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Stuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes (born 22 November 1962 in Grays, Thurrock in the county of Essex) is a former English rugby union footballer, and now rugby commentator for Sky Sports.

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Is anyone can help Stuart Barnes then please contact him. Hes a great guy with a great work ethic and does not dese…
He's boiling my *** right now. He's absolutely clueless. I'd rather listen to Stuart Barnes on the rugby than him.
BT should pull out all the stops and recruit Stuart Barnes I think 😂😂😂😂
I can imagine Stuart Barnes now. "Great skill by Sweetmem (name wrong) to keep hold of that. Of course, he was qui…
Stuart Barnes is an awful commentator get rid of him, he is ruining the enjoyment of a close game
What did Stuart Barnes win in his career? And how many caps did he get, just asking sorry?
England are preparing for life without Farrell, writes Stuart Barnes
Stuart Barnes: Eddie Jones' England squad for autumn internationals redefines how a rugby team should play - Th...
Things confirmed this weekend Henson still class Owens still best ref Stuart Barnes still worst commentator Marcel Marceau better
Stuart Barnes assesses the opening weekends of the PRO14 and Aviva Premiership, the new rugby laws and makes some...
here are some more uncapped Eng lions Jeff Probyn, Stuart Barnes, Mike Tindall, Steve Borthwick, Steffon Armitage
Stuart Barnes' talking points: British and Irish Lions and New Zealand share the spoils.
So according to Stuart Barnes it's because of Sonny Bill William's Rugby League past because he got sent off, knob
All this Stuart Barnes hatred... I don't get it. Yeah he's a crooked toothed obese munchkin, but there are worse droning on.
Great news-just deal and no more Stuart Barnes.
The thought of Jersey v Bristol being the biggest game Stuart Barnes will commentate on next season on Sky after BT had ever…
Lions' decision to start Mako Vunipola questioned - he should be on the bench! Or better still the changing room!
Anyone know if U.K. can listen to SKY Sport commentary of Nisbett & Marshall as Stuart Barnes does my head in?
Was Stuart Barnes drunk whilst giving his opinion on the 3rd test team.. ??!!
I didn't think Stuart Barnes went to the gym anymore
"You never see a player disrespect the refs in rugby match..' Etc. Alot of pro players slating Stuart Barnes from lion/ tour
Stuart Barnes right for me: wouldn't have started Vunipola.
What credentials does Stuart Barnes have to comment on so called 'suspect scrummaging? You're an outside half from yonks ago
Stuart Barnes.the only English man who hates the English more than the French do. Out of touch,…
Must be time for Sky to replace Stuart Barnes he's been painful to listen too.
Stuart Barnes without doubt is a terrible commentator and I can only think they keep him on for the comedy factor
Shock. Stuart Barnes is a turkey dinosaur
One of them is a technically proficient, insightful rugby professional. The other one is Stuart Barnes.
Lions Tours are brilliant. Why do Sky spoil them by inflicting Stuart Barnes on us? Talks complete tripe
Stuart Barnes and Richard Hibbard had differing opinions on the Lions' decision to start Mako Vunipola in third Tes…
Stuart Barnes questioned the decision to retain Mako Vunipola for Saturday's series…
Little Giant Ladders
Lions' decision to start Mako Vunipola questioned by Stuart Barnes .
Great to see that *** Stuart Barnes absolutely steaming on
It's only Wednesday, the Lions team has been announced 10mins ago but Stuart Barnes is already bein a pessimist! No point in watching!
Has Stuart Barnes been on the vino during team announcement?
God i FuStuart barnes he is so far up the NZ ***
Hi does anyone remember a time when Stuart Barnes said anything remotely positive? No. Me neither
team announcement on sky. Reaction from Stuart Barnes, all negative. Go on pal, you have a go at coaching 👍🏻🏉
I think Stuart Barnes might have had a few before going live on Sky Sports News this evening...
Stuart Barnes talking about scrums is like me talking about noise control.
Jet lag. 😩.. now is when I can use some Stuart Barnes' commentary 😴
The fewer matches with Stuart Barnes' commentary, the better!
Stuart Barnes is amazed the Ducks can reach the bread, what with it being thrown on to water. Ducks be…
Do you RGB, split, pair, hue or saturate your CTA's? Think customer behaviour not only Corp ID. Be bold!
AH knows as much about this as Stuart Barnes knows about commentating. Keep Sam in the team & put Tupur…
Nobody likes Stuart Barnes why do sky insist on having the bitter jealous unpatriotic poisonous little dwarf
Stuart Barnes talking utter rubbish again on
Stuart Barnes who mentions England more than he does either the Lions or New Zealand.
Stuart Barnes is nearby and starts telling passers by the lions are feeding swans. No one wants to listen.
And your point is? Cannot compare the two. Like comparing you to Stuart Barnes... not the same in anyway.
Stuart Barnes drops an entire loaf at the end of the pond where the ducks had been a week ago.
Great news sole rights to Just need to get tours now and no more rugby on = no more Stuart Barnes
Plenty of coverage on th rumour that Stuart Barnes has joined BT Sport. Sorry celts, you can keep him on the purgat…
Please tell me it's not true Stuart Barnes has signed a 5 year contract with lll be cancelling BT Sport so
Warren Gatland’s call to tame British and Irish Lions has New Zealand sweating .
Warren Gatland’s resting Lions will leave NZ sweating in the gym ahead of the third Test, says Stuart Barnes:…
Stuart Barnes making wrong calls again. Penalty was vs. Daly for offside
Mako has a fairly good discipline record and was harshly dealt with. More good analysis from Stuart Barnes...…
Loose cannons like Vunipola should be dropped for Lions decider, writes Stuart Barnes
Or Will Greenwood. Stuart Barnes the reason why rugby on BT sport is awesome.
Please change your commentators. Stuart Barnes is the commentating equivalent of D…
Owen Farrell and Johnny Sexton crucial to Lions' chances against the All Blacks, says Stuart Barnes:
Lions predictions tomoro VS The All Blacks.. . Stuart Barnes will mention Kerien Reid at least 10 times aside from commen…
Stuart Barnes went from "goal kicking is Barrett's weakness" to "he kicks everything" so fast I'm shocked he doesn't have whiplash.
Stuart Barnes now deciding Barrett doesn't miss kicks
Quality double-standards from Stuart Barnes. At the start Barrett's weakness was his goal kicking. Now states that he kicks everything
Stuart Barnes "Barrett's kicking game is his weakness". Not missed a thing .
Stuart Barnes: Beauden Barrett is a useful rugby player. Thanks for that incredible insight Stu!
Benefits of watching Rugby on TV in NZ:. Justin Marshall > Stuart Barnes . Christian Cullen > Will Greenwood . No gambling adverts .
Stuart Barnes makes Richard Keyes look informed and capable
Stuart Barnes claims British and Irish Lions are destined for failure if Sam Warburton is named captain
Stuart Barnes - The Lions won't beat the All Blacks with Sam Warburton as captain.
Here is the latest book from PaperBackSwap! Details are here:
Captain Warburton? The Lions have no chance of beating the All Blacks if that happens, says Stuart Barnes…
Oops. The Times have posted a Stuart Barnes article lauding the England rugby team for back to back Grand Slams. . They…
Very very ironic to hear Stuart Barnes criticise other having a closed mind to selections. they should be more opened minded like him. 😂😂
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What injury means for likely Lions captain
Stuart Barnes and Will Greenwood discuss whether Sam Warburton is still in contention for the Lions captaincy:
🏉 will still captain Stuart Barnes says
Stuart Barnes reckons Sam Warburton will still captain the B&I Lions despite facing 6 weeks out with a knee injury.
Sam Warburton will still captain British and Irish Lions, Stuart Barnes says via
Sam Warburton will still captain Lions, Stuart Barnes says - SkySports
Stuart Barnes believes that Sam Warburton will still captain the British and Irish…
- However, it was Stuart Barnes that was the main instigator for Wigglesworth this week. A few truly…
Stuart Barnes’ talking points: George Ford, Super Rugby and the Top 14
Stuart Barnes' talking points: Stuart Barnes on George Ford's Lions chances, the French Leicester City and putting…
Shockingly poor rugby coverage in today - a report on Wasps v Saints and a snide piece by Stuart Barnes on at Twickers
that's a relief. I couldn't face the thought of Stuart Barnes as English co-comm.
Current form is all that matters for Warren Gatland when he selects his squad for New Zealand, says Stuart Barnes…
Stuart Barnes ripping into Shane Horgan in the commentary was arguably the highlight of the day
Stuart Barnes showed no mercy for Shane Horgan in the commenary box
We're about to cut the ribbon for the official opening! Our Chief Executive Stuart Barnes saying a few words
What does the world need? w/poets Kazim Ali, Chloe Honum, Laura Mullen, Benjamin Myers, and Stuart Barnes:
I like Brian Moore and wish him a speedy recovery. He and Stuart Barnes are my two favourite England players ... an…
hope you make a speedy recovery and back commentating soon so we don't have to listen too much to that sap Stuart Barnes!
Just got round to watching Sunday's game again. Stuart Barnes is an ***
Some kids could break it down in conversation better than Stuart Barnes but can't run straight & pass 2m!
This really does sum up Stuart Barnes 💤
- Stuart Barnes peddling rubbish as usual. Nonsensical article. There is categorically…
Lions need Wigglesworth - Stuart Barnes. . He's finally listened to you .
'Rugby Refereeing for Dummies' new book by Wayne[No relation to Stuart] Barnes _ Foreword by Stuart[No relation to Wayne]Barnes.
Well done Stuart for hitting yet another goal! Lunch at with our Directors!
Why is Stuart Barnes talking like Hogg isn't going on the Lions?
What was worse on rugby weekend? Stuart Barnes talking, refs or the dreadful spectacle (apart from Edinburgh v La Rochelle which was ace)?
Stuart Barnes; CJ Stander. RTLeading pundit believes Peter O'Mahony's Lions form is bad news for an Ireland teammate
Europe, Simon Zebo, and a chance meeting with Jeremy Guscott via
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Charlton slip to a third straight defeat as goals from Stuart O'Keefe and Harvey Barnes secure victory for MK Dons.
Red-. tailed Bedouins. of Poetry, black. cockatoos embroider. the sun into us,. seam-rip it asunder. Stuart Barnes, A…
Stuart Barnes on European fortunes, Lions bolters, Simon Zebo, and bumping into a former Bath team-mate in need: https:…
Just sensational. Stuart Barnes writing in the Sunday Times of England's back to back slams and world record...neit…
Stuart Barnes 'From 1to15, England will simply have too much power'.Mmm, difficult not to feel smugly satisfied
Please sign Harvey Barnes and Stuart O'keefe on permanent deals
Stuart Barnes on Grand Slam win. I'm not sniggering... Really, I'm not... :-D.
As long as they don't bring Stuart Barnes over!
Looks like Stuart Barnes is in denial about yesterday's Ireland v England game.
interesting article by Stuart Barnes today discussing the merits of England's back-to-back Grand Slams & 19 consecutive wins
was having a ment in the stadium and luckily didn't have to listen to Stuart Barnes...
Some will blame Wayne Barnes. Others will blame the French. But this 6 Nations confirmed one thing to me. Wales need cha…
Stuart Barnes had a very bad game in the France V Wales match some shocking decisions. Well done Ireland such a great performance
must be delighted with the result. He now moves into the "Stuart Barnes" category of miserable ex players.
Why is Stuart Barnes still reffing? You would think World Rugby would learn.
Great game Stuart Barnes rules are rules
Wales really deserved the win and Wayne Barnes (not stuart barnes as I was wrongly calling him in my temper tiswas)
Stuart Barnes needs striking off as an international referee.
Stuart Barnes says he will only give a penalty try after 100 mins.
I'd happily bite Stuart Barnes right now to put an end to it all
could be worse. We could have sky with Stuart Barnes playing the perfect part.
Stuart Barnes' talking points: With Paddy Jackson playing so well Ireland need not panic about the Sexton proviso:…
Farrell’s perfect pass v Wales was not a one-off but a taster of what is still to come, writes Stuart Barnes…
Stuart Barnes in Times: If Eng score fewer than 68pts v Italy, it is a dreadful performance. Italy aren't great but thoughts?
Stuart Barnes' talking points: A great Sunday for Premiership's northern clubs and a major blow for Argentina:…
Stuart Barnes reflects on a great Sunday for the Premiership's northern clubs, the…
England as good as the All Blacks? They need to put 68 points past Italy to prove it, says Stuart Barnes…
Shane Williams and Stuart Barnes amongst them. He's been poor for wales for 4 years.
Stuart Barnes on Tipuric is the most important player in the Welsh team!
.needs to be careful: he might become the focus of Russian if they don't know their…
"with the mentality of a lock and the hands of a fly-half, is the jackpot" - for once, well said Stuart Barnes
The one who did pick it up was Stuart Barnes
Hope all the Leinster Coaches enjoyed today's workshop Thanks to Stuart Barnes!…
In case you didn't hear Stuart Barnes say it 28,938,980 times, Munster are missing Conor Murray tonight. Christ on a bike, I hate Barnes.
Stuart Barnes and Alan Quinlan arguing: The implausible force meets the unbearable object
I find myself agreeing with Stuart Barnes. Saili, the Munster 13, made no effort to wrap arms. Yellow card should have been given.
Listening to Stuart Barnes is like listening to a recorded message
Hard to disagree with Stuart Barnes in today's Western Mail
Stuart Barnes' spot on here. It's easy to have a pop at players, I've been guilty of it. But no player picks himsel…
The decision to select Alex Cuthbert was 'stupid, monstrous and cruel' says Stuart Barnes
worse than Stuart Barnes commentating on a Leicester game?
First you start talking about politics and current affairs and now you're agreeing with Stuart Barnes!!! Who's got your phone?!?
Stuart Barnes spot on about Cuthbert still being selected for Wales. We've gone for the "conservatism of experience…
Stuart Barnes: Playing Cuthbert was cruel and stupid – it may scar him for the rest of his days
Stuart Barnes saying what we're all thinking
I agree 100% with the article Stuart Barnes wrote in the Times about the selection of AC v Wales. He blames the management for selecting him
that's for to be a first. I agree with Stuart Barnes 😯🔫
Rarely agree with Stuart Barnes but I think he's spot on here.
rarely agree with Stuart Barnes but imo he's spot on here!
The Wales management's decision to select Alex Cuthbert was 'stupid, cruel an
never agreed with Stuart Barnes before but he is spot on. Howley must take blame.
It is a sad, sad day when you have to agree with Stuart Barnes.
what the fdoes Stuart Barnes now about anything
'Stupid, cruel, monstrous'. Stuart Barnes' blistering attack on the Wales management over Alex Cuthbert selection.
England have put the Cardiff curse to bed: Stuart Barnes gives his view on yesterday's Six Nations showdown…
When are you getting rid of dour Stuart Barnes and cliched Miles Harrison? They've not moved on in their commentary at all.
Stuart Barnes is rugby's Andy Townsend. Very close to cutting my own *** off and choking myself with it rather than hear any more
Baffles me how continue to employ Stuart Barnes for talking rubbish yet get rid of Nick Collins, Pete Colley and Tim Abraham.
Here we go. The only fly in the ointment is being forced to listen to Stuart Barnes, the Andy Townsend of rugby commentary.
Beauden Barrett proves he can be every bit as good as Dan Carter - and he’s faster, writes Stuart Barnes…
he's obviously not heard Stuart Barnes.
would sooner listen to Brian than the ultra negative Stuart Barnes unless it's about Bath players
I disagree. Now if you were talking about Stuart Barnes I'd agree
"When Stuart Barnes arrived and I was still in the Colts I was so upset. I just thought that was it.".
he's dreadful - think I dislike him almost as much as Stuart Barnes! Almost 😉
; It has to be Gwyn Jones and Stuart Barnes.
The Welsh performance yesterday was nearly as dismal as Stuart Barnes' punditry. Where do we go from here?
Stuart Barnes would highlight the six, endlessly...
Full-back is the most hotly contested position in this England side says Stuart Barnes. Did Goode impress yesterday…
She was fine. No Bill McClaren yet but far better than Stuart Barnes.
in a world where Stuart Barnes & Brian Moore breathe daily, I think Quinlan is safe from that tag old sport.
quote of the day "He just reached up like he was plucking a flower". Do me a favour. I'd rather have two Stuart Barnes'.
I get the feeling that Mark Robson and Stuart Barnes have been going to the same neutrality classes
Rory Best wind ya neck in! Commentary in this game is as bad as Stuart Barnes!
It's like listening to me when England play. 😴🤐 give it a break, less neutral than Stuart Barnes! 😉
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This coverage is embarrassing comms should be sacked!! Who are playing? and I thought Stuart Barnes was bad!!
I thought Stuart Barnes was a poor commentator… This is just ridiculous.
The Irish commentary on sky sports are even more biased than Stuart Barnes 👀
Ireland has not one, but two Stuart Barnes's and they're both doing the commentary on this match
not calling for a card for the one handed interception attempt. Who is it? Does Ireland have an equivalent of Stuart Barnes?
No way! That award goes to Austin Healey or Stuart Barnes. Equally nefarious
stuart Barnes should not pick man of the match as he is obviously not watching properly most work done by Joe L and Billy V
How surprising, Stuart Barnes has chosen a Bath player as Man of the Match!
Stuart Barnes' MoM is Rokoduguni - he must have been watching 163m in the match is…
Did Stuart Barnes just say that ford has hands like a p**es ???
Stuart Barnes should get a better grasp of club rugby before he opens his mouth
Note to Stuart Barnes - your attacking players taking not one, not two but three steps on the actual touchline isn’t “close”.
Dear Stuart Barnes,. You've not mentioned Hartley's missed tackle for nearly 15 minutes now: are you feeling alright?
How is Stuart Barnes still a commentator for sky absolutely shocking
I've turned the sound off on Stuart Barnes & I'm listening to you guys for some informed commentary
Can always rely on Stuart Barnes to berate players and make excuses for Farrell...
Turned over from to watch a true contest of with a bonus of not having to listen to drivel of Stuart Barnes.
Please can you find a new commentator Listening to Stuart Barnes' painfully unfunny comments has gone on for too many years
Stuart Barnes:"There is no one in the world who can stop him". Harry Pipes up: "I could". Mmmm Harry, no you couldn't!
perfectly bisects the posts and Stuart Barnes says, "that's not bad". Not bad? What's he got to do to impress?
Did Stuart Barnes actually just say Farrell seems to kick better under no pressure?! What a muppet
Stuart Barnes is definitely the equivalent of Eddie & Stevo!
Stuart Barnes calling for Matawalu to get them some control 👀
Dear Stuart Barnes, you can't be a "former Fijian"... he is one. I can't abide this resident rule abomination
Please retire Stuart Barnes! The man is past his sell by date & brings nothing to the game, you have Will Greenwood put him on
Only thing wrong with today . Stuart Barnes FFS
Stuart Barnes rugby commentary could be improved by a trained sniper and just one shot!
1 minute 41 seconds in and the mute has already been applied! Stuart Barnes already ruining the match
What are the odds that Stuart Barnes picks the wrong MOM?
will you please sack Stuart Barnes. He is the worst commentator - ever. From a Bath fan
Rare collectors' item here - a photo of Stuart Barnes tucking into a pasty.
mega jealous that you won't have to listen to Stuart Barnes 😂
don't think I've heard Sara commentate but already I'll take her vs Stuart Barnes.
Interesting piece by Stuart Barnes in thetimes yesterday hinting that George_Fordy might return to LeicesterTigers - Yes please!
Interesting piece by Stuart Barnes in yesterday hinting that might return to - Yes please!
"...Pandora is out of the box"! Another amusing malapropism from Stuart Barnes, Comment, Friday 18 November.
Change: Rudy Jaramillo from DH to pitching, Stuart Barnes out, no more DH
Stuart Barnes now on the mound for the Baycats
it's Stuart Barnes ffs. The man resembles a dribbling pensioner more and more each passing comm
To quit England for France in a fit of pique would be the mistake of Ford’s life, says Stuart Barnes…
Stuart Barnes's webchat is underway. Ford, Goode, England and Ireland all veing discussed. Keep the questions coming
WEBCHAT: Stuart Barnes is here and ready to get started. Get involved in the debate!
WEBCHAT: Winners of the 2019 World Cup? Stuart Barnes chairs the debate from 1pm - get your questions in now…
WEBCHAT: Vunipola, Daly, England and Fiji are all on the agenda as Stuart Barnes prepares to answer your questions!…
WEBCHAT: Can Semesa Rokoduguni make an impact against Fiji? Stuart Barnes is in the hot seat from 1pm!…
Breast Cancer Awareness
WEBCHAT: Does Alex Goode deserve to start for England? Ask Stuart Barnes from 1pm
Stuart Barnes on why joining Leicester would be a good move for George Ford, and good for England too.
George Ford should return to Leicester or risk losing England fly-half spot, writes Stuart Barnes…
yeah, I remember Ian Rush, John Barnes, Stuart Pearce. Big success that was
Devastating news. The club's best 10 since Stuart Barnes and he'll leave years before his prime. .
Leonard Cohen sung at Twickenham and England winning Stuart Barnes will be pleased
could be disastrous for Catholics, says Marc Barnes. We must oppose him from the start h…
Stuart Barnes in Top 20 Sport Pundits? Go home Daily Telegraph, you're drunk.
Stuart Barnes & Brian Moore are total bellends for Rugby Union. Bob Willis & Boycs can whinge about Cricket (Bumble can also be senile)
John Barnes on the London Underground after Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0. Brilliant!.
they are awful but at least there is no Stuart Barnes!
Ha ha. John Barnes on the tube to the Wembley today .
Good artists copy, great artists steal, the best platforms adapt. Is IG Stories Snapchat for old people?
Anyone who owns a dog, or is thinking of getting one, should read this. Saw Stuart Barnes…
When Matt Barnes heard Derek Fisher is considering an NBA comeback
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An episode to really sink into: on Harwood, Plath, remixes, centos and his new book from
Read three GLASSHOUSES poems + the book's launch details at fab blog
I've heard enough from Beckham, Barnes and Lineker about - I need to know what Terry Butcher & Stuart Peace…
The Gemstone Chronicles are available on iTunes and Barnes and Noble, too!. Links:.
🙄 Live commentary from the Miles Harrison and Stuart Barnes
Devin Toner, James Haskell and Eddie Jones all feature in Stuart Barnes' talking points:
I do enjoy SkySport's commentary when it's not Stuart Barnes or Dewi Morris
Stuart Barnes and Dewi Morris still doing rugby coverage.
Never been the same since Stuart Barnes
Stuart Barnes: No Plan A, B or C - but Cheika still has options at centre.
Johnny Thompson Wanda Thompson Jane Roberts Carroll Adam Barnes Alli Barnes Stuart Thompson not sure if Adam has...
DogandDuck Show - A fun family event! Watch Stuart Barnes and his team herd ducks with sheepdogs, ...
Stuart Barnes on Connacht's triumph and England's win -
Stuart Barnes on Connacht's triumph and England's win via
Stuart Barnes salutes Connacht and analyses England's win over Wales:
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Stuart Barnes on triumph and England's win .
if it's anything to do with Stuart Barnes no Englishmen
Stuart Barnes on Connacht's triumph and England's win - SkySports: SkySportsStuart Barnes ...
Stuart Barnes on Connacht's triumph and England's win
Stuart Barnes salutesd Connacht and analyses England's win over Wales:
Barnes' talking points: Stuart Barnes has high praise for Connacht after the underdogs won the PRO12 title on...
or were you just listening to Stuart Barnes?
Having to watch the England v Wales match on Sky I had to endure the awful, pompous Stuart Barnes! Know-all and all-round patronising *
Great interview by Eddie Jones ref negativity of press. Take note Stuart *** Barnes. We thumped Wales.
Could somebody please shut Stuart Barnes up. His commentary is nauseating.
Stuart Barnes is more one sided than a flat screen TV. . Collossal bellend.
Surely it wouldn't be too difficult for to give us the option of turning off Stuart Barnes' commentary.
Reality check for Stuart Barnes.that was virtually an England 3rd team that just beat Wales of course elements would be raw!
Dear , please, please, please, please, please spare us from Stuart Barnes.
I wish there was a Stuart Barnes mute button. Possibly the worst commentator of all time.
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Stuart Barnes talking through his hat. Wales very poor second best. Come off it. Dan Cole knocked that ball back and it didn't effect things
Stuart Barnes talking about how this could've been a different game, it's 5 tries to 2 for goodness sake
Stuart Barnes talks utter nonsense. A 14 point win with the same left on field is pretty definitive in my book. Well done 👏
Stuart Barnes playing the what if game. Here's one Stuart. What if Ford had made all his kicks? Then England would have put 40 points on Wal
Stuart Barnes just ignored fact that England missed 6 out of 7 kicks - with Owen Farrell would have been massacre
In amongst the uncertainty of the game we know for sure the ref was rubbish and Stuart Barnes is the worst commentator in history
Stuart Barnes doesn't half talk some ***
Stuart Barnes is the worst commentator ever. Dan Cole didn't knock the ball on, he touched the ball but it went backwards
All Stuart Barnes has done is slate England, very rarely says anything positive...
please please can you transfer Stuart Barnes to commentate on snail racing
Love watching the international rugby and listening to Stuart Barnes! He just really gets 80s rugby
Does Stuart Barnes genuinely think the England team are good or is he just building them up to knock them down after bad results?
get some impartial commentary at the Rugby! Stuart Barnes may as well have a kit on its that biased!
fair play to they are taking their chances but Stuart Barnes really is the most one-sided commentators 🙉
Stuart Barnes has to be the most biased annoying commentator ever terrible coverage couldn't be more pro England!
Stuart Barnes really likes the sound of his own voice right!
Stuart Barnes right to say Welsh backs can't pass. Thankfully George Ford can't kick.
If I had a ton of what comes out of Stuart Barnes' mouth my roses would be at the Chelsea flower show. He's spoiling yet more rugby on TV.
Stuart Barnes is single handedly the worst rugby commentator I've ever heard
Yes it is a massive call MR Stuart Barnes but the TMO was right lool
I hope and pray sky never get the 6 nations. Stuart Barnes would be the death of me. Worst rugby 'expert' on TV
Watching the England game for 24 minutes, and I'm already sick of the sound of Stuart Barnes. The man just doesn't seem…
Stuart Barnes doesn't commentate on England matches, he commentates on England.
please remove Stuart Barnes from you commentary he spoils your rugby views he's not neutral at all.
Stuart Barnes on Saracens' success and the issues facing World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont:
Stuart Barnes on Saracens and the major issues facing Bill Beaumont as World Rugby chairman: ht…
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