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Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad, also known as Task Force X (actually the name of a closely related but independent supervisory organization), is a name for two fictional organizations in the DC Comics Universe.

Harley Quinn Will Smith Margot Robbie Viola Davis Jared Leto Jai Courtney Amanda Waller Academy Award Jay Hernandez Gotham City Sirens Justice League Wonder Woman Warner Bros Joel Kinnaman Donald Trump Captain Boomerang Samantha Bee

Movie is mixed bro. It's funny how they needed to a fodder Suicide Squad member to blow up when comic fan…
And if a Suicide Squad means more Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, then that is something I'll enjoy.
Suicide Squad meets Citizen Kane - Pascale Hutton plays an ignorant cop. Set in space.
'Suicide Squad' brave bullets to rescue civilians in embattled ... - Reuters
Wonder Woman surpasses Suicide Squad's global box office and is heading towards $800m+. Can't stop her!!!
Our Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, was literally the executive producer for Suicide Squad lmao
A cosplay of the entire cast of Suicide Squad just walked past Pitt Street Hungry Jack's. I nearly cringed out of my chair.
Samantha Bee believes Trump's healthcare bill is worse than Suicide Squad via
Samantha Bee explains why the Senate health care bill is the Suicide Squad of legislation:
Samantha Bee said the health care bill is worse than "Suicide Squad." Our late-night roundup:
I love how Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, and Ezra Miller are at the Suicide Squad premier.
is the Suicide Squad contest for winning a PS4 over already?
Leaked bts footage of suicide squad
Taylor just put on the suicide squad movie should I put him out of his misery
I guess ill smoke and watch suicide squad
This deleted scene from suicide squad 👿
They're making a Suicide Squad 2, and I'm so excited 😆
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This was more intense than all of Suicide Squad...
From Fossil excavation to the Suicide Squad. Wha?!?! — attending West Valley Gives Rally and Treasure...
Catch a free screening of Suicide Squad tonight.
Please can we finally get a cinema in Enugu? 🤔 others are talking Wonder Woman we still looking for somewhere to download s…
"Suicide Squad is the type of movie that can only be enjoyed by people who wear pajamas in public."
The first suicide squad movie sucked so hopefully the second one is better
I never get tired of watching Suicide Squad
So now that I've seen suicide squad I really understand everyone's reaction to it.
a better comic book movie than batman v super man and suicide squad BY FAR
Watch Suicide Squad Online for Free - HD 1080p -
Suicide squad on just after 2.5 hours. Bad *** coming up to kick ur butt. Amora amora 😤
I know suicide squad sucked but I think this transformation shot was killer
but Dc is brilliant too. They have movies like dark knight and suicide squad
Ezra Miller attends the European Premiere of "Suicide Squad" at the Odeon Leicester Square in London (August 3, 20…
i dont think any DC movie will be as bad as Suicide Squad. Except maybe the ones where Ben Affleck is Batman.
Suicide Squad by and Neil Edwards concludes the Earthlings on Fire story. Read our 8/10 review!…
my dad literally just said 'Suicide Kings' instead of "Suicide Squad' lol
This movie (Nine Lives) is way better than Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.
Wonder Woman roars to $200M, with a better 2nd weekend than Suicide Squad or BvS, despite both with higher openings.
I would rather see a Doom Patrol movie than another Suicide Squad
By the way, whatever you feelings may be about Suicide Squad (and please note: I do not care), Viola Davis was the perfect Amanda Waller.
Way better than Suicide Squad, BvS, Man of Steel and Green Lantern. It's no Deadpool, Logan or Winter Solider...
Harry Potter series and Suicide Squad, sorry they are 2 (and harry potter are a lot :D ) but how can I choo…
Kevin McNally (Gibbs from Pirates Of The Carribean),Karen Fukuhara (Katana from Suicide Squad) and some 2 more artists (that i dont know of)
Captain Boomerang threw a total of what, two boomerangs in Suicide Squad?
Oh yeah, the Flash has Captain Boomerang who was good fun in Suicide Squad.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hoping Poison Ivy, Count Vertigo and Ravan stay on the Suicide Squad roster. I know Captain Boomerang returns for sure.
Loose Cannons cruise in this one 76-56 over Suicide Squad. Dearian Richardson 22p-34r-2a-1s, Jon Kirby added 18p-11r-7a
Hey, I'm collecting every Ambush Bug floppy, do you think Giffen's Suicide Squad would fit in to that goal?
Academy Award winning movie for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Suicide Squad, has TOP as part of their inspiration for The…
I couldn't finish Suicide Squad. For the record, I've seen Tron Legacy multiple times contently, and SS was still too bad for me to finish.
Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis. Viola first appeared in 'Suicide Squad', and Amanda Waller
♥Harleen Quinzel . ♣Ship with Joker . ♠Dangerous . ♦Suicide Squad . ❛❛I'll never get why Superman wears the same thing…
If there's one person who could make me like the characters and undo the complete mess that the first Suicide Squad was it's…
So far my first watch of Suicide Squad is dope, strictly off the music they paired with each crew member
Flipping past Suicide Squad and seeing Viola Davis. Why don't they just make Amanda Waller: The Movie?
It appears body was digitally slimmed down for her part in http…
Suicide Squad is not without problems, but Harley Quinn suiting up is not one of them. Just saying.
it's always happening to me. last year it was Suicide Squad, i feel like, now, it's 13 Reasons Why.
It's on HBO like Suicide Squad which I'm watching right now
Check out the VFX breakdown for the Academy Award winning
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Hey, I have no problem with suicide squad, they cut most of his scenes 😂
I think even though Suicide Squad is worse it has a higher replay value because of the characters.
Suicide Squad is definitely dumb. Very very dumb.
Amanda Waller is so good in Suicide Squad
My idol a little and favorite movie Suicide Squad
Scarlett Johansson brings up SUICIDE SQUAD, asks Favreau whether studios care about reviews.
I have finally watched Suicide Squad and omg. 😍
Okay now I'm gonna try to watch Suicide Squad. I'm prepared to be disappointed.
Cara Delevigne was the worst part of Suicide Squad.
Suicide Squad. You could have been so much. You could have stuck with the Harley Quinn story but no.
Just watched Suicide Squad and it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it might be - kinda fun actually
So, against my intuitions & the warnings from many of you, I'm just pressed play on Suicide Squad.
9 new images of Jared Leto's Joker in '
I can't believe someone saw Suicide Squad and decided to let Cara Delevingne star in an entire movie
Suicide Squad is one of the worst movies I've ever seen and it's still not as bad as BvS.
Oh geez how am I gonna top the suicide squad m&g photo?
Tempted to watch SUICIDE SQUAD. But those reviews.
Also... Suicide Squad is being listed in HBO On Demand, but if I click on it, it tells me I have to…
I still don't know how Suicide Squad didn't get best picture.
Not a new thought: Suicide Squad would be good without Jared Leto.
About to watch a new film entitled "Suicide Squad," heard great things! Looks like Halloween with all these costumes, is there blood
Margot Robbie on the Set of Suicide Squad in Toronto, May 2015
Margot Robbie is COMPLETELY unable to hold an American accent in Suicide Squad. It's baffling that she made it onscreen.
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was the main reason why I love Suicide Squad 💜
Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad.oh yeah baby that outfit kills!!! 😍😍😍
Finally watching Spectre, and worse than Suicide Squad having an Oscar, this terrible Sam Smith song has one too. Never forget.
Suicide Squad meets The Dark Knight Rises - Jeri Ryan is portrayed as an immature pilot. Music by Hans Zimmer.
Suicide Squad should have been a blood bath orgy.But thinking the children!. WB this isn't Avi Arad and Ike Perlmuter were axed at Marvel
how you think? can we see in Arrow S6 maybe final S5 Suicide Squad i i heard rumors that DC give him green light for this??
3 of 5 stars to Suicide Squad, Volume 1 by Rob Williams
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Want to feel surprised? Wonder Woman is coming out in 3 months. Compare this ad campaign to Suicide Squad's.
it turns out Suicide Squad was like executive producer by Steven Mnuchin too
Suicide Squad parody by us absolutely brilliant! Very big well done ladies! ❤️💜💖
Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Amy Adams and Sigourney Weaver form a calming circle upon hearing that 'Suicide Squad' has an Ac…
Will Smith coulda made Suicide Squad way deeper than it was if he'd just play the bad guy
A boy I grew up with has been in and out of prison and I saw a picture of him and he looks like Killer Croc from Suicide Squad now
I’ve lost faith in the Oscars awarding anything after Suicide Squad is now an Academy Award-winning film.
Fine if you didn't dig Suicide Squad (I didn't either), but let's stop disrespecting the incredible work by the super talented makeup crew.
Suicide Squad has won more than Shawshank, Vertigo, Roger Deakins and Ridley Scott combined! Let that sink in!
Donald Trump is president, the chainsmokers won a Grammy, and Suicide Squad won an Oscar... America is a joke
Donald Trump became president and then Suicide Squad won an Oscar we really are descending into the pits of ***
Messed up a few technical categories (cannot BELIEVE Suicide Squad and Fantastic Beasts are now both Academy Award winning films)
Viola Davis is awesome. And she was great in the Academy Award-winning film Suicide Squad.
Gary from Chicago is gonna be even more shocked when he hears Suicide Squad won an Oscar.
If Suicide Squad can win an Oscar then maybe you can finally go on that run that you've been talking about for 2 months.
2017 is the year of the Underdog. Trump was inaugurated as president, Suicide Squad won an Oscar..Never let anyone say u can't do something.
Suicide Squad and Leonardo DiCaprio now have the same mount of oscars
So apparently Suicide Squad won best hair/makeup? That's stupid. That'd be like if Les Mis won best hair/makeup. ... oh wait. :l
Suicide Squad has now won more Oscars than Psycho, Taxi Driver and The Shawshank Redemption combined.
If you count Viola Davis, Suicide Squad currently has more Oscar wins than La La Land at the moment.
Suicide squad won an Oscar . suck it marvel .
Gotham City Sirens trailer voice over guy: "From the director who brought you the Academy Award winning Suicide Squad comes t…
People complaining that suicide squad got an oscar calm down it was for make- up not best picture 😅
Suicide Squad now has more oscars than the entire marvel universe put together.
that's so cool. did you like it?. I rented Suicide Squad. lol. oops...did Zootopia just win? saw it on Netflix. lol
We live in a world where Suicide Squad has the same number of Oscar Wins as the whole Shrek franchise I'm not even joking…
'Suicide Squad' Makeup & Hairstyling winners dedicate their win to "all the immigrants."
If "Suicide Squad" can win an Oscar, you can shoot up your school :D
Seeing Suicide Squad win an Oscar reminded me of YOI wining for best animation
Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad concept art by Ed Natividad
Suicide Squad's win feels like a participation award.
"You're the bias one since you liked Suicide Squad" . Bish pls. My love for suicide Squad and my love for makeup cancels both out
If makeup is powerful enough to win Suicide Squad an Oscar who knows what other evil it's capable of. I'm platonically…
Oscar won by Alfred Hitchcock: 0. Oscars won by Suicide Squad: 1
The Suicide Squad sequel is looking interesting
"And the winner for Best Makeup is Suicide Squad."
SUICIDE SQUAD has more oscars than uhh *hastily checks unintelligible words scrawled on my hand* ANDRE the GIANT
[48] Surprise! 'Fantastic Beasts' and 'Suicide Squad' now both have Oscars
Of course the Suicide Squad makeup people deserve Oscars. They had to sit with Jared Leto for like three hours every day.
Suicide Squad officially has more Oscars than...
Suicide Squad had the same number of Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio. Seems wrong.
not enough people are concerned that WHITE HELMETS Khaled Khatib was barred from entering the country. But let's focus on…
suicide squad has now won 100% of the Oscars it was nominated for
Suicide Squad is crushing La La Land right now
If suicide squad is out here winning Oscars, then there's really nothing stopping you from living your best life
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Congratulations to my amazing and talented make-up and hair team on Suicide Squad!
Years from now, when I'm still watching Suicide Squad, this will be my defence:
Why does Suicide Squad have an Oscar & Guardians of the Galaxy was passed over for Best Makeup to The Grand Hotel Budapest in 2015
First Judge Wapner, then Bill Paxton, now Suicide Squad wins an award? Man, 2017 can suck it.
We now live in a world where Donald Trump is President of the United States and Suicide Squad is an Oscar award winning fi…
Lesley Gore was the original singer of "You Don't Own Me". A newer version of the song was used in Suicide Squad.…
FINALLY!. (Let's hope it's Dark Knight trilogy good and not Suicide Squad facepalm).
My little sister loves Suicide Squad. This is the same person who told me she didn't like Star Wars episode 7
Suicide Squad was so bad they should just sell all the rights to Marvel and sit on the bench for a while.
If Mel Gibson directs Suicide Squad, I'll be so happy. Matt Reeves, George Miller. Warner/DC will be truly awesome if they're going bold!
Mr H's verdict on Suicide Squad: it's a collection of scenes with a Homes Under The Hammer soundtrack. He's not wrong.
Very poetic that initials are "SS" which as history buffs know also stands for "Suicide Squad," a bad movie…
Having one of those, bust out the popcorn, toss on some background music to match (some Cindi Lauper/Suicide Squad soundtrack/for G violin.)
Met Joel Kinnaman yesterday at the Suicide Squad premiere after party
seeing Joel Kinnaman in House of Cards just shows how wasted he was in Suicide Squad
📷 Nerdy Fact To prepare for his role as Rick Flag in Suicide Squad, Joel Kinnaman endured 60...
Any random 5 minutes of Justice League Dark was better than Suicide Squad in its entirety
Suicide Squad is nominated for an Academy Award. It can't win right? It's so stupid and it didn't even make sense and oh…
Soon... "From visionary director of End of Watch and Fury...". "Spinning out of Academy Award winning Suicide Squad...". Gotham City Sirens
David Ayer: I want a time machine to change 'Suicide Squad' - Times of India
Suicide Squad | a film by David Ayer with Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Cara De…
Got my new comics love the Harley Quinn, Justice League v Suicide Squad, Green Arrow, Trinity & Aquaman covers. DC…
It's a shame isn't on Finance to ask Mnuchin about Batman or Suicide Squad, which he produced.
'Suicide Squad' is bad but what's bothering me the most is Harley Quinn's theme is 'You Dont Own Me'. Shouldnt it be 'Stand By Your Man'?
Super cringe-worthy how Jared Leto tried to imitate Heath Ledgers Joker voice in Suicide Squad
Titans, no doubt. Suicide Squad's my runner-up there, but I've already dropped the Teen Titans after reading it sin…
Suicide Squad is so bad, you'd think it was a home movie directed by Michael Scott
Check out my score on Suicide Squad: Special Ops playing Suicide Squad: Special Ops.
Tom Hardy almost played his character in Suicide Squad
No one should have played Harley Quinn other than Imogen Poots in Suicide Squad...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
We have some movies for teens coming up at our Cedar Grove/Line Ave. Branch! Come today to watch 'Suicide Squad.'
Also be discussing Suicide Squad and Fievel Goes West. Let the saliva flow.
Seven Pounds was dope. Concussion was alright. He carried Suicide Squad.
well, they copied Guardians wrong with Suicide Squad, why not badly copy Captain America
A year of great comic book movies like Deadpool, Batman vs. Superman, Captain America 3, X-Men, Suicide Squad and Doctor Stranger
Viola Davis and Will Smith really did all they could to save Suicide Squad
Finally got round to watching Suicide Squad. Loved it and totally in love with Jai Courtney
A rubbish game today. Still more entertaining than "Suicide Squad" though.
When Shao Kahn steps out in Suicide Squad as the boss battle 😂
All the Joker fans moan about Will Smith in Suicide Squad yet I love him. Am I a traitor?
Jai Courtney is a sweet, sweet unsung bright spot in Suicide Squad.
Until Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad, Tony Curtis' were the shortest shorts in cinema history.
but the main point stands. Although, Jai Courtney was surprisingly not terrible in Suicide Squad
Our new Legacy Edition variant exclusive for Justice League vs Suicide Squad by on sale at
Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange. 2016 was an amazing year for c…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Late to the game but Suicide Squad is a mix between an iMovie *** and trailer mega mix rock n roll
*after BvS came out*. People: "At least Suicide Squad looks awesome!". Warner Bros:
I never saw Suicide Squad, but after watching Hannibal I feel 1000% comfortable saying Michael Pitt would have been a better Joker.
Will Smith made the right decision to do Suicide Squad instead of Independence Day 2 but would've liked to see him in that though.
The new Joker is very different. But they almost ask a way different roll in Suicide Squad. He does a great job at playing psychopath.
Okay I get it now, yes. Rogue One is great if all you saw this year was X-Men Apocalypse, Independence Day 2, BenHur, & Suicide Squad. Agree
Will Smith had the choice to do Suicide Squad or Independence Day 2. Did he make the right choice?…
Jay Hernandez at the 'Suicide Squad' block party in Miami (2016)
Could be Suicide Squad or Collateral Beauty . Makes me sad cause both are Will Smith movies
why does the "stars" of Suicide Squad include Jared Leto but not THE legend Viola Davis or Jay Hernandez or Cara Delevigne ?
An interesting week in comics: good issues of Detective, Red Hood and Suicide Squad, plus a decent Holiday Special!.
; Jay Hernandez. - Was the best (if not the only good) part of Suicide Squad. - Also starred in Bad Moms and The Expanse https…
Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn might get it on with Poison Ivy in Suicide Squad spin-off
I saw Suicide Squad yesterday and it was better than I expected. Pretty good cast, especially Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jay Hernandez.
Suicide Squad would have been improved by the inclusion of Deadpool and Nic Cage's Ghost Rider.
LOVED in Suicide Squad. I am ready for Gotham City Sirens!
Definitely not wasting money on Suicide Squad.
The year 2016 was a lot like the movie Suicide Squad: nothing made sense and it was also terrible
Suicide Squad needs a remake...still pains me how awful it was smh
I wanna go home, make some popcorn, put on my onesie and cuddle a puppy while I watch suicide squad
I like. Suicide Squad's view of the would ✨. 💚💛 🏉🏈
WILL BE BACK! Really excited to see take the character further. She was perfect in Suicide Squad…
It's 's last issue of Suicide Squad today. Been a real career highlight to work with him. Thanks Jim!
Before biggest event yet with read the prelude in SUICIDE SQUAD
I didn't listen to and went ahead and watched Suicide Squad anyway. I will always listen to him from now on.
I liked SUICIDE SQUAD a bit and Robbie's Harley Quinn a lot. All in for Gotham City Sirens.
*** I may need to buy the newest Suicide Squad in print. I want that poster!
I love how with Suicide Squad everyone becomes a movie critic,expert in editing,shooting,writing and so on. With Marvel y'al…
More m NEWS as gets his own Solo Film alongside Suicide Squad sequel h…
It's almost like money is the only thing Hollywood cares about or something.
Ok, I'll admit that I enjoyed "Suicide Squad" more than I thought I would, but Leto's Joker doesn't hold a candle Heath Ledger's...
It is possible to like a Suicide Squad even less thanks to Warner's so-so Blu-ray:
You guys would literally be like the Suicide Squad.
Warner Bros. plans to make a Deadshot spinoff movie and Suicide Squad sequel according to
Finally saw suicide squad last night ... I regret it
WOW! "Suicide Squad" was the 10th most searched term on Google in the entire world in 2016
Hated Amanda Waller in Arrow, hated her in Suicide Squad, too. (But I still love you, Viola Davis. U da best.)
Considering how good Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis are in Suicide Squad, I wonder what they'd have done with a b…
Suicide Squad's David Ayer will direct the Harley Quinn spinoff movie, Gotham City Sirens
Ok I'm in love with Jay Hernandez 😍 I didn't even know he was portraying El Diablo in Suicide Squad 😮
Not that anyone cares but Suicide Squad comes out on blu ray 3D tomorrow and yep I'm buying. Save your negative...
Will Smith's reveals why he turned down the 'Independence Day' sequel for 'Suicide Squad.'
The Honest Trailer for Suicide Squad makes clear why everyone mocked this movie:
I ain't gon lie. I though Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad was the white girl from My Name Is Earl.
Finally got around to seeing Suicide Squad. I'm so mad that they basically turned Harley Quinn into Joy from 'My Name Is Earl'.
trailers ruins movies . Examples: Civil War, Suicide Squad, and BvS (even though I love it)
Suicide Squad lacked the emotional catharsis that I felt when I saw the first Avengers movie. I felt it but not as much.
My favorite part about Suicide Squad is how it introduces the first Native American in a superhero film just to kill him off minutes later.
The next showing of Suicide Squad starts in 25 minutes in the Campus Center Ballroom. Come take a break from studying and watch a movie!!!
As long as the movie is good, they're fine. The word-of-mouth on Suicide Squad was a lot better than people initially thought.
SecTreas nominee has cameo in Warren Beatty's new film; produced Suicide Squad, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Lego Movie
Saturday, Weekends West Georgia Cinemas is showing Suicide Squad at 12 and 3:30 in the Campus Center Ballroom.
Has Warner Bros accidentally leaked a new Batman or Suicide Squad game? -... - -
Finally watched Suicide Squad. "What would happen if Superman ripped roof off Oval Office and took the president?" First…
Edge of Seventeen's brief use of Ballroom Blitz > Suicide Squad's use of Ballroom Blitz in all it's marketing
I added a video to a playlist OST Suicide Squad - Ballroom Blitz (Sweet)
Apparently Green Lantern Corps are confirmed for "Justice League". Let's hope this is not like the "news" of Poison Ivy in "Suicide Squad".
Mark Hamill talking about Jared's performance in Suicide Squad
Did I mention how much I love that Sympathy For The Devil is featured in Suicide Squad? I adore this song.
scratch that. Suicide Squad isnt so bad the DC Film Universe is dead. Its so bad cinema is dead. God i hate this
All purpose parts banner
Rinko Kikuchi would've been the best choice, & if you wanted someone fluent in English, Karen Fukuhara(Katana in Suicide Squad)
All the actresses in the world and they casted Cara Delevingne as the big bad villain in Suicide Squad??? . Joke.
I disliked how Harley looked in Suicide Squad! I Much prefer the suit she wore in the Animated Batman, but without the headpiece
The Music this year is LIT. We have Bey, Rih, Kanye, Drake, Frank, Chance, Gaga, Bruno, Gambino, Weeknd and the Suicide Squad album. LIT AF
'Suicide Squad' Executive Producer Steven Mnuchin could be your next Treasury Secretary. From Alexander Hamilton to a movie producer? WTH?!
Coming soon to a college you attend! Join us THURSDAY on the West Lawn to watch Suicide Squad! Bring a blanket and…
Amanda Waller plans to use Zodd as a part of Suicide Squad but that does t sit well with one after Zodd had murdere…
you won't get it in Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Flash, Aquaman. That's a Snyder thing. He is a true master of visual arts.
Deadpool. BVS. X-Men Apocalypse. Civil War. Suicide Squad. Doctor Strange. When you realize 2016 has been fairly good to you htt…
Suicide Squad beginning with Amanda Waller rolling out the plan for Task Force X.A Govt Black Ops team with a high pro…
After watching Suicide Squad, I think I'll be Amanda Waller for Halloween next year. Scary woman!
is that a regular ticket price? When I went to see Suicide Squad at Arundel Mills, it was $14 but for IMAX 3D
Check out my replay of Suicide Squad: Special Ops!: via
The best Harley Quinn was still Mia Sara (NB - Haven't seen Suicide Squad, but AIUI she's written less true to character there)
Suicide Squad vs Justice League International: the greatest comic book team-up of the 80s!.
oh, wait a second, Focus coming in first, Suicide Squad and Wolf coming in even second and Whisky Tango Foxtrot coming last
Wow, looks like focus is in the lead, with The Wolf of Wall Street coming in second and Whisky Tango Foxtrot and Suicide Squad coming last
'Suicide Squad' 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR – Amazon listing now with proper artwork:
This was last week. Since then I've read the full 2011 Suicide Squad and part of the Batman Death Of the Family comics.
The best part of Suicide Squad is the number of Harley Quinn costumes it has inspired for Halloween.
The Week in Spandex – Logan, The Punisher, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Batman and more https…
Me gustó un video de twenty one pilots: Heathens (from Suicide Squad: The Album) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
House of the Rising Sun playing at the beginning of Suicide Squad 👌
We've got talking about Justice League vs. Suicide Squad!. BONUS he's learned to love writing for Harley! 🎉 h…
After all the money Suicide Squad just made, do you realize how much the EC will make in home sale just in time for Christmas? *** $$$
Peaky Blinders, Narcos, Power, Suicide Squad etc will keep me from having breakdown for a while😂
Will Smith and Margot Robbie most definitely have chemistry on camera.. From Focus to Suicide Squad
If David Ayer doesn't return for the Suicide Squad sequel then either Matthew Vaughn,Peter Berg,Gareth Evans or Guy Ritchie should direct it
Dwight Schrute could've been a better Joker than Jared Leto in Suicide Squad
So, uh, apparently Shia LaBeouf was almost in 'Suicide Squad'?
LIVE on Suicide Squad live watch with me (sorry for background noises)
I added a video to a playlist Suicide Squad - Serial Killer | Lana del Rey
Jared Leto's performance in Suicide Squad was amazing!
Jared Leto to make you forget about 'Suicide Squad' forever by playing Andy Warhol in biopic: https…
Oh, finally saw the Magnificent Seven trailer. That movie looks like it will be a 7.5/10, at most. But yay Suicide Squad: Wild Wild West!
Oaky I'm not into Lee, really, but Suicide Squad is a perfect fit. Bloody good book too
On this episode of the Popcorn Podcast Chad, Izola and Tamar discuss Stark Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad, what...
Suicide Squad: What's your thought on Jared Leto's performance as the Joker? by JoJo Mayer
Margot Robbie to produce 'Suicide Squad' spin-off movie for Harley Qu...
Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie has signed a deal to make a Harley Quinn movie.
Anyway, I just finished watching Paper Towns and Suicide Squad. . Two Cara Delevigne in a day
lets hope the Suicide Squad premiere is as lit as the Paper Towns premiere was for
& follow for the chance to win a exclusive Dr. Harleen Pop! from Suicide Squad!
Ok, so Suicide Squad definitely did not live up to the hype, but it got a 26% on rotten tomatoes... Bee Movie got a 51%
I watched that Suicide Squad movie and realized that Will Smith is just old now. and so am I
Arkham Origins dev working on Suicide Squad and Damian Wayne Batman games claims insiders
I wonder how many girls are going to be Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) from Suicide Squad for Halloween 😂
Margot Robbie speaking Japanese at the Suicide Squad premiere in Japan.
Suicide Squad: Jay Hernandez Wants Diablo to Return in a Sequel -
I liked a video from Suicide Squad: Jai Courtney "Boomerang" Behind the Scenes Movie
Well I'm enjoying this more than Suicide Squad at least. — watching Alice Through the Looking Glass
WhatCulture's Adam, who usually books alt. WWE stories, pitches a great Suicide Squad with Jai Courtney as the lead
O'ing the *** out of this PT... — watching Suicide Squad at Regal Cinemas Brier Creek 14
I liked a video Suicide Squad: Joel Kinnaman, Will Smith and Jai Courtney crack up during interview
Suicide Squad convinced me Jai Courtney is a character actor stuck in leading man action hero roles.
Jason Momoa and Jai Courtney at the Suicide Squad european premiere (August, 2016) ✨
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