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Sue Perkins

Susan Elizabeth Perkins (born 22 September 1969, East Dulwich, London) is an English comedian, broadcaster and conductor.

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Take only what you need and you’ll thrive . Take too much and you won’t survive ~ Sue Perkins
So late to the game but Sue Perkins trip to the Ganges makes me want to travel India. We are some lucky people.
Come to think about I've got Sue Perkins' memoir and a reread of YNBAMCF by on the Kindle.
Don't mean to be all gap year on everyone but this Sue Perkins thing on Varanasi is already incredibly insulting and c…
Will watch Sue Perkins in anything as she’s brilliant! The Ganges was superb :).
I have just watched an incredible lady. "sue perkins" the program Ganges had me crying,laughing and just so amazed at this lovely lady.
Television review: David Attenborough trawls the sea for more surprises in Blue Planet II
Celebrities can do it too- check out this video from Sue Perkins and her tips for reducing food waste!
If you haven't already, I deeply and strongly encourage you to watch "The Mekong River with Sue Perkins" on Netflix. You'll be very moved.
Spectacles from audible whilst doing housework and cleaning the new fridge freezer 💓 — listening to Sue Perkins
Watch BBC documentary by Sue Perkins,it tell us true situation.Water test result says it is highly poisonous & can cause canc…
Similarly there’s “Ganges with Sue Perkins” on BBC - that’s straight out of Pear Tree Productions! BBC…
Fabulous dream today we took Ella in a limo to Pinewood Studios today to meet her Idol the Fab Sue Perkins…
This Sue Perkins travel show is great for those who want something like the Bourdain shows but watched them all.
Ahhh Sue Perkins from Great British Bake Off has a food travel show people!!
Rare night in alone. Down the Ganges with Sue Perkins it is then! 👍🏻
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Back-to-back The Ganges with Sue Perkins. Thought-provoking, refreshing and beautiful.
Watching all 3 eps of 'The Ganges with Sue Perkins'. Onto the 3rd now. Fantastic,exhausting stuff. And that's just from sitting on my sofa.🙂
Dan and Phil will be in Edinburgh on Thurs 24th August talking to Sue Perkins about TV,cake and being online! Tix: http…
My sexuality is Sue Perkins in a tuxedo with untied bow tie.
Brilliant series. You must watch it for your India case study Y11. The Ganges with Sue Perkins: via
I liked a video Sue visits the Ashram - The Ganges with Sue Perkins: Episode 1 - BBC One
Maybe that an unusually high number of people look like Sue Perkins? At least, more than look like Mel Giedroyc.
Back from Herbie's swimming lesson, where one of the other dads is the spitting image of Sue Perkins. Probably shouldn't tell him that.
Catching up with The Ganges with Sue Perkins. Beautiful, moving and funny
Just stumbled across Sue Perkins' Ganges three part BBC series. Fantastic background for GCSE, and A Level...
If you missed The Ganges with Sue Perkins on BBC 1 then it's a must watch 😊 Especially as she visits Rishikesh &... https…
Ep 3 of The Ganges with Sue Perkins, is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer :.
Jo nails it as usual. See also Sue Perkins on Weinstein (from 0:37)
After last night's mess I say keep Jo Brand but ditch the chaps for Sue Perkins, Dianne Abbot, Kathy Burke and Victoria Coren
huge congratulations - we absolutely loved The Ganges with Sue Perkins - fascinating and very poignant, Siân and Andrew
Sue Perkins, Goblin and Ken Lashley are totally Tango'd with Dominic Monaghan at Selhurst Park - Always the same.
Caught up on Sue Perkins & the - heartfelt, hilarious, honest. just brilliant tv.
Apropos of nothing but because Great British Bake Off: a Sue Perkins cosplayer I met last month:
saw it, awesome programme Sue perkins. . Thanks Harsha 😀
The Ganges with Sue Perkins, what a fantastic programme. Amazing what different lives we all lead.
Harry Styles, Sue Perkins, Tracey Ullman. Just revelling in the warmth of how my license fee is invested 😡
Just caught up - best travel doc I've seen in ages. People love you Perkins even when they don't u…
Sue Perkins in India.. Thank you for the enlightenment of the Ganges 🤡
Wondering if sue Perkins would like to judge a Bake Off at weatherspoons in okehampton…
It was yesterday third last part..The Ganges with Sue still can catch up on I player BBC1..😀
An amazing programme made by a comedian called Sue Perkins about the Ganges river. Amazing
Sue perkins documentary about the Ganges
The Ganges with Sue Perkins is a remarkable series, a must see.
Watching Sue Perkins travelling down the Ganges. She's on an incredible personal journey.
BBC1 raging *** leftist Sue Perkins lapping up a trip in India paid for by license fee money. BBC2 immigrants arriving in Gr…
Little Giant Ladders
- Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins set to reunite, The trio will front B...
Who is Sue Perkins, who's her partner Anna Richardson and when did she meet Mel Giedroyc?
Has anybody ever seen Sue Perkins and Mark Lamarr in the same room?
after The Mekong River.The Ganges with the great Sue Perkins.fabuloso!
Are we sure Elizabeth isn't just Sue Perkins in a wig?
Two great tv programmes on tonight . The Ganges with Sue Perkins and. Gordon Ramsey on Cocaine . Think I'll need a class A drug to . 😜
Are we sure that Elizabeth isn't just Sue Perkins in disguise pretending to be a melter?
I swear Elizabeth is Sue Perkins with a wig and on a wind up!
Great British Bake Off: Paul Hollywood and Sue Perkins speak out on 'bingate' | Media Monkey via
I love Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc so much 😍 They're amazing in The Great British Bake Off lol. ❤️❤️
The Sue Perkins memoir "Spectacles." was a letter to her dog she had to put down. 😫
"the painful reality of being a grownup - that messy, unarticulated feelings stay with you forever without finding resolution." Sue Perkins
omg i didn't know thronecast was a thing i just googled it, SUE PERKINS woah
Sue Perkins’ (Desert Island Discs is an utterly fantastic, fun, and sad journey. What an amazing woman.
Sue Perkins has let herself go a bit
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There isn't really a bus or a Babybel, but there is Sue Perkins being cast away. It's a *** ..😋
Two *** grandmas just told sue perkins they were on the way to meet their grandchildren I'm crying
So many LGBT people are texting radio 2 with sue perkins standing in I love the *** agenda
Well look at that! I'm reading sue Perkins book, listening to her on radio 2 and there's a question about
Thought I might ring the changes and try radio 2 with Sue Perkins. Forgot 80s music makes me want to kill myself.
Sue Perkins is doing Michael Ball's show on radio 2. I wish she was on every day. She's Brillo!
'Sue Perkins sits in' like as in, a protest?
my GTA V character looks like Sue Perkins, with blue hair, so Lo calls her "Blue Perkins" and i'm DYING.
Excellent news. I listen to that show on my to and from visiting…
This episode has Sue Perkins and Jo Brand. This is life.
It's Saturday night, and I'm in bed listening to Sue Perkins' Zoopedia. This is the life.
Kwame is injured and Reid has less desire to play for Cov as I have to sit through a Sue Perkins sitcom marathon.
Sue Perkins on the moment she fell in friend-love with Mel Giedroyc
Sorry but Sue Perkins isn't even on it anymore, what is the point. I only watched it for her saying 'bake' in various accents😂
Don't know if I can cope with this. Still getting over Sue Perkins.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Day 4 of my exhibition is Sue Perkins
I'm not sure anything will top Sue Perkins' nun-eating comment.
Desert Island Discs is amazing at the moment, first Sue Perkins and now Sheryl Sandberg! What inspiring women!
I love Sue Perkins, shes just so fabulously awesome.
"I've never eaten a nun before." I would die on a battlefield for Sue Perkins
Geoff threatened to sue me once when I suggested the top SH was selling without notice.…
Thank you Sue Perkins a great series
I was once RT'd by Sue Perkins but this is NEXT LEVEL.
We all stand together behind Mel Giedroyc, Sue Perkins, Mary Berry... oh and the BBC
No, like the amazing show Sue Perkins did years ago to recreate meals from different periods…
Love the notions testing by Sue O'Very Designs. This time she's testing a product from Perkins Dry Goods - Celine...
Didn't you know Graham Norton and Sue Perkins actually own the BBC?
Not sure it will ever be the same with Mary Berry the cook, Sue Perkins and Mel
Why have you left the real Sue Perkins in?
The Generation Game to return to BBC with Mel and Sue
Summer hols are for listening to archive: Zadie Smith; Sandi Toksvig; Sue Perkins...wonderful, sparkling, brilliant women
I'll take that over Sue Perkins any day.
I literally skip all episodes of QI with Sue Perkins in, how can you be so happy with yourself for ruining every joke ?
4 of 5 stars to Spectacles by Sue Perkins
I'd love to review 'Is it Safe To Be *** in The UK' and 'Sue Perkins' Desert Island Discs'?
Sue Perkins trying on different wedding dresses & finding out about royal weddings throughout history is the perfect medicine for today.
I'm sort of rather extremely in love with Sue Perkins, so when I heard she was bail…
I've decided the best part of is Sue Perkins on Thronecast 😈 She's totally worth all the gross things…
Challenging myself to read two books this month so first up is Sue Perkins autobiography that…
Its so shout out to Sue Perkins. A girl can dream right?
Of COURSE Sue Perkins knows how to play classical piano
When we discovered one of my bosses looks like Sue Perkins the host of The Great British Bakeoff
I just find found out that Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc, and Mary Berry left the Great British Bake-off
Please tell me Sue Perkins and Mel not-perkins are onboard with this.
We are very pleased to announce our Awards Dinner host for our 24th Annual Conference is Sue Perkins Friday 17…
No one cares you Sue Perkins looking Busted ***
HYPOTHESIS: Britain only has four TV *** . They are Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, Susan Calman, and Clare Balding. Tell me I'm wrong. 🌈
Maybe him looking like a negative Sue Perkins was the real issue?
I've always liked Sue Perkins but after listening to her on Desert Island Discs I think I love her. What a great human.
The TV faces at this year's Sue Perkins, Frankie Boyle and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (aka
I find most female presenters dull, they do not take risks and lack edginess. I like commedians Jo Brand, Sue Perkins &
All Emily Maitlis has to do is wear trousers and grow a moustache like Sue Perkins and I’m sure a pay rise will be on the way.
only Toby Jones, Tamsin Greig, Sue Perkins or Mark Rylance will work for me now
Sue Perkins: 'I knew Mel would quit Bake Off with me'
Sue Perkins: I considered leaving Bake Off after someone cried over candied chest...
She's dating Sue Perkins and had a close encounter with Arnie. .
Who is Sue Perkins, who’s her partner Anna Richardson, when did she meet Mel Giedroyc and…
Sue Perkins ‘BOOED’ by Let’s Sing and Dance crowd after making Great British Bake Off dig with …
Sue Perkins makes her entrance to uproarious applause Go
Sue Perkins doing Bafta was just cringeworthy. . S…
Sue Perkins takes a swipe at Channel 4 with Baftas joke
''A strong and stable Bafta'' Ha ha bloody love Sue Perkins
I love Sue Perkins even more!! Didn't know that was possible!!! Even I crushed on especially since 🙌🏻😍 ❤️
Great British Bake Off star Sue Perkins forced BBC to edit out her rude gags as she hosted…
Gillian's reaction to the Sue Perkins joke was disappointing and awkward, which is how I've felt about her lately.
Nice to see that Mays strong and unable has really caught on and now she is ridiculed for it..
Sue Perkins opens the Baftas: "Let's crack on before someone sells the format to Channel 4" 🔥🔥🔥
Imagine falling into a coma in the 70s and waking up today as Nina Kraviz is praised as a great 'musician' and Sue Perkins is at Baftas
Sue Perkins took over from Graham Norton presenting the BAFTAS? BAFTAS?, more like the P.
Sue Perkins & James Nesbitt promoting in Televsion and Film industry at the
Love the happy clappy BATA classic sucking up by James Nesbitt and comedic talent of Sue Perkins presenting..
Sue Perkins and James Nesbitt owning the BAFTAS right now
Sue Perkins' 'jokes' are forced, predictable and bitter. Tries so hard, but fails so miserably.
Sue Perkins on leading actress category 'so many aspire to;being paid just under' their male equivalents.James Nesbitt gets cheer..
Christ, even Captain Jack Harkness didn't die as many times as Sue Perkins on this edition of
Hamilton Collection
looks like Stan Laurel and Sue Perkins love child... All kinds of impossible.
I just woke up from a dream where I accidentally started ww3 @ a restaurant and my friend was in a movie w Sue Perkins wearing two flamingos
"The BBC wants someone young and hot, who's kind of like David Tennant.". Me: "So, Sue Perkins?"
Sue Perkins' The Big Spell AXED after just one series over poor viewing figures.
if I turn up at the Sue Perkins gig and your not dressed up, I'll be miffed 😜
I'd actually like to see a female comedian do it: Sue Perkins, Susan Calman or Josie Long would be quite cool.
Sue Perkins bringing her unique brand of whimsy 😂
Frail-looking Billy Connolly leaves viewers in tears as he makes Comic Relief plea
Sue Perkins is so bae. I love her on QI but she's on like every British live comedy/panel show.
sue perkins is originally a comedian in fact both Mel Giedroyc & Sue Perkins have mostly worked together :)..
Sue Perkins - - she's on a bunch of QI episodes and other panel shows, great presenter overall :)
Look at you tho, partying with the stars! Guest of Sue Perkins! Don't forget me when you're properly famous
Sue Perkins just described my ideal woman
Couldn't be any more sleepy if it tried. He's on the Thames, not even an exciting river like the Mekong (with Sue Perkins)
. I won't give to Charity under any circumstances.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Wembley's been as flat as Sue Perkins' chest in the 1st half. So here's Jacques Clouseau to show 'em what passion l…
Word of advice: when recovering from minor medical pummeling of the abdomen, do not read anything as funny as Sue Perkins' Spectacles.
Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief: Mel Giedroyc suffers unfortunate wardrobe……
if you haven't seen Supersizers Go... yet, it is historical food TV from the UK starring Sue Perkins & it is wonderful.
Also weirdly Sue Perkins referenced the Wirral on that comic relief show earlier. It's all coming up Wirral today
Does anyone else have the biggest crush on Sue Perkins or is it just me?
Am I the only one to find Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc horrifically unfunny?
is that Kevin Bacon presenting with Sue Perkins?
Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are the female versions and TV presenters of 😂👏
my friend's just said i look like a mix of vince noir and sue perkins I'm deleting my life
It's ok, Sue Perkins is on her way. The calibre of *** is thankfully rising.
Can't wait for on Mon. It's sold out, but more dates with Alison Moyet, Meera Syall, Sue Perkins:
Sue Alberti hugging Sarah Perkins might be the best thing i’ve ever seen
TY for sharing Celebs adopt a rescue from
Will Sue ex Great British bollock off Perkins be present. That's a good reason not to watch this pretentious excrement
Sue Perkins is as amusing as a sea slug.
'Celebrity couple adopt dog from Fab news! Go Sue & Anna! More:
Billy Connolly makes emotional plea for Comic Relief donations
No sign of Sue Perkins yet on comic relief, can't wait for some her hilarity
I’d fly to England just to have a drink with Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc.
Television stars Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson have given a new home to Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tia 😀…
. Love Actually por moi. They could raise money for more men clothes for Sue Perkins
what even is an 'LGBT leader' anyway? elton john? sue perkins? how *** do i have to be to become one? how many ***
On an entirely other note, I hope Sue Perkins gets to present the remaining series of Thronecast because she's brilliant.
Well Paul is hot. Mary Berry is my spirit animal. Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc are witty and lovely. It's a great show!
Sue Perkins from Great British Bake Off is a lot like Rachel Maddox except she doesn't manipulate me for the sake o…
Real talk: is there anything better than Mary Berry saying "scrummy." (Note: Sue Perkins eliminated from contest for obvious reasons.)
My top 3 are Richard Ayoade, Susan Calman and Sue Perkins. There are no better choices. These are the choices. Choose, BBC.
Sue Perkins not taking the whole Bake Off debacle so well 😳
...& it's so good to know 19 y/o *** women don't have that any more - Sue Perkins is presenting the Bake Off! Saudi Toksvig on QI!...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tilda Swinton and Sue Perkins are both great in their own ways but, personally, I'd opt for Tilda
very Sue Perkins. Just needs the glasses.
And people wonder why they get mixed up...searched a and a sue Perkins and in related searches...
What, June 5th? Never mind. I like Sue Perkins too, she’s very funny :-)
Sounds great but we're mid-air that evening, don't land until 23.50! Saw Sue Perkins on Sunday, it was fab :-)
Just in the bar booking our drinks for half-time at the lovely Sue Perkins' show in Leicester. *** AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE 😍😍😍😍
so so good. moving on to Sue Perkins Spectacles next excuse apparently I'm all about them *** memoirs atm
(I'm looking for work as a Sue Perkins lookalike)
Going to see Sue Perkins tonight and I just panicked thinking I'd forgot the tickets 🙈 Luckily I've got them!
tbh I'd be happier with Sue Perkins, because she seems more Doctor-y but dang Tilda Swinton would be perfect too
'The audience is a big pool of fun you can swim around in'
Tilda Swinton, Gillian Anderson, Sue Perkins... literally any of those as the new doctor would make my entire life
I'm absolutely shattered but can't really sleep. Waiting for a delivery and then I'm seeing Sue Perkins live show later on.
Multiple times during Sue Perkins ep where references (1)
Becky_Jones1 published Sue Perkins is talking births, deaths and lemon drizzle cake at...
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A key writer for the show has said he would cast Sue Perkins.
Also, Sue Perkins is not an actor. Why would you cast her, other than she already tends to dress like Dr?
Now no disrespect to Sue Perkins or comment on her suitability but you can see the train of thought here from space. ht…
I'd watch it!. I think at this point, after Missy showed it could definitely work, The Doctor SHOULD be a woman.
Show like Mythbusters/ Brainiac hosted by Sue Perkins called Sue-Do Science
'Mel, Paul & Mary Berry: snog, marry, avoid?' dealt with tough questions from the crowd
Sue Perkins was so so excellent tonight!!!
random Guy in my lecture: hey, you remind me of Sue Perkins; just a casual observation. Me: *at 8:45am on a Friday morning* what
Neil Gaiman wants Sue Perkins for the new Doctor Who
Or the new Doctor Sue Perkins is sending you a message and the Tardis has had an update
Fantasy author Neil Gaiman calls for Sue Perkins to be the next Doctor Who
I'm hoping for Marine Peake, largely because she's so brilliant at everything, but yeah, Sue Perkins would be cool too 😎
What with Sue Perkins on last week and Victoria Coren Mitchell on tonight, I am a very very happy ***
Neil Gaiman wants Sue Perkins of Great British Bake Off fame to be the new Doctor Who.
Sue Perkins to host Radio 4 panel show about local newspapers -
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I thought Danny Dyer was bad enough. I hope Neil Gaiman has no influence over the decision. I really hope...
Sue Perkins Live: Spectacles – comic comfort food from a good egg
4 years since we tried to get Sue Perkins in the Tardis. New support from amazing author & DrWho writer
I never thought as the Doctor being female, but the idea of Sue Perkins being the next one...I'm warming to it, won't lie.
Sue Perkins as new doctor who, Mel as companion, Paul as the evil alien they have to defeat
Neil Gaiman would "love" a female Doctor Who - and he wants it to be Sue Perkins or Gillian Anderson:.
Nicola Walker, who I LOVE, is also Murray Edwards. (And Sue Perkins, but I've never forgiven her for standing me up.)
Swapping soggy bottoms for sonic screwdrivers? Neil Gaiman: 'Bake Off's Sue Perkins should be the next
Prue Sleath, sorry Leith, to take Mary Berry role in the Carry-On inspired"Great British Bake Off".Good choice,& no Sue Perkins too,a bonus!
Portrait Artist of the Year. 4 hours in a room with Sue Perkins, Nina Sosanya and Richard E Grant seems like a very pleasant afternoon.
RA is now following Sue Perkins and Stephen Mangan. Is this a clue to involvement?
Wondering if Richard following Stephen Mangan & Sue Perkins from BBC's All Roads Lead Home is just a like or something else.
Catch up with Sue Perkins chatting to Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2. Coming to Newcastle Theatre Royal 12 Feb…
If you missed it, Sue Perkins talks to 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' BBC Radio 2. Ticket…
Sat opposite Sue Perkins at the carol service, where's Mary Berry
Watching Great British Bake Off just because of Sue Perkins. Sue Perkins is bae. Major bae.
I remember Les Dennis was on Celebrity Big Brother With Mark Owen and Sue Perkins...
If you're missing the GBBO, you'll enjoy Sue Perkins' witty and engaging insight into her life.
NYDailyNews: Alleged gunrunner says he’s Zymere Perkins’ dad — and wants to sue the city
Yet another reason why me and Sue Perkins could be besties
Dear Sue Perkins. What can we possibly do to tempt you to visit when you visit Glasgow? We just know you'd love it.
Who recommended the Sue Perkins memoir? ? ? It was lovely and funny. I now recommend it to everyone else. :)
If Sue Perkins can make it in comedy anything is possible
There's also an excellent BBC show where Sue Perkins and some other guy do food through the ages. With costumes!
Looks like I'm moving in with Sue Perkins next year.BAKE
I quite fancy sue perkins' latest but can't remember what it's called
Watching the first series of Bake Off and I wish I could marry Sue Perkins.
I think that might be Sue Perkins Corrie.
I'd be quite happy if it were Sue Perkins.
Finished Sue Perkins' Spectacles. A great read. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes very real and raw and sad.
following the downfall of the famous Great British Bake Off, Sue Perkins finds a new job at Capital FM.
I can add John Oliver and Sue Perkins to the list
Apparently when I put on glasses I look like Sue Perkins. (Not my glasses)
Sue Perkins is a slave of the machine
Didn't realise Sue Perkins was on I'm a Celebrity this year...
Sue Perkins clashes with her Bake Off co-star Paul Hollywood
can you arrange for Michael Palin and Sue Perkins to be there too please? Then I'm in.
I'm bored of Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, I think I'll be friends with Katie Hopkins instead.
One of my lecturers looks like sue perkins x x x
I think there has been some kind of mistake as this toy is clearly a slightly angered Sue Perkins
Great news Bake Off fans! This Dec, Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue Perkins will host 2 Christmas specials on BBC!…
What's Sue Perkins going to do now that her comedy partner has become First Lady?
Great news, Bake Off fans: Sue Perkins is coming to Cambridge!
On page 299 of 377 of Spectacles, by Sue Perkins: I am loving this so much. Its so funny...
Like Sue Perkins, I know nothing comes close to the pain of losing a dog - via
I'm loving the fact that Jenny Eclair and Sue Perkins are adoring your man Susie xx
Starting to think Alan Davies should retire from QI and replace him with Sue Perkins
.sell-out tour, LIVE! in Spectacles, continues at the Festival!.
Finished with Spectacles, by Sue Perkins: I really want to be sues bessie mate
Realized how similar Sue Perkins and Stephen Colbert looked and that is meant as a compliment for both if them.
Can there be 'Just a minute' with Sue Perkins, Steven Fry, Paul Merton & Giles Brandreth?
Hot on the heels of The Great British Bake Off, comedy genius Sue Perkins Live! In Spectacles comes to Newcastle 12…
I've already bought tickets to see Blink 182 and Sue Perkins today I need to stop
I was really hoping that when Clarkson came on you'd also have Sue Perkins. I've been waiting for that for years.
ngl it was a solid banter, but it doesn't have the cultural cache of a Miranda Hart or Sue Perkins
Sue Perkins goes on an adventure with the love child of Chris Evans and Frankie Boyle 😉
On page 301 of 377 of Spectacles, by Sue Perkins
On page 163 of 377 of Spectacles, by Sue Perkins
Sue Perkins, a catalogue of new hope (Amateur)
So many of my lecturers look like celebrities, Jeff Goldblum, Sue Perkins, Gru from despicable me...
ok but i saw sue perkins on local cable tv, and the sOUND I MADE WAS NOT HUMAN
On page 91 of 377 of Spectacles, by Sue Perkins: This is just hilarious.
First time I laugh today: gf asks what happened to Rachel Maddow's glasses, realizes she's thinking of Great British Bake-O…
Retro Photo: Rory Bremner and Sue Perkins team up in series 2 episode 3 (2006)
EKP? Wasn't she the money-grubbing scam artist who tried to sue the guys at Kleiner Perkins? A laughing stock now.
I'm mad crushing on Sue Perkins tbh
The backspaces always seem to go on Perkins - mine has. There are people who can repair them though Sue so don't chuck it.
Sam, you're RTing a man with a profile pic incredibly similar to Sue Perkins. It's very confusing
Someone is outside my flat talking about sue perkins
i finished sue perkins's memoir AND the last volume of library wars
you do know I've only watched enough of it to work out who sue perkins is, right?
I should probably explain where these are from:. 1 - Paul Feig . 2 - Hillary Clinton . 3 - Sue Perkins (Bake Off). 4- Val Stones (Bake Off)
have you fallen deeply in love with Sue Perkins yet?
Maybe I'll just go with 'look like Sue Perkins'
... so I was dead wrong, yes they do, that's where we saw Sue Perkins about 100 years ago.
I was looking into Sue Perkins' tour earlier. I think there's some slight misinformation.
Counting the days 'til Sue Perkins is Live! in Spectacles at Basingstoke (121...) 2017 is looking better already!
Don't forget - goes on general sale tomorrow at 10am! Ring your friends/family tonight and make plans!…
Sue Perkins is coming to Nottingham next year thank the lord
Here’s what Sue Perkins is up to after The Great British Bake Off
Life after Bake Off for Sue Perkins as she extends her Spectacles stage tour
Here's what Sue Perkins is up to post-Bake Off:
Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins has said it is time she “stretched her legs” as she announced an...
Will Toledo of really reminds me of Sue Perkins they are the same person
Sue Perkins to extend Spectacles stage tour in life after Bake Off. Great British Bake Off presenter...
Advance booking for now open to members for 24 hrs. Join & book today:…
I'm not being funny but has anyone seen Mog and Sue Perkins in the same room at the same time?
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