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Sue Simmons

Susan Sue Simmons (born May 27, 1943) is a former news anchor who was best known for being the lead female anchor at WNBC in New York City from 1980-2012. Her contract with WNBC expired in June and WNBC announced that it would not renew it.

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Judge: Cops in the Freddie Gray case can sue Marilyn Mosby for malicious prosecution
Nice way to end the day. Jason Palmer Valerie Simmons Palmer Sue Cashau Simmons
Might as well sue the car manufacturer for making cars that can be crashed. Then sue themselves for giving birth to so…
CNN apologizes to Wikileaks after threatening to sue over commentator calling Assange a pedophile
Congratulations to our lunchroom staff: Sue Simmons, Manager; Audrey Capps; Frances Lee; and Twila Meredith for...
Hillary death Report was almost as funny as Sue Simmons cursing on the news
I have no words for this whole saga, but one thing I do know is that it won't be the same without Mel & Sue 😭
How much did the Trump campaign pay Joe Torres to pull a "Sue Simmons" live on the air?
Just caught the tail end of 11pm news and realized I miss Sue Simmons deeply.
News about and Mel and Sue leaving has ruined my day. Better enjoy this series, looks like it'll be the last one worth watching 😣😢
I had the dump the Christian bale gimmick because I got a cease and desist order. They were gonna sue me for all my playst…
She is still the best to me...her and Sue Simmons
do u keep in touch with sue Simmons? How is she?
Lots of fun this Sunday night in Denton! Support Caroline Counties own Sue Simmons as she goes for the title of...
Come out and support Caroline Counties own Sue Simmons as she "Dances for the Dogs" and helps raise funds for 3...
contributor Wayne Simmons by for falsifying Gov't Credentials via
13.30 minutes in and Simmons has only just appeared. Who do I sue because of this?
I'm not sure if they signed away their right 2 sue but,There's a RushCard petition -
*** Russell Simmons a savage put a clause in the contracts where customers can't sue him
Russell Simmons set the Rush cards up by putting in the user agreement that neither party has the right to sue the other. Smh
Russell Simmons made sure that you can't do anything when he takes your money--cardholders sign a form saying they can never sue
Those bank cards Russell Simmons pushes. They aren't working right now because of some glitch. Customers can't sue
CAN people sue Russell Simmons over this, or is there fine print?
Dang, people trying to sue Russell Simmons and Rush Card... I mean dude about to be beyond broke with all these people involved.
I hope everyone gets their money back. And if not, they need to sue Russell Simmons monkey ***
Right-wing media's Benghazi "expert" arrested for falsely claiming he worked for the CIA:
Here the brave and wonderful, Sue Simmons, Director of Caroline County Recreation and Parks braving the chilly...
After arrest of Fox's Benghazi 'expert,' Conservative group scrubs him from their website:
This is why there are so many GOP Klowns. This is what the GOP "base" is taught.
in Union County. viewer Sue sent me this from Jim Simmons walking trail in Marysville. Nice
You let Sue Simmons go but still have decrepit Chuck Scarborough. Sexism? Racism? Both? I’ll NEVER watch your newscast again.
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If there isn't a hot Fitz-Simmons sex scene, I WILL SUE YOU, Please just make it happen
32 years of broadcasting, WNBC kicks Sue Simmons to the curb -
I don't find many Marvel female characters attractive bar Sue Storm, Agent Simmons and Sif. Oh and Liv Tyler in Incredible Hulk 😛
Richard Simmons makes everything Fabulous. (someone should tell him the red shirt rule though)
I am the one who eMailed Sue Simmons to ask: if Alex Rodriguez is ARod, should you not be LBer? I miss you on NBC.
We're so proud of Sydney Simmons for receiving the Tommye Sue Barger Scholarship!
Gene Simmons has just hired a lawyer to sue you.
Sue Simmons was to funny when she was caught with her potty mouth on live tv LOL
Funny and ironic to watch jenna bush interview a Mexican Prince, who is also a 6 time Olympian, considering her father wanted to build a wall between us and Mexico. She's also a horrific journalist, she doesn't flow or speak well. A majority of good journalists who fumble and don't always speak smooth are usually funny or slightly sarcastic to compensate. She is not, and honestly besides kathylee Gifford and Hoda Kotab, channel 4 now *** Savannah replaced my lovely Ann Curry and for that she's a *** in white as aunt flow rolls in. Matt Lauer is about 600 he's boring, always has been, and like Deric Jeter take a hint, Al Roker getting a near nude massage in sochi caused 66,000 cats to blind themselves and the two wild orcas captured just for the Olympics, drowned themselves in beet soup, AKA its time to go. Channel 4 really lost me after Sue Simmons was replaced with the stiffest, oldest/youngest black woman, you might just mistake her for an old white woman from New England... Finally off to bed! Nig ...
The wonderful giving a tribute to the news legend Sue Simmons
take out Isola and put in Sue Simmons..
Shiba Russell was demoted? Didn't know that! I wonder how Sue Simmons took to that news?
.begins his reign. Hitting the mark at NBCNY's Studio 6B made famous by Berle, Kovacs, Paar, Carson, Sue Simmons.
Respect your passion and fight for what is right but don't have a Sue Simmons moment "The Are You Doing" 😂
Sue Simmons gets mad at the cruise ship.
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takes a test drive of his revamped studio. He'll hit the same mark used by Berle, Paar, Carson, and Sue Simmons.
Always a good time chatting with Miss and Sue
Miss y'all mom and daddy. Connie Sue Simmons, James C Jones
No matter where I am, who I am with, or how lonely I'm feeling, I'm blessed to know that I will always have my number one Valentine thinking of me on this day. My wonderful mother! I love you and Happy Valentine's Day Sue Simmons
hey, I wanna see Bill Ritter and Sue Simmons teamed up for the 6PM newscast, she's not doing anything after NCB gave her the boot
1975, mixed doubles, Sue Simmons and me vs Quinn and Gabe Pressman. Sue lobs, I'm at net. Quinn overheads the lob. BAM. Ri…
Still, the most entertaining thing from NY has to be Letterman using Sue Simmons accident over and over.
Out of the blue I decided to look foe Sue Simmons, formerly of I went 2 Beltsville from NCntral Jersy in 3/87
So KableTown just got bigger? merger I DEMAND and Sue Simmons host the 5th hour of
I may go a little over the top, but bear with me. There have been so many great local TV news anchor pairings over the years. Patrice King Brown/Stacy Smith (Pittsburgh), Chuck Scarborough/Sue Simmons (New York), Chet Curtis/Natalie Jacobson (Boston), David Johnson/Peggy Finnegan (Pittsburgh), just to name a few. Well, for once, I'm going to host something, and will FINALLY have a co-anchor/host! Stay tuned folks...
thank you! Sue Simmons just became my new hero.
Google Ghost in the Machine: I was typing "sursum" of sursum corda, slipped & typed an "e" instead of "r." It autofilled to Sue Simmons.
It's not that I dislike Sue Simmons... She has no personality to dislike. As Gertrude Stein said, "There's no there there."
Surely the automaton that is Sue Simmons was programmed to say that, though.
Sue Simmons, on the anchor desk, said with a smile to weather person, "I'm losing my will to live [because of the snow]."
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'Why we aren’t putting as much into as physical health remains a mystery'
Uh. Oh!. Gene Simmons is fiddna sue somebody!
Remember skating in your basement listening to "I love rock n roll" Sue Simmons?
Another fun day DRIVING MS DAISY. In a classic moment we pulled back in from a DRIVE and she was struggling with the seat belt, at which point she exclaimed, "What the f*is going on here?!?!?!?!". Sue Simmons would be pleased. That's my mother for ya.
Really wants a bouncy castle so I can throw sue Sue Simmons-Barber about on it to make me feel better
There are some nights where I miss the *** out of Sue Simmons.
This picture so describes my Florida friends Sue Simmons Turner and Kerry Turner. Miss you guys!
Sue Simmons annual Groundhog Day tradition - her groundhog impression
Sue Simmons Weir here's a cute idea for your newest BFF
These videos on my old phone got me in tears right now 😂😂
Please say HELLO to Sue Simmons for me. GHD is not the same with out Sue's groundhog impression. I miss Sue!! Thank U Janice.
How did she hurt her hand? an she is In Arkansas? I hope she is ok. She is greatly missed. I no longer watch NBC
Congratulations to our winner Sue Simmons! Send us a private message to redeem your prize! Thank you to everyone who participated! Until next week! EAT FIT. LIVE FIT.
Sue Simmons NEWS reporter just drops the F bomb after all she is a black woman. Not her fault
TURPENTINE INDUSTRY CONNECTIONS GEORGIA, NORTH CAROLINA, AND SOUTH CAROLINA The Early Days of the Naval Stores and Lumber Industries in Bulloch County, Georgia Sources for the following: LIFE IN OLD BULLOCH THE STORY OF A WIREGRASS COUNTY IN GEORGIA (Some information is the exact wording of the writer, Dorothy Brannen) By Dorothy Brannen Interviews by Tommy L. Schwartz and Olivia Lowry Schwartz After the Civil War the turpentine and lumber men of North Carolina discovered the great yellow pine forests in Georgia, specifically Bulloch County, and went there to harvest the bounty from the trees. They had learned to make naval stores from the gum of their pine trees. The gum was heated in a still until part of it vaporized and was condensed into spirits of turpentine. The residue left from this distilling process was tar or pitch, used to caulk the seams of the wooden ships to make them water-tight, hence the name “naval stores.” The turpentine men came first. Most of them came in the eighties, but ...
The place where we are "parked" for the rest of winter is just a few feet from Burbank. The city where they now assemble all the latest models of local TV news anchors... They have retired almost all the older "Sue Simmons" models that used to be manufactured back east in Binghamton. These newer Burbank "babies" feature shinier finishes, much larger headlights, and way much louder horns. And they all have automatic there's no need to ever think about shifting gears ever.
Legendary black news anchor Sue Simmons has been fired by WNBC/Channel 4
Sue Simmons used her connections with US Immigration to have Linda Ellerbee deported in the aftermath of 9/11.
okay good. I thank god daily for Sue simmons, and I miss her dearly. cc: .
are you too young to remember sue simmons, ny/TriState news legend?
A retrospective of Sue Simmons's pantsuits will be on display in the lobby of the Whitney starting in April 2014.
Can anyone honestly say they wouldn't rather have Sue Simmons deliver this speech? No. You can't.
I miss Sue Simmons. My evenings still don't seem complete without Sue.
Wonder what Sue Simmons and her dog are doing during the
Russell Simmons asks Obama to end dolphin hunts | via
Russell Simmons asks Obama to end dolphin hunts
I couldn't of put it better myself! For my bubble buddies Sue Simmons , Susan Hodgkinson and Benjamin Peterson xxx
is Central Pennsylvania's Sue Simmons-- and I freakin' love Sue Simmons.
Pop culture references are so temporary and fleeting they're like Sue Simmons.
For Sue Simmons-Stahl and all my other friends I miss but love so dearly!
domain names
"Stick around honey there's plenty more where that came from!" Sue to 😂😂😂
"Lil summer reunion dinner courtesy of Sue and Dan! 👍💙 |
Russell Simmons will join me Monday 7pmET on to speak out against dolphin hunts in cc:
Sue Simmons has a BLIIIGGA moment. Priceless! Rich, check it out!
Sue Simmons third favorite movie is Batman Forever. She relates most to the left half of Tommy Lee Jones's face.
You dont always see Keith Simmons at the ol' hockey rink, but when ya do he means business
Sue Simmons is in a 15 years long court battle over claiming to have coined the term "Fanilow".
Sue Simmons makes her last punch on the TimeClock!
En route to Minehead with Sue Simmons and Rich Soffe and Mark
Let's take it back to The Box: Music Television YOU Control. Let's take it back to Sue Simmons on Channel Four (before findin' out she was an alcoholic.) Let's take it back to break dancin',the Roger Rabbit,the Tootsie Roll,and the Running Man. Let's not forget the Cabbage Patch. However if you knew how to do the Crip Walk and wasn't bangin it WAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.
Sue Simmons is now my favorite news reporter.
That video of Sue Simmons dropping the F-Bomb on LIVE TV is absolutely priceless. I watched it at least 100 times in the past 20 minutes and it just gets funnier and funnier.
Tonight's council meeting was bittersweet! The council does not want to put the tax levy on the ballot for the park/cemetery because they realize citizens cannot afford it- in turn they will have to figure out ways to fix the financial situation caused due to the mis-management of the cemetery. The cemetery is being blamed for the fiscal emergency as we all know. However, tonight the committees were formed for 2014 - the same person is heading the cemetery committee - Sue Simmons - she was also appointed Mayor Pro Tem!!! You do a bad job all these years and get another chance to do it again when it is such a critical situation!!! What is wrong with this picture ? The question I have is what happens now - how will the cemetery look this summer - will the pool be able to open? - according to the representatives from the state - they say there is no money for either - and I have to ask when looking around the town - just what is being done? I have offered my help 3 times thus far - wrote the proposal to t .. ...
Please welcome Sue Simmons to the group!
Continuing my post from this morning on wonderful Caroline county people. Tom Reilly and Tobin Mcknatt both long standing members of the Parks and Recreation Board. Just received certificates of Appreciation for their service. Mr. Dalton Mann - the heart and soul of the P&R Board. Walt Palmer- how many lives has he touched through his work with scouting and now his service on the Board of Education. Sue Simmons and her Summerfest Committee. For 20 years they have brought people to Denton for fun and fireworks. Mr. Charles Moore- when you look up the words dignity and respect, you will see a picture of Mr. Moore. One of the finest gentleman I have ever known. Humble, gracious, and always a Class Act!! More to come
after show didn't work on my iPhone or desk top again Andy it's now 11:48pm no will Farrell or Sue Simmons ???Refreshed numerous ***
Sue Simmons is on Watch What Happens Live! My fav New York news anchor. I love you Sue!
Sue Simmons, Mariah Carey, Alec Baldwin, Barack Obama, and Alex P. Keaton each got 1 write-in vote for NYC mayor
Humorless Gene Simmons is gonna sue somebody for that last one.
Don't take away Sue Simmons. I'm just now getting over the loss of Roger Grimsby.
Looking like Sue Simmons from Live at Five on WNBC. LOL
Waiting for The Sound of Music to start and saw a commercial with the NBC 4 news team and realized I miss Sue Simmons.
sue Simmons getting loaded under the tree
WHAT was up w/the Sue Simmons treatment? No on-air cake? Or, at least some coconut macaroons?
Sue Simmons Curses "What the F**k" and Apology. I'm on a funny news anchor kick.
Sue Simmons cusses out a video of a cruise ship on live TV, then apologizes
rosanna scotto?!? i love and miss New York local news stations, im jealous. you missed out on NBC 4's icon, sue simmons!
Sue Simmons in E.R. at UAMS tonight. Severe hand injury. Is awaiting consultation with hand surgeon now. Please pray for Sue.
Oh, that's been favorited and saved for posterity. I miss Sue Simmons.
When Chuck Scarborough farts Sue Simmons can smell it, no matter where on earth the other one is
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MJ Fox cites Sue Simmons as an example of the unique relationship anchors have w/ their audience. Never Forget
Guessing you're not a Sue Simmons fan?
Lesley Gore is interviewed by Sue Simmons on the NYC news program Live At Five in 1994
Top Ten Signs Your First Day As A News Anchor Didn't Go Well 10. Well, you're wearing two neckties 9. Kept mispronouncing your own name 8. Weatherman tells you to expect an 80% chance of unemployment 7. Your tearful, on-air admission of falsifying your resume 6. Referring to Kim Jong Un as "Our great and powerful leader" 5. No one appreciated your Walter Cronkite impression 4. Last story of the broadcast announced a job opening for a news anchor 3. Received congratulatory phone call from Sue Simmons (video of Sue: "What the * are you doing!?") 2. Kept dropping your pants and yelling "This just in!" 1. Aspired to be the next Ernie Anastos (video of Ernie: "Keep * that chicken") David Letterman
Yeah, I read it this am. Would love to see Tamron Hall, Sue Simmons & Willie Geist take over.
Nearly all sports announcers, Marv Albert, Mike Breen, *** Vitale all news anchors in NY, David Ushery,Sue Simmons
Thank you's and Welcome. A Big THANK YOU to Camilla Roberts, Calli Jund, and Sue Simmons for their work on the TCIII HOA Board for the past 2+ years. Welcome, new boards members, Dave Hicks, Kevin Shippy, Monique Robinson, and MaryAnn Clark for volunteering to serve.
Where are Simmons and Storey on list of great London 2012 women Sue Mott reels off They achieved more and drew more vi ...
Someone needed to ask him, ala Sue Simmons...
Ugh someone finally gets me. Thanks Malcolm 😪
R.i.p to the little homie I lost mine earlier this year. All he wanted to do was swim.
my dream used to be me and Sue Simmons...
Watching anchor on Sue Simmons told me last month that she believes Rosendale will ultimately take over for Chuck Scarborough
I said the same thing. Sue Simmons said nothing about snow this wknd
I love seeing Sue Simmons on episodes of Law and Order playing a reporter!
simmons just saw the one and only on in a bio pic of . Sue simmons looks fabu! at five nice2cUSue
Awesome to see Sue Simmons on latest episode of And what a great episode it was.
Sue Simmons!!! She's was in that Latest Law and Order Episode
I would like to say i do not like the american idol judges or the format.thumbs down
Love seeing Sue SImmons on Law and Order this week! Miss her.
SUE SIMMONS IS IN THIS EP!? I revise my position: it's the best episode ever.
Watching videos I made on my trip to NY...I have to do better in Vegas, but had the audacity to say he wud sue...the nerve 😑😑😑
lol I know who he is, he's one of my goons. If I'm Richard Simmons then you're Sue from Talk Sex
Several cameos in this episode ... including the legendary Sue Simmons. Yes ma'am!
What's your opinion of Sue Simmons playing a newscaster on LAW & ORDER: SVU? Because it makes my head hurt.
Best part of last night's Law and Order SVU? Sue Simmons!!
Did anyone else watch the Chris Brown/Rihanna ep of SVU? It's a who's who of random media outlets. Perez, Wendy Williams, Sue Simmons...
Nothing makes me happier than seeing Sue Simmons' career revived as anchor of WPQG on
It's nice to see Sue Simmons on Law & Order SVU. Still have a hard time believing Chuck & Sue were broken up.
*** all the celebs getting a shout out tonight! Barclay center w/ Jay Z, Sue Simmons & now Wendy!
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To Faye Simmon, I have a friend who is interested in the Steve Brady Horsemanship clinic you are running. Her name is Catie Culhane. Now that I have put this message on here you may be able to communicate with her on fb about it.
So far at the game we have fatheads of: Sue Silvester, Richard Simmons, and Ellen Degeneres.
"The greatest gift we can give one another is rapt attention to one another's existence." Sue Atchley Ebaugh
There was a terrible void without you on this Groundhog Day, Sue Simmons.
Anyone else wishing for Sue Simmons to be back on channel 4 news NBC
Groundhog Day is just not the same without Sue Simmons on channel for NBC
no, we just need Sue Simmons to do her groundhog schtick!!
Groundhog Day without Sue Simmons is like Christmas without Santa or Game of Thrones without Shiraz.
Where can I watch Sue Simmons do her groundhog thing?
are you doing the Sue Simmons groundhog face tomorrow??
I refuse to acknowledge Groundhog Day tomorrow unless I see Sue Simmons do her groundhog impersonation.
* Reporting on Sue Simmons only months after pushing her out of her job seems more than a little inappropriate, no?
Miss seeing Sue Simmons do her ground hog impression!! Miss her..
Sue Simmons talked about how she didn't go to college and went from a secretary desk to a news desk.
Sue Simmons ends her Black Media Legends speech with her famous groundhog impersonation.
Anchor Woman and Legend Sue Simmons is here. Yo she a down *** Bish! She said it herself in her own words! Ask
Sue Simmons shared a Mayor Koch memory from the Live at Five days.
Faces of Black History Awards Ceremony with honorees like DJ Clue, Edward Harris, and Sue Simmons to name a few.
Koch was the right man for the New York of Joel Siegel, Joan Payson, Bill Blass, Sue Simmons, Woody Allen, Elaine Kaufman, the whole gang.
"Characters in the musical included Cardinal John O'Connor, Leona Helmsley and New York City hero Sue Simmons."
Will be covering the Black Media Legends event tomorrow with a class that includes legendary former anchor Sue Simmons.
Looking forward to the Black Media Legends tomorrow. Taking nothing anyway from this year's class, I'm hoping to meet honoree Sue Simmons.
did you have Tony Simmons teaching you at Camberwell? He's the only one I know & Wedgwood modellers that use zinc- & me!
I look at NBC with the serious sideeye ever since they got rid of Sue Simmons.
I miss the Jack Cafferty, Sue Simmons news broadcast. Here's Jack throwing it out there about film violence
The "80 Under 80 event" - cameos by Pat Battle and Sue Simmons! Does that count?
Simmons in boston sounds like a good school
Just had an argue with sue cause I wanted them & she said no. Heart broken. Jealous💔
Grantland will sue. Bill Simmons already does "House Eats" :)
Dear Sue Simmons, please come back to the news. Love, me.
The Simmons Brothers Gain an Enemy of a Business Partner – Lawsuit: Russell Simmons and Rev. Run are getting sue...
I just want to say... Growing up in NY, both you Ms.Watts and Sue Simmons were my SHEros!!! THANK YOU!!!
back but no Paul Ryan, not even the frozen one. Wnbc inNY messed up big time, time to bring back. Sue Simmons and Ann Curry!
Sue Simmons should come to Good Day New York and Anchor with Steve Lacy!!
So, what is everyone's first book (reading, not writing!) of the new year?? My first book is Flutter by Melissa Andrea. A bunch of editing mistakes, but the storyline is still pretty good. Still reading it! :) ~M
Who is following on their new year resolutions ?? Please comment and let me know... Share to inspire others !
The governor along with the state of Pennsylvania is unbelievable! Planning to sue the over Penn St sanctions. I can't make this up...
I love that on 30 Rock, Sue Simmons wore the same blazer as she wears on my (custom) tshirt. Miss you, Sue!
I ain't got no time for yahh silly feuds🌵 I'm with Pretty Gang at Sue's , RENDEZVOUS ! .
Dear Gene Simmons, You must have been High,or Drunk...or BOTH to think that King Diamonds face paint design ever resembled yours -TKm
“now I'm lying on the cold, hard ground OH OH” 😂
WEATHER RELATED ANNOUNCEMENT: The church parking lots will be plowed out and salted for Morning Worship tommorrow. There will also be assistance helping people into the church in case of slick spots. Come on out at 10:30 and celebrate with us. A reminder there will be coffee, hot chocolate, bagels and donuts for everyone beginning at 9:30am
"Never stay too long at the party. If you get a feeling you're not wanted's time to go." -Sue Simmons
where the heart is, anything by Sue Grafton, anything by Jodi Picoult!
Solid night with me not want to live off campus
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While we reflect on 2012, Dr. Zach Simmons and Sue Walsh, RN extend their thanks and ask for your support as we...
I miss Sue Simmons in the local NBC holiday commercial - where everyone sings. She was always so hip and stylish.
It was a big deal for Wendy having legendary news anchor Sue Simmons on the show today. Find out why Sue was always Wendy's role model and why she ultimately...
Nicole Lapin debates the ramifications of the Newtown school shooting on Wendy William's "Hot Talk" with Sue Simmons and Penn Jillette.
I'm going to miss 30 Rock. Where else will we see Florence Henderson drink Windex and a Sue Simmons cameo in the same episode?
He's grabbing the baton from Sue Simmons.
II liked it better when, like, Sue Simmons flipped the switch after an hour and we called it a night
or...pull a Sue Simmons or Ernie Anastas and drop the f-bomb a ton of times.
.shouted u out this am and sue Simmons Nice pic!!
“.shouted u out this am and sue Simmons You are the Best!!!
.shouted u out this am and sue Simmons
I love Sue Simmons and I miss her terribly! How did she look? I hope relaxed.
That was a great night! is amazing! In the audience was Regis, Hoda, Sue Simmons, Aviva Drescher, Jill Zarin and JOAN COLLINS
(really Dari Alexander) is at 10 Sue Simmons is at one watches 11oclock news anyway
Bottom Line NY. is really the best 10pm news anchor.I mean really, it's ur choice Dari or Sue Simmons
Amazing night at The Carlyle. Steve Tyrell kicked off his holiday show with the classic standards. & Sue Simmons
Wonderful music from stevetyrell! And amazing to sit at the table with Sue Simmons!
Wonderful music from Amazing to sit with Sue Simmons, and Jane Hanson!
I hear the same thing happened to Sue Simmons over 30 years ago, so you're in good company.
Janis, Sue Slack, Jules Simmons (Gardner), Yvonne Moller, a couple of crazies and now Wendy. What do all these people have in common ?
I think Gene Simmons gonna sue somebody...
Al Roker just said the phrase "Influential rapper Flo Rida." Somewhere, Sue Simmons drinks and laughs
Watching Ken Rosado & Lori Stokes on ABC7. Chuck & Sue were like that on NBC4! Miss Sue Simmons and don't care for Sheeva Russel just yet…
Hair looks so much shorter now its been cut , feeling the need to sue.
Even though I haven't been posting what I am thankful for every day on here, since I don't have any spare time, I am thankful for so so many things in my life. I thank God for them all 365 days a year, which matters more than anything. But I guess in order to be part of the bandwagon and make sure my family and friends know how much they mean to me, I should spill the beans...I am so very thankful for 1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for He gave his life for me to have one everlasting. It is through Him that I do all things! I am thankful that he has led me down the path I have taken, though it is rough at times, everything happens for a reason! 2. My amazing husband who falls into the category of few and far between. He is such a great christian family man who works so hard to provide for all of us. He loves our kids unconditionally and is so caring. He would do anything for anybody. 3. My daughter, Kristen, who is such an inspiration to me. She has such a beautiful spirit about her. She is so smart an ...
Sue Simmons Weir The holidays are upon us and it can be a very joyful time of year. Some of us have problems during the holidays and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. And, many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness. We all need caring thoughts and loving prayer right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy, paste, and share this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I hope to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know some will!! I did it for a friend and you can too. (You have to copy & paste this one, no sharing) Like · · 4 minutes ago ·
I wish Sue Simmons was with Chuck Scarborough covering Just sayin'.
ma'am ma'am don't do that! Next time the state will sue your ***
"Princeton will sue the for defamation." ~ Good to see Bill Simmons on NBA Countdown.
LMAO Bill Simmons just said Princeton is going to sue the lakers for deformation.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
"Princeton will sue the LA Lakers for defamation" - Bill Simmons. LMFAO
Bill Simmons " Princeton is going to sue LA for defamation"
Bill Simmons: Princeton will sue the Lakers for defamation. Lol
Lmaaaooo Bill Simmons "Princeton will sue the lakers for defamation of character"
Watched broadcast news for the 1st time in a long while b/c of Sandy. Mostly useless drivel, but I do miss Sue Simmons.
HURRICANE SANDY Thanks to all of you for your WELL-WISHES & concern. Hopefully by the ...
NFI. Tho I did get to see Gene Simmons in the AA priority line at LAXlast month. :)
I'm sure Shiba Russell is a nice person and all, but I sure missed Sue Simmons during all of
Mofos don't renew Sue Simmons' contract then they wanna turn around blame this ish on teh *** SMH.
On Oct. 17, legendary anchor Sue Simmons accepted an award celebrating her more than 30 years on WNBC. The award was presented by ESSENCE Magazine, the New Y...
Well ladies and gentlemen, my 85 year old Aunt Eva Mae who I often talk about here is doing just fine in her apartment in NYC. She has all utilities on and sent the neighbor's grandson to the corner store for that 6 pack of Budwiser. She's been watching the news on television all day. In other words, it appears to be a normal day in Aunt Eva's world. All she watches is that New York One news channel anyway especially since Sue Simmons retired. If I was there, she would have sent ME to that store to get that cold 6 pack of Budwiser!
We have a guest room (w/ light, power, & internet) in Park Slope if you need to seek refuge! Sadly, still no Sue Simmons!
I bet Sue Simmons is somewhere with a cocktail right now laughing maniacally.
I would feel so much safer if Sue Simmons were anchoring this coverage. cc:
Sue Simmons rocks. Wish she was still there.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Watching Chuck and Shiba Russell's coverage of Sandy - I miss Sue Simmons...
Its weird to see Chuck Scarborough without sue simmons
Right now, more than anything, I miss Sue Simmons.
Has anyone gone to check in on Sue Simmons?
Where is Sue Simmons when you need her? NYC needs Sue Simmons in times of crisis!
I miss Sue Simmons. She'd have the whiskey on the anchor desk by now.
NBC needs to bring back Sue Simmons. Its the only thing the storm fears.
is no Sue Simmons. In fact I think she's Nurse Ratched. Some emotion please?
lol. Interesting to see a much younger Sue Simmons there as well.
Sad that Sue Simmons isn't anchoring NBC right now. Hope she's home with a bottle of Dewars hurling epithets at the television right now.
Storm coverage on is making me miss Sue Simmons even more :(
This storm is really making me miss Sue Simmons...just sayin
You know what this hurricane is missing? Sue Simmons at the anchor desk.
Bring back Sue Simmons! Chuck without her is like Batman without Robin.
Tonight, NYABJ, ESSENCE and Black Employees at Time Inc. will honor legendary anchor Sue Simmons.
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Sue Simmons, I hope you're safe and dry somewhere with a big glass of Chablis laughing your *** off.
if only Sue Simmons were right beside her at the anchor desk!!
Wow! is showing the footage of the crane collapse. It's scary. Missing Sue Simmons. Miss her comforting ways.
It's just not right that Sue Simmons is not giving me updates. Someone needs to put Chuck Scarborough in his place.
It sickens me to watch Chuck Scarborough report the news next to a woman who is not Sue Simmons
Hurricanes simply are not as much fun without drunk Sue Simmons.
Actually, I think Sue Simmons and Ann Curry are probably tying one on somewhere.
It's times like this, when there's 24/7 Hurricane Coverage, that I really miss Sue Simmons.
I can't wait to see my two uncles and aunt from Iowa tonight when they get here!! I will Miss seeing holly and sue Simmons!!!
Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Caroline County Lifelong Learning Center Partnership 2012 Rally for Afterschool Programs. The theme was Lights on Afterschool and the children did a great job of performing. It was also great to see about 400 students and parents involved. Congratulations to Sue Simmons and staff for a great program.
That was a fairly underwhelming way to mark a monumental moment. Lets see how angry Sue Simmons is with that.
If ever Biden has a "Sue Simmons moment" I know its going to be an ole cut throat IGNANT read.
Law & Order SVU having Sue Simmons as a reporter on air is a screw you to WNBC, who fired her, with an episode featuring her before 11 News.
Who should replace Nick Lemann as Columbia J-School dean? Your only choices are: Sue Simmons, Ann Curry and Rupert Murdoch.
you should have Sue Simmons appear as your guest co-host.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I miss Sue Simmons from NYC NBC News. Chuck Scarborough and Sue were a fantastic journalist team, plus they had the best generic anchorpersons names ever invented.
Thank Sue Simmons for supporting us! You are our 42nd
From New York Daily News. Longtime news anchor Sue Simmons is finally speaking out on being axed from her local WNBC New York station after 32 years on the air. Simmons, 70, spoke with Joy Behar on her Current TV show
Congratulations to Sue Simmons (WNBC) and all the other well-deserving journalist who will be inducted in the...
Poor Chuck Scarborough. Forced to sing Love Me Do on the 5 o'clock news. Sue Simmons would've never let this happen.
Seriously, where is Sue Simmons these days?
I know what this news broadcast is missing: Sue Simmons >:-(.
Watched the first interview with legendary broadcaster Sue Simmons since she parted ways with WNBC. She's such a powerhouse.
you missed the sue Simmons/Chuck Scarborough years on NBC. Those were great.
Is Sue Simmons playing herself in this episode of SVU, or what?
Oh Todd you so crazy Comic fans should start a FREE MIRACLEMAN campaign, though Todd might sue us for that. :o
my hearts with you and Sue and the rest of your amazing family. Love you guys.
Spawn's brother's name is Richard Simmons. More people should sue Todd McFarlane.
Worst weather, feels like sue Simmons *** out he @ Rooftop Pool at American Tobacco Center
There are not better partners out there for the springfield youth than me and
Please, I got Sue Simmons,drunk, fell off my Couch, and am eating bratwurst from my carpet. Don't expect too much.
Betty Bayé, Simeon Booker, Alice Dunnigan, Sue Simmons, Wendell Smith & Cynthia Tucker to be inducted into Hall of Fame in Jan. '13
Kudos to Sue Simmons 2013 Inductee into National Association of Black Journalists Hall of Fame
I 💜 that Sue Simmons is the news gal on Law & Order
I love version of where Rikers visits take place in the breezy outdoors and Sue Simmons is still on the news.
As a Jersey gal, I love & appreciate that Sue Simmons was the reporter on SVU!
Dear sir, I don't think you made enough noise about Sue Simmons on It is my standing that you love both. Plz dnt blck
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