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Sue Perkins

Susan Elizabeth Perkins (born 22 September 1969, East Dulwich, London) is an English comedian, broadcaster and conductor.

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this devastates me BBC we pay our money u r meant to keep the shows we love
Yes! Sue Perkins makes me feel all warm inside. Kind, funny, intelligent, gentle.
. stars Mel and Sue have shocked fans as they announce they are quitting the show:
This American is super bummed about
>Sue Perkins has quit the Great British Bake Off . Quick, what's the fastest way of ending my life
just in time for Sue Perkins to be the next Doctor Who
'We're not going with the dough': Mel and Sue's statement in full as they quit Bake Off .
How sad. Money (greed) seems to be the only draw for This is the last series I shall watch.
Will you watch GBBO without Mel and Sue? No. What do you think?
I must be one of maybe two people (maybe) that really loves Sue Perkins but does not care about the fate of GBBO.
I am sure you have all heard already about Mel and Sue, but just in case.
It's what happens when it's becomes all about money & not the people Sue and Mel to leave GBBO.
Ffs it's baking in a tent. Exactly what costs £25 million? BBC can just do The Great British Roast Off instead.
Love Productions "respect Mel and Sue's decision" not to continue with Bake Off on Channel 4. https:…
I'm gutted. The high carb high sugar promoters at the 'Great British Bake Off' are going to channel 4.
Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc quit Great British Bake Off over move to Channel 4
Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc to leave Great British Bake Off - the guardian
Mel Giedroyc + Sue Perkins will be leaving after show moves to C4 - saying no to the dough
We can neither confirm nor deny that we've poached Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc to host our new TV show, Geeks Bake Things.
Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are an example to us all. Absolutely first class conduct. God bless 'em.
Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc confirm they WILL leave The Great British Bake Off when the show is sold to Channel 4 https:/…
Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc will step down as hosts of The Great British Bake Off, Channel 4 says
The reason for Sue Perkins' absence from GBBO has been revealed
I thought Sue Perkins wasn't with us confused :/
Sue Perkins is missing her first episode in six years! Find out why here:
Sue Perkins won't be on tonights GBBO...
Not sure im okay with living in a world wherein sue perkins not being on Bake Off tonight is the 2nd most read news story o…
Bad news: Sue will not be hosting this ep of Good news: HISTORY SEGMENT!
This week's is missing a key ingredient: Sue Perkins. Why is she not on tonight?.
Sue Perkins won't be appearing on tonight's episode of
Sue Perkins won't be on tonight's Bake Off, but will be back next week
Literally just found out that Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson are an item. . I would pay to live in that house
Sue Perkins missing from why is this ?🙄
Great British Bake Off 2016: Sue Perkins misses episode for first time due to family ...
"Sue Perkins missing from tonight's GBBO" Is this really what needs reporting on one of the world's top news sites?
Sue Perkins will be absent from 'Great British Bake Off' this week
Great British Bake Off's Sue Perkins misses her first show in SIX years tonight: Viewer...
Brace yourselves: Sue Perkins won't be on this week
Sue Perkins misses her first Bake Off show in six years. via
Sue Perkins won’t be on tonights Great British Bake Off: Sue Perkins won’t appear on tonight’s episode of the...
Sue Perkins will be missing from the Bake Off tent
Sue Perkins misses her first episode in SIX years tonight
Sue Perkins to miss tonight's episode of the Great British Bake Off.
Sue Perkins will be missing from tonight's Great British Bake Off episode
host Sue Perkins will miss Wednesday's show and we have the reason why -
Why isn’t Sue Perkins on the Great British Bake Off tonight?
Why does Richard Osman look so much like Sue Perkins?
Seriously does anyone else think that Sue Perkins is the female version of Richard Osman??
One of these days they should replace Sue Perkins with David Tennant for an episode and see if anyone notices.
An episode of QI with Sue Perkins, David Mitchell and Bill Bailey? Yes please.
you can see Sandi Toksvig, Susan Calman & Sue Perkins in the new musical "Lezz Gloriosa"
Boris buzz et al, but perhaps the best counters to him are Paul Merton, Ian Hislop, Clive Anderson, Sue Perkins & Rick Wakeman.
Did anyone else spot Sue Perkins in Wells on Friday? Never know who you'll bump into 'round here. Was Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber last month!
Anna Richardson talks to Diva about coming out, biphobia and life with Sue Perkins.
No, 'Spectacles' by Sue Perkins. Many fathoms away from the Booker Prize.
I'm either really tired, or a bit tipsy, but, I'm starting to find Sue Perkins a bit fit. I'm watching an old QI.
We are very much 'here for' Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins being couple goals af
can we just clarify:. is this sue perkins laughing at one of mel's CLASSIC puns on bake-off?
Anna Richardson admits people ‘laughed’ when she and Sue Perkins first got together
'A relationship with a woman is far more intense.' on
Anna reveals all about sex with Sue Perkins
OK, they might not look it here, but Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins are very much 💘💘💘
Anna Richardson admits some people didn't take her relationship with Sue Perkins seriously:
Nevermind that..Sue Perkins of all people!. *** ..couldn't anyone more irritating
I'm talking about sue Perkins she is a cow
thanks for sharing Sue Perkins, have a great Saturday :) (Want this FREE feature too?
Anna Richardson and GBBO's Sue Perkins are basically couple goals
'An emotional tsunami': Anna Richardson on her relationship and sex life with girlfriend Sue Perkins:
Anna Richardson reveals all about sex with Sue Perkins - but says her girlfriend's fame can be 'tricky'
Anna Richardson talks coming out, biphobia and life with Sue Perkins. Find out more at
On today's episode of Euan looks like; Actress, Comedian and beloved presenter Sue Perkins
Very excited to be part of the at the end of June. With the wonderful Sue Perkins!
How about some irony tonight, courtesy Sue Perkins while on the *** Chi Minh Trail, World's Most Dangerous Roads.
Sue Perkins just convinced me that what JuniorDoctors are striking for is just. Seriously, one may save your life.…
Nah, although I like both. I love the lads on . I'm surprised that I've warmed towards Sue Perkins tonight like 😄 X
Sue Perkins, is now trending in United Kingdom
is this the episode with Sue Perkins? How was it? I will have to watch it later.
Sue Perkins looks like she gives a proper hug :)
Sue Perkins put across her view on junior doctors perfectly.
I'm kinda crying at Sue Perkins' words on junior doctors. LOVE HER
Are we going to end up with Trump and Johnson? Like Sue Perkins says of the US candidates, they're all pretty creepy and satanic looking.
Great show,as always!Look fwd to it and enjoy it very much.Sue Perkins great speaking up fr the drs!Last wk's show was fab too!
I'm hereby starting a petition to get Sue Perkins to become a permanent member of sofa. Please!
that Sue Perkins looked like Danny Wallace's brother when she was 'trumped'
Wow! brilliant on Hunt lying over 11000 deaths at weekends. and Sue Perkins is fantastic too. Wa…
Can Sue Perkins be on every week please
agree with everything sue Perkins said re Jnr Drs but that has nothing to do with what they are supposed to be striking about!
Currently watching and finding Sue Perkins utterly brilliant. Just need Mel now too!
How can 'Insert Name Here' with Sue Perkins be funny & 'Bad Language' with Paddy Kielty be absolutely awful? . The BBC NI c…
to think Sue Perkins looks like Donald trump & Angela merkels love child
Sue Perkins showing real passion on Ch 4 last leg in support of junior doctors,raging against tabloid & Hunt's lies.
Sue Perkins wants to sit on a presidential candidates face??? Thought they weren't her type?
that a mere 30 seconds after her Trump Cut, Sue Perkins has immediately become the most sensible politician in the country?
thumps up for Sue Perkins supporting junior doctors...
Sue Perkins finally spoke about what we're all thinking regarding junior doctors. Shame she had to have Trump's hair doing so.
that sue Perkins is a fcuking genuis and is saying out loud what everyone else is thinking
that sue Perkins has no idea what she is talking about regarding junior doctors
Sue Perkins just knocked it out of the park with her comments about junior doctors on The Last Leg.
to ask what happend to Sue Perkins hair in the 10minutes i was making coffee?
that I'm a junior doctor and I now love Alex Brooker and Sue Perkins... Never though I'd say that
for Sue Perkins and women to use a shepee to vote
Sue Perkins killing it on the Last Leg
is it ok that i agree with Sue Perkins n would *** on them all.
as a nurse, I love Sue Perkins. Awesome speech
Well done Sue Perkins . Making sense of junior doc contract for everyone.
Many rounds of applause for Sue Perkins!
Well said Sue Perkins "everyone should support our Junior Doctors"
More than a little bit in love with Sue Perkins on
that Sue Perkins' Junior Doctor rant has made her my new favourite person!!!
to want Sue Perkins to take charge of the government?
loved Sue Perkins support for the NHS & junior doctors
Sue Perkins just hit the nail on the head, regarding Jnr Drs!! Bloody brilliant!
that Sue Perkins has just had a 1980's Ben Elton Rant
that I'm voting for Sue Perkins as the next Prime Minister?
Thanks to Sue Perkins and lads on the last leg for supporting the junior doctors
Sue Perkins, Josh Widdecombe on one show - looked up the word comedian - they've never made me laugh - how do they get on TV all the time!
Sam looks like Sue Perkins' reflection in the back of a spoon.
I've long thought, like Barry Norman's pickled onions, Sue Perkins should endorse a range of cornichons.
Sue Perkins, Ross Noble, David Mitchell and Alan Davies join Stephen on QI XL tonight at 9pm on
Is it wrong that I love Great British Bakeoff so much yet Great Australian Bakeoff-meh. I think it's the Sue Perkins factor.
Some friends lend you books by Sue Perkins & DVDs of Amy Schumer doing stand up comedy & buy you kick *** postcards.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ten surprising housemates time forgot: Sue Perkins, Anthea Turner, more
Delighted to meet lovely Sue Perkins today ! Joacin Hawk entirely failed to recognise her! is for Halfwit .
my 90s comedian crushes were Donna McPhail and Sue Perkins. Didn’t make it easy on myself.
Starting the month well - sobbing on the train at the letter to her dog in Sue Perkins' memoir...
ooops a friend of mine on FB '' Apparently I served Sue Perkins in the shop on Wednesday.anyone else never heard of her?''
On page 52 of 377 of Spectacles, by Sue Perkins
Who else thinks the sister is trying to kill off the mum?
I think I have a huge crush on Sue Perkins.
Chieveley services is a hotbed for celebrity spotting. After seeing Sue Perkins there last year... That's right THE Sue Perkins...
How can anyone not like Sue Perkins 😯
Reading some dodgy reviews of Audible, but all I want is to listen to Sue Perkins Spectacles memoir...
Big Waves, Small Island. A stunning shot of Shetland hit by Storm Gertrude from Ivan Hawick Photography.
I love him & I love her but I didn't realise Gok & Sue Perkins had a child together?!
Djokovic had already converted the prize money into the Croatian Dingus and was spending it down the local sex taverns. He may…
I feel like I'm working almost as hard watching Murray is he is playing
But it's too rude for me to read out in front of my boyfriend's mum so am laughing like a drain and can't say why
Sunday Breakfast with in the review hour 1st Book Review by Sue Perkins
Sue Perkins in Supersizers go is making my evening.
Pic Sue Beck could come gather belongings but not to return to work. Whoops. 1/2
Also anything with Sue Perkins in it.
As long as it isn't Sue Perkins, Miranda Hart or Helen Mirren, id be fine with it
Sue Perkins, a catalogue of new hope *** Sex)
His book about eating out is good. Apart from the ENTIRE CHAPTER ABOUT SUE PERKINS. . I was thinking "he'll turn it in soon", but no.
Replaced Fox Sports commentators with Sue Perkins, John Waters, Roy Scneider, Whoopie Goldberg & some guy who could remove his eyes
I would LOVE Sue Perkins as the next Doctor.
85% of the time i love Sue Perkins. But 15% of the time she really annoys me.
So! Sue Perkins Verified account has arrived on my Who to follow list? But help - Should I press her follow button or knot?
there was a programme on telly where sue perkins was making people compete for the ownership of Jos
Sue Perkins. I've been wanting to see her appearing in an DW episode for a while now.
SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: So why didn't Sue join Sam Cam on Bake Off?  Could it be that Perkins opted out (or was opted out) the Great Sport Re
On page 60 of 377 of Spectacles, by Sue Perkins
Ed Byrne kinda looks like Sue Perkins to the degree that I was half asleep and thought that I was watching Bake Off
Thanks to Sue Perkins for sharing this on LinkedIn.
I read Sue Perkins's autobiog Spectacles over the new year. Fabulous book 😊
I remember the good old days of TV before Sue Perkins & Mel Grdzyczcuh
Not happy about the lack of Sue Perkins on celebrity Bake Off.
Sue Perkins just crushed Davis on Great British Bake Off 😂
Missing Sue Perkins on is she not doing it?
I've actually managed to find a tv program without Sue Perkins on. Who'd have thought that it would be
Can I also point out that I'm glad Sue Perkins isn't involved in this episode. Her innuendos are so forced it hurts.
the only downside of the celebrity Bake Off is the fact there's no Sue Perkins.
I've spent half the day excitable about the return of , & the other half miserable about it's lack of Sue Perkins
but of course. He's urbane enough for two countries. Can we have Sue Perkins?
Listen to Book Review by Sue Perkins on Art Radio Transmission Art Radio On demand
my favourite of the presenters is Sue Perkins (dark hair, glasses) – she cracks me up. "Meh" about the cakes that are made.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sue Perkins or Michael Palin? Tell us which TV traveller you'd like to go on holiday with:.
Spectacles A Memoir by is warm, generous, kind and funny what's not to like via wordpressdotcom
I'd like to sneak up behind Sue Perkins and pull up her pants.
Book number 2 of 2016, Spectacles by Sue Perkins (I love Sue Perkins). Ticking 'an autobiography…
Everything has mushed in my head & I think Sue Perkins has mastered mindfulness & is using it to battle aliens while lunching Quentin Crisp.
Michael Caine pretty much just "cool story, bro"d Sue Perkins on The Jonathan Ross Show. It was brilliant.
Sue Perkins from the Great British Bake Off is wearing your ironic moth top on The Jonathan Ross Show. Just to inform you☺
nice Archie brogues worn by Sue Perkins on the Jonathan Ross show !!!
Michael Caine and Sue Perkins together on the Jonathan Ross Show. This is brilliant.
Sue Perkins and Michael Caine on Jonathan Ross. It couldn't get any better.
Sue Perkins on the Jonathan Ross show - yes please!
Sylvester Stallone & Sue Perkins on the Jonathan Ross show tonight... The testosterone will be flowing tonight
My bad guys, Sue Perkins is my boyfriend. Ann Perkins is a character on Parks and Recreation. I guess my subconscious misses that show.
Bake Off's Sue Perkins is back with new panel show (yes, that's the name)
Watching BBC2 at 10pm 'Insert Name Here' new panel show by friend Hosted by Sue Perkins, with Richard Osman and Josh Widdecombe
Is David Gest the lovechild of Stallone & Sue Perkins?
Richard Coles, Sue Perkins & Gyles Brandreth in one studio together = aural ***
My is getting increasingly irate when comparing Nia Vardalos and Ian Gomez to Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc
My platonic valentine Sue Perkins and real-life Trivia Groot Richard Osman are heading up a new six-episode...
Sue Perkins to host new BBC quiz show: Our favourite cake expert will be joined by Richard Osman and Josh Widd...
Sue Perkins, Richard Osman & Josh Widdicombe star in new panel show:
I would totally romance a character in a game who was like Sue Perkins or Ellen Degeneres.
[Sunday Recap:] Sue Perkins, Richard Osman & Josh Widdicombe to star in new BBC panel show:
Why does Sue Perkins look like little cook
Sue Perkins has a new book out. I am going to have to order it to get through the next few Sunday nights.
I can imagine, nevertheless it seemed a bit suspect. And I say that as a HUGE fan of Sue Perkins.
Also I sort of want to run off with Sue Perkins.
finished Spectacles by Sue Perkins and gave it 5 stars
Still can't believe Sue Perkins gave Jeremy Corbyn a lift to the Cenotaph in a SMART ed cabrio 55kW 74 bph Auto.
I watched the first few seasons. Love Sue Perkins & Mel Gyiedroyc. Eventually tired of Paul Hollywood.
Good choice. She's got nothing going for her. Sue Perkins is liked by many on the left, me included.
What's wrong with Sue Perkins? I like her. Not sure why you put her with those others, who I hate as much as you.
we pay for so much we dont want - BBCScot, trident, London infrastructure, HS2, Sue Perkins
Life at Perkins School: Sang Lan and I will sue East Lansing Public Schools for humiliating me, using Child Protective Services.
also, Sue Perkins is hot and adorable and Giles is a landsman. so watch ALL THE THINGS :D
Toby said is that the show where him and Sue Perkins compete to see who's the most annoying?
I've always had a thing for him. Ever since he made a show called The Good Life with Sue Perkins.
To quote Sue Perkins 👓 ."I returned to London .I didn't have a bean so I made like Blanche Dubois and depended on the kindness of strangers
I have a spare ticket for the Sue Perkins event. I am out of work now so cannot go any longer 😢😢
What happened to your other character, the one who's named after Sue Perkins' girlfriend? Lol. :P
I reckon Sue Perkins would do an awesome job! Or they could make it simple with Jenna Coleman! How about you?
Sue Perkins is hilarious! "As we know wearing white lead makeup is brilliant for your skin, it also made your face fall off!"😂😂
Maybe QI later. I need my Sue Perkins fix. I need it bad.
Watching the supersizers, love this programme, Sue Perkins and Giles Coren eating their way through history!
Finished reading Sue Perkins book Spectacles today and it was brilliant,go out and get a copy you won't regret it :-)
Finally a worthy score! Excellent jive. That move has been dubbed 'the nut dive' by Sue Perkins!
LRT brought to you by my dearest love Sue Perkins
Get Zoe Ball or Sue Perkins. Both would be so much better.
The Great Pottery Throw Down would have been too much for Sue Perkins.
can you confirm if sue perkins is signing her book 'spectacles' later this month at your store. Tar
I borrowed glasses. I think I've got a bit of a Sue Perkins thing going on.
surely a Sue Perkins sized mattress would fit nicely in the passenger seat?
"Doctor told Sue Perkins it was easier for her to be infertile because she is a *** What a dreadful doctor!
'I don't wear them twice' Justin Bieber says he throws boxers away after # # # - Express 😙
Ted Cruz looks to channel energy from debate into Iowa prizes - CNN 😠😮
I'm pretty sure everyone's life would be improved by more Sue Perkins. She's tops.
🙏 Inmate kills chatty man for interrupting his nap, prosecutor says - PennLive
😓 Jonathon Ross reveals all on Chatty Man - Daily Star
9 of the best bits from 5SOS's appearance on Alan Carr Chatty Man - Sugarscape 😢
Fab article in the Telegraph today with member Helen. Disappointed there's no reference to the charity ht…
💩 Chatty Man: Goldie Hawn reveals she was told to 'COVER UP' before Loose Women # # # - Daily Star 💩
Goldie Hawn tells Alan Carr why she hasn't wed Kurt Russell after 30 years # # # - Daily Mail 😈
She should have Sue Perkins instead of Alan Davies as well.
Let's get the closest looking *** TV presenter similar to Sue Perkins that Ireland has. Ooh, Anna Nolan almost fits the bill.
and is it just me, or is Malone like a cross between Simon Amstell and Sue Perkins?
i think it's pretty safe to assume that replacing Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc with Jeff Foxworthy is a BAD MOVE hence its failure
Sue Perkins hits back at doctor who said her infertility was 'easier' because she was ***
Sue Perkins bravely opens up on he infertility and fights back to her ignorant doctor
Very poor tonight. Sue Perkins not funny & Paul Merton well below par. Maybe it's past its sell-by date. (BTW good example of...
Sue Perkins has gone into a smugsphere that maybe even David Starkey would say "that's a bit too much"
On page 201 of 400 of Spectacles, by Sue Perkins
Sue Perkins plans to adopt, after a brain tumour devastatingly left her infertile : 38
and Sue Perkins and Susan calman and... Sandi Toksvig.
Dawn R U going to Q&A or promotion any where for the new book? Saw u with Sue Perkins! Adore u x
i love Sandi Toksvig ..but no. Maybe Sue Perkins...
Sandy Toksvig to replace Stephen Fry is possibly the best worst news I could've read about QI today. Now, Sue Perkins to replace Alan?
do not say Sue Perkins. If there's only thing I don't like about QI it's her!!!
last time I'll be watching it. Could only have made a worse choice by picking Sue Perkins
I'd prefer Sue Perkins but really that's just true with most things so Sandi's alright by me
5 of 5 stars to Spectacles by Sue Perkins
So, Sandi Toksvig is replacing Stephen Fry on QI? I bet they'll replace Alan Davies with Sue Perkins next and rename the show... er... QUIM!
I'll take that over Sue Perkins any day!
She has the wit and the brains, but I've always found her a bit of a cold presence. Sue Perkins would've been better.
Hi Sue, it's on hive, who support local booksellers with every purchase (don't ask me how!):
I fancy Sue Perkins so much oh my GOD my heart
TEAM SUSAN CALMAN. Team Sue Perkins is second choice. So basically: Team *** all the time.
Absolutely adore (and love) so hope there is room on my kindle for this.
PS, Kindle link back up and running, sorry for those of you who couldn't access it yesterday x.
Jonathan Creek will be bricking it. Sue Perkins will be slowly circling. .
Sue Perkins' autobiography is completely wonderful.
I'm not a sandi fan. I'd have gone for Sue Perkins.
Lol, really? I've forgot about her then. :p The ones I instantly remember are Jo Brand and Sue Perkins of the female guests. :P
Sandi, Victoria Corhen Mitchell, or Sue Perkins would have been my dream hosts so I'm glad Sandi got it
YES PLEASE. i'm so ok with UK TV being just the sue perkins show year-round
not much is as bad as sue Perkins yes this is very true!
oh hang on. I confused Toksvig with Sue Perkins in my head. Ahh, that's not as bad.
Genuinely who commissioned Sue Perkins to do a docu on India. Why??? She is unbearable on Bake Off. The Female Giles Coren.
That Dan Snow *** and *** Sue Perkins wandering around India exercising their white privilege and muttering about 'trains' and 'Inja'
Signed copies of Bill Bryson's Little Dribbling & Sue Perkins' Spectacles in stock...whilst stocks last. Hurry it's like Christmas already
hi how are you iv meet you a few times when u did a show with sue perkins my name Julie don't know if you remember me x
i feel like i've mel too much but. she's sue perkins level good on GABO
I have a question, if Rachel Maddow and Sue Perkins go into the same room does the world end?...
it is a truly lovely show. I think it would be a great de stressor for you. Plus Sue Perkins is a top girl crush of mine.
What Sue Perkins is doing now Bake Off is over for another year (photo by Marc Riboud, 1953) . htt…
Sue Perkins on the homophobia of doctor who diagnosed her brain tumour
Just realised you never see Gareth Malone and Sue Perkins in the same room.
On the plus side Sue Perkins is lovely and I now 'get' archival arrangement. Plus brought home jelly snakes so good two days.
Today I'm buying book as a v early Xmas present -to myself. Happy Xmas me & others who do same.
this was on Saturday! So sadly you weren't in Sheffield 😩 the festival sounded so cool! Can't believe you met Sue Perkins!!
I like Sue Perkins but 'gentle indulgence' to the empire sums up her recent Kolkata programme. Extremely disappointed.
Celebrity lookalike, Will looks surprisingly like Sue Perkins. No good at baking though.
Sue perkins is in my mentions and TWICE
If you don't stop with the Sue Perkins analogies I'm going to bake you.
Reasons why I need they Juan bookmark:. Sue Perkins book.
"It was here she found her funny bone." Great article on alumna time in
- 'She can knock it back' Sue Perkins claims Mary Berry drinks like ...
Okay, you caught me. It's me, Sue Perkins.
probably not, all the ads make it look really annoying also no Sue Perkins
Great British Bake Off's success could be recipe for trouble at cash-strapped BBC
The Great British Bake Off is on Netflix. I dare you to watch and not be convinced & Sue Perkins are the same person.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Does anyone actually like Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Dame Joan Collins, Sue Perkins, Andy Murray, David Cameron…
Some people find Jo Brand or Sue Perkins funny. It's all a question of subjective taste
Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins stole and crashed Paul Hollywood's car
'All fine': Sue Perkins on her tumour diagnosis - 83
Why did the 56 Dean Street cross the road? Sue Perkins!
star Sue Perkins reveals she's been living with a brain tumour for eight years -
I'm addicted to the Great British Bake Off. I'm now super attracted to British bakers, and Sue Perkins. Life is weird like that I guess.
Great British Bake Off's Sue Perkins had a "fiery" confrontation with the culture secretary over BBC cuts plan
John Whittingdale on Sue Perkins: "She's a feisty lady." Did he use that word to describe when he made the same pro-BBC points?
Well done Sue Perkins for taking the awful John Whittingdale to task over ideological attack on the BBC.
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