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Summer Rae

Danielle Moinet (born November 28, 1983) is a model and former American football player who played with the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League.

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if you see your favourite diva:. AJ. Kaitilyn. Bella Twins. Summer Rae. Eva Marie. Naomi. Cameron. Layla. Natalya
If you've never seen a Jack Russel get excited about going for a walk, you've never truly died laughing.
GIFs of Layla and Summer Rae Teasing a Kiss at WWE’s MSG Live Event
*Announcer Voice* "FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY." One night back in action and all of RVA will be shut down
I thought this summer was gone slap 😩i was wrong -Rae
Remember when I said I was gonna get tan this summer? Ha. Sike.
hopefully. She's Summer Rae level in the ring and worse than Charlotte. Serves no purpose as she hasn't improved at all.
what do you think of Cody Rhodes & his transformation as stardust?”. Just might work...has to evolve...”. Put him with Summer Rae
if you see your favorite Diva. Beth Phoenix . Kelly Kelly . Nikki Bella . AJ . Naomi. Layla . Summer Rae . Eva Marie . Brie Bella . Eve . Maryse
YES!!🙌🙌 Nikki Bella and Summer Rae are my Fav!😫🔥😻
pfft both Aj Lee and Summer Rae turned face on Raw? I knew it!! :)
It's hard to sympathize with Summer Rae here, because, again, she was fighting for the love of JOHNNY CURTIS.
turning Summer Rae and Layla into a dance-off is not even close to being what's best for business.
"This summer we may witness a super team being formed in Miami.oh man." Well said.
You're all giving Summer Rae vs Layla too much attention/thought.
summer Rae is not a sports entertainer! The twins are far better at it
Becky Lynch defeats Summer Rae in what would be considered an upset since Summer is from the main roster
Seems like Summer Rae VS Layla may have been changed to a dance off - guess we'll have to wait and see.
Summer Rae better work at the 4th of July cookout
Seth Rollins opens Smackdown in his new catwoman-type outfit and he's taking on Kofi Kingston. Rollins wins a short match with the curb stomp. Rollins cuts a promo after the match about being in the Money in the Bank contract ladder match but he's interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose tells Seth to watch himself for when he gets even. Ambrose says he will focus all his energy on Rollins once he's done with Kane. ^Seth is an incredible performer, and so is Kofi, but this one was way too short. It was literally the tip of the iceberg for what we could see in the ring with these two. As for the Ambrose promo, I can't wait for that rivalry to come to a head in a one on one pay per view match. John Cena comes out to a cut a promo. He talks about the recent shaky history of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Alberto Del Rio interrupts and says he will be winning the title on Sunday. He's then interrupted by Sheamus(who is then interrupted by Cesaro and Paul Heyman). We can see where this is going. Cesaro ha ...
neighbours are peacin out today whoo! No neighbours for the whole summer
yes! I finished up a summer class. Now it's time to be an "adult" and look for a real job 😭
Apparently the person on the left is a young Summer Rae. Which to me it has to be impossible, there is no way...
She was the best dancer he had! And she really loved him. Summer Rae rocks.
Lets Go Layla!!. She is so much better than summer rae! . . Layla = Divas & Women Champ In The Same Time!. Summer = 0 Titles
Never thought I'd say this, but I wish summer was over.
HIGHLIGHTS: made her debut on taking on former member
Laylas so clever, she was a genius with laycool and still a genius now, outdoing summer rae asusual
Here're my own predictions for this Sunday's John Cena, Seth Rollins, Paige, Rusev, Summer Rae, Goldust & Stardust, The Wyatts.
MITB predictions? — Cena or Orton. Usos. Rollins. Paige - Cameron to turn on Naomi. Goldust and Stardust. Summer Rae ...
What I did on my summer vacation by Georgia Rae. Sunday @ 6 CDT
Carly Rae Jepsen The Summer Kiss Tour Japan. Fav video on all of YouTube 😁
Hungry and stuck in a car for 7 hours. Such a fun summer day😣
4th of July is like Christmas for summer
I just wanna go on a long trip to somewhere hot this summer. Too much to ask?
WWE broke up Summer Rae & Fandango due to her filming The Marine 4 & now that she's back, I expect the pair to get back together at
WWE Money in the Bank 2014 match card preview: Summer Rae vs. Layla
I don't know what day it is. Summer has me feeling some type of way💁
To go to BGT tonight or not. First night of Summer Nights. Hot Chelle Rae is performing and Kinetix. Haven't been in awhile, would be nice.
good luck tomorrow against summer Rae
Here's my thoughts on Summer Rae vs. Layla with Fandango as ref at . ~Mike Mic-Rock
Summer Rae vs Layla and Fandango is ref: Two divas battle each other for Fandango, I believe Summer will win and will kiss Fandango after.
Fandango's gonna be the REAL winner in the match between Layla and Summer Rae
I just got the portictions and here are they . 1. rusev. 2. summer rae. 3. goldust and stardust. 4. luke harper and Erick rowan
The swerve at will be that Layla and Summer Rae will get together and leave Fandango :)
WWE 2K14 Summer Rae vs. Layla Money in the Bank 2014: via   10% Off
Fandango cheats Summer Rae out of the match and him & Layla are heel, Summer turns face!
Summer Rae vs. Layla and Big E vs. Rusev added to WWE Money in the Bank
My summer mornings literally consist of breakfast, smoothies, and cartoons 👌
Big E vs. Rusev and Layla vs. Summer Rae with Fandango as Special Ref!!!
Um, who am I meant to cheer for in Summer Rae vs Layla?
Well, looks like will have the match i was wanting . Summer Rae vs Layla . very cool .
Hey Lady! Good wishes for your match v Summer Rae. Who do you favor in Diva ' s Championship match?
Summer Rae against Becky Lynch. Charlotte is wearing a 'you can't sit with us' shirt - just in case you didn't get it.
Summer Rae is cool to travel with, I guess.
I sceptic about ATL! But Carolina is nice! Fl humidity is bad but during the summer it's just as hot everywhere lol
Come enter to win some summery fun from bobee, and beanpop!
Summer Rae is gonna beat that old geriatric at Money in the Bank and hopefully tar and feather her for good measure
wwe raw 16 june 2014 The June 16 episode of Monday Night Raw was a tale of two shows. There was plenty to be excited and impressed about. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stood out as singles stars, while Paul Heyman got back to cutting great promos. Dolph Ziggler wowed his hometown crowd, and John Cena and Kane managed not to have an awful main event. But elsewhere on the show, there were segments so bad that it was like taking one huge tidal wave of puke to the face. Stephanie McMahon's coffee was drugged by Roman Reigns, causing her to vomit. A lot. To the dismay of Vickie Guerrero. The mixed tag match pitting Adam Rose and Summer Rae against Fandango and Layla lasted roughly two minutes and was simply an excuse to get Kevin Hart, comedian and movie star, involved in the show. Then there was Stardust. In the weeks that follow, the character may prove wildly entertaining and a great use of a talented young star, but for right now, Cody Rhodes came across as significantly more disturbing than ...
Summer Rae and Nikki Bella, since Brie isn't in WWE anymore would you two turn into a heel tagteam! Would be awesome
WWE: RAW RESULTS! I'm really sorry I'm late with these, it's cause I'm really busy, plus I had a power outage... It would be nice if someone would apply for admin, and help out cover RAW, SmackDown, and the PPV Events.. -Seth beats Dolf Ziggler via DQ -Wade Barrett beats Dean Ambrose via countout [non title match] -Sheamus beats Bray Wyatt via DQ [non title match] -Rusev kills Heath Sleater -Adam Rose & Summer Rae beats Fandango and Layla -Roman Reigns wins the Battle Royal [Match of the Night] -Paige beats Cameron [non title match] -Goldust and Stardust [Cody Rhodes] defeats Rybaxle [Cody's loosing streak is OVER] -John Cena strolled Kane in a stretcher to be the final person in the WWE/WHChampionship match at Money in the Bank [Main Event Match] The power kicked back on during the Battle Royal and decided to not cover the rest of RAW on Monday, SmackDown spoilers later tonight or tomorrow.. -Death
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Santino Marella introduces Emma to face Summer Rae in a Dance-Off on Raw.
Imagine if Summer Rae teaming up with Trish Stratus... That will be awesome!
Results from the Live Show in Saginaw MI tonight. The Shield were not at this one and I don't think there was another live show tonight. I'll keep looking and see what I can find. First match- RVD vs Alberto Del Rio. Winner- RVD Second match- Summer Rae and the Funkadactyls vs Rosa Mends, Eva Marie, and Layla. Winner- Summer Rae and the Funkadactyls. Third match- Cesaro vs Big E. Winner- Cesaro Fourth match- Triple Tag Team match for the Tag Team Championships. The Usos vs Wyatt Family vs Rhodes Brothers. Winner- STILL Tag Team Champions the Usos. Fifth match- Sin Cara vs Fandango. Winner- Sin Cara Sixth match- Kofi Kingston vs Ryback. Winner- Kofi Kingston. Seventh match- Sheamus vs Kane. Winner- Sheamus via DQ
The following was taped on Tuesday in Green Bay, Wisconsin. WWE Smackdown tapings for June 13, 2014: * The Shield opens the show. Triple H interrupts to book Roman Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett. When Barrett hits the ring, Reigns takes him out with a Superman punch. 3MB then runs out and Reigns holds them off with Ambrose. * Erick Rowan def. Jey Uso. * Bo Dallas def. R-Truth. * Cesaro def. WWE U.S. Champion Sheamus in a non-title match. * Adam Rose def. Fandango. One of the Rosebuds at ringside attacked Layla revealing herself as Summer Rae. * Big E def. Jack Swagger. * Alicia Fox def. Aksana. * Bray Wyatt def. Seth Rollins in a "Money in the Bank" qualifier
You say Summer Rae has a messed up nose? Trish Stratus invented that!
Photo: Summer Rae looks like Michelle McCool when she makes those angry faces. If they merged into one...
These days?Bray and Cesaro :D Divas- Summer Rae and Paige "who are favourite wrestling these days ?"
I felt so bad for Summer Rae last night. There's an old saying If you can't say anything good about someone Don't say anything at all. People misjudge Summer Rae (Who's real name is Danielle Moinet) I know her. What you see on TV isn't her What people are saying about her isn't true. Yes she's provocative That just means she isn't afraid to be herself. Yes she's flirty. but so was Trish Stratus and every other Hall Of Famer WWE Diva. Brie told Summer last night to be herself and stop trying to be fake. Well Brianna maybe you should look in the mirror and tell yourself that because who we see on Raw everyweek isn't the real Brie. You think pushing Stephanie McMahon - WWE makes you tough. Brie Stephanie is a former Women's Champion and held the title longer than you held the divas title and let's just say She made you. Summer is just doing what every new diva has tried to do since Melina Perez- RealMelina.Com in 2004 trying to fit in. But of course this is WWE. If you don't jump when The Bellas or Natalya s ...
Watching "Total Divas" and it got me thinking, what diva past or present would you take on a date? I'm having trouble deciding between Trish Stratus, and Summer Rae. -IronMan
On WWE Friday Night SmackDown Paige will be defending the WWE Divas Championship against Summer Rae with Fandango...
*** WWE Smackdown 5/23/14 Results *** * Smackdown opens with Jimmy Hart who would then introduce The Immortal, Hulk Hogan. Hogan comes out to a large pop. He gets the people hyped up and promotes the Legends House show and announces that the WWE network will soon be available in the UK. * No Disqualification Match: Batista defeated Dolph Ziggler in an entertaining match. Dolph started the match hot, hitting Batista with a chair multiple times and brawling with Batista outside. They kept fighting inside and out of the ring during the match. The finish saw Batista escaping a ZigZag on the outside and throwing Ziggler in the ring and spears him for the victory. After the match, Batista hit Dolph with a Batista Bomb. * The Funkadactyls beat Nikki Bella & Eva Marie with Summer Rae as the special guest referee. Summer Rae has some beef against Nikki and Eva that she won't count their pins. Eva Marie was complaining to Summer when Cameron rolled her up for the victory for her team. * Bo Dallas made his debut (or ...
WWE SmackDown Results for Friday May 23, 2014 WWE SmackDown will hit the airwaves on Friday but it was taped days ago in London, England. Fans can go ahead and read the results below! Hulk Hogan opens the show. He continues to push WWE Network. Batista defeated Dolph Ziggler in a no disqualification match. Funkadactyls defeated Eva Marie & Nikki Bella thanks to Summer Rae turning on Eva and Nikki with a fast count. (more crappy matches to support taped events from Total Divas months ago… eh) Bo Dallas defeated Sin Cara Bray Wyatt promo about Cena Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification when Cesaro, who was out on commentary, interfered. Vickie calls Adam Rose to the ring. He puts her blow pop in her face, she falls off the apron and is carried around the ring. The Usos defeated The Wyatt Family via disqualification. Another teased confrontation between Cena and Bray Wyatt to close the show.
I think Summer Rae could. Charlotte may have the most potential of any diva in recent memory.
So the "Marine 4" features the Miz and a hardcore Summer Rae? Cancel the Oscars. No one else needs to enduring such a wicked defeat.
Just booked a trip to California this July with my sister Summer Rae ♥ I'm so excited to be going back to San Diego :D
I like 'Sam Roberts with Fandango & Summer Rae on life changing moments, and women''
I added a video to a playlist Nikki Bella VS Summer Rae
if you see you # Diva:. AJ. Emma . Paige . Natalya . The Bella Twins . Naomi . Cameron . Summer Rae . Eva Marie . Alicia Fox . Tamina . Layla
if you see your Fav Diva: . Aj Lee . The Bellas . Paige . Natalya . Summer Rae . Tamina . Alicia Fox . Eva Marie . Naomi . Ca…
Tomorrow on Rising Star The ANX & CJ Parker fight Bullet Club in 6-man tag team action plus takes on Summer Rae
Smackdown 25/04/2014 Theodore Long announces that tonight’s main event will be The Real Americans facing off against Edge and Christian. Alexander Rusev will team with Darren Young and Shad Gaspard to take on MVP and The Bashams, Sheamus will face off against Rob Van Dam and Summer Rae will team with Natalya to take on The Bella Twins with AJ at commentary Justin Gabriel defeated Zack Ryder Promo for Sean O’Haire’s return (Will return at Payback) Summer Rae and Natalya defeated The Bella Twins; Divas Champion Aj Lee was at commentary Titus O’Neil (with JTG) defeated Santino Marella Byron Saxton interviews Sheamus Alexander Rusev, Darren Young and Shad Gaspard defeated United States Champion MVP and BWF Tag Team Champions The Bashams Tyson Tomko defeated Yoshi Tatsu Renee Young interviews Edge and Christian Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango In-Ring Segment – Chris Jericho returns to host The Highlight Reel with special guest The Big Show. Jericho and Show reunite to form Jeri-Show. Teddy Long annou ...
if you see your Fav..♡. Natalya. Aj Lee. Nikki Bella. Paige. Brie Bella. Emma. Stephanie McMahon. Layla. Tamina. Summer Rae
I'm watching last night's Smackdown and I see Fandango with Layla which means Fandango kicked Summer Rae to the curb like holy crap!
Just waiting for those long warm summer nights
Enjoyed a full day alone with Summer Rae shopping and eating! No ball... just the girls!
Summer Rae on Total Divas is so annoying!I HATE HER👊
21% done with The Summer I Became a , by Leah Rae Miller: DNF
Summer Rae after being fired by Fandango
Summer 2012 was a really good time for music, miss u carly rae jepsen :/
Wait fandango and Layla. Guess we will find out on Total Divas what happened with summer Rae
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Has anyone seen the size of Summer Rae's forehead?. It looks like someone has put an iron across it.
Fandango dumping Summer Rae was out of left field. Layla isn't as good of fit. WWE must have bigger plans for Summer Rae
Now tat summer Rae is not with fandango, are they trying to unite the bffs on the main roster? . Beautiful people
Imma buy like 5 pair of roshes before the summer is over
What do you think about AJ getting married to Cm punk and Summer rae and Fandango breaking up
I'm sorry, but what in god's name is a "Summer Rae"? Is this some kind of pathetic joke towards me or what?
Hey can I borrow your body for Prom & Summer 2014 or nah.
I'm getting a whole new wardrobe this summer. I hate the clothes I wear 98.9% of the time.
This weather is only making me crave summer even more 😩
Nobody could pay me enough to take summer classes this summer 😒
Layla is SO much better am hotter than Summer Rae
"Summer Rae is way better than layla." Preach!
What "Summer Rae is way better than layla."
Summer Rae is way better than layla.
Lana could give Summer Rae a run for her money
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Summer Rae you is the lamest chick I know like i know. I'M glad Fandango dump you
Wait.Layla.does that mean we will be seeing less of Summer Rae on TV! I do not approve of this!
I can't actually explain how amazing the past weeks have been, America thank you SO much for getting the EP too
Summer rae is totally an *** nattie should have kick that *** 2 d curb what an asshloe summer rae not a good role model but a how
Fandango is with layla now he isn't with summer rae no more cas he dumped her
same here 😂 that's why I'm going to get a summer job 😂
so glad you got rid of that easy as peanut butter leg spreader Summer Rae, I think layla is much better !!!
Replacing me is impossible; I am irreplaceable! Those dancing heels will forever be known as the ones worn by Summer Rae.
Tbh, this doesn't look like Summer Rae before, like now.
All smiles. it's almost summer. Finally!!!
That's totally disgusting.Fandango doesn't deserve Layla as partner.He was better with Summer Rae.
Have a nice saturday, Summer Rae. You're pretty, sexy, fabulous & gorgeous diva, I admire you and respect you 😊
Really masterful stuff. Gets Summer Rae over as a real nut job.
I do feel (kinda) sorry for WWE Sexy Diva Summer Rae. She had a terrible week. First Wrestlemania and then getting dumped by her bf Fan *** dango. When a person gets dumped, That person or in Summer's case gets depressed. And as you can see in these pics her what has happen to her and how the so-called dance man went from the sexy blonde and former football lingerie player to the former Miami Heat dancer.
For all those people who really think Layla is hotter than Summer Rae I hear Pearl Vision does wonders.
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Summer Rae broke up with Fandango... I think she deserves a better dancer... I need learn dance ;)
Bring on the soccer games and then shocks game to night. Go SUMMER RAE AND Tru Empson
If WWE hired you as a Match Card Writer for NXT, and you had to Make Up NXT's Second PPV Name and Matches, what would you have down? You can have Any Name you want, but The Roster is Limited. You can use Any of these Wrestlers: Adrian Neville (NXT Champion), Aiden English, Alex Riley, Alexander Rusev, Antonio Cesaro, Bayley, Bo Dallas, CJ Parker, Corey Graves, Emma, Enzo Amore, JoJo, Konnor, Mason Ryan, Paige (NXT Womens Champion), Sami Zayn, Sasha Banks, Summer Rae, Tyler Breeze, Viktor, William Regal and Xavier Woods. Comment Your Best Match Card and PPV Name Below. The Best One, I will Post on this Page and Give Results To! (brandon)
Natalya is stunned when she's slapped by Summer Rae.
Well fandango moves fast and what an upgrade Layla is way hotter than summer rae
Fandango dumped Summer Rae for Layla. Interested to see where this goes.
So Fandango left Summer Rae but why she's like the most sweetest person ever Danielle Hope you feel better OK :)
Ok lets have a little fun, if AJ is not the diva to beat Paige for the divas championship, who do you pick? Natalya Namoi Cameron Eva Marie Summer Rae Nikki Bella Brie Bella Aksana Layla Emma Alicia Fox Rosa Mendes Tamina Snuka
Does anyone know what happened to Summer Rae?
Match Adam Rose defeats Danny Burch by pinfall * I can't seem but laugh with Adam Rose, the new gimmick is quite flamboyant but at the same time, he is quite entertaining. With the new gimmick his push continues in a convincing squash, good times *sarcasm* Match Bayley defeats Sasha Banks with Charlotte and Summer Rae on a stick by pinfall * I'm saving up money so I can go to the next WrestleMania Axxess, reason? I want to give Bayley a hug! Moving along from my love of Bayley, once again her and Banks put on a great Divas match and I still don't quite understand why they're both in NXT. Match Mojo Rawley defeats Sylvester Lefort by pinfall, after the match Brodus Clay attacks Lefort * Horrible gimmick, horrible moveset, horrible everything, please no more Rawley. In-ring segment Brodus Clay and Adrian Neville * Like I've said before, I'm no fan of Clay but I'm a fan of his current storyline, but even with a great storyline, I really don't want to see him facing Neville. Backstage segment Oliver Grey and ...
Layla new dance of fandango no more summer rae
Emma and Santino playing slaps on TV. Fandango replacing Summer Rae with Layla. Cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.
Fandango & Summer Rae no more. He has a new Lady and try to guess who she is.
Fandango dropped summer rae like a dirty dish rag I love my little drama from wrestling lol
What? Fandango dumps Summer Rae & Layla is his new dance partner. WTH!
So he dumps Summer Rae, so he could get Layla. Good move, or Bad? William Tabb let mr know!
They should've given Fandango & Summer Rae a public humiliating break-up on TV. He would've gotten some much needed heel heat .
Fandango gave Summer Rae the boot. So glad!!!
Fandango and Layla are the worst pairing ughh...bring back Summer Rae already 👎😒😳😩
Sweet... Layla is Fandango's new valet. Her attire looks really friggin good on her too. Much better looking than Summer Rae.
I like Summer Rae as much as most...but Layla looks smoking in that ring-gear. Thank you for this one, WWE Creative.
Whoa!! Fandango...and Layla? No more Summer Rae. I had a feeling they were breaking them up. Probably because she's on "Total Divas". Oh well. Layla is a much better dancer anyway.
The part of Summer Rae will now be played by. ..Layla? Lol
*** Fandango kicked Summer Rae 2 the curb and now hes with Layla LOL well whatya kno
During the post-WrestleMania edition of “Monday Night Raw” on April 7, Fandango and Summer Rae took on Santino Marella and Emma in a mixed tag-team matchup. Emma, a new addition to the main WWE roster, earned her team the victory rather quickly as she made Summer Rae tap to the “Emma Lock.” On the f...
The Storyline between Fandango and Summer Rae is over Fandango new dance partner is Layla you all will see on tonight's Smackdown remember it's not live it was taped on Tuesday
Highlights of Monday Night Raw 7th April 2014 Triple H challenges Daniel Bryan for WWE World HeavyWeight Championship Title. Triple H and Stephanie are shown arguing about what just happened, then Batista and Randy Orton walk in and make their cases for a title match. Triple H says it's his show and his title shot tonight, and Stephanie says they all deserve matches and can settle this later. She says for tonight, Orton and Batista will get a tag title shot at the Usos, but both of them say they don't want to team and want the WWE title. Triple H says they can sort this all out, but historically, when they are on the same page, they are unstoppable. The Wyatt Family vs John Cena, Sheamus & Big E Langston: The Wyatt Family Fandango & Summer Rae vs Santino Marella & Emma: Santino Marella & Emma Paul Heyman comes out and says that he is proud Brock Lesnar that he broke the streak of Undertaker & he is the 1 in 21-1. WWE Tag Team Championship Batista & Randy Orton vs The Usos (c): Double Countout Rob Van Dam ...
So I wrote a fantasy booking thing about the Divas tonight. Fair warning it's long. Wanted to see what others thought. AJ could say that technically now she has beaten every Diva in the locker room. She comes out Monday and cuts a promo to that effect which brings out Vickie. Vickie announces that she is leaving but before she does, her last act is to introduce a new Diva, one who she is confident that will beat AJ at last. Cue Paige. Paige cuts a promo saying she has AJ square in her sights but to prove she deserves a title shot, she will systematically beat every Diva on the roster one on one until she gets to number one contender status. (She could have the NXT title with her and claim this gives her contender status already but wants to earn it via victories.) Paige proceeds to start with Eva Marie and defeats her. She goes through Rosa. Aksana. Cameron. Alicia Fox. Nikki Bella. Summer Rae. Emma. Naomi. Brie Bella. Nattie. And finally Tamina. With each victory AJ becomes more and more unhinged until s ...
So with my little poll I done yesterday I found out that 95% of the people don't want Summer Rae on Total Divas. But the top five names people would like to see on Total Divas were; 1- Aj Lee 2- Aksana 3- Layla 4- Alicia Fox 5- Paige
LOL - Jonny is the great one. Say hit to Summer Rae for me pal! ;)
Summer Rae getting two appearances on RAW tonight. More than Rosa Mendes has had all year
I'm mad Bryan and Nikki hid and watched Brie give Summer Rae the business
Summer Rae pulling double duty. The Daniel Bryan of the Divas division. (As in she doesn't shave)
- Demba Ba hints at Italy move as striker pushes for Chelsea exit in the sum
me too. Would think Jim is looking to sign Beeley, Mustoe & Edwards in the Summer?
LOL!! Summer Rae gt own titantron and theme nw
Brie Bella confronts Summer Rae for flirting with Daniel Bryan. Total Divas airs Sundays at 9pm ET on E!.
Brand New- Pharrell ft. Justin Timberlake is definitely gonna be my Summer theme song.
- Courtesy of, below is a preview clip from this Sunday’s episode of Total Divas with Brie Bella confronting Summer Rae: - Zack Ryder reportedly didn’t find out he was in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX until it was announced on RAW this week. Possible Feu
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Do you remember or should I rewind to the summer where you caught my eye 😉
How to get a flat stomach for summer
Divas Champion Aj Lee & Tamina Snuka observe the tag team match featuring The Bella Twins against Natalya & Summer Rae.
They've devoted a whole episode of Total Divas to slutshaming Summer Rae? What an odd thing to do.
No. You're Johnny Curtis. Not Fandango. You don't even know what a Summer Rae is.
One night this summer I just wanna lay under the stars and have a heart to heart with someone
Summer and warm nights you can come now.
you're lucky your bday is in the summer!! Mine is always when it snows.stupid march 31st
Not sure I like Natalya's Attitude Lately,Calling Summer Rae a has she forgotten Sable,Terri,Stacey Keibler ect! it's WWE,get over yourself! The Bella's wear Skimpy outfit's too but there not called out on.
I already have a favorite candy shop a block away from my apartment. I absolutely cannot wait to live in new york this summer.
of course. first time seeing them since the trip to Louisville last summer fell though. :/
Can I kill his parents that was the most sad thing I've seen outside my room window frfr his crying was load asf ***
Crap they drove away couldn't get the license plate omg I wanna shoot them for abusing there kid like that so sad
Crying this little boy was being abused in front of my house and his mom and dad were beating him up he was like 5
I didn't wanna go to school this summer but I'm doing what I gotta do for now 🙌
Summer Rae's theme no no no she needs "So Cool" back
Summer Rae: the very reflection of hope in cold winter day. A Summer Rae is that sma...
Summer Rae's nose is ridiculously long! Eww... please get that fixed, not cute! Summer ain't got nothing on
Debating if I should take tomorrow off from school or Friday .. 😱
Summer Rae being added to is gonna make for some entertaining moments. Brie Bella's going IN on her this Sunday LMAO!
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Overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions right now!! I wanna let my girls know...and by girls I mean Summer Rae and Lura Adison. Csha loves your more then anything In this world and WILL ALWAYS BE HERE for both of you. No matter what. We may not see each other that much anymore but place your hand over heart... you feel that? That's where you can ALWAYS find me! I love you Shug and Sissy! Forever and a day!
Anybody ever hear of the group velvet empire? There's a singer in it that looks almost like summer rae. Lol
Just sitting here smiling to myself thinking about being up north this summer.
|Years in the Making| by Doe Rae . Availlable on iTunes |Summer 2014. Follow . IG:
i got a wig cap on now.. this + wifebeaters + spandex = my wardrobe for the summer. Im pretty much cleo from set it off now
3 of 5 stars to When Summer Ends by Isabelle Rae
I'm in a mood to lay in a dark field
So hot. Also, Summer Rae over Nattie any day.
The only divas I care about are Summer Rae, Aj Lee, and Emma.
Summer Rae from Total Divas looks like a man, and she annoys me.
WcW! Couldn't just pick two! Summer Rae Hight, Jacqueline Olivia Steely, Alexius Nicole McDowell! :) And of course! Alex Cabe, there ya go niggy.
Ahhh Summer-Rae she is a goddess in and out of the ring I haven't seen legs like that since Stacy…
I don't quite like summer rae. Not sure how i feel about her
Wed WWE Main Event as Main Event starts off Big E Langston comes out & then it's announced that Christian suffered a concussion on Raw Monday night during the Fatal 4 way to see who would be the Numcontender for the IC title then that there would be a triple threat to see who would face Big E for the title . Alberto Del Rio v Sheamus v Dolph Ziggler.. Dolph Ziggler wins & will face Big E . Renee Young interviews both Big E & Dolph Ziggler .. Dolph says he did it he's going to Wrestlemania 30 & he's going to win the IC title & going to win the André the Giant Battle Royal . Says he taught Big E almost everything he knows & they know each other well but not everything & he's the showoff . Big E responds by saying look I was there at ringside when you won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship . I may not be a show off but I am the IC champion & alls I got say is good luck ... Natalya ,Eva Marie ,,Cameron ,Naomi ,Emma v Tamina ,,Layla, Aksana ,Summer Rae Alicia Fox ... Tamina ,Layla ,Summer ,Aksana,Alicia . ...
I just wanna snuggle and watch 500 days of summer 💞
For better or worse, WWE Diva wrestler Summer Rae isn't afraid to speak her mind. Referred to as ...
goes to this beautiful girl Summer Rae Myers ❤
Well trying to find out if my daughter has any siblings out there her father won't answer my friend request I don't want to say his name but her name is Summer Rae Kingsley it was her fathers favorite girls name if this name is familiar plz message me
Look Summer Rae. Only $20. Just need to live in these area codes.
Almost there. I cant wait to see my lil summer rae
a lil fun i get to have tonight on Summer Rae… slice and dice:)
Pretty sure fandango and summer rae are gonna have a sextape soon
Lol. Summer Rae Oh Sunshine i thought this would make u giggle. :) have a wonderful day beautiful!
On Sunday’s episode of Total Divas, Summer Rae finds herself making another enemy. In the clip below, she is confronted by Brie Bella, who accuses her of flirting with her fiance Daniel Bryan. As this all goes down, Eva Marie, Nikki and Daniel watch on. Watch the clip below: Total Divas airs...
WWE Divas dance machine Summer Rae answers your questions in the latest edition of WWE Inbox.
Summer Rae was in the school play.Great Job !
On Monday's Raw we learned that Aj Lee will put her title on the line at WrestleMania XXX against Naomi, Emma, Aksana, Tamina Snuka, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Layla, Brie Bella, Eva Marie, Summer Rae,
Meet your favorite WWE Superstars and get exclusive gear at the WrestleMania 30 Superstore! Think the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania couldn’t be more spectacular? Think again: The WrestleMania 30 Superstore at Ernest Morial Convention Centerwill be open from Thursday, April 3, to Sunday, April 6! The Superstore will be open to WrestleMania ticketholders and non-ticketholders alike, affording WWE fans the opportunity to meet Superstars such as WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, Cesaro, Intercontinental Champion Big E, Christian, Fandango and Summer Rae (details below) while checking out the largest selection of WWE merchandise under one roof. All authentic WrestleMania 30 gear and many exclusive Superstore products will be available for purchase, as will New Orleans and Mardi Gras–themed WrestleMania T-shirts, numerous toys, one-of-a-kind items commemorating 30 years of WrestleMania and much more. Plus, the Superstore will include a free poster with any purchase (while supplies last). The WrestleMania 30 Su ...
Smackdown Results Quick Results Batista kicks off the show, cutting a promo where he runs down the fans and their reaction towards him since returning. He discusses Daniel Bryan but is cutoff by Triple H, who warns his former Evolution teammate to leave his wife's name out of his mouth. This leads to the COO booking Batista in a match against Sheamus for later in the night. The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins) defeated Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal; after the match, Kane and the New Age Outlaws booked another match for Ambrose and Rollins The Shield defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel; after the match, Reigns planted Ryback with the Superman Punch and the entire Shield followed with the triple power bomb Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow Renee Young interviewed Big Show about his match against the Bray Wyatt Fandango defeated Goldust after a distraction from Summer Rae Sheamus defeated Batista by disqualification after a steel chair shot; after the match, Batista asked if Triple H if he was happy Bray Wy ...
Gotta share cause I got me one and I am grateful for her Summer Rae I love you!
What was with the "cattiness" of the last episode! OMG Ariane is in fine form! Still not liking Summer Rae - she does my head in! Oh and Nikki with that tooth... Doesn't she know Cena could buy her a gold tooth if she wanted it
Who do you think will win the "Wrestle Manian 'on? Layla, Ai Lee, sunken Tamina, Alicia Fox.Aksana, Summer Rae, Eva Marie, Natalya, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Cameron, Naomi?
Santino Marella & Emma take on their mixed tag team rivals, Fandango & Summer Rae.
WWE just released a press release stating that they will begin production for Jingle All The Way 2 and The Marine 4. WWE will be teaming up withTwentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to produce these two movies. Filming forJingle All The Way 2 will begin in March featuring Santino Marella. The Marine 4 will begin filming this April and that will be featuring The Miz as well as Summer Rae. Below is the press release: WWE Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment today announced the next two films that will begin production as part of their continued collaboration. This March, cameras will start rolling on JINGLE ALL THE WAY 2, the sequel to the 1996 hit comedy JINGLE ALL THE WAY. Starring Larry the Cable Guy (Tooth Fairy 2, Cars) and featuring WWE Superstar “Santino Marella®” the film is directed by Alex Zamm (Tooth Fairy 2, Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts) and will release this 2014 holiday season. Also announced is the fourth installment of THE MARINE franchise, the eighth collaborat ...
BREAKING: Is CM Punk returning at WrestleMania XXX? Digital Spy has an interview with Fandango, who discussed meeting Hulk Hogan, his character, Summer Rae, Fandangoing going viral and more. Here are a couple of highlights: The PG Era being more rewarding than the Attitude Era: “I think it’s more rewarding to know that we can go out and put on a good show without going lowbrow and taking the easy road. Whether it’s the middle finger, or cursing, because that’s going to get a reaction no matter what. It’s harder to get a reaction the honest way and that’s just pure entertainment. That’s from an 8-year-old kid to an 80-year-old woman. I think chair shots and middle fingers and swearing and girls with their tops off is an easy reaction. I think the way we do it now is a lot more rewarding, for sure.” If CM Punk will return before WrestleMania: “With the WWE you never know who’s going to come back at any time. Whether it’s The Undertaker , Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho. Every week you tune ...
chuck & billy may not have kissed, but u can totally have Heyman & Ryback to my Summer Rae & Eva Marie! http…
Summer Rae hosts this week's episode of WWE Inbox and discusses a potential dance battle with WWE Alumni Stacy Keibler, joining the cast of "Total...
Son Will be Edits for Aj Lee , Aksana , Alicia Fox , Eva Marie , Eve Torres , LAYLA , Lilian Garcia , Natalya , Nikki Bella , Rosa Mendes , Summer Rae , the Bella Twins and Jeff Hardy Wait for it.
So far, our lineup for WM looks to be Cena vs. Wyatt, Bryan vs. Triple H, Lesnar vs. Taker and Orton vs. Batista. Though the Undertaker ALWAYS has outstanding matches at WM, I just can't wrap my head around this one. If Lesnar wins, I will boycott WWE again. The only one that could be halfway decent is Bryan vs. Triple H. He may be old and broken down, but Hunter can still go with the best of them. We may also be seeing Cesaro vs. Swagger, Aj Lee vs. Tamina, Usos vs. New Age Outlaws and Ambrose vs. Reigns.and possibly a mixed tag with Santino/Emma vs. Fandango/Summer Rae. Not really thrilled about ANY of those matches. This could quite possibly be the WORST Wrestlemania EVER!!! WHAT THE CARD SHOULD BE: Bryan vs. Undertaker (He's the only one no one would have a problem with if he beat the streak.) Orton vs. Reigns (I would have Bryan here, but due to the above statement I had to choose an alternate.) Aj Lee vs. Paige (from NXT) Usos vs. Wyatts (Rowan and Harper) Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins (Only bec ...
I'll say it again Mad Genius, you've got an out when choosing Summer Rae vs. Barbara Bush
how would you compare Charlotte, Emma, Summer Rae , Alexa and Dana to them?
*** WWE Smackdown 2/21/14 Results *** * Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter & Cesaro) with a devastating running knee. Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero and Kane come out after the match. Vickie congratulates Bryan before telling him he has to fight Cesaro right now. * Daniel Bryan beat Cesaro (w/ Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger) via disqualification. Kane who was on commentary came into the ring and delivered a chokeslam causing the DQ finish. Cesaro would then hit his neutraliser on Bryan to end the attack. * The Wyatt family defeated Rey Mysterio & The Brotherhood in a good 6-man tag match. The finish saw Bray Wyatt made a blind tag to deliver an elbow and Sister Abigail on Goldust. * Emma (w/ Santino) beat Summer Rae(w/ Fandango) in a dance off. Much like what happened on Raw a few weeks ago. After the dance off, Summer Rae tried to attack Emma but she was able to throw her off the ropes. Fandango tries to attack Santino but Emma pushed her off while Santino trips him into falling to the outside. * ...
On EMMA with Bayley at ringside beat Summer Rae with her Mean Girl cohorts Sasha Banks & Charlotte at ringside
Now it's time for Divas action. The Queen Emma with Bayley vs Summer Rae with Sasha Banks and Charlotte
Uh no look who has arrived in It's Summer Rae and her BFFS Charlotte and Sasha Banks. But their still hot.
I will never be a fan of Charlotte or Sasha Banks. I don't like them with Summer Rae. That's why she's on the main roster and their not.
SMACKDOWN SPOILERS! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - The show opens with Daniel Bryan defeating Jack Swagger, which is a really weird move considering Swagger is challenging for the Intercontinental title on Sunday. However, Kane and Vickie Guerrero teamed up to put Bryan in another match right after against Cesaro. - Bryan def. Cesaro via disqualification after Kane came in and hit the choke slam. Cesaro also put him down with the Neutralizer and it's sold like he's been beat down so much on Raw and SmackDown headed into the WWE world title match at Elimination Chamber this Sunday night that he won't have much of a shot to win. - The Wyatt Family def. Rhodes Brothers & Rey Mysterio in a strong six-man tag that put the heels over well. - They did a dance off between Emma and Summer Rae and it got over much better now that the main WWE audience has had more time to warm up to Emma's character. They continued teasing Emma and Santino Marella as a couple. - Dolph Zigg ...
i'm actually looking so much forward to it bc of summer rae omg so much DRAMA
Pretty sure Summer Rae's right nipple is hanging out.
Great divas match by Summer Rae and Emma.I love the involving by Sasha Banks.
Can't wait for summer. I'm so ready to go to the track, car meets/shows, fishing, and being tan!! ☀️
I'll have Summer Rae no matter what.
In all seriousness, I'm sick with a throat infection. If I die, you can have Summer Rae.
I want to take a shower with Summer Rae.
Take this photo of Summer Rae and go somewhere else.
Ashley. There are a 10 Summer Rae's, but only a few Ashley's.
Summer Rae takes on Emma this week on NXT! Check it out later tonight on Hulu!
“Summer soccer can not come soon enough 👌
Eh, I've got Summer Rae. I don't want you AND Kurt Angle mad at me.
Nope, I don't think I'll be liking Summer Rae at all.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
JUST SAW THE NEW PROMO! it seems like everyone hates Summer Rae ..
Summer soccer can not come soon enough 👌
It's starting to feel like summer and I love it.
I wonder what people will make of Summer Rae's new theme?. If I'm being honest, they should have let her keep her theme, or Fandango's!
Summer Rae has a NEW entrance theme on this weeks .
NXT Clip: vs. Let's just say Summer Rae wasn't happy about sign or our's ;-)
I'm kind of excited to see what they're going to have in this collection Rae needs all new summer clothes.
"hey we’re 5 seconds of summer and we don’t even have our album out but we’re just gonna go walk the red carpet at the B…
Summer Rae talks about joining the cast of "Total Divas": Christina Fuoco-Karasinski...
Summer Rae vs Emma they have great chemistry on NXT. . AJ vs Alicia Fox she deserves the title again
News Update - Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on and was asked his thoughts on Damien Sandow and Brad Maddox. Ross replied with the following: Thoughts on Sandow: “I’d agree that Sandow could be more of a force. That’s partly WWE’s fault and partly the talents. To be great it takes a partnership between company and talent. " Thoughts on Maddox: “Good, young talent. Easy to dislike as a villian. Reminds me of the late, Eddie Gilbert. Hope he has a long, productive career.” - WWE taped the following matches for tonight’s NXT: * Emma vs. Summer Rae * Tyler Breeze vs. Adrian Neville * The Ascension vs. two unknown wrestlers - ECW Original Danny Doring turns 40 years old today while fellow ECW Original Francine turns 42 and Shawn Spears turns 33. Also, today would have been the 66th birthday of WWE Hall of Famer Big John Studd. - Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas has been announced for Saturday’s WWE NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida. The meet & greet that night will feature ...
A teaser picture of Eva Marie and Summer Rae from TD Season 2.
what do you think of summer Rae being on Total Divas they should of picked Emma
Seriously just can't wait for the summer
Uh yeah you better be. We're living together in the party house so it'll be a good summer
WWE Smackdown spoilers - Emma won a dance off against Summer rae, the crowd had the decision
lol I plan on being with you and kam a lot this summer 👍
I think I even threw Summer Rae out of he window XD I know she was there & suddenly she wasn't.
I want to go on some road trips this summer.
This summer will be so different because we won't be going back to high school at the end, we'll be heading off to colleg…
This semester needs to end and summer needs to begin.
Photo: “I see a big future for Emma and Summer Rae”
Emma vs Summer Rae would be incredible and I think that is the best option!
have you seen the trailer for yet?! March 16th! Summer Rae is the new addition to the cast and obvi JoJo is out
Feels so much like Friday. And summer actually. Such a tease ☀️
Renee Young with Fandango and Summer Rae - funny backstage segment:
that was some slap that Summer Rae did to you. I hope that you slap her back . Can't wait to see that episode.
Results Superstars 20 February 2014! First match: Cody Rhodes winner of Curtis Axel Second match: The Bella Twins and Natalya Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae and Eva Marie winners
Thanks for the great review and tip Summer! Summer Rae Kunard This place is great! The Copa Kings w/burlesque show was the best!! So much fun! One of the owners stopped by to say Hi and inform us of a 15% discount for military, fire & police etc...I think that's pretty badass. And, they celebrate birthdays in big way. about 2 weeks ago
Had a really good time last night at WWE smackdown with Sean DeShiro at the world arena!! We got involved in many of the chants such as YES, YES, YES and Daniel Bryan and lets go bryan as well as others such as CM Punk, lets go Sheamus- Christian *** goldust. you sold out (Kane), ryback *** etc. We had floor seats, so that was good, but they were in the back of the floor section so my pictures are still from pretty far away, but it was an awesome experience and lots of fun. Sean got a Sheamus shirt, I got Krista a John Cena never give up rally towel and Julian a Daniel Bryan YES rally towel! They didn't have anything that struck my fancy for me or Karissa so I came home and ordered us both something from the WWE shop, me a Natalya shirt and Karissa a CM Punk bracelet! Some of the superstars we got to see were Daniel Bryan, Kane, Goldust & Cody Rhodes, Rey-Rey, the Wyatts, the Shield, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young, Fandango & Summer Rae, Santino Marella & Emma, Christian, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Mark ...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
cast of Total Divas. It has now been confirmed that Summer Rae is replacing JoJo on the reality TV show. JoJo is still under contract with WWE despite the rumors that she was let go, she is continuing to train at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.
***More Details on The Marine 4*** - The official title for WWE Studios’ The Marine 4 is, “The Marine: Moving Target.” As noted, The Miz and Summer Rae will star in the film. Alan B. McElroy, who wrote the first Marine movie with John Cena, is the scriptwriter. The movie will be released in March 2015, jut in time for WrestleMania 31.
***Summer Rae Talks Fandango and Total Divas Filming*** - WWE Diva Summer Rae recently spoke with She talked about getting used to the cameras filming her for Total Divas: “We’re used to it a lot from TV, anyway. I’m also down here at NXT in Orlando, our developmental system. We have our TV tapings every two, three weeks for NXT, as well. It was a little different being a reality show. I didn’t want to seem like I sounded fake ‘cause I knew the camera was on me. It took a while, then I just got used to it. Now those camera guys are pretty close to me. They’re my family now.” She also hinted at there being more to her relationship with Fandango and that we’ll see it play out on Total Divas: “You’ll definitely have to tune in. There are highs and lows this season with him and me. He’s great to work with, though. He loves ‘Total Divas,’ too. Fandango and I’s relationship has been on the surface level, as far as WWE programming with “Monday Night Raw,” “Mai ...
"She walked up to me and said you know the average male thinks about Summer Rae nine times an hour" -Jerry
One year ago my strong, brave sister Kimberly Martin and her supportive, loving Rick Daney brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. Just as your name states Summer Rae, you have brought nothing but warmth and sunshine into our lives. Happy Birthday! Your auntie, uncle and cousins love you very much!
Summer Rae comes up on the screen and says: welcome to the new tewa i am the photographer and i just thought i would welcome everyone.
- John Cena beat out the Miz, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton to win the Rumble Royalty award last night at the Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards. [Credit:] - Edge was the latest guest on the 30 Years of WrestleMania podcast, which you can check out here. - The Miami Herald has an article up on Titus O'Neil, which you can read at this link. - Summer Rae recently spoke with the College Times, discussing her role on the Total Divas show. You can check out that interview here.
Brie Bella told Summer Rae to keep her legs closed. Ha! Not surprising.
Summer Rae putting her hands on Brie's man :O hope went on her *** !
Gorilla: Back here on RAW, and we got ol' twinkle toes, Fandango in there! Brain: I hope Summer Rae doesn't wear herself out, she's saving her best moves for later! Gorilla: And listen to this tremendous ovation, for Santino Marella, and of course, Emma! And now let's take a closer look at Emma, who has had a tremendous stay on NXT, she started out her career getting trained at the age of, and get this Brain, 13 years old, had success wrestling in her native land, made her way to North America where she recieved further training from the great Lance Storm, and had success wrestling in independent promotions, in Canada, as well as parts of the U.S, including, Shimmer, which is what many deem as a write of passage to make it as a Female wrestler in this sport. Brain: Big deal, so she wrestled in unwashed leigon halls, and high school gymnasiums, and got a free Pizza and $4.00 for gas money, and decided to walk to her next show so she can stop at 7-Eleven for a couple of Hot Dogs. Where's the money? Where .. ...
Nikki Bella shouldn't worry about Eva this season; she should worry about Summer Rae taking her spotlight because she will!
Between being on the next season of Total Divas and being in a movie, how long before give Summer Rae the Divas Title?
Don't miss WWE Superstars this week!! I team with Summer Rae and Eva Marie to face the Bella Twins and Nattie!
Hi, STHS ladies! I'm sorry to post en masse, but Parker Elementary needs dresses for Cinderella's Ball for the play "Cinderella". Do any of you have any poofy dresses (like pageant or Easter) from your younger days that you would be willing to donate or loan for the play? I have been looking but can't find anything and another mother wants to use old 1980s bridesmaid dresses. I was alive during the 80s and those dresses were hideous! Please help! Summer Rae Mayson, Anna Stillinger, AnneMarie Covar, Elizabeth Cockrell, Ainsley Katherine Ellis, Brittany Johns McReynolds, Brittany Bargstedt, Nery Brigitte Hernandez, Amanda Biddlecome, Whitney Brooke, Ashley Buchanan, Citiyah Burton, Shakayla Campbell, Hailee Carrigan, Caitlin Christie, Elizabeth Cockrell, Cody Corley, Lisa Easler, Kim Feagin, LeAnn Gibson, Allie Girardin, abriya Grant, La Porche Hood Prescott, Janeera Jackson, Liz Lynn, Victoria Lynn, Alexis Wren
Summer Rae spoke about her inclusion on Season 2 of Total Divas with College Times. In the piece, she discussed fans getting a chance to see what her relationship with Fandango is like behind-the-scenes. She credits his post-Wrestlemania 29 popularity for helping her career. Click here to read the a...
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Superstars: the Bella Twins and natalya vs tamina summer rae and Eva Marie WWE LOGIC WHERE IS AJ!??!
Please tell me i heard Michael Cole wrong please tell me he did not just say Summer Rae going to be in a movie with the Miz Marine 4
WWE Raw Results (2/17) To kick things off in Denver, Colorado, Cena comes to the ring. Cole and King introduce the beginning of Raw with a recap of what happened a week ago on Raw (him pinning Randy Orton with the AA for those you missed last weeks) Crowd is overly electric for Raw and for Cena. Cena's promo starts off with mentioning the crowd, and then announcing the significance of the Elimination Chamber. Talks about how winning it cost almost a life and to win will cement your legacy as a superstar. "Thumb sucking baby" words used to describe Orton and his lack of momentum. Cena mentions Bryan beating Orton which (you guessed it) YES chants erupt. As Cena talks about himself beating Randy, CESARO interrupts and goes off on not only winning the Elimination Chamber, and not only Wrestlemania, but becoming the face of not only the company, but the face of AMERICA. Cena and Cesaro gets in Cena's face and as they banter, SHEAMUS interrupts and proceeds to let BOTH Cesaro and Cena know that they will look ...
The Bellas and Natalya vs. Summer Rae, Tamina Snuka and Eva Marie is on superstars this week! I know you need your Eva Marie fix
WWE House Show Results 2.16.14 - Las Vegas, Nevada Credit: Special K & PWInsider The crowd here is super loud, makes for a fun house show. All nose bleeds empty but everywhere else was filled. Big E defeats Ryback in IC Title Match. The Bella Twins over Tamina Snuka and Summer Rae. The New Age Outlaws over The Real Americans and The Usos in a Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Titles. Kofi Kingston and Fandango in a fans choice match which had 52% for dance off and 48% for a match, two choices. Um . How do you vote when the reception here *** Kofi Kingston wins the dance off to Michael Jackson's Beat It and did a lot of twerking, can't make this up! They get into a fight after and Kofi leaves Fandango laying out. Christian, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan beat The Shield in a six man tag match. Good long match. Kane comes out and confronts Daniel Bryan and asks for an apology for Bryan attacking him on Raw. Crowd wants them to hug it out, a Lane says no, Bryan kicks the crap out of Kane. WWE Network Video ...
Kane has fully embraced his corporate gimmick with a wifebeater on! Brilliant! Big suplex by Kane! Cover and a two count. Kane continues working on the arm, the strategy seems to be working and I think this is actually the in ring debut of Corporate Kane. And he's making himself known with those massive forearms to the face of Bryan! We actually get a Boring chant. Bryan god up top and hits the missile dropkick! But how will he get the YesLock in on the 7 foot DOO? YESKICK COUNTERED INTO A CHOKE TOSS! AMAZING!! Sending him shoulder first into the cade! Kane now wrenching the shoulder on the post! LIL NAITCH JUST DISQUALIFIED KANE!! Kane doesn't care and rams Bryan face first into the steps followed up with shoulder first back into the post! Kane admits he's Disqualified and walks away laughing! He knew exactly what he was doing the whole time and I love it! Could there be problems in the Shield? We see an amazing promo with the Elimination Chamber! I honestly miss Bischoff's version though. We're back wit ...
Summer Rae just got SPUN OUT by EMMA! way to go EMMA.
Summer Rae really isn't that hot, give me Chyna any day.
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