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Did you know that ?. Suhasini Haidar daughter of politician Subramaniam Swamy, is married to Nadeem, son o…
Surely few hv hindu ancestors like our sister Suhasini Haidar has..Hope u understand Islam li…
Suhasini Haidar wrote a piece on it four days ago :-)
Comment on it will be welcomed by Mrs Suhasini Haidar please. If she doesn't mind
Mam I have all sympathies with local Kashmiris and KPs and I am ready to accept…
2/28/2017 'India, China look for common ground' Skirt differences on Azhar, NSG; join hands on Afghanis…
@ Just came across this article of yours. Very well written.
Are you "Suhasini" or a "Haidar"? Thousands and thousands have suffered raids but no protest was organis…
This only motivates me, knowing that I'll be graduating within a month.
Bas kalma na pad lena suhasini haidar ki tarah pagli India will be secular always now fucckkk off u fuctaaarrd...
Attended Hindu lit fest .in a sea of knowledge the biggest discovery was that suhasini haidar is perfect combination of beauty and brains
I added a video to a playlist Najam Hindu and BJP daughter Suhasini Haidar
Hey why drag Mrs. Suhasini Haidar into all this? Shame on you.
Suhasini Haidar ,your take gentlemen now
TheHindu was 2day slammed by d Greek embassy for deliberately misquoting d words of left-leaning premiere of Greece…
Suhasini Haidar: U.S. to help with NSG entry
wrote a brilliant piece on Balochistan. Do read it.
Solid piece by on Modi's Balochistan move
Dear journalism students, I wish you many job rejections
starting from Sonia Gandhi ji to journos like barkha, suhasini haidar, have endured this insult; being called a ***
When it comes to nation, doesn't even spare his own daughter. Suhasini Haidar, daughter of Subramanian Swamy,...
Excellent, very well said. you hit with footwear on suhasini haidar's face.
Alumna is writing a series in of about her experience in Israel- read:
Suhasini Haidar's 2nd of 3 articles - of her visit to the HOLY LAND
Inside the world's largest desalination plant: Suhasini Haidar visits the largest desalination plant at Sorek...
arre forget dese media people. 1 site claimed Suhasini Haidar of d is ur daughter.
Suhasini Haidar an ace journalist so far has been very balanced, knows her topics thoroughly in interviewing/reporting.
bhai haidar behen suhasini say it in your language"Bharat mata ki jai"anyway u r shame to d nation
Frankly, Suhasini Haidar, you are making a mockery of yourself by this line of argument.
Those who don't understand Sanskrit or Arabic, her name is ESL "Ever Smiling Lion". (Suhasini Haidar)
It is not Suhasini's but Haidar's objection...
who is saying this Suhasini or Haidar
“Ms. Suu Kyi might join the Cabinet as Foreign Minister, or occupy a specially created post of Prime Minister.”
"Uneasier still are the hands that pull its strings." . looks at the challenges facing Myanmar :
Uneasy lies the head that rests the crown, uneasier still the hands that pull it's strings.. My piece on Myanmar
It's a new beginning for Myanmar. But it will be an uphill battle for Suu Kyi.
A new beginning in Myanmar Suu Kyi’s government will have to pull Myanmar out of economic backwardness while addre…
Just come to know that Subramanyam Swamy's daughter Suhasini Haidar is a print and television journalist married...
He has no Dalit in his cabinet. Or parsis or Jats. Lol. Looks like Suhasini Haidar is having a rough patch.
She is not the only one, all of them including Suhasini Haidar indulge in such subterfuge & follow this modus operandi.
Blast from the past:. Rehman Malik in India: Expect the unexpected
Much needed.. . "Dear students, I wish you many job rejections" by .>>
All the best ..follow the footsteps of suhasini haidar ..waiting for ur editorial in the hindu !!
Would like to know what job Nadeem Haidar do? Never hear much about him.
thanks for sharing Suhasini Haidar, have a great Monday :) (insight by
One of my go-to writers for international affairs, Suhasini Haidar wins the Prem Bhatia award! Congrats .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ms Suhasini Haidar! Absence of Pure & Permanent Peace in the South Asia is pushing us towards a Disastrous Economic Death.
Covering Kashmir: An outsider's view from the inside - III
August 10, 2000. 15 years ago. Prayers for all those who died on Srinagar's Residency Road that day.
Our Diplomatic and Strategic Affairs Editor has been selected for the Prem Bhatia Memorial Award
The Hindu's Suhasini Haidar wins Prem Bhatia Award: She has been selected for "reporting on and…
Was Suhasini's marriage to Nadeem love or arranged? What is his profession? How and where did they meet?
Maybe better to check has been speaking about the LBA for years….
Suhasini Haidar Because earlier she proved her political relevance.
fyi... Here's what 'nuance' referred to
Take narrative back, reveal long term policy on Pakistan. Energy visible in rest of NDA foreign policy missing there
Video of Bollinger's exclusive interview to Suhasini Haidar
His dauther TV anchor Suhasini Haidar married a Muslim Boy , so he lost his mantle balance .
Ranil's comments on fishermen & general posturing result of accusations of being "too India friendly"
Knitting the India-Sri Lanka relationship closer: On his three-nation Indian ocean tour, Prime Minister Narend...
Knitting the India-Sri Lanka relationship closer, writes
How should India read intvs by , other SL leaders in the run up to visit? My piece
PM receives at Colombo airport. President meets him ... -
R&AW agency, but not government conspired against me, former SL president ... -
2/2 In intv to fmr :SL elections were free and fair,doesn't rule ... -
As in Sri Lanka/ Indian Ocean tour,all the latest on this page ... -
FS: 4 major political visits between India and Sri Lanka in past 2 months should speak for ... -
Live updates from our Diplomatic Affairs Editor Suhasini Haidar & Gujarat correspondent Rahi Gaikwad.
Here's my take on Bhutan, from a recent visit
New govt in SLanka => rebalancing of relations with China & India but don't expect major shifts.
Best take on SL elections I've read so far.
Premature to assume China will be cut out of Sri Lanka’s development to India’s benefit, writes
Balanced, well-written piece on change of guard in Sri Lanka Reading the Sri Lankan vote - The Hindu
Can't beat that analysis by , brilliant ! " Reading the Sri Lankan vote " - The Hindu
Good read on the new Sri Lankan president. Not a new broom but a chance at least of a fresh start
Dramatic results, but don't expect dramatic shift in politics of Sri Lanka-my take in
Little Giant Ladders
Don't read poll results as win situation for vis-a-vis writes
TH Reading the Sri Lankan vote: After his dramatic defeat in the post-war elections of 1945, British PM Winsto...
Suhasini Haidar's exclusive:India, U.S. have new ideas to break nuclear impasse
i wonder where Suhasini Haidar stands in this
Pl follow china diary on : coming soon... from the brahmputra/tsangpo.
Good to see Dr. and suhasini haidar on newsx.
Zoroastrian community reacts to Modi's speech: Astaad Clubwala of NY Zoroastrian Parsis speaks to Suhasini Haidar
Just Read This you will be surprised how our leaders of BJP and some of our hindu womens are ditching our Hindu dharma. Because of this Hindu womens our other sister are going on wrong path. Verify yourself if Interested. Google know well.. There can be other way also. But Population statics of Indian subcontinents is directly proportional to these hidden secular trend. Secular trend Convert, Convert and Convert to Islam!= The daughter of Sheila Dixit, a Brahmin, married a Muslim after converting to Islam. The niece of L K Advani, a Sindhi ...Brahmin, married a Muslim.Advani attended the marriage ceremony. Aditi Govitrikar was a Hindu, married Muslim, after converting her to Islam and adopted the new Muslim name Sarah but keeps her Hindu name for her T V stuff. Suhasini, the daughter of Subramanian Swamy, married a Muslim, the son of Salman Haidar, and now known as Suhasini Haidar. Pooja Bedi married Saif Ali Khan, the son of Mansur Ali Khan After having two children out of her, Saif Ali divorced her and ...
Rati WorldView with Haidar: Extreme outcomes in the Great Game over -
Extreme outcomes in the Great Game over Ukraine
On my blog.. WorldView Ukraine is a hapless battleground in yet another 'great game'
TH Extreme outcomes in the Great Game over Ukraine: The shooting down of the Malaysian airplane is one of the ...
A or a indulging in such sensationalism is understandable, but And Suhasini Haidar?
Suhasini Haidar's joining a group called The Hindu. SuSwamy will be mighty proud today.
Ah, so Amit Barua, Suhasini Haidar, Verghese George and Rahul Pandita are joining The Hindu. Let's see how this works out.
Ugh. I really hope Suhasini Haidar has him blocked.
If you haven't read Suhasini Haidar on USA and extremism (esp opening line) read now --
Suhasini Haidar is surely an example of how these journalist divas like Soredesai and Dorka managed to keep one articulate journalist down.
Suhasini Haidar (daughter of Lota swami) will take their place ?! As Lota's name came when S. Varadrajan had resigned from Hindu.
Blog: Fortaleza will be watched for its political statement -
Introducing my new blog page: my first blog on today!
TH Cementing BRICS architecture: Fortaleza will be watched for its political statement: Even as leaders of the...
Foreign Policy articles, reports and opinions have become interesting since Suhasini Haidar joined The Hindu.
Really curious how The Hindu's new diplomatic editor Suhasini Haidar is going to cover her dad's visit to China later this month.
SIr..will you restore dignity of media by replacing Sardesai with someone trustworthy like Suhasini Haidar?
CNN-IBN's Suhasini Haidar was the first Indian reporter to reach the Libyan capital of Tripoli.
Has the US blinked on Join in a webchat at 6pm, post your question here
swamyji who is suhasini Haidar of cnn Ibn? Your daughter?
Suhasini Haidar Don't u think the interview was much better than interview?!
Catch the day's top stories with Suhasini Haidar on India @ 9.
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I am impressed by Rahul Gandhi, says Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Suhasini Haidar: Lets come to how many Indians see you. I am sure you are not surprised when many draw the parallels between you and Rahul Gandhi. You both lost a parent to terrorism, you've both taken charge of your parties at a difficult time, do you see that similiarity? Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: I've met Rahul Gandhi. I was very impressed by him. There are obviously certain parallels that can be drawn, both are our families have witnessed the pain of assassinations. Suhasini Haidar: You're both bachelors as well, is that something that will change? Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: Well I'm only 25, so I am sure it will change pretty soon.
Watching Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's interview with CNN-IBN's Suhasini Haidar.what an impressive guy who is answering all the questions head on.he is also a beneficiary of dynasty politics but doesn't seem a fish out of water like Rahul Gandhi looked.he answers all the tough questions with remarkable ease
Breaking News Politics UPA may lose key ally National Conference as Omar hints at split 29-Jan-2014 Srinagar: Even as the Congress faces a resurgent and aggressive Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and battles the 10-year incumbency along with a host of issues, the Grand Old Party is also on the verge of losing a key United Progressive Alliance partner. In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has admitted that the UPA could lose a potential ally, referring to his own party, the National Conference. Speaking to CNN-IBN's Suhasini Haidar, Abdullah said that the NC might break away from the Congress ahead of the Jammu and Kashmir elections. "There are reservations in my party about fighting elections together with the Congress and there are sections in the Congress that would rather go it alone," Abdullah said when asked about the future of the alliance. When pressed further about the "reservations" he was referring to, the 43-year-o ...
At the launch of the Australia India Institute Foreign Policy Series at the Jaipur Literature Festival with Mallika Joseph Happymon Jacob Suhasini Haidar Salman Khurshid and Patrick Suckling. Speaking and signing for young foreign policy lovers.
Suhasini Haidar 1h lawyer Arshack and Bharara have admitted they are in plea bargain negotiations. MEA shd focus on getting US apology
Devyani case: Why the US needs to apologise quickly! Tags :Dr Khobragade, Bharara, US Department of Justice, CNN-IBN, United States State Department December 20, 2013 'If at all,' says Suhasini Haidar, Foreign Affairs Editor, CNN-IBN, 'Devyani Khobragade is to avoid facing a full trial, the process of that negotiation must start immediately, for which the current acrimonious atmosphere must be improved.' 'It is no more than the US was willing to do for Raymond Davis; the Italian government for its sailors; and India for Captain Sunil James and Vijayan in Togo.' 'Devyani Khobragade is not accused of charges anywhere as serious they were, and whether Preet Bharara's office recognises it or not, she is a diplomat who represents a proud country that has taken the insult to her as a personal insult to the country.' In international diplomacy, when someone drops the ball, it falls to pieces with a big resounding crash that echoes worldwide. Clearly, someone in the line of communication within the United States ...
CNN-IBN's foreign affairs editor Suhasini Haidar speaks on the impacts of arrest on Indo-US relations. Add your story:
part 2 of 2: Suhasini Haidar meets students of Lahore University of Management Sciences.
Suhasini Haidar's Blog :Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan, the United States and an Epic History of Misunderstanding -
and PS: you seem to get along just fine with Suhasini Haidar. probably bcoz she is sweet
ChatCNN-IBN's Suhasini Haidar on 'Arab Spring 2.0: Egypt on the boil again'
If NCTC is not passed, India will bleed to death! Urge the Opposition to pass it before innocent lives are lost!
The number of terror fatalities has seen a sharp decline in India under UPA. But the terrorists will innovate, India needs to outsmart them. We need to pass NCTC so that we remain safe & secure.
We welcome pre-monsoon showers in parts of Gujarat! Such showers during Rohini nakshatra is indeed an auspicious sign of good monsoon ahead.
Darkness that kills - Suhasini Haidar ( must read depression is the worst disease ever ) There's a dark killer on the prowl, one that no one wants to talk about- depression. It seems like an imaginary state of mind, but in fact is linked to low levels of very real chemicals in the brain. Instead, since it has no physical symptoms it is thought of as a mental imbalance - and people suffering thought of as eccentric, unhinged or just plain crazy. For most, it's hard to relate to. Yet it is estimated that worldwide, a million people die this way each year.That's about how many die from common diseases like jaundice or hepatitis B. In the U.S. more people die of suicide than homicide. And yet, and yet, so little is known about depression. I lost one of my friends to depression- she was not alone, she was not unhappy, she was not under pressure. She suffered from depression. And struggled and fought bravely for years against its demons. It was hard to understand her war at the time, but words from American nov ...
On the final day of campaigning in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was due at three massive rallies in Lahore. Crowds grew restive as they waited for their leader, the man...
Activist and former actress Jane Fonda spoke to CNN-IBN's Suhasini Haidar about the global campaign One Billion Rising and the response it received worldwide.
Rajdeep Sardesai, Deepak Chaurasia, Suhasini Haidar, Punya P Vajpapee et al to enlighten the young and aspiring journalists.
Ankit deserves a grand appreciation..panel for SCOOP...Justice Katju,Nidhi Razdaan, Suhasini Haidar and Gen Bakshi!!All at DCAC on 5th feb.
10 pm: Worldview: Suhasini Haidar on the US and China leadership battles.
Suprabhat. Election night in America means a 5 am start for us. Suhasini Haidar already in, will join at 7 am.
On now on CNN IBN: Suhasini Haidar bringing all the latest from the race to the White House.
The attack on the teenager is the latest reason the country has become paralysed with fear of the Taliban's medieval minds. Has the time finally come to stand up to the extremists? We grieved as a nation when Benazir Bhutto was murdered. We grieved again when Salmaan Taseer, the governor of Punjab, was assassinated by his own guard. We wept when Shahbaz Bhatti, the first Christian federal minister in Pakistan, was brutally gunned down. On July 6, 2012, Farida Afridi, a women’s rights activist and co-founder of Sawera, was brutally murdered, shot by militants while on her way to work. Guest article: After the Malala Yousafzai shooting, can shock therapy free Pakistan? (To watch Suhasini Haidar's Worldview interview of Pakistan's federal interior minister Rehman Malik on the Malala Yousufzai matter, click here) And, now we are a nation rent with the pain of a 14-year-old girl, attacked for daring to seek an education against the edict of terrorists. Malala Yousafzai was and is an extraordinary child. Bril ...
10 pm: worldview with Suhasini Haidar. Fareed Zakaria among others join her on the UN summit.
The most dangerous thing about one's rhetoric is believing it oneself. US on Afghanistan, Libya, Syria.
Rat traitor and NATO hireling Belhaj now opposes US attacks as violating sovereignty. Irony
but sir what about your daughter Suhasini "haidar" married to Nadim haidar who abandoned Hindutva?
Please RT.P Sainath,Mani Shankar Aiyar,Soli Sorabjee, Suhasini Haidar will be at St.Xaviers tomorrow.
An inspiring though albeit professionally scary interaction with Suhasini Haidar, Senior Editor, CNN-IBN !!! Couldn't have asked for a better start to broadcast journalism classes !!! :)
10 pm: Worldview; Fareed Zakaria joins Suhasini Haidar on the US prez elections, Syria and more.
IBNL}} In Afghan war, everyone forgot about women's rights: As shots rang out, the woman fell with a thud. No cr...
Catch the day's top stories on India at 9 with Veeraraghav and Suhasini Haidar.
May be a fun read- my address to graduating journalism students.
Is the US dictating India's foreign policy? Chat with Suhasini Haidar right now to find out.
10 pm: worldview; Suhasini Haidar looks at the new US-India-Pak equation. Plus, Hillary on life beyond politics.
Watch President Mohamed Nasheed's exclusive interview with Suhasini Haidar in World View at 10 pm on Friday.
10 pm: on worldview. Suhasini Haidar reports from Inside Myanmar.
Join CNN-IBN Senior Editor in a webchat at 5 pm on significance of Aung San Suu Kyi’s win in Myanmar Polls.
Desperately seeking Suu Kyi: On some days in a reporter's life, nothing works out. And as we headed to Myanmar l...
TOI: Taking a false step: India's turnaround on Syria is driven by neither principle nor pragmatism
I was on CNN-IBN Worldview with Suhasini Haidar - discussing Pakistani politics and democracy along with Wajahat...
8.30 pm tonight: for those who missed it, we're replaying Suhasini Haidar's interview with Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey, candid, full of heart and humour. Watch an exclusive intvu with Suhasini Haidar 7.30pm CNNIBN
Oprah interview with Suhasini Haidar on CNN IBN: 7.30 and 10 pm tonight.
You can't insult Ms. Suhasini Haidar by comparing her with Barkha Dutt.
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Suhasini Haidar: The Arab Spring faces its winter: At a small gathering of top Indian executives and management ...
Here's one more from me on the subject- ...Say Nothing if its a Girl.
Should India attempt to take up a more active role in global affairs? Chat with on the topic.
Chat at 4 pm with CNN-IBN's on India's position on the Syrian crisis. Post your question now
Kashmir step by step: the next round of talks (The Hindu)
Covering Kashmir: An outsider's view from the inside - IV: As the years have passed, what amazes me is the perse...
Sneak peek at my article in tomorrow's Business Std:In the line of fire:Pak Army post-Osama
Suhasini Haidar's Blog : Covering An outsider's view from the insid.. | liked it :)
Pakistan media's coverage of Osama videos
My diary from Pakistan trip- am working on some spl reports too- will update!
"Why India’s abstention from the UNSC’s no-fly vote against Libya is pragmatic policy" The piece doesn't tell us that.
Huge buzz- gaddafi is going to come to the Hotel we are at... Will update!!
Looks like Suhasini Haidar beat Barkha Dutt in reaching Tripoli first. I can think of one Barkha fanboy who'd be might upset at this.
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