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Student Loans

A student loan is designed to help students pay for university tuition, books, and living expenses. It may differ from other types of loans in that the interest rate may be substantially lower and the repayment schedule may be deferred while the student is still in education.

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I added a video to a playlist Real Estate 101 - Student Loans - KerinRealty
This typifies Clegg's hypocrisy. On par with his U-turn on Student Loans. The truth is a foreign language to him!
Student Loans loans # Because Grove City College does not accept, nor...
Student Loans: A study on open data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:
Student Loans are worse because I can't use a ship to kill Sallie Mae employees
Student Loans - Money Clip Minute. Student loans interest rates are set to ...
Student Loans - Jamal Badawi. This is chapter 13. Watch the full lecture at: ...
Occupy Wall Street and Student Loans. According to Prof. Chris Coyne, one of ...
Dr. Ben Carson on Student Loans, Work and Debt - Ep. 199. Start telling ...
No More Excuses: Sen. Warren Lambastes DOE on Student Loans: Democrat from Massachusetts says US Department of Education goes to 'extraordi…
Student Loans : How to Get a Student Loan to Pay for Off-Campus Housing. To ...
Conservatives "will prosecute" graduates who fail to repay Student Loans, and you cannot declare bankruptcy either. http…
Student Loans: How Much Can You Borrow?: Private loans are not el...
Interest on gov. Student Loans set to double this summer.
Student Loans and Qualifying for a Mortgage: My son graduated from Seattle University a few months...
Trump Slams Government Profits on Student Loans: Donald Trump, a Republican candidate for president, ...
St. Ailbe's Credit Union have today launched our new Loan Rates for Student Loans and Motor Loans. Call in today...
Can Obama CHANGE our Student Loans to zero. Give Americans a chance to not have "debt for life". I will change my profile 2 Sallie Mae ASAP.
46 yrs as bank loan officer nothing new here except you just woke up-also found Student Loans was Dean of Admissions CookieJar
same day student loans. See More: Private Student Loans...
Activists Stop Paying their Student Loans & Meet with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for Help —
Help me support 'Penury, Peonage,&Unemployment, & Lots &LOTS of Student Loans' by Spindoctorjimbo on Contributoria.
Your beliefs on the Environment, Domestic Policy, Immigration, Healthcare, and Social side you mostly with Green Party. You are most concerned about Corporate Income Tax, *** Marriage, Global Warming, Student Loans, and First Amendment.
THE BLOG Top 5 Predictions for Student Loans in 2015 CommonBond Posted: 01/07/15 12:41 PM ET Updated: 01/07/15 08:59 PM ET By David Klein, CEO of CommonBondIf you were following the news on student loans in 2014, you probably saw a year of growth, change, and new players gearing up to address a broken student loan market. You might now be asking, "What's next?" Here are my top five predictions for student loans in 2015. 1. Policy changes. Federal legislation on student loans will rise and fall. There will be a lot of attention on student loans in Washington, likely a bill sponsored by a Congressional Democrat that gets a lot of press attention, but that bill will likely not pass a Republican-run Congress. 2. Rising rates. It's widely anticipated that interest rates will rise. Interest rates will remain relatively stable, with the possibility of increased rates towards the end of the year, as the Fed will likely raise rates by then. (On a related aside: Student loan borrowers can look to the 10-Year Treasu ...
NYTimes: Student Loans and Car Sales Contribute to a Rise in Consumer Debt . beware bait + switch or yo-yo car loans.
Student Loans | Martin Lewis Why Student 'loans' Are Nothing To Fear They are not really loans at all what w
Student Loans and the economy- Suze Orman says student loans are the biggest threat.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the Bank Bailouts and Student Loans - ... -
Digging Through Data for the Real Story on Student Loans via
Education Advisors Will Help You:. Find a degree you'll love. Explore Government Grants, Scholarships, Student Loans and other
So if Student Loans are forgiven...and the Federal Reserve Banksters just print more notes to make up for the...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Student Loans, President Obama has signed an executive order on Monday.
Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): Student Loans: The interest rate on what’s typically the most affordable student loan is set to rise on July1 from 3.9 percent to 4.7 percent. Sen. Bernie Sanders underscored the problem of rising college costs at a news conference last month. He introduced Vermonters carrying student loans of as much as $300,000, the Burlington Free Press said in a Sunday editorial. Net Neutrality: A Federal Communications Commission proposal to let broadband providers sell high-speed lanes on the Internet to companies like Netflix was opposed in a Burlington Free Press column by a writer who urged readers to contact Sens. Sanders and Patrick Leahy. VA Reforms: The American Legion worked with Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Sanders and Sen. John McCain on bipartisan legislation that Executive Director Peter Gaytan called a “viable option.” He told KNX-AM radio in Los Angeles that the measure would let patients see private doctors if the VA cannot meet its ow ...
I bet Joseph Benedict Arnold Hockey is just itching to funnel those Student Loans to his wife's Banking mates too.
Confusing Student Loan Bankruptcy Laws A lot of people believe that Student Loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, but they actually can. Student loans are extremely difficult and complicated, yet not impossible to be dismissed in bankruptcy. To do so, you must show that payment of the debt “will…
About time, maybe Sallie Mae will find a heart for so many others they've terrorized with their tactics. They can be brutal and evil. I've seen it second and firsthand. I paid off 80g for someone once to stop the Sallie Mae greed and terror. Screw you SM! 🙇 " Justice Department Reaches $60 Million Settlement with Sallie Mae to Resolve Allegations of Charging Military Servicemembers Excessive Rates on Student Loans".
My friends in recovery sometimes ask Bryan have you graduated yet. Yes I walked the Stage in May 2006, I received the actual sheepskin Diploma on January 12, 2007. I made the Dean's List 3 times and in 2005 became a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society at the age of 54. Golden Key requires a GPA of 3.6 or higher. I actually am a member of 3 Honors Society's as a result of graduating from Binghamton University. And I received a Scholarship from the Harpur Forum for my Community Service. My tuition was paid for through Federal and State Free Aid as well as Student Loans as BU is not cheap. I have Legacy at BU as my Brother M. Conrad Sloat received his Masters in Business there, our cousin Louis Sloat's wife Rosalie and their son Daniel received their BS and MS Degree's there as well.
OK...Do the Math, and really read this because I am not of most of your Generation. I am 62, retired veteran and the Feds took 1/3 of my pension because they said it was safe to invest in America and the Market...the Market Crashed, We had a Bail-out and so what happened to getting my Pension, Health Care ? All the Bail-out Money is in Off-Shore Accounts almost Trillions now...Companies like "Apple" make $800 million in profit and do not Bank here in the good-ole USA. **FACT: It took almost 30 years to reach our $18 Trillion Dollar Debt...with me ? Now what do you Know about "Probate Courts" ?? really nothing right ? Well... you might be interested to know that in the USA alone (not other countries that have their own) the Probate Courts generate $26 Trillion Dollars a Year..a YEAR !! Why can't I get Free Health Care (like other countries), Where's my Pension, What happened to my House, My Children have over $70k in Student Loans and we all have Credit Cards we are paying 18 to 36% on...where's all this m ...
one my biggest mistakes in life was going to college Student Loans (Sallie Mae) i wish i would have known the system before i signed up smh lol
$48.7 Billion Profit from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, $41.3 Billion Profit from Student Loans, $25 Billion in Gasoline Tax. These are 2013 figures collected by the federal government. But they're here to make these things more affordable for you...
Top 5 Reasons that Student Loans should be Dischargeable in Bankruptcy Written by James Michel, Consumer Defense Lawyer in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Student Loan Debt Relief 3 inShare. President Obama’s executive order with regard to student loan debt relief doesn’t go far enough. Here are five reasons why the President and the Congress should go further: 1. Even the IRS Doesn’t Get the Protection that the Student Loan Creditors Enjoy. When most people think of a creditor that is going to get its money, they think of the IRS. However, current law allows bankruptcy discharge of certain tax debts more than three years old if tax returns were filed a couple of years before the bankruptcy filing. It’s a little more complicated than just that, but the point is that if the IRS and state tax agencies have to take a bath sometimes in bankruptcy, why not student loan creditors? 2. Lenders Would be Discouraged from Lending Students So Much Money. Talk about a dream customer for a lender: ...
So just to keep the confusion about my politics going: I really, really don't like Elizabeth Warren. The latest meme about banks paying 1.5% interest on loans and comparing it to student loans just turns my stomach. I actually doubt that a woman of her intelligence actually said such a foolish statement. Of course interest rates are set by several factors: the period of the loan, the risk that the loan will not be re-paid, and securitization of collateral associated with the loan. Since "Student Loans" have a relatively high degree of default over a significant period of time with no "security"; I would expect the interest rate to be higher than that of a "bank" that has several security measures in place (their deposits at the federal reserve, for one). Since I am on the topic; what was up with her claiming "Native American" heritage? Maybe she is part Native American, maybe she made it up, but she almost CERTAINLY did not suffer discrimination nor was she economically disadvantaged due to he ...
Obama Punts on Student Loans in State of the Union Address via
Massage Schools in NC, COMTA Accredited Massage School and Continuing Education Workshops in the heart of Downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Financial Aid for Qualifying Students, Student Loans and more!
Pay off Student Loans, Learn to Budget, Use Coupons: Tips for New Grads -
Got an email from the Student Loans company about an urgent payment. Open the email and it's actually from Milkshake/Ministry. Not cool.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
All Cosmetologist and Students!!! Help Indiana keep Financial Aid for Cosmetology and Barber Students that qualify for Pell Grants and Student Loans, Pelase Copy and Print the following and send to our State Legislatures!! Dear Representative Brian Bosma, The United States Department of Education (USDOE) added new minimum requirements to existing State Authorizing entities concerning their oversight of postsecondary institutions which has been extended to become effective July 1, 2014. Students attending schools in states that do not comply with the requirements set forth in 34CFR 600.9 (a) (b) by July 1, 2014, will lose eligibility to receive Title IV funds (Pell Grants and Student Loans) to help them pay for their education. Indiana is one of a handful of states not currently in compliance with the USDOE requirements. Unless legislation is passed to comply with the USDOE requirements all students that wish to attend a beauty and/or barber school in Indiana will no longer be eligible to receive Pell Gran ...
OMG just got excepted for medical school!! Im Just So Happy!! I start school on 1/6/13. I am gonna be able to comfortably pay for school,Thanks to Fiancial Aid and Student Loans!! Please keep me in y'all prayers!! Thanks To My Higher Power and Family! Yes I am almost there!!!
I Have a Degree in "Student Loans" - Graduating from a college or university is one of the single greatest accompl...
Watching Bill Moyers tonight 'The Path to Positive Resistance' w/Dr. Jill Stein, co-founder of the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities; Dr. Margaret Flowers, Physicians for a National Health Program. And one of them had a Great Idea; as far as Stimulus, Why not instead of Bailing out banks, Bail Out the Students!!! Forgiving all the Student Loans would be Cheaper and do more for this Country than any one single action on Earth!
Student Loans: DEAL private student loans from the Bank of North Dakota-.
Over the weekend watched some Walking Dead episodes as well as a Suze Orman show on Student Loans. Guess which was scarier?
Student Loans: After College: This article is provided and sponsored by:ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions...
Guest Post: Our Huge, Stinking Mountain of Debt: Student Loans the final frontier of debt money creation
Elizabeth Warren's Proposal on Student Loans - and What's In It for You -
Student Loans can kiss the fattest part of my ***
Getting my car stolen did suck, but my settlement paid off all my Credit Card debt. Now if I could just get rid of all my Student Loans
'Struggling to Survive' with Student Loans: Responding to more than 700 emails from college students and graduates in Vermont and around the nation, Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday called for restoring student the loan interest rate to the level that was charged before the rate doubled on July 1 to 6.8 percent. “We have a major crisis in our country today in terms of the high cost of college and the incredible debt burden that college students and their families are facing,” Sanders said in a Senate floor speech. “Our job is to improve that situation, to lessen the burden on students and their families – not to make it worse.” Sanders read from some of the emails he received about how student loans have affected people’s careers and families. Continue reading here:
I just found out that Full Sail offers a Film oriented Masters Program. I'm all about that. I should graduate in November of 2015 with the Masters Degree. Thank the maker for the GI Bill and Student Loans.
ALERT: THIS POST IS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS, STUDENTS THINKING ABOUT COLLEGE AND PARENTS WHO ARE THINKING OF TAKING ON THE DEBT. Did you know that Student Loan Debt has nearly Quadrupled in the past 10 years Since 1980 the cost per year for college was $8,756.00 In 2010 the cost per year was $21,657.00 per year. This is an increase of over 600% during this time. We are asking our kids to take on debt and be in bondage of that debt for most of their adult life. Right Now the Cost of Student Loans is more than Credit Card or Auto Loan Debt. From 2005 to 2012 the number of Student Borrowers increased by 66% or 7 trillion Dollars!! Most of these loans are Government Guarantee Loans totaling over 1 trillion in unpaid debt. These are not my stats but taken from an article in Mother Jones dated June 5th 2013. My question to any Student is why would you want to be In salved to this debt. My question to the parents is why would you want to in salve yourself or let your child be in salved to this debt. I hear toda ...
.. What’s Really Wrong with Student Loans (Hint: It’s Not the Rates) By Bernice Napach | Daily Ticker – Fri, Jun 28, 2013 10:58 AM EDT.. . . Email 7 Print . . You read this Congress has done it again. It’s failed to deal with an issue near and dear to many Americans. This time it’s student loans. Rates on subsidized student loans will double to 6.8% on Monday, July 1. That may not sound crazy high but consider this: the 10-year Treasury rate is just below 2.5% and the 30-year Treasury rate is 3.5%. Even 10-year government bonds from Spain and Portugal pay less than 6.8%. Among EU economies, only Greek government bonds carry a higher interest—over 10%. The new, higher rate will affect about 7 million students and families, who qualify for the loans based on financial need. And it will cost students and their families anywhere from $1,000-$4,500 more, depending on how much they borrow. Related: Why College Grads Get Stuck with Lousy Jobs “That’s a significant issue for a lot of families,” ...
Andrew McGettigan talks to Max Keiser regarding the privatisation of Student Loans
Yall really gonna do this..?? People need to leave Paula Dean ALONE! Don't act like y'all ain't know what it was...she just made a mistake and said something ALOUD that she normally says in her home and around her peers!! Heck "we "do it all the time.. Was it right for her to say things like that..? NO!! But my Gawd.. "We" use the same words... Smh!! She ain't hurt NOBODY!! Don't even know why this is news... It's millions of Paula Dean's in America... Lets talk about REAL PROBLEMS... Why is the government wasting tax payers money, what's up with these Student Loans, why are they building more prisons than schools, Why Chickfila doesn't open on Sundays!!! These are the REAL issues that should be in the news!!
What are some of your experiences with Financial Aid? I'm looking at going back to school but so far I haven't heard great things about Student Loans. So I need some input.
Student Loans and Pell Grants are not student benefits. They're Ed unions jobs programs.
It's hard to explain to someone that doesn't quite get it, but I have always felt this song was written for me, about me, to me. As a young man, I wanted it all, fame fortune and everything that came with it. When I struggled to stay afloat in school, I would wonder, "Maybe if things had been slightly different" ~ that's the whole point of this song. If you spend your life in reflection, wondering how you could have made different choices, then the life you are actively living goes unappreciated. At 22-years-old I was so worried about missing out on parties & chasing girls around that I devalued my education, basically taking my position of privilege for granted. Who would have thought some of those stupid decisions early in my adult life would continue to haunt me to this day in the form of "Student Loans"? You mean we have to pay that back? With Interest? This song puts it all in perspective for me: nothing happens by accident. Life's trials and tribulations serve as ways to remind everyone that gray sk ...
Student Loans : Getting a job in modern America :: indentured servitude : coming to live in pre-Colonial America
On my way to Remington College Culinary Institute for a Tour.. Pray that I am qualified for Student Loans.. Time to make some History As Iron Chef John Williams!!
The U.S. Congress is Officially Drunk. The Same U.S. Congress who put a Ton of Loopholes in the U.S. TaxCode in exchange for UNLIMITED Campaign Contributions then turn around and tell American People they Don't Have Enough Tax Revenues for Jobs, Not Enough Tax Revenues for Veterans, Not Enough Tax Revenues for Student Loans, Not Enough Tax Revenues for Elderly Who Paid into their Benefits.Americans should be sad that their Congress Let them Down. And Remember in case there are those who still think this has to do with a Political Party. The U.S. Tax Code as any Bill Must Pass BOTH Parties and BOTH Houses of Congress. You Better Believe I'm Coming for You Secret Princess.
Congress to Take Up Budget, Keystone, Student Loans: Amid continued focus on the Internal Revenue Service and ...
Student Loans: students should get the same loan rate as big banks
Student Loan Debt is on the rise. Get the facts about Student Loans and Student Debt in this video that will illuminate the subject.
Consolidating debt onto student loan - Moved to Student Loans
Loving the HBS love for startup :The Warby Parker of Student Loans via
Test of Faith at Seminary in the Form of Student Loans - 10x10 Quilt Square
We can Provide 30 days results no Matter if your situation is: Foreclosure, Credit Cards, Car Loans, Loan Mortgage, Retail Stores, Bankruptcy or Student Loans, In We Have a Option For you, Call now with our Representatives and get a Fee Consultation.
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Dealing with Student Loans is so frustrating sometimes! First they falsely report my accounts as in Default status, then they send it to collections and mess with my credit report, only to find out that they have overcharged me over the years. After several hours on the phone I finally got it all cleared up! I'm never taking out a student loan ever again!
Hottest Product: The Rogue Student Loan Collector Reveals All at What If You Could Finally Break FREE From Your Student Loan Troubles? The Student Loan Blue Print Ebook The complete authoritative reference on defaulted Student Loans which will save you hundreds if not thousands in collection fees and principle reduction, handed to you on a silver platter: You get a detailed blueprint for every phase of the defaulted student loan… even if you can’t spell “no statute of limitation”, you’ll quickly learn how to solve all your student loan problems. “Insider Secret” from me, the Rogue Federal Student Loan Collector – which will save you the extortion collection fees and get principle reduction. How to use the insider knowledge against the collection companies. The entire Student Loan Blueprint package is only $147. $47
Government took over Student Loans. Those loans are now on the books for a trillion dollars. UNPAID.
Debt-management focused Student Loan Hero is ramping up the competition in the "Mint for Student Loans" space, with now 2,000 people on board, $63 million in debt under management, a platform built on proprietary technology (not Yodlee, like some of its nearest competitors), and a little..
The biggest obstacles for young farmers are capital and land access. Student Loans and health insurance are next in line.
Tricky, tricky Kelly Raile Then: 2004 Age: 20 Dated: Married to Jeremy Massie for 2 years Drove: We shared a car, which was a purple Dodge Neon. Lived in: Savannah, GA and then Wise, VA Worked: Gymboree and then First Bank and Trust Fear: Moving back to Wise! Wanted: A boat. Now: 2013 Age: 28 Relationship status: Married, 10 years in August. Drive: A piece of junk aka Suzuki Forenza. Live: Norton Work: Wise Co. Public Service Authority. Fear: Student Loans. Want: Someone to surprise me and pay off my student loans. *like my status and I will give you a year (go ahead, you know you want to)
I dont think this week is starting off good at all for us.. If these last two days is what the whole week is gonna be like than I want a do over button.Ugh so fustrated and the IRS just topped it by taking my return for Student Loans thank you American Education for not warning me that I needed to let them know I was making payments too you before we filed.
If you had access to one of the worlds foremost Islamic Finance scholars and he came to your MSA or Masjid, what topics would you like him to talk about? Islamic Finance 101, Student Loans, or social entrepreneurship, etc?
Im soo down...Dept of Education (Student Loans) told the Treasury that I owe Student Loans from 29 yrs ago (Yes I have tried to pay them) and now they want to take money out of my Disability and if they do that I cannot pay my bills..I just make it...They wont take that I am on Disability with Florida and all docs want my first doc to fill it out and that was in 2000 so thats out! I am extremely upset and when I call Dept of Educ it says its at a collection agency so im completely confused...I am going to call a lawyer and also the coll agency if they say so and see if I can pay like 75 dollars which is all I can do! I doubt they will accept and dont understand I just make it as it is...this is from soo long ago..why now? why do I keep getting stress related things happen right now...if anyone has any ideas or thoughts I would soo appreciate it...Tomm I will be doing my homework! This is soo upsetting that it makes my health can they do this?
Alright. I'd like some opinions about a case I heard about from someone who I know very well, and totally believe the following account: As a College student about 3 and 4 years ago this person had accrued around $10k in Student Loans. This person ended up leaving college and had a grant disqualified because when he dropped a class the instructor graded this person as INCOMPLETE, instead of marking the class as "dropped". The student in question never attended the class, and asked the instructor to sign the withdrawal form, which he said he would sign and turn in to the administration. (he did not do so) The next year his Tax Refund from the I.R.S. was around $800 short, the Feds had pulled back his Pell Grant for that semester, although the student COMPLETED all of his other classes, then had to drop out for financial reasons because he could not get the Grant or any further loans due to this instructor's error (which he refused to fix, and we found out later that he would lose pay, as he was bonus/co .. ...
RADA and LAMDA can be covered by Student Loans but then Bristol Old Vic isn't I don't think, it's odd
USC Union will host College Goal Saturday at our Central Building on 309 East Academy St. College Goal South Carolina is an opportunity for students and parents to receive free assistance completing and filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the first step to receiving Federal aid, and it is a requirement for most college students who plan to pay for college with the help of: •Grants •Work Study Funds •Student Loans •Scholarships Get the Help You Need at College Goal South Carolina •Receive help filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). •Get advice from financial aid experts. •Receive scholarship information. •Learn about the process and YOUR next steps.
My monthly expenses are just too much. and student loans are a great big chunk of it. SMH. Student Loans= Somebody's Rent Payment
So glad to have received my "letter" from the Student Loans.fantastica.
Student Loans starting to pile up? Check how the the Maine Army National Guard can help you with that never...
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The interest in that loan could have paid a Brinks truck to safeguard my info for a lifetime!! Student Loans - affecting people like an STD that haunts you for life.
Obama's Changes to Student Loans - As Part of the Health Care Package -
Illinois FNPs for Rural Health Tired of Student Loans: p Could you use 65K in student loan for...
What do you think about when you hear about the topics, Education Planning and& Student Loans? For me it makes me think about the student loans that I am still paying off! I am not saying student loans are bad. I think bearing part of the cost education does make students
**REMINDER** TONIGHT: Loyola University Chicago School of Law: Financial Literacy Presentation Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Time: 6:00-7:30 pm Location: Loyola University Chicago, School of Law, Corboy Law Center, Room 1103 Presenter: Radhika Singh Miller, Program Manager, Educational Debt Relief and Outreach Equal Justice Works Description: Drowning in Debt? Student Loans, Relief and Forgiveness Many students must borrow to help pay for law school. But there are many funding and relief programs that can help ease the burden of this educational debt, especially for those interested in public interest work. Loan repayment assistance may be provided by various sources, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Income-Based Repayment (which can help even those who do not pursue public interest) are available through the federal government. Join to discuss: · How income-driven repayment plans like IBR work and if they’re right for you · What you need to do to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgivenes ...
CFR run admin $1T Bailout 4Delinquent Student Loans 2pay off CFRbanksters instead cut student rate to 0% like banks get
We currently have no loans or applications in our records for you. Because of this, the Sallie Mae self-service application is unavailable.- Student Loans are paid off !
SUPERNATURAL FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE: Given all the HYPE about BLACK FRIDAY, I thought it prudent to share some KEYS to SUPERNATURAL FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE for those who DESIRE to be FINANCIALLY FREE. Instead of spending $2000-$5000 on CHRISTMAS GIFTS, PAY OFF INSTALLMENT LOANS IE: Car Notes, Mortgage, PayDay Loans, Student Loans. Installment Loans carry INTEREST as a part of the payment. Getting rid of the loan EARLY can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in INTEREST and free up more money MONTHLY in your BUDGET. 2) INVEST in a ROTH IRA or 529B COLLEGE FUND. Both of these INVESTMENT VEHICLES are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! RETIREMENT and COLLEGE for your CHILDREN are MUCH BETTER INVESTMENTS than XBox's and Playstations. 3) INVEST in your OWN BUSINESS!! Shoppers will spend BILLIONS of dollars this weekend ONLY to enter the NEW YEAR IN DEBT. INVEST your MONEY in your OWN BUSINESS. With the inception of the INTERNET the divide between BIG and SMALL BUSINESS has shrunk. Most Americans could benefit greatly from an extra $1000 ...
Student Loans: Indirect costs of private student loans to consider-
*** you Sallie Mae! You're like an ex-wife, who takes child support at the worst of times.. Where were you last month when I had the money? But no!! You wait till the holiday's to ask for it! Errgh.. Student Loans frak'n sick ***
College Tuition prior to Student Loans never went up - from 1810 to 1852 the tuition at Yale did not rise a single penny. From 1874 to 1918 Yale tuition only increased 14 percent. PUBLIC EDUCATION AND COLLEGE rapes tax payers for ONLY THE BENEFIT OF THE TEACHERS UNION - College has never cost more, Kids have never been more stupid.
Student Loans - wht happens when they R sold 2 another company?
Well now that the handout pres is in again I wonder if he'll do anything about my student loans!
People act as if Romney is gonna take everything away... Student loans, financial aid, and scholarships aren't going anywhere.
paid back is not oppression my friend. If I for some reason cannot pay for my son’s college, I expect him to get student loans
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backlog of student loans affects Dundee students
like a college degree has ever been essential, just scared without one...50k with student loans, or 50k without? Be smarter than a book.
Don't ever forget where you've came from bc I know I loved my student loans & my (E)at (B)etter (T)oday card while I was in college!
Ok i know alot of my face book friends will not agree with me and i was gonna keep these opinions to my self but i see all of this Obama bashing and its just ridiculous ... First of all Obama did not get the economy to where it is all by him self it has been messed up longer than the last four years ... Second just because he is a muslim does not mean he cant be an effective leader ... Romney is a mormon religion should not be an issue everyone is entitled to freedom of religion !!! Next i am so tired of people thinking just because someone receives welfare/ food stamps they are too lazy to work ... You know people sometimes people need help and yes there are some out there that take advantage of the system but not all ... It aggravates me too when i see someone on food stamps and ect driving a nice car but Romney or no other president would have changed that ... I find it ridiculous that people are so quick to judge but if they found themselves needing it they wouldn't think twice about getting it ...
I'm thinking about applying for unemployment and using the weekly checks to pay off my student loans.
I'm so glad Obama won though, for a minute I didn't know how I was going to college if Mitt got in. That fool said no student loans!
but I have friends who went to school on student loans, graduated, got jobs & paid them back with hard work. They got jobs…
I hope the 18-22 yr olds that voted Obama enjoy working at a fast food restaurant the next 4 years while trying to pay their student loans!
I shall keep saying to myself: I believe in second chances, I believe in second chances. And I will look back on the GOOD things that have been done. Such as the fact I would be in really deep doo=doo right now trying too pay 1,600.00 a month in student loans if it weren't for them based on income now. Look for the positive peeps! And maybe, just maybe people who are on medicaid and do not work but would really like to work but won't make enough to pay their familie's insurance, especially if there is a preexisting condition, will be able to get off government funded health care (Medicaid) and food stamps and GO TO WORK as they really want to do.
they are smart enough to go to an Ivy League school but stupid in thinking the government should pay off their student loans
And how I'm going to pay my student loans after I graduate college or how I'm going to survive and thrive on my own as an adult.
Trying to convince myself student loans are not for novelty Henry Hoover mugs. Emphasis on the 'trying'.
I have $250,000.01 in student loans and attended the Electoral College and now I can't find a job.
High schoolers: you aren't in the real world. Until you've experienced filing for student loans, don't talk about how much you love Obama
I have figured this out. America has gotten lazy. All some want to do is take free handouts. The people who voted for Obama receive free handouts in some sort of way. I have talked to some people who I never thought would vote for him. But they tell me they did. I asked why. And the replied " because he pay for my school and pays for my healthcare." That is BS. I have to work every day to pay back my student loans and pay for my 2 kids healthcare. Do u hear me crying and asking for free things. Don't think so. This is why America is weak. No one wants to work for what they get
Adult child should draw on student loans, grants and summer employment to fund 40% of post-secondary costs.
If u can't beatem join em. Going to file for unemployment wic food stamps student loans HUD govt cheese health care and public assistance. I just hope that I have enough battery on my Obama phone.
So I guess now that the election is over and Obama has been re-elected that my soul crushing student loans are just going to go away now, right? And do you know what smells really good in the morning? Sarcasm.
Income based repayment paperwork - faxed! Here’s to another year of being too poor to pay my student loans. Wo!
Am truly grateful that the election is over.And feel blessed by the outcome. Now I can breath easlier. Katie will still be able to have her ear surgery because she is still on Mikes policy.Till shes 26. Our girls can continue school because they will have student loans My $18.000 per mo. injections will continue for a $45.00 co-pay.And my zippy little scotter can be replaced when I drive it into the ground!Messing with my medicare and social securty was a real threat for our family.
I'm excited for my student loans with the Obama win. But I'll probably be working at *** barrel after
My prayer this morning are for people who truly think that one person controls their whole entire fate. God is in control of this thing and there are also things you control about your life!!! Don't toss blame if things aren't going the way you want them too!!! Ultimately Your faith and trust in God is what will accomplish all you desire not the president, not the economy. There are people right now living wonderful lives in spite of who's president, high gas prices, Obama Care, being on food stamps, unemployed, being displaced by a storm, winning the lottery, owning their own business, paying for student loans, mama paying for school... It's all in your perception!!! Live the life God has given you be thankful for what you have put your trust in God! The president is the president not our Savior!
Good thing I won't have a job when I graduate college now and will have no way to pay my student loans
At least for my college friends, their student loans won't double!
Obama now it's time to get to work. Get on these student loans and jobs
Well, we have the same president again. No complaints other than the other guy would have hurt the little guy. But I guess the little guy doesn't really matter to too many people cause I mean the little guy is who works for that millionaire that was gonna cut taxes for the millionaire and increase them for the little guy that's breaking his back for him. And we still have student loans in the colleges and not through the banks cause we would have a heck of alot more people without educations because of credit scores. I don't whole heartedly believe in the president but I couldn't see voting for someone who isn't looking out for me and my family (we are that little guy that works his tail off for that itty bitty paycheck). IT IS WHAT IT IS! Take it one day at a time and Pray real hard for the president to better our lives and the lives of our children!
Weed is not that important get a grip! You Better march to Washington on these student loans !
I just want to be able to pay off student loans and afford Christmas presents for my children goshdarnit.
For the sake of all of us, Obama better lower tuition rates or we will all have to pay student loans out the ***
Kids coming out of college are lucky to find a job making 30 thousand. Thirty thousand is what secretaries make without student loans and right above the poverty level so lets vote for 4 more years.
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4 more years of student loans,anti colonel ideas,shrinking defence.U.S.A. is not longerretrospect,8 years symbolizes a lost generation
Got better body armor for soldiers, sent more troops to Afghanistan, focused on the environment, increased student loans.
Mr. Obama What are you going to do for me? Thanks to your plan, I am paying over $6000 a year from my pay check for medical insurance for my family and co pays continue to increase. I pay for my student loans and go to work everyday and in the last four years, I have continued to lose purchasing power thanks to you.
Obama won, my student loans are safe once again & my reproductive system is no longer a national issue . .
U cant say "team obama" if u don't work or pay any taxes or go to school and pay off student loans
Glad I'll be in college the next four years studying so when I get done and have student loans to pay there won't be any jobs
Slept like a baby knowing my student loans are safe
I heard that there were gonna be riots if Obama was not re-elected... Well, I think we should go for riot be side he was! Good job people who voted for him.. let's see how businesses close their coors because of the Obama care, let's how many students cannot repay their student loans because they are from the government, let's see how many MORE people go on food stamps because they lost their job! And my favorite one... Let's how long it takes before the middle east explode in a war!
I am pretty stoked that Obama won. Do you know what that means ladies and gentlemen? I will have affordable health care, I will be able to keep my student loans so I can get my degree, my *** friends can stay in the military, I won't have to watch my fiance be shipped off into another oil war, I can get cancer screenings and paps for now copay. I can be a happy, healthy, openly *** supporting, soldier supporting hippie in America without persecution! I can breathe for another four years!
Its also gonna be easier to get student loans
romney was going to gwt rid of student loans. So you wouldn't have been able to afford it either way..
Ha I think that fb after the elections are comical because ppl hate the fact that other ppl have other opinions than there own. I believe that we shouldn't judge ppl based on their reason for voting for someone over the other. Both candidates made promises that they won't keep I mean that's politics for ya, but I will say that I am happy about one thing... My student loans are safe and I can continue to be a college student. Times are tough either way whether it was Romney or Obama. I am just glad my lord above is watching over our country, that's who we all know is there for us no matter what! God bless America! :)
U know Obama has done some great thing despite the hate I see on fb , He has changed health care for the better by , getting ride of pre-existing cap on insurance ,by the insurance company's .. This means that if u have diabetes and u change Doctors u will still get coverage.. He made it where women don't have to pay for birth control pills , so maybe our youth can afford them ( even thought i belelive in not having sex until u r married) but our kid s r still having sex..He finished what Bush started and killed Bin lo-din ( not sure spelling of his name is right ) He is tiring to get our troops HOME! And teach these people how to defend their own country's . He's lowered tuition and student loans..This helps my child in every way she is in the Army and I do not want her going to WAR! and she is in school and I do not want her to have to pay back what loans she gets for the rest of her life. He has fought tooth and nail against a republican congress and won many times ,He helped the auto industry get b ...
I liked a video from Obama Vs Romney on Student Loans
ugh don't bother. I tried mailing him my student loans and NOTHING. not a cent.
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Very sad this morning. I'm trying to wrap my head around this potential threat to my career. So... I work my tail off for 2 very hard years of school to earn my PTA degree but a CNA can go take a test to get certified... And it is being tossed around that both fields should make the same pay... On a CNA scale rate. WTH!! So if this passes... I guess I will be stuck where I am forever because I had to take out several student loans and making $10 an hour will never allow for a better future for me and my children. Ughhh. Nice idea to wake up to. SMDH!!
or you.. So when you onlyhave to pay back 10% of those student loans you'll be glad Barack is in office! lol
Going to school for 8 years working really hard to understand the specific field while being in extreme debt from student loans, the govt is
I hope you all know that you will be paying back your student loans. There is no way in *** that he will get that approved. LMAO!
You *** if Obama takes away paying off your student loans, someone is still going to pay for it
If you think its 'cool' that you don't have to pay student loans back until you earn a certain amount then you shouldn't be at university.
I will stop complaining about my student loans. Get better Ryan!
Because I love paying for other to people to sit around and be lazy while I struggle to pay back student loans
Here goes 4 more years of debt from dance costumes, competitions, and student loans. :/
any president would have cleaned up the oil spill. And student loans were available way before Obama. Explain the unemployment
Oh, also, I want my student loans forgiven.
not with tons of debt from student loans and then no job.I say just change majors.
Actually USA won. 30+ months of job growth, healthcare for all, student loans get to stay. A romney presidency is tragic
Student Loans are literally doing my head in. I don't recommend dealing with them from overseas either...on the bright side...Amazing English Class..Apple Crumble Latte, and looking forward to work/study/travel plans in Barce! xo
Phoned student loans, couldn't process my payment cause the computer went into a system update. Get tae.
Honestly, I don't care who won the election. As long as he doesn't take a away welfare, student loans, etc.
I'm just glad student loans are safe
Be thankful that your parents pay for mostly all u have: bills, shopping, student loans. Not everyone gets that luxury. ungrateful people
If it wasn't for my grants & student loans I wouldn't be able to afford college , & I'm very thankful for that.
Yes Obamas black, but if he had stood up there and said he doesn't support *** rights, wouldn't help pay off student loans..
Mitt lost his home state and that big earred Ryan lost his home state. Wisconsinites wasn't playing. We lost the use of having the rights to a union, they trying to get rid of teachers, pell grants, student loans etc.
I'm hating on politics because at this rate I'll never be able to pay off my student loans. No everyone has it set.
Well, election didn't go my way. I respect the president, but I don't agree with him. What pisses me off most is the low life free loading pieces of crap that live off of welfare because they are lazy. I have to get student loans to pay for college while welfare recipients get all there money for free. I usually try to hold my tongue but no more. If you are on welfare but you are driving a nice car, wear new clothes, keep having kids, or show up to the grocery store and use your lonestar card to buy steak and lobster then pay for all your beer with cash then load it all into a new may want to avoid me because I'm gonna call you out. Get off your LAZY *** and work. It's not "free" money it's our money.
Wait, so ppl actually think Obama will forgive student loans? Wow, ppl are stupid.
Stfu bout Romney. he was gonna take away student loans & i know *** well your parents couldn't pay your college fee out of their pocket.
Since the next four years will be filled with handouts, I'd like my student loans paid for. Is that too much to ask? Lol
When I graduate at least I will have student loans.
Yay! Student loans will be ending soon. Gotta love our president.
Look out world the Miller twins are on a rant. And so they should. In four years with our "wonderful" president (insert major scarasim) is done screwing up their futures they will be getting out of college, paying off student loans while working at McDonalds with degrees in Pharmacy and Veternanian.(okay maybe 8 years).
You know I am sick and tired of people saying oh we are lazy because we want hand outs from obama and we are christians because we voted for him... First off you need to be checking your self out when you go and get food stamps to feed your child or when your child is sick and you don't have insurance you go and apply for medicaid or if you don't have a college fund set up for your children there are grants and student loans there for you... If you got a problem get over it GOD has a plan for Obama...
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A lot of people seem to be mad about Romney losing. Here's what I think. You're here to fix the economy so why does it matter if someone is *** and wants to be married? Isn't Romney a Mormon...who can have more than 1 wife? I don't believe that ALL those kids of his are from that one woman. He wants to stop funding Planned Parenthood and take away a women's right to have abortion even if she's raped... I'm sure he'll be singing a different tune if one of his daughter's were to be raped and impregnated by her attacker and forced to have the baby or maybe even his wife. He wants to take away Student Loans so only the privileged can afford an education... Wants us to ask our parents for the money... What parents do I have to ask for thousands of dollars for a college degree? Long story short... You want to take away SSI, Medicaid, etc. It seemed like his plans were only for the upper middle class and up... It seems like his plans were designed to keep a certain group down. Well f**k all of you especially the ...
Today I wrote a check for 6500 to pay off my student loans, feels great
Those of you paying back student loans, do check your balance...! I've grossly overpaid mine which means a nice juicy refund and more money every month :)
*Special Election Edition* If I may be a little preachy, let me say this: It's always interesting to see people's opinions this time of year. We get really ramped up about things that are mere formalities. Whoever is elected for President is going to do the best they can. The world will be the same tomorrow. It's not going to be all rainbows and butterflies, nor will it become the 8th circle of *** As Americans we always hear that we are an entitled bunch, but I would say that we never really grasp what is meant by that statement. We are entitled because we always think we are owed something and we are entitled because we always expect that something to come at no expense. We complain about our politicians because they flip-flop, because they don't do what they promise, because they cater to special interests groups. But we never give a second thought to secondary and tertiary effects. We are a very fickle bunch. We can only identify with politicians that believe the exact same things we do. If they don . ...
Day 7- I'm thankful that my student loans will continue to be subsidized and that I will still get my expensive special birth control for free.
Oh well. For all the young people that supported BHO I hope you have a strong stomach and a good fork for the crap pie you get to eat. You should be out of mom and dads house in 4 more years,being forced to buy your own health insurance, that car they got you for graduation will need replacing, you wil be in the middle of paying back your student loans that you can't get a job with and you will be looking to us and grandma and grandpa for help but we can't because the taxes and inflation will be so high we will be struggling to make in your world. Hope you enjoy being the ones that the next group will be pointing at and blaming. Belly up boys and girls for a second helping
Well, I am not sure what to say because I was torn between issues I support on both sides. I had my son when I was a 20 year old single college student but I made *** sure that I had a job with insurance to assist with our healthcare expenses because as a nursing student, I knew healthcare was important. I didn't ask for anyone to give me anything because I was raised to believe that if your want something, you have to work hard to obtan it. No one can change your situation but yourself. Yes I was broke and didn't have any money for an iphone or a nice car, but I worked hard to obtain a degree to better myself, which is the American dream. I continue to work hard everyday advancing my education to better our lives and I have 7 classes to go until I graduate with my BSN. And I won't stop there. My point is, where has the American dream gone??? Instead of people pushing to better themselves and utilizing hard work to obtain their dreams we are now relying on handouts and accepting this as the norm. Where i ...
~~~25 reasons from 25 people who are voting Obama~~~2012 1. "The Affordable Care Act is saving my daughter's life. Stacey, Arizona 2. "Obama is for the vets. He helped us wind down in Iraq, he's improved mental health policy with VA benefits. Joel, Minnesota 3. "Obama stuck his neck out for us, the auto industry. He wasn't going to let it just die, and I'm driving in this morning because of that, because of him." Brian, Ohio 4. "Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive." Joe Biden, Delaware 5. "Supreme Court Supreme Court Supreme Court." Andrew, California 6. "Arithmetic." Bill Clinton, New York 7. "He cares for the 100 percent." Shana, Texas 8. "When Obama came into office, he successfully renewed our country's place in the community of nations, making cooperation in tackling the world's challenges possible." Willis, North Carolina 9. "The actions he has taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid." Colin Powell, Virginia 10. "I was really very grateful to hi ...
sharing from a friend of a friend and speaks volumes to what i believe and quite possibly what america believes since the election is now history and the dems have 4 more years Just because I vote Democratic does not mean I am lazy, unemployed, or looking for a handout like so many of you are insinuating with the oh so funny(sarcasm) status of: "Obama will probably have the lead today...until the Republicans get out of work" What it does mean is that I am a part of the middle-class who busts their *** for everything they have, it means I have parents who worked in the shop and believe in unions, it means I believe I shouldn't pay more taxes than someone who makes way more money than I do, it means I didn't grow up with money and have mommy and daddy hand me everything in life, it means I am a woman and believe in my own right to choose, it means I don't believe in a slogan of "Keep America American", it means I am a college student who can't afford to take out even more student loans because the governm . ...
Wow, good luck paying off your student loans everyone. If you never make more than 200 thou per year and don't have a desire to chose your own doctor you should be fine for the next four years. Just keep your hands out I'm sure another stimulus package will be coming soon... At least China is happy today.
I see a few of you who did not vote complaining today about Who won for president. If your that angry about it why didn't you vote? I my self have suffered from unemployment over the last 2 years, but thanks to Mr. President I got many grant that I could never have gotten before. I for one am not complaining about the crappy job he did over the last 4 years. Thanks for allowing me to only have 3,700 in student loans, and not 18,000.
To everyone who is complaining about the president putting us in debt take a good look in the mirror! ! Including myself we yourself are the ones signing up for Credit Cards and loans and student loans. We the people have to work with the government to.make a change. If not nothing will ever change! We make our own choices on how we live no mattress who's president! ! Make yourself better for America! !!
no matter who ends up at the white house.can we please just stopping giving everything to those that dont deserve it. I work hard for what lilttle i have.i wentback to school and I have student loans to pay back.not a FREE ticket. Yet some dont have to work and can go to school for free on top of getting their rent paid, groceries bought, electric bill paid, and free med insurance. Makes me feel like our country has their priorities backwards. Why work and lose it all when you can NOt workl and GAIN everything. CRAZY!
Happy my son will have insurance for a couple more years and college students have half a chance at getting student loans.
I believe my post got some negative feedback about what, I said about the food stamp and schooling situation. We must read first before we repost. I clearly said," or stated that for those who didn't vote for Obama, that Romney was gonna cut off foot stamps and get rid of pell grants and student loans if you didn't vote. To be honest, I could care less who take care of who and who do what, because, I did all that and
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Once again the American middle class will spend the next four years paying the bill for everyone else!! Sorry, kids. The American dream is no longer college, a good job, homeownership. Now, you can look forward to astronomical debt, student loans, no job and living with your parents!! Assuming your parents have the means to support you!!
My one wish for America is exactly this; Despite if Obama was the person you voted for, intended on voting for, or absolutely hate the idea of him being your president for another 4 years; YOU HAVE TO SEE THE BRIGHT SIDE. You may not agree with any of his policies, the candidate you hate could still be chosen and you may be force to unfairly pay more taxes and go through a lot of hardships because of certain laws and decisions, but open your eyes. We live in America where we are blessed with many more freedoms and opportunities than many other countries where every move they make is watched. We have the choice to create our own future, whether our president is black, hispanic, male, female, *** etc. Every little bump and extra cent you have to pay will be worth it IF you take control of your own life. We don't have enough seconds in the day to mope around and complain, take action and responsibility for everything you do. If you believe that you can be anything, you can be. No one presidential candidate ...
4 more years of crap congrats America. Oh and my fellow colleauges when your student aid is reduced to nothing, and the intrest rates on your student loans go up, when you have to get two jobs to stay ahead or more, and health care plummets even further into madness remember you voted for this.
I used to be a Republican. I used to be a Libertarian. These days I'm a registered Democrat. I have several reasons for this. I left the republican party after becoming disgusted with their social agenda. I want *** people to have the right to marry. I want women to have control over their own bodies. I believe that living under a constitution that states that all are created equal means acting like it, and as much as I liked Republican fiscal policies at the time I couldn't abide the bigotry, the fear and the oppression being pushed in their social platform. That brought me to the Libertarian party, a marriage of Democratic social policy and Republican fiscal policy. It made sense, I was happy, even though as a member of a fringe party my vote would never count. It was a few years after joining the Libertarian party that I moved out own my own. I came face to face with the real world. I saw that all those people that I was so comfortable calling lazy, shiftless layabouts before were actually busting thei ...
47 percent of the people who do not pay taxes live off the government voted for Obama. You know feel the government has to support them. This is also going to be the end of student loans, and student loans will have to paid back sooner even if you do not have a job.
This is the beginning of the end! The anti Christ is here for 4 more years. Guess we want have to worry about student loans. Lol
CONGRATS, YOU VOTED! Now go back to not affording education, doctor visits, paying rent/ mortgage & and paying the banks on those student loans, hoping you don't get fired or hoping you can find a job. But again, congrats- you are politically involved every 4 years by voting and hoping that something will happen.. yeah, that is progressive alright. Obama's campaign being marked as 'Forward' yet we are still going backwards. In the richest country, yet we can't house homeless people, fund education, provide healthcare, provide jobs... how is that forward? DFs!
Saddned that the ballot inititives to fund education were voted down. The frustrating part is that the same *** who voted down these initiatives are the ones who will be screaming bloody murder when school budgets are drastically slashed and the student to teacher ratio is increased and they are unable to secure affordable student loans and grants for their own children.
Obama is going to take from the rich and give to the poor. Wow he must think he is Robin Hood. So the people who went to college to make more money for a better life are going to have higher taxes so that the people who decided not to further their education and either sit on their lazy *** or work a minimum wage job are going to benefit off of someone else's hard work and student loans they had to pay. Now tell me where that sounds right.
Obama wins again, four more year, Now Romney can't cut my student loans lmao
So many people are quick to forget that the "hard work" they claim to have done... was not done in a race/gender/class/sexual orientation free space... if you are middle class and are going to college right now and will graduate with NO student loans then your "hard work" is not nearly as "hard" as those your age juggling families, racism, sexism, prejudice and so on... understand that you are BLESSED and you are privileged... don't take your "leg-up" for granted or call it anything less.
ok,heres the thing people.we should the rejoice because the best candidate won.plz.STOP making it a race issue,it cheapens all that his presidency embodies.let him ,the man lead,not the color of his skin,as the famous MLK said "let us not be judged by the color of our skin,but by the content of our character"now with that said ...i appreciate thebeauty this country has to offer .im also very appreciative that my son can continue his education,due to the highest levels in funding for grants,student loans,that ive ever witnessed in my lifetime,and next year because of this funding ,he will be joined by his little sister.heres the thing ,for me and my family,the best man won ... when these "jobs" supposed to start happening...I have bills/taxes to pay. Student loans: 1 Opportunity: 0
Well looks like I need to find a new career. Anyone willing to pay for schooling for me since I don't qualify for student loans?
My food stamps will stay student loans will stay mediacal card will stay y'all kno y cuz my *** bk n office.# thank God
And let me tell you what it means to 'work hard'. I grew up in a divorce household. My dad has worked at a job he HATES for 30 plus years, just so he could pay for my brother and I to go to camps, play sports, and have opportunities he never did. He struggled to put food on the table every night. My mom worked 3 jobs at a time trying to give us a nice home and put clothes on our backs. She struggled for a period of time,due to her diminishing eyesight, and had to go on food stamps for a while to provide for us. You think she was proud of that? Do you think she proudly and defiantly whipped out the EBT card and proclaimed how excited she was? How dare you. Don't ever act like you have not needed someone to pick you up off the ground, brush you off, and start you off again. Foodstamps are bad? Without them, my family would not have eaten. And, if they are so bad, how bad are scholarships and student loans?!? Somebody has to pay for those too. If you are lucky enough to come from an affluent family, good for ...
After some thought I think I see where this is going The news said it was the young college kids [ ADULTS ] for today and today only . Locked it up for OBOMA . They cant drink are play the lotary But can vote on MY TAXES They will be out of school in 1 or 2 or 3 years and have a shload of student loans to pay .can tell there family good by and move over seas to get a job . Because thats where the jobs are going . And you will work for less there .With no jobs unless you are a union worker there is NO TAX STRUCTURE . This means MR. Lazy dont have Cell Food Spending Money Healthcare HEHEHEHEHE ! TOO FUNNY OBAMA just might be the smartest president ever. Legal Cleansing. 4 years till Christmass
Last political status/rant of the election before I lay off politics for a long time: The last four years, I have been unemployed nearly the whole time. I couldn't find a job, and I had many friends in the same situation. There was not a scholarship in sight for somebody like me, and I am 30,000 dollars in debt to student loans now. I have not seen any of this help Obama has promised for Americans. I witnessed my home town go through one of the worst economies in the U.S. because they shut down all the oil wells and put nearly the whole town out of business. I am very unhappy about where the country has been, and I hope that it will head in a better direction in the future. That's my opinion, in case anybody was wondering.
My stepson is racking up Student loans at UAB to be educated in the medical field. Now, how does his future look? Pray, pray & pray more!
If Obama is so good, I hope he good enough to bail out American Citizens from their mortgages and student loans?? Maybe we need to stop talking and write a law that states this and submit to our Congress and our newly re-elected president.
My husband can be a lil more direct than I am but I had to repost .WELL said babe !! It REALLY makes you think :-/ Jeremy Doucet - Long rant coming :-) Hmm..People really don't know how close to bankruptcy this country is. I feel so sorry for my kids. They won't get to experience the same country I grew up in. Most black people, (NOT ALL), I must say again NOT ALL black people but MOST of them voted for Obama simply because he is black. Most of them haven't the slightest idea of what he stood for or what he is doing. Most couldn't tell you what the national debt currently is, what the economic status of our country is, what the unemployment rate among black men is, what the social security payout for them will be in 10yrs based on what Obama has passed, what it is going to cost your children in taxes and benefits in 5yrs, how difficult it will be to get a house that you've dreamed of owning for years, how hard it will be to get a job that you've studied years for based on the amount of taxes that your em ...
I wish I could have a personal talk to Mr. Obama about my Federal Student Loans!! I would tell him that my bill, which is very close to 6 figures, should be marked PAID IN FULL with the blood, sweat AND tears I've put towards my BA over the last 3 1/2 years!!
Here is a fun fact: if you are a convicted murderer and want to go to school when u get out u can apply for student loans... However if u r a kid who hasnever been in any trouble except for being caught with a joint u r not eligible for student loans lol that makes sense
well, back to the agenda at hand! Bills, Student loans, car note, no insurance! LOL
I could go without health care, would accept higher taxes, would be willing to forego help with my student loans, and might even accept another war, maybe even enlist, if we would only do something substantial about global warming. Please. That is my only issue.
I'll be graduating soon.. So, I ain't got no worries! You see, student loans right there, you see financial aid right there. No, I ain't got no worries!
(APPLAUSE) ... when the average American family saw its income go up $7,500 instead of go down $2,000, like it has under George Bush. (APPLAUSE) We measure the strength of our economy not by the number of billionaires we have or the profitsof the Fortune 500, but by whether someone with a good idea can take a risk and start a new business, or whether the waitress who lives on tips can take a day off and look after a sick kid without losing her job, an economy that honors the dignity of work. The fundamentals we use to measure economic strength are whether we are living up to that fundamental promise that has made this countrygreat, a promise that is the only reason I am standing here tonight. Because, in the faces of those young veterans who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan, I see my grandfather, who signed up after Pearl Harbor, marched in Patton's army, and was rewarded by a grateful nation with the chance to go to college on the G.I. Bill. In the face of that young student, who sleeps just three hou ...
Reasons I was told I voted for Obama: Romney is for big business - isn't the auto industry big business? I need better health care - you don't pay for what you got Romney want's to take away student loans - just stupid I can't afford Romney - He's going to double our taxes and give it to the rich. equally stupid Romney wants things to be the way they use to be. What people working? Romney wants to take away my food stamps. That was part of his platform. Romney will take away my right for an abortion. They didn't know what Roe Vs Wade was. Thank you LBJ your dream has come true: Everyone is dependent not independent.
In the midst of all this nonsense, I want to give a huge shout out to all the troops overseas fightin' and dying so all the fat Americans back home can openly/freely disrespect our Commander-in-Chief for reasons these people couldn't begin to understand. Put yourself in the President's shoes: think about how whiny, ungrateful, uneducated, and needy you are? Now imagine taking care of almost 315 million people just like you. You know the least bit about nothing at all of the problems in or out of America. You know zero percent of nothing at all, so stop talking like you do? It's not his fault you owe student loans, no one told you to major in business because you didn't know what else to pick.
Now, lets work on these student loans...
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Yay Obama! Yay marital equality in 4 more states! Yay not having crazy interest on my crazy student loans! Yay 'Merica!
I have complex ptsd due to a lifetime of abuse. I want to work but I can't. I have student loans I'm struggling to pay. My illness is out of my hands. Yea I'm fortunate to get help from the government or I'd be on the street--I practically am. I have medication I can afford to keep me from suicide. America is saving my *** telling me I'm worth something. If you're going to knock Obama and tell me I'm a mooch, unfriend me and say it to my face
Coming up with a plan to knock my debt (mostly student loans) out of my life!
If i had a dollar for every irritating status or comment, i would have enough money to not worry about paying off my student loans.
t THOROUGHLY pisses me off that people DON'T GET how screwed we are right now. Wake up you *** Out generation and our children's generation is gonna be flat broke. Like · Comment 16 people like this. Write a comment... Chris Mych i expect a revolution, 2 hours ago · Like Sam Severson chill out and go get batteries so we can play Madden 2 hours ago · Like · 1 Chris Rodriguez It pisses a man off too. 1 hour ago · Like · 1 Chris Schwartz either way ppl are gonna be broke romney wanted to take away ppls help that actually needed it which hurts the ppl and not the gov. obama is doing the exact opposite. 59 minutes ago · Like · Edit Chris Schwartz id much rather obama pay for ppl to eat and go to doctors rather than coming home and seeing everything has been stolen out of my home to be sold for their kids to eat and get emergency help ppl dont understand the street reality of wat will happen even more if that is taken away 56 minutes ago · Like · Edit Cory Pope No he wanted to take away help from ...
Yes! My president will stay black for four more years!! That means three things: I will still be receiving healthcare until I am student loans won't be messed with...and I will have complete and total control over my body. That's a beautiful thing and a blessing...Thank you Obama :)
Bad news, Obama won. Good news, I don't need to repay my student loans, after all, that's what America just said!
It never occurred to me that "quitting" is an option. If my current conditions are affecting my academics way too much, maybe I should drop everything and start my life in a different direction, something more in the creative field. I've come to this thought because looking back the past 10 years, I have been nothing but miserable. There were many factors, yes, but school was very difficult for me. I've always wanted to be a doctor, but it just might be that I don't have what it takes physically and mentally. I've observed a pattern and it seems likely that it wasn't just depression, it seems more like a bipolar disorder. I don't think I can push myself any further. I feel like I'm disappointing everybody and making relationships dysfunctional. I'm crying right now thinking about throwing in the towel and just giving up... Withdraw from school... deal with student loans... what a disaster that would be... The thought is quite terrifying, but if something makes you so miserable that it makes you want to sh ...
Mourning for the country. For our health care system. For Medicare. For the 23 million jobless. For the millions who will work 29 hours per week for the rest of their lives. For the rampant inflation that will ravage the middle class. For the kids who cant find work and cant discharge 200k in student loans. For 20 trillion in debt that can never be repaid. For our allies who will be traded away for vanity. For Israel. This is a dark day whose ramifications will be felt for generations to come.
Well all of my hopes of buying a new truck went straight in the crapper. Along with my hopes of becoming a nurse. What's the point? I won't be able to afford a truck payment nor will I be able to pay off more student loans. I should quit while I'm behind
What do you do when you realize you owe a ton of student loans?
I don't want to get the governments help with paying my student loans and with buying books, I want the government to create jobs so when I graduate I can pay for my bills myself
I love seeing people who I know for a fact need and use student loans complain and whine about Obama winning. I see those say people having a fit about women's rights and wanting some of them taken away such as the right to choose. We already felt with this issue as a nation. I honestly don't believe in abortion but I really don't believe in back alley abortions even more. I find it funny that Republicans want to take the right to choose away but also take public assistance how do you suppose these people take care of these kids? I know the key would be that they don't get pregnant at all but thats not going to happen and we are not going to teach anyone a lesson by making people suffer.
If you voted for Obama, please tell me why...
SO happy about another four years of Obama. Someone asked how I could vote for a president who has spent four years doing "nothing". My answer would be: reforms on health care, wall street, student loans and grants. Bin Laden, Gaddafi, the space program, Dont ask Dont tell, the auto industry, pulling troops out of Iraq, vast improvements in foreign relations, and stem cell research.
I voted for Obama, Why? Because Mitt wanted to stop giving out birth control, make it harder for people to get state help like food stamps, and make anyone that has children to get married and band student loans for collage, so all in the 47% that can't barrow money from are parent's cant go to collage. So MITT was not in favor for me, I don't necessarily agree with everything that Obama has done and don't agree with everything he has planned but i know that my vote went in for best interest of my family..
Here is a challenge for all Americans without a job. Get a college degree and make something of your life! Quit living off of those of us who took the challenge to be all we can be!!! Student loans and all!!! Bc we owe u nothing! Get off your lazy bass and get a job!! Quit breeding like rabbits!! Take care of your own! Nits not the working classes responsibility to take care of your lazy ***
Pray to God my kids can find a job out of college to start paying back all these student loans! bummed.
Just got out of a 3 hour lab :/ meant to say seems that prop 30 isnt passing :/. Hello student loans -_-
Woke up to some drunk guy yelling "Obama" lol smh Congrats to The President! Now can you please pay my student loans for me??? Good looking out!
News flashhh: abortion is wrong according to the bible! *** marriage is wrong according to the bible! Women will never be paid the same as a man! When our generation graduates college, we are not guaranteed jobs even with the appropriate degrees! When we get out of college our student loans will still be there, as our tuition steadily goes up, and the funds for financial aid become less available! The unemployment rate steadily increases! Insurance rates are steadily going up! Way to go lazy Americans who want the easy way out! Appreciate screwing things over for the people who actually work and pay taxes, and who really needs the government help but can't get it because of the lazy Americans who can't get off there *** to work!
I just realized what the next 4 years will be like for this country and myself: hopeful... meaning I hope I can pay off these student loans
Congratulations Mr. President! In the end nothing has really changed, nothing will change!! You and the rest of the politicians still have your big fat paychecks while the rest of us will still struggle with taxes, student loans, medical insurance, uninployement, soldiers getting killed! Not to mention the people just hit by the devastating results of Sandy!!!What are your plans MR .President ?
Well I guess its time to shut down your small businesses, quit paying your own health care and go to work for the government. Will they pay our student loans back too? I mean without me having to pay for it? Its gonna be awesome when every line is like the dmv!
I support Obama's view on foreign policy (to a certain degree) and the fact he wants to lower interest rates on student loans. However, Romney was my choice on the ballot because I feel he is the answer to an economic recovery. Therefore, I support an Obama presidency with a Romney vice presidency (how the election should be Hope is all we have Obama and Romney supporters alike. Here's to a prosperous future!!
Yay for us women and students! We get to keep our rights and our student loans for another 4 years at least, until some other *** comes along and trys to take them away again! Nice win Obama!
My student loans will be sent to Mitt for a waive off
Now all we have to do now is wait for the hammer to fall,now Obama will show his true self, wait you Democrats that elected this person, wait now for your taxes to go up, all you college students that voted for him, wait for the day the government tells you , you will have to work in soup kitchens to pay off student loans, wait when medicare stops and Obama care takes over healthcare, now the Senior citizens have to worry about the Death panels and their medicare is taken away. Wait while this man makes America defenseless which will happen when he starts cutting our Military, wait until he decides he wants to become King Obama, don't say we did not warn you. I am to old now but the young people have to work with this, prove me wrong.
Well Now that everyone has vented and said what they had to say, lets see who has really been praying. Lets see if we as a Nation can do what we want the President, Democrats, and Republicans to do and that is work together; as a community, city, state, and a single combined race of people. Stop pointing fingers and find solutions !!! All these student loans due someone should be educated enough now to move forward and grow up….
Well, the only way this could get worse would be the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. On the bright side, I wouldn't have to pay back my student loans.
I'm speechless! I had faith in my fellow Americans, I guess people like Unemployment,more taxes, high gas prices and higher interest on our kids college student loans:( Not a very proud American tonight.
Republican guide to an Obama second term: Step 1. Quit your job or get fired, either way! Step 2. Apply for a free cell phone Step 3. Apply for mortgage forgiveness Step 4. Attend some drive-thru or mail-in college and receive student loans and grants Step 5. Use your assistance check for a cruise because you have been earning income under your spouses name or baby daddy/mama the entire time. Step 6. And remember none of your failures are your fault, you are a victim of circumstances, that book was just too heavy to pick-up, crack was just too good of a high, and hey unprotected unmarried sex is just too much fun.
From my friend Lisha Gallegos. She sums it up the best tonight: "After all my years working on electoral politics and many losses it feels good to get a win. And this one was so important for unions, working class, women, reproductive rights, defining rape!, *** rights, immigration rights, supreme court appointments, federal funding for disaster relief, public television, student loans, not giving wealthy special rights, funding of basic necessary infrastructure, social security, medicare, medicaid, early education funding, and the lists goes on! This is a win for everyone!!" Lisha G!
Barack is president, student loans getting reformed, *** marriage passed for the first time on ballots (civil rights), marijuana legalized recreationally in Colorado (well done), and legalized medically in several other states, universal healthcare (human rights) will go through, and our military will become sleaker, more efficient, more knowledge, more respected and more effective while saving money for basic education, job training and rebuilding our infrastructure. Thank you for voting against the corporations and for the people.
well obama won. lets not mark this as a lose for the republican party let this be a lesson. 1.) Never threaten food stamps 2.) don't pick someone who has a record of sending jobs over seas and then he says he will bring them back. 3.) College students are broke dont threaten us with talks of calling in student loans. 4.) don't filibuster everything the president tries to do for four years and expect the voters not to acknowledge that. 5.) Don't pick someone who says let the auto industry die when people depend on them for there lives. 6.) Image is not everything. Why Obama won Because above all the politics he is for the people. Not about sending jobs overseas Not about restricting freedom Not about being a hypocrite Not about saying whatever just to get votes.
GOD *** IT! OBAMA WON!!!.now i can still get health care and financial aid for my student loans...What an *** hole.
Great race but never forget the HOOD that is it. Obama can I get a check and tell student loans not to touch it
Y'all Steady talking about Romney was taking FoodStamps, Welfare etc.. That aint all he was Taken y'all forgot Medicaid, Student loans and Some Moe all Dat Shiidd Dead Dude Lost TeamObama handle yo business bruh man lol
Good Bye Mitt Romney and Hello President Barack Obama : D history has been made for the 2nd time with the relection of our first black president! he won guys! S/O to all the college students in America, stuggling and striving to obtain sucess! there is hope, GOD is so good! We get to keep our student loans! lol Now its time to turn up!
Yay for ladies! Yay for *** Yay for small businesses! Yay for non-millionaires! Yay for humans of any race or religion! Yay for student loans?? Yay for amurcah!!!
Obama wins, my student loans and rights as a woman stay intact. Romney loses. You're welcome. Goodnight.
Let's stop all this crap and help me find a job to pay off my student loans.
Obama won the election. Thank you God. We get to keep our student loans and food stamps and hopefully now that Obama won a second term hopefully our benefits will continue to grow for the future. This is a glorious time in our wonderful country to elect an African-American man to a second term in presidential office. Thank you God for watching over us to see this day happen for our country.
If you get student loans, on food stamps and medicade and you voted for romney you a straight *** PERIOD
I grew up in NYS, the second most progressive state in the Union at the time. I had access to public school, access to tuition assistance (performance-based), access to Federal Pell Grants, and access to federally guarantee student loans. I thank all of my fellow taxpayers for their contribution to my chances at improving my life, and myself. I paid back my loans, and have paid back in taxes many times over the $ I was granted for tuition. At times, I qualified for, but did not apply for, welfare and welfare-to-work. I think we need programs designed to train the next generation on how to find, or make opportunities in manufacturing. I'd make that item if I were Obama.
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After 11/2 years it's over,lets move foreword together to build the middle class,Excellence in education,Health care,Lower student loans,protect our parents and senior citizens,Stop the congress blocking,And start comning together to make this a better nation.
I guess all we can hope for now is that Obama actually does what he says he will this term. Doubt that though. Goodbye gun rights, hello five dollars for a gallon of gas, living off food stamps because my student loans cost so much, and paying for lazy people to sit at home and do nothing. GO 'MERICA
I have to say even though I am almost done with school and I'm expecting permanent employment in a well paying profession, I'm happy to see that we have a president who will help those like me; low income, needing financial aid, student loans, etc. those people, who like me, haven't had great medical insurance, and I can go on and on. Lets not forget we are all together and at some times in life, need help. Just because you have yours, don't think you shouldn't help your brother or sister stand tall too. I'm so proud of my president.
What I find it hard to believe is that is that our country gives a white guy and his corporate friends eight years to f^&k up our country and get us into two wars that were not going to be paid for ,but we give a black guy basically 72 days in total ( with a filibuster proof majority ,and two years with what he's got ,and what is even worse nothing has been done with what he's had within the last two years ) to straighten up this country ,but thru all of the obstruction from the right ,unemployment went from close to 11.0% to 7.9% ,the Dow went from 6500 to 13,500 ,we brought one war to an end while winding down another, Lilly Ledbetter Act was passed ,Affordable Healthcare Act was passed , Student Loans are given via federal gov't not the banks , consumers are better protected from banks ,even though I thought that more could've been done ,he even brought the US auto industry from the brink of bankruptcy . He tried to meet the other side half to more than halfway basically almost alienating his supporte ...
For those of you who said Pres. Obama has done nothing ...ALL THESE BILLS were signed into laws by Pres. Obama: 1-29-09 Equal Pay for Equal job for women (Lilly Ledbetter act) 5-22-09 New regulations on Credit Cards(protects consumers from sudden rate hikes. 6-22-09 Regulate Tobacco companies (reducing nicotine and warning labels ) 10-11-09 Hate Crime Bill ( assaults based on sex orientation.) 1-30-=09 Extended Health Insurance to about 5 million uninsured children 3-30-10 Government sponsored Student Loans our of Banks and given directly by Dept of Education. 2-17-09 Stimulus Bill , to get country out of a 2nd depression (Education, Energy, Infrastructure , etc.) 3-22-10 Comprehensive Health Care for millions of americans 7-21-10 Financial Reform Bill (regulating excesses by Wall Street- best Consumer Protection on history) 8-6-9 Appointed first Hispanic to judge of Supreme Count (Sotomayor) 2-2-11 "Start Treaty" cutting by 1/2 Russian arsenals 12-22-10 "9-11 Health Bill" (for first responder ...
If you vote for Romney Ryan, you'll be voting to gut Medicare, gut Medicaid, gut Pell Grants, gut Student Loans, reduce money spent on Food Stamps, give more GIANT tax cuts to the super rich. -- You'll be voting to KEEP every penny going to America's $1 Trillion per year War Department and then to spend $2 Trillion more modernizing the Navy and the Air Force. -- You'll be voting to turn America into a country that imprisons more of it's citizens than any other country on Earth. -- And you'll be voting to grow new generations of foreign terrorists because, like GW Bush, Romney will send armies into countries for "preemptive" reasons. -- You'll be voting to roll back or eliminate fundamental programs that have bettered the lives of hundreds of millions of people and that millions of Americans fought and died for over the 80 or so years. -- Please vote tomorrow, and vote for President Obama and Vice President Biden to continue their quest to continue moving America toward a more perfect union.
Obama CUT out the BANKS reducing Student Loans & extended Pell Grants. Forgives loans for those who can't find work...
gonna work hard and get a lot accomplished today and tomorrow then enjoy some cool jazz at the Coffee House by the Student Loans tomorrow nite.
Unintended Consequences of Student Loans: BY PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY. Federal student financial assistance programs are...
Myth of Lesser Two Evils: The issue is NOT voting for Obama is lesser of two evils. Obama, a flawed inept politician whose overall ideas were sound. Health insurance-not the best plan. Protect Food Stamps, Student Loans, doubled Dow Jones and protected retirement funds, protect women rights, *** rights, began investment in clean energy, ended Iraq War and struggled with Afghanistan mess which does not have any logical solution, pushed banking regulation-could have been stronger. And, the Romney alternative? The reverse. Obama never understood a president is an educator who leads the nation, attempting to compromise with Republicans was wrong since they never wanted to. The last time we had this argument liberals turned down Hubert Humphrey and got Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, these days Nixon seems like a liberal!
Tax, National Insurance and Student Loans. There is no "emergency". Give me my money back.
No. Student Loans will be the next financial crisis. Big shake due in Uni sector. Poorly financed and relying on foreigners.
What is not reported is often more important than what is. Project Censored's list of the 25 top censored stories for 2012: 1. Signs of an Emerging Police State 2. Oceans in Peril 3. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Worse than Anticipated 4. FBI Agents Responsible for Majority of Terrorist Plots in the United States 5. First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals Trillions Loaned to Major Banks 6. Small Network of Corporations Run the Global Economy 7. 2012: The International Year of Cooperatives 8. NATO War Crimes in Libya 9. Prison Slavery in Today’s USA 10. HR 347 Would Make Many Forms of Nonviolent Protest Illegal 11. Members of Congress Grow Wealthier Despite Recession 12. US Joins Forces with al-Qaeda in Syria 13. Education “Reform” a Trojan Horse for Privatization 14. Who Are the Top 1 Percent and How Do They Earn a Living? 15. Dangers of Everyday Technology 16. Sexual Violence against Women Soldiers on the Rise and under Wraps 17. Students Crushed By One Trillion Dollars in Student Loans 18. Palestinian Wo ...
Do you have Student Loans that your -sick- of making payments on? The Army National Guard offers up to $50,000 in our Federal Student Aid Repayment Program. Vices are: -They can not be defaulted on or in collections -They must be a subsidized or unsubsidized federal loan.
We or rather I have finished reading, Watership Down, a book about Rabbits, War Horse, and Water for Elephants, now Henry wants me to take out a loan so he can go to the OSU Vet School. Doe's anyone know what the interest rate for Student Loans is now? Henry said, " it shouldn't take me long, since I already have a; BA, MBA, Phd, Law Degree, MD as well as extensive work in Nuclear Science and Quantum Physics, however the G.I. Bill does not apply to the time I spent in the French Foreign Legion, Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." D&H
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I hear politician talking bout providing justice to gang members/those who rob/hurt the American citizens. Well, to all politicians-you are not doing a good job! I have not heard any of you address the biggest gang out here. No, Its name is not the Crips, Bloods, GD, Vice Lords, etc BUT the notorious gang: Sallie Mae, Citi Bank, etc. They are part of a big/ uncontrolled network called Student Loans. Please lock them up! Thanks in advance.
note to self & all other students: do not, i repeat, DO NOT give Sallie Mae your cell # when updating your profile & paying Student Loans smdh... ***
Shout-out to PNC: Jim Rohr on Squawk Box this morning talking about Cyber Threats and Student Loans.
What a great day! Student Loans have came through! Accepted into full sail's music production program.Now its just a waiting game till November :D
Boomers Staying In Debt To Retire In Comfort October 05, 2012 | Filed Under » Debt, Personal Finance, Retirement, Retirement Plans While the G.I. generation (those that fought in World War II) avoided debt and saved the majority of their incomes, today's retiring baby boomers are hardly approaching retirement in the manner of their parents. According to several recent studies and polls, it seems that despite vanishing pensions, low 401(K) balances and threats to social security and other welfare programs, many retiring baby boomers have no desire to give up their current lifestyles. This new trend of carrying debts into retirement could be the new normal, as poor planning, unforeseen emergencies and zero desire to downsize takes precedent in the boomer's retirement plans. Overall, the trend could be seen as alarming and serve as a wake-up call for modern financial planning. Credit Card, Student Loans and Mortgage Debt Many financial pundits and retirement experts worry that the baby boomers - better know ...
Just completed some stuff for school... Hoping I don't have to take out tons of student loans.
Just looked at how much student loans I have to pay off. Fml.
How do I increase the amount of aid I receive from my federal direct loan?
*** bragging because they got new jays or a iPhone *** pay rent a car note some student loans then Bragg about being grown
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