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Suge Knight

Marion Suge Knight, Jr. (born April 19, 1965) (a.k.a. Big Suge or Big Simon) is the founder and CEO of Black Kapital Records and co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records.

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Threatening messages from Suge Knight left 'Straight Outta Compton' director terrified
Suge Knight's girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly pleads no contest in video sale related to his 2015 Compton murder case htt
My dad and I are stuck in traffic and we had a full on conversation about Tupac and Suge Knight
DVSN is getting Suge Knight minutes because Sonder Son is so fire, man.
"Suge" Knight's girlfriend pleads in video sale case
Suge Knight's girlfriend pleads no contest in video sale case via
Question of the Day - Why would any woman agree to marry Suge Knight? Story about his fiancée in the paper.
Suge Knight and girlfriend Toilin Kelly will not be getting his-and-hers jail cells after all.
'Suge' Knight's girlfriend pleads in video sale case
Ima b like 👅💦💦💦 *** baby quack quack no pickles exist and beaning them with wiping my daddy Suge Knight was sayin,,
Suge Knight’s girlfriend pleads no contest in video sale case
I believe that Suge Knight and Puff Daddy collaborated on the whole thing (Biggie and Pac deaths, East vs West beef)
LA Times ~ Suge Knight's fiancée takes plea deal for violating court order by selling video to TMZ
So Lil Wayne is now in the boxing business, huh?. Too bad Suge Knight never became a promoter, that would've ended well.
Suge Knight's girlfriend, Toilin Kelly, allegedly tried selling the hit-&-run tape for $55K to TMZ.
s for Selling Hit-and-Run Video to TMZ. . Debt Row records...
Prosecutor: Suge Knight's girlfriend sold video showing him running down two men in his car to TMZ for $55,000.
Suge Knight's fiancée and business partner have been charged with violating a court order https:/…
I feel like DR. Dre in STRAIGHT OUT OF COMPTON when he tells suge knight he was out & going solo dolo. Sometimes you just ha…
Which also means Suge Knight never stuck E with a positive needle
Suge Knight was worth upwards of $250M. One has to try extremely hard to mess that up.
Much like Suge Knight, Hillary's emails will never die. They are immortal, destined to plague the earth forever.
Actor who played Suge Knight in 'Straight Outta Compton' charged with four counts of assault
Suge Knight indicted for allegedly texting death threats to 'Straight Outta Compton' director
Suge Knight indicted for allegedly threatening to kill 'Straight Outta Compton' director. https:/…
Suge Knight wakes up every morning and sends good morning death threats
Suge Knight to be arraigned for making death threats.
Police really out here trying to OJ Simpson Suge Knight.
Suge Knight pleads not guilty to death threat charge
An L.A. grand jury accused Suge Knight of threatening to kill or injure the director of "Straight Outta Compton"
I have no chance of ever meeting the man, but I am absolutely terrified of Suge Knight
Birdman is a way worst scumbag than Suge Knight too me.
I hope I'm not the only one that thinks Suge Knight is terrifying
Suge Knight is pleading not guilty to one felony count of making death threats against F. Gary Gray.
Marion “Suge” Knight charged with threatening director of the film "Straight Outta Compton,”
Suge Knight was indicted by an LA court for making criminal threats against the director of Straight Outta Compton.
Suge Knight faces new charge. Did he threaten death over his image in movie? Story at 5p.
Suge Knight pleads not guilty to threatening 'Straight Outta Compton' director
Suge Knight has been indicted for threatening the "Straight Outta Compton" director
Suge Knight pleads not guilty to grand jury indictment accusing him of threatening "Straight Outta Compton" director
There is a dark shadow that follows Suge Knight everywhere he goes
My computer crashes worse than Suge Knight.
BREAKING NEWS! Shawn Mendes is collaborating with Suge Knight to perform their new single "Run 'n Gun"
Alot of people are born males but they arent men 💯🗣 -Suge Knight
they made Suge Knight mad. they better have security around them 24/7
Suge Knight & Sharon Osbourne are coming for the Jenners too. I'm living.
Violetta Wallace, Suge Knight, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne and The Doors have ALL come together to *** the edges…
Chile even the actors that play Suge Knight delivering lines shake me. Death Row is bout that life...STILL
Suge Knight coming for whack *** Tyga for stealing the Death Row logo lmao
Suge Knight trying to sign Tupac to Death Row
Rap would be in a different place if Suge Knight decided to play college football instead of doing Death Row.
Suge Knight warning Tyga about using Death Row logo. tyga is gonna be dead man
"Poochie" Fouse was alleged to have killed Biggie in 1997, a hit ordered by Suge Knight in response to Tupac's death,…
Suge Knight should've been address Ty** *** about stealing the Death Row logo.
Haven't heard anything about Suge Knight in a while have a feeling the next news will be his death
Gas is under $2, Missy Elliott played the Super Bowl half time show and Suge Knight just killed somebody again. The 90's are BACK!!!
You realize when they tell the Bobby Brown story, Suge Knight is gonna be in it? AND the Vanilla Ice story. AND the Katt Williams story...
That time Suge Knight signed the LA deputy district attorney’s daughter to a record deal
Why all bald light skinned *** look alike? . Derek Fisher, Common, Joe Budden, Suge Knight... the list goes on.
Suge Knight accused of taking advantage of drugged Scott Storch in fraud lawsuit
16) Suge Knight and 10 bloods beat up and rob Yukmouth for 92k in jewls. Compton Menace shows chain off.
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This "Death Row DC" thing is getting out of hand, John Wall's walking to the locker room with Suge Knight
Celtics showed up in all black. John Wall showed up with Suge Knight
I wonder what would've happened if Suge Knight was still Bobby Brown's bodyguard when Preacher kidnapped him and made Whitney pay $500,000..
So we just gonna act like Tupac and Suge Knight ain't in the last picture?!?
We found Bin Laden in a cave but can't find Suge Knight in a white go-kart going down the road from Cleveland to Philly.…
Trump is sitting in the White House like he's Suge Knight, and is running America like it's Death Row Records...
EP 16 of the 5th Sense. Suge Knight. A lesson on Formula 1. We laugh at Kendall & Pepsi. & more! .
EP 16. Suge Knight. We laugh at Kendall Jenner & A lesson on & .
I wake up to Romo retiring, Suge Knight saying he know who killed Pac, (all he had to do was look in the mirror), and Sage St…
All these years now suge knight want to talk? Something ain't right.
'Suge' Knight drops Michael Jackson attorney in murder case
Suge Knight finally reveals who killed Tupac
Daz Dillinger claims that Tupac had Crip ties with Thug Life before joining Death Row and being "cursed" by Suge Knight.…
Suge Knight on talking to the cops about 2Pac's murder (1996)
You mean to tell me they missed a 400 pound "target" in the car and shot Tupac instead ? ? .
Will Suge Knight also reveal he injected Eazy E with AIDS that night he jumped him in the studio?
Suge Knight gotta chill .. why would Suge tell us 21 years later who killed Tupac .
LMFAO! Who in their right mind would believe Suge Knight?
My face when Suge Knight says he didn't kill Tupac
Suge Knight looking at the man who really killed Tupac.
Why would the ex-wife and the security guard send people to kill Suge Knight while Tupac was in the car, if they were o…
Suge Knight is a real life super villain 😂
I liked a video Prodigy on the 95 Source awards, Suge Knight, dissing Snoop, the LA LA song & a very
Why didn't Suge Knight stop 2pac from beating up Orlando Anderson?
Suge Knight paid for the shooting of Tupac and made it look like an East coast / West coast beef. Orlando Anderson pulled the trigger.
Suge Knight son pleading for his daddy on IG and bruh...just read the comments 😂😂😂
Suge Knight may be big, but Phil Spector is small!
Suge Knight started in the music business as Bobby Brown's security
Okayy yall answer this. Is that Suge Knight with Bobby Brown?
See I told y'all Suge Knight was Bobby bodyguard
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Suge Knight was Bobby Brown's bodyguard. New Edition really birthed the entire 90's.
Suge Knight had that woman in a full nelson chokehold swaying side to side in the club listening to Sade..
if Suge Knight tried to have you killed
J Cole's surprise album...Kanye West must go on the road.Diddy's news about Suge Knight and more..details at 221p on
*Suge Knight voice* . If you're tired of your Super-Hero team leader dropping silly one-liners at a time of crisis…
Suge Knight is reportedly suing Dr. Dre, claims he hired a hitman to kill him
I'm trying to figure out how Dr.Dre and Suge Knight dated Michelle with them being on the same label
theres a “surviving compton” show coming out about Dre, Suge Knight and Michelle 👀👀👀
This fool is Ike and Suge Knight rolled into one
Sam Cooke had discovered that corrupt business manager Allen Klein had robbed him of his company, the same thing Suge Knight did to Harry-O
They have this show called Facing on the National Geographic channel, I'm watching the Suge Knight episode.
When I get a time machine, I'm going to 1995 to tell people there'll be a National Geographic channel and it'll show a doc about Suge Knight
National Geographic channel is interviewing these people about their experiences with Suge Knight. I'm sitting here like "Y'all gon die."
There's a show about Suge Knight on National Geographic channel right now it's pretty lit
Suge Knight might be a federal agent.
in the rich rock and roll tradition of Peter Grant and Suge Knight , Bundy has retained the services of BIG RICK
Neither or have talked about how Suge Knight killed Eazy-E. Disgusting
SORRY, SUGE: Judge denies "emotional" rap mogul Knight info on witnesses in murder trial
Yall remember when Suge Knight was trying to get his own reality show?
Suge Knight Knows a poopy boss that digs bucks
Suge Knight Knows a rough trick that flashes jugs
I would love to know who killed Tupac & Biggie & if Suge Knight really killed Eazy-E 🤔
Suge Knight Has a fresh cash that dances drugs
Suge Knight Does a straight dancer that eats nugs
Me and my *** are like Death Row . with no Suge Knight tho👊
Judge worried about what Suge Knight would do with murder-trial witness info
Suge Knight is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Suge Knight is the biggest POS on the planet. Well, him and Trump are in a tie for the title.
Judge rules to protect witnesses' identities in Suge Knight murder case
I will now focus on this NWA movie. Oh Suge knight kills people? Who knew.
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Suge Knight's lawyers want witnesses' details in murder case - SFGate.. Related Articles:
Judge denies witness details in murder case of Suge Knight .
Suge Knight scared me hella in Straight Outta Compton
Tupac and used to live in Westwood directly across the street from Suge Knight when they were on Death Row.
After seeing Straight Outta Compton, there's no doubt in my mind that suge knight have eazy e AIDS smh
The guy who played Suge Knight in Straight Outta Compton was too on the money , creepy as ***
I'll vote for whoever can convict Suge Knight of murdering Eazy-E
Suge Knight says "time is ticking" due to his bad health. "I hate to have to go through all this and die in jail." htt…
The witnesses in the Suge Knight murder case are shook
Still think suge knight gave eazy e aids
I still feel like Pat Riley was suppose to hold it down like Suge Knight w| Death Row 😭
Scott Ross stated that the REAL reason Mesereau left the Suge Knight case is because Suge disrespected Mesereau's female law partner!
Suge Knight sues Chris Brown over shooting & Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says never say never
Suge Knight sues Chris Brown after getting shot 7 times at a club in 2014
Suge Knight Sues 1Oak and Chris Brown Over Shooting in WeHo: ... host to celebrities and athletes, such as Be...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Suge Knight suing Chris Brown over 2014 nightclub shooting
Suge Knight sues Chris Brown for 'failing to provide adequate security' at club where he was shot seven times
"Suge Knight sues Chris Brown, blames him for his murder case"
Suge Knight is the third person to sue Chris Brown in less than a week
Suing from jail 2 yrs later like *** It didn't work when he tried to do the same to Kanye. Maybe it's him being the 🎯
‘Suge’ Knight sues Chris Brown over nightclub shooting...
Former rap mogul Suge Knight accused Chris Brown of failing to provide adequate security at a…
Suge Knight taking everybody down with him.
Suge Knight sues Chris Brown over nightclub shooting -
We ain't got nothin bad to say bout Suge Knight.
Y'all better take notes from suge knight & start suing *** when you desperate😂
Awww man here go suge knight broke *** tryna get a check outta Chris Brown now... Give it up bruhhh
Marion "Suge" Knight sues Chris Brown and 1 Oak Nightclub over shooting.
Suge Knight sues Chris Brown over nightclub shooting
The former rap mogul sues Chris Brown for allegedly not hiring enough security at the club where Suge was shot. —…
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Suge Knight sues singers Chris Brown, Pia Mia for not protecting him in 2014 shooting
Suge Knight is suing Chris Brown over 2014 Los Angeles club shooting.
Maybe Elon Musk can do us all a solid and blast these two into space together:
Suge Knight mixed with Eric wright, pockets fat as Barry White💯
you ain't going nowhere!! I got you on a Suge Knight contract, AINT no leaving. We still needa come up w/ a name 🤔
Suge Knight pistol whippin people smh
(I think suge knight killed him but that's just me)
He said we don't discuss Suge Knight! I passed out 😭
K-Ci said "We don't discuss Suge Knight" lmao. He's the boogeyman of the 90s
When they started talking about Suge Knight that boy K-Ci said "we don't discuss Suge Knight"
Alright well Suge Knight boys, I have to wake up early tomorrow
you guys get Aaron Hernandez and Suge Knight outta jail
"U nv know what u need until u need it"- Suge Knight
My goal is for Suge Knight to murder me
Randomly in the middle of a Phase 10 "I think Suge Knight killed Tupac" - Tessa
Tupac Biopic All Eyes On Me in theaters this September! Watch Interview starring the actor playing Suge Knight
I wish they would've based Luscious Lyon off of Suge Knight
Diddy just quoted Suge Knight's awards diss of him 😂
Suge Knight hasn't been convicted, but isn't allowed visits or phone calls. Why is that?
I hate Suge Knight. He took E from us and Pac. He just a dirty ***
oh pls it was def Suge knight there's so much evidence against him
Suge Knight was always about his money. 2 .
Suge Knight was always about his money.
for a second I thought Kanye was Tupac and drake was Suge Knight...🤔
Drink Champs ep9 out now - ・・・. One time Suge knight tried to get
Tupac's movie scene recording in Vegas with Suge Knight
Do y'all believe Suge Knight had anything to do with 2Pacs murder?
Just seen a big light skin Suge Knight lookin *** in all red I threw up a C then ran 😂😂😂
Suge Knight I see u the way PAC told u I would go back 2 the day I ment u at Death Row when yo personal body guard intro meGTJ
"I'm suge knight, I'm jay prince. I'm like f$$$ the rules"
I been the second coming of Suge Knight , just taking my time
15 months into his Jail sentence, reports circulate that Marion "Suge" Knight has...
Suge Knight seeks court approval to visit with sick mother...
Suge Knight terrified his parents are going to die before he gets out via
Suge Knight wants to get out of his cell so he can see his sick mom before she dies
Death Row Records is a faded memory. Suge Knight probably eating noodles err day now.
The bankruptcy of Death Row Records is wrapped up and Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg and Suge Knight just lost millions.
i been studyin Suge Knight, Birdman, Tupac nd Wayne
I love my I think Steve Keim looks like a white Suge Knight. Just concentrate on keeping that man happy &N his good graces lol
4/19/16. Tim Curry is 70. Suge Knight is 51. James Franco is 38. Kate Hudson is 37. Troy Polamalu is 35. Maria Sharapova is 29
Tupac's biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ is being filmed. This is the scene in Vegas with Tupac & Suge Knight
Ja Rule talks about his first encounter with Suge Knight
Glad they portrayed Suge Knight as the new 50 shades is that it takes the most handsome, or the sanest voice in the night stand.
I just realized Ted looks like the white Suge Knight. LOL.
I liked a video from Layzie Bone Denies Eazy-E Was Ever Harmed by Suge Knight
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N.W.A. manager on Suge Knight: 'I should have let Eazy-E kill him'
I'm trying to understand how suge knight is in jail talking to the camera puffing this cigar 😩 who does he think he is 🤔🤔🤔
After watching Straight Outta Compton last night I have come to the conclusion that Suge Knight is a real life cartoon villain.
Suge Knight could hold me over a balcony and I wouldn't give in.
Reggie McKenzie out making moves like Suge Knight lol
Yall out her trying to pull Suge Knight on sight with these females.
Nobody ask me to be your Best Man because I'll give the Suge Knight Vibe Awards speech at the wedding reception
Extremely rare photo of Suge Knight, 2Pac, MC Hammer, and Snoop Dogg.
That's not a president, that's Suge Knight!
I would give my number to some Suge Knight type of mfer 😒
Morning wood so hard, it ran over Suge Knight
threatens to send his supporters 2 disrupt rally's! That doesn't sound like a President it sounds like S…
Suge Knight when they came and told him Tupac was dead.
I'll never poker playing Ned Flanders being the vanilla ice to Phil hellmuths Suge Knight
I liked a video from Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Want to Arrest Katt Williams & Suge Knight
Friendly reminder Suge Knight recently murdered dudes with his car
Suge Knight jokes always win me over.
Chris Rock had bits involving Stacey Dash, Kevin Hart, Suge Knight & Angela Bassett. Another host would not have. SMART & SUBVERSIVE
Will the real Suge Knight please stand up?
During the height of Bobby Brown's fame in the late 80s, Suge Knight was his bodyguard.
Suge Knight has reportedly been placed in solitary confinement
Mike Dean was Rap A Lot in house producer he was around J Prince and all his H Town goons, Suge Knight wasnt even a factor to him
Mike Dean let Daz stay in his house back when Suge Knight was on the hunt for him they asked him was he afraid of Suge and he laughed
For day nine of we visit when the iconic Suge Knight started the West Coast / East Coast rap beef https…
Breaking news: Jeb Bush and Donald Trump have heated confrontation outside LA club. Trump left with Suge Knight, who decline…
I had to work the bench before I got my starting spot I just lied straight up out the Bronx like suge knight for that parking spot
Lil Eazy-E is fresh out of Los Angeles County Jail + shares his story of running into Suge Knight with
inside I see my moms bf and I'm like dude there's terrorists outside and he says oh yeah. And Suge Knight walks in with Kanye
Eerbody suge knight on here I dig it
Suge Knight found dead...death pool points for who?
suge knight can just take him out for all I care
You see how many "tough guys" talk about Og Suge knight while he locked. Never herd that disrespect when he was in the free
still curious to know what transpired. U reckon too he is alive?
I'm co-producing a hip hop documentary and am interested in licensing Bomb1st's interview with Suge Knight. Can we connect?
Lil Eazy-E ran into Suge Knight while in custody at Los Angeles County Jail.
Rare occurrence when Suge Knight himself isn't attacking me or trying to kill me. Had to document it.
BHS uses the Suge Knight sales system.
Lol I wish our Industry had a Suge Knight
Anything Suge Knight related scares me and makes me laugh
After being shot in Vegas, Suge Knight said that Tupac was conscious and cracking jokes the entire time while being driv…
Suge Knight got to Ted Ginn somehow. No other explanation.
Joe Budden, Common, Suge Knight, Derek Fisher, Deron Williams, half of the Que dogs on Earth 2 after graduating https:…
you switched up the persona from Suge Knight to Curtis Williams
Thomas Mesereau who represented high profile clients like Michael Jackson & Mike Tyson has quit representing Suge Knight
Suge Knight parts ways with defense attorney Thomas Mesereau, who got acquittal for Michael …: Jailed former r...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I hate Suge Knight like I deeply hate him
I hope Suge Knight and Courtney Love burn in ***
coincidence that there's a white Ford Bronco parked in the background of the Suge Knight parking space scene?
Rumor has it that Suge Knight wanted to sign Coach Miller to Death Row, but found him to be "too ruthless and gangsta".
Suge Knight would be the final boss and his special would be runnin yo *** over in an escalade.
Suge Knight with the bloods in Tupac's movie All Eyez On Me @
Sheesh even Suge Knight gonna be out before him
writer on meeting Knight, negotiating fact and fiction
Who is the villain in suicide squad ? Who could be more evil than the bad guys ? Satan himself ? Isis? George Bush ? Suge Knight?
Watching "Straight Outta Compton" makes me despise Suge Knight even more
I love singing along to the Straight Outta Compton soundtrack. There are so many classic songs. Also, Suge Knight still scares me.
Suge knight gave me 2 mill for the killing
Ppl really think Suge Knight beat Eazy E up. I hate watchin that scene in the movie🙄
Yall think Suge Knight really injected eazy e with aids ?
20 years ago today, Tupac, Suge Knight & Snoop Dogg appeared on the cover of The New York Times.
Not a Death Row artist. Stamkos holding the money = the Suge Knight of the line?
Suge Knight, Katt Williams to stand trial for allegedly stealing paparazzo's camera
DJ Khaled reminds me of what Suge Knight could have been. Like imagine Knight not being an *** and doing music. Khaled is a bright light
I'm not all the way through the documentary, but it is looking pretty much like Suge Knight killed Tupac and Biggie.
I wonder if suge knight seen Straight Outta Compton
Don't diss me...I'll go Suge Knight on you. 😉
"They ain't about that life/They ain't about that life/We hangin' out the window, it's bout to be a Suge Knight"
My moms hate for suge knight is hilarious
I have 100% street cred bc Suge Knight and I have the same breed of dog
The guy who plays suge knight in straight out of Compton just looks like a bad guy.
2pacmovie. ・・・. History in the making. The Suge Knight character and Daz have reunited.…
Rap mogul Suge Knight sexually assaulted in jail cell -
If Sallie Mae calls me I'm passing the phone to the 1st Aunt Viv. *** if Suge Knight calls I'm passing the phone to the 1st
Suge Knight really is some form of demon
Does Ryan Grigson remind anyone else of an angrier, white Suge Knight?
I liked a video Joey Diaz about Suge Knight's Plans 5.3.2015
They could make a documentary showing Suge Knight with his kids and my mom would actually believe he's the family guy no Peter griffin
I love how often Tom references Suge Knight at the Source Awards talking about Puffy dancing in videos.
The government and Suge knight the reason why Eazy E dead
Michel'le said Suge knight never put his hands on her , except one time made a mistake and back hand smacked her and broke her jaw
Like I've watched documentaries, read reports from retired LAPD officers, did research on Makaveli & watched videos from suge knight
can Suge Knight be the next Kingpin in Daredevil season 3? (He is basically a real life Fisk)
Its so obvious Suge knight killed EZ, Pac and Biggie. 😡
Dre batted out eazy e over paperwork with suge knight
Over you n*ggas . Like Suge Knight n the range🚙💨
Anyone know a good dry cleaner? My suit has more bloodstains that Suge Knight's bumper. Ha ha ha ha
Smh Ryan you are not Suge Knight, respect Kat's hustle
ak with the scope Suge Knight you on Death Row
Miss Trunchbull was the white suge knight
anyone who drinks Everclear straight is Suge Knight.
Suge Knight need to just stay where he at, he don't need to be running the streets lol
Y'all lil dudes ain't gangsta.even Suge Knight got knocked out.
HBD to the bro Suge Knight! 🎉 Gonna miss you next year. You better eat😈🍴
u both know I would rather sell my soul to Suge Knight but he's in jail so I have to settle with khaled
LMAOOO they said suge knight can't even dance without trying to kill somebody 💀💀
I'm boutta pull a suge knight and press the issue on sight
Also told me how Suge Knight and Tupac used to trash the presidential rooms & show up with a briefcase full of cash to pay for the damages
Was tasked with guarding somebody suge knight size with Z-Bo's low post moves(all elbows) today and I'm a broken man
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