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Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen Ewing (née Shepard; later Lockwood) is a fictional character and one of the female leads in the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas.

John Ross Linda Gray Sue Ellen Ewing Sue Ellen Mischke Miss Ellie Bobby Ewing Larry Hagman

Red Sofa Literary interview 6 23 16 Thanks to Sue Ellen for hosting and me!
Tonight's mission is to find an 80's inspired dress out of Dallas or dynasty for fancy dress party. I could pull off a sue ellen 😂
Titi Pierce vs Ellen D Producers Should Titi Sue The Producers of the Ellen Show. Weigh in with It's YES or NO
Caring for an aging parent is tough. Make planning for your own care easier. Watch Sue Ellen’s story. Share yours →. https:/…
Sue Ellen Crandall was all over this.
11 for 3 miles of fun. All 3 F's present and accounted for. Tclaps to Sue Ellen for a big first F3 week.
Sexy Lamp test...I love Kelly Sue DeConnick so much.
I think a drunk Sue Ellen Ewing wrote this speech.
I call this Riddle Glade after my only living grandmother Sue Ellen Riddle.
Riding on the back of spectacular comedy; would it be fair to say I'll someday get to Mount Ellen? I'm kidding. Ellen, don't sue me. Heeyah!
I want glasses like Eugene Levy and I want to dress like Ellen Page.. Sue me
LOL.Sue Ellen, when I was top copywriter on "MEDICINE AVENUE," I made a good salary,raised my actor son on it.Underpaid vs males
Dinner is Better When We Eat Together…. Thank You Harvey, Vicki, Sue, Doug, Mike, Ellen & our friends with the...
See, for me, this is very old-school, primetime soap. Powerful man takes a mistress. Heck, JR/Sue Ellen!
Sue Ellen, Bobby Todd Bello is in big trouble in little Jacki Don Slong Ville
Pray for the Ewing family please! Just found out that Sue Ellen shot J.R. Ewing...AIN'T THAT BOUT A BIOTCH!!!
He stopped before her, stealing her heart.
Sue Ellen, Miss Ellie and Ray almost believed Wes Parmalee was Jock Ewing. Did you?
Believing in our hearts that who we are is enough is the key to a more satisfying & balanced life ~ Ellen Sue Stern
Honestly tho who would sue Ellen like come on now
Vasa ship museum - fab tour in English , not cultural, Cliff Barnes bar and Sue Ellen bar. Dallas was big in Sweden!
er. But they're not cashews Sue Ellen
First: a quick shout out to Sue Ellen and Bob for making this day possible. Nice work. Secondly:…
It’s a picture he’s printed off of Linda Gray, aka Sue Ellen. . A late 70s shot of her walking down a staircase in her bikini.
"I'd tell you more if you didn't want to know so much!" - Truth! Preach Sue Ellen!
Say hello to Ellen and Sue who joined us today as part of Empower Communities Day.
Ha! That grum was new territory for me. And "I don't know" is seriously Sue Ellen's signature line!
I listened to your podcast last night. I had a lump in my throat the whole time until yr Sue Ellen impression which was...
Sue Ellen Allen describes incarceration as watching your life shatter and recounts the fear of the staff...
"The draconian lack of humanity just stunned me" -Sue Ellen Allen on life in U.S. prisons
Sue Ellen Allen: "The draconian lack of humanity in prison is stunning to me."
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So Ellen is getting sued for mispronouncing a name...let me sue every teacher who said my name wrong. I'm gonna be rich.
This real estate agent suing Ellen for making fun of her name should sue her parents for naming her that
Behind the scenes shoot in Deasy Photographic for Newbridge Silverware with the amazing Linda Gray (Sue Ellen...
Love the balcony views from the chapel at Stones of the Yarra Valley for Sue-Ellen and Michael's ceremony...
Have you ever written a letter to Obama? Have you received a response? by Sue Ellen Allen
That's worse than what the producers of did to when Sue Ellen kept getting drunk -stand up 2 the writers!
It was. It devalued the importance of Sue Ellen.
I've landed in Dallas. I feel like a Ewing, though more Bobby than JR...oh let's be real: Sue Ellen.
Dallas publicity photo 2nd time JR &?Sue Ellen got married. I wish that time it would have stuck.
Sue Ellen was aiming for a watermelon whe she accidentally hit JR Ewing.
DCI Ellen Armistead, DCI Sue McMillan confirmed in person that seclusion logs were missing at
She loved one place, one time. FALLING IN TIME
“Don’t leave me,” she pleaded just as he slanted his mouth over hers.
NO. The Mary Sue (Or Gary Stu) is one that is just so great it makes no sense. Think Bella Swan, not Ellen Ripley.
DC Sue-Ellen Wilson is investigating a burglary that took place at a property in The Courtyard...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
then when investigated by CQC "mates" log was found missing as described by CQC Ellen Armistead DCI and Sue McMillan DCI
Mercy, she already desired his hands on her. The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie
This might be the vodka, but I'd climb Sue Ellen Mischke like a [small, fat animal] and a [tree of some sort].
She’d come home at last. To FALLING IN TIME
i keep thinking about this pizza place i went to after hitting Sue Ellen's in Dallas ... i wanna go there again .
Sue Ellen, thanks so much for the RT! I hope you found my work informative & useful! ~d 🙏🚀🙏
I just used Shazam to discover Enjoy The Silence by Sue Ellen.
She belonged in The trip would feel like going home. FALLING IN TIME
She could stay here forever. In this place, loving him. THE SEVENTH SISTER
Clayton and Miss Ellie find Sue Ellen in a Detox Center after she starts drinking again. 1985.
To him, all the splendors of paled beside her.The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie
this whole mary sue business is getting out of hand. I see people using the term to label Ellen Ripley as a Mary Sue.
Congratulations to my friend and fellow church member Sue Ellen Christian!
Sue Ellen Christian BRAVO!!! 3 Michigan professors are getting top teaching honor
Congrats to Sue Ellen Christian, prof of the year -- and to the young journalists lucky enough to study with her.
Update your maps at Navteq
Unpopular opinion - Sue Ellen from Arthur had a file name lol
In the mind unanchored to the One who is God, nothing amid the tempests of life is real. -Sue Ellen Browder
I told you it was Sue Ellen's sister - Kristen. Bing Cosby's daughter was the actress.
this ain't Dallas, and you ain't Sue Ellen
If ever she could get there she’d never leave. FALLING IN TIME https…
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He smiled slowly, his gaze so hot she melted. FALLING IN TIME
i will be henceforth known as Ellen Marie Denim 😄
Fantastic to see the support provided by to support Women's Legal Service
Throw a few dollars toward as she attempts to stay upright CEO in 2016
Sue-Ellen, no! We are in the very bowels of the fashion industry!
He understood something of broken warriors. The Taming of Mairi MacKenzie .99
"Ladies, now is the time to rise to the top in business"
I just helped make a difference by supporting Women's Legal Service Inc
Help support victims of and raise money
is Pam Ewing and Katherine is Sue Ellen. I always preferred Pam.
Sue Ellen and Dusty (Linda Gray, Jared Martin) share a passionate reunion in the fourth-season…
I got to interview Sue Ellen from Dallas...Linda Gray is a great lady!
A TV legend returns today on JR attempts to crush Bobby and Sue Ellen's partnership in War Of The Ewings is at 2pm.
A5 a better way for him to die saving John Ross, Sue Ellen or even Bobby somehow.
look out for the bit where Sue Ellen shoots JR, but it's all Bobby's dream.
Q2: Sue Ellen with a picture of her and John Ross from his childhood days in a frame from John Ross himself.
I just did a full when Sue Ellen spills dish water everywhere in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead... 😒😒
Impromptu dance party w honoree Sue Ellen Fried --- she's the rockstar xo
But not nearly as hot as Sue Ellen Mischke.
oh I remember Sue Ellen. I know exactly the type.
She looks a little bit like Sue Ellen Ewing from the hit show Dallas back in the day...which none of you are old enough to remember. 😑
I can't wait for Jerry to sue Ellen because Ellen stole their name
She was near. He knew it in the depths of his soul. FALLING IN TIME
frfr, Sue Ellen's introduction was the best..
The Dishes Are Done Man Quote Fridge Magnet Perfect for letting Sue Ellen know that the dishes are indeed done
If there was a season 4. How would it have unraveled after Christopher death? Why him. Why not Emma or sue ellen
Just loved "Afterparty Sharon Jones Warm Up by Sue Ellen & iBoss Selector" by on
Deadass about to sue my own brother
In addition there will be several short summarys based on "Psychology of Sue Ellen" "Justice of JR" "Conflict of Cliff"
Transcripts: Several from last weeks shows! Sue Ellen Browder interview and many more!
CHC's Campus Ministry will share an Advent Reflection written by our students each day -
Director Rob Hawk and character SUE ELLEN during first cast meeting yesterday for COLD movie
Best Practices training for new teachers with Sue Ellen Patterson. Great group of new teachers!.
I would totally romance a character in a game who was like Sue Perkins or Ellen Degeneres.
Friends swear the heroine in FALLING IN TIME could be me. (secret: they're right)
Hi Sue, you can catch on Channel 94, NOW!
Being here again was torture. It burned her soul. THE SEVENTH SISTER
Kramer's caddy suggesting Sue Ellen Mischke try on the bra.
When I'm truly mad my accent comes out-husband calls me Sue Ellen.
The Board of Directors election results are in—the new volunteer representative on the Board is Sue Ellen...
"Sue Ellen you've really outdone yourself this year dangflabbit!"
Thinking about buying Natural Latex Pillow? Read our latest review of the product by Sue Ellen Meredith.
I "use" my kids as a cover to watch this show for my own enjoyment! Who can resist D.W., Sue Ellen & The Brain!?
The heart is always drawn home.THE SEVENTH SISTER
He stopped before her, stealing her heart. “I am MacGraith.” FALLING IN TIME
Congratulations to Sue Ellen! She used the hashtag and she won a guitar signed by Francesca Battistelli!
She knew then that was real. THE SEVENTH SISTER
"Blue Monday" de Sue Ellen (how does it feel to treat me like you do) ♫
I certainly hope so...I share a very strong bond with all three of my babies...Makayla Blanchard Joe...
Hey you! Yeah you! Come out and have some fun with Radio Love Bus at Sue Ellen's in Dallas tonight! Free show...
Sue Ellen and JR are back in Dallas! https:…
I promise I'm no Sue Ellen I just have excellent taste!
definitely will book again thanks to Sue and all the girls for looking after us and Ellen for my fab facial xx
Tatyana Sue Ellen Hoggatt has honestly been there before when i didn't care she tried to help me but I wouldn't...
So added Peterman, Puddy, Pitt and cut out, like, Sue Ellen Mischke, Jake Jarmel and Franklin Delano Romanowski
: Book reviews: new non-fiction by Sue Ellen Browder, Dawn Casey-Rowe and Mary-Louise Parker . Browder r…
and I thought the worst thing was that her full name was "sue-ellen"! Guess again
I wanted Bobby Ewing and Sue Ellen to come through the doors, too!
JR Ewing from Dallas is without doubt the greatest TV character of all time. Sue Ellen was his troubled wife.
See star Linda Gray at several local Chicago area on behalf of private reserve J.R. Ewing Bourbon-Who better than Sue Ellen?
Is Sue Ellen warming to John Ross' plan of a take over of Ewing Energies??? BUT does Sue Ellen know Pamela is in too
Hey, we're promoting your event Sue Ellen's this Saturday of Pride Weekend! We hop…
Miss Ellie, Sue Ellen or Pamela Barnes Ewing should be on the ten dollar bill.
Though that doesn't explain why my adult life seems to have modelled more on Sue Ellen.
Every time I go to my local Petco I keep seeing this glorious DECLAWED cat, Sue Ellen, still hanging out in her...
sue perman. Radiant Ellen DeGeneres Images. You may want to see:
"Show up and share your story, even if it’s humiliating."-Sue Ellen Allen
Help me get Ellen DeGeneres Show's attention & let's raise awareness & give back HOPE! http:/…
Is your vision driving growth? founder of to present at the http:/…
All purpose parts banner
You'd think she could buy Sue Ellen a husband
she didn't have to screw him, she coulda got the money and let him marry Sue Ellen
Debra told Jhon & he told sue Ellen & she told her neighbor to call bob to make sure Tim is watching that fire KatieLahrmer
Scarlett and Sue Ellen actin' like po white trash chiren. LOL!
Favorite OTPs:. 1. Ralph and Sue. 2. Buddy and Ellen. 3. Abby and Swamp Thing. 4. Barbara and Grayson. 5. Clark and Lois.
And that goes for pee-wee IQ, too. Sue Ellen couldn't screw the cap off a gin bottle!
if this is Babs in disguise, then someone get it a gin coz this characters like Sue Ellen from Dallas
You may remember these chairs from Sue Ellen's bachelorette pad on the hit series "Dallas". We are thrilled to...
CSUF's Sue Ellen Cooper talks about her popular Red Hat Society - OCRegister
We know their Wool Carpets will last longer than Sue Ellen and JR...
Come out and cheer on The Hall at one of our upcoming athletic events -
Poor Sue Ellen & all that endless spitting bile from Larry Hagman about how she was a drunk. Dallas everyone wanted to be Pammy
If Ellen Sue goes curveball in the dirt, they strike out Kit. Gotta change the eyes. Cant go high heat 3x in a row
Sue Ellen Mischke was all kinds of milfy.
Who rides a bike with no bra on? It's like Sue Ellen Mischke over here
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Top 3 winners for the Simon, Luzi Ann and Sue Ellen Lindsey! Congrats!
memory coming back JR being his ruthless self threatened SUE ELLEN he would take her son so she chose her son over DUSTY
Don't miss this September at the International Conference at Hamilton Island.
Australian HR and Recruitment expert is presenting at the Intnl Conference in September. http:/…
Hello Gorgeous hows ya diddling. Send my love to Bobby Ewing when he gets out of the shower and the lush Sue Ellen. ;)
I think ill go for a hike an reminisce about mark sanfords hot wife sue ellen laden
Sue Ellen Ewing is just too cool for cool!
listening to reminds me of a look Sue Ellen might give J.R. (Sans cowboy hat)
New print available on - 'Black Bear Cub' by Ellen Levinson -
Sue Ellen. I'm glad I got to know you. You're really sweet and funny and super smart😭😊
Young Sue Ellen had one job. To keep Billy Bob happy. So of course Billy Bob will start acting up when Sue isn't 👅💦 on his 🚪(nob)
This is the first card by Sue Ellen Stroum.
Sue Ellen was killing it, I LOVE this vine.
This song is sad old man sweater wearing JR after Sue Ellen moves to London
But of course our dear Sue Ellen...and I've loved it from the first just for the reason you describe!
Website Builder 728x90
Uh oh. What's next that you need either me or Sue Ellen to do? :)
I remember the first time I watched JRs funeral and Sue Ellen read his letter out and me and mom BAWLED and dad thought we were crazy
That Sue Ellen bra episode of Seinfeld is shockingly *** shamey.
I appreciate getting to watch you on Dallas and I like your Sue Ellen character.
Lesley Sue Ellen Donnelly. I'm so sick of seeing this Cait Jenner malarkey!!. Now look. At the before and after...
please tell us you were drinking a glass of bourbon as well because we all know Sue Ellen is a sloppy drunk.
Congratulations to Sue Ellen and Stephen Boyer on their 2015 Honda CRV from Jennifer
Sue Ellen Mishke with her free swinging body on Seinfeld.
Let's celebrate the premiere of 's on tonight 9/8C with "JR & Sue Ellen" 😜❤️ http:…
finally! Sue Ellen accepted my friend request hihi
Sue Ellen: gave a woman getting married in 2 wks a wedding dress Felt good helping her
the Battle Bots equivalent of Jackie Chiles asking Sue Ellen to try on the bra. Unnecessary.
I had an awesome time out last night at Sue Ellen's. So much so I'll be going the next 2 Friday nights as well.
The President and Ellen didn't sue, instead there was an award...
Don't miss HR and Recruitment expert at the International Conference this September.
Hamilton Collection
Great to have at the International Conference this September.
I'm going swimming and if Anna and Ellen blow up my phone I will sue
More for Sue Ellen Mishke with her free swinging spices on Seinfeld
Back of camera from today's wedding. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations, Sue Ellen and Kyle!
Fun, light summer read with Dottie Jean, Sassy, Sue Ellen in Biloxi Brides 3 in 1 $3.99
Of course women & men in their 50s did not dress like Ben Elton or Sue Ellen
The Who Shot J.R. episode aired 35 years ago this week. I don't care what anyone says, I still think it was Sue Ellen.
Original S3E25 . Sue Ellen to Dr Alby about JR. "but I won't let. He not going to do that to me again.". Great Linda Gray
Original S3E25 . Sue Ellen to JR (Cont'd). "Well you did it. Congratulations JR. You are the Ewings only son.". Great Linda Gray
Original S3E25 . Sue Ellen to JR (Cont'd). "And you are not going to put me in that Sanatorium". Great Linda Gray.
A1. Also think J.R & John Ross would have seized majority shares in Ewing Energies/Global. Sue Ellen would have been sober.
to see where you take that, I think that sounds like a really smart plot between him & Ann, plus the one with Sue Ellen.
So, you had options of "favorites"JR was my number one, but I also loved Jock, Sue Ellen, Bobby, & Miss Ellie
Fergus Ewing on talking about oil, wonder if he's any relation to JR, Bobby or Sue Ellen??? :-)
How fun! Oh yes Sue Ellen could shake things up at the Abbey.
'Sue Ellen' shocked by love for Dallas: Dallas star Linda Gray has admitted she was always bowled over by how ...
Thanks so much for my sister Sue Ellen, Mike, Kyler, Kaylan and Thor for helping John and I on moving day..what a blessing..also Love our new doormat they gave us , put it at our front y'all.:)
*** LATEST NEWS *** Embellishment experts Crystal Parade has been hard at work the past few weeks, working in collaboration with numerous theatre projects to help provide their essential costume supplies. Most notably the company has provided the Sparkle for Linda Gray’s (Sue Ellen, Dallas) Fairy Godmother costume for Wimbledon Theatre’s Cinderella, and has crystallised Dorothy’s ruby slippers with over 5,000 Preciosa crystals for the Stratford Musical Theatre Company’s production of The Wizard of Oz at the RSC Courtyard Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon. Warwickshire-based Crystal Parade has also worked with the Royal Exchange Manchester’s production of Little Shop of Horrors, running until 31st January 2015. The team at Crystal Parade love getting involved in large scale projects such as theatre productions, and this year they have been selected as the preferred supplier to provide crystals and rhinestones for celebrities galore! With over half a dozen huge theatrical spectaculars under their belt ...
Excited to see JR's Sue Ellen aka Linda Gray in the panto Cinderella - Oh yes I am!
You're absolutely right! But what could compare? Nothing can compete with John Ross's brow & Sue Ellen's lips!
A10. Linda Gray as Sue Ellen or Judith Light as evil Judy
WE will always LOVE Sue Ellen & Bobby& JR& Ann 2!BS acting ability asAnn she does it beautifully
Thank You SO much for entertaining me w/Bobby,Sue Ellen,&Ann! I'll miss them the most!💔
J.R., Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, Pam, Christopher, Elena, Harris, Judith, Emma, Bum, DALLAS ...It's really good-by this time, isn't it? :(
Yes, I thought you & Howard Keel looked so good together. I remember the episode where he bought Sue Ellen a gift & she smiled.
JR was the love of her life but Sue Ellen deserves to find love again & we want to see that! ❤http:/…
.TV isn't the same without Sue Ellen!
Will Bobby and Sue Ellen take control of Ewing Global? What will John Ross do? Are Pamela and Nasim an "item" now?
Sue Ellen's story is not over. Team Sue Ellen votes for more! 👋
This is what the fans want. More John Ross & Sue Ellen!
“Thank you again for your support! Keep it coming so it can help get us back entertaining you!❤️”. We need more Sue Ellen! :-)
The world needs more Sue Ellen and True story.
Sue Ellen and Bobby worry about John Ross becoming a little too much like JR tonight. Watch a clip here
A10: Ann and Sue Ellen start a business or a charity together and don't give up no matter what.
Something tells me Pamela isn't going to keep falling for John Ross's lies like Sue Ellen did with his daddy.
John Ross caught Pamela having sex with another guy, Nassir. Bobby and Sue Ellen got control back of Ewing Global.
the Ewing men r safe. We already lost JR we're not losing any of the guys. As 4 the women I just want Pamela & Sue Ellen safe.
Dallas Season 3 2-hour finale tonight! (Uhhh...well, anyone but Bobby, John Ross & Sue Ellen is a-ok with me).
well tbh I prefer Ann, Sue Ellen and Pamela over her and I hope she will be the one, but she's not a Ewing :/
I'm so scared for Ann and Pamela, cause Sue Ellen is too important and Elena is not a Ewing :(
Can't see them killing off Chris, John Ross, Bobby or Sue Ellen. My guess is Ann dies heroically.
It can't be Christopher, John Ross, Bobby or . Sue Ellen, you don't have Dallas without them, it was hard enough losing JR
I do too. I feel best about John Ross & Sue Ellen's chances. Bobby's kinda in the middle, there's a chance but not much...
All I have to say is, it better not be Bobby, Christopher, John Ross, or Sue Ellen...
so I'm positively he will be killed off trying to rescue her. Bobby, Sue Ellen, and John Ross are the only Ewings mentioned
*** don't want it to be Bobby or Sue Ellen!! Not John Ross; not Christopher or Ann either!
Won't be Bobby or John Ross or Christopher. That leaves Sue Ellen or Ann. Doubt it's Sue Ellen...Ann dies saving Emma.
If one of the main characters such as Bobby, Sue Ellen, Ann, John Ross, Pamela, or Christopher dies season 4 will be a mess.
I can't imagine watching Dallas w/o Sue Ellen, Bobby, John Ross, Christopher, Ann, or Pamela. :((
Elena. It can't be Pamela or John Ross. Plus Bobby and Sue Ellen are the connection to Dallas history.
So which Ewing do you think will die. I don't see how they can get rid of John Ross, Pamela, Bobby or Sue Ellen
I don't see it being the main 4 Ewings (Christopher, John Ross, Bobby and Sue Ellen).
season finale: like Bobby, Sue Ellen, and John Ross are so betting on Christopher. He will
I'd say Christopher or John Ross cause of what we saw in the promo. Definitely not Ann, Bobby, or Sue Ellen. Could be Pam 2.
So the choices are John Ross, Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher, Ann, Pamela. OMG this is not happening. I can't deal with this.
If a Ewing has to die then sorry Ann u got to go cuz it can't be John Ross, Bobby, Sue Ellen, or Christopher. Not even Pamela.
It better NOT be Sue Ellen, John Ross, Bobby, or Christopher. You can't kill off the core Ewings.
Please don't let Bobby, John Ross, Christopher, or Sue Ellen die. Please let it be Emma, who's kinda sorta a Ewing.
Who cares about Ann and Emma anyway. Bobby can be with Sue Ellen and John Ross with his soulmate Pamela.
How will Sue Ellen feel when she finds out that Bum killed JR? The Ewing family is a hot mess right now!
Sue Ellen is angry about her letter from Jr LOVE Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy
Is that that series dallas from many years ago.But now the kids of them in it? ;) JR Ewing or Sue Ellen.!
Heather Roberts Band has a show on 08/30/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Sue Ellen's in Dallas, TX
you are a Amazing! John Ross is the best next to his mama Sue Ellen and long live JR Ewing
Can't wait to see what Sue Ellen and Pamela do about John Ross tonight!
New show announced in Dallas, TX at Sue Ellen's on October 3, 2014
heyy Sue Ellen how you and that baby doing ?
It's a sad day today. Looked over at my nightstand only to see my dear cactus, Sue Ellen, on the floor, all alone and de-rooted!!
in one way it was like Sue Ellen wanted to be in his room but the fire just ruined that moment.
I wonder if Bum & Sue Ellen will ever hook up on I think they would be cute together!
yeah exactly, he knows that Sue Ellen is strong enough to face any man but he would never expect her to face him like that :O
that would be great, as Ann helped her in the darkest moment, Sue Ellen could do the same for her! sounds perfect for me!
Which is something I'd just LOVE to hear Sue Ellen tell him next time he tells her to can it about what he's saying to Ann. She'd
once Ann & Sue Ellen would take 'em back. I bet they'd be better behaved & everything, no more lying & playing games!!!
This is beautiful and I'm so proud to be part of the Team Sue Ellen!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sue Ellen Mischke..the heiress to the Oh Henry candy bar fortune…
Classy. Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray to launch "J.R. Ewing Bourbon" at The Bourbon in Kings Cross. Sue-Ellen: "I am not an alcoholic, JR."
yeah exactly cause friends always find time for each other.. I loved so much that short scene of Ann and Sue Ellen in S3 at
yeah they really could show the men fighting for her and in the meantime show Ann/Sue Ellen's friendship (especially cause
could be a really great place to put Sue Ellen in the story, she'd be such an understanding ear for Ann on this from having done
Lovely makeup and hair trial's today for bride to be Sue-Ellen and her mum with Alison Jenner Hair Stylist ahead...
AHA atheist group is threatening to sue Hall County Schools because Chestatee H.S. football coaches are praying with playe…
you hooping at sue Ellen today bruh ?
Please,, no more tears for Ann, take heed Bobby. Sue Ellen, kick John Ross into next week.
Your Sue Ellen eyes freak me out sometimes. Like Jesus. They follow me around the room.
What even was the point of having Sue Ellen in this scene? All she does is offer to get pie. OTOH, I am all for doting girlfriends.
I turn on the TV for and I get Sue Ellen throwing herself at Gary. WHY DO YOU HATE ME, TV?
I hope it is -- it would make a precious flashback, like a happy memory for Sue Ellen to draw on.
The greatest TV couple ever! JR&Sue Ellen's scenes should have never been deleted! Deleting their scenes was a huge mistake!
I'm very worried about how Sue Ellen is going to take it when she finds out JR planned his death. :( She is already a mess
Electronic Device Insurance
A10. Because it's the best show ever and to find out if Sue Ellen survives
A10: To find out what happens to Sue Ellen and Pamela and to see who started the fire!
Wondered if Sue Ellen had to camp in a corner so thats good
Just as long as Sue Ellen does I'm happy
Aye exactly and I think its more than likely Sue Ellen Bobby means
about Sue Ellen too. Give him a vague statement first, then let the audience gauge the reaction!
A3. "Because of your cheating she almost died"could mean Sue Ellen driving her to the drink or Pamela
- we talking about sue Ellen or pamela
a1 bobby,Sue Ellen,Chris survive..can Elena be there to die
A1.I think should survive Bobby,Sue Ellen and not should survive I think Drew Ramos
A1. Bobby and Sue Ellen MUST survive and JRIII and Pamela, Emma should not, LOL!
I'm thinking Sue Ellen accidentally did it
Ellen Page tried to sue them over it I think! I heard that Maisie Williams might play Ellie if there is a movie - should be good :)
And who survives!! Sue Ellen is unconscious in a burning house and Pamela has passed out after the little threesome!
I freakin love It btr be back soon. Jus watchin 1wi where he tells "go on Sue Ellen, knock it back"
is trying to convince me that Sue Ellen's dad is having an affair with her baby sitter.. 😒
Hunter Pence thinks Sue Ellen Mischke should put on a bra
We've got Falconry on the Fly on the Veranda! Anna, Ellen, Kelly, Jordyn & Sue took a great photo with Big Mac!
In case you missed the show this morning we Talked to Legendary Actress Linda Gray.yep Sue Ellen from the TV...
some of us are still waiting for a Sue Ellen/Harris love story, is there any chance, Mitch? :) xx
Finally talked to my cousin Sue Ellen today, she snap chatted me 😂😂
Linda talks about Dallas, Sue Ellen Ewing, her work with Larry Hagman and the next Ewing generation
until Sue Ellen returns in on August 18 at 9/8 PM Central
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