering during the summer! It means lots to me!
Photoset: summer-roberts: And you are a Stark. You might not have my name, but you have my blood.
Sometimes I think about Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts and just feel so happy that the OC didn't destroy my OTP
I need a woman to be the Summer Roberts to my Seth Cohen
Mmm brimming with inspiration. All sorts of inspiration. . As Summer Roberts would say, "I'm vibrating at a very high frequency"~~~
Summer Roberts from The OC was like a valley girl and a quirky girl combined. She was Cher from Clueless crossed with Zooey Deschanel.
Someone come live with me for the summer please!
If this is how summer is gonna be in gonna die...
In the summer time the chicks be gettin pretty
Lambert wedding number 2 if the summer with barkerkelsey & the Roberts!
Waking up at 5am on the first day of summer is going to be grrreeeatt..😅😅😅
Today has just made me 100x more excited for summer🌞
Maybe this will be the summer I glo up
Insane how summer hrs start June 1st & my FordhamRd Gym closed at 7 today! Shame on Veronica the Manager! Poor Decision 😡
Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are having a baby. It should be Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts 😒
First day of summer and I've spent the majority of it sleeping
Summer Check-out begins Monday for current students. Up to 10 books & a tote bag gift!
When you casually bump into Emma Roberts in nyc. Freaking great way to start of my first day of summer🗽🌵
It's so hard for me to find summer clothes that look good on me someone pls help
Obvs I'm dressing head to toe in black for the summer ball 💁
Finally got myself a new little project for summer 🐴 We are already in love
Last chance for Zumba® Toning with me at Lucille Roberts - Stony Brook before their summer schedule starts! See...
The pain this fork is gonna cause when I jam it into your eye. - Summer Roberts
And he's just gonna get bored with me because pretty much all boys do. - Summer Roberts
Love my summer ball dress but so scared to wear it
Gutted I missed the summer ball at uni, but it was worth the miss as I got the job at fossil!! 😁😁
First day of summer and have no plans :)
You know summer is coming when you hear the squeal - great to watch though
For the high schoolers preparing for the SAT or ACT over the summer:
Please don't tell me the last two days was our summer.
// We're off early to begin our summer holiday: happy weekend and happy summer...
God nothing I hate more than perky blondes who wants to take over the world. - Summer Roberts
If I say something that I don't believe in, I could end up with the wrong life. - Summer Roberts
But I guess people can be really unpredictable. - Summer Roberts
Maybe we're just chasing after after the wrong boys. - Summer Roberts
I dream about being with the one I love. - Summer Roberts
Why can't you just accept that I'm uncomfortable with with public displays of affection? - Summer Roberts
It's not even Summer and I already have a tan
I think it's safe to say my summer is starting off on the right foot
I've been on summer for a month now and all I've done is work
is there any chance of getting sponsored? It would mean I could film shots of Ibiza and summer camps then post them on YouTube 👍
Can't wait for summer purely to wear new clothes 🌻
Pretty much summer now and I still look like Buddha
What class will you be taking at Rare Book School this summer?
Thanku ❤️ U made it thru freshman year alive! Treasure every second of HS; make it count💯 Goodluck in soccer this summer⚽️
Bring the summer indoors...with a little help with this seaside inspired Roberts Radio!
So if my Summer Roberts decided to make an appearance sometime soon that would be much appreciated
Why I'd sell Patrick Roberts provided we got 10+ Million, Activating the Extension Option on Bryan Ruiz.
Why I'd be Open to selling Patrick Roberts, Us Seemingly activating the Year Option on Bryan Ruiz's deal...
Why I'd sell Patrick Roberts for the right Price, If any of Magath's genius signings will survive the Summer
From the current phone call my mom is on aI've learned that we are adopting kids for the summer
I have a brand new song and a remix coming to you in June. Happy summer! 󾌧
Lol by the end of this summer I'll probably be going to bed at like 4-5am
Mary Kerner Roberts and Pat Roberts (mom & dad) Thank you for Patrick and Ryan's gifts Really helped with their summer cloths love you!
Why I'd sell Patrick Roberts (for the right price), Us seemingly activating the 1 Year Extension on Bryan Ruiz..
Looking at why I'd sell Patrick Roberts, Us seemingly activating the Year Extension on Bryan Ruiz...
All About HER Expos is honored to be working with Be The Match for the Minneapolis Summer Expo! 100% of Entry...
Looking at Bryan Ruiz & us seemingly activating his 1 Year Option, Why I'd sell Patrick Roberts...
Can't wait for all the Patrick Roberts related rage from people who haven't see him play
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Why I'd be open to Selling Patrick Roberts, Loaning out a few of our Youngsters & more
*smiles and you dress me into a summer dress* Thank you... That's better...
need break before school & travel plans & need to fig out bunch of stuff before heading out in Aug. Let's hang this summer
This 13 weeks off of summer is the only thing getting me through year 11 😒
So it doesn't take till the end of the summer for them to send it
hi Nicholas, I haven't, yet! Been concentrating on ski resorts this winter. Now summer is here, I'm back to looking at UK peaks
I just seriously miss last summer. It was such a crazy good time.
well I didn't read 1984 bc I didn't have Roberts & the summer assignment deals with that book sooo 3 books now instead of 2 yay
never watched it. But summer Roberts though
I want exams to be over already. Need summer and an escape away
What do your Summer months look like?
Macy's: impact of decline in int'l tourism on biz will linger through summer. Roughly, 5 pct of Macy's sales come from i…
Summer days on Cyncoed Campus are perfect 👌🏽🍺
Stock up for Summer Fun and save up to 50% off!
Representatives from the town of Bay Roberts will be in our main lobby during lunch hour Thursday, promoting student summer employment.
Order Miche Bag Online!
NO wait and go this summer when IM there!!!
.got her cool on in these cherie cateye sunglasses by ! Grab yours here for this summer:
Jimmy Ryan turned down a contract extension earlier this year & will be out of contract in summer. Gary Roberts has a year to run.
Paul Cook has identified summer targets. May incl out-of-contract Jimmy Ryan & Gary Roberts from former club Chesterfiel…
They are meant to be together. Always Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts
"Hey *** why don't you go work another corner" compliments of Summer Roberts
I won't be surprised if tons of people show up wearing summer clothes tomorrow
👀👀- lmao you wanna be first soo bad, I'm becoming a QB this summer ugh
God forbid Roberts offers any of the classes I need next year in the summer. So much for getting ahead 😒
Winter makes me realize how much I take warm weather for granted during the summer.
Summer Roberts will always be in my heart 🙌
Can't wait to have all of my homies over to chill by the pool this summer
One weather guru expects a drier spring and summer across southern Saskatchewan. Details at 8:30 with GX94 News.
For me Rachel Bilson is Summer Roberts not this Zoe girl
Just realised were gonna have like 3 months summer holiday😂😎
My entire junior high existence relied on whether I wanted to be a Marissa Cooper or a Summer Roberts
I wish I could spend an entire summer upnorth by a lake with a bunch of cool people that would be great 😭
With a shutout in the semi final clincher, Summer Roberts of the Red Deer Queens is ACAC Hockey Online's Player of the Week
seems the top players go to camp with Gary Roberts during the summer , phil not so much me thinks
"Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp" premieres July 17th on Netflix. Not sure if it starts at 9 or 9:30.
Is it too early to start thinking about grilling?
I have really high expectations for this summer.
time will tell but I believe Roberts will be ahead of next season. As well as a possible new signing in the summer.
Summer is slowly making its way to us 😍☀️☀️
I am not a snow lover! I'm ready for summer, boating, and grilling!
I have high expectations for this summer tbh
Our summer hoilday is all booked roll on the 1st of august ah Chubbz-daddy Roberts Hayley-mummy Harding John Denwood !! :) :)
I'm ready for warm summer thunderstorms
I just want a summer night with a walk downtown and ice cream 😔
Summer staffer had a breakout tourney on national stage Here is his beauty goal in game 1. http:…
available players to trade this summer for me include Lance, PJ, Roberts, Marvin. Resign Biz, Taylor, extend MKG
Can't wait till it gets closer to summer bc that means new swimsuits :')
that Lila Garrity, Summer Roberts and Blair Waldorf are all the same person
Jordan Vogt-Roberts & Chris Galletta are brilliant for The Kings of Summer.
This weather makes me want summer 20x more 😩
Sidewalk Art Contest for Summer School - Oral Roberts University - based in Tulsa Oklahoma. via
Stunning feed, go on and follow this amazing account! @ The Kings of Summer - Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Summer needs to come faster. There's so many things I wanna do
Puppy wonders where the suggested cooler weather is! Better come soon since summer is around the…
10 Style tips we picked up from Summer Roberts .
oh, it's a beautiful town. And Tender always makes you feel like summertime
Congratulations to staff Julie Evans and Roberts Covert on being named Summer Institute National …
“Because people are not Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts.” but your my Seth Cohen❤️
I want to be Mary-Jane Watson or Irene Addler or Blair Waldorf or Summer Roberts or maybe Jessie the yodelling cowgirl
Adam Brody's in this. How he went from porking Summer Roberts to this I do not know
I love Rachel Bilson, but it seems she is starting to channel Summer Roberts a bit too much on Hart of Dixie. Oompa loompa tanning.
But actuallyyy my real is Rachel Bilson aka my girl Summer Roberts 🔥🔥🔥
HuffPostCeleb: Summer Roberts is a mom, y'all!
Rachel Bilson is a mom WOW remember Summer Roberts?
Anakin Skywalker and Summer Roberts are parents! Love the name.
Anakin Skywalker and Summer Roberts had a baby!
they should've gone with Summer Roberts
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are now parents! Summer Roberts and Anakin Skywalker name daughter Briar Rose (lol Princess Aurora)!!
Rachel Bilson aka The O.C.'s Summer Roberts - has just given birth and the origins of her baby's name is adorable.
Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) named her baby after Sleeping Beauty, so cute
Photo: surisburnbook: usweekly: Summer Roberts is a mommy! Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christenen have...
Is anyone else depressed that Rachel Bilson aka Summer Roberts had a child with not Adrian Brody aka Seth Cohen?
Emma Roberts was arrested for domestic violence against Evan Peters last summer and I am just now aware of this huh
“The trailer. In cinemas Summer 2015. ah this is going to cost me a lot :/
oh my god! Dr. Zoe Hart/Summer Roberts was on That 70's Show!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I'll be the summer roberts to your Seth Cohen
I have visited Senator Pat Roberts home and I spent a week vacationing in Virginia this past summer.
what is summer league? I wanna play summer league when I buy skates.
Summer league starts at SIA tonight.just saying!
Well, looks like Bonnaroo is on the agenda for this summer
I just voted for 5 Seconds of Summer . Vote now for People's Choice Awards 2015!
I liked a video Ashley Roberts at Radio City Summer Live
Body like the Summer tells me to vote for Orman obviously, Roberts is really old.
The wait is finally over. Watch the trailer now! . In cinemas Summer 2015.
I hit a ball straight to Roberts nuts and he was in the floor for 5min trying to get life together one summer😂
Healthy Living: Meet Wyatt Roberts: I caught the running bug in the summer of 2013 when my oldest daughter joi...
Today is the DAY our summer collection will be launched at my favourite venue in the Hunter- Roberts restaurant
Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts are my favourite fictional couple in the entire world
We're excited to welcome one of our newest members from the Summer Session: Kinsey Roberts!
Anyone at fancy a caravan swap with us at filey, for a week next summer?
Website Builder 728x90
The Tea Party "Patriots" has officially endorsed Senator Pat Roberts. This summer, they hated him.
You come into my profile and disrespect Summer Roberts
Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen would totes drink this wine 🌅 @ Newport Beach Vineyard…
can't wait. Thing I miss most about summer is red wine curry and candles when jo's away
I'd like another striker but everyone I'd of wanted in summer is elsewhere now. Roberts exp was an impact previously though
Okay so watching Hart of Dixie is like watching Summer Roberts move out of The OC to Alabama to be a doctor lol but anyway so loving it ☺️
The £30m we paid to Barcelona for Alexis Sanchez is proving to be the bargain of the summer.
Having clean up of section ready for summer. Thanks Lewis Trickett rylan, Guy Roberts and Emma.
yeah, plus he held on longer than we thought, so I guess at least I had the summer with him :)
Ima need for to get a 1 bedroom so I can rent her and roberts couch out this summer
"But we were born in the flames, we need a cool breeze and a summer rain" - Sam Roberts
*Looking at pictures of girls costumes*. Ari: If you want to go to a pool party you might as well wait for the summer! Jeez…
It's summer but it's the 1st of Nov.too warm for a show
not saying I want it but I just have a feeling Rafa will be spending LFC money in the summer. Just a feeling!
"I don't do sarcasm anymore, I'm post-ironic" Summer Roberts
Patrick Roberts. Star of the U17 Euro win in the summer and making an impression off the Fulham bench.
Kessel should be spending every summer with Gary Roberts.
The moment when Summer Roberts fell in love with Seth Cohen
Miss St and all the cowbells sound like cicadas in NC during the summer
I was the one, most excited for the video and it came out really good! I loved it!
Sneak Peek: "Summer Vacation" by Peggi Kroll-Roberts is one of the paintings to be available in the
I'm in love with Summer Roberts and Marissa Cooper 😍😍 WIVES.
...little black dresses (love Emma Roberts) but Diane Kruger reminded me of summer with that hot pink
So I might be going to Tibet next summer🙈😍
Take vitamin B complex during the summer. Insects don't like the way it makes you smell to them, it wards off mosquitos an…
I go back to watchin' summer fade to fall growin' up too fast and I do recall 🎵🎶
I just wish I was Seth Cohen. But then if have sandy as a dad and I'd marry summer roberts
St. Joe's product Ronald Roberts finished with 4 pts and 3 rebs for the Sixers last night, in 9:26 of action, in his NBA Su…
Another win for Summer Roberts with her very own rap gig:
I used to want to be Summer Roberts so bad
Update your maps at Navteq
buying lighter foundation after ur summer tan has faded is the worst part of being a girl . other than getting paid 77¢ …
Evan Peters & Emma Roberts relationship has me like
just gonna say he's talented enough to do what he's always done in the off season, but maybe a summer with Gary Roberts might b good
how is that little tubby so *** fast? Imagine if he saw Gary Roberts one summer!!??
It was a truly fantastic summer, but I am SO ready to be watching hockey again. The puck drops in 35…
“It's still first semester and I'm already excited to visit Mads in Texas with Caroline this summer” 🆒🆗 !
Good thing I read all those Senate "forecasts" last summer or I'd never have known Rounds, Roberts & McConnell would collapse... oh, wait.
I'm a jr in college&spent the summer as a field director for pat roberts campaign-lots of work but so rewarding
Listening to the Scream, and I Know What You Did Last Summer soundtracks. What are you doing?
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