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Studio Tour

The Studio Tour (also known as The Backlot Tour) is an attraction at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in California (USA).

Harry Potter Harry Potter Studio Tour Warner Bros Universal Studios Jimmy Fallon Warner Brother Warner Brothers Saturday Night Live Great Hall Radio City Music Hall

Exclusive tour of Snoop Dogg's new music studio
Hi you liked our studio tour video way back, so maybe you will like this too :
I liked a video from CUTEST STUDIO ROOM TOUR
Going live in 30 minutes! Taking you on a studio tour and doing a Q&A with my brother!
WATCH: got an exclusive tour of new music studio
About to leave for Harry Potter Studio Tour!! Really excited!
It was a proper pea-soup when we left Harry Potter Studio Tour last night 😔
Rapper and an exclusive tour of his new state of the art music studio compound! Fox 11 news 10pm
Watching is so much more magical after having visited the awesome
Also if you have a chance to go on the Warner Brother's Studio Tour, do it! It's so worth it!
I liked a video from 2016 MKBHD Studio Tour in 360°!
To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is giving Studio Tour...
I'm Busy getting last minute things done for this weekends Studio Tour. I will be at 1327 Belle River Rd.
Please note the Studio Tour scheduled for 30 July 1pm is CANCELLED.The gallery is still open though! Pop in anyway!
Jimmy Fallon is the new host for the Studio Tour :o
feeling fabulous at Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood
I liked a video Amy Jo from DCTC gives a Studio Tour in first video on The Amy Jo Show
So I went to Universal on Easter, and I saw this on the Studio Tour...
London studio rehearsals for the Take Me Home Tour. February 15, 2013.
Like nobody else The music is But when I'm still think about tour rehearsals and Greg be my mouth Cause you've got the studio.
Go behind the scenes of the movie making process on The Studio Backlot Tour! A 15 minute wait as of 11am!
Purpose sung live at the tour sounds better than the studio version
Thank God we're back in Hollywood where people treat each other right @ Studio Tour at Universal…
Don't worry good thing hasn't been leaked, already put almost the full studio song in her new tour vídeo 🙂
Yes. I have a Red Alert 1 soundtrack CD still too I got from a Westwood tour, when their studio was here.
Haim Tease New Music, Summer Tour: . Haim have been in the studio working on the follow-up to their exce...
Check out these April releases ,,From DNA studio B
Jeez, who knew was such a hardware nut? Amazing kit:
Currently booking artists for the next Artist Studio/Gallery Bike Tour on April 30th. If you or someone you know...
How will you celebrate your next birthday? — Not sure. Possibly at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.
It's spring, great time for a tour of the Home & Studio.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
.gave us a guided tour of his Columbus, Ohio home studio:
Awesome tour of the Dreamworks studio!
While is in the studio for the next Conspirators album with Miles Kennedy, Axl will go on tour with Altar Bridge.
Axl Rose seen at same studio as as rumours grow that he will join band on tour -
vs studio wars is becoming a thing and I can't wait for the results. Hopefully a UK tour too!
bummer. Well maybe they'll invite us out for another studio tour like they did before Ghosts dropped.
Behind-the-scenes tour of CBS Broadcast Center. Studio 44-where the CBS Sports magic happens
THANK YOU for taking us inside magical atelier:
Harry Potter Studio Tour: Warner Bros, London - Using a Wand . New video up on my YouTube Channel
Tomorrow we will be leading a tour for the Intern Studio Tours program to see the wall.
Sydney Airport - QF11 for the Ali Roberts Studio's 2016 US Acting Tour to NY & LA - exciting
We went on a guided tour of Columbus, Ohio home studio:
The Aspen Pittman interview and studio tour was amazing, just wow 👍
Only 3 spots left for our student studio tour on 3/31 with Sign up!
Paging fans of Take a tour of the animation studio where the magic happens with us Weds at 9AM!
Check out this really cute Studio Tour with Katy Hudson the author of TOO MANY CARROTS. Then go buy the book!
Evening Harry Potter™ Studio Tour with Butterbeer, Souvenir and Special Guest Warwick Davies for £49 - 24th March
About to start our Studio Tour here at Warner Brothers Studios! It's…
When your grandma has more swag than you 💁🏽 @ Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood
I liked a video Earthquake on the Studio Tour - Multi-Angle (Both Sides) - Universal Studios
As it's Sir Michael Gambon's birthday, we're throwing it back to his visit to the Studio Tour earlier this year!!
Challenge in this week! 1st place gets WFAN Studio Tour. Sign up at
Amazing! A special 2-week long Dark Arts feature is now running
it's coming together. Sent an email to book the Scotland tour today + the Harry Potter movie studio tour in London.
thanks for the studio tour and the new shirts. Heading back to PA tomorrow.
Take a tour of Andreas Jarner's amazing home studio with Freunde von Freunden >
Do you still have Ottawa Apparel shirts for sale? Missed the Studio tour...
Hallowe'en has arrived at the Studio Tour, share your photos using
Not the hogwarts letter I am still waiting on but studio tour tickets I will happily accept…
All I want in life is to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again 😭😭😭
“Funny that we are doing a studio tour now” of opened their studio doors for our video team
This Saturday star will be in our studio with his new tour 'Twenty Fifteen'
Impromptu design studio tour with caferennais @ Shibuya, Tokyo
Last weekend of February is gonna be insane! Harry Potter Studio Tour + lion king show + weekend in London 😆⚡️🐗
"Katy, now that your tour is over, you have to hit the studio now" . "Can we get tacos firs-". "NOW!" . Katy:
Harry Potter Studio Tour: Yesterday we took Max to see the Harry Potter Studio Tour near London. The words EPI...
Catch last 2 days of BIGsmallART Louise Collis studio then follow tour to
Tour this little design studio - a masterclass in creating a practical & stylish workplace.
rehearsing in the recording studio last night, sounding good for the UK tour
Thanks to for our tour of the studio and the great acoustic night. We'll be back
If someone calls the WB Studio Tour 'Harry Potter World' one more time
Later that year, they released their first studio album, Ultimate Circus and went on their first tour.
Diarrhea Planet Get Out of the Studio and Head Out on Tour!
What made me cry though... when I got to my room and saw the pictures they framed and put in here. The four of us at the studio tour.
Finished watching all of today's periscopes. Loved the studio tour! Oh and FYI, I did see the bats on replay, very cute!   10% Off
An amazing performance of War Horse last night and an early start this morning for the Warner Brothers studio tour
Duelling photobombs in the peebs studio! Final call of my mini Melbourne media tour with the fine gentleman...
People have been trying to free Dobby at the WB Studio Tour 😢
Street Soldiers Tour was a concert tour by band Linkin Park. It was launched in support of Linkin Park's first studio album "Hybrid Theory".
From the HP Studio Tour in England 😭 finally opened it! I geeked out a bit ☺️ @ Harry Potter Studio Tour
Life of a musician:. Studio time. Album is done. Pre-order now. Pre-order now and get... songs!. Albums out. Promoting. Ticket sale. Tour. Writing
RCA Studio B. This place is magical. Tour guide turned off the lights and blasted Elvis.
As a gift, Ellen gave fans in her studio free tickets to the 2016 Sounds Live Feels Live tour and a copy of Sounds Good Fe…
Mark your calendar for the McKinney ART Studio Tour - Studio Smithson `art & designs'
OMG! It looks like he was really there... So this is the SMT Studio Tour. Cr.
Today I visited the I had lot of fun there,specially @ Waterworld,Studio Tour & Transformers ride.
Studio Tour at night. Fire effects look great on Amity Island.
As an end of year treat the students were given the opportunity to visit the Warner Brother's Studio Tour of the...
This past weekend My wife & I went to the Camano 2015 Studio Tour on Camano Island in Washington State. It's worth the trip.
The Los Angeles Clippers' DeAndre Jordan scored a tour of the Batman exhibit at the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour...
Going to stay the night here I think. @ Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood
New video via : Studio Tour & Museum at Universal Studios HOLLYWOOD ->
One of the artist's groups I'm a member of, AAHC, is doing it's second annual Studio Tour--Tour the Talent this...
D23 members have a chance to take a VIP Studio Tour with Disney Legend Dave Smith
Happy birthday Robbie Coltrane who is Rubeus Hagrid in Harry Potter! For a Studio Tour click: ht…
I liked a video from The ULTIMATE Linus Tech Tips Studio Tour!
Looking forward to the Barry Potter studio tour! we'll be a little late 🙈
The Harry Potter Studio Tour is on my bucket list.
I added a video to a playlist Small Studio Tour and Tips
Tv, internet, studio, write my biography, build a new bathroom, build a new kitchen, book my tour dates. bring...
listen to my LAN studio tour version. 👀
Here is a much more direct link to the PUBLIC SELECTS studio tour. Please drop in for a second if that's all the...
The Warner bro studio tour is insane ! It's ridiculous to think how many people went into making something that was a huge bit of my life
Last night, a handful of young urbanites came to my studio for a pre-arranged tour.. read more
I still can't believe the hogwarts express is at the Warner Brothers studio tour and I'm not going again for like 8 months
A guided tour of the Visual Arts Centre starts at 1pm. Discover our fabulous studio spaces!
Why couldn't it have been follow the butterfly? @ Warner Bros. Studio Tour…
Alright mate. Great time at the HP studio tour.
Check out this exclusive Studio Tour (incl. New Express,& more for £55
Missed the tour by 2 minutes, but still cool! W/@ Sun Studio
Cannot believe I STILL haven't been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour 😅
I'm good I'm down the studio. What's cooking. Pork pies on the tour rider?
Email TazManiaShowto take a studio tour or to book your free consultation at Rotation Records.
Is there going to be another tour of your Scarborough film studio? Would like to see the studio?
At Caribou Ranch recording studio in 1984, he spent a private week there after a leg of the the "Victory Tour".
I miss my boyfriend... He's always on tour. or in the studio. or doing interviews where he denies our relationship. …
Sub-Label advances to support your artist Studio session, tour support, recording cost, and promotion
Took a tour at the golf channel studio and came across this on the wall.
Madonna Ray of light confessions tour studio version: Mood.
12 years ago today I put out my first studio album & was on my first world tour, meeting all of you. Thanks for remembering, …
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Gave my parents a tour of the studio today- I think Dad wants my job!
someone take me to London to do a Studio Tour of Harry Potter please
Studio session, tour support, recording cost, and promotion
My dream job is to work with the animals at the Harry Potter Studio Tour tbh
The Subways on UK tour. FOLLOWING the release of their fourth studio album, The Subways are heading...
It's rehearsal day and we're back in the studio... The tour is coming!
So pumped to get a tour of the studio in
Dimebag Darrell - Exclusive House and Studio Tour: via :') cryiei
This is cute and all but wrong platform. Also why not go to King's Cross or Warner Brother's Studio Tour. This...
We are planning for our 5th anniversary! July 9th to 19th 2015. Plein Air painting, Arts Fair and Studio Tour!
Meeting some of my friends tomorrow, then Bletchey Park, WB Studio Tour, then the Science Museum over 3 days.
the Studio Tour queue video now has vintage tour footage and trivia questions spliced in to the movie clips.
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Get the complete Harry Potter Experience at the Studio Tour
I added a video to a playlist Studio Tour - Steve Vai's Harmony Hut
First trip to Universal Studios for Dylan. @ Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood
Open Studio: Matine's Carolyn Misterek Takes Us On a Studio Tour: Less is more for Carolyn Misterek, the D.C.-...
Anita Walling will be on the Come to Leicester Studio Tour.
@ High Level's Studio in Key west , we blown road tour
ha! we're going to the HP studio tour on next monday :')
Heading to the range today she wasn't interested in the aquarium or a studio tour. This should be exciting. The blue eyed angel..
yess I did omg that still sounds like a dream to me. After being at the studio tour I feel so ... good! h…
I love this quote to bits and it was even better when I saw it displayed in the London studio tour of the film making
Not surprised- I took that NBC studio tour and I remember how tiny Brian Williams's set and the SNL studio were!
The kids are DYING to get to London next year to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour!
Need to go to Harry Potter Studio Tour... Why is it always sold out during the hols! Wa
Already up and at the airport again for head out to Permian High School to work with their dance team! Studio Tour 2014 in full swing!
About to start our tour of the Harry Potter studio :) I'm uber giddy right now :) :) :)
I want to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour if we aren't going i'm going to kms
oh would you like a tour of the studio?? Every 100th follower I will invite into the studio for a coffee and…
Creepishly realistic Dumbledore in a glass case. @ Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour
Highlands East studio tour promoting art in the east
You won't believe that this luxe Toronto loft belongs to a student via
Harry Potter Studio Tour . only 30 mins away by road transport
Here's a video tour of the fantastic Atomic Sound Studio in Brooklyn where I recorded vocals for Lady Luck,...
I'm going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again today!
Off to Cypher Dance Studio. Getting ready for our mall tour. See you at SM Fairview on August 3. :)
Harry Potter Studio Tour near Halloween is going to be so fun omds
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "Psygnosis Camden Studio". Help expand it!
So I'm off to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my Birthday today with :)
I liked a video Alesis DM10 Studio Kit review/tour - pad noise demo and kit samples in HD!
bogoss *** itsdudesilike: If you like what you see follow me young boys
Harry Potter Studio Tour with today ☺️😘❤️
Cool. I'll have to take you for a tour of my studio sometime, if you're keen on being a proper photographer. 😉
In love with my new mug from Warner Bros. Studio Tour!
Have you seen the new studio tour video? Check out the space and hear some of our work. Thanks for letting us use your tracks WE ARE DOOM, Mawule, Sugar Skulls & Marigolds, Amy Kress, Natural Balance, American Blackout, Jeffrey Dallet Music, and Mule Dixon featuring Kali Rea.
Going to see in studio tomorrow then warped tour! Thanx 96.1 😎
A photography studio tour! Newborn photographer, Crystal Satriano, takes you inside her new studio in Moscow, PA. Serving NEPA and surrounding area.
I liked a video Mid American Studio - Youth Tour
Big things coming up! Studio tour and test shoot this Wednesday, stunt coordination on Thursday, and production coming up this weekend!
I want to screenshot every single second of the FTLOM 😭😭 DOES THIS MEAN A TOUR CAUSE YOU'RE BACK IN THE STUDIO??
I liked a video from Liam Dance Studio Tour
I wish I was in London in 2012 when they did the studio tour of Harry Potter set😳
Unfortunately it turned into impossible :( Had a little Mars-tour last month & gonna see LP in Germany in Nov. so it's ok..
I liked a video from Encore Dance Fitness Studio Tour
The world famous Universal Studio Tour will celebrate its 50th anniversary tomorrow!
The Ah Haa School will be part of the Studio Tour this Sunday, July 20! Stop by from 12-5 pm to see the...
The Rock River Artists Open Studio Tour will give visitors an opportunity to learn how the community pulled together to survive after Tropical Storm Irene.
So happy we got to the hp studio tour but so upset I missed my chance to me and 😃😔
This year has been great so far. I had the opportunity to participate of the 2014 WEST Studio Tour with a group of fellow Latino artists from Austin. I need to thank Lilliana Wilson for the...
Ouch :P I've heard good ways to overcome the language barrier though; language zones like how Studio Tram Tour used to operate.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Our first stop of the tour was at studio where we had the privileged to meet and talk with…
In case anyone's wondering, the Harry Potter Studio Tour is pretty much the best thing ever. Thank you so much 😘
Kate just asked me if I want to go to the studio tour again. I told her it was a stupid question...
Awesome day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour!! Anyone fancy a game of chess ??
Also it's over a month since the Harry Potter Studio Tour ***
So many fans already planning road trips to see in the US due to lack of Canadian tour dates. Time to make it right, guys... :(
Radiohead is returning to the studio in September. Praying that means a tour will happen in the future too.
A review of our guided tour of the new Teknion Studio
This page has all of the tour instrumentals 💯
Can't wait for the Harry Potter Studio Tour!
Day off from tour, in the studio. Photo:
Studio w tomorrow to get this remix opened up. Inspired from Phish improvs from this tour in a big way.
Now heading on a tour of Warner Brothers studio
visa portraits for their US tour, at Mason’s Yard Studio, 1965. Photographed by Gered Mankowitz.
Don't miss VIP Studio Tour! LA's only true behind the scenes tour. It is the real deal!
Tomorrow i'm going to see the Warner Bros Studio Tour *___*
Frank gives the grand studio tour to our friends with -
I will be doing the Harry Potter Studio Tour until 9 my time. So you better start on time at 11. :)
Going on 1 hr of sleep. And still have a tour for 2 days then studio all night long from 9pm to 5am. http…
Gonna see ALL the celebrities. ALL of them. YUHUH! @ Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tour
I saw one of those, I know what you mean Amelia I did a studio tour video once and its pretty cringey to watch
So many of my friends are at the studio tour tonight :( And I was in London yesterday as well! IT'S BEEN TWO WHOLE YEARS!!!
Taking dad to the Harry Potter London studio tour tomorrow to celebrate his 50th birthday on Wednesday…
1:30 to Nibali's group. Coverage: Nibali group starts at 4:47:18
great to see your jerseys appearing on Le Tour guys! Congrats. Doesn't feel long ago that you did our Taxi Studio jerseys :)
Macy Gray to release new studio album 'The Way' Oct 7. Also announces tour dates. Single preview now streaming:
MUSICIANS & ARTISTS - AUDITIONS NOW OPEN for our new studio album, world tour and movie! Visit h…
Photo : mugglenetmemes: We also went on the Studio Tour..
Universal's Studio Tour has more than one ride on it.
Got sorted by the REAL sorting hat and saw a ton of HP props!!! @ Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour
"The Batman Exhibit" is now live as part of the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour and they're taking you…
Enter to win a trip for two to Los Angeles for the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour from Here's how:
2-day pass is $93 w/Studio Tour priority boarding. Don't miss the new Despicable Me ride!
LONDON MARATHON RAFFLE RESULTS Dear Owners My sister has drawn the winning tickets this morning for her London Marathon raffle for Guide Dogs for the Blind and the British Heart Foundation. The winners from Littlesea are as follows: Personal Training Session - 28 CHICKERELL VIEW Two Hour Radio Show on Air 107.2 - BAY VIEW 8 Family Swim Session - DARREN POMEROY 45mins Massage Voucher - CHICKERELL VIEW 11 Wessex FM Studio Tour + Read Weather Live on Air - DARREN POMEROY Bike Service - GREENLANDS 8 Hair Salon Voucher - WOODLANDS 14 To claim your prize please come down and visit me in Pebbles Owners Lounge with your Owners Card and your Caravan Key if you have left a caravan number as your details. Please note that the Bike Service and Hair Salon Voucher will not be available for collection until next weekend but the rest are with me in Pebbles now. Congratualtions to all winners. Dan
From the world famous Studio Tour to thrilling rides and family friendly attractions, here are the top ten must-sees for your next visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.
We spent many, many hours on this, but we finally posted our gigantic photo-gallery of Studio Tour!:
Our Second Anniversary celebrations have begun and Graphic Designers have joined us at the Studio Tour!
I look forward to each DAY! why? Because Tue/Thur is Zumba Gold at the YMCA. BUT I really look forward to Mon/WED/Fri because I go for my long walk listening to audio books….finished Enders Game, now listening to The White Princess and in the mail is Catching Fire, MockingJay and Divergent. Yesterday raining….but last year I bought water proof pants for bike riding so I put on my rain boots and walked! It is true, if you find something you love doing you will do it. I am busy helping Skagit Artist Together prepare for the 2014 Studio Tour in July and busy with Mt Vernon Arts Commission helping with Summer Solstice Celebration in June. AND June is the wonderful month of Becky and Josh's little boy to be born:)
can I just go to the WB Studio Tour for the anniversary, is that too much to ask.
Have you had a Tram-Tastic day with Jimmy Fallon yet? This long weekend is the perfect time to stop by and hang out with the new video host of our Studio Tour, Jimmy Fallon! Check out the behind-the-scenes look below…. Happy 4th of July Weekend!
Calling all SOAP fans. Do you want a pint in the 'Rovers Return' or the 'Woolpack'.Well, now you can on The Soaps Tour, For this year ONLY, Coronation Street has once again opened its Studio Tour and it has been combined with a location tour of Emmerdale, and a half-days shopping at Cheshire Oaks to make a fabulous weekend away. Prices from €219pp... First departure is the 16th May! Call us on 045 447575 for more info :)
Sharing a few of my upcoming events! This will be the 3rd year that I will be donating a piece of my artwork to be auctioned to help support KENW-TV, our PBS television station. They have moved the auction from June up to April this year, and will feature online bidding, PLUS 3 evenings of Live TV bidding!! How exciting! I will keep you posted on dates and times as I can confirm them. Next up, I've been asked to donate a piece for the Governor's Conference of The Tourism Association of New Mexico for their silent auction, held the first week of May, here in beautiful Ruidoso. I'm really excited about this one, because I want to design a piece very specific to New Mexico tourism "The Next Generation". Mark Your Calendars for the Annual Lincoln County Art Loop and Studio Tour!! July 4th weekend. You can come visit my home and studio, see (and purchase) my artwork, and watch my painting demonstration. Building up a busy itinerary for 2014, and loving every minute!
I liked a video Late Night with Seth Meyers - Seth's Studio Tour
Send us your best winter photo and win a family ticket to tour Hogwarts (Warner Bros UK Studio Tour). Enter here: http:…
Our plans are coming together, going to be such a great trip!! So far we have booked a TV and Movie site tour, NBC Studio Tour, The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, a Christmas Eve Dinner Cruise, a Chelsea Market/Meatpacking District tour, a See NY tour of about 30 sights, a Christmas dinner at Delminicos Steak House.
So happy for Abbey. She got accepted to go on a School trip To New York in April . this includes Top of the Rock Observatory, 9/11 Memorial, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, Lincoln Center tour, Off Broadway Show, National Comedy theater, BB Kings Dinner and Show Apollo Theater Tour, and NBC Studio Tour.
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is offering the ultimate Christmas present for Harry Potter fans this festive season. This unique gift includes a choice of the replica wand for Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Professor Dumbledore or Lord Voldemort, plus a personalised scroll granting the lucky recipient entry to the Studio Tour, where they can discover behind-the-scenes secrets of the Harry Potter film series. For more information, visit
Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour confirmed for 2:30pm this afternoon. Shoots and scores!
Didn't get tickets to the Saturday Night Live opener this week? Come take the NBC Studio Tour and crash-the-set anyway!
The Weasley kitchen at the Studio Tour is home to many household special effects including a self-ironing iron & self-was…
I know Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper are in New York but the CNN Studio Tour would have been so much better if they had been here.
I am so excited about the Studio Tour today... Expecto Patronum! ⚡󾭟
Thanks to Barbara Buntin for this excellent press release for this year's Studio Tour! * Alive and Thriving after Eighteen Years! Northumberland Hills Studio Tour September 7 & 8, 2013 For one weekend in September, the Northumberland Hills Studio Tour will work a little magic by bringing curious and appreciative art lovers together with welcoming and creative local artists. There are wonderful benefits for both sides of this equation and that’s why it’s worked so well for eighteen years. Yes, this year marks the eighteenth tour! The tour was founded by Vikki Forsyth a local potter, who has worked with a number of very able assistants to make the Tour the success it is. After many years of hard work Vikki has handed the reins to a new group of artists who are eagerly making plans for this year’s event. The basic format is simple: local artists open their studio doors for the weekend of September seventh and eighth, 2013 and visitors from the community and beyond can choose any number of studios to .. ...
Great day. Started with the Studio Tour at Paramount Pictures. Then lunch at a great italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. Then put the windows down and drove the Pacific highway up past Malibu and back down. Then finished with a walk along Venice Beach.
Day Three Summary from NYC: We started off today by visiting Rockefeller Center. While there, we did the NBC Studio Tour. We got to see the sets of many shows, including the nightly news, Jimmy Fallon, and Saturday Night Live. Up next was a tour of Radio City Music Hall. The building was amazing, and we got to meet a Rockette! We then saw Mamma Mia at the Winter Garden Theater, and it was amazing! Lots of audience members (including several from our group) were up singing and dancing during the show. The cast was fantastic, and we met several of them after the show as they singed our Playbills. We then returned to Rockefeller Center and went to the 70th story to get an aerial view of the city. From the “Top of the Rock,” we could see Central Park (which is literally the only green space in the city) and even the Statue of Liberty in the distance! From there, we took the subway to Grand Central Station, which is like the subway hub of the big apple. We ended our busy day with a city lights ...
Studio Tour and Gallery Walk Seed Space is hosting a Studio Tour and Gallery Walk in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood to include artist studios and exhibition spaces in the Chestnut building and surrounding area, Sunday, June 9th, 5 – 7 pm. A guided tour of spaces within the Chestnut Bui...
by Diva Trista Russell In my last post, I talked about the Grand Bend Area Studio Tour. As part of the “Eats” part of the Studio Tour, Dave’s Clubhouse at Oakwood Inn featured a special food sampling menu this past weekend. The Clubhouse menu has been…
Studio Tour artists Joan Humphrey, Sandra Coke Burke and Diana Bullock at the show
MoNA TONITE!! Join us tonight from 6-10 for the NoDa Studio Tour and our opening reception featuring artists Andrew Hayes, Todd Barricklow, Matthew Shilan, Justin Turcotte, Nir Arieli, Eleanor Annand, and local favorites Isaac Payne & Diane Hughes! Select works are also on display from our March exhibit featuring Mary Fischer, Heather Evans Smith, Roy Strassberg, and Karen O'Leary!
In the infamous words of one sir drake, "we started from the bottom"... welcome all to the Studio Tour de EL CID, hosted by the one and only VOKAEL himself... Started from a hole in the wall, "NOW WE HERE"... If you ever heard about "THE PALACE" and haven't been, well welcome!!! Vo doing what he does best, with a little 10 minute session for y'all, enjoy and please comment... narrated by RABBAi, AYEEE!!! VO LET'S GET IT!!!
.Presents: Studio Tour with Todd Edwards Thanks to for the link
We were also delighted to welcome to the Great Hall here at the Studio Tour today
We're pleased to welcome Their Royal Highnesses The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge & Prince Harry to the Studio Tour today
Will do! I did the Studio Tour last yr, as well as a HP convention in Chicago (+ have a HP tattoo!) - where did you go in UK?
Animals revisiting the Studio Tour during Animal Actors Week include the cats that played Mrs Norris & Crookshanks!
Between 25th May-2nd June, Animal Actors from the Harry Potter film series will make a special appearance at the Studio Tour.
[x]posed Studio Tour this Thurs in the Strip District! We'll visit 3 locations: and Rothschild Doyno Collaborative.
Had a great time at the Harry Potter Studio Tour! Butterbeer is amazing.
Get a FREE Pair of Studio Beats by Dr. Dre! 2011 season over,tour been and gone,its all quiet on the Panthers...
Watching philosophers stone to get me excited for the studio tour next weekend. As if I couldn't get more excited!!
My way of hinting to my dad to take me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour...
My home & studio is on the Old Seminole Heights Historic Home Tour! April 7th! Get ur tix now! Glass blowing demos!
Summertime 4 tour LA. I will give you a actual date soon. I'll be booked at playboy studio for playboy live.
On way back from Harry Potter Studio Tour :) excited to eat my chocolate wand mmm
Hilarious--a Cub Scout wore a green jacket to the News 12 studio tour today and "disappeared" during the weather.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Hey guys and gals! What do you think the chances would be of giving a few game design students a tour of the studio?
Tonight! Final Fridays Open Studio Tour: come see a HUGE set piece for at Area 405!
Watching HP is getting me so excited for sunday, can't wait to be at the WB Studio Tour again :) It's like home, I never want to leave!
It's just hit me that I've lost all the photos I took on the Harry Potter Studio Tour and the Hollywood costume exhibition.
how about a tour of Sky News studio
Harry Potter Studio Tour was the best thing
The HP studio tour upset me because there will never be another book or movie to look forward too 😭
The studio tour is definitely best the first time, but I loved seeing my sister's face light up when the doors to the Great Hall opened.
Get in the studio and record a new Five album ready for xmas! Then world tour next year ;)
Someone take me to the Harry Potter Studio Tour!
Photo: Berwaz - The Street Studio, the world tour Destination Belgium, march 2013 -
lol no I think maybe we will go to LA then we stay a week & maybe tour the studio. It's me & my daughter :)
Ahhh Studio Tour with Sophie and co. tomorrow ^u^
they're fine thanks. We're off to the Harry Potter Studio Tour tomorrow so just planning it now :)
I can't decide... which studio tour is better: Paramount or Warner Bros.?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Fab day out at the Harry Potter Studio Tour... Interesting even for a non Potterer!
To celebrate our First Anniversary the intricately designed Chamber of Secrets door was activated at the Studio Tour today.
Did you know the first person to visit the Studio Tour was a four-year-old boy appropriately named Harry?
Our First Anniversary team handed out some limited edition Studio Tour badges today. Did you get one?
Some of our visitors were surprised at the Studio Tour today when we presented them with replica wands! Swish and flick!
We surprised some visitors with a free Chocolate Frog at the Studio Tour today. Which Famous Wizard Cards have you collected?
The Death Eaters are returning. During Wand Week they'll demonstrate the art of wizarding duels at the Studio Tour.
We were delighted to welcome back to the Studio Tour, where she found her own Wand box!
So excited, going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour on sunday, im such a geek :D
Coming back from the studio tour today and knowing that Richard Griffiths had passed away just gave me overwhelming post potter depression.
Going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again in the summer! Excitement overload
Watching Harry Potter with and to get me in the mood for the studio tour tomorrow!
A girl in the Harry Potter Studio Tour was wearing tights which had YOLO written all over them. I weep for humanity.
Wow. xD I wanna visit London so much! :( Then go to Harry Potter Studio Tour. And then travel to America and go to WWOHP. :'(
I'm going to go down to the studio tour. Do they sell them there? I know they do Butterbeers xD
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Off to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for the 2nd time tomorrow! Can't wait :D
off to Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour with
Tour my home & studio on April 7th during the Old Seminole Heights Historic Home Tour. demos all day
Warner Bros Studio tour today was amazing!!!
Viernes santo Studio time, en una semana de Tour Big up
Tell us what's your biggest DREAM as drummer? Cuéntanos cual es tu SUEÑO mas grande como baterista?
.your VIP Studio Tour will begin as soon as your guide gets back from his "Burn Notice" audition.
Alguien que me confirme si eso de Linkin Park es real o no D:
Waiting at Penn Station for the Amtrak back to Boston. The last two days have been SUPER busy...NBC Studio Tour, Radio City Music Hall Tour, Lego Store, Coach, Red Lobster, Hershey's Store, Empire State Building at 1am, Sketchers, Victoria's Secret, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Discovery Times Square Harry Potter Exhibit, Cake Boss Cafe, Nintendo World, Disney Store.and I am sure I am missing many more. I cannot believe our time in NYC is over. The week truly has flown by!!
You might be used to seeing artwork in galleries and shops, but how often do you get the chance to peak into the other side of the art world: the places where creation occurs? That’s exactly the opportunity you’ll get during our Second Annual Artists’ Studio Tour. This is your chance to get up clos...
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