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Students For Liberty (SFL) is an American libertarian non-profit organization whose stated mission is to provide a unified, student-driven forum of support for students and student organizations dedicated to liberty. Formed after a meeting where students exchanged ideas from their own experiences with liberty advocating student groups, SFL quickly expanded with new programs and an exponentially growing network of affiliated student groups.

Beautiful New York morning for a boat ride for our Fox students to Liberty and Ellis Island.
Those lunches looked terrible. I feel bad for students having to eat that crap
Hi! Starting at 11am, meal plans start back up for returning students. This link shows hours:
We're excited to have our new and transfer students here for our meet and greet! Welcome to Liberty University!
The irony is that schools in AZ are mandated to have students say the pledge of allegiance which says, "liberty and justice for all."
Thank you to our phenomenal Liberty Hill school board for their service to our students, staff, and community.…
Deadline Tomorrow:. Students For Liberty is hosting an initiative to highlight liberty-leaning artists from...
Have you heard of the for students? Students interested in presenting, talk to Mrs. Thorne!…
How awesome was my cheering section tonight?? S/O to the Liberty Elementary students for surprising me tonight!! Yo…
With Great power comes great responsibility. Students will rise to the lowest common denominator set for them.
On the heels of the Liberty conference, hear how one pastor helps our students keep the faith.
Students are back and so is as the Panthers host Liberty tonight at 7 p.m. Follow for in-game updates
Let your friends know about our Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar for college students!.
Be sure to like, follow, and share Students For Liberty, as I will be posting and blogging for them. Garett Roush...
I just supported Students For Liberty Incorporated by shopping
Great variety of workshops for West Orange students to experience.
Wednesday, January 11: Tomorrow middle school students will leave for the Liberty Memorial/World War I Museum at...
Been selected as a Speak Freely Advocate by 🗽🏛 Thank you, Students for Liberty!
Cont: 280 signatures on petition in agreement with them. In district transfers should get priority for Liberty over open enrolled students
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of when the students you taught, pass an exam and they thank you for whatever help.
BUS INFO: Liberty Area-Bus 53, Trump Rd.students meet the bus at the church at 6:45 for high/middle & 7:50 for elementary
Board for votes 4-2 with plan proposed to move students at Independence HS to Liberty HS beginning with incoming 9th graders
Nation’s Citizens Boycott IRS, Refuse to File Taxes - Students For Liberty $ for Trump?
I would love to see more college campuses build ranges like this, offer firearms training classes, allow students... ht…
Thank you Liberty students for the standing ovation. Very sweet.
As school starts up today pray for the students and teachers at Liberty Elementary, and consider how you can help…
Someone called me at 11pm saying that they were trying to find a significant other for liberty students and I got matched w/😂😂💀
What a great example for our students!
Nominations for the 10th Annual International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC) Award Ceremony are still open…
Looking for liberty loving students to send to upcoming conferences. DM me!
Thank you. Are you in touch with or African Students for Liberty?
Shout out to for mobilizing thousands of students to support liberty!
Also Liberty closes on Saturday during winter break for snow. Excuse me, LUPD. Let's save those for when students return.
Refreshing antidote to all the usual Safe Space & No-Platform nonsense. Why students shld stand up for press freedom.
Starting 2017 off with a FUN run through Liberty (inside AND outside!)! Over 50 students again signed up for the...
Application for our Challenge of Liberty student seminar is now open!
How Low-cost Private Schools are Filling the Literacy Gap in Developing Countries - European Students For Liberty
Thank you RISD school board and community for your support of our 1-1 initiative! Liberty students and teachers love the n…
Exciting times supporting the European Students For Liberty conference today in London - Students For Liberty
Students For Liberty: Cool opportunity for those in DC! Conference at CatholicUniv w Doug_Bandow & …
Misty Warren's students look for different parts of Lady Liberty learning symbolism on a Google Expedition!
Liberty students rock it out in Savannah. Honored for their selfless works!!!
Robert P. Murphy at the International Students for Liberty Conference 2016 Robert P. Murphy is a Research Fellow...
Looks like Students at are standing up for How can you make a difference today?
Recruiting teachers today at Liberty University. Beautiful facilities. Can't wait for the students to arrive!
Didn't she also claim once she was assault while working for Students Of Liberty?
Tickets are up for the Prof. Robert George event! $25/adults $15/students. Sell-out expected! - Get them now! .
Apply for the African Students for Liberty Local Coordinator Program here
Throughout the month of March, Liberty students raised $782.30 for Riley Children's Hospital!
Thanks to for bringing Liberty Science program to our students today.
UMaine for example already has a Students For Liberty organization, and is attempting to poach our members.
The rise of Liberty as the BYU for Evangelicals is interesting. Very aggressive in online educations. 100k+ students now.
'State Dept planned Ukraine coup alongside NATO and EU' - Ron Paul @ Students for Liberty conference in Washington.
college students for a couple of days 🙃 @ Liberty University
Students are standing up for Donald Trump:
Applications are open & tuition scholarships available for Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars!
"Students for Liberty" ($ largely by Koch Bros) & opponents of fracking to speak at FLA university via
I wish The Oasis apartments weren't owned by Liberty & designed for their students bc I would def live there
Today CIM & POE students traveled to Liberty Pumps & Gleason Gears for on site learning opportunities!
Ronald Bailey Speaking at Florida Gulf Coast University on Saturday: . Students for Liberty are sponsoring a co...
NIT SRINAGAR Indian Students beaten up by Kashmir Police for waving Indian Flag.
I'm appalled at the Liberty these professors take in indoctrination of their students...they'll blame Christians for
And it's the best weekend of the year for liberty students 😒
Liberty and Skyline students went outside their comfort zones for The Beat:
Thank you Director of Sales from Liberty Group Hotels, Jocie Rivera, for speaking to our students about careers!
what do Leonardo DiCaprio Congressman Allen West, the NYPD and Students for liberty all have in common?
We're almost at the finish line! THANK YOU for your help in supporting our students succeed this week & every week!
.- Students for Liberty, Leonardo diCaprio, Allen West, NYPD. The psycho is a professional victim.
Community Calendar Event:. What's Next? Conference 2016- for high school students, who potentially will one day...
JCS students departed last night on the Liberty University bus for "College For a Weekend." Please pray for their...
Leonardo DiCaprio,Congr LTC Alan West, the NYPD,Students for Liberty all have had assault charges filed by Michelle Fields…
Claimed she was assaulted when she worked for students for Liberty. Leo DiCaprio manhandled her too. Pathological liar!
.Claims assaulted when worked for Students for Liberty and claims she was threatened by the org
Join Students For Liberty co-founder and president Alexander McCobin at Liberty Forum 2016. . Get your tickets...
Teens: How does government undermine liberty for security? Enter $5000 essay contest-
[Obligatory complaint about today's Students for Liberty robocall.]
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
2 of Liberty's students got engaged. My wish is for you to congratulate them on stage. Kaleb and Taylor. 💍💕
The goal has been raised to $10k for Students for Rand Get Out The Vote efforts. Donate here:
Correction: Less than $200 till goal is reach. Support Students for Rand efforts here:
Less than $500 to meet the goal. Support Students for Rand and the campaign here:
Calling all Lovers of Liberty, . . Students for Rand just launched our first ever fundraising effort! Every dollar...
.had the highest pass rate for students taking the Virginia bar exam this year.
Pastor Josh Grimm and Students getting ready to leave for Winterfest at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Pray...
One state college rejected a Christian student, saying the medical “field is not the place for religion.”. In...
Huge thanks to Shane Burke of Challenging the Crisis and European Students For Liberty, Elaine at the Irish...
thought you may be interested in this religious liberty case. Thank you for all you do.
My latest. Shoutout to Students For Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty, Institute for Justice, Wikipedia,...
...with liberty and justice for ALL. The students in my school recite it daily. Is it no longer true?
Interesting. I lived in Lynchburg for a year, and often met Liberty University students and staff ... an odd bunch.
Things like Students for Liberty, Reason, and C4SS turned people off from libertarianism.
I am not giving Students for Liberty a dime and encourage you not to either until they agree to give up robocalling people at home.
Who gave Students for Liberty my phone number? You're pissing me off.
Why the is Students for Liberty robocalling me? Civil disobedience against the federal don't call list?
Lord, I pray all those Liberty University students you have traveled home for the winter break. Guide and protect...
WLU athletic training students giving back to community: WEST LIBERTY - Before heading home for the holidays, ...
to Freedom Matters! a new curriculum connecting students to global struggles for liberty ht…
to over concealed guns: hope is in Christ not in our holster
Was researching for a peice I was writing and remembered how much of a shill is
Liberty High Students decorate the halls for the holidays
Liberty University's 'champions for Christ' praise guns in dorms
to Jerry Falwell: No, Christians should not carry concealed guns.
What are the ways government undermines liberty for security? Enter our essay contest and you could win $5000:
John Piper rebukes Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell over call for students to carry guns
At Liberty U, 'champions for Christ' praise guns in dorms
rebukes Liberty University's over call for students to carry guns
High school debate coaches call for Liberty University boycott I support all of our students
True story: is president of Students for Bernie. He hates liberty, ron paul, and the 2nd amendment.
John Piper has issued a response to the Liberty University president’s call for students to carry firearms.
Freedom,equality,liberty must be fought for. The students took a brave stance against the system they oppressed them
Carson brings his message to Falwell’s Liberty U via *Attacks Sanders free education for college students.
Liberty High School Health Occupational Students of America Club (HOSA) conducted a stuffed animal drive for the...
⚠️ NOT SHOCKING NEWS:. Unsafe space @ Mizzou for black students is created by other black men https:…
Students for Rand 😉😉 Where lovers of Liberty find love 😍
Ithaca students now calling for college president's firing
Opportunity for College Age Students to Visit Israel: Faith and Freedom with Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and ...
Carson warning to Liberty University students, is baseless and hypocricy. He's useing christainity for votes,not a true believer.
Brazilian Students for Liberty Conference drew in 600 attendees. Far less than the brazilian attendees organizers hope…
Please join Students for Liberty or and protect your freedom from the fascists on campus
Video: Ben Carson tells Liberty University students to 'fight for b
The Dilemma of an Anti-War Activist: How to Celebrate Veteran’s Day? | Students For Liberty
Carson warns Liberty University students about 'secular progressives' via for iOS
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Monopolies Are Not the Way to Legalize Marijuana - Students for Liberty on - Stu...
Liberty Middle School students showed Veterans Day projects and invited veterans for lunch.
Hello, Liberty students! I will be joining you all beginning 12/1. Follow for information concerning class news and assignments!
A big thank you to Liberty Mutual Insurance and Safeco Insurance for helping our students realize their potential...
MU campus largely deserted of students today, but both the Maoists AND the Young Americans for Liberty are here to keep us company.
Such a privilege to hear you speak this morning, . Thank you for your time and sharing your wisdom with Liberty students!
Carson: Voters should be ready for "propaganda" in 2016: Carson told students at Liberty University that many people are trying to pu...
Win for liberty; however, She never actually apologized to any one but the students she led and made look bad.
Liberty students praise Carson: 'He stands up for what's true'
Ben Carson asks Liberty U students to pray for his “courage,” “stamina.”
Stop the Discrimination against Students at Colleges. Sign the petition
To all our veteran students, and those that serve - thank you on this with for our
Dr. Carson's advice to students: Proverbs 3:5-6. Thanks for visiting Liberty today Your character is a model for all of us!
So, tells Liberty University students he's not a politician. He's running for president. That makes him a politician.
Huge round of applause from students at Liberty for Carson
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Many students I spoke to arent looking for too much political talk from Carson..rather, as one would expect at Liberty, more religious talk
Sitting down front and excited for Ben Carson - students from Liberty's new medical school.
If you're not a liberty student, you shouldn't not have been allowed into the vines center... There is no place for Liberty Students to sit
Very proud of our students for paying respects to our Veterans!
Students have been lined up to see at Liberty University for a while. .
Inb4 some crappy, third-rate news organization writes an article titled: "Liberty Students Fined for Not Attending Ben Carson Speech."
Come see Liberty Theatre's production of Next to Normal! I have tickets for you! $5 for students w/ ID, $10 adults 💊
The amount of jealousy I have for and all other Liberty students right... 😡
6 Form Textiles students had a fab day in London visiting Liberty for inspiration.
Students at Liberty University getting together for a Ben Carson Debate Watch Party!
.Did you know that you are not, in fact, striking blows for liberty and that you will only ever succeed in making students unsafe?
2015 North American Regional Conferences | Students For Liberty: Denver is Nov 7th! Registration/conference is free.
us Liberty Students would Love for to back to the Senate or Canida where he belongs
Little advanced for them, isn't it? please tune in to see me read Green Eggs and Ham to the students of Liberty University.”
Liberty University pumps out anti-gov nuts every semester, but suckles mightily at the federal teat:
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
isn't it past lights out for Liberty students? Maybe that is the delay
Liberty tops state in federal aid for its students - WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va -
“Liberty U students received approx $445m federal financial aid money [in 2010], making LU the top recipient in Va.”
MT Funny Cruz will announce candidacy a at school that lives off of fed'l subsidies
It’s a bit hilarious that Ted Cruz will be announcing his candidacy at a school that lives off of federal subsidies.
Alan Chin posted this short video collage of my Mad Men theme party for Students For Liberty this past Wednesday, using cell phone video. Pretty neat ;)
" Tonight on The Independents: Ron Paul on Global Conflagrations, John Stossel on Students For Liberty,... " -
Spencer Smith makes a good point: if Students For Liberty is going to have Soviet-apologist Oliver Stone speak because they agree with him about surveillance, then surely they'd be willing to have Patrick J Buchanan come speak about foreign policy, right? Why does it seem in this particular corridor, that conservatives of every stripe are constantly admonished, shamed, and told they must ask for forgiveness for their sins-- but contemporary liberals are welcomed with open arms? I believe this is unnecessary friction, unevenly distributed.
in a liberal practice of liberty, "students are paying companies for the chance to work for free in China"
High school teacher faces possible disciplinary action for advising students of their Constitutional rights.
Teacher may be in trouble "for advising students of their Constitutional rights before taking a school survey":
A teacher faces possible discipline for reminding his students of their Constitutional rights.
Recommended for students & recent grads (I attended an early one in 97) The Liberty and Society Student Conference
Students For Liberty. Student-Driven Forum of Support for Students and Student Organizations Dedicated to Liberty.:
Layover in Phoenix, then it's en route to D.C. for a week with Students For Liberty! The 2013-2014 academic year will be awesome!
Had an amazing prom last night at Liberty Grand! Cannot believe high school's almost over. Thx to staff/students for making it amazing!
My question is not why was he carrying a gun in a school. My question is why the *** was it unloaded?!? ~ MM...
Liberty Fund Symposia - Students For Liberty: you're libertarian, apply to this. Gonna be super sick 😛
Opportunity for students to learn about liberty: Are you, or do you know, a student who wants to know more abo...
New post: Opportunity for students to learn about liberty
Opportunity for students to learn about liberty
Liberty Point is strictly for first yr students, I've emailed them cos it says you have to for information on how to apply
Congratulations to the Ben Logan students for completing the Liberty National Bank/Ever-Fi Financial Literacy...
Lip dub of "22" by students & staff SVMS in Liberty,MO for student battling leukemia! Please watch!
ALL Liberty students! Sign up for the improv team in the drama room and the PAC! We need 20 people!
Undoing the Brainwashing Thomas Sowell - "This time of year, as college students return home for the summer,...
via Ben Lowrie via Young Americans for Liberty Attention college students and recent graduates! We just compiled...
Applications for Local Coordinators for European Students For Liberty are open until June 7th
with all the money FAU steals from its students, take the liberty and go to the caf for fee, they'll let you in. take more than 2 scantrons
LibertyForest: Campaign for Liberty offering the Ron Paul Scholarship to college students
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Campaign for Liberty offering the Scholarship to college students | RPForums
Current Students and Young Professionals: check out the 2013 Women For Liberty Leadership Summit from
So proud of the students at Liberty MS for this video and the story they wrote about it:
WJC students: send me your top Liberty businesses you'd like to get free stuff from next year. Working on some promo stuff for students.
Congratulations Leadership Students of the Year- Alexis and Katelyn Thank you for all you have done for LHS! ❤
  This year Students For Liberty is launching the first ever Regional Conference in Africa. Join Students For Liberty at Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan on Friday and Saturday, July 26 and 27. With students from across West Africa congregating to share the ideas of liberty this pr...
Or join a Students For Liberty chapter. Or both. Just get involved in a liberty organization to learn and spread the movement!
Help ASU Students For Liberty win "Event of the Year" at the International Students For Liberty Conference! Vote...
This will be quite an interesting webinar, and Students For Liberty always puts on really great ones. Check it out and sign up. "Dr. Gary Chartier, though skeptical of many statist redistribution schemes, also believes there are cases where redistribution can be served by a distinctively libertarian approach. What do you think of this controversial topic? Learn more with Gary Chartier next Tuesday, December 11, at 8PM EST.
Remember how good The History Channel was before "Ax Men" and "Ancient Aliens"? Our friend and Students For Liberty's Clark Ruper does. Fortunately, the cable station's newest show revives some of its old magic--and sends a pro-capitalist message. Check out Clark's review of "The Men Who Build America":
Antonio Buehler shared Students For Liberty's event. Tomorrow, in Austin, I will be talking about the fight for liberty at the Students for Liberty Austin Regional Conference. I speak at 5:45. Join me!
Students For Liberty suggestion: Media Kit with EPS logo and fonts, available to anyone.
It was an overall great night. I was at ASU Tempe for 12 hours and a great 12 hours. Saw and meet people like Matt Welch from Reason Magazine, Trevor Burrus from the Institute for Humane Studies, Clint Bolick from the Goldwater Institute, Michael Thomas from the Institute for Humanist Studies, Tom Jenney from the Americans for Prosperity, and Yaron Brook from The Ayn Rand Institute. Also the main thanks to ASU Students For Liberty for a great night. Thank you all.
Join Students For Liberty at the University of California Berkeley in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, November 3 for the 2012 Students For Liberty Northern California Regional Conference. Berkeley is home to one of the strongest pro-liberty student groups in the country and the UC Berkeley Students For Li...
The following was written by Olumayowa Okediran, Member of the Executive Board at Students For Liberty. These events have been driven by many inspiring individuals including Olumayowa, young pro-liberty activists in Africa, and members of the SFL African Charter Team. The past few weeks have been a ...
Which Students For Liberty regional conference are you attending this fall?
Join Students For Liberty in Denton, TX on Saturday, October 13 for the 2012 Students For Liberty Dallas Regional Conference. The Dallas Regional Conference is had an extremely successful first year in 2011 and will be an even more incredible event this year. By attending the conference, you will he...
In East Lansing getting some Liberty Lovin' insight from some Freedom Fanatic Friends at the Students For Liberty 2012 Michigan Regional Conference
Dr. Michael Shermer and Students For Liberty! Happening NOW! Sign in to watch and listen:...
Students For Liberty will be hosting a webinar this coming Tuesday October 2nd at 8 EST by Michael Shermer entitled The Moral Arc of Science, you don't want to miss this. Be sure to register!
The King's College Republicans is an official Students For Liberty affiliate. Yay us.
The deadline to request free copies of After the Welfare State is Tuesday, July 31! Use this form to request your books now. Students For Liberty is proud to announce a new project in conjunction with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation; After the Welfare State. The third in our series of publica...
The 2011-2012 Academic Year was a record-shattering year for Students For Liberty! We hosted 35 webinars with nearly 2,000 attendees, 12 Regional Conferences with over 1,500 attendees, as well as the largest libertarian student conference ever with over 1,000 attendees! We’ve seen tremendous growth...
NPR covers libertarians, Gary Johnson and my good friends at Students For Liberty.
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