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Sue Ellen

Sue Ellen Ewing (née Shepard; later Lockwood) is a fictional character and one of the female leads in the CBS primetime soap opera Dallas.

John Ross Linda Gray Sue Ellen Ewing Cliff Barnes Larry Hagman Billy Bob Josh Henderson Judith Light Lee Majors Miss Ellie

Is Sue Ellen in denial over her son's actions? Or do you think John Ross is right in the choices he makes? Do you think he treats his Mother badly?
Serious question, who shot JR? Was it Sue Ellen or Bouncer the dog?
Hey everybody so this Jailbird has been set free as of yesterday at 7pm and my cousin Sue Ellen Camp was set free as of 11:30 today whoop whoop holla
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A Message from Roger Gietzen, The Lincoln Theatre’s new Executive Director: “Who says you can’t move up in an organization these days? After being hired by the Lincoln Theatre’s first Executive Director, Peter Heffelfinger, in 1999 as a part-time House Manager (after a two year stint as a volunteer), I’ve been offered, and have accepted, the position of Executive Director of the Lincoln Theatre. I will do my best to ensure that the Lincoln Theatre remains vital and viable, and a fun and exciting place to be during my time as ED. I feel lucky to be transitioning to this position with a very skilled and dedicated staff, and the theatre in good fiscal health. Many thanks to Sue Ellen Heflin for all of her hard work guiding us to this place of relative peace, harmony and stability. Thanks also to our hard working Board of Directors, volunteers, and members - I couldn’t do this without you and hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events.” Roger Gietzen is pictured here by himself in the Li ...
Sue Ellen and Art Tanner came in and got their NEW 2014 F150 Super Cap Lariat from Nat Spencer and loved it!...
CHIX is rocking Sue Ellen's Saturday - Yes Tomorrow Night! Band goes on at 9:30 - cover I free 9:30 to 10:00...
All I can picture right now is Rosie O'Donnell yelling, "One more Ellen Sue, one more!"
Pat Sapp,Sheila Bennett, Sue Ellen Sapp is it too early to start counting "Sleeps!?" VACATION!!!
Remember when JR was so proud of Sue Ellen for running for Governor.
Remember when JR gave Sue Ellen Miss Ellie's pearls. I loved this so much.
Off work today.. got to sleep til 930.. that was nice.. got to take james to get his tux fitting for the wedding.. man its getting close... oh man it is.. I am so excited for sue ellen and aaron.. but on this mommy side it's gonna be a very emotional day.. I know we have raised a wonderful young lady and she is all ready for her next adventure in life... I just hope I am... it's hard to watch them grow up but I love her and I know she has my strength and she will be fine.. I love you baby girl and I love u too aaron ... Sue Caviness
This is so true, isn't it Sue Ellen Stouffer, Chris Collins Hendrickson, Renee Conder, Janet Routh?
Good morning, Sue Ellen! and I can't thank you enough for your never ending support! *hugs*
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead added to my girl power movie list. Sue Ellen turned herself into a business woman.
Well, we're on our way...can you tell what the feature presentation is? Sue Ellen Kelley Jill Cauthen Pylant
finished To Love a Highlander (Scandalous Scots) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder and gave it 5 stars
4 of 5 stars to To Love a Highlander by Sue-Ellen Welfonder
. It's ok that you can't play me a song. Guess you will have to play with me instead Sue Ellen :)
He thinks I'm Sue Ellen so why not LOL
I'm not Sue Ellen! but I like that don't tell misstexas
I forgot to add lol. So many Sue Ellen's. I'm confused lol
A must have at sue Ellen's a blue sweet tart!
. Sue Ellen comes first. Pick a band, JR will post you a song :)
When I was snuggled up to sue Ellen johnny boy kick me in the back and now it hurts...
Interview with Sue-Ellen Welfonder & Giveaway of To Love a Highlander on
. It's so beautiful. Just like you Sue Ellen. JR x
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Manziel switched off beer now drinking straight vodka Sue Ellen Ewing-style.
i wanna shout out to my baby Regina Sue Ellen Mitchell keep up the good work i know its hard but ur doing it baby lost 70 pounds and still going looking good babe love you
I would like to thank Jaedon Burregi for Sue Ellen Fortenberry and my's sweaty lunch today!! You rocked STEP and my booty and legs hate you and love you for it!! lol
Sue Ellen Whitlock Teri Holforty-Shankel which corners do you hang out on???
Sue Ellen Kandel This one is for you!
Up but not exactly at 'em yet. Know I'll be going to Maysville, and I need to mow. May plant a few more Early Girls. Need to go to woods of the River Ridge to fetch my stuff. That's where I took you plein air artists once, Sue Ellen Gorman. And I still have all those rocks those Mason County Road Dept. *** fling into my lower grove with that damned ditching machine. Wish that thing would fall apart and I don't give a rat's behind how much of of tax money that spent on it.
Some Women find that Pregnancy doesn't agree with them. Poor Sue Ellen, it was actually her marriage to J.R. (and the booze) that didn't set well in her stomach, not the baby. Classic DALLAS.
Dusty Fallow and Sue Ellen Ewing. Classic DALLAS. Were you a fan of this Couple?
Thinking of my family and Patoka Indiana tonight and my great uncle Kenneth Junior Schaffer who passed away on Monday. Sue Ellen you're in my prayers give me a call need anything and I mean that
What a fabulous photo. Sharing from Sue Ellen
I'll admit this guilty pleasure...watching Revenge. It is SO DUMB but I like the clothes. Everyone talks like the Sue Ellen character in Dallas back in the day...every sentence ends in a whisper/rasp. I like the guy who plays Daniel. Waiting for his evil twin brother to show up and speak in his British accent. You know he is actually British right?
Sue Ellen’s new Sunday Series begins this Sunday, April 27th at 10 a.m. at the Sunset Playhouse Theater. “TRUE POWER” Sue Ellen will be investigating what “true power” means. Who has power? Do we hold power over another? Where does the power lie in your life? Do you feel powerless? She will explore power through the teachings of Jesus and through the lens of authors and teachers such as Eckhart Tolle,Thich Nhat Hanh, Miguel Ruiz, Adyashanti, Carlos Castaneda and through the ancient mystics of the perennial philosophy. Come and be EMPOWERED.
Sue Ellen is my favorite character on Dallas because she gets wasted and watches Jimmy Stewart movies like I do.
Q9 Not enough focus on Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen, Pamela, and Emma with her mother bonding. Too many subplots!
a8. Sue Ellen and JR3 kitchen scene. Harris and Ann kiss. Outrageous Judith in practically everything she does.
It was really beautiful, I have to tell you. Especially loved Sue Ellen & Ann together, that's just so sweet :)
Q11: Who would you pick to have more screen time with Ann: Pam, Sue Ellen, John Ross, Christopher, Bobby, Emma, or Harris?
because I love Bobby, Sue Ellen, Ann, and Cliff. He keeps secrets too so he is a hypercrite! I dont think it was
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This has been a classic show from day one next to Dynasty that and Falcon Crest remember those shows? I remember my mom watching these shows and I am hooked now even with the new characters this is still one of my favorite shows !. John Ross is so like his daddy cheating !!! ugh bad boys till the end. Sue Ellen drinking again?? oh man that's sad hope she makes it out of the fire !. I will be waiting for Monday !!! can't wait ! Thanks for accepting me even though I am young .
Nobody does drunk white woman like Linda Gray, you betta pull this flask out of your clutch Sue Ellen! Giving me...
I guess Bobby since it's original Season 2 all over again. Or maybe John Ross so Sue Ellen will feel even more guilty. Ugh.
JR always kept the show live. It would be a good action scene with him, Sue Ellen and John Ross
I think Bobby and Ann's relationship will be tested because of Emma's affair with John Ross, Sue Ellen's
The explosive rivalry between brothers J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) and Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) now lives on through another generation, with the future of the family fortune in the hands of the Ewing offspring: cousins John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson), the son of J.R. and ex-wife Sue Ellen (Linda…
Caught up on Dallas on the DVR, OMG, John Ross has revenge, Sue Ellen in rehab. He was caught in an affair with Emma. Can this show get any better? Yes, and it will end with season finale next Monday with a cliffhanger and I will be irritated!
When will Cody put Kathie Lee in a drunk ward, like John Ross did Sue Ellen?
I just finished episode 5 and a lot of my complaints are being met with some of the things I've seen tonight. Most of this episode followed John Ross and his wheeling and dealing. At this point it's clear he's the main character of the show. All of the major storylines are to some degree attached to John Ross and his schemes, much like J.R. and his impact on the old series. The torch has definately been passed and I think seeing this format continue is a great tribute to Larry Hagman as well as it is a deserved honor for Josh Henderson. I liked seeing Sue Ellen turn on her son. Dallas wouldn't be Dallas without constantly changing alliances and rivalries. Linda Gray is portraying strength through weakness in this story and she's doing awesome this season top to bottom. Bobby's twist at the end was an unexpected touch and I look forward to see how it pans out. John Ross and Bobby have a good chemistry and I really enjoy this Southfork feud between the two. I love watching Judith Light as Ma Ryland. Every . ...
Don't forget it's night tonight on TNT at 9pm/8c. And do not cross Sue Ellen!! Guest starring Ken Kercheval, Judith Light, AnnaLynn McCord and Steven Webber as the Governor.
Valerie Harper fans! Believe us when we say: Do not cross Sue Ellen. DALLAS is back tonight! Pls RT!
not everyone can wear massive white fur jackets... the woman in front of me definitely can - it's like walking behind Sue Ellen.
Pamela's wedding dress, Sue Ellen's and Ann's dresses too
A9. Definitely Ann and Sue Ellen's outfits and Pamela's dress was stunning
I have a feeling in a few episodes we will see Sue Ellen and Pamela (and maybe Ann) wipe that smile off her face!
Afton was lucky that Ann held her back. Sue Ellen would've opened up a can of whoopass
I'm glad she did. :) I knew she would!! He needs someone besides Ann on his side! ;) Sue Ellen has a good heart. John Ross
mm. So true. Sue Ellen, Pamela and Ann teaming up. Good duo!!
I'm hoping for Pamela and Sue Ellen to team up against John Ross! He may be JR's son but he's no match for those women and Ann
Sue Ellen and Ann know what's going on...Emma better watch out!
OMG no the flask is getting bigger. But that was great tension between Ann and Sue Ellen over their kids. Makes total sense.
Not appearing in your picture: Bobby, Ann, and Sue Ellen doing the same thing as everyone else. :P
Ann and Sue Ellen are my favorites on Dallas!
I like so much Sue Ellen and Ann in !!
*** it ANN. You never break up Sue Ellen whooping somebody's ***
Sue Ellen and Ann need to work things out with each other.
Also loved how Bum told John Ross what Sue Ellen said, without either of them knowing the truth. Very nicely done.
Season 3, Episode 2 - "Trust Me" John Ross clashes with Bobby as plans for Ewing Global move forward. Meanwhile, suspicions of infidelity threaten Sue Ellen's alliance with her son; a surprise return stirs up tension; and Bobby and Ann snoop
Dallas is back . JR may have passed away but John Ross is the new rat on the block ... More deception and Sue Ellen is back on the sauce ... Love this program ...
John Ross is just like his dad.Sue Ellen is falling on her old crutch.
Is there any other women that John Ross hasn't been to bed with besides Ann and Sue Ellen ?
John Ross better be careful. Sue Ellen is on to him. ;)
Excellent!! Very good! :) Wish Ann had more scenes but at least I got to see plenty of Sue Ellen :)
Totally agree!! Sue Ellen a bad girl still lookin good. I am totally inspired.
And Sue Ellen is the baddest of the bad! ;)
So True!! and u totally Bad girl as Sue Ellen.
Just drank some wine in the afternoon .so I think I'm Sue Ellen now...
Good to have you and Sue Ellen back.
I took Zimbio's 'Dallas' quiz and I'm Sue Ellen Ewing! Who are you?
Thank you, Kimberly J. Bonné! And remember, this is only a game of aligning up the energy cause we can materialize anything we "float a little thought to it….." That can be anything, Ranging from anything to blue feathers to positive thoughts to manifesting green papers. Life is like a giant game of chess. Enjoy it. Please share: Kathy Collier, Larry Staroff, Lisa Burroughs, Paul Farrington, Stacie Rhodes Dube, Sue Ellen Wagner *** Stacy Balbirer, Deborah Demetres-Brewer and Alexis Greer Bond. Have a beautiful day!
Sue ellen michski was gonna marry Peter is that ironic not dr peter van nostren that wouldnt be ironic . Its like playing golf w/ out clubs
Hey sue Ellen,congrats on your new little business and all the beast,lovely stuff stuff!!
Goodnight everyone! Thank you for your love and support. Sue Ellen has to get up early for work in the morning! Sweet dream…
A touching, moving, heartbreaking scene from Dallas TNT Season 2 Episode 8 ("JR's Masterpiece") Sue Ellen gives a moving eulogy to the love of her life, ex-h...
Had a great band rehearsal yesterday! Mark your calendars...this Saturday at The Angry Dwarf, full band at Sue Ellen's on April 12th!
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That show was so fun, Miss Ellie, Jock. I remember JR calling Sue Ellen "a drunk and a ***
I been watching the newer episode of Dallas and you are right about Sue Ellen (Linda Grey)
I remember watching it live in 1991. I love Sue Ellen; she looks fabulous now.
You can't do that, Sue Ellen. What would JR say?!
Eucalyptus Road : Sue Ellen passed away so Billy Bob called 911. The operator promised to send some...
To all that were Invited to the Girls Luncheon I need a total count before 5 pm Thursday. I have that have sent me a private messages so I know but I would really like to know if and who is coming so I can let Denny s know if we need to sit in the gathering room. With the loss of are cousin Butch I understand if you can not join after missing work during the week. God Bless and all have a wonderful Day. Love Sue Ellen.
Dallas returned Monday night. Reasons to watch Season 3 Ewing BarbeQue, A Rodeo, Southfork Weddings, Funerals, Lots of sex, backstabs and dirty deals. Not to mention Sue Ellen back on the bottle, shootings and murder.
Hellooo Sue Ellen! Have an amazing day. Sending you a big GMHug all the way from Belgium.
- miss the dysfunctional relationship of JR & Sue Ellen :)
Turks of a certain age still refer to a woman who drinks too much as Sue Ellen, the boozy character on that show.
Are my shows getting good or what?! Last night I was watching DALLAS and that damned JR from the grave still stirring up stuff; John Ross, like his daddy is up to no good, but like Sue Ellen told him he will never be as good as JR. Then all the things Cliff Barnes tole Elena...and now she knows how JR swapped the deed and cheated her dad outta his proper land @ SF, and now she working w/ him to try to take Ewing Energy.GOODNESS, I cannot wait for next Mondays episode.
From a recent client - I love making people happy!. Dear Sue Ellen and Amanda,. I just want to THANK YOU for your...
FB: Love most, but I'm biased to Sue Ellen's/Linda Gray's! Now, if John Ross/Josh Henderson was in his shorts...YUMMY!! ;)
Ellen Sue Weiss WatkinsMichael Crawford. Thank you Michael Crawford for a great escrow, I appreciate that you...
It's official. I have lost my mind. I have spent the last 39 min. watching Kyle Richard's on HSN. What is the most disturbing part, is thinking "Oh No! There are only 75 "Farrah" black motto jackets left. Linda Gray has one. I like Sue Ellen, maybe I need a "Farrah" black motto jacket." OOO! Special caller! Hello Camille Grammer.
"I will always be right where you are"-JR and Sue Ellen
Here's a little 70's for you... Dallas Oh the things J.R. would do to Sue Ellen!! Larry Hagman was a fantastic scoundrel !! :D lol :D
A2. Any scene w/Sue Ellen as long as Elena didn't ruin it!! Also, John Ross proposing to Pamela!! :)
Gotta go with Sue Ellen, Bobby and Ann in that order. Love them all though. FB Bonus
'Every farm woman in Europe makes cheese. Its no big deal!' Ellen Strauss to Sue Conley
Read this delightful interview by So conversational and entertaining! Like hanging out.
A6. Maybe in the mid season finale and perhaps Sue Ellen? She's switched on and sees everything
exactly she’s Sue Ellen this will be the1st of many
That's for sure! By the looks of it Ann should have asked Sue Ellen for help in the first place
Another question: How awesome and epic would it be if there was a confrontation between Sue Ellen Ewing (while protecting Ann) and Judith Brown Ryland (while protecting Harris)?
Q10: Sue Ellen will be in the car with Bum spying on John Ross when they find out he is cheating on Pamela with Emma
always a fan of sue Ellen but do like John Ross and Bobby's..Christopher needs to shave
A10. I think it will have to do with Sue Ellen.
yup she most def will but Frank gon forgive his *** she’s Sue Ellen
A10. Sue Ellen will do something unexpected.
Loved it! There just wasn't enough Sue Ellen last night! A1
Q8: Ann Ewing Sue Ellen got more screen time than Ann did!
Brianna's grandma thinks one of our potential baby names is "too country". And she suggested the name Sue-ellen instead...
prob John Ross or Sue Ellen but nobody will believe them especially Christopher & Bobby
So true. You totally feel for Sue Ellen, just having to do it again & it's not so cute anymore...
A6. I think Sue Ellen already knows Elena has something up her sleeve. Maybe even John Ross too.
A6. Hopefully soon and I'll hedge my bets on Chris or maybe Sue Ellen
A6. Sue Ellen might stumble on to something.
A6. She'll trip herself up on her own secrets, but what if it's Sue Ellen who catches on & no one believes her?
A4. Hard pressed since it seemed very much an ensemble. I pick Sue Ellen
A4. To me it's Sue Ellen b/c she is so perceptive about John Ross' behavior!
So knock off that Sue Ellen is queen crap ;)
A4. Cliff Barnes? Bobby? Harris? Sue Ellen? Christopher? I have to admit John Ross delivered the best.
. A4 Sue Ellen . She welcomed Pamela into the family. .
Aye but who will it be Pamela or Sue Ellen either way he's screwed big time
A2. When Sue Ellen and John Ross talked in the hallway when he told her She looked like she saw a ghost.
Q1: Very good!! :) Wish we had more Ann and Sue Ellen scenes but since this was first episode they had to focus on the plot
A3. John Ross trying to be slick to Sue Ellen when she caught him coming out of Kristin's I mean Emma's room.
Emma helping her mom, Sue Ellen, and Pamela wedding planning while she is cheating on Pamela's husband!!! Ooh!
favorite scene - Sue Ellen catches John Ross coming out Emma's room & he says Momma it looks like u seen a ghost
A2. John Ross & Sue Ellen, when he says he's better than JR for having her as an ally. So cute!
The season 3 premiere of DALLAS was great. JR will be sorely missed but it is still great to see Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, and Christopher Ewing back on tv.
Sue Ellen you're a drunk and an unfit mother.
Going to Dallas in two days for a cheer competition??!! Think I'll stop by the Ewing's maybe have a drink with Sue Ellen?!
Can't wait for next weeks episode. Love that Sue Ellen is having John Ross followed Hehe. ;)
What are Sue Ellen and Bum getting up to here? Tune in to next Monday night's episode on to find out!
Watching the 1st new episode of S3 of I hope Sue Ellen is still on the drink, it always makes for interesting viewing 😛🍷
sure don't, Peggy, Mary Eileen, Sue Ellen, Susan, Jeanette, where are yall?
Sue Ellen Whitlock i feel like this is something that you would have.
Sue Ellen Ewing- Central female character in the American soap opera Dallas which ran from 1978 to 1991, Sue Ellen was the long suffering wife of the nefarious JR Ewing. Brought up by her mother,...
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When a women says "revenge is served best cold " all I can say is I love you Sue Ellen.
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Well didn't we get off to a great start last night...opened up a whole lot of storylines.but Emma better watch her back...if Sue Ellen don't get her...daddy Rylan will.
I watched the new "Dallas" last night. Now, tell me how Sue Ellen looks exactly like she did 25 years ago and Bobby looks pretty good also. I must get their plastic surgeon's name (not).
Awww it must suck if you feel that way :( I want more Ann, Harris and Sue Ellen please
I have some of the best friends in the whole wide world and we work our *** off! I love my boys...and Sue Ellen Ewing...oh and nga.
Lol the promo with Sue Ellen comparing Ann's trampy daughter to her sister, Kristen.
This is for my momma. I love you mom cat Sue Ellen Bradford Thomson
Tonight we were talking about possible roles on Dallas. Sarah says she sees me as a love interest for Sue Ellen while I see myself as someone who has to do the dirty work for one of the schemers. :)
Q10: What do you think Sue Ellen was thinking when she saw John Ross come out of Emma's room in the final moments?
Boy, what a relaxing day,, really needed it..Dallas was sooo good, course it always is,, the new season opener really goin b a dirty 1,, especially Elena,, Emma goin b, well, like Sue Ellen said, & John Ross, just like his daddy, JR,, Castle on now, can't miss this show..Anywho, have a good nite,, til 2morrow..
It looks like Eleana is about to get revenge on the Ewings, Sue Ellen looks like she'll be back on the sauce, John Ross is making another attempt to drill on the family land, and Bobby's ready to fight everybody. Well done, Dallas. Well done.
Sue Ellen to Emma: Has anyone ever told you about my sister Christin? She was a lot like you but she ended up face down in the pool. BRILLIANT!
This question is for all the Dallas fans. Did JR use the line "Don't tell my wife" on the series all the times he cheated on Sue Ellen? J Ro used it and I am wondering he JR passed it on.
Did Sue Ellen just educate Emma on what happened to Kristen? ?? I can't wait for that conversation.
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Just saw the ad of Sue Ellen telling Emma about Kristen. Love it!!!
I like the actress. Hate the character. Too much Elena tonight. I want another Ann and Sue Ellen scene!
I'm hoping Sue Ellen or Ann will get hip and warn or plan.
A Dallas viewing party, it is like I am back in the 80s, love me John Ross and Sue Ellen but going to miss JR Ewing himself
"Don't underestimate your uncle, he's a steel hand in a velvet glove," Sue Ellen Ewing (to John Ross).
Sue Ellen look good still after all these years...Missing J.R.Ewings!
I can't help but giggle when I see Sue Ellen on Dallas thanks to Kimberly Petras lol
Season premiere of DALLAS. still the best soap opera of all time! Even without JR it's still number one! throwback JRism. Sue Ellen: don't leave JR I need something to hold on to...JR: Alright darlin I'll buy you a puppy! booyah!
Ya *** Season premier of Dallas ! Love me some John Ross and Sue Ellen !
When I worry about age 70, I think of Sue Ellen! That woman must have a pact with the devil!!! Watching Dallas.
im sick as *** .. But Im not missing Dallas.YES .its on. Love me some sue Ellen and Bobby.
"Good blackmail never sours."-Sue Ellen Ewing. We've waited so long! Ladies and Gentlemen, IT'S SHOWTIME!!
You ain't J.R. and I'm not Sue Ellen, but tonight I'm gonna pretend!
Maybe I can't do four things at once cause i am trying to read, crochet, help with homework and watch Dallas and this is what I'm coming up with; Double crotchet Cliff Barnes =6+9- Tristian loves Nina Sue Ellen is drinking again slip stitch +3-4=Mexico ? I think I'm gonna stop and get a glass of wine:-)
I would so be John Ross Jr.'s Sue Ellen! Nom.nom.nom.
I am so thankful for today's stress! Why you ask?? Because I might have watched Dallas all day without it and I just can't take J.R. Ewing dying twice in one year! Not to mention hearing his letter to Sue Ellen again!! Jeff sure was worried I had REALLY lost it last time! Come on 8:00!
"Tramps don't last long in this house". I love Sue Ellen! I am all caught up and ready for tonight's TNT Dallas premiere. It is actually a pretty good show.
Ok here I am again. I have been everywhere today, had to go check out if Pam was still alive and then John Ross married Cliff Barnes daughter and now Sue Ellen is going to turn into JR- oh how I love Dallas! It. Makes me feel like a natural woman! Woman! Ha! I Love You All and I know you will understand when I say I can't stop watching this till 9:00 that's when the NEW DALLAS is on tonight. I'll see you all later OK! See ya later!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Sue Ellen ... makes me want to go out and buy a Mercedes Station Wagon ... Well maybe a SAAB
Watching dallas version ..omg all boys all cutey..omg..sue ellen...Linda Gray still gorgeous. .fav ..eighties tv drama
Sue Ellen is still drinking? There is no excuse, J.R. Is dead honey. When will she ever learn?
Me too! Nothing better than Sue Ellen taking on the world & rocking it.
I wish Sue Ellen had thIs facilities in the 80s to spy on ol'JR
New Olympic theme promo vid and is Sue Ellen sitting in a wire tap van? *** yes please!
Dallas S3 promo on TNT!! love it! Sue Ellen:"A good blackmail never sours.: Can't wait to see Sue Ellen in action.
wow! gonna be great! Though it's sad it appears Sue Ellen is falling off the wagon again I love STRONG SE!
Really need to see lots more Sue Ellen in Series 3. Here's hoping
The one thing that I Dream of Jeannie & The Six Million Dollar Man have in common is that both had an astronaut and a member of the US Air Force as a main character, Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) and Steve Austin (Lee Majors) in the latter. Subsequent to I Dream of Jeannie, Hagman played JR Ewing in Dallas, a role he last played just prior to his death in 2012. I am guessing someone at the Dallas production team thought of the question of which of the two aforementioned astronauts would win in a fight as Majors was cast with a guest role in the 2013 season of Dallas. In Dallas, Majors plays an old rival of the late JR Ewing who was a suitor to Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) but lost her to JR as JR and Sue Ellen got married although later got divorced.
Sitting a table away from Linda Gray(Sue Ellen) at lunch! What a beauty!
Sue Ellen & her right hook! Yay! Always loved this scene! War of the Ewings is a great movie, really enjoyed it! :)
had a point in the interview when she said they came up with a brillant way of Sue Ellen hitting the
Great pics, but where are the pics of Sue Ellen, Bobby, Ann,Harris,Emma? Would love to see promo pics of them as well!
YES! Exactly! Same here, I'd like to see pics of Sue Ellen, Bobby, Ann too!
But we love all the characters, they're important too ! I would love to see a picture with Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen etc..
The final one tomorrow? I guess that will be Elena...Why can't we get pics of Sue Ellen, Bobby, Ann & the rest of the cast too?
Somebody put in the comments saying that they would love to see Sue Ellen tangle with Judith Ryland and I personally would love to see the Linda Gray/Sue Ellen and Judith Light/Judith Ryland face to face showdown.
I wish my name was Bobbie Jo or Sarah Ann or Sue Ellen. something like that
Hold on pat tillmans on the other line its not important, ok so a phoenix cardinal & a virginia cardinal are like sue ellen michski
I thought I'd be so much more like Sue-Ellen by now
yeah maybe by his love affair with Jenna! . Sue Ellen says: your secret is safe 😱
That little minx will be joining me on stage 2/7 @ Mustache Envy @ Sue Ellen's. Pic by Ben Garrett.
, aight if you wanna think so Sue Ellen
Same here,I was a soggy mess too.The entire ep, esp. Sue Ellen's moving eulogy totally broke my heart.
He even gave her a drink. Sweet Sue Ellen is getting pampered today. 💁😂
Dad gave my sweet baby Sue Ellen a bath today. 💁
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auccch Sue Ellen drinking from a flask!! Hope she stops soon!!
Sue Ellen wants to wish her friends a lucky Lunar New Year!
I thought the same thing. Maybe Harve booted Bennett out of the firm after he defended Sue Ellen?
the name "Sue-Ellen Crandall" comes to mind. That's in 'Don't tell mom the babysitters dead' Random. Right on top of that rose
many hours do you sleep at night? 9. Do you fly back to CA a lot when you have free time? 10. If they made Bo…
stillnox and a large vodka. Just call me Sue Ellen.
Going through my normal FB account and notice that Sue Ellen- Make Up Artist have been sharing pages based on...
was it Sue Ellen Mischky the heiress to the O'Henry candy bar corporation?
May your life preach more loudly than your lips.
she was pretty ruthless! She really just had no soul! She would so anything to hurt Sue Ellen was really quite sad
Day 34 of our countdown. Here Sue Ellen reminds Gary what she's made of.
can't wait to see more of sue ellen,, but it will be sad that this is the first ever season w/o Larry at all! :(
I Love this pic of the Beautiful Sue Ellen
Glad to hear you're a Sue Ellen fan. She's the best, isn't she?
typical poor Sue Ellen been ignored lol.. Night 👍💤
about Sue Ellen!! :'( Hope she doesn't hit rock bottom again like she did during the dream season!!
Just saw the promos for Dallas season 3. I can only hope Sue Ellen will be falling down those Southfork stairs soon!
"You make a move against me, Sue Ellen or any member of my family. Your going to jail." Ann ( )
Last soapie I ever followed was "Dallas" and that was before JR got shot. had the hots for Sue-Ellen. I know.
Joan Collins slapped on some 100bpm proto noodle house. You couldn’t get that with Sue Ellen.
ye you should! But I am lovin them.Sue Ellen is brilliant when shes the how she owned the guvnor!♡
Day 33 of our countdown. Sue Ellen strikes with precision. 🎯.
That's awesome! I have a subcountdown going over here for Sue Ellen, of course.
Just like I can't invest in a sober Sue Ellen Ewing is the same way I feel about AJ Quatermaine. He should drunker than *** Brown.
The Braless Wonder,Seinfeld,1997. Elaine : "Well, Sue Ellen, it's a,it's not a top, it's a bra. Sue Ellen Mischke:Oh, I know.Thanks again. =))
I rewatched DallasTNT last night and Sue Ellen was so badass through out the season. Sad to think she will be a mess in S3.
New article: Reaching Out to an Abortion-Wounded Nation - SUE ELLEN BROWDER
"Believing in our hearts that who we are is enough is the key to a more satisfying and balanced life." ~ Ellen Sue Stern
Sue Ellen is fantastic with or without the alcohol.I love her...
Sue Ellen is tending her Prized Pigs and collecting Clay for crafting!
Sue Ellen is helping Barbara prepare for an Alpine Party! Help them out!
Thanks to all who came out for Moksha Imports fabulous Rock Gem and Jewelry Show and the Psychic Faire! You are a blessing to us! And a special thanks to our fabulous readers Vince, Micael, Sue Ellen, and Rosina. Special thanks also to Kevin for sharing his fab Mehndi and to Katherine for being a wonderful counter host! Have a beautiful evening everyone!
Today, from 12-4 PM, Vince will be sharing tarot readings and Sue Ellen will be sharing angelic channeling readings! Kevin will be sharing Mehndi! Call for your appointment or walk ins are always welcome!
"Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" is on. Some of David Duchovny's best work. I'm so happy Sue Ellen's boss didn't fi…
South City Theatre, ( is looking for a few good men…and/or women… to direct our 2014-15 season! If you are an experienced director with an itch to do a particular show AND it can be staged in our uniquely intimate theatre space, we want to talk to you! Special consideration will be given to shows with a Southern connection: themes, settings, characters, etc. A modest directing stipend will be offered for each production. To apply, send a letter of interest, a description of the show you’d like to direct (include title and publisher), a resume, and the dates you would be available to: ad by January 17, 2014. For more information contact Artistic Director Sue Ellen Gerrells at the above email address or call (205) 936-9162.
Sue Ellen is motivating their Sheep with inspiring posters of Top Ewes!
Here's a list of confirmed local celebrity servers for the Climbing for Hope Event. There are a few more to be added, but we're pretty excited about this list. :) I will update it as other confirmations come in. -A Jeannie Allen of First Tennessee Bank Josh Chambers of Tennessee Spine & Performance Enhancement Center Dr. Richard Dew of Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic, Inc. Miranda Dixon Debbie Dowling of the Robert F. Thomas Foundation Kevin Griffin of Perry Smith Development and 3D Dance Studio Douglas R Guyot of Guyot Chiropractic Paula King of Citizen’s National Bank Ken L. Maples Gregory Payne of What To Do Guide of the Smoky Mountains Allen Newton of the Sevier County Economic Development Council Sue Ellen Riddle (and sidekick) of Mountain Hope Clinic Jay Teter of Dixie Stampede Kevin Wilson of Country Tonite You can buy tickets directly from most of the servers, or contact me, and I will be happy to put you in their sections as long as tickets remain available. ajustice
Heading out shortly to head to Sue Ellen's at 3014 Throckmorton St, Dallas, to start setting up for today's full schedule of candidate interviews. Sign-in starts at 10am! Leading off is the interview for Dallas County Democratic party Chair, and we'll be finishing up 6 hours later with a couple of contested state house races with a lot of merciless questioning and mild mayhem in-between. Light lunch and serious deliberation will be served.
Sue Ellen is excited to give Teddy Bears to her friends!
Its class.I ended up watching em all.Brian Dennehy is in it & makes Sue Ellen sing as he forces her to undress!
I mentioned "Gone With the Wind" in my first post so I guess I'll start there. The movie is one of my very favorites. The scenery is gorgeous, the costumes are lovely, romantically tense and great comedic fodder for Carol Burnett. What a combo! In the book, Scarlett O'Hara is a spoiled young lady who wants what she wants and will do anything she can to get it. Scarlett marries Charles Hamilton making her Melanie's sister-in-law and closer to Ashley Wilkes (whom she thinks she loves). Scarlett's marriage to Charles Hamilton was two months old when he was sent to war. Charles never saw battle and left Scarlett a pregnant widow. Her first child is Charles' son, Wade Hampton Hamilton. Scarlett's second husband is Frank Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy was to marry Scarlett's sister, Sue Ellen. Scarlett treated this marriage as business instead of love. She did get Mr. Kennedy's store out of the red. Scarlett also had two children by Frank Kennedy; a son and a daughter. By this time Scarlett was barely 21 or 22 years old. ...
Watching The Paley Center: Dallas at PaleyFest 2013: Sue Ellen and John Ross Read a Scene on
Will Lee Majors return for Season 3: I enjoyed his story arc and I want to see Sue Ellen have a lov...
Season 3 - Expect a pregnancy, a shooting, a death and another Southfork wedding, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Ann (Brenda Strong) will see their marriage tested, which could lead him to stray, with a familiar face from the past? Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) discovers John Ross (Josh Henderson) has been unfaithful, sparking memories of J.R.'s cheating ways and leading her back to the bottle. Sue Ellen's struggle will climax in a midseason cliffhanger similar to one of the original series' memorable season enders.
Last ditch effort to up word count: all characters' names now changed to Ann Marie, Billy Bob, Sue Ellen, etc.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
all I want from Dallas season 3 is for Ann and Sue Ellen to finally hook up
Q1: I'm sure a fight occurs with Ann, Sue Ellen, Pamela, and Bobby have to keep everything in control.
Ann and Sue Ellen because they have great taste in style.
A10. I need to chat with Ann & Sue Ellen about shooting technique... :)
A9. Ann and Sue Ellen the Ewing women have style and it would be a lot of fun
A9: Sue Ellen, Pamela, and Ann. They're rich, gorgeous, & have good fashion sense. Fun ladies!
I totally agree. Out of all the Dallas ladies my faves are Ann, Sue Ellen and Pamela
I've been challenged by Christy Williams. 1. My birth name was Charlotte but it was changed to Sue Ellen when I was adopted. 2. By the time I was 20, I had accomplished all my dreams. I've been floundering ever since. 3. I had just started nursing school in Jerusalem when the 1973 war started. Got a crash course. 4. My greatest accomplishments are named Jason, Joshua, & Sean. You make me proud every day. 5. I'm incredibly shy & self-conscious. 6. My favorite house was an old shack on a coffee plantation on the big island. Our entertainment was watching cane spiders and geckos duke it out in the rafters. 7. At 13 I was a district leader for St. Jude hospital fundraising. Somewhere I still have a picture of me, Casey Kasem, Marlo Thomas and Danny Thomas. 8. I was a tomboy. 9. Also at 13, I was talked into getting that new Sassoon haircut. I hated it, just made my cats eye glasses stick out. 10. In my travels one of the greatest things I learned was how to flip someone off 5 different ways. And no matter whe ...
LOOK HOW A THRIFT SHOP CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Sue Ellen Cooper was browsing through a Thrift Shop. She was an artist … always looking for a unique piece of furniture that she could paint with flowers or symbols, then re-sell. Passing a counter she was drawn to a BOLD RED HAT. She stopped. Tried it on. “That looks great. You should buy it.” It was the voice of her husband, Alan, standing behind her. Now… no one…I mean NO ONE ON EARTH COULD HAVE IMAGINED THE GODWINK that was happening at that very moment. [Option - Watch this story here: few weeks later Sue Ellen was trying to think of a 50th birthday gift for her friend Linda who had everything. Then the thought struck her: “I’ll get her a red hat like mine, and frame a copy of that English poem ... how did that go? ‘When I grow old, I’m going to WEAR A RED HAT, and purple, and learn to… spit…’ or, something like that.” Linda loved her gift. So did all of Sue Ellen’s friends who asked for the same thing, so she BOUGHT A BUNCH OF ...
I'd say Sue Ellen packs a better punch than Batman :P
shoes? ;) I think because she was leaving the series in 89. Welcome back to Sue Ellen. :D
Sue Ellen and Miss Ellie have arrived safely! They will be seeing the vet again Monday for more thorough...
Sue Ellen always has wise words. It's what makes her such an awesome character!
if u loved this deleted scene of mother/son debauchery and Sue Ellen's a total schemer 😈 http:…
I think of you as a Sue Ellen fan. But maybe Charlene Tilton too
It would be awesome if all the Sue Ellen fans could have a Linda Gray party and meet this woman in Dallas. lol
A.5 Sue Ellen would be more interesting if she would date Lee Majors character.
A1: Sue Ellen is my favorite woman character from the beginning of the orig. series. She is the best!
Sue Ellen is amazing. I love her and John Ross together.
A10. Ok surprise. Sue Ellen and I are going to Fashion Week in Paris. Miranda Priestly will be there and Sue Ellen's gonna >
a10: a distant to my Gilligans Island fantasy would be to do a pub crawl w/ Sue Ellen to hear her epic stories
do you think Sue Ellen has to give back to Elena her shares of Ewing Energies???
Sue Ellen, it's been a while. Are you doing okay?
So i'm home alone now because Harris is at the coffeeshop with Sue Ellen
please in season 3 we DON'T wanna see Sue Ellen and a bottle in the same scene!!
Sue Ellen has been doing various things "in cognito" in the last few old Dallas eps. Her disguise always consists of a huge fur coat.
Sue Ellen appears to have taken the tummy symbols from all the Care Bears, stuck them on a keychain, and hooked it on her jacket.
is really being a stubborn old man!! I wish he would sell the refinery to Jr despite his hated for Jr! Poor Sue Ellen!! :(
Top drawer drama at 7pm in as Mickey has been left in a coma after the car crash and Lucy points the finger at Sue Ellen.
“Sue Ellen Padilla has two first names and is a *** do I know you?.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Can't decide if Sue Ellen is a cat or a fox.
Lmao sue Ellen and her attitudes she mad asf but she did take all her money though (*shrugs*)
I wonder what happened at sue Ellen?!
For a good half hour me and have been texting each other pretending to be Sue-Ellen and Lou.. It's hilarious.
We know. The showrunners have described as the new JR/Sue Ellen will be a rocky road for us fans!
YAS we r sue Ellen and J.r I'm a sassy drunk ur a madman who moans all the time
I will awaken prematurely just for sue Ellen
have u seen about Sue Ellen? Idk how many she has now, but she was looking
Do you reckon John W. Henry has had a *** job, Sue Ellen Ewing always looks happy with him?
Come out to Sue Ellen's this evening for a Single Release Party!. "REPLAY". the debut single from the electrifying new talent. ZENDAYA. with...
Sue Ellen enjoying the weather (and taking her time since we have no time limit on our walks! )
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