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Suez Canal

The Suez Canal , also known by the nickname The Highway to India , is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

Suez Crisis Panama Canal Middle East Red Sea Anthony Eden

Constituting a committee from transport ministry, Suez Canal authority and SCER.
|Revenues of Egypt's Suez Canal jump to $440 mln in May
Tonight: the Suez Canal, Indian cooking, and the Gettysburg Address! Only - Mon / Tues 7:30 PM
We were the lead ship in a convoy through the Suez Canal!
will establish 30 projects in the Suez Canal Economic Zone with investments totaling $20B:
And it's not everything.just WW1/WW2,the independence and then history of arab count…
Since when is the Middle East part of Africa? Did they fill in the Suez canal? I'll have to uppdate my maps.
The new Canal and the Adriatic ports of e via .
The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, along with six workers of the Suez Canal Company!
30 projects worth $20 billion to be established in Suez Canal Economic Zone: official
The powers that be built their suez canal to separate the land of Israel from the dark continent. Remember Israelit…
Gallipoli is a cold-case. Meanwhile revenue from the Suez Canal alone was worth 3.183 billion US$ Jan-August 2016.
April 24, 1957 - Suez Canal is reopened following the Suez Crisis.
UPI Almanac for Monday, April 24, 2017: On April 24, 1957, the Suez Canal was reopened…
Raya plans to set up pasta factory in Suez Canal Economic Zone
1957 Suez Crisis: Suez Canal is reopened following the introduction of UNEF peacekeepers to the region.
The Suez canal continues to see declines in traffic
Suez Canal offering new sweeteners for bulk carriers via
I don't buy it. Syria and Iran don't have a commo…
"not a coincidence that the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, which was less than a year after the Suez Canal crisis. In October 1956"seeRT
Generals Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan celebrate crossing the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War
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With Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser as our Prime Minister, the British finally withdrew the last of their troops from the Suez Canal in 1954.
Worst PM. Cameron's referendum was the greatest miscalculation since Anthony Eden tried to take the Suez canal in the 50s
I doubt UK being back east of Suez Canal will work if FSB top agent is getting his strings pulled by Putin. .
Not all oil shipments to the West pass through Suez. The largest supertankers are too big for the canal.
WTH Britain wants us of of a sudden because the Suez Canal has an entrance to India? Sorry we're better than you!
1956: brutally invaded after their populist leader Nasser affected British profits by nationalising the…
Tranisiting the Suez Canal aboard with kevnzworld
Transiting the Suez Canal today aboard with kevnzworld
Syria and the Suez Canal, do you understand soldiers?
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If let the control of the Red Sea to western countries and especially it's a direct threat to the Suez Canal & the country.
if you also double check the SCA website it reports on figures for tankers too to give better idea on number using Suez Canal
Live aboard newest ship, Encore, we are currently cruising the Suez Canal on a beautiful day!
Oy What do you reckon? It looks like an uptick in traffic over at the Suez Canal. Need to check por…
4 News • 'Africa must take advantage of the Suez Canal - MENA' via Full story at
Iran, Russia map out rival to Suez Canal
I'm so anxious, but hopefully all my hard work will pay off! At least now I know all about the Suez Canal!
TIL In 1956 Britain, France, and Israel invaded Egypt to get back the Suez Canal. Despite being a military success…
💬Flashback in history: Suez Canal opened to shipping 17 November 1869. ➡Read more -
Ike transits the Suez Canal, enters U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations via
The longest swing bridge in the world is 340m and spans the Suez Canal. Our swing bridge is smaller,…
Which Egyptian president ordered the seizure of the Suez Canal in 1956?
Trying to find more on Suez Canal & people who served with my Grandad. Doesn't he look handsome 😍 he was 18. So pro…
|Suez Canal revenue expected to surge after OPEC oil cuts, analysts say.
To preserve their hold of the Suez canal after WWII the British made plans to stop and if needed sink ships with jewish immigrants
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Thank you! Spending the day in Ashdod, Israel before heading to the Suez Canal.
on 1894 Ferdinand de Lesseps, French businessman and diplomat, co-developed the Suez Canal (b. 1805)
"Compatriots, we shall maintain our independence and sovereignty. The Suez Canal is now our property. Yet it is still Egypts"(323)
Thanks for the ❤️! It was fascinating to transit the Suez Canal!
Russia ready to build Suez Canal industrial zone - Medvedev
💥 says to expand Rus Industrial Zone on the Suez Canal to 2000 hectares instead of 80, operations to begin on Dec, 2018.
Egypt to expand Russian industrial zone in Suez: The area of the Russian industrial park on the Suez Canal is to be…
On India's moment in the Suez Canal crisis - Hindu Business Line Be Found
India's moment in the Suez Canal crisis
Also 1956 British and French troops invade Egypt in order to seize back control of the Suez Canal, continuing the Sue…
Lady Eden complained that the Suez Canal was flowing through her drawing room. So what was Cherie Blair's complaint?
The goal: To regain control of the Suez Canal and to remove Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
Gomaa's failed assassunation comes in the anniversary of the Suez Canal bypass, which he said was similar to a conquest of Prophet Mohamed!
10 years later with taking of Suez Canal, British and French influence was out.
Nobody got it. The answer was: Suez Canal
just saw $MSL exec loading an anti-ship missile, headed to Suez Canal. Issue solved or nah?
These measurements are provided by your trusted scientists. Maldives, Suez canal & others impossible
Archbishop Cosmo Lang was praying for salvation while Britain held Suez Canal open for Mussolini
Suez Canal offers second toll sweetener to VLCC operators
Canal reduces tolls for tankers en route from Americas to Persian Gulf
26 July 1956: Nasser announces the nationalisation of the Suez Canal but What’s the Context?
MT Suez Canal Dev't is working to develop Canal Area into 1 of MENA's largest economic hubs
Timothy Nunan interviews our author Valeska Huber about her title Chanelling Mobilities - http…
Fly from the UK to Venice, embark on the ship and set Sail to Heraklion, Greece (Overnight onboard); Suez Canal,...
Something is coming... our vessel XIN CHANG SHU already crossed the Suez Canal, full steam ahead!
For the 60th anniversary, the History of Government blog looks at Nasser's nationalisation of the Suez Canal:
Today on HD 39091 b: Suez Crisis: The United Kingdom & France begin bombing Egypt to force the reopening of the Suez Canal (1956/10/31)
Swedish Club: Suez Canal grounding with pilot onboard
IS/CCA posts 20K employes Suez canal list,hacked all export and import data .
nationalised the Suez Canal 60 yrs ago today & celebrated anniversary by cutting rates for v large vessels
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DP World Sokhna receives high-ranking British delegation to boost investments in the Suez Canal Area Development...
I am always curious about the suez canal ever since I read about it in a children's book.
& related...60 years ago today Gamal Nasser nationalizes the Suez Canal, sparking the
start by cutting that $2 billion a yr to egypt b/c they'll let us use the suez canal anyway. Think gas prics will go up?
Today in history: Nasser nationalises the Suez Canal
Where Is the Suez Canal Located, How Long Is the Suez Canal, and What Is the Importance of ...
60 years ago today Egyptian President Nasser moved to nationalize the Suez Canal for the Egyptian people:
July 26, 1956: President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt nationalizes the Suez Canal. This could be bad news for the West and its economies.
Progress continues on the Suez Canal; last year Egypt opened the New Suez Canal, vastly increasing capacity
The Suez Canal Development Zone is also working to develop the Canal Area into one of MENA's largest economic hubs htt…
60 years ago today Egyptian President Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal making the rest of 1956 a year to remember.
26 July 1959 the Egyptian president announced nationalisation of the Suez Canal https…
So, the just released personal details of 20k Suez Canal employees who, apparently, are apostates or smthg
📷 thepianomaker: USS Bainbridge (CGN-25) transits the Suez Canal sometime in the 1980’s
Prospect of Canal expansion bad news for and as transit trade is dropping
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"Driving a ship through the Suez Canal." Calm yourself, Jim Nantz. You're really reaching today.
Google map data way behind on the new channels in the Panama Canal (& Suez)
As a soldier's son, I salute the heroes of the British military. The Falklands and Suez Canal are safe thanks to you
Vital strategic position if there is a war in the Middle East. The entrance to the Suez Canal can be blocked easily
In retrospect Cameron must be wishing that he'd only parachuted troops beside the Suez Canal instead.
Do cruise ships still travel through the Suez Canal? Is there any risk? Is it all well & safe?
With way security is in Egypt, what is preventing Isis from bombing [with airplane] a cruise ship in the Suez Canal?
Egypt's Suez Canal charging VLCCs coming from the Arabian Gulf $155,000
Wide enough to rival the Suez Canal and cater to wider cargo ships, the Panama Canal expansion opens today
Mohab head of the Suez Canal: participate in the ceremony of the Panama Canal
I feel like Lawrence (O'Toole) standing on the Suez Canal with the dispatch rider shouting: 'who are you?'
Wonder if the Panama Canal expansion will be as under-used as the Suez Canal expansion.
Survival. Trend toward larger ships favored Suez Canal over Panama Canal for Asia-to-Americas trade.
Clear skies as we float across the Suez Canal, Egypt.
Suez Canal, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.
Carriers line up services for expanded Panama Canal - Maersk to shift one string from Suez routing as CMA CGM m...
Maersk to shift Asia-US east coast service from Suez to Panama Canal now new locks ready
Just spoke with a Maersk exec: any growth in Panama Canal will result in 1:1 loss for Suez Canal.
Like the invasion of the Suez Canal - Leave has no plan. Humiliation beckons.
Panama Canal expansion could reshape world trade routes pushing back against competition from Suez Canal
10–15% = est. revenues lost by Panama Canal in last 3 years to Suez Canal, where larger ships could pass through
2M to shift USEC all-water service from Suez to Panama via
210 ships pass through the Suez Canal, carrying 12.8m tonnes in 5 days -
"AIDA by Verni is the famous opera written to celebrate the opening of the SUEZ CANAL in 1869."
let's practise first by taking back the Suez Canal
Cairo Opera House: premiere "waves of new Suez Canal" by Saverio Santoni. project of Director Sabbatini IIC Cairo.
Dug my own Suez Canal to drain some barley ! 72 mm for the week
"The Suez Canal Crisis is a which the Suez Canal was involved" LMAO
So far, orange is the new black has referenced a streetcar named desire and the Suez Canal crisis...coincidence? I think not 😂
Wonder if Isis & Al Qeada will be waiting n Suez Canal or Gate of Tears with superfast Iranian torpedoes?
Now a days Eyebrows are thicker than Suez Canal.
Noted maritime historian Bill Miller captured this photo as transited the Suez Canal with this week.
Another boxship grounding incident. This time at Suez Canal. Just after 2 months of the incident at Elbe River.
Crossing of 292 vessels the Suez Canal in six days.
292 ships transit Suez Canal with 16.2m tonnes in 6 days -
Cheap energy prices are limiting Egypt’s access to foreign currency via the Suez Canal via
I went down the Suez Canal as a child just after the Suez Crisis. (I was NOT responsible.)
With 15 min to go, my essay about the Suez Crisis were left as "Fear and loathing in the Suez Canal". I hope they appreciate it.
Suez Canal: . ← Older revision. Revision as of 13:06, 28 March 2016. (One intermediate revision not shown)Lin...
Ship headed to to be fined to dumping straw over 30×50m in |
Vintage photo of An aerial view of a Suez Canal. -
President Abdel Fattah El Sisi of Egypt provides a more economical way for commerce through the Suez Canal.
The mega ships coming via Suez and Panama Canal will soak up the idle cash and turbo charge the global economy.
search google and Wikipedia. Building suez canal was compeleted by Darius I of persia
Ok, show your proof that the Persians dug the Suez Canal & expanded it too.
Star Clippers voyages through the historical Suez Canal from Athens to Safaga on October 29 on a 9-night sailing
301. October 21-Israel retaliates by shelling Egyptian refineries along the Suez Canal.
1935 THE SUEZ CANAL, magazine article, history, people etc
bulk carrier Dream Coral ran aground in -
'Suez canal': Tehran could connect and
320 ships transited Suez Canal with total load of 16.4m tonnes last week
New Suez Canal boost from 'One Belt One Road', Iran opening up. The new Suez Canal stands to benefit from China’.. https…
5th March 1974 During the Yom Kippur War Israeli forces withdraw from the west bank of the Suez Canal.
Going around Good Hope is 10 days longer, but $235,000 cheaper. Transit fee at Suez Canal= $465,000. Lo$$ for EGY.
Interesting ... Cheap oil is taking shipping routes back to the 1800s (pre Suez Canal days)
Suez Canal to Benefit from 'One Belt One Road' ... OBOR is everywhere these days.
Or Ike i.e 1956 Suez Canal. Burned Anthony Eden a new one.
It's now cheaper for a ship to sail all the way around Africa than to pay the fees to cross the Suez Canal. Crazy.
Freight is starting to run around the Cape rather than through the Suez Canal.
Fuel's so cheap ships are taking long way around Africa rather than pay Suez Canal fees: http…
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Low oil prices reroute vessels around the southern African cape instead of using the Suez Canal
Fuel is so cheap that ships r choosing 2 take the long way around Africa rather then pay fees 2 transit Suez Canal.
Crazy: "Fuel has gotten so cheap that ships are going around Africa rather then pay the fees at t the Suez Canal.”
Fuel is so cheap that ships sail around Africa because it's cheaper than the Suez Canal fees.
Oil is so cheap and shipping so unlucrative that ships now go around Africa instead of paying for the Suez Canal. .
wants Malaysia (!!) to open an industrial zone along the Suez Canal.
Balfour 1917, so giving Jews part of Palestine strengthens British control over the Suez Canal, safeguarding GB's route to India.
Suez canal still cheaper option vs passage for trade/shipping - only likely to change in 2040s. Report:
Back when we passed through the Suez Canal
275 ships transit Suez Canal with total load of 15.98m tonnes:
Like how the suez canal is gonna make us lots of money? Or curing AIDS? Not those lies? Ah, ok..
let East India Co. manage tax receipts. let British led Co. manage Suez Canal. Guess who all just threw out FB’s Free Basics?
I think he is the most shameless liar on either side of d Suez Canal
Look! I unlocked the Suez canal badge with !
If Russia gets Bosphorus, their next target will be the Suez Canal.
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Let's face it. When was the last time you read an authentic book about the streets of Nairobi, or the deserts of Sudan, or the Suez Canal
This guy must be the most shameless liar on this side of Suez Canal..
Egypt's Suez Canal Project is China's new initiative's pillar -
& sign $15bn of including on & hub development around Suez Canal https:…
Despite Global Warming Canal will remain preferred shipping route: new study - via
New Arctic Shipping study suggests that Suez Canal Route will remain preferred shipping route in coming decades.
"Suez Canal Insurance launches representative office in Fayoum
Suez Canal Insurance launches representative office in Fayoum
Yep. Already on the bus. Next stop, wherever it is near Suez Canal.
1915 8/2 Austrians continue to advance in Bukovina. . Turks officially stated to be in full retreat east of Suez Canal
from 'Visit to the Suez Canal. With ten illust ...' (1866). More info:
British & and French ships ordered out off coasts through Suez Canal, while the American warships stand-by bet…
Invasive species passing through the Suez Canal pose rising health and safety risks.
Egypt TV execs axe show searching for best singer on the canal beyween the Med & Red Sea. Suez Idol?. No, but they're disappointed
| Insurance launches representative office in Fayoum.
Patrolling today & spoke to 4 Suez Canal military veterans on their way to a reunion. 4 men who served their country with pride 🇬🇧
Here's a great, beautiful time-lapse of the nuclear supercarrier USS Theodore Roosevelt crossing the new Suez...
312 ships transited Suez Canal with total load of 17.77m tonnes last week
Naai nee USA was actually build by Black People. Britain benefited greatly from Walvis Bay & Suez Canal
January 1916 - Australian troops, recently evacuated from Gallipoli, at Tel el Kebir camp near the Suez Canal.
just like hw Egypt is treated special coz on interest in Suez Canal
Conversation at dad and baby group this morn;. Social services . Suez Canal & the Navy's retaliation policy. Bacon barms . Local pubs FB page
Travel by cruise ship to Suez Canal, Egypt
Emerging Tech: What do Analytics and the Suez Canal have in common?: 1859: Egyptian workers under Fr...
The Statue of Liberty was originally intended for the Suez canal.
1957: British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden resigns from office following his failure to retake the Suez Canal from Egyptian sovereignty.
Suez Canal was built years ago when they did not take the curvature into consideration, hundreds of miles long remainin flat
memories. Entrance to the suez canal. From the Suez city
The opening of the Suez-Canal (1869) and the telegraph (1871) changed the way business was done in China.
He renationalised the Suez canal and was popular throughout the Arab world.
– 76.1 m tons of petroleum crossed new Suez Canal in 11 months
Womens spatial awareness is shocking. Spent 5 mins waiting for 2 bimbo's to try & pass each other through a gap as big as the Suez Canal. 👀🙈
The Suez Canal; Letters and Documents Descriptive of Its Rise and Progress in...
Jan 8th 1916: The invasion of Egypt and the Suez Canal will be undertaken mainly by Turkish forces, reports claim.
Egypt will reopen strategic Suez Canal bridge ‘in days', army says
Egypt will reopen strategic Suez Canal bridge ‘in days,’ army says
will reopen strategic Canal bridge ‘in days,’ army says
expansion informs about Egypt's other projects
Suez canal joins the Red Sea nd meditterinean sea. It was completed in 1869. It is 17 km long nd 150m wide.
Apr 25 1859- British and French engineers break ground for the Suez Canal
Suez Canal...I refuse to be afraid.
Barthaldi returned to Egypt in 1869 w/ the blueprint of the giant statue that would double as a lighthouse at the entrance of the Suez Canal
The Suez canal, 100 miles long and Flat
Saudi Arabia secures the East Coast of the Red Sea and entrance to Suez Canal - it can do no wrong, obviously.
Suez Canal looks quite small from space.
No security fr unless pals r free &occ ended. Barleiv line on suez canal broke in hours.
2015. gift of Egypt to world. new racist Suez canal. Where Mosques allowed but no churches or other
Why Egypt's Suez Canal is so important for the world economy (2011)
Photos of Army GPWs in Suez Canal Zone, 1952 & 1953, added today
Canal expansion should look inwards to raise for …
Iranians in Yemen and the Chinese in Djibouti, and control the Suez canal oil route.
Fleet missile passes north thru heads for
Suez Canal Insurance's premium volume up 9.7% in first half of 2014/15
Liberal values, not so much. Depends on what. Example, Egypt's useful for Suez Canal, Palestine & not going to war w Israel.
"Navigating this massive ship through the Suez canal is incredibly difficult, but I'll manage," Tom said cantankerously.
1910: Egypt - America's Great White Fleet passed through the Suez Canal, the largest group of ships to pass through up to that time.
DG: Suez 1916, Ottoman Strik, Folio Board Game Folio Game of the Ottoman Attempt to Breach & Capture the Suez Canal,
Anthony Eden conspired with Pierre Laval to hold open the Suez Canal for Mussolini's Blackshirts.
Answer: Because the US/UK/IDF Empire continues to secure the Suez Canal regardless of the costs.
Suez Canal-crisis 1956-France-UK attacked Egypt, but USA did not join-instead came Eisenhower Doctrine & leverage-is this Obama's strategy??
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China eyes industrial zone in Suez Canal project
The Mubarak bridge of peace. In convoy sailing the Suez Canal on Azamara Quest
Today in 1956, British & French paratroops land in Egypt to seize the Suez Canal. The world condemns the invasion.
- 1956 - Britain and France invade Egypt following Abdel Nasser's nationalisation of the Suez Canal.
This Day in 1956, Israeli armed forces push into Egypt toward the Suez Canal, initiating the Suez Crisis.
29.10.1956 – Suez Crisis begins: Israeli forces invade the Sinai Peninsula and push Egyptian forces back toward the Suez Canal.
Only the US has naval bases around the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. Everybody else doesn't know trade?
A review of soldiers in the Jezreel Valley in shortly before their attack on the Suez Canal,c1914
-Canal authority announces 700M$ container terminal project within the project of developing Suez Canal
Sergey, thats 2014 Location. last week been reports it crossed into Medeterania threw Suez Canal
She supported her views with a recently completed project around the Suez canal which took just 9months as against 3years initially planned.
Suez Canal was the PLA Navy supply ship
a lighter picture: Egyptians in Flags and Suez Canal navy caps.
The rumour is false. There were no Chinese carriers at Suez Canal.
where's it going to get bunkered/provisioned? & did anybody see it go thru the Suez Canal? Color me skeptical...4 now!
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besides it hasn't been sighted in the Suez Canal or Gibraltar. Typical disinfo.
Hmmm, wouldn't it have been seen going through the Suez Canal?
It's true. It had been seen coming up through Egypt suez canal earlier.
That is BS. Would have been clearly seen transiting the Suez canal.
Congratulations to people of & President for speedy opening of canal expansion-Now for Second
Ship Photo of the Day – Ships in Suez Canal Seen from Space
is a great achievement for the Egyptians: Croatia’s President .
discuss investment potential in Canal project.
News : The biggest fish farm in the Middle East is planned to be built in the new Suez Canal area.
Enter into the canal to assist in . Are you embarrassed yet?
Wave of Patriotism as Egypt Raises $9 Billion for Suez Canal -
¡ Egypt holds trial run on second Suez Canal on
When the new, expanded Suez Canal was inaugurated on August 6, the world marveled at the endeavor and...
After having discovered leaks about chats in my former office, the Diane network (Côte d' Ivoire/Suez Canal) wouldn' t be a dream.
Apparently a Chinese naval vessel went through the Suez Canal headed for to join effort against ISIS http…
Ringed-bimetallic 1-pound coin from Egypt celebrates new Suez Canal project .
Military historians generally agree that had Tobruk fallen then the Suez canal would have fallen.
Successfully built both the Panama and Suez canals! I am the Canal Princess.
Chinese navy (fleet includes an aircraft carrier) is currently moving through the Suez canal to the Mediteranean...
I had forgotten John Boehner and I shared a birthday, Nov 17. Rock Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Lauren Hutton and the Suez Canal, too.
Suez Canal. Robert Adamson. Cover with pastel and charcoal on 2 sheets
The Hill New Suez Canal: Billed as Egypt’s gift to the world, the inauguration of the new Suez Canal earlier t...
the Egyptian economy added to the many economic projects President Sisi welcomed the Arab investments in the development of the Suez Canal
Egypt's Sisi says new Suez Canal has already recouped its cost - but does the math add up?
Read about Nixon administration efforts to monitor the cease-fire zone along the Suez Canal
In the last 2 hours I've seen the Suez Canal, The Nile, Giza Pyramids and Hannah's happy face but seeing Arsenal here beats it all.
$8.5 billon Suez Canal extension opens in Cairo
First ships travel new Suez Canal extension
22 commericial ships have passed through new Suez Canal extension on Friday, Egyptian news…
Will enthusiasm for the new Suez Canal meet the Egyptian state-media expectations?
Italian study shows benefits of new Suez Canal
I am sure the Suez Canal is providing some benefits more than the British Royal Family ( with my love and respect to them).
Egypt: Egypt - the Suez Canal's Second Coming: [Daily Maverick] On Thursday, the Egyptian president will forma...
On our way to the opening of the Suez Canal expansion. Here's a cake baked in the shape of royal yacht "Mahrousa".
The day begins with a giant cake in the shape of royal boat "Al Mahrousa" that Sisi will enter the new Suez Canal on
Mubarak 'satisfied' by Suez Canal project . Former president Hosni Mubarak is pleased with …
[Rapid City Journal] A look at Egypt's Suez Canal, past and present
| | Endowment Ministry orders preachers to speak of new Suez Canal next Friday . Egyptian Endowment...
Kim Yong Nam will attend the opening of the newly upgraded Suez Canal
Bashir to attend inauguration ceremony of the new Suez Canal - Sudan Tribune:
Suez Canal capacity doubled and revenues rise to £8.5bn so 97 ships a day for 365 days must pay …
Was Mohab Mamish ever asked about the potential impact of the opening of the Northern Sea Route on the Suez Canal revenues?
Egyptian plans Guinness diving record in new Suez Canal: Former navy officer and wor... مصر
Egypt's Suez Canal revenues fall in the month of June | Al Bawaba
U.S. Marine Corps look at the sunset as the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima transits through the Suez Canal,...
Aviation minister checks on Cairo airport for Suez Canal inauguration...
The inauguration ceremony of the new Suez Canal will reportedly cost $30 million. Sisi wants to copy Khedive Ismael. htt…
After its closure following the 6 Day War, the Suez Canal was reopened by Anwar El Sadat 40 years ago on 5 June 1975
is of a similar stretgic significance to & Far East as the Suez Canal in Egypt was to Europe and Asia. . …
It's Amazing Jumpei chan! I wish I knew the history of this picture. The Suez Canal was not open until 1869!
he sanction the construction of the Suez Canal , effectively cutting of access to Egypt of the Middle East .
yeah this is awkward, Suez Canal...
I think this is about the 10th time we're "studying" the Suez Canal Crisis since freshman year. And by studying I mean a worksheet.
After terrorists claim 13 lives in Sinai, El-Sisi reshuffles top army, navy, intelligence and Suez Canal chiefs
There's a reason I did not do well on the AP world exam. I was like "the Suez Canal is in Egypt.". Apparently it's in Africa THIUGH.
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