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Sue Perkins

Susan Elizabeth Perkins (born 22 September 1969, East Dulwich, London) is an English comedian, broadcaster and conductor.

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Safeguarding is everybody's business, Cllr Sue Perkins from tells
Female comics are putting themselves up for panel shows says Mark Linsey. Namechecks Nina Conti & Sue Perkins. Hmm
re: 5014(c), why doesn't someone sue admin alla Beohner, to enforce the "exclusivity" provision
Couldn't begin to express how in love I am with Sue Perkins (yes, I know she is & no, I'm not one of those *** who think they'll turn her)
People like Sue Perkins are the reason there aren't more bookings for female comedy acts.
phew I thought maybe you were trying to proposition me ha ha!
I'm scared to click on the it rude?
Just bumped into Miranda Hart and Sue Perkins and almost had a heart attack
Saw Sue perkins and Miranda Hart in the queue at the theatre, *wets self*
You look quite a lot like Sue Perkins in tattoo form.
Sue Perkins declares her hatred of mime
Sue Perkins gave the winner of GBBO the most sincere & loving hug that i now must learn to bake and become British
um it has Sue Perkins and food i am watching the finale right now
My reason is to see that nerdy, yummy Sue Perkins. What are you gonna do?! We all have our guilty pleasures. *blushes*
I think what this holiday needs is a bit of Sue Perkins on the telly to spice it up.
Fantastic concert tonight, made me shed a little tear (in a good way)
Photoset: "What’s your best party trick, Sue Perkins?" (x)
some people think The Chuckle Brothers, Sue Perkins and Miranda are funny too.
07:30 Dilemma: Sue Perkins presents a special edition of the panel show about morality and ethics.
Teamed up with Sue Perkins didn't they?
My uncle being interviewed by Sue Perkins for a BBC documentary about dams
Sue Perkins is out to destroy me, you, everyone.
STILL not dark yet and it's a beautiful night
On cat feeding, poo clearing and love-giving duty
Watching The Supersizers Go... and Sue Perkins is amazing but LORD this is more distressing than Hannibal, food-wise.'s going to be a consolation owl for us all then
Some of Sue Limb's books, The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss, Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins :)
I wonder how many people have said "Sue Perkins"
I think I look a bit like sue Perkins sana glasses
I've had a Jenny Eclair and a Sue Perkins *withers*
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I don't know but those bees sure are busy, what is in the pods?
Are those mites I see running around?
I'm a Sue Perkins fan. Not him. And Dame Mary of Berry.
aw, thanks it's fine now. Didn't fancy much more of the weird style washing!
Thinking back on the last 2 years and how much fun I've had singing and performing with Sue Perkins Risser. it was 2 years ago today we had our 1st practice.. now 185 show later.. nothing but GREAT memories and looking forward to a lot more to come. Thank you to everyone that has supported us, You truly are the BEST.. and Tangent Loves you!!
Andrew Hayden-Smith to star in Russell T Davies's E4 series Banana By: Sam Rigby June the 6th, 2014 Source; Andrew Hayden-Smith has joined the cast of Russell T Davies's new E4 series Banana. Banana is a new eight-part companion series to Channel 4 drama Cucumber, which also comes from former Doctor Who boss Davies. Hayden-Smith - who previously starred in Doctor Who - is joined by Hannah John-Kamen (Happy Valley), Letitia Wright (Top Boy), Georgia Henshaw (Waterloo Road) and comedian Bethany Black, who makes her television debut. Cucumber regulars Freddie Fox (Parade's End) and Fisayo Akinade (Fresh Meat) will also feature in the series. Banana is a series of eight stand-alone stories, which takes a look at the lives of individual LGBT characters. Davies has penned three episodes out of eight, and is joined on the writing team by Sue Perkins, Matthew Berry, and newcomers Charlie Covell and Lee Warburton. Russell T Davies - The Welsh TV producer and writer, behind the BBC's revived Doct . ...
Jamy Sue Perkins you better hurry on home now- your grass is 2 feet tall -mail is overflowing onto the highway blowing down to my house- and someone took all those uglyass frogs and sold them all for 1 dollar-that dog has messed all over the house-and somebody has toilet papered your house-
I'm glad it was good and you mentioned us. Thank you! And it has made me happy to know Sue said that back. 😊 xxx πŸ‘Œ πŸ™‰ 🌠
Feynman documentary on Yesterday; love the story about him telling your mum love is more important than physics. Amazing man.
Preparation for the at beautiful Threipmuir Reservoir. I held the car keys and cheered from the shore
Sue Perkins is a TREASURE. Have you ever seen her host the Great British Bake Off?
cool I'm trying to. We won tickets to the Sue Perkins thing yesterday
M'ready for (Choc roulade w/ ginger and vanilla cream. ~55 mins, inc chat with imaginary Sue Perkins)
4 long & hard years at uni complete with amazing film screening. today on the film crew. Sue Perkins was brill. Start if a new era!
Preferably my would come too, and we'd get pics with Sue and autographs on whatever paper we had to hand. 😊 xxx
Hi hun. You both look very happy. How was the event? Did you mention me & to Sue? xxx
that's the kind of category that has people like Sue Perkins in it :-)
And then we made the mistake of going to Ikea and all the love for the world vanished
Got lost in the maze it rained on our heads and we had to cheat to reach the middle but it was great
News: Seven Bowls of joins forces with TV presenter, Sue Perkins.
Here is that Sue Perkins series I was on about. It is worth a watch if you have the time.
First shift of the Doc Fest and got to watch discussions with both Sue Perkins and John Pilger!
Asian Sue just spent time with rl Sue Perkins 😍~
Sue Perkins in fab session on her life in tv. great interview by Clemency Burton-Hill.
It’s Sue Perkins! For realz… and very honest and entertaining she is too.
Sue Perkins just walked by me at Sheffield City Hall! :)
At my first event to hear about with Sue Perkins
Booked myself a ticket for a talk with Sue Perkins - I could think of worse ways to spend a Saturday lunchtime!
How long will Bex go on about her burger this time? Ps we just saw sue Perkins outside cit...
Really wish I was seeing Sue today :(
On my way to see sue perkins can't wait to see her :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
I need help (clearly!). I am trying to get hold of Sue Perkins and I wondered if anyone had a contact for her. Thanks xx
I love it. Still can't believe I met Sue Perkins
Incidentally if you EVER SEE Sue Perkins here on a panel show, watch it. She's fantastic.
Miranda Hart, Jo Brand, Sue Perkins, Sarah Millican, Catherine Tate. Those are all off the top of my head without googling
Whatever I do I must not loose or forget the Sue Perkins tickets tomorrow!
I'm going to see Sue Perkins in the flesh on Saturday you should all be jealous
that was an unexpected result! Enjoyed it. Good luck with le freak.
still not finished Le Freak but giving it a good go now Muzza has triumphed
Go Muzza.suddenly rediscovered his mojo
When she's not her super hero alter ego, Sue Perkins is just known as Kins.
Sue Perkins destroys all concept of funny and/or interestingness
sue perkins is desperately unfunny, slapstick gimboid. She's there for gender balance only.
The 6th in an occasional series of Sue Perkins
Watching QI. Sue Perkins is fluent in chess. I was not ready for this knowledge.
Shut up Sue Perkins and give someone else a chance
Not sure there's anyone else who embraces the QI klaxon like Sue Perkins.
Sue Perkins and Victoria Coren on the same I'm afraid that's too much.
Scrolling through the old photos on my phone is a bitter reminder that I once left the house with Sue Perkins hair.
Just booked my place for immersive project 'Door in the Dark' - Plan to see Sue Perkins after which will provide some calm
Lana del Rey can do stuff to me... And Sue Perkins. I have strange tastes and I dont care
That jacket looks great. proper sue Perkins vibes here!
make a life-size sculpture of Sue Perkins out of matchsticks.
Sheffield Doc/Fest unveils line-up: Grayson Perry, Jon Snow and Sue Perkins are some of the big names heading ...
I want to go onto The Great British Bake Off so bad omfg cooking and Sue Perkins πŸ˜„
Dinner party guests for a table wirh a comedic slant. So far I have; Shaun Micalef, Clive Anderson(UK), Jo Brand, Corine Grant, Sue Perkins, Sarah Millican, Bill Bailey and Frank Skinner. I would then have one with scientists, one with politicians and philosophers to keep me totally balanced. : ) With Heston to cater for all of them.
This "Top 200" Homosexuals... are they like Stephen Fry and Graham Norton, George Takei & Elton John? And who voted them top? Are they all male homosexuals? No women? Like Sandi Toksvig or Sue Perkins?
QI is so bad for me. I have simultaneous crushes on Sue Perkins and Sandy Tochsvig. It's confusing. :/
have you seen Sue Perkins in a series called "Heading Out"? it's on YouTube. Think I might re-watch it.
nah, I love it too. I always get a bit of Whitney blasting on Napster!
"when interviewing candidates for a job, wean out the unlucky candidates by shuffling them like cards and disposing of 50%" Sue Perkins
but her attendance in the show made quite an impact as she forcibly outed Sue Perkins.
This sewing GBBO knock-off is okay, but lacks Sue Perkins, so is therefore awful by comparison.
Sue Perkins and now Claudia Winklepicker!!! How do they manage it? - Two of the most irritating artificial women in Britain
sue perkins has got the BBC in her pocket
the presenter Sue Perkins went to Cambridge - that simple!
And now on Radio 4, Sue Perkins stretches a wafer-thin comedy premise to breaking point, while replacing wit with loquacity and volume.
In car listening to radio4 so called comedy with sue perkins.. not funny.. trying to be clever
Yes, Sue Perkins. We in Swindon ARE annoyed. Has that panellist even been here?
Loving Sue Perkins on radio 4 right now
...I'd rather poke my eyes with blunt needles than listen to Sue Perkins.
that lady ont radio did really just say 'To listen to Sue Perkins or not, Dialema' i am dragging the dog around the block, should take me 25 mins not sure what the rest of the country is doing
Home alone tonight, is it sad I'm excitedly considering this a proper treat? Ski halfpipe for company is a ok by me.
Glenda Sue Perkins, Jessica Bailey, Jill Rosenberg Massey. Okay, we need some of THIS!!!
Yeah, I dont like sue Perkins but I don't bully her, just scream and turn the channel over if she's on c
For some reason I just thought β€œSue Perkins would be great for that.”, but then I might be stuck on the female Doctor Who :P
you look like a young Sue Perkins omg
Who is the funniest/ entertaining mark lamarr or sue perkins
Yeah - so true! I am ever so glad that we did!! Also, my meeting with Sue Perkins a few years back wouldn't have happened! Xx
Maybe if you get Sue Perkins to front it? Or Lucy Worsley, perhaps?
heard a rumour is coming back on screen in March...wonder if we'll see silent Jay smile?
Daylight tram testing apparently needs THREE public safety videos. Listen out for the tram bells people and stay safe!!
Now Heart is playing "Got to have your love "...sofa dancing! Had to search to find out it's by David Feliciano...who?
Yazoo "only you"; absolute classic. Sometimes Heart trumps 6Music, much as it pains me to admit it
Sounds a bit like Sue Perkins, but it's not. So... Err. Don't know. :)
//I love this show... Prefer the TV one though. Sue is a babe. Perkins, that is.
I think Sue Perkins a bit too knowing probs. I can't think of anyone quite right but agree re woman. Rob Brydon??
poor Stephen. I had mixed feelings. Think we need a woman now. I say Sue Perkins. Or Catherine Tate.
I used to like him, when he did those shows with Sue Perkins. But he's assumed this grumpy contrarian persona and has become despicable.
Saw a man that look rather like sue perkins...or is it a woman
I can't watch QI anymore. That dreadful episode with Sue Perkins, Bill Bailey and Giles Brandreth has killed it for me forever.
There is a teenage boy opposite who is literally Sue Perkins, v funny
hey lady, welcome back from your birthday break, is Haslemere safe from all the mad weather?
Beautiful end to a beautiful day, enough outdoors; time to eat pizza now
let's go see the Norman clan at Perkins!
When did Jonathan Edwards start modelling himself on Sue Perkins?
I lived in Colinton for many years :)
I'd be excited as well. There's something about trams isn't there. Whereabouts do you live David?
unfortunately I will have no use for them as I live on the outskirts so would need to go into town to use them 😌
now they're actually nearly here I'm very excited..can't wait to give them a go, past scandals withstanding
So they are working now? I just read in other places that they're kinda not. But I'd be happy to know they are :)
I see them every day driving to work and on the way back from work!
Will they also come out during the day or are they vampire trams?
lovely people of Edinburgh embracing the breeze! Love it!
saw some people flying a kite when I went for a run in Holyrood Park, definitely got the breeze for it today.
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Connect Four on Sue Perkins' botbot. this could be the best game ever!
Dunno how well telling Mia's flat mate that he looks like Sue Perkins went down last night
β€œYALL exactly what Peggy Sue looked like after her seizures. I slept by her kennel for 3days
EVERY TIME EVERY TIME I fancy someone they turn out to be a *** Shappi Khorsandi Jodie Foster Sue Perkins Willow Rosenberg And now Ellen Page too
Enid Blyton, Sue Perkins, Tim Roth & your boys took one *** of a beating
Joan Jett, Sue Perkins and now Ellen Page. Man the me from five years ago was very good at picking crushes.
On the Olympics again. Are Jonathan Edwards and Sue Perkins actually the same person?.
Sue Perkins was disappointment enough, damnit :'(
Sitting in bed with cupcakes, tea and cold pizza, debating who is the nation's favourite *** out of Sue Perkins and Claire Balding
Ellen Page has come out, dam, now I have to break the news to sue perkins she is no longer my
Laughing so much at Graham Norton show
Lost a bet in the pub as to He-Man's outfit. I claimed hotpants, turns out He-Man was more of a speedos guy
Sue Perkins should be the next Doctor.
I quite like QI. But all these shows need more women. (Preferably not Sue Perkins, who seems sweet, but is not very funny.)
power of social networking! Now following the other two recommended friends lol! Thanks for Dawn! X
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Cabinet member Sue Perkins: "This is not a shock, everyone knows that you cannot pre-determine an issue."
If I could choose any 3 british TV personalities to appear on QI, I would have to pick Richard Ayoade, Sue Perkins and Jimmy Carr
she looks like Sue Perkins and sounds like Mary Poppins
Glenda Sue Perkins. These are what I am talking about!!
In the words of the great Sue Perkins - "Ready, steady, bake!"
Alan Davies: "That's Helen. She looks exactly like the character she plays." Sue Perkins: "...Yes, there's an incredible similarity isn't there..."
Love this sort of question! My guests would include James Dyson, Sue Perkins, Graeme Garden & Michelle Obama
Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I have a few prayer requests that I wanted to ask all of you to be praying for. There are still many unspoken requests including myself. I'd also like to ask you all to be praying for the following: Sue Perkins-bladder cancer. My Dad, Eldwin Bryant- he's having a scan on the 13th to see if the meds for cancer are working. We are having an upcoming Valentine's Banquet at first Baptist church of Hartford. Please be praying for all of those involved including our speaker Mark Toby. And Shilo Schluterman- who will be traveling to Little Rock this week. Thank you all for praying. God bless you all!
I may just run away with Sue Perkins...I think I love that woman!
Not sure I should admit this Andrew Swift may quote it at me... Watching QIXL, Sue Perkins is rather amusing...
UPDATE! Aston is set to guest star on a new TV show, 'Duck Quacks Don't Echo'! The first episode was on yesterday. Aston will guest star on this program very soon. DATE: Fri 21st Feb CHANNEL: Sky1 TIME: 10pm OTHER GUEST STARS: Sue Perkins and Bob Mortimer Hope this helped if you didn't know about it! ~ macey xo
Wanna say thanks again to sue perkins for the jumper cables & Kimberly Frederick for the jump! !!! Much appreciated! !!! ( also to nancy for trying to help!
Sue Perkins, Tell us about your first public appearance as an author. What is a convention or conference? A book signing? A library event? How did you feel before you did it, and more importantly, how did you feel after? Sue: I launched my first novel in our local library and invited friends and fellow writers. Plus the library put up posters advertising the launch and to advise everyone was welcome. I provided food and wine (not to be offered until after the launch) and asked a good friend who was also well known in the community to introduce me. I felt very nervous. I had spoken on behalf of others before but had no experience promoting myself. Once I started I relaxed and kept reminding myself not to speak too fast (a bad habit of mine). I sold many books at that launch and received compliments about the book and my speech. Many of the people who attended have come to every launch I've had since. I'm happy to say although I get nervous when I'm launching a new book, I settle down as soon as the launch ...
Sue Perkins This is the look I want. Need to find the chairs/barstools.
Whenever I"m feeling sad, I remember that Jermaine Jackson has a child called Jermajesty - and then I'm happy again. -Sue Perkins
Thank you Carol Lane and Sue Perkins for a lovely lunch on Wednesday. We will do this again!
Sue Perkins, why do you write? Sue: I write because I get all these storylines in my head and as I go through my daily routine, more and more jump in to clutter my already untidy brain. Most disappear as not interesting enough to make a novel, short story maybe but not a full-length novel. The ones I consider good enough tend to stay in my mind. If it's really good I may make a note on my computer. I have two that are like this now, but it's finding the time between writing, editing, and promoting to develop these properly. I've always said when I stop having ideas in my head I will stop writing, but it doesn't look as if this will be any time soon. Why do I write? I have to get these stories out of my head to make room for more or I would go mad.
Good morning all here is the updated tally Rebecca munari. 42 votes Zoe blackie 9 votes Sue Perkins. 1 vote Rebecca Lowe. 1 vote There is still 2and a half hours to go should anyone be up to challenge Rebecca for the $100 voucher Will update you all again at 12pm good luck to all !
Ok Rebecca Lowe has 1 vote Sue Perkins has one vote And Christine Gunther has one vote Come on guys get your friends to like your orients page and place your name as a referral in the comments box for a chance at a $100 voucher There are lots of people liking your orient but not leaving a referral name in the comments box this could potentially cost you the voucher all those who have liked pls put the person who referred you to our page in the comments You still have till 12pm tomorrow Saturday to win If I only have 1 vote winners I will have to divide the voucher between 3 .ouch come on guys this is a competition there has to be a clear winner come on you can do it .
Sue Perkins, referring to either your most recent book release, or your current WIP, if you were to cast your characters, what actors would portray them? (You must supply pictures). Tell us about the character, and why the actor/actress fits. Sue: Caishel will be released in February 2014 but the leading character is easy to cast. I always thought she would be Meg Ryan, but time has passed and now I believe Keira Knightly would make a very suitable Caishel, especially after her portrayal of Elizabeth Swann in "Pirates of the Carribean". Caishel, disguised as a gamin, is petite and gutsy. She will do almost anything to drop her disguise as a street urchin and become the female she really is. When offered the chance of working in the sky castle she accepts but life becomes complicated when she falls in love with her employer, Duke Ailan. Duke Ailan is a loner, but has good moral ethics and is tall, dark and handsome. He believes those less fortunate should be helped not exploited. Caishel becomes his page b ...
Norm Norm Smith you need this for the lake. Don't you agree sue Sue Perkins and meg Meg Perkins
Do make sure you have a tissue handy if you read Sue Perkins beautiful tribute to her beautiful dog Pickle
Tom Perkins gonna sue the for making rich old people stay up to watch the Beatles
or sue perkins. I'm sure you could reform for sue perkins.
Yes! Dilemma. Sue Perkins! It certainly always struck me that DTRT was the non-radio friendly version.
Dilemma? Sue Perkins hosts. Danielle devised that and is credited. DTRT has its origins round the same time.
Wait: I want to go clubbing with Mary Berry AND Sue Perkins
Can't seem to edit pics of Sue recently :'(. None of them seem good enough
pretend that completion of said dishes will rescue the damsel in distress. Now imagine that is Sue Perkins.
lol Sue Perkins trying to tell Mary Berry what pot is without actually saying it. She lived through the 60s, Perkins, I think she knows.
did you get so distracted by projects that you missed the yummy Sue Perkins???
This day was rich and full. Elise Peeples picked me up and we visited The Knitten Kitten on Gleason in Portland. What a treat. Great deals on vintage stuff. There were beads and buttons and a piece of black velvet plaid, no I'm serious. It will make those Nebraska kits the best ever. So now all the hats are complete. The last one which was suggested by Sue Perkins in Florida and therefore dedicated to her. Moving from Black and white to color. It may be my favorite. And now for the bag of scraps. This will go to the first soul who e-mails me their snail mail address. My e-mail is elinor Wake up people! epb
Nothing wrong with Sue Perkins! Maybe you could stunt double for her when they do uhh... stunts in GBBO?
I have that same problem with Sue Perkins.
Oh this is so lovely to read. Sue Perkins' very moving letter to her beagle, Pickle. Gorgeous, but so sad.
Unexpected evening on my own means just one thing. Ginormous bed to myself plus free and unlimited use of all pillows n duvet all night, and a fat old cuppa tea and a bonding moment or 2 with Sue Perkins on recorded Great British Bake Off before bed.
Anyone else feel that when they have people over for dinner they are playing at being grown up? Toilet cleaned, glasses polished, table set
it's Sue Perkins...everyone knows her, she's a celeb and that.
A beautiful and moving tribute by Sue Perkins to her Beagle, Pickle. All dog owners should read this..
So just how well do you know old Rab? These little known facts for might surprise you >
please take a look at for a great new startup. Plus a really long arm and Sue Perkins...
Nothing else for it, going out for pancakes
Aargh wide awake for an hour; forgot to change my alarm to weekend waking up time..come on world, catch up!
Discovering that all of the Supersizers Go episodes are on YouTube has changed my life. Food, history, cosplay, and Sue Perkins.
A letter to Pickle, 2002-2014, from Sue Perkins. I am still sniffling...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Half expecting Sue Perkins' dog to be on Last Word. I don't think as many people have cried over a death since Diana.
A letter to Pickle - Sue Perkins is such an amazing little read. nearly made me cry.
agreed! Horse riding and now that. Justifies the name Sue Perkins!!
RANT. I was gonna watch QI. But then realised SHE was on. The ugly unfunny lady puff that is Sue Perkins. About as funny as finding blood on your toilet paper. A *** that is named after a *** ! (Superkings!) So I switched channels and the friggin hairy bikers are on. I'd only watch them if they had come off their bikes and were getting their faces sanded down along the road at 80mph!! RANT OVER. .(for now!)
Photoset: Sue Perkins: Okay bakers! 30 minutes before you bring the entirety of French cuisines into...
bad week solidarity! Hope it picks up - here's a picture of Sue Perkins as Dr Who to take the edge off
Bella, she passed away last year.. For anyone who lost a pet read Sue Perkins letter to her dog.…
Hanky at the ready: Sue Perkins on the death of her dog >>>
If you're a dog lover, you may find Sue Perkin's letter to her late pet a tear-jerker.
Sue Perkins usually manages to pull it off.
And Ruth Davidson is looking more like Sue Perkins by the minute
it's certainly nice to see Judy Finnigan and Sue Perkins in the back.
Read the letter Sue Perkins wrote to her dog who died and cried like a baby! I am not emotionally stable to read things like that and Terry Louise Murphy should know better! 😒
I'm pretty sure I jostled with sue Perkins in a London crowd on the commute home yesterday... I'm not used to all this c-list celeb spotting
sorry to hear this. I am dreading this day . I RT'd a blog by today about her dog that died recently. Its amazing
Oh, did you see Sue Perkins's letter to her dog today? Heartbreaking.
*sob* on top of Sue Perkins' poor Beagle & Hayley dying in Corrie this is too much!
DO NOT read Sue Perkins heartbreaking letter to her dog that she had put down. I've been crying for almost an hour now.
Oh god :( :( Sue Perkins' letter to her doggy who just died
Here is the link to the letter that Sue Perkins wrote to her beagle Pickles after she passed.beautiful honest...
I apologise in advance for the tears but this is a must read!. I'm bawling literally bawling crying at...
nope. I'm not reading that Sue Perkins letter to her dog either.
By Sue Perkins - have the tissues on standby, it's beautiful :-( . β€œA letter. For Pickle x
to warm your heart on a miserable day..letter from Sue Perkins to her dog x
Sue Perkins came to give us some cake
Sue Perkins' loving letter to her dog Pickle will have you in floods.
Shed a few tears reading Sue Perkins' 'Letter to Pickle'... think this just about sums up what our pets really...
Sue Perkins, on the death of her dog. Not mawkish, just beautifully written. might appreciate this
Sue Perkins' letter to Pickle. Warning - beautifully emotive!
Having a bit* of a cry at Sue Perkins letter to her dog. My own pup wondering why she's being squeezed. *lot
All purpose parts banner
If you needed another reason as to why Sue Perkins should rule the world... β€œA letter. For Pickle x
Oh Bless. I love Sue Perkins more than ever
RAFA have been approached by a production company to suggest a family who would be interested in being filmed as part of a new series called Cooks’ Question Time, a 6x60 minute studio series for More4 led by top UK chefs, and hosted by Sue Perkins where, amongst other segments, we send a top chef into the home of a deserving home cook. They are currently looking for contributors for the home cooking segment, and are looking for people who may not otherwise be able to experience high end food in a restaurant setting, want to learn a dish from a top chef for a special occasion such as a home coming, or simply deserve a special experience of cooking with a top chef due to disability or circumstances at home and so on. RAFA can’t think of more deserving people than those who are about to welcome home their partner after being without them for 4 months and upwards. The press release is here think it would be lovely for an RAF family or RAFA volunteers to reap the benefits of this – the only slight sticki ...
Preferably with Sue Perkins or Heather Peace reading the forecast!
Definition of terminal sadness - feeling a tad starstruck when seeing members of Dinnington band who were featured in that Sue Perkins brass band program.
oh man . . . if they ever choose a female Doctor for Doctor Who it better be Sue Perkins. not only is she gorgeous and my woman crush of a life time . . . she would be perfect and quirky
Just when I thought the Great British Bake Off couldn't get much better, they replace the incredibly irritating Sue Perkins with Ed Byrne for Sport Relief! MUCH better...more please!
Happy Birthday Mum Sue Perkins have a lovely day! Looking forward to london tonight x
An evening at The Soho Hotel with Sue Perkins! Don't mind if I do.
Sport Relief Bake Off... Sue Perkins and Ed Byrne are a fusion... Know what I mean...
TV presenter Sue Perkins on the day she called the finance minister of Estonia 'dull' and told him to 'knock it off'
Why not combine your sailing course or charter with a stay at Menorca's newest luxury hotel, Torralbenc? Read the review by Sue Perkins of Bake Off fame.
Sue Perkins leaves Nicolas Parsons in the dust
Sue Perkins is trying to sell me Finish washing machine tablets. Scraping clean the soiled tarte pan of your career, as it's known. I don't see Mary Berry hawking a carry case of ceramic knives up and down the M60 in a mid range saloon. She's quietly poaching the odd egg, sous-vide, with dignity for a few close friends and most of all with no artificial post-cycle gleam.
This is SO true!! My family and extended family, coworkers and friends... Jessica Bailey, you fall into the Therapist/Mentor category !!! Glenda Sue Perkins, you are my listener and my shoulders to cry on!! B.A.C., you are my inspiration to get to the end!!!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Sue Perkins and Ally DiRocco bet you can't say this!!!
Happy birthday to Carol Sue Perkins. Beth Perkins Stallard Carol Lee Perkins Lynch David Dave Perkins please give her a hug and a pinch today. Let Mom know how much we love her and thank the Lord for her life and testimony. She sure made us all laugh.
Well we are moving in today. Have fun Sue Perkins and remember I do have a say in where things are located girls.
Great British Bake Off is just not the same without Sue Perkins :{
My eye candy/future wife Sue Perkins is not on the bake off. I don't know how to feel about this. There is no bake off banter.
Not happy Sue Perkins is not on Great British Bake Off! 😳😑😭😨
about to enjoy an evening with the lovely Sue Perkins
Episode review, schedule and on-demand information. Find out when The Great Sport Relief Bake Off - Sue Perkins is on TV and where it is available on demand and catch up and to download.
The Great Sport Relief Bake Off is back tonight at 8.30pm on BBC2 (and then again tomorrow, Wed and Thurs at 8pm, BBC2). A new group of celebrities take on baking challenges for Sport Relief. Tonight Michael Vaughan, Samantha Bond, Bonnie Wright and Johnny Vaughan all step into the tent, hosted by Sue Perkins. We love the bake off and are proud to say that full post was done at Evos. (Also tonight, don't forget Benefits Street, on Channel 4. It was a ratings buster last week so don't miss it at 9pm.)
Sue Perkins, David Mitchell and Bill Bailey on the Shakespearian episode of QI 😍
Remember when Mark Owen won Celebrity Big Brother and became best friends with Sue Perkins in the house? Those were the good old days
Special for - my and awesome Sue fan! You are & I don't know what I'd do without you. :) xxx
Sue Perkins did the previous ones. My mistake.
Amazing how you can feel better disposed to a programme just because it wasn't narrated by Sue Perkins.
how awkward is it when sue perkins goes on QI and all her jokes make the klaxon go off
Watching re-runs of the Great British Bake Off because quite frankly, Sue Perkins never stops being funny.
Can sue perkins be my friend please
Those years spent training at the Sue Perkins School for the Preternaturally Wry weren't in vain.
β€œSue Perkins is super-hot” & an excellent presenter/guinea pig on that show where they ate decade specific foods each week :-)
funny you should say that, I thought Paul Hollywood was on your cards. Or Sue Perkins for that matter.
I mostly only watch The Great British Bake Off for Sue Perkins..
How the *** am I supposed to revise when The Great British Bake Off is on and Sue Perkins is flaunting her hotness right in front of me
New Audience tickets for new SUE PERKINS cookery show: New prime time cookery sho...
I find objectification of Sue Perkins problematic.
Telly FACT: The comedian Sue Perkins was named after her father's favourite brand of cigarettes.
Sue Perkins is super-hot even/especially when talking about antique novelty ceramics in received pronunciation.
Fab funny women outnumbering blokes on QI tonight too. Includes my fave Sue Perkins!
Foodies get on with Sue Perkins in Hammersmith. Click thru for Jan dates. Max yum. Enjoy. Tm
I hope she wins so K.Perkins mother can sue het for her daughters death
but then I can't date sue Perkins...
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JG and I have decided that she and Sue Perkins would make a good match.
just imagine how bad it would be with Sue Perkins as a new character?
So Matt Willis has the same t shirt as me. Along with Sue Perkins. I'm such a trend setter.
No idea why but I can't stand Sue Perkins
I felt like Sue Perkins today... it felt brilliant
Just seen the BBC local forecast. More chance of me copping off with Sue Perkins than of seeing any football in Lewes this weekend.
Restaurant Critic Giles Coren and Writer and comedian Sue Perkins grab their ration books for one week, and chomp their way through the food of 1940's WWII Britain.
The Kasi Perkins family should sue the Belcher family for double what they get from the Chiefs. Even if it's a dollar.
watching great british bake off and sue perkins says decadent. First person I think of is you 😜
Sue Perkins telling Mary Berry to jog on! Hah
when I am middle aged and decrepit I want to be friends with people like Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins
Ken Starr is threatening to sue the state of Florida.
If I change my haircut I will expose my receding hairline, if I don't I will look like Sue Perkins from bake off for the rest of my years
scot:lands was amazing but why not hand out postcards randomly to huge Q to speed things up? Only had time for 2 lands
F&S version a true "classic!" Sue Perkins doc about the real family is good too and hilarious in parts. You survived πŸ‘ –  10% Off
I'm going to ask for two pet rats for my birthday this year and I'm going to call them Sue Perkins and Sandi Toksvig. Sue and Sandi. Yep.
Bit of great British bake of on New Year's Day helloo Sue Perkins :)
I want Jack Klugman as my dad, Judge Judy as my mother and Sue Perkins as my sister. . That would be a fun family.
Me as Sue Perkins, but with a moustache, on the way to lunch.
So if they ever decide to make a woman Doctor Who, I suggest Sue Perkins as the perfect choice
Sue Perkins is just not funny and her sitcom was awful! Nice blazer mind!
Chatting tp a few ppl, on the laptop, watching Sue. perfect 2014 so far
Javon Belchers mom using the team kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Who does Perkins family sue?
Happy New year Sue. I hope 2014 is a good year for you x
If Jovan Belcher's family can sue the Chiefs, Kasandra Perkins' family should be able to sue Jovan Belcher's family
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