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Sugar Plum

A sugar plum is a piece of dragée candy that is made of dried fruits and shaped in a small round or oval shape.

Sugar Plum Fairy Happy Birthday Snow Queen

To avoid a fight, start dancing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
I added a video to a playlist Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / Nina Kaptsova - Dance of the Sugar Plum
First batch of Ham, Black Pudding and Sugar Plum pies for Orange Grove Public…
I spotted Sugar Plum.. 💖 SHARE if you have been Good.. Jake Lee - Myrtle Beach & Pawleys Island Top Realtor...
Roses are dandelion lilies are plum sugar is sweet and so on
Laughed at my own silly antics. Sugar plum princess for the win! 😂 Random.
Naw it's definitely you sugar plum.
Roses are violet jasmines are plum sugar is sweet and so on
Hoses is granny smith apple bellflowers are plum sugar is sweet
Noses are brick red bottlebrushes are plum sugar is sweet and so on
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy or whatever and coffee
Hoses is turquoise blue sages are plum sugar is sexy
And adik dia be like "hi my sugar plum" homai seriously i had a shocked for a moment in my life. Sumpah malu 😭😭😭
Georgie is a great dancer. All hail the Sugar Plum Unfairy
You're the best boyfriend ever ily sugar plum😽💓
unless the antagonist is a bloodthirsty Sugar Plum Fairy with a tragic back story, I might not be super interested
I hope my sugar plum's healthy happy safe and warm. I hope he's getting a lot of rest. I hope he's eating proper meals . I …
Hi sugar plum Thank you for all that you do. U hear this all the time but it took me a while to realize fat doesnt = unworthy
Hoses are plum peach blossoms are lavender sugar is sweet and so on
Happy Birthday sugar plum I love you and miss you so much!! 💚💚💚
Hoses are asparagus buttercups are plum sugar is sweet and so on
This staff washroom has a variety of lotions. I, apparently, now smell like sugar plum dream.
Then dialogue is just less common owing to the backing of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
I didn't realise you'd text back, I apologise sugar plum. I'd reply now but I think the moments passed 💔
I'm afraid it's too late for that sugar plum! Xxx
Couldn't have made it this far without you, my sugar plum!
I still cant believe Jeremy did that. Ialso thought he was a sugar plum
Sugar plum on a lick suck and on my sugared 🍭😋
"I have soo many missile. I even have nuclear missle (Just for you, sugar plum!)"
Happy 18th birthday to my true best friend, I love you so so much sugar plum ❤️🎈🎉
Sugar Plum Fairy played on a glass harp. 'OooOOH!'
Happy Birthday sugar plum ! Make the most out of being a teenager for one more year😜 luv u x
I've fallen in love with Sugar Plum at the Champaign County Humane Society!
.Rebekah Rimsay was the first ever Sugar Plum Fairy I saw. proves Sugar Plum is still queen! Goosebumps.
Hanging out with my Sugar Plum ... Rachel Lee! Sweetest little girl I ever did see!
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky
I wonder if u guys would let me remix Luna, Sugar Plum and Vivid cause i'd love that
You chill w the towel Snaps sugar plum
*** said sugar plum ohh my gawwddd lmBao,
You're reading a message from the new Sugar Plum Fairy for the Nutcracker
you are my honey bunch . Sugar plum. Pumpy umpy umkin
You're my honey bunch sugar plum,pumpie umpy umpkin...
Happy Birthday my sugar plum! 🎂A bit of hope and a bit of self-confidence has made you what you are today.
Snow Queen and King and Sugar plum and Cavalier rehearsal! You do NOT want to miss this show!!
Takano an actual sugar plum wow my heart is so full please get me everything Takano related.
there is not a day I don't miss you sugar plum
Studio has ~60 dancers. The only parts my older DD hasn't done are Sugar Plum and Snow Queen. Younger DD not ready to solo.
What's the gift that keeps on giving? The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Wacky adventures of shopping with my sugar plum!
Good luck to my sugar plum for his first day at uni tomorrow. You will kick the next 3 years!! 👫💛Xx
Just got the feeling that I'd love to dance the Sugar Plum Fairy dance in my kitchen. Difficult with arthyritis.Nice heart.
"I'm Sorry" don't gone take care of my sugar plum💋
I can't wait to see you sugar plum I miss you so much
-Watches Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Vid . Looks at Comments Sees this. "You guys Should go on Americas got Talent. I'm done bye
The red is a great colour but my fav is the special edition Sugar Plum c…
You're my honeybunch, sugar plum. Pumpy-umpy-umpkin. You're my sweetie pie. You're my cuppycake, gumdrop. Snoogums, boogums, you're
I love you sugar plum nobody else but you💛
thanks sugar plum💜 it's okay I forgive you, love n miss you too👸xxx
She looks like a sugar in a plum, . plum, plum.
omg bby its yo birthday. Happy Birthday my Sugar Plum Fairy have an amazing day. Peace and blessingz…
You're so awesome sugar plum! Thank you so very much!! ❤️ missing your beautiful energy in my life. Hope all is well baby!
love you sugar plum. You will forever be dancing to sugar plum songs in my sugar plum fantasy I made just for you. 😘
*gently rubs her side, smiles down at her* Lexi... you honestly didn't have to sugar plum... Now I can't wait to see what it is!
*goes to look for her. Sees her outside the store. Walks over with her coke* There you go sugar plum! *grins* You get the plan B?
I rather have a movie night with lots of candy and chips and ice cream with my sugar plum.
I'll stick with my doofy little sugar plum liquor store princess who makes me the happiest little kitten in the world. ❤️
tell luke to get @ me and then I'll believe you but thank you my sugar plum
“I realize I'm stupid, metaphorically and in school” no don't say that! That is not true sugar plum 😞
*nearly stumbles, catches her in his arms. Looks into her eyes lovingly* hey, you ok? Be careful sugar plum...
. Thank you . Sugar plum ◟̆◞̆. Hope louis will . Notice you today! ◌୨୧⑅
*stands up, goes to help her up* Alright.let's go my sugar plum. Remember, just stay quiet. *leans in to kiss her deeply -c
Laying here thinking of you. Wishing you was here my sugar plum. I wouldn't mind not being able to sleep then :) x
Such a long day ! SO ready to join my sugar plum kyrie in bed 😴
SUGAR PLUM is the color of the month. 10% OFF during the month of February! This look is Bella with a Sugar...
Beautiful mani by nailsbybigred using "True Love" and "Sugar Plum" 😍😍😍 --- from…
*sees her sitting on the blanket, goes to sit next to her. Wrapping his arm around her* Lexi...sugar need anything? -c
Win $30 shop credit to sugar plum lane shop!!
I highly recommend. Love their lippies. Also check out "Sugar Plum Fairy" and "Cherry Bomb" by them. Gorgeous on WOC.
Enjoy spending time with my sugar plum 💕
Today's item of the day is the skinny turban in sugar plum!! Get this best selling headband for only…
welcome, that's what I'm here for sugar plum💁❤️ la la la love ya too!
My girl couldn't be more incredible. Sorry I ramble so much sugar plum.
For other uses, see Barbie (disambiguation). The Barbie film series is an American computer animated and motion capture-based direct-to-video film series featuring Barbie. Since her film debut appearance in 1987's Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World, Barbie has been a computer-animated virtual actress starring in several feature films and short films (including a 1998 video game, Barbie: Riding Club, that contains a short film). After a fourteen-year absence, Mattel commissioned films to feature Barbie as a heroine of several princess or fairy-themed stories to accompany a franchise of related dolls and accessories. Barbie also made an appearance in My Scene and Toy Story films. Many of the Barbie movies are stand alone tales. There are several series within the overall collection. The most notable of these are the Barbie Princesses Collection series, Barbie Fairytopia series, mermaid-themed series, modern day-themed series, as well as musical and ballet series. Some films are based on the story fro ...
You're my honeybunch sugar plum pumpie umpy umpkin you're my sweety pie you're my cuppy cake and i love you so
Blackhawks game tonight with my sugar cub !! Awesome win!! Love you plum pudding
just finished watching WH. It was amazing and so depressing. The story ended with a very odd surviving couple: COUSINS.
idk if you ever call me sugar plum again I'll prolly fight you
aww yay ! I'm changing your name to sugar plum since you're forever calling me that. 😂😂😂
get better my lil sugar plum I love u lots
My traditional hat picture from our trip to Sugar Plum today! 😄🎃
You're my hunny bunch sugar plum, pumpie umpy umpkin. You're my cuppy cake gum drops, snookums snookums💩💩
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
You re my hunny bunch sugar plum pumpie umpy umpkin you re my sweetiepie
In the church scene I just spotted Onslow from 'Keeping up Appearances'.
Can't wait to see my little sugar plum tn 😘😘😘
One more dance with the sugar plum fairies and I might just like you
I want some of them hay things from sugar plum 😪😪
@ Kurt Hummel You are my honey bunch sugar plum pumpy umpy umpkin you're my sweetie pie you're my cuppie cake gum drop shnookum wookum wook
c'mon sugar plum 😏 I'm practically famous . Gimmie that followback and we can talk 😘
Here is a sneak peek of some of our new product that will be heading to Sugar Plum for the show this weekend. It will be at Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is the Falloween Show so you won't want to miss it. See you there!
Lather this sugar-free homemade, 30-minute plum jam onto your next bread snack. It's delicious, full of healthy...
good mornin sugar plum!! 💕💕. Oh! I may be excited about this!! Trust me my heart.. You're gonna LOVE it😍Love you more💕
Mmhmmm :) berry lips kind of day Sugar Plum Fairy
Just saw this and thought of you: That Sugar Plum one is a dupe for MAC Rebel.
I hope you have a good first day of work at the *** hole of Woodbury my little sugar plum 😘💄
I mean if I have to I won't complain sugar plum
Just called a drug dealer sugar plum and he loved it
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Your my honey bunch sugar plum pumpy umpy umpkin your my sweety pie :')
Behold our splendid new Sugar Plum Jellies. Free from gelatine, gluten, dairy & fat. Can you Adam and Eve it?
I stay on auto pilot. Morning sugar plum, I'm fine and you?
Sugar Plum all snug in her road trippin bed
Gutted to hear the news. My 23m loves your products and yours was the ONLY fromage/yoghurt that had no added sugar of any type.
Happy Birthday sugar plum wamiii :) hope your having an awesome day lapho notyran lmao :D
"We need to time the contractions that's what they do don't they.1 sugarplum fairy, 2 Sugar Plum Fairy"
Happy 18th! Birthday you big softy have a lovely day nd can't wait for Saturday woop woop love u sugar plum x
You're my honeybunch, sugar plum, pumpkin you're my sweetie pie
Sugar Plum will be back tonight at midnight. On Sale for 1 day only $10.95 each
Would you feel emasculated if I called you sugar plum? Cause I think it's adorbs 😍
not you from my sugar plum. 😂😂😂 lmfbo I told you you got a freebie 💁
¡Acabo de tocar The Nutcracker - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy con de
Happy 18th birthday to my bestfriend in the entire world. I love you sugar plum👸👯💋
I'm going to do the Sugar Plum Fairy play again. Your V.I.P. brother. (:
I will not be posting pics of my little girl on here or anywhere on the web. Sugar Plum and Sarah Rebecca...
Jan Masny - photography Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker Op.71a, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
my Sugar plum, dodo, muffin and jollof 😗
It's ok sugar plum. The interwebs are hard
Baby sitting my sugar plum tonight 😬
Wow it's interesting when you wake up to lots of emails can we come and visit your factory when on vacation this summer in Pennsylvania... Thanks Biography channel for telling me Sugar Plum was on last night...
thanks bb, I don't really feel like talking to anyone rn though. I'll text you tonight sugar plum ❤️
Sugar Plum is celebrating over 36 years of arts & crafts festivals. We strive to bring to our customers the very...
Hey sugar plum did you just fall out of a B17.cause you're the bomb
Sugar Plum doesn't trust her foster mom's driving. Good to know it isn't just me. Someone save this poor girl!
How me & Desiree made each others contacts name as Sugar Plum🍑😁
Sugar Plums Home Decor and Charles Onstead ernie wanted you to see this antique dresser
Barely waking up . Ryan: what's up sugar plum lips? . Lol
I have a Fisher Price Cradle-N-Swing (Sugar Plum) w/canopy in great condition. The swing, mobile, lights & music all work. Comes with cord. Also comes with tray w/attached toys. $45. Will trade for good quality pack and play. Pick up in North Syracuse.
YASSS Nick Lachey you eat that sandwich!! So random to see him at Sugar & Plum while having lunch...…
*ominously humming Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy*
Bitter and dumb, you're my sugar plum.
Bruh my mama cooking so good it made Sugar Plum call the health department on her cuz everyone in the area was going to her lmaoo
"I just want someone to be my little boo boo gummy bear sugar plum lovebug twirly swirly pumpkin roll!" - San Diego Sta…
I kinda like the wet gears the guys are playing in, right ladies? Andrea Wesley, Sugar Plum, Tray Harris, Shernette Gamms 😍
Ugh. Instead of sugar plums, I have images of tropical destinations dancing in my head. So hard.
The last day of school. Abby starts middle school and Austin enters his Senior year at JHS. Been a long time since the "Honey bunch, sugar plum, pumpp umppee pumpkin, you're my sweetie pie" song. I miss it. Waaahhh..
Precisely one year from todays date i will be getting married to my sugar plum!!! The nerves are startin to kick in a little! A year sounds like forever away, but we all know how fast it will fly by.
Sugar Plum Fairy came and hit the streets Lookin? for soul food and a place to eat Went to the apollo You should have seen him go go go They said, hey sugar, take a walk on the wild side I said, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side All right, huh
Good morning Sunshine! Allergies in full effect today. Having Zyrtec/Claritin and coffee for breakfast. My Sugar Plum will be here soon. I am hoping for no rain until later today so I can take her swimming for the first time. Happy Friday!
Lol good night sugar plums dream with the angels. ...
The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is a dance for a ballerina. It is the third movement in The Nutcracker pas de deux. This pas de deux is from Act 2 of the 1892 ballet The Nutcracker.
Jacqueline Harris Saxon, my choice of purple is orchid bouquet and sugar plum glimmer! Happy shopping!!!
G.N. tulip, butterflies, sugar plums and hotdogs, L.O.L... sweet dreams, loves my family and friends. God bless Angels watch over each and everybunny one of you! Until tomorrow!! Wuv's you!!
We are out of power too... Makes me think of all the fences that are possibly being blown down and collected by me. Sugar plums dancing in my head... Waking up will be like Christmas morning.
Things are GREAT!! I am so happy with my family, career and life in general! The future looks absolutely fabulous!! I want to thank my husband for believing in me and pushing me to get back into Real Estate. It's my passion and I am so blessed to have the support of an amazing man! I love you sweetheart. You are my sugar plum...always! Benjamin Klem xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
CoCaLo Sugar Plum Musical Mobile $25, retails $50 Excellent, like new condition Used ~3months Smoke free home, cross posted, no holds, must meet at CVS at Lynch & Oak Hill
Sugar Plum n Grandmother singing loud n jumping up n down wishing Doniya aka Niya a Happy Birthday turn it down for what!
Just went to Sugar Plums Bakery and they just put out a fresh strawberry cake and fresh coconut cake .I could eat both !!!
to May 29--our 2014 Sugar Plum Preschool graduation! Who's ready for school to start again? (just kidding!)
Greetings Sugar Plums! Happy Thursday to each and EVERY one of you BEAUTIFUL people. Today I speak the spirit of DISCERNMENT into each of your lives. need to be aware CONSTANTLY of the people, places, and things we allow into our spirits. The wrong thing, place, or person that totally disrupt, and sometimes DESTROY what we’ve taken so long to build. Today’s thought: Be careful even when you are keeping your distance. People can do you harm from outside of your circle. Even though a snake is looking in from far off… IT IS STILL A SNAKE! The King Cobra has a striking distance of almost ten feet. Which means that it doesn’t have to be upon you to bite you. People can do damage from the outside. Be careful. Don’t just watch your inner circle… but keep the defenses around the circle girded with prayer, loyalty and trust. BECAUSE SNAKES ARE DANGEROUS! Get it? Got it? GOOD! Love Me Some Y’all… J.
Good morning, Sugar Plums! What's shaking? The highlight of my day will be the arrival of my new washer and dryer. I got laundry, baby!
I glanced sideways at Diesel. “This isn’t the first time one of my cars has been exploded, burned, or bombed. “Gee, that’s a big surprise,” Diesel said. -- Visions of Sugar Plums
Well nite everone , may you all sleep with faries and sugar plums...sweet dreams ...hugs love
Goodnight sugar plums. .. off to dreamland with a smile
IRVING ANIMAL SERVICES - CODE RED - URGENT - All CODE RED CATS/KITTENS NEEDING RESCUE OR ADOPTION MUST BE TAGGED by Friday, June 13th at 3:00pm and OUT OF THE SHELTER NO LATER THAN 4:00PM on Saturday, June 14th. The tag time is set and the shelter is FULL. There is no guarantee on time as that is based on space available. If there is any interest on any of the animals here at the shelter, please have them contact us immediately via email and/or rescue hotline. Adopt or Rescue Only – No fostering. ADOPT or RESCUE E-MAILS listed below: For Adoption Interest – AdoptapetFor Rescue Interest – Rescueapet RESCUES please include the following information in your email: 1. Animal name and ID number 2. Full name 3. Phone number with the name of the person the number is associated with 4. Your 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS if not already on file. **Maizie 22544797 – cleared bite quarantine – previously code red before bite – Rescue Only ***Isolated incident*** - volunteers reported no is .. ...
So exhausted.finally, bed time!!! Goodnight all.may you all dream of sugar plums! EVERYONE, Be blessed! !! :)
Best time in Dever. Went to. Is it our mature. Friend in IDaho Springs. She was. Fashion merchNdiser and now runs her 'Sugar Plum' cafe. She wanted Lana to take this coat last year ..she was happy to see us and Lana got the coat. Just beautiful custom made. Buddy was so. Ute. She kept in touch with Lana. And now her. Fond memories will be kept with Lana. So nothing like a mink and saddles at the Continental Divide!
Do we have any Matilda Jane fans out there? Today is release day and it looks like some of the nail wraps will match perfect!!! Check these out. Turple Ombre, Fashionista, Shoreline and Sugar Plum!!!
We will be open normal hours from 10am to 6pm on Friday and Saturday. Stop in and let the Sugar Plum…
Hamilton Collection
me either sugar plum. Bring plenty of snacks!
Throwback Thursday: my sugar plum faerie days. 🍡🍬
Lilly Pulitzer Multicolored Dress. Size 8. The Sugar Plum Steal is $48.50. Call the store for immediate...
Today's my uncle birthday, tomorrow my little cousin, Saturday is my mom and her twin, Sunday is anna , and the 26 is my sugar plum. .
u pro - booked off Kendal Calling 2day sugar plum whilst also promoting you to my colleagues (lol) ur famous here in Harro now
QTsGold Paradise 'Nikki' for short is a 2012 Daughter of QTsGold Mastercard and out of the solid black AQHA mare Sugar Plum Paradise. She is owned, bred and shown by Eileen Howard from Lakeside, CA. Nikki is showing as a weanling in halter and had fantastic results at her first show taking Grand Champion Open Stock Halter Under Judge 2 and Reserve Grand Champion Open Stock Halter Under Judge 3!
But Sarah...ur my hunny bum sugar plum :* xx
yes, and I love my little sugar plum so much 😍👭
WHAT?! Where is this hostility coming from sugar plum honey bun
Going to spend time with my sugar plum with Jessica Alvarez
Sugar plum, you bumped into me. Don't look at me and say excuse you
My mother annoying yo lol said nana you use to be my lil fat sugar plum 😂😂 yo I'm to old to be called that now
Sofia is talking and screaming more and more; my little sugar plum is getting so big 💕
Wait. Letty's World theme is Tchaikovsky : Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy?? A
Listening to a remix of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Why??? .idk
Shanika better gone calling me sugar plum 😂😂
Unregistered no. Calling .. ( youre my hunny bunch, Sugar plum pumpy-umpy-umpkin youre my sweetypie . Youre my cuppy cake gum drops. Snoogums boogums youre the apple of my eye. - ringtone ko) Ako : Hi . Hus dis?! Siya : Can we fix it . I miss you .. Ako : Au revoir.(End call) No, Ill make you pay for this! Ill make you pay for messing with my heart!! YOU *** jerk! ***
*He raises an eyebrow and turns around.* Sugar plum? Really?
Can't wait to see my little sugar plum tonight 🍇☺️
Off to pick up sugar plum for lunch eating at the breakfast nook !
Sugar plum sweet. Aqua blue. I bathe in you. At last. Our fate is cast. One heavenly chord. We will clutch. Tomorrow. As our souls touch. Today
In honor of Mama Sugar Plum going home today.
Developing new product is really painstaking & takes time. I hope the trial size packs will be done before I pop out my sugar plum! So many things to do, so little time.
Rylove goes out to Mallard from Texas High. Thank you for helping the campers on the "leap of faith" on the high ropes courses. I have no doubt that you will continue to be there for us! -Sugar Plum & Magic Mike
“The Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy” reveals an imaginative and decorative side to Glyn Warren Philpot’s art:
Happy Birthday sugar plum!! May God bless u with much love and joy!! Hope ur day was great...I thanda u**huggsss**
Ahh my finley is such an affectionate little sugar plum today snuggles and disney I think xxx
While trying to keep my socks dry in the bathroom I perfectly executed the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy.
Early phone calls from Shanice Sugar Plum asking my location only mean one thing! Krispy kreme
Sugar Plum really wants the nabi.Bentley watch out!!
Hacked by the best girl in the world i love you sugar plum...
yesterday Nichole asked Jude what he wanted for his 6 month birthday and since I speak baby I was able to translate...he said "all I want is to see my aunt pickle" well sugar plum, I'm a day late and lots of dollars short but I'm'a comin!
Happy Birthday to my darling sugar plum, Adinoyi Numilekunoluwa Isreal Demide. Mummy loves you loads and praises God everyday for you, growing in wisdom and stature. May your desire for God wax stronger and stronger everyday in Jesus Name! Mwuah!
Well looks like this year I won't be able to do my yearly ritual, going to the mall telling all the children the truth about the Easter Bunny. Ah, how I will miss the cries of disappointment, and facial expressions of shattered dreams of the once sugar plum fairies that danced in their heads. Well, the good news is there is still Christmas to look forward to. :)
Happy 1st birthday to my sugar plum. My grand baby Grace! May your life be filled with love and blessings.
Well went to the club for the meat raffles n won 6 meat trays Sugar plum meat raffles again next Thursday nite
Sugar Plum Fairy played on glass harp.. *** !!
Yay going to see a few of my favourite people xoxoxo with my favourite honey bun sugar plum
Well today is the big day.first day of Comic Con FanX. I should be asleep right now dreaming of stockings hung by the fireplace, and sugar plum fairies dancing...wait wrong day...oh yeah Fan X!!! You have got to come see this!! It is HUGE! And I am majorly stoked about it.but alas I must get to bed, it is going to be a long day, but well worth the exhaustion. Merry Comic Con to all, and to all goodnight. And that is the rest of the story. (yes I am VERY loopy right now lol)
My first mask making experiment, the Ballerina Dentata (Sugar Plum Fairy) has been painted! It's almost done.
So proud of Carolyn Meier getting Sugar Plum Fairy! I can't wait to see her dance it! Love you girl! I'm having such a proud roommate moment!
I got an email that made my heart dance in circles like Sugar Plum Fairy's I need this more then anything.
Tell me why I deserved to have the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy song in my head.
Happy for cuzzo and his new marriage. Man, if my lil honey bun sugar plum don't reveal herself soon imma be on Channel 4 News.
If you like the food at Bravo but are not coming into the CBD, check out The Sugar Plum Tree now open at the Historic Village, 17th Avenue. We also provide catering through Chocolate Cat Catering.
Reborn prototype twins by Sugar Plum Nursery in Dolls, Bears, Dolls, Reborn | eBay
April 16th: Today i am grateful to have Kelliann in our lives. Eight years ago today she became our very first great granddaughter. Happy Birthday to my Sugar Plum. Can't wait for your summer break visit to Alabama! God is good and I am blessed.
When you get called ugly by someone who looks like a thumb with rabies that's been stabbed with a fork, don't make me giggle sugar plum.
Getting super excited for Sugar Plum! Mark your calendars for April 26 and 27!!
We are looking for Dancers for our SPF Dance Costume Range Photo Shoot in the next 4 weeks. Age Range: 5-6yrs , 8-10yrs and 12-14yrs (or if you are in a AD Small leotard) email: spfmainwith 2x images. These photos will be used in our catalogue, online and advertising. If you would like to be considered for this opportunity - girls selected will receive a $50 Gift Voucher and a Sugar Plum Gift Pack.
Sugar Plum is doing great in foster care! Shes loving the good life.
We had a visit from one of Luna's litter mates (sugar plum) on Sunday she is so darn adorable!!! Looks like she took after one do the other breeds of the litter :) Other picture is Luna my little pup
Sugar Plum fans- its time for that contest! Tell us- what is your favorite summer brand for kids? We will randomly choose the winner from all comments given below on 4/19. For every 50 shares we get we will choose an additional winner! The winner can choose ANY piece of clothing from this section for free Good luck everyone!
Its looking colourful at shop today, with Strawberry Smoothie Loofa Pop's, Cornish Coast Loofa Pop's, Sugar Plum & Vanilla Bath truffles and also a new batch of Bath Truffles Coconut Zing, which go nicely with the Coconut Zing Body Butter and colourful soap balls for something special xx
Not much posting I can do with a kid on one side but Happy Birthday to my ace boon *** my sugar plum Randi finally 21 we will turn up eventually I promise kisses
We are so happy to know in this moments that standard puppies will be born soon! That was one of my dream combination: Sire: JASENAK HEDONIST (Huffish It s No Secret x Jasenak Sugar Plum) Dam: HUFFISH RISKY BUSINESS (Bar None On The Prowl To Avatar x Huffish Funky Business) Pedigree:
The Sugar Plum and I had the pleasure of watching our son do a solo acoustic show this evening...just him and his was AWESOME...thank you Chris!
At the delectable Sugar Plum Cafe enjoying some delicious vittles! If anyone in Sac is out and about come give me a b-day squeeez!
Mm vegetarian brunch at Quantum Leap and chocolates at Sugar Plum :-)
These folks that have sativa sugar plum fairies of fame and fortune dancing in their heads should try smoking cannabis.
Big big shouts to my sugar plum on her birthday 🎉🎉 Happy Birthday 💯💃🙋 love you lots 💖💖😭
What are your new year's resolutions ? :)
Amazing how they managed to reproduce complex tunes such as the Sugar Plum Fairy and all with just 8-bit audio
All Scots should turn in the Vienna Phil on Beeb 2 right now. Scary tartan action to Sugar Plum Fairy.
Tra la la la la. She looks like a sugar in a plum. Plum plum Lol :p I'm a guy so I'm not very color clued up :\ :\
iBeLevon is spinning 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (TRIP HOP remix)' by Tchaikovsky in the Chillout Mixer:
that's okay sugar plum! I'm still bed, everyone else is up!!
mmm bring me hot Cheetos and we got a deal sugar plum 😘
Lol. I'll stop by yours after that sugar plum. 3rd wifey check and mate — Lol yeah no
Happy new year sugar plum Let me know when ur bk in London. 😘😘
it's my Tchaikovsky Sugar Plum Fairy teacher! Thank you for everything kak leen! You inspired us :')
New Years kiss with my sweet baby girl. Quit growing up sugar plum!!! I heart you. 😚
I am missing him like crazy. My little heart can't take it! Hurry home sugar plum!
I miss my sugar plum. im mad my phone dead.
31. New Year! Truely blessed to have him in my life my little sugar plum💜
Goodnight my loves! I got an early day babysitting my sugar plum
I call jayda sugar lips and she calls me plum booty ahhahhaa
Folding, cutting, slamming them against the wall, the Sugar Plum Fairy prepares her ballet shoes for “The Nutcracker” htt…
love u to sugar plum. Thank you for being a small but huge effective In the past month and half. Ur a true friend boo😘
aw love you sugar plum blessed bc I have you!!! (':
I love you more honey baby Sugar Plum Fairy!
Tell him that's a good idea. Thank you so much. Have fun, sugar plum :)
My sugar plum made it safely. . now to continue cooking and cleaning up. .
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker (Mariinsky
Sugar Plum tbh you mean, you cute though and my "ex"… yo lil pretty short self :*
Sugar plum cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream and practice with my new Dinkydoodle airbrush.
My sugar plum sick ..aaaww.. Mommy going take care of u sugar plum
thank you Sugar Plum..see u in the am..xoxo
My sugar plum done woke up hungry so carrots and sweet peas it us for her
Picking up my little sugar plum baby! Yay!
All purpose parts banner
Good morning sugar plum. Kelli Haines. U comming over today. Missin u
I miss my sugar plum kwazisholo uMandy lol
Rocking my sugar plum to sleep; EVERYTHING about her is just so FLAWLESS to me ❤️
Happy Birthday sugar plum! I love you Margaret Gray c u later!
Wht is a sugar plum papii, I must know this one
Awww sugar plum I'm in the emergency exit seat on this plane 󾌡
Sugar plum cinnamon and lemon tart, tell you what they are right from the start.
And with visions of sugar plums still dancing in their heads, they opened their doors to greet the public: We're open! Come on in.
75% off all Sale items at Sugar Plum Fairy Kids Boca Raton. Blowout sale will not happen again. Juicy Couture, Kate Mack, Ooh La La Couture
Dance of the sugar plum fairies. Teehee.
Happy Birthday Andrea Sugar Plum Olivas have a great one
Good Morning, World. 34-deg & anchovy buttered pumpernickel toast flying across sugar plum diamond skies in ATL for DarlaDog's am walk. How about where you are?
Just back from watching the National Ballet of Canada in The Nutcracker (James Kudelka's choreography). Greta Hodgkinson and Guillaume Cote were spectacular as Sugar Plum and Peter, and Jonathan Renna danced a fun and quirky, technically solid Uncle Nikolai -- a role very close to my heart. Xiao Nan Yu was graceful as always as the Snow Queen accompanied by her dapper Icicles, Etienne Lavigne and Patrick Lavoie. Also, I should give a big shout out to Alejandra Perez-Gomez as Baba, and Tanya Howard as the Bee. If you haven't seen the National in their flagship production, definitely check it out, and if it's been a while, it's worth seeing a new generation of dancers beautifully inheriting the old roles. Bravi tutti!
FUN FACT:- "700—number of Nutcrackers Ballet Tucson dance coach SUZANNE ERLON has danced in or directed in her career, including a stint under the legendary George Balanchine". - Tucson Weekly "One—number of PROFESSIONAL BALLET companies performing the show in Tucson. That honor goes to Ballet Tucson". - Tucson Weekly Nutcracker by the Numbers Tucson Weekly ... "Ballet Tucson, the city's only professional company, this year added Balanchine alumna Suzanne Erlon as dance coach for its lovely, traditional Victorian Nutcracker. Erlon danced not only with New York City Ballet but also with the Metropolitan Opera, Eliot Feld and Ballet West. Now relocated to Tucson, she says she's stunned by the "caliber of Ballet Tucson. These are gorgeous dancers with beautiful technique. It's wonderful for the city of Tucson." Prima ballerina Jenna Johnson is Sugar Plum and Stuart Lauer and Benjamin Tucker alternate as the Cavalier. Among the cast of 100, four girls from the studio's school dance the part of Clara, the ...
Christmas Concentration 2013 The OMG Edition! Oh My Glory! The Prizes!!! HERE'S A LOOK AT YOUR MIX95.1 CHRISTMAS CONCENTRATION PRIZE BOARD!   You’ll enjoy lots of Shrimp, shrimp, shrimp!!! With your $100 gift certificate to Johnnie’s in Chambersburg and Martinsburg!   Santa’s Sugar Plum! Stock up on candy, party supplies and more!  Take your pick with $100 gift certificate to Johnnies in Chambersburg and Martinsburg!   Filler up with your $100 gas card to use at any AC&T Convenience Store in the 4 state!   We’re not fueling around!!! Stay toasty this winter with $100 to fuel up with AC&T, home heating oil, propane or fuel for your ride!   Santa’s giving you a break, for brakes or anything that’s broke, so you won’t be! $100 for your vehicle repairs and maintenance at United Automotive in Chambersburg!   Cheer up yourself or send cheer to a friend for any occasion with your $100 gift certificate to All Occasion Florist in Chambersburg!   Shake it up at Kenny’s Drive In! $100 in deli ...
I've always wanted to try Sugar Plum diner. Pass it all the time. Also Black Bear Diner up the road off of Treat.
Love the picks. Cherry picking and Sugar Plum Fairy are my faves! I been telling people not to (
My step daughter, Ravenne Leclair, a 17 year old bundle of eccentricity, creativity, and general awesomeness. (No, she doesn't know I'm using this picture). :-) Why, if not for her, I wouldn't even know what a "Soul Eater" is. Love her and her mom Sugar Plum a whole lot.
& one of my many favourite Ian Gillan no's "Sugar Plum"
imagine for Rachel with Niall :D "Babe,look! The Eiffel Tower.",you say to Niall while he was getting food. "We should go up there.",he says and wraps you in his arm while the other had five bags of food. You and Niall decided to go to Paris while he was home from tour because you guys wanted time alone and away from everyone and you wanted it to be romantic since it would be the only alone-time you and Niall would be getting for now on. "Before we do go up,I need to get myself about you meet me up there in half an hour ,okay Cuddlebug?",you say. "I need to get ready too so that's fine with me Sugar Plum." You started walking back to the hotel.You wanted to get your beautiful dress that Niall bought you for your birthday.You were going to get a shower before you went there. While you were getting your shower,Niall came in to get his things ready for tonight too since you both shared a room.You froze in the shower when Niall came in.He opened the curtain and you screamed. "Niall,what are you doi ...
So proud of my kids! Shrek - Schaumburg On Stage Aug 9/10 Kelsey is double cast as Princess Fiona (and Gingy/Sugar Plum on her off nights) and Kailey is a tap dancing rat and Cinderella Mouse and other cool ensemble parts! And Luke Rands is double cast as Donkey (same cast as Kelsey's Fiona)! Kelsey Fiona with Luke as Donkey: Fri Aug 9 7pm and Sat Aug 10 1pm Tickets on sale to public starting Friday! So excited!
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Calling all Prayer Warriors. It is time to form our never-ending prayer circle by the joining of paws to hands and bowing our heads. Our most gracious heavenly Father we come to you in the name of your loving Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior. We know that you do things in your time not ours and that we should never ever give up. We ask that you give each member of the loved ones’ family peace and comfort in the knowledge that their loved one is safe with you either in Paradise or at the Rainbow Bridge. We know that they are in a better place and we are not to mourn a death but to rejoice and celebrate their life as they have made the transition to be with you. The Rainbow Bridge has gained two angels. Sugar Plum and Wiggles passed away last night in her sleep. She was 16 yrs old. and each one that grew their wings, fly free, and know that you are loved. You are forever in our hearts. Lord each precious fur baby has left someone grieving for them. Sugar Plum has left her Momma Jani .. ...
Color Run in Sept with my Sugar Plum!!! Then Zombie Run in November!!! We are gonna have quite the time! Cc: Sabrina F.
going to the beach for my cousins birthday Ohhh yea Party Time But the only thing i wanna do is talk to Sugar Plum!!
Here is the the whole video of me playing my first song I made called Inception plz like it comment wat u guys think and ill make more
Awwwhh thank you habbie made me tear a little , love you more sugar plum mwaahx
I do not think so sugar plum!! She's hidden away in a safe place, guarded by dragons :)
Ordered the Wet'n'Wild Sugar Plum Fairy cuz it's a good dupe for MAC rebel. I am both scared and excited to try this cheap substitute.
I have nicknames for people lol boo boo biscuit, sugar plum, punkin 😂
I've been better Sugar Plum, how are you? Love you too x x
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Sugar plum didn't save me no cupcake
Sweet dreams, friends! My friend Elizabeth from Nine Dragons Photography shares my passion for blossoms and flowers. Her photographs almost make me wish that springtime would last all year... here's a little snapshot to give you sweet dreams of sugar plum fairies ♥
miss you too sugar plum. We'll plan a day to meet up soon!
Check out Sugar Plum Vegan, as featured in our bookmark campaign spotlight, at the Midtown Sacramento's Farmer's Market on Saturdays mornings on 20th & J Street. The first one if it's kind in Midtown. Yeah! Their products are also available at Plum Cafe & Temple Coffee (both 9th street & S street locations).
Happy Mothers day to my baby my Lightskin my Sugar Plum and to the best mother a daughter can ask for…
“I miss and dancing. miss you too sugar plum xx
I remember I use to not like _foreverjazziie lol jk that's my boo I love you sugar plum lol We could…
not at home, im @ my sugar plum plums yard still , abeeel! Mm❤_❤
I will help you in the morningg sugar plum :D
Hope know ones messing with my Sugar Plum pfft not Impressed You ok x
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