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Stuyvesant Town

Stuyvesant Town—Peter Cooper Village is a large private residential development on the East Side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City, and one of the most iconic and successful post-World War II private housing communities.

New York City Peter Cooper Village East Village Gramercy Park

Peter Stuyvesant chartered the area in 1661, naming it Boswijck, meaning "little town in the woods" or "heavy woods" in 17th-century Dutch.
The Stuyvesant Town apartment complex in NYC has 60,000 residents in 110 buildings via
%tumlnk  . The Stuyvesant Town apartment complex in New York City has a population of …
Stuyvesant Town in New York City has a population of more than 60,000 people. Full post - (…
Restoration co-sponsoring town hall meeting in Bed-Stuy on Feb 8th! Come out and make your voice heard!
.to hold Bed-Stuy town hall meeting in February:
TY ALL reps should have regular town halls. When you call them, ask them to get one on the calendar!
I'm obviously out of town, go for me ?
Developer of former Peter Stuyvesant Post Office grilled at hearing over request for additional height
Hundreds oppose plan for 12-story building at old Stuy Town Post Office site:
Hundreds Oppose Plan for 12-Story Building for Old Stuy Town Post Office: The Board of Standards and Appeals was…
The calm before the storm a drive around Stuyvesant Town and by the…
Happening this afternoon: BSA hearing on zoning variance for old Peter Stuyvesant post office at 432-438 E 14th St
Free taxi credits all around Stuyvesant Town. U need the Lyft app w promocode RYE. Thats it. nyc howcanitbe
Are you heading over to the Stuyvesant Town Hall for Big Truck Day? From 11-2, stop by for food, games, prizes,...
Sometimes 24 hours in a day is not enough. 😤 jferrer_ @ Stuyvesant Town…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Compare health ratings for restaurants in Stuyvesant Town before you eat 20151002
If you're looking in NYC, Tudor City and Stuyvesant town might have the sort of thing you're looking for! 💚🌵
Extell brings neighbor to court over construction delays on E. 14th St. development across from Stuyvesant Town.
Looks like he lives in Stuyvesant, NY.
Stuyvesant Town Wikipedia article was anonymously edited from UN High Commissioner for Refugees Switzerland
Must be a real New Yorker now cause I thought of a Bedford-Stuyvesant-Town joke and didn't use it because that would be dumb.
USA | Climate | I ❤ NY - © Orjan F. Ellingvag​. Lights from apartments in the Stuyvesant Town Housing…
At -- Legoland comes alive as Stuyvesant Town in New York City,where buildings cover just 25% of the land
"How really poor are we of Stuyvesant Town and of New York City, too, that we can’t share a bench with two boys?"
Future Goals: I need an apartment in Stuyvesant Town.
Find house for rent near Town States York
Judge sends Stuyvesant Town lenders' lawsuit back to state court
Stuyvesant town NY as seen from the air natgeo's photo
I never repost but this is an amazing shot of my neighborhood Stuyvesant Town back home in NYC. Photo…
Photograph by George Steinmetz Stuyvesant Town in New York City looks like LegoLand when seen from ...
the wife lived across the street from Stuyvesant Town for most of her life.
Lawsuit against CWCapital over Stuyvesant Town debt was remanded to state court, where it was originally filed. cc
needing a Halloween gig! Spotted in Stuyvesant Town. Joe the Giraffe playing "Psycho Killer" to kids!
Happy Dogs at Stuyvesant Town are having a little Halloween doggy party tomorrow. We're sure you will meet lots...
Stuyvesant Town is rising in value, due to the rebound in the market.
Awesome thank you. Hey if you ever do more "valet" stations, I'd def nominate Stuyvesant Town's stations at evening rush hour!
Bedford Stuyvesant bound . kuz Bed Stuy is the Town
The balloons and I making it all the way home! Yay! @ Peter Cooper Village / Stuyvesant Town -…
Stuyvesant Town, a Symbol of the Downturn, is Rising in Value
NYPD nabs tree-climber who tried to rape woman: A man tried to rape a woman in a Stuyvesant Town elevat...
I have just reported Andrew Bart to Peter Cooper Village & Stuyvesant Town (PCVST).
"katharina, take a picture of me hailing a cab" 🌃 @ Stuyvesant Town Apartments
Police arrest man who allegedly attempted to rape a woman in Stuyvesant Town.
Man charged in elevator attempted rape is connected to 2nd assault, police say
Stuyvesant Town attempted rape suspect caught after video released
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better than Ezra playing stuy town. Live tomorrow. Stuy Town: where 90s bands are reborn @ Stuyvesant…
Just finished playing with Big Wake at Stuyvesant Town opening up for Better Than Ezra.
My shot of on the front of the Stuyvesant Town leasing office. Seeing my work up never gets old. 😊
setting up for Music on the Oval down in Peter Cooper Village / Stuyvesant Town! All…
Outdoor concerts taking place this week at Stuyvesant Cove Park, Stuyvesant Town &
Accident Rd Closed on US 9 both directions area of Town of Stuyvesant; Town of Stockport Line (Stockport) all lanes of…
When the lights go down in the city. @ Peter Cooper Village / Stuyvesant Town - New York City
meanwhile they are the exact same replicas of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan where people are paying over 3k
RT“Flying over New york in 2009. Stuyvesant Town on the Lower East Side. ht…
LEE LORCH, 1915-2014 Lee Lorch, a mathematics professor who was renowned for his involvement in a wide range of anti-racism and other progressive movements for decades, died of natural causes on February 28 in Toronto, at the age of 98. A widely-circulated New York Times obituary presents much of Lee Lorch's life story. Born on Sept. 20, 1915 at in Manhattan to Adolph Lorch and Florence Mayer Lorch, he was a graduate of Townsend Harris High School. He attended Cornell University and the University of Cincinnati, where he earned a doctorate in mathematics. During World War Two, he served in the Pacific with the U.S. Army Air Corps, and returned home to teach math at City College in New York. Like millions of veterans, he could not find a place to live, until he and his wife Grace and daughter Alice moved into the huge Stuyvesant Town development on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, along with 25,000 other people. There, the Lorches entered into a lifelong struggle against racism. African-Americans were not ...
Yesterday's somewhat enigmatic post clarified: standing in the middle of Stuyvesant Town, while a 20-something real estate agent tells me that we are really in Gramercy Park, and that the 2 BR we just saw is really the 3 BR that was advertised because you can make a windowless box in the living room into a 3rd BR.
Lee Lorch Just Passed Away Who was he? A soft-spoken professor of mathematics who with his wife Gloria led a campaign to desegregate Stuyvesant Town on eastside Manhattan in 1946, an early instance of biracial action in the postwar Civil Rights Era. He was a leader in organizing a committee to end discrimination in the housing development, which eventually totaled 1,800 tenants. Some 3,500 residents (all White people) petitioned the mayor of New York City and the City Council to support anti-discrimination legislation. At one point the couple invited a Black family to live in their apartment with them. Professor Lorch was fired from several college teaching jobs until he was forced to go to Canada to find work. Altho the Supreme Court refused to review the case, ultimately the owner of the development, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, was forced to begin admitting Black families. Ms. Lorch made headlines by comforting one of the Little Rock 9 students when she walked thru jeering crowds to ...
Got myself a 600 sq ft sublet in Stuyvesant Town for a "reasonable" $2,000/month. I'll be more than happy to return to Philly…
Cops on scooters making my world a safer place @ Stuyvesant Town
staying with my friend in Stuyvesant town!
Also in T&V: Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents weigh in on Spitzer and Weiner, In ST/PCV, trees continue to be removed, planted
Today's T&V: Robber targeting women in Stuyvesant Town and the East Village gets 12 years.
There has been a turf war going on between moms wanting to play with their kids on the grass and sunbathers wanting to take in the sun in Stuyvesant Town.
Residents of the Stuyvesant Town development in Manhattan have taken to a local blog to complain about 'side boob' that, last weekend, apparently took over half the grassy play area known as Playground 10.
I played a game of pickup soccer today and dominated because everyone on the pitch was smaller and weaker than I am, ran a 4.8 40 on the 3rd time out of 5 and now I'm stuck mostly hoofing the trip from Stuyvesant Town to Sheepshead Bay because its 4 in the morning suddenly. I put a ton of mileage on today and I'm only getting older. You'd think I'd know better by now, but clearly I'm just never, ever going to learn. Oh well, go Yankees.
Fun Fact for all our "Black Squirrel Fans" The "Black Squirrel" is actually a variant of the Eastern Gray Squirrel. It is thought that the black variant developed its dark coat to better absorb heat in colder climates. Although considered rare in many areas, it is the dominant variety in most of Ontario, Quebec, certain areas of the Northeastern United States, and as far south as Maryland and Virginia. Black squirrels, appearing to be identical to the red squirrels in the area, are also fairly common in the midwestern United States, particularly in some communities in southwestern Iowa, such as Council Bluffs, Manilla, and Missouri Valley. Black squirrels may also be found in Marysville, Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska and within the confines of Stuyvesant Town in New York City. In the United Kingdom, a colony of black squirrels has existed around the town of Letchworth Garden City for many years. They have also been seen in the Fox Lake area in Illinois and Northern Ohio.
Still no Time Warner Cable in Stuyvesant Town. Two weeks now.
Hi folks, I have been in touch with Lee Spector and Susan Spector and they are toughing it out in Stuyvesant Town. They have no heat, hot water, or electricity The elevator is down. They are hanging in but it's pretty bleak. Just wanted to put the word out. Kyla (Albany)
The scarest Halloween ever -- happened last night in Stuyvesant Town/ Peter Cooper Village when Hurricane Sandy touched down on East 20th Street. The elderly neighbors were already terrified by media and government warnings -- and before you knew it -- the East River made its way -- nearly to First Avenue from Avenue C and the FDR Drive. The surfers had to restrain themselves from jumping in the intense tide. My main concern was protection my daughters -- Grace and Kristin. But, with no heat, no hot water, and no electricity -- it has been challenging. With pitch black stairwells and hallways, our home of 20,000 people became a living nightmare. I got stuck the elevator and had force my way out as the power failed. It felt like the Titanic movie! The Real Moms of Studyvesant Town -- me and my two best friends -- Annemarie Lawson and Heli David -- in my building organized a Hurricane Sandy Party. It was a good way to keep on eye on the teenagers and provide a service to the building. The pot luck dishes w ...
Stuyvesant Town is located just steps away from three of Manhattan’s most dynamic neighborhoods — the East Village, Union Square and Gramercy Park. Residents can enjoy the scenic East River Park, and the City’s finest dining, entertainment, and shopping…all within walking distance.
When I was 12 years old, in 1979, I was growing up on the lower east side of Manhattan; an area that is referred to today as the East Village, but when I was that age it was called Alphabet City. My friends and I would often go to the rooftops of our apartment complex, Stuyvesant Town, and look out at our world around us. To the north was the Empire State Building, and to our south were the Twin Towers. My whole world back then existed between these two landmarks. They were touchstones for us, as sure as the North Star. I still have dreams where I am on that rooftop with Billy, Peter, and Mike. In 2001, I was in Vermillion, while my ex-wife was completing her master's degree, when I got a phone call from my brother telling me to turn on the news. And there was the horrific sight of Tower 1, with that grotesque plume of smoke drifting to the east. No more than two minutes after I started watching, Tower 2 was struck, and our whole world changed. I watched as the Towers collapsed, in utter and total ...
David Axelrod grew up in Stuyvesant Town on the East Side of Manhattan,in a Jewish-American household. Hes another jew destroying America..
Alejandro Escovedo rocking Stuyvesant Town now. Hoping the dude doesn't get electrocuted!
Amateur sleuths at Stuyvesant Town scour the Web for short-term rental listings to see who among fellow tenants seek to turn their apartments into hotel rooms.
Goebbels Axelrod is a Jew born on Feb 22, 1953, in Stuyvesant Town, New York, to parents Myril and Joseph Axelrod
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Down in Stuyvesant Town they introduce me as Dr Dan from Venice Beach - I get a kick out of that...
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