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Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott (born July 19, 1965) is a sportscaster and anchor on ESPN's SportsCenter.

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The most important thing I do is I'm a dad. ~Stuart Scott
Stuart Scott was the best,how many catchphrases that he came up with have been used by everyone RIP ❤
yep. Dan Patrick and Stuart Scott. En fuego! Was as cool as the other side of the pillow! : )
What a pleasure to work with talented photographer on a 20 year retrospective of Arsenal. Out tomo. htt…
But Imma get rich and that's with you or not. I'm talking ballin till I die like I'm Stuart Scott. 🔥🔥🔥
long before Steve levy, Stuart Scott, John Anderson, and others
ESPN went down when stuart Scott started to get sick smh R.I.P
admittedly I'm a danger to my self and to others. limbs everywhere.
Scott Morrison and Stuart Robert the latest MPs forced to pay back money claimed OCTOBER 11, 2013
I'll try my best Scott, thanks for the advice🤔💦
gotta be my favorite ESPN anchor behind the late, great Stuart Scott. SVP always reppin the hometown too 💯
"Life consists of two dates with a dash in between. Make the dash count" -Stuart Scott
I have officially begun my journey to becoming the next Stuart Scott
As cool as the other side of the pillow - thinking about the inspiration of Stuart Scott today
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Our sin is nothing short of forsaking Christ's love and choosing rubbish or broken cisterns. -Stuart Scott
him and Stuart Scott are the best to ever do it at ESPN.
Dante hall's ridiculous juke And the late great Stuart Scott commentating the only way we knew
*** talkin' bout the game like it's ESPN I'll put your *** with Stuart Scott" 😭🔥
BCTC Fall training conference with Stuart Scott and Martha Peace. Check it out:
A brilliant post from coach Stuart McMillan. Always question the reasoning behind everything you do in training.
Raymond Depardon photographed Glasgow in 1980 with wit and a humanist warmth:
Intro to the Principles and Practice of
Want to know more about tue death of local host and the rise of
SVP's late night show is so dope. I wish they would've tried something like this with Stuart Scott at some point when he was at ESPN.
You've got to be true to who you are and what you do. I'm more of a hip-hop feel person. Music
"Don't downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your convictions to match your destiny". - Stuart Scott.
Like the great Stuart Scott used to say 'Mr. Momentum has changed his address '.
Blanche Stuart Scott makes the first solo airplane flight by a woman in the United State..
Try Julie B , Bronwyn B , Prissie Pyne, Stuart Robert.Scott Morrison they have al made exorbitant claims on the pu…
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Balling until the day I die like I'm Stuart Scott.
Before I go to bed I always flip my pillow... Word to Stuart Scott
Today would have been Stuart Scott's 51st birthday. We miss you, Stu .
In loving memory of Stuart Scott...C'Mon man
I started playing in '98, but I got hooked by playing celebrity golf tournaments. Tiger had
This new Travis Scott album is wild
Hello Stuart, I am sorry to hear of the issues your having. Could you please DM me your order number. Kind regards, Scott
A Celtic fan giving Scott Sinclair some advice ahead of their clash with Rangers... 😂😂😂
Hex occasional table, designed and made by Stuart Scott.
Should your move to the See new for answers!
Celtic. Played for us a while back. Our Sinclair is Stuart. Every time he's on they call him Scott 😂
Please tell commentator Scott Sinclair plays for Celtic.Ex Rovers give him that. Think he means Stuart Sinclair !! 😂😂😂😂
next week Lee they'll be commentating on Celtic & calling Scott , Stuart
someone tell the commentator on sky it's Stuart sinclair not Scott and bristol rovers are playing nor bristol city gr
Sinclair for Rovers is Stuart not Scott, get it right commentators!
How many times do you need correcting... It's STUART Sinclair not SCOTT... 😂
RIP John Saunders... He was on the same level as Stuart Scott. Great people and great analyst. Sad couple of years for ESPN.
Hannah Storm has had to give the news live on air about Stuart Scott and John Saunders passing away. Tough to keep composur…
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Valvano and Stuart Scott Tribute "Don't Give Up"
Picture my dad, Jim Valvano and Stuart Scott smoking cigars and drinking cognac together in heaven. It makes me smile thinking about it.
It surely must be time for Stuart Broad to bat No 11.
After the deaths of Stuart Scott and John Saunders, I have been motivated to continue to strive for greatness as a journalist. Time is now.
These amazing men John Saunders and Stuart Scott,change the way we watch ESPN and all sports today.
From Toure Clark,We Honor John Saunders & Stuart Scott,they change the why we watch ESPN TV.
God Bless John Saunders! RIP . I hope you and Stuart Scott have your Sports Center in the sky!
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Stuart Scott, John Saunders, and Bob Ley - the best that ESPN had to offer, and now 2 of them are gone. Sad day.
Stuart Scott's espy speech = Prince Fielder's last press conference
Like most, I watched John Saunders and Stuart Scott all day at one point in my life.
dawg I can't believe John Saunders passed, him and Stuart Scott are two of the biggest reasons why I watched ESPN
Suzy Kolber breaking down talking about Stuart Scott will always make me emotional.
Man 1st Stuart Scott now u it's truly a new day sports just not…
Stuart Scott was why I wanted to get into broadcasting. John Saunders was my inspiration to stay in broadcasting. It's be…
Time to put Chris Berman in a cryogenic freeze. First Stuart Scott now John Saunders.
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Heaven has a truly dynamic duo with Stuart Scott and John Saunders and the will be awesome with them on the call
Another broadcasting legend gone. John Saunders and Stuart Scott got me to really follow sports. They will be missed!
I feel terrible for having to break the news twice in the last couple years. Stuart Scott & John Saunders. Very difficult.
Stuart Scott, Al Michaels, John Madden, Harry Caray. great job in the chair this week!
First Stuart Scott now John Saunders... All my favorite ESPN analyst goin to the upper room
Bryan Burwell, Stuart Scott, now another gone too soon.
5. Thoughts & prayers to John Saunders & family. Hugs to Hannah Storm for announcing the news of both Stuart Scott's & John Saunders deaths.
I have no idea why but Stuart Scott been on my mind and heart all morning and I can't help but watch his ESPN tribute videos
Find out why Stuart Rootham's hire is only part of management changes
boy gets tough gigs because she had the job of announcing Stuart Scott had passed also.
John Saunders was a great person, Him and Stuart Scott were role models for everyone.
Well Heaven gained another one RIP John Saunders now is with Stuart Scott yall were the best and will be surely missed
As opposed to the death of Stuart Scott, which hurt, but we knew he was sick, the suddenness of the passing of John Saunders hurts more
Now Heaven has 2 Great sports icons Stuart Scott and John Saunders Yall are surely missed RIP
don't think the coverage of my man Stuart Scott would've been the same, never been more disappointed abt my favorite show 😢
He paved the way for Stuart Scott, and we ALL know his journey. Without John Saunders, there's no Stuart Scott. RIP
Don't downgrade your dreams to match your reality. Upgrade your faith to match your destiny.Stuart Scotthttps:…
Stuart Rootham to join Aston Scott as group MD
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Just like Stuart Scott was the Peter Jennings of John Saunders was like Frank Reynolds.
RIP John Saunders gonna miss him like stuart scott literally loved him as an anchor so sad he wont be on sportscenter again😰
Hannah Storm let us know about Stuart Scott & John Saunders. Somebody hug Hannah Storm for me.
Man, tough job for Houston native She had to announced today's death of John Saunders. Did the same fo…
Little Giant Ladders
Last year, Hannah Storm broke news of Stuart Scott's death. Today, she had to do the same for John Saunders
your colleague Hannah Storm handled having to announce his passing with great professionalism like she did with Stuart Scott
thats crazy Hannah Storm was live on air when ESPN announced Stuart Scott and now John Saunders' death...has to be tou…
Thinking of John Saunders & family today & how about a hug for Hannah Storm having to announce Stuart Scott's & John Sau…
Without John Saunders, there is no Stuart Scott, Jay Harris, etc...You always to my favorite ESPN personality,...
Berman, Lee, Patrick and I'd throw Stuart Scott on mine.
Man, this news hit me just as hard as Stuart Scott. Tremendous loss.
I tried watching the Hannah Storm clip about John Saunders. Three seconds in, I had Stuart Scott flashbacks and had to cut it.
The Neil Everett, Stuart Scott, and Stan Verrett days of Sportscenter were the best
Bomani Jones is the best thing to happen to ESPN since Stuart Scott. Dude doesn't know how to not keep it real.
The Ernie Johnson E:60 documentary was so moving, but when he gave his Emmy to Stuart Scott's daughters at the end, I lost it. What a man.
Happy Birthday to my Sportscasting idol Stuart Scott! Watching sports just isn't the same without ya!
Stuart Scott would have turned 51 years old today. Rest in peace to a true inspiration and legend.
Happy Birthday to the late great Stuart Scott who would have been 51 years old today. Here's a clip of his speech. htt…
.makes debut with heavy heart, nod to Stuart Scott.
Stuart Scott would have been 51 today. Consider donating to in his memory.
Forever cooler than the other side of the pillow…. Happy Birthday to the late Stuart Scott who would've been 51 https:/…
Happy Birthday to one of the greats Stuart Scott. RIP
SportsCenter hasn't been as good without Stuart Scott, Happy Birthday my man.
"Fight like *** And when you get too tired to fight, lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you." - Stuart Scott
"You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and in the manner in which you live.". —Stuart Scott.
Happy 51st birthday to Stuart Scott. RIP cool guy. Will have ice cream today.
Stuart Scott would have turned 51 today. No doubt many ESPNers will be thinking of him.
Hope God and Stuart Scott take care of Craig Sager
Idk which speech I teared up the most the Stuart Scott speech or the Craig Sager speech
ESPYs serve its purpose for important things like Craig Sager & Stuart Scott. Let's not act like the "Best Male Athlete" actually matters.
First Jimmy V.then Stuart Craig S. Gives a incredible speech that had everybody crying. Salute you and your fight
So Craig Sager, Stuart Scott, Robin Roberts etc getting acknowledgment on a global platform is stupid? Got it.
Didn't see the Espys but saw Craig Sager' speech I have so much admiration and respect for him & the great Stuart Scott
Craig Sager gave an awesome speech last night but it's so difficult to follow up Stuart Scott from last year
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jim Valvano, Stuart Scott and Craig Sager have hands down the best ESPY speeches ever🙌🏼
I hope Craig Sager doesn't go out just like Stuart Scott did.
I watched Craig Sager's ESPY speech last night then Stuart Scott's this morning and I wasn't prepared to start my day this emotional.
Don't know what ESPY speech was better Craig Sager or Stuart Scott
Craig Sager's speech at the ESPY's will forever be embedded in my head... just like Stuart Scott's
Craig Sager didn't try to be Stuart Scott. He succeeded in delivering his own message the way he wanted. Heartfelt, sincere,…
Craig Sager follows colorfully in the inspirational ESPY speech footsteps of Jimmy V, Stuart Scott and Robin Roberts https:/…
2 years ago, Stuart Scott gave the speech of a lifetime. If this doesn’t get to you, you don’t have a heart. RIP.
Jim Valvano and Stuart Scott both poured their hearts out along with countless others. Add Craig Sager to that list.
Jimmy V, Stuart Scott, and Craig Sagers speeches are something to be remembered forever.
Craig Sager's acceptance speech for the Jimmy V Perseverance ESPY was every bit as good as Stuart Scott's a couple of y…
Over the years, Jim Valvano, Stuart Scott & Robin Roberts have reminded us . WATCH:
In honor of tonight's ESPYs, we remember Stuart Scott's moving speech from 2014.
Stuart Scott showed us all what courage is.
Gonna watch the Jimmy V and Stuart Scott speeches from past ESPY's and I suggest everyone does.They were also an inspiration for my late dad
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On the day of the ESPYs, Stuart Scott's spirit lives on, and always will:
is the black Stuart Scott to me. Those two made me wanna go into sports journalism/broadcast
Celeb deaths that messed me up more than normal: Michael Jackson, Stuart Scott, Paul Walker, Anton Yelchin, Lor Scoota
The new era of sportscenter anchors are brutal. Stuart Scott is disgusted up in heaven.
You gotta know that you're better than anybody, 'cause to me, if you d...
Why is not Stuart Scott at the EA pressed
Gun lobby: Now's not the time to discuss gun control. - When then?. - When there's not just been a shooting. - When's th…
RIP Stuart Scott, still missing you man. 🙏
Governor Scott smirking in a serious press conference about the massacre of 50 people in Orlando
Me too. Stuart earnt it by running two marathons. I erm. Watched! 😀
Rick Scott press conference, never once mentioned the word *** or anything like it or about it.
"You can’t achieve the favor of God. You can only receive it." - Scott Williams
I've got corporate executives, my bosses... this is true... who will t...
I'm probably not as big of a hip-hop fan as people may think. I'm not ...
Every time I flip my pillow to the cool side I think of Stuart Scott.   10% Off
Kids today won't know the joy of waking up and watching with Stuart Scott.
I practice a lot. I practice in the winter when it's cold in Connectic...
Tim Meadows just screaming Booyah as Stuart Scott is great.
Playing a show in Stuart, FL at 8:00 PM today at Crafted Keg
With the death of Ali, and the great hockey player Gordie Howe , makes me realize I'm still not over Stuart Scott's death either.
That was from Stuart Scott on why he never asked questions like "Why me?" After being diagnosed w/ cancer. Have a beloved day friends
Congratulations to Winner of the Aesthetica People's Choice Award https:…
My first Boss gig - Born in USA Tour, 7th July 1985 Leeds, I was 16yrs old
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Dulwich Hamlet FC: 'Hipster' football team fans' fury over sponsorship deal
Stuart Scott upcycling club will be at the Newmarket farmer's market today! Upcyclers, I'll be there at 7:30; come when you can.
A lot of rappers say 'I'm talking about stuff that goes on, what I gre...
NBA finals aren't the same with Stuart Scott.
I miss Stuart Scott doing the post-game on SportsCenter during the Finals...
been boring since Stuart Scott passed away
Wish Stuart Scott could be calling the post game 😔
Stuart Townsend and Scott Speedman are my husbands.
I would rather listen to Stuart Scott for the whole game then have to see my feed be of you talking about any sport
I miss watching baseball highlights with Stuart Scott and there'd be a hr and you'd hear him say I'm not a playa I just crush alot
The only hope for change from the inside out is to first be changed by the grace of God. - Stuart Scott
Best grad paper goes to Joseph Stuart. On eugenics. And Scott Marianno on race and marriage. Race is big.
I hate this time of year because Stuart Scott isn't doing the NBA finals 😢
All these athletes and celebrities passing away. Still the hardest for me was Stuart Scott.
I got game like Stuart Scott, fresh out of the ESPN shop
WATCH: Stuart Pearce turns up on site to surprise TradePoint customers with a substitution -
To Scott and Stuart. To Neil, Snowy and Ian. To Charlie, Hammy, Andy and Bob. Congratulations on a fantastic effort, we are all very proud
Got my Celebrating 40 years magazine. Very inspirational edition, especially the article about Stuart Scott.
Reading "Every Day I Fight" by Stuart Scott and I don't believe there is just one word that truly describes this man. What an inspiration.
Have a great weekend, everyone! Here's some words of inspiration from Will Smith, Stuart Scott and more, to get...
I still miss seeing Stuart Scott on thankful to have grown up watching him on TV. There's no one like him. 🙏🏾
Reallly wish Stuart Scott was still here to anchor this coverage.
Seeing this ridiculous Scott Van Pelt show makes me really miss Stuart Scott and Linda Cohn or Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann.
I probably miss Stuart Scott even more
was that Stuart Scott or the coach from
In my best Stuart Scott voice.Klay Thompson is en fuego.
ESPN becomes less and less entertaining every day. Stuart Scott, Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, and now Mike Tirico gone! Yikes!
In the process of reading two books I always wanted to read! Stuart Scott's and Pat Summit's!
is new Stuart Scott, infusing hip hop in his commentary, got Doug Collins quoting hip hop lines!
yea Stuart Scott and Scott Van Pelt was a 2 man show back in the day.
ESPN Started with personalities, Stuart Scott, eisen, Kenny mayne were all themselves new dudes just fitting a mold & are clones.
Ohhh, Jimmy V. Sometimes I watch this full speech (or Stuart Scott's) when I'm low on motivation.
The Jimmy V donation segment makes me miss our boy Stuart Scott. Everyone sneak a "Boo-yeah" into your Monday
Just turned on the TV and "Mr. 3000" is on. It was the scene with Stuart Scott talking about Bernie Mack not hitting. Instantly got sad.
Stuart Scott, Lauren hill, coach jimmy v, and now pearl cut to short to the horrific actions of cancer smh
Yep. SportsCenter in the 90s was the best. Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, Rich Eison, Keith Olbermann, Stuart Scott. It was great.
Stuart Scott and Charley Steiner narrate the 1995-1996 Bulls' journey to their 70th win.
I love Stuart Scott and how he changed the game but I know he's rolling in his grave when this Jordan Peele looking mf just said "mad chill"
Kobe's come a long way from Rookie Camp with Stuart Scott and
1996 Media training video with Kobe Bryant, Keyshawn Johnson, Stuart Scott, Sportcenter vi…
Doris Burke will forever be a GOAT in sportscasting; man or woman, she up there with the Stuart Scott's of the world htt…
Craig Sager is a LEGEND along with Stuart Scott
Roy Williams paid tribute to Stuart Scott, Dean Smith & others in his opening statement following UNC's win.
I love the Scott Van Pelt show on ESPN every midnight but I feel like they should've started this years ago with Stuart Scott.
my b not Stuart Scott Van Pelt but Stuart Scott was the last part of awesome espn
I wanna be mentioned in the same breath as Stuart Scott, Chris Berman, Ernie Johnson and Dan Patrick
Stuart Scott, Bill Guthridge, Dean Smith and Phife Dawg sent tears of joy from heaven tonight.
Lets win this one for some Legends who pasted last year Coach Smith, Coach Guthridge, and Stuart Scott.
Stuart Scott and Dean Smith are smiling in heaven
Stuart Scott and Dean Smith are smiling from up above as their Heels are finally back in the Final Four after a 7 year absence RIP
WATCHIN mr 3000 and the scene where Bernie Mac watchin Stuart Scott on ESPN came on ... LEGENDS
Win it all for Dean Smith and Stuart Scott, It ain't gon ' be easy, but you guys are built for it.
Maybe its just me but has gone downhill. Grew up on Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen, Linda Cohn and Stuart Scott. Now? bunch of clowns
it might be the most depressing news in regards to reporters since Stuart Scott man.
Sportscenter is boring to watch these days. Miss the days of Stuart Scott, Dan Patrick, that crew
Scott Gibbs only makes bench in all time Saints David's day team - and no Stuart Evans!
Not sure about that. I'm into sports, I know Stuart Scott, Rich Eisen, Michelle Beadle, I never heard of Erin Andrews till incident
dawg. imagine Stuart Scott calling that Steph Curry shot on Sportscenter. RIP.
Not Stuart Scott, I ain't got no game baby
Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake... gorgeous gorgeous tune, how i love this band 🙏🏽❤️
Well done to Forever Bridal. Was great meeting Scott & Stuart finally last night.
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Imagine if Glasto wind up with Coldplay & Adele as headliners 😂😂😂
So: Grandaddy in the Welsh hills... thanks
So that's 22 new bands for Explore the full line-up here- Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! http…
ET? - 'Bright flash' seen in skies over Scotland
Thanks to this wonderful Tory Gov, for the first time in our history we now have a French firm making British honour medals
Stan you're for sure up there in my books as well. I miss Stuart Scott!
Awesome Scott! Could you let me know if this was today and approximately what time so I can make sure Stuart is recognised?
. Beware all planes and cars. Internal bombs with remote controls. Sinking ships by shawn Scott Ray . HM King Ryan Stuart
. Ben Affleck is dead. That was James Scott duke of Monmouth. A Treasonous son of his is posing as he. Funds Froze. . HM Ryan Stuart
did they ask Stuart Scott to prove he had cancer just in case it was a publicity stunt? Shame on ESPN, if true
Scott Jamie Cole, 40, formally charged with murdering 46yo man at Stuart Flats yesterday. No app for bail in ACT Magistrates Court.
Turned on this morning...pure nostalgia seeing/hearing the late great Stuart Scott again. His calls define…
The real brothers of HM Ryan Stuart and Scott C Peterson/Shawn Ray and Dirik Lahman their imposters. .
I wish Stuart Scott was alive for moments like tonight.
Griffith man charged with Stuart Flats murder: A 40-year-old Griffith man, Scott Jamie Cole, will face the ACT…
Scott Jamie Cole, 40, of Griffith, has been charged with murdering a 46yo man whose body was found at Stuart Flats
go you in tomorrow and knock Scott wottens ballix in would ye
What did a year in space do to Scott Kelly's body?
Stem coffee table designed and made by Stuart Scott, shown here in American black walnut and…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Join Ed Welch, Stuart Scott, Heath Lambert, and many others for the 2016 conference .
Another great piece of real estate history from Stuart Scott. Suncoast Land development!
if you're ever bored watch jimmy valvano or Stuart Scott's espy acceptance speeches... seriously so amazing
as the great Stuart Scott would say, Levine & Gordon are 'cooler than the other side of the pillow'!
Michael Holding just paid homage to Stuart Scott. Top man
That time when turned into Megatron, leaving behind a very confused Stuart Scott.
Steven A Smith is todays current version of the legend Stuart Scott! From "booyaa" to "so disrespectable" and many more comparisons. TY SAS
Think about Steven A Smith, Stuart Scott, and all these other media personalities.
Still miss Stuart Scott to this day man
Got game like Stuart Scott fresh off the ESPN shop 💯
Doin our thing with Scott Sheppard, Stuart Brady and Léon Withrington
just moved into Stuart Scott level in my book
what is your favorite memory of working with Stuart Scott?
Incredible read by ' intense and vivid bestiary, which…
"I've had a lot of fun with you today & now I'm bloody knackered" .LOL
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they certainly needs to discourage it through taxation, it's damaging London.
hid over 48,000 press negatives from the communist newspaper El Popular…
NEW Politics and War in the Three Stuart Kingdoms, 1637-49 by David Scott Paperb
Stuart Scott was a great analyst who is dearly missed. Please keep Boomer alive for at least 20+ years.
Stuart Scott said it best! Striving for more miracles every day!
If you've got 5 minutes, watch Stuart Scott cover Kobe's 81.
On this night a decade ago, Kobe went off for 81 points and the late Stuart Scott delivered a classic SC highlight:
Yes he was! Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen on SportsCenter!!
10 years ago today, Kobe Bryant recorded his epic 81-point game. Stuart Scott delivered the highlight.
Stuart Scott was a legend, rest in peace 🙌🏼
Kirby just has that it factor about him..Cooler than the other side of the pillow! R.I.P. Stuart Scott
Omar Sharif, Leonard Nimoy, Stuart Scott, B.B. King: A look back to the artists we lost in 2015 -
"The love never ever goes away.". message to Stuart Scott's daughters as he remembers his friend. https:…
Daughters post touching tribute to ESPN's Stuart Scott
Its been a year and i still feel like i can turn on sports center and see Stuart Scott mann..
Stuart Scott would be so proud of Brice tonight
Today is the 1-year anniversary of the passing away of Mr. Stuart Scott. We miss you!
If you were as moved by the Stuart Scott tribute as we were, here's the full video:
As we remember Stuart Scott, we look back at his memorable ESPYS speech. Continue his fight: http…
Stuart Scott's commitment to excellence was a standard that will never be broken.
"When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer.". —Stuart Scott, in our hearts forever.
A year ago today, we lost Stuart Scott. His daughters teamed up with Dear World to keep his message alive:
It has been a year since Stuart Scott has been gone. SportsCenter just isn't the same without you.
Not a day goes by where I wish I could see Stuart Scott live on ESPN one more time
A love letter to our dad, Stuart Scott. 1 year after his passing.
1 year ago today we lost Stuart Scott. We'll never forget you Stu. RIP
Stuart Scott's daughters remember their father with an emotional video tribute
Stuart Scott's daughters, Taelor and Sydni, team up with Dear World to keep their father's message alive.
Stuart Scott's daughters film tribute to father one year after his death
One year ago today, we lost the inimitable Stuart Scott. A slice of his legacy lives on through these words:...
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Cleaning up my followers / followings for the new year and can't unfollow Stuart Scott... Probably never will...
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