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Sue Perkins

Susan Elizabeth Perkins (born 22 September 1969, East Dulwich, London) is an English comedian, broadcaster and conductor.

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I'd start watching if Sue Perkins were presenting.
Would watch Top Gear if they replaced the presenters with Sue Perkins, Shappi Khorsandi, Mary Beard and Rustie Lee.
I am appalled by the vitriolic attacks on Sue Perkins. Whoever is replacing Jeremy Clarkson, I hope it's Sabine Smitz. Time for a woman!
People sending Sue Perkins death threats just shows that Jeremy Clarkson's fans are just as vile as he is ✋
In fact I think Sue Perkins should take over as Doctor Who, James Bond, Batman and Thor. Simultaneously.
Sue Perkins is favourite to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear
Sue Perkins bookmaker's favourite to replace Jeremy Clarkson on 'Top Gear'
Sue Perkins to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear?: The Great British Bake Off presenter is being considered by BBC bosses keen to ...
Jeremy Clarkson 'to be replaced by female Top Gear host' (and Sue Perkins is favourite!)
This is why Top Gear is now dead and buried. . Sue Perkins!?
Yay! Great British Bake Off's Sue Perkins new favourite to replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear via
Jo Brand, Sarah Millican, Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, and Lucy Porter are about as funny as typus or Jenny Eclair.
Ever seen Nasri and Sue Perkins in the same room? No, didn't think so. Not seen that level of Doppleganger since Rod Hull and Camilla..
So yesterday this happened! I finally got a selfie with Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. And the queen of…
Actually, thinking about it she'd be an amazing Doctor. Kind of half way between my other two favourites, Sue Perkins and Mary McDonnell.
So Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins have revealed they are together. Who would have guessed tha... via
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"Aww! Presenter Anna Richardson says some adorable things about girlfriend Sue Perkins: what
So pleased to hear about Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson. What a *** fine couple :)
Anna Richardson speaks out on relationship with Bake Off’s Sue Perkins: 'She's extraordinary' http…
I've no Idea how Sue Perkins pulled Anna Richardson but well done to her. Don't know how this show will go without the cake puns to fall on.
Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins reveal they are together via
Sue Perkins cannot have a girlfriend. She is MY girlfriend. :(
'Secret Eaters' presenter Anna Richardson has confirmed she is in a relationship with Sue Perkins.
Sue Perkins speaks at Women in Film & Television awards and her new show [Related]
Shame Sue Perkins Westgate you stuck with me for life :)
'There was something in the air': Anna Richardson on girlfriend Sue Perkins.
Anna Richardson opens up about falling for her girlfriend Sue Perkins
Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson are together! Would have never guessed :)
Anna Richardson said the LOVELIEST things about her girlfriend Sue Perkins
don't worry about Cosby, sue Perkins and a special forces *** hit squad are going to take him out
This makes me so happy. I believe I too would fall in love with if I met her.
Only just saw Sue Perkins has written an episode for Banana! Colour me excited. "Russell T Davies on Cucumber"
don't say a word Anna Richardson on falling for girlfriend Sue Perkins: 'There was somethi... RT
I didn't know Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson were together!! Excellent news 👍
Anna Richardson on falling for Sue Perkins: 'There was something magical in the air'
on obnoxious Sue Perkins impersonators. But really, it's about the liberation of the concentration camps.
Mel and Sue on their new daytime TV show: 'It's like hosting a jolly in your house'
'I felt a spark of interest -  there was something in the air': Anna Richardson on the moment she realised she ... -
Is it just me or does Sav look like a male Sue Perkins today?
Just read some lovely quotes by about her love for in
There's a new season of 'The Great British Bake Off' so if anyone needs me, I'll be staring lovingly at Sue Perkins for the next few months
I'm so behind with life, Stephen Fry's engaged and Sue Perkins is with Anna Richardson?! But I wanted Sue Perkins :(
An evening of edutainment! I'll be watching QI later, we're following Sue Perkins down the Mekong (reorded from AGES ago).
"The big allotment challenge" is an annoying try hard of the Bake Off and will never succeed as it doesn't include Mary Berry & Sue Perkins
As far as I'm concerned 2015 is just another year my love for Sue Perkins will go unrequited.
its just I love Sue Perkins and you and the combination is too great xD btw I miss you from this morning, sad Lucas :'(
Feel in a slight state of mourning now Sue Perkins is taken.
Got a hair cut now i look slightly less of a sue Perkins lookalike
Anna Richardson | Anna Richardson placed an order on layaway in November.
There's something about Sue Perkins that makes even straight women flap their lashes. V glad for you!
Anna Richardson | So it's with apprehension that I introduce myself to Richardson who is sitting alone in the basem…
Our new favourite couple! reveals she's in a relationship with
Hear the peerless Stewart Lee spin the equally peerless on Sundays Freak Zone on Sue Perkins has let herself go...
Hey guys, it's all okay, I still fancy Sue Perkins. I was so worried last week but it's okay. Good.
They are great... Sue Perkins is in this episode, she is also very very awesome.
So Anna Richardson is a *** & is dating Sue Perkins, didnt see that coming 0_0
Sue Perkins assault on liberty censuring and banning rape jokes is no different from Al-Qaeda censoring
Anna Richardson | Dozens of people in our area have reported that K-Mart's online layaway program has cancelled the…
I am for the most part 100% heterosexual, *** that Sue Perkins for making me question my sexuality.
'No medication' for Bake Off jokes: Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins has revealed that her bad gags on…
'No medication' for Bake Off jokes: Sue Perkins has admitted even her doctor berated her for her Great British...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dear Santa,. This Christmas I would like Sue Perkins and Tom Hollander in my Christmas stocking. Failing that some woolly socks. Love,. Kaspar
QI is full of Stephen Fry wonderment. I'll have to find the ep with Sue Perkins in it. Ta!
We all loved the Mekong River programme with Sue Perkins - if you missed it, catch up on BBC iPlayer - it will be worth it!
I think that if I was a *** Sue Perkins would be high up on my celebrity crush list.
Sue Perkins accepts prize for presenter from Mary Berry
if you were Sue Perkins... Thank you.
Interesting section about pu'erh tea in here!
Sue Perkins and her series about the Mekong were both superb.
Known as the ‘Mother of Water’, the Mekong brings life to millions of people from the paddy fields of Vietnam to...
I'm liking the sound of that though my last encounter with one was a mutton one in Japan that was not fun!
Just caught the final episode The Mekong River, with, as ever ,the very genuine Sue Perkins...A fantastic series.
To traverse a labyrinth of tributaries with Sue Perkins, oh but a romantic dream.
I reckon Toast is favourite. I'm watching Mekong atm so I don't want to miss any. Sue Perkins is excellent ;-) X
Actually Die Another Day is 100% preferable to Sue Perkins up the Mekong.
00:10 The Mekong River with Sue Perkins: Sue finishes her journey at the home of the Mekong's source - China.
aha! Good job you corrected me, could have been a long, wayward bunquest.
Thanks to iPlayer, I can spend an evening watching Sue Perkins talking about tea. Tonight, that is exactly what I need
should follow me because I got THIS in my behaviour report at school. "stop talking about sue perkins"
Never mind the suet: "The Great British Bake-Off" airing on PBS only means one thing: Sue Perkins on American TVs at last!
Just watched The Mekong River with Sue Perkins. Episode 1 was truly fabulous . Can't wait to see the next ones
I am googling Sue Perkins like some kind of Mekong River/bake-off stalker.
Putting our Library screen to good use. Mekong River / Sue Perkins / Library boat
Today we found a picture of Sue Perkins being carried bridal style by a rugby player. Definitely a good use of politics time.
I would join you in walk to an independent Ginny! See 49:50 mins. Lesson for the world! …
The Mekong River with Sue Perkins is literally my favourite show right now, I'm running away to Asia again soon, bye.
caught up on ' definitely worth the watch and a rewatch on iPlayer great stuff!
09:00 Heresy: Sue Perkins, Maureen Lipman and Cerys Matthews are challenged received opinion.
accidently wrote sue in bing and SUE PERKINS is the most searched sue.
Sue Perkins, a catalogue of new hope (Sexy ***
OK, in brief:. -Recording of Dilemma @ BBC. -Someone asks Super Kins for a selfie. -I move so fast I blur. -SUE PERKINS.
Update your maps at Navteq
Also why does Leonard look like a really upset Sue Perkins, and Penny like an actual alien?
Photo: I just finished watching Sue Perkins’ Mekong River documentary series. Sue is one of my favourites...
Just watched final episode of Sue Perkins on the Mekong, was a great series
First Mekong with Sue Perkins now Great Continental Railway Journeys with Michael Portilo. Is the BBC commissioning Alan Partridge pitches?
Love The Mekong River series with Sue Perkins. Fantastic, what an intelligent and witty women.
Anyone fancy joining me at BBC Radio Theatre on the 10th (week today) for Dilemma with Sue Perkins. Free ticket going!
Waiting for Sue Perkins at bbc broadcasting house with
Why did I not know about Going to get me down Lothian Road for a tasty tofu streamed bun, yum! About time Edinburgh!
A vegetable vending machine has been unveiled at a Dundee shopping centre
watching that Mekong series Sue Perkins did
Real work for people with disabilities: Monwel leads the way as 'One To Watch' winner at UK Enterprise awards
I'm going back to watching Sue Perkins Mekong doc on demand. I can't be trusted not to be smutty😔
On the 26th of Nov have been announced by comedian Sue Perkins. Check the winners here
Did you see the final episode of on the is thoughts on the previous 3
Loved The Mekong River with Sue Perkins on BBC2 iplayer -
If you missed insightful where she discusses many issues it's a must see!
I liked a video from BBC The Mekong River with Sue Perkins 1of4 Vietnam PDTV x264 AAC
Sue Perkins, I salute you! National treasure in the making...
HOLY SHI is that sue perkins on the extreme left cos if it is im going going gone... i love her soo much
Sue Martz: additional funding for afterschool can include Migrant student education funds, Perkins, and IDEA funding.
Sue Perkins new series is superb. And important - who knew there were so very few tigers left alive in Cambodia? Utter utter madness...
on the Mekong with a sore throat sans interpreter is still fit sue perkins.
Got a thing with my mum & dad tonight, then going to see a Sue Perkins show being filmed tomorrow.
A truly stunning performance from Sue Perkins in
yes I'd like to order one Sue Perkins please, gift wrapped if poss.
Have I Got News For You, Sue Perkins: "There's a new order coming in and it's got *** " So you fit into it how, exactly
Look fwd to & debate tonight with Sue Lawley Nick Boles, Toby Perkins
Sue Perkins fans seem to have a sweeter tooth and are the most left wing. They are all most likely to have cats.
At the moment I am doing "compare and contrast" on people who say they like Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig and Susan Calman.
There’s also a lady here who sounds like Sue Perkins, so of course I’m just 😍 all day.
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I love but not so much when Sue Perkins is on the panel. I don't know why? I think she tends to dominate the commentary.
Deforestation, over fishing, extinction, business over people - Cambodia shows how we are on the wrong path …
Have I Got News For You - budget Sue Perkins'll be doing the panel show circuit
Defo putting 'poor man's Sue Perkins' in my bio
well he called you a poor man's sue Perkins so I don't think he's bothered
and it's also not okay to ignite Sue Perkins, for some reason.
Sue Perkins and the hermit should have a show of their own!
like Sue Perkins said about someone else "face of a nymph body of ryan gosling"
Sue Perkins isn't bad at talking to people and quite amusing but wish she'd shut up about the politics
'God knows why they chose me, maybe Michael Palin was busy!'. Sue Perkins should be the first choice for everything tbh xD
Amazing conservation efforts for - cast nets & tourism help this species's survive
Great programme all about the wildlife and the threats to biodiversity across Cambodia
Sue Perkins, a catalogue of new hope
enjoying The Mekong River with Sue Perkins greatly. Well done Sue..can't wait for episode 3!
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...this one does!!! Not sure that he was a real one!. The Mekong River with Sue Perkins, Episode 2: via
Someone in accounts has been discussing a picture of Sue Perkins for hours now. Just if visitors needed reminding it's an office of ***
Last night on BBC iplayer I watched the first two episodes of The Mekong River with Sue Perkins showing her epic...
Alumnus of the Year 2013 Jack Highwood and the Elephant Valley Project feature in this just a few minutes in
Sue Perkins with a cold sounds like Jane from Tarzan
Thinking of raising funds for a new production of Carousel starring David Hunt & Sue Perkins as 'Mute Fox'. Anyone interest…
The Mekong River with Sue Perkins. Very promising first episode. Loved it
Sue Perkins: 'I despise Mary Berry... she exists purely on lemon drizzle cake and remains svelte and evergreen...
Tomorrow on BBC2 'The Mekong River with Sue Perkins.' No joke. Can 'Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank' be far behind?
Sue Perkins and Josh Widdicombe on QI. Suppose I can stay up an extra half hour 👌
22:00 QI: Josh Widdicombe, Sue Perkins and Frank Skinner look at levity, levitation and lights.
Woohoo tickets booked to see Mark Gatiss, Miranda Richardson, Peter Capaldi, Sue Perkins and a few others in a couple weeks *exciting*
(including Peter Capaldi) (including Derren Brown) (including Sue Perkins) idk who to be most excited for omg
on QI panel is Josh Widdicombe, Sue Perkins and Frank Skinner. The other guest on WILTY who I couldn't remember was Paul Foot.
It's a fact - Sue Perkins' great grandparents lived with a tribe of North American Indians.
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Why is it always the same old smug gang on Qi? I excuse Sue Perkins and Sandi Toksvig...
Sue Perkins is one of the funnier people on QI IMOStatistics: Posted by Ted Pikul — Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:30 pm
Anonymous said: You need to meet Sue Perkins and Bill Bailey for your life to be complete
Yeh good call, and that Sue Perkins bint, and Zoe Ball, and that bell end "Gadget Man"
Sue Perkins. Ann Perkins. Are there any Perkinses who aren't PERFECT?
Complaints made to BBC over Sue Perkins' 'smutty sexist comments on Bake Off via
Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins denies her style is too saucy. via Love it myself ..
GBBO's Sue Perkins denies her presenting style is too risque for primetime
THE Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins has laughed off complaints about her saucy presenting style aft...
"Great British British Bake Off host Sue Perkins laughs off complaints about her 'smutty remarks'"
At work we concluded Sue Perkins looks like Michael Jackson
Can Nick Grimshaw please start hanging out with Sue Perkins. PLease. Please.
thanks man. Is it true that you and Sue Perkins are the same person?
I genuinely am choosing Sue Perkins and Shahrukh Khan over going to the Tate to see Benedict...
Edinburgh Nights with Sue Perkins... well that's getting watched...
Watch it on Catch-up maybe? GBBO getting interesting now, who is your favourite? all pretty good I think, and Sue Perkins!
Sue Perkins is everything I want to be
Only just watching this week's GBBO. Mel's hair looks really nice. And I really do quite fancy Sue Perkins.
Reasons to be cheerful, even if you voted "yes" - my piece for the
5 reasons to be cheerful – even if you voted yes for Scottish independence
Imagine what would happen if 84% of the population felt engaged in politics every election.
Indyref:mourn passing of Paul the octopus, he'd sort it out! Who the *** is Sue Perkins? licence fee paying for nonsensical strap lines.
you don't like Sue Perkins?! She's got the same sense of humour as you, but she's funnier...
Were all gonna look like Sue Perkins tomorrow
Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc are my absolute effing comedy heroes. And that's swearing. Nearly.
if I'm not mistaken the one on the left is definitely sue Perkins.
"I don't know when. ... xx" wow a message from Sue Perkins. My life is complete! Thank you xx
Huge congratulations to we were watching in a pub in Edinburgh with no sound but still nail-biting
Voigt has been holding back for the last 50 minutes - his average is now nearing 51km/h. 6 mins to go
I saw Sue Perkins at Kate Bush as well so that was a bit of a bonus aha
Sue Perkins, a catalogue of new hope *** Girls)
who would be on the British version of the View? Glenda Jackson, Caitlin Moran, Sue Perkins, Sheridan Smith.
Sue Perkins is such a great lass! I'd like to be a little more Sue Perkins.
Sue Perkins even, sat right in front of me for at least five minutes. Think she was in the wrong seat so had to move
Sue perkins to mary, "you'll most probably get it on the bus home" re the basil...very funny
Yes. Yes. Yes. Another reason why I love you Sue Perkins.
Dear Toby, do you like Sue Perkins, or do you prefer that blo... — Excuse me? A bit of respect would go a long way.
Her career took a kicking after she outed Sue Perkins on national TV.
I like the but every time Sue Perkins attempts to be funny it's like somebody attempting to staple my eyelids …
is he colour co-ordinating pencil to T shirt? . Also Sue Perkins in false eyelashes is Not Right.
So I didn't go and missed Sue Perkins at the Apollo but at least I am getting some sleep tonigh. Cheerios.
Angela Humphrey & Sue Perkins wearing noses at Pup Aid -Pose with a Nose!
Sue Perkins and Danny Wallace were separated at birth.
Sue Perkins ooh I just got basil , well there a first
Just watched ten minutes of Bakeoff. Please forgive me. Sue Perkins is one of the most sublimely funny people on television.
Sue Perkins doing a Paul Hollywood impression on has made my evening 😂
"I've got the basil".bet you have, Hollywood you dirty bugger
Great British Bake Off: Paul Hollywood and Sue Perkins speak out on 'bingate'
According to Sue Perkins, it was out for less than a minute. But yeah, Diana will probably wake up with a meringue swan's head.
Claw my eyes out with rusty spoons, waltz, vote Fine Gael, just some of the things I'd rather do than be in the company of Sue Perkins
Claudia Winkleman, Sue Perkins, and now Holly Walsh, they make do such strange things to me.
Danny Cohen(BBC) announces new comedy shows: Jack Whitehall + his dad ; Stephen Fry+ his auntie and Sue Perkins with Mel Giedroyc
Great British Bake Off’s Mel and Sue get their own day-time chat show: Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, the warm-...
mine's no longer possible RIP Robin Williams. I'll settle for Bill Bailey, Jeremy Hardy or Sue Perkins
Sue Perkins, Gyles Brandreth and Paul Merton. Dream panel would also include Graham Norton or Julian Clary. :-)
I like Bill Bailey, Shappi Khorsandi, Sue Perkins, Paul Merton and that's about it!
If proof were needed that QI is only as good as it's guests. Iplayer edition with Sue Perkins, Victoria Coren M, Richard Coles. Great stuff.
Ann Lister life & times presented by Sue Perkins. Fasinating BBC documentary.
here's my 14wk old baby boy Beau with his fave doll which 4 reasons now forgotten we call Sue Perkins!
Safeguarding is everybody's business, Cllr Sue Perkins from tells
Female comics are putting themselves up for panel shows says Mark Linsey. Namechecks Nina Conti & Sue Perkins. Hmm
re: 5014(c), why doesn't someone sue admin alla Beohner, to enforce the "exclusivity" provision
Couldn't begin to express how in love I am with Sue Perkins (yes, I know she is & no, I'm not one of those *** who think they'll turn her)
People like Sue Perkins are the reason there aren't more bookings for female comedy acts.
phew I thought maybe you were trying to proposition me ha ha!
I'm scared to click on the it rude?
Just bumped into Miranda Hart and Sue Perkins and almost had a heart attack
Saw Sue perkins and Miranda Hart in the queue at the theatre, *wets self*
You look quite a lot like Sue Perkins in tattoo form.
Sue Perkins declares her hatred of mime
Sue Perkins gave the winner of GBBO the most sincere & loving hug that i now must learn to bake and become British
um it has Sue Perkins and food i am watching the finale right now
My reason is to see that nerdy, yummy Sue Perkins. What are you gonna do?! We all have our guilty pleasures. *blushes*
I think what this holiday needs is a bit of Sue Perkins on the telly to spice it up.
Fantastic concert tonight, made me shed a little tear (in a good way)
Photoset: "What’s your best party trick, Sue Perkins?" (x)
some people think The Chuckle Brothers, Sue Perkins and Miranda are funny too.
07:30 Dilemma: Sue Perkins presents a special edition of the panel show about morality and ethics.
Teamed up with Sue Perkins didn't they?
My uncle being interviewed by Sue Perkins for a BBC documentary about dams
Sue Perkins is out to destroy me, you, everyone.
STILL not dark yet and it's a beautiful night
On cat feeding, poo clearing and love-giving duty
Watching The Supersizers Go... and Sue Perkins is amazing but LORD this is more distressing than Hannibal, food-wise.'s going to be a consolation owl for us all then
Some of Sue Limb's books, The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss, Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins :)
I wonder how many people have said "Sue Perkins"
I think I look a bit like sue Perkins sana glasses
I've had a Jenny Eclair and a Sue Perkins *withers*
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I don't know but those bees sure are busy, what is in the pods?
Are those mites I see running around?
I'm a Sue Perkins fan. Not him. And Dame Mary of Berry.
aw, thanks it's fine now. Didn't fancy much more of the weird style washing!
Thinking back on the last 2 years and how much fun I've had singing and performing with Sue Perkins Risser. it was 2 years ago today we had our 1st practice.. now 185 show later.. nothing but GREAT memories and looking forward to a lot more to come. Thank you to everyone that has supported us, You truly are the BEST.. and Tangent Loves you!!
Andrew Hayden-Smith to star in Russell T Davies's E4 series Banana By: Sam Rigby June the 6th, 2014 Source; Andrew Hayden-Smith has joined the cast of Russell T Davies's new E4 series Banana. Banana is a new eight-part companion series to Channel 4 drama Cucumber, which also comes from former Doctor Who boss Davies. Hayden-Smith - who previously starred in Doctor Who - is joined by Hannah John-Kamen (Happy Valley), Letitia Wright (Top Boy), Georgia Henshaw (Waterloo Road) and comedian Bethany Black, who makes her television debut. Cucumber regulars Freddie Fox (Parade's End) and Fisayo Akinade (Fresh Meat) will also feature in the series. Banana is a series of eight stand-alone stories, which takes a look at the lives of individual LGBT characters. Davies has penned three episodes out of eight, and is joined on the writing team by Sue Perkins, Matthew Berry, and newcomers Charlie Covell and Lee Warburton. Russell T Davies - The Welsh TV producer and writer, behind the BBC's revived Doct . ...
Jamy Sue Perkins you better hurry on home now- your grass is 2 feet tall -mail is overflowing onto the highway blowing down to my house- and someone took all those uglyass frogs and sold them all for 1 dollar-that dog has messed all over the house-and somebody has toilet papered your house-
I'm glad it was good and you mentioned us. Thank you! And it has made me happy to know Sue said that back. 😊 xxx 👌 🙉 🌠
Feynman documentary on Yesterday; love the story about him telling your mum love is more important than physics. Amazing man.
Preparation for the at beautiful Threipmuir Reservoir. I held the car keys and cheered from the shore
Sue Perkins is a TREASURE. Have you ever seen her host the Great British Bake Off?
cool I'm trying to. We won tickets to the Sue Perkins thing yesterday
M'ready for (Choc roulade w/ ginger and vanilla cream. ~55 mins, inc chat with imaginary Sue Perkins)
4 long & hard years at uni complete with amazing film screening. today on the film crew. Sue Perkins was brill. Start if a new era!
Preferably my would come too, and we'd get pics with Sue and autographs on whatever paper we had to hand. 😊 xxx
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Hi hun. You both look very happy. How was the event? Did you mention me & to Sue? xxx
that's the kind of category that has people like Sue Perkins in it :-)
And then we made the mistake of going to Ikea and all the love for the world vanished
Got lost in the maze it rained on our heads and we had to cheat to reach the middle but it was great
News: Seven Bowls of joins forces with TV presenter, Sue Perkins.
Here is that Sue Perkins series I was on about. It is worth a watch if you have the time.
First shift of the Doc Fest and got to watch discussions with both Sue Perkins and John Pilger!
Asian Sue just spent time with rl Sue Perkins 😍~
Sue Perkins in fab session on her life in tv. great interview by Clemency Burton-Hill.
It’s Sue Perkins! For realz… and very honest and entertaining she is too.
Sue Perkins just walked by me at Sheffield City Hall! :)
At my first event to hear about with Sue Perkins
Booked myself a ticket for a talk with Sue Perkins - I could think of worse ways to spend a Saturday lunchtime!
How long will Bex go on about her burger this time? Ps we just saw sue Perkins outside cit...
Really wish I was seeing Sue today :(
Order Miche Bag Online!
On my way to see sue perkins can't wait to see her :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
I need help (clearly!). I am trying to get hold of Sue Perkins and I wondered if anyone had a contact for her. Thanks xx
I love it. Still can't believe I met Sue Perkins
Incidentally if you EVER SEE Sue Perkins here on a panel show, watch it. She's fantastic.
Miranda Hart, Jo Brand, Sue Perkins, Sarah Millican, Catherine Tate. Those are all off the top of my head without googling
Whatever I do I must not loose or forget the Sue Perkins tickets tomorrow!
I'm going to see Sue Perkins in the flesh on Saturday you should all be jealous
that was an unexpected result! Enjoyed it. Good luck with le freak.
still not finished Le Freak but giving it a good go now Muzza has triumphed
Go Muzza.suddenly rediscovered his mojo
When she's not her super hero alter ego, Sue Perkins is just known as Kins.
Sue Perkins destroys all concept of funny and/or interestingness
sue perkins is desperately unfunny, slapstick gimboid. She's there for gender balance only.
The 6th in an occasional series of Sue Perkins
Watching QI. Sue Perkins is fluent in chess. I was not ready for this knowledge.
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Shut up Sue Perkins and give someone else a chance
Not sure there's anyone else who embraces the QI klaxon like Sue Perkins.
Sue Perkins and Victoria Coren on the same I'm afraid that's too much.
Scrolling through the old photos on my phone is a bitter reminder that I once left the house with Sue Perkins hair.
Just booked my place for immersive project 'Door in the Dark' - Plan to see Sue Perkins after which will provide some calm
Lana del Rey can do stuff to me... And Sue Perkins. I have strange tastes and I dont care
That jacket looks great. proper sue Perkins vibes here!
make a life-size sculpture of Sue Perkins out of matchsticks.
Sheffield Doc/Fest unveils line-up: Grayson Perry, Jon Snow and Sue Perkins are some of the big names heading ...
I want to go onto The Great British Bake Off so bad omfg cooking and Sue Perkins 😄
Dinner party guests for a table wirh a comedic slant. So far I have; Shaun Micalef, Clive Anderson(UK), Jo Brand, Corine Grant, Sue Perkins, Sarah Millican, Bill Bailey and Frank Skinner. I would then have one with scientists, one with politicians and philosophers to keep me totally balanced. : ) With Heston to cater for all of them.
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