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Students For Liberty (SFL) is an American libertarian non-profit organization whose stated mission is "to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organizations dedicated to liberty." Formed after a meeting where students exchanged ideas from their own experiences with liberty advocating student groups, SFL quickly expanded with new programs and an exponentially growing network of affiliated student groups.

High school teacher faces possible disciplinary action for advising students of their Constitutional rights.
Teacher may be in trouble "for advising students of their Constitutional rights before taking a school survey":
A teacher faces possible discipline for reminding his students of their Constitutional rights.
Recommended for students & recent grads (I attended an early one in 97) The Liberty and Society Student Conference
Students For Liberty. Student-Driven Forum of Support for Students and Student Organizations Dedicated to Liberty.:
Layover in Phoenix, then it's en route to D.C. for a week with Students For Liberty! The 2013-2014 academic year will be awesome!
Had an amazing prom last night at Liberty Grand! Cannot believe high school's almost over. Thx to staff/students for making it amazing!
My question is not why was he carrying a gun in a school. My question is why the *** was it unloaded?!? ~ MM...
Liberty Fund Symposia - Students For Liberty: you're libertarian, apply to this. Gonna be super sick 😛
Opportunity for students to learn about liberty: Are you, or do you know, a student who wants to know more abo...
New post: Opportunity for students to learn about liberty
Opportunity for students to learn about liberty
Liberty Point is strictly for first yr students, I've emailed them cos it says you have to for information on how to apply
Congratulations to the Ben Logan students for completing the Liberty National Bank/Ever-Fi Financial Literacy...
Lip dub of "22" by students & staff SVMS in Liberty,MO for student battling leukemia! Please watch!
ALL Liberty students! Sign up for the improv team in the drama room and the PAC! We need 20 people!
Undoing the Brainwashing Thomas Sowell - "This time of year, as college students return home for the summer,...
via Ben Lowrie via Young Americans for Liberty Attention college students and recent graduates! We just compiled...
Applications for Local Coordinators for European Students For Liberty are open until June 7th
with all the money FAU steals from its students, take the liberty and go to the caf for fee, they'll let you in. take more than 2 scantrons
LibertyForest: Campaign for Liberty offering the Ron Paul Scholarship to college students
Campaign for Liberty offering the Scholarship to college students | RPForums
Current Students and Young Professionals: check out the 2013 Women For Liberty Leadership Summit from
So proud of the students at Liberty MS for this video and the story they wrote about it:
WJC students: send me your top Liberty businesses you'd like to get free stuff from next year. Working on some promo stuff for students.
Congratulations Leadership Students of the Year- Alexis and Katelyn Thank you for all you have done for LHS! ❤
  This year Students For Liberty is launching the first ever Regional Conference in Africa. Join Students For Liberty at Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan on Friday and Saturday, July 26 and 27. With students from across West Africa congregating to share the ideas of liberty this pr...
Or join a Students For Liberty chapter. Or both. Just get involved in a liberty organization to learn and spread the movement!
Help ASU Students For Liberty win "Event of the Year" at the International Students For Liberty Conference! Vote...
This will be quite an interesting webinar, and Students For Liberty always puts on really great ones. Check it out and sign up. "Dr. Gary Chartier, though skeptical of many statist redistribution schemes, also believes there are cases where redistribution can be served by a distinctively libertarian approach. What do you think of this controversial topic? Learn more with Gary Chartier next Tuesday, December 11, at 8PM EST.
Remember how good The History Channel was before "Ax Men" and "Ancient Aliens"? Our friend and Students For Liberty's Clark Ruper does. Fortunately, the cable station's newest show revives some of its old magic--and sends a pro-capitalist message. Check out Clark's review of "The Men Who Build America":
Antonio Buehler shared Students For Liberty's event. Tomorrow, in Austin, I will be talking about the fight for liberty at the Students for Liberty Austin Regional Conference. I speak at 5:45. Join me!
Students For Liberty suggestion: Media Kit with EPS logo and fonts, available to anyone.
It was an overall great night. I was at ASU Tempe for 12 hours and a great 12 hours. Saw and meet people like Matt Welch from Reason Magazine, Trevor Burrus from the Institute for Humane Studies, Clint Bolick from the Goldwater Institute, Michael Thomas from the Institute for Humanist Studies, Tom Jenney from the Americans for Prosperity, and Yaron Brook from The Ayn Rand Institute. Also the main thanks to ASU Students For Liberty for a great night. Thank you all.
Join Students For Liberty at the University of California Berkeley in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, November 3 for the 2012 Students For Liberty Northern California Regional Conference. Berkeley is home to one of the strongest pro-liberty student groups in the country and the UC Berkeley Students For Li...
The following was written by Olumayowa Okediran, Member of the Executive Board at Students For Liberty. These events have been driven by many inspiring individuals including Olumayowa, young pro-liberty activists in Africa, and members of the SFL African Charter Team. The past few weeks have been a ...
Which Students For Liberty regional conference are you attending this fall?
Join Students For Liberty in Denton, TX on Saturday, October 13 for the 2012 Students For Liberty Dallas Regional Conference. The Dallas Regional Conference is had an extremely successful first year in 2011 and will be an even more incredible event this year. By attending the conference, you will he...
In East Lansing getting some Liberty Lovin' insight from some Freedom Fanatic Friends at the Students For Liberty 2012 Michigan Regional Conference
Dr. Michael Shermer and Students For Liberty! Happening NOW! Sign in to watch and listen:...
Students For Liberty will be hosting a webinar this coming Tuesday October 2nd at 8 EST by Michael Shermer entitled The Moral Arc of Science, you don't want to miss this. Be sure to register!
The King's College Republicans is an official Students For Liberty affiliate. Yay us.
The deadline to request free copies of After the Welfare State is Tuesday, July 31! Use this form to request your books now. Students For Liberty is proud to announce a new project in conjunction with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation; After the Welfare State. The third in our series of publica...
The 2011-2012 Academic Year was a record-shattering year for Students For Liberty! We hosted 35 webinars with nearly 2,000 attendees, 12 Regional Conferences with over 1,500 attendees, as well as the largest libertarian student conference ever with over 1,000 attendees! We’ve seen tremendous growth...
NPR covers libertarians, Gary Johnson and my good friends at Students For Liberty.
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