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Stuart Pearce

Stuart Pearce MBE (born 24 April 1962) is an English football manager and former player.

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Nice for my boy to meet Stuart Pearce tonight watching win the Cup Final 1-0. Pitch looked amazing.…
Well done tonight a great victory 💪🏻🏆 personal highlight for me though was meeting Stuart Pearce at the end…
Mind, Stuart Pearce wee wees on all of them.
How will Everton fare without Lukaku? 🤔. Can Wayne Rooney get back to his best? 🔥. 🗣 Stuart Pearce has his say...…
No way was Stuart Pearce at truck fest 😂
* BREAKING NEWS *. HQ Sports Bar are delighted to announce we will be bringing Steve Clarke & Stuart Pearce to Dunst…
Stuart Pearce gives his thoughts on Joe Hart's return to the Premier League with Mark Pearson 👀.
This account isn't Stuart Pearce. It's a sad loner pretending to be him. Should be illegal.
There's a female Stuart Pearce commentating on this England game
How difficult will it be for Chelsea to retain the Premier League title?. Mark Pearson joined Stuart Pearce to get…
We bowl over and try to get him to record a "this is Stuart Pearce and you a…
So with waiting for and we clock Stuart Pearce. Definitely him, chilling with his Mrs.
Because he had Kenny Sansome and Stuart Pearce as overlappingleft-backs which took Barne…
Stuart Pearce was not on that album, his photo was on follow up album Gods Lonely Men. Google is your friend.
The worse football period I ever witnessed. But I'll see our Stuart…
Lol you had Stuart Pearce without it.
Did Stuart Pearce just say England have the best goalkeeper in the tournament? 🤔
Evidence that the Stuart Pearce was here clearly having a good time!
Stuart Pearce didn't seem too impressed though...
I know you are,it's a few evertonians worried,and let the kopites do the worrying,West Ham fans Gary Neville Stuart…
Stuart Pearce looks like he's spitting mad! As usual!! And old 'sick note' looking all spiffy in his tidy whites!
Deffo mate, I've got nothing against Stuart Pearce but I'd put Kenny in front of him as top England left back.
Can someone identify Stuart Pearce on the Lurkers' album 'Fulham Fallout' plz. it's been bugging us for a week now...
WATCH 👀 Mark Pearson & Stuart Pearce on and the new season ahead!
Great weekend ... one of the highlights was meeting Stuart Pearce !
Players don't leave clubs cos of a few tackles in training. Stuart Pearce used to wear shin…
EXCLUSIVE: Mendy was born a blue and hates Stuart Pearce. [
Play England's youngsters in the Premier League and they will not let you down, believes former England U21 boss Stuar…
Sergio Aguero will not be offered to a league competitor as it will reinforce a competitor,…
What has Pep learnt from last season? 🤔. Stuart Pearce & Mark Pearson talk ahead of the new season ⚽️
Sergio Aguero will not be sold to a league rival as it will strengthen a rival, says former Manchester City boss Stuart Pearce …
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Why do these four have no arms? And was there no better picture of Stuart Pearce for the sidebar? So many questions
Don Revie, Glenn Hoddle, Fabio Capello and Stuart Pearce as caretaker manager
I did. Stuart Pearce thought he was a real tough guy until he ran into iron man Boli.
Stuart Pearce: I'd be ASTOUNDED if Michael Keane joined Everton ahead of 'bigger' Premier League sides. LISTEN:
Stuart Pearce advising Spain to move the ball a bit quicker in added time, the same man who slung David James upfront, clown
Sky asking Stuart Pearce, a man who played David James up front when Man City were chasing a game, what Spain should do to get an equaliser!
Stuart Pearce gives David Beckham a run for his money when you listen to people who sound brain-dead.
David James being put up front by Stuart Pearce.
Stuart Pearce played David James upfront once his input is invalid
Warrington fan Stuart Pearce - who knows a thing or two about penalties - watching the play-off shootout
in 1985, Forest signed Ian Butterworth and Stuart Pearce from Coventry City for £240k.
my wife has just listened to your show and she thinks you sounds like Martin Kemp and Vince sounds like Stuart Pearce!
As Manchester City are home and hosed, why can't Pep put Angus Gunn up front, like Stuart Pearce did with David James?
Going on air NOW with Stuart Pearce, Martin Allen, &
From what I remember Stuart Pearce, DJ Campbell, and more recently Jamie Vardy were all non-league players weren't they?
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Stuart Pearce on NFFC 'the fans are acting like they've won something but it's actually the saddest day in their history'
I saw Great Britain manager Stuart Pearce jogging around the perimeter of Cardiff Castle during the 2012 Olympics.
Annual reminder than Stuart Pearce definitely uses free magazine cologne
Sensational first half at the Bridge lead 2-1 but Stuart Pearce is convinced should have had a penalty before Hazard's second
Let it happen. 7pm Round the grounds.Every team receives top billing.Stuart Pearce join us http…
Stuart Pearce and Des Walker holding a kangaroo
let's just trust the board & let them get on with it & pray to God it's not Ricky Martin & Stuart Pearce.
IMHO Stuart Pearce as manager would be worse than Hamilton, Grant, Gunn & Neil rolled into one!
Before anyone starts moaning too much about tonight, remember Stuart Pearce!
Stuart Pearce can't say a sentence that long, he would get too confused halfway through
Stuart Pearce. Are you sniffing the glue again?
What a privilege to bring you the greatest comeback in history and Stuart Pearce. Brilliant.
Happy International Day all you kickass Warriors out there! . Photography Stuart Pearce. Hair...
Listening to and Stuart Pearce is laughing it's so unbelievable! Imagine being there for this
someone tell Stuart Pearce he's not called "Dia Maria". Moron.
Either my hearings going or stuart pearce called him Tia Maria
not when I used to go watch them under Stuart Pearce lol
How many good home performances have we seen? Bou, Wat and Tot? The rest as bad a Stuart Pearce?
Commentators are supposed to be impartial but Stuart *** van *** Pearce definitely wants Barca to win.
love fick fings what Stuart Pearce of this world is sayin as he pretends e's in Barcelona really unique bein a point in case😜
a changing and Stuart Pearce 7pm. Can Barcelona do a Barca or an Arsenal. Join…
Think the postie means Stuart Pearce, not Stewart Pearce
Stuart Pearce's first team sheet at Forest had no goalie. An oversight which his wife corrected for him.
Ridiculous stats tonight but in the words of Stuart Pearce if u don't put the ball in the onion bag u don't win foo…
Stuart pearce,anyone argue with that.
Stuart Pearce: The manager with the most unwanted record
Reminder Stuart Pearce wanted Mark Noble in the Euros starting team last summer 😂💩
Only one man matched the tree trunk thighs!!! Stuart Pearce!!! BIG beasts...
England Caretaker Manager Stuart Pearce was in the England team the last time they faced Netherlands at Wembley.
Nah think we'll keep it. I like my pic with Stuart Pearce on there. Means a lot to me! - Chris
Stuart Pearce - there's not one player you can compare to him playing today, definition of captain, legend, leader
A great little short documentary on Stuart Pearce playing for England.
3 out of 3 penalty shoot for Stu at the national football museum.Stuart Pearce looking on too!
Stuart Pearce penalty to take us into Europe and give him 100 goals.. Bessant (?) even told him where to put it
no but he was a professional penalty coach for these guys, Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, Gareth Southg…
he didn't add the fact he was the penalty coach for Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle, Garet…
Yes they should. Stuart Pearce said that it was the worse performance by a team that he had seen in years.
Issue Three: isn’t this goal by Stuart Pearce simply the most glorious thing that ever there was?
broken legs, necks, ribs here. . Which *** player was injured with a tone nail?!
Stuart Pearce done it with a broken leg. Maybe he's just hard
he comes on & changes it no surprise. Have to say I agree with Stuart Pearce's theory on Sanchez
Stuart Pearce describing football players "pirouetting" is worth the licence fee alone.
having to suffer it on Talk Sport with inane Stuart Pearce comment and in game bet fair odds announcements. aL
Listening keenly to the Arsepool game on the radio so I don't miss out on Stuart Pearce's game phases.
still a poor mans Stuart Pearce though
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Stuart Pearce joined us in the Betfred Studio earlier today and had his say on the sacking of Claudio Ranieri.…
Keary beats 2 tacklers to score but im assuming Pearce will get a try assist for passing him the ball
Adam Barrett: Ex-Southend United defender on his 'Stuart Pearce' penalty
38 years ago today, Stuart Pearce made his debut, that was an interesting day
You should never put him in the same conversation let alone sentence as Sir Stuart Pearce
5 years ago, Stuart Pearce was manager of England, England u21 & Team GB all at the same time. Now?. Playing for L…
5 years ago today Stuart Pearce was the manager of the:. ✅ England National Team. ✅ England U21s. ✅ GB Olympic Team. All a…
Forest's quartet of Steve Hodge, Neil Webb, Stuart Pearce and Des Walker on England duty in 1988.
probably was. Was sat in Bobby Moore next to Stuart Pearce with pints of *** being chucked above our heads :|
good luck 2moz & don't fall for shallow words with no action. Frank Clark back as Chairman and Stuart Pearce as DOF please 👍
I wouldn't worry too much about Stuart Pearce & his views - Remember, he once played David James up front 🤔🙈
England legend Stuart Pearce points out unique advantages provided by 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar
Stuart Pearce on Pep's City trial in 2005: "If I'd have known how good he was at managing I'd have given him my job and lef…
The best they could get now is Nigel Pearson or Stuart Pearce lol
Any team including Franco Baresi, Paolo di Canio and Stuart Pearce would win the league.
yeah, I remember Ian Rush, John Barnes, Stuart Pearce. Big success that was
England play Scotland on Friday, what better time to have another look at the Stuart Pearce & Gordon Strachan creature…
A REMINDER:. Stuart Pearce curled in this delightful free kick to give Nottingham Forest a win at Man Utd in 1990. htt…
Stuart "Psycho" Pearce. He broke his leg after a collision with Micah Hyde vs Watford, in 1999
Pearce expects FIFA to relent: Stuart Pearce is not convinced the wearing of poppies should be seen as anything ot…
Steve Evans and Stuart Pearce discussing the problems Jose Mourinho is having at Man Utd, why not get in Zig & Zag altogether lads?
Stuart Pearce; If all their players are available, AFC have a better squad than Spurs. . Must have killed him to say that.
Stuart Pearce & Steve Evans getting ready to go on air. Join us on from 10.
Just seen a proper full back at Sky Stuart 'physco' Pearce
Stuart Pearce scoring in the penalty shootout against Spain in Euro96. Special that was.. even now!…
A up mate! How's Stuart Pearce? Good to see your still smashing it in the beautiful game 👊⚽️
Makes me mad that Terry Butcher and Stuart Pearce missed out.
Stuart Pearce in Psycho as that was his nickname. And as Mourinho hates referees he could star in Men In Black.
Stuart Pearce of discusses the recommendations of the EFRA report on future flood prevention…
Carlsberg score own goal as another complaint by our Youth Alcohol Advertising Council has been upheld by https…
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Stuart Pearce urges FIFA to allow England & Scotland to honour our war heroes by wearing poppies on players' shirts on…
to cause "damage" to a car with a football would take a ball of concrete and Stuart Pearce's left boot behind it!!! 🙄🙄
From the vault, Stuart Pearce advertises in the programme...
😂😂😂 was it Stuart Pearce that stuck David James up front???
sort of like Stuart Pearce, Viv Anderson, or Roberto Carlos then?
Stuart Pearce proving no trouble for talkSPORT after Stan Collymore fallout: CHARLES SALE: Stuart Pearce has……
Premier League: England legend Stuart Pearce reveals which team he favours ..
he's got to go - Paul the next one from within England set up ie Garth Southgate / Stuart Pearce / who's done it at a intl level.
great photo but it looks like and Stuart Pearce aren't sure either Colin 😂
That's it. We're sending in Stuart Pearce and Vinnie Jones to end this *** thing once and for all
Stuart Pearce claims - 'Liverpool should've signed this Arsenal player'.
apparently Martin Keown and Stuart Pearce are better managers than unbelievable
Stuart Pearce would be a good choice to answer to this interview
can't forget Stuart Pearce. I still rate him as a player. Think my mum has that top stashed away somewhere
Yeah Gaz, pearce was unbelievable. He caught the ball and passed it and no one looked like making a break
Stuart Pearce thinks Liverpool should target Arsenal full-back
Congrats to for a long and undistinguished career. 40 yrs with nothing to say & more own goals than Stuart Pearce
Best thing I've heard for ages Stilts - I was crying when he brought out the signed Stuart Pearce shirt.
- Rose never gives up 👍🏻 gets stuck in too, he is kinda like a black Stuart Pearce, love him
Stuart Pearce went down south with a pile of wonga,. Came back wth a goal machine named Britt Assombalonga.
Surprise Deal? Legend urges Liverpool to sign 'quality' £12m Arsenal outcast today to rep... | LiverpoolKop
so what's the point you could employ Stuart Pearce to do that as a coach need a RB to put Sam under pressure
Stuart Pearce casting his expert eye over transfers today...
Why Stuart Pearce has failed at EVERY management job he's had. Coz he can't spot a players ability.
Does Stuart Pearce brush his hair with a glass bottle of Irn Bru?
Stuart Pearce "Burrah won't struggle in the Premier League" - kiss of death
Great that have invited Stuart Pearce to comment on transfers. He's got form in this field:
Blimey, bad hair day going on for Stuart Pearce..
Stuart Pearce looks like he's just woke up
Stuart Pearce have you just woke up pal?
no one is worse than Stuart Pearce. Probably a good laugh in a Kingsbury boozer but not on sky sports
Stuart Pearce looks like he slept in a skip
Stuart Pearce looks like he jus rocked up from a all night bender, state of his Barnet.
Has Stuart Pearce just got out of bed
Stuart Pearce always looks like he never touches his hair between haircuts.
Stuart Pearce looks like his Mum cuts his hair.
Can anyone negotiate the transfer of a comb to Stuart Pearce?
Why does Stuart Pearce look like he's just rolled out of bed and got ready for today?😂
Stuart Pearce live on SSN and turns up with 'bed hair'
Someone just dragged Stuart Pearce out his bed?.. then through a hedge?.
Stuart Pearce looks like he's been on a 3 day bender
Stuart Pearce really has no footballing brain at all does he?
Can't stand listening to Stuart Pearce. Great player but so repetitive.
Looks like Stuart Pearce had a big night out.
Stuart Pearce shocked has not gone to club. DID YOU WATCH THE EUROS STUART!!! .
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Stuart Pearce looks like he's been sleeping in a bus shelter.
Always enjoy the nonsense on Sky Sports News and then they put a complete wanker like Stuart Pearce on the panel.
State of Stuart Pearce. Think he'd have sorted his barnet our going on telly
Sky really scraping the barrel now. Stuart Pearce.
Please ask Stuart Pearce what his opinions are on the situation at forest RE Burke sale, potential signings and Chairmen.
The guy near Stuart Pearce on is a decent pundit that knows his stuff. 👏
Stuart Pearce suggesting Kieran Gibbs as a LB option for us, can't see that happening
and they have Stuart Pearce offering his thoughts.
Stuart Pearce looks rough I bet he still milking that penalty vs Spain
You'd think Stuart Pearce would have done his hair before going on TV 😂
Stuart Pearce just come out of an all nighter at the snooker club and got a charity shop suit https…
Busy Bank Holiday on Sam Allardyce live + Stuart Pearce & Dermot Join me & from 10
Joe Hart can be BETTER for Pep Guardiola snub, former Manchester City boss Stuart Pearce tells talkSPORT -
Grant Mitchell bummed Stuart Pearce and you popped out
Who was that? Stuart Pearce? Gerry Francis? Tony Cascarino? Paul Merson? Iain Dowie? They have an abundance of football expertise 😂
Sylvian Distin was 37 on his last match. Nigel winterburn- 39. Stuart Pearce - 39. John Terry 35. Lee Dixon 38. Adams 36
Remember Kingsbury's own Stuart Pearce and Vince 'Not Vinnie' Jones playing for plus lots of family and friends from HA7 area
Few more people watching soundcheck than usual. Including Stuart 'Psycho' Pearce! @ Edinburgh…
I hear Stuart Pearce is short of work at the moment... ⚡️⚽️
I am doing the job with the mentality that I am going to be here a long time and I hope th...
There is a set of rules and a code of conduct that I believe that you should adhere to in ...
When did Stuart Pearce launch his own brand of watches! 😂
EURO 2016 | Stuart Pearce on penalty miss at Italia '90. Our pundit for Euro ...
Yh cos watching Stuart Pearce was bunch of jokes... Mongs
I saw face of former England & Notts Forest defender Stuart 'Psycho' Pearce in my morning toast. Is he the Messiah?
he was mate, i remember the nut he gave Stuart Pearce :)
I would like to see Hoddle back in charge with Stuart Pearce No 2
There was an interesting show that did on with Stuart Pearce about this. Worth a listen
dont thing he has been linked but id have stuart pearce. He wont want a lot of ££ but oozes integrity, passion and heart
Just putting it out there: I remember Stuart Pearce getting pretty hands on in training - remember how that turned out?
Big Sam will make Roy Hodgson look good. Stuart Pearce, knows the England set up and knows what is wrong with it.
The FA should bring back Fabio Capello & Stuart Pearce for more of this .
heh heh. I want a ruthlessly efficient German to come & kick their butts, back to the days of Stuart Pearce levels if passion
I am one of those people who quite enjoys responsibility.
ICYMI: It's the best from yesterday's Colin is joined by & Stuart Pearce. . LISTEN:
Blimey,didn't see that coming,Murdoch now owns TS,perhaps that's the reason,Stuart Pearce to come in
Great to see Stuart Pearce coming out of retirement to boost morale for the UK’s worst football team.
Be red card now. Injured himself & missed all following season. Stuart Pearce scored but Spurs won cup
The Roger Cook Periscope videos were too much for TS to handle. Stuart Pearce is the new darling.
I just get the impression that everyone is willing me to succeed.
Great news. Hopefully they release Stuart Pearce next and promote
I have lived my life that way and I expect the people who work for me to be the same way.
NOW on it's the best of today's Colin is joined by & Stuart Pearce
shame but Tony Adams coaching is no bad thing; had real passion;who can forget him and Stuart Pearce belting out national anthem!
big Sam for manager with Stuart Pearce assistant or involved in the youth set up
Stuart Pearce drains the absolute life out of me on Talksport. Every week giving his 2 pence worth on management, whats he ever done?
Passion beyond belief! Stuart Pearce is in that group as well, they loved having 3 lions on there chest!
I will do whatever it takes to win a football match.
via Stuart Pearce when rangers lost😂
I thought you might like to see this. Stuart Pearce in a Raleigh dirt cross ad
Some folk say but has went and got some fick guests on his show Stuart Pearce being a point in case?
Although I respect Pierce from the 'psycho' days not sure Football can teach Rugby anything about teamwork ATM
Has anyone ever seen and Stuart Pearce in a room together?
At the moment I'd be happy with their brothers:- Stuart Gascoigne and Paul Pearce.
We could do with a Stuart Pearce and a Paul Gascoigne
Have a read of our first guest local business blog. By Stuart Pearce.
Pellegrini and Stuart Pearce is the dream team! 😂
- with & Stuart Pearce as back room staff - no brainier but will give it to Mike Basset
Pictures of gazza in today's papers are heartbreaking. Compare him to his peers ie Stuart pearce etc. Terrible to see!
With Hamish Stuart a while back at the thanks Steve Pearce for sharing.
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Standing watching great and good get their trains. Tyler, Alan Smith, Stuart Pearce, Ex ref Steve Bennett. They're all here!
age mellows people down..Stuart pearce was a maniac when he played
Stuart Pearce smashes home his penalty as England beat Spain on penalties at Euro 96
Guy on Talksport just suggested Harry Redknapp or Stuart Pearce should be the next England manager. Lovely horseplay.
give someone who has passion for england a chance (Stuart Pearce aka psyco)
Stuart Pearce and Ian Butterworth remove their boots as they sign for Nottingham Forest from 1985
Stuart Pearce: "If I was advising Ryan I would probably tell him to stay in the world of Mourinho for two years. I wouldn't…
why are we listening to Stuart Pearce's views, this is the guy who made Scott Parker England Captain ahead of Steven Gerrard?!
WATCH: Stuart Pearce turns up on site to surprise TradePoint customers with a substitution -
EXCLUSIVE: Stuart Pearce says England wrong to take Marcus Rashford to Euros | https…
Jamie Vardy, Ian Wright, Stuart Pearce...they all came from grassroots football, as did many more.
Having played with Stuart Pearce who tried to run off a broken leg I find Pepe's rolling around hard to stomach.
The days of Norman Hunter & Stuart Pearce have long gone. No tackling just blocking & a foot in here & there. 1-0 to England though.
WATCH | What position will England captain Wayne Rooney play at . Stuart Pearce shares his thoughts.
Stuart Pearce burger. Like the John Barnes burger, ingredients past their best. But still popular and with big fiery flavours
People still droning on about Stuart Pearce being given more time at 💤💤💤💤 bore off. Should never got the job in the first place.
Fiat Professional Cement Mix Challenge - Stuart Pearce, Dean Windass and Geoff Horsfield battle it out in the F...
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our STUART PEARCE Conundrum. Nice one!
Stuart Pearce with a bullet free-kick against Spurs in the 1991 FA Cup final.
I must Google 'Stuart Pearce' at least 5 times a day. I don't realise I'm doing it sometimes.
Stuart Pearce has, quite literally, had brighter days.
our very own Stuart Pearce is back 💪💪👏👏
I ref'd Stuart Pearce, & Geoff Horsfield taking on the Cement Mixer Challenge...
"Stuart Pearce he's just a left back"
If you thought his acting was bad before, just wait until you see this.
By the way, it's Steve Pearce on the Not Stuart Pierce.
I agree. I would also rather have Stuart Pearce than Pearson.
Pearce My brother hoarded his school books and has Stuart's autograph in one, he also has a few pics too
Stuart Pearce in feeling sorry for a sacked manager shock ... He's the man who said Steve McClaren should be backed, not sacked
Good of Stuart Pearce to be analysing the crucial points for Mourinho to succeed at Old Trafford. Sure he'll find those invaluable.
Betfred Euro 2016 Pundit Stuart Pearce says England must start with Kane and Vardy
Stuart Pearce thinks Olympic experience will be vital to Wales hopes
Stuart Pearce fans vote? Beckham for 2012 olympics was the fans vote and took Micah Richards. Possibly why no longer a manager😉
gambles on Stuart Pearce for Euros commercial via
gambles on Stuart Pearce for Euros commercial. Read more:
Betfred gambles on Stuart Pearce for Euros commercial -
Pearce: "Back in the 80s I was still wiring John Sillett’s barn whilst playing..."
Yeah we're all sweet thank you mate!... Don't suppose your in touch with Stuart Pearce are ya?!
Hvae you see out latest Betfred Ad featuring Stuart Pearce yet ?
NEWS: "CCFC gave me the opportunity to come from humble beginnings & carve a pathway." More: htt…
WATCH | Coleman has signed a new 2 year deal to stay as Wales manager & Stuart Pearce thinks he's done a great job.
Betfred signs up Stuart Pearce for Euro 2016 headline offer
CCFC: "Any club that gives you the opportunity to come from humble beginnings and carve a pathway, Coventry i...
Who at the FA employs these people: Stuart Pearce, Steve McClaren, Gary Neville, Ray Lewington, Roy Hodgeson? Proven failures as top coaches
is the large white slab a screen as yesterday it said Stuart Pearce instead of Des Walker
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here we go on the speculation then...Stuart Pearce, Adkins!, Neil Lennon, Gary Bowyer, Stuart Gray . I'm not inspired😬
Michael Carrick in, Jack Wilshere out! Stuart Pearce picks his England squad for Euro 2016: https:…
Still laugh bad when I think of the time City had to beat Boro to make it into Europe and Stuart Pearce put David James up front for last 5😂
lost all respect for Stuart Pearce when he left david beckham out of the 2012 GB Olympic football team!
Former England left-back Stuart Pearce picks his Three Lions squad for Euro 2016:
last ten they should have stuck David James up top as an outfield target man, jus like when Stuart Pearce was in charge...
Stuart Pearce threw David James up when he was there so anybody is possible 😂
I remember when Stuart Pearce sent David James to play up top last 20 for man city. Gone downhill since then.
Who remembers when tactical genius Stuart Pearce played David James as a striker?
Our Kid went to agricultural college with Bryan Robson's daughter. That England shirt was worn by Stuart Pearce.
Nottingham Forest legend Stuart Pearce would welcome return to management | Nottingham Post via
from a Scottish point of view, mine are Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle and Gareth Southgate 😜
It's not all doom and gloom for Tom Rogic. A Pizza Hut advert with Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce awaits
this has been brewing ever since sir Alex said that about a man like Stuart Pearce.
Stuart Pearce the 'expert' on 5 live? The same guy that gave Scott Parker the England captaincy over Steven Gerrard??
Stuart Pearce put David James upfront and dropped Gerrard as captain for Scotty Parker. So ...
Imagine Chris Waddle, Stuart Pearce, Gareth Southgate and David Batty all missing in the same penalty shootout. That's Stokes x4
Oh, for a time machine! We need the likes of David McCeerey, David Batty & Stuart Pearce. Those three would keep us up.
Where's Gareth Southgate and Stuart Pearce when you need them? 36 seconds
Breaking: England manager Roy Hodgson announces Stuart Pearce will replace the injured Ryan Bertrand.
more left field what about Stuart Pearce or Ian Wright? Went from non-league to England team!
Sorry If u think Stuart Pearce&Neil Morrissey have less chance of survival than Michelle Collins u need therapy
Stuart Pearce has said that if Forest lose to Derby today he will drink his own *** Again. .
Days like today make me miss Stuart Pearce. I really wish it had worked out for him.
souness knee high tackles. Your colleague Stuart pearce gave a 'reducer' to an 18 year old he played against last week
Stuart Pearce is looking a lot better these days
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