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Opening today: 5th Street Bridge (aka Jackson Street Bridge or the Green Bridge) part of Meredith Trail downtown.…
traffic on the south side was terrible. It is a 30 minute wait from East Carson Street across the hot metal Street Bridge
South Baldwin to Duquesne U via Mifflin Road, East Carson and 10th Street Bridge. 7:42 to 9:22 a.m. Help me. Did you go another way to town?
Rest of East Carson and the 10th Street Bridge seem to be their normal level of mess.
Datum change means new monitor and flood stages for Sacramento River at I Street Bridge.
Did You Know? Centre Street Bridge turns 100 years old this year! More from ht…
Second, apparently the Chain of Rocks Bridge appears in the film "Escape from New York" as the "69th Street Bridge"?
Rents on the rise in Boyle Heights near 6th Street Bridge via
Boyle Heights - drawing the line on gentrification at the 6th Street Bridge .
Check out Thuc's (amazing piece: . I wonder who I'll be kissing when L.A.'s 6th Street Bridge reopens...
Really heavy on 65 through Clark Co. No crashes, but 2nd Street Bridge is closed. And crash in junction. Be careful!
Description: I-395 - County of Arlington, at 14th Street Bridge, potential delays - a vehicle accident. The NB right shoulder is closed.…
From the Kent County Road Commission:. "The 84th Street Bridge over the Thornapple River in Caledonia Township is...
What the new 41st Street Bridge over Lake Shore Drive will look like
We find ourselves in the London Bridge locale on the delightfully named Druid Street
Good morning! There are step free access issues at: Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Star Lane, Acton Town and Golders Green
Great follow up on The Bridge Street Collective and their Grab a Gig win - looking forward to the next part of...
📷 One does not simply drive under the Montague Street bridge..
Passerby who helped seriously injured man speaks of Bridge Street tragedy.
- Wall Street has already bought Hillary. If you think she'll fight for reform I've got a bridge to sell you.
This movie attack on Wall Street makes me wanna jump off the bay bridge.
Just walking over the 4th street bridge. Love these orange sunsets.
Construction on WB from Metropolitan Avenue; Williamsburg Bridge to N 3rd Street
Graffiti under the bridge, Singapore via
Working Bee to plant Eucalyptus, Tea Trees and Snow Grass near Niagara Street bridge
Just got so stoked on a chord progression and then realized I was playing the bridge to "racing in the street."
wanna go to 6th street bridge in LA to catch the glimpse of Junjin in LA cover...but it's quite far T T
I'm on the next street over near the other swing bridge
Now about to witness the strength of street knowledge:. Straight Outta Compton. >>> Brooklyn, Bridge of Spies, Spotlight
Can someone text me so I don't jump off the 8th street bridge thank you 😁
They on newstead and natural bridge across the street from imps and the library 😂
To ride to the south... 🤔 I'd have to go across another bridge bc the Main Street one stay closed 😒
Blackfriars Bridge has been closed due to road works, route N550 westbound is subject to diversion from Queen Victoria Street.
Don't forget to join us tomorrow night at 7 p.m. over at Downtown 301 for Bridge Street!
late night walk in this beautiful weather @ Hays Street Bridge
Year-long construction project expected to cause delays on Poplar Street Bridge
The ad in Wild Tomato this month looks great! @ The Bridge Street…
The Garden Bridge can be stopped - if Coin Street Community Builders do the right thing. https…
Los Angeles's 6th Street bridge is being replaced by a Ribbon of Light—and it's pretty epic: https:…
go back to like 2 days ago when I was drunk, running across bridge street yelling at people to vote for trump 😂
Friday 11th - main works on the Waterview Path start, near the future bridge over Oakley Creek at Alford Street! Watch for a temp bridge!
YES!!! It's super close.all you have to do is cross the bridge on Court Street across the river and you're there!
Montague Street bridge will get a new warning gantry by March 31:
Sunset on Brooklyn Bridge after visiting the New World Trade Centre, Wall Street, Ground Zero…
Bye-bye trees. Several have come down to make way for bldv upgrades 4 new JohnsonStBrg ht…
Jeez. Right down the street. Driver arrested after vehicle crashes into McCowan Road bridge
The street party to end all others - awesome food, music and activities! March 6th
it was gorgeous from my office at Bridge Street today and reminded me of the weather in San Antonio last month when I was there
Bridge Street is happening tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at Downtown 301! Come ready to hear a message on discipleship!
The Carter Bridge has been illuminated with street lights courtesy of the Light Up Lagos Project. https:…
50+ homeless hang out on the street. Daily. Thanks
10th street bridge eastbound slow. At least one vehicle can't make it up he incline and is pulled off to the right.
Some fab photos of Frances Lambe's work. Frances was a founder member of Bridge Street Studios.
Yo who wants to start running the 9th Street bridge with me at night?
PIO is headed to 11th Street Bridge scene - media staging will be at 11th and L St SE @ Virginia Ave Park
I liked a video 6th Street Bridge: A Bridge to the Future - Los Angeles, with Alex Ward, AIA
are the roadworks on the bridge in Golborne Church Street/High Street still on track to be completed for Monday?
Visit the team in St Helens for your fresh haircut find us on 32 Bridge Street WA10 1NW 💈✂️💈
Romance that won't break the bank Bridge Street
Hey, said you all control the Spokane Street bridge to West Seattle. Why is that allowed to open in rush hour?
Pennsylvania Street Bridge Closed TFN. A heavily-traveled bridge on the east side of Marion has been closed until...
Cleared: Incident on SB from 145th Street Bridge to Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive; END ROUTE...
There is traffic congestion on I-10 West from the Calcasieu River Bridge to E. Napoleon Street due to police activity.
Increasing traffic on the Byker Bridge westbound towards New Bridge Street Newcastle
ERDF to fund Cork's Marina Park & Harley Street Bridge. More information at
and maybe a reason to reconsider the planned bridge. Its existence would allow Nicholas Street to be bypassed
Who is responsible for opening the Spokane Street bridge coming in and out of West Seattle?
The line of the old railway from Clegg Street to Ashton is still there apart from Park Bridge.
Join & March 5 Sesame Street event for families affected by incarceration
Building a Bridge from Gang Life to Life on Campus via
MEAN STREETS: No exit sign: Controversial residential exit off Manhattan Bridge remains for now: See this story at…
An all new community forum to combat substance abuse January 21 thanks in part to h…
City Commission approved alternative design for replacement of arch bridge on Second Street.
This lovely village home sits looking at the historic Round Church in Richmond!
en route to work: 3 accidents on 75 st between Capilano bridge and 82 ave, and 1 accident on 55 ave and 50th street
Queens Co. Traffic Advisory- Milton Bridge on Bridge Street in Milton closed for repairs
.Top Picks: must see for 2016 on https:/…
Vacation Garden by the bay bugis street Helix Bridge detail at...
Keep out of it Margaret.Ruth is right.Paddy was a Prod. Buried near Bridge Street.
See how the Harlem Globetrotters are celebrating the big 90 with Zeus Mcclurkin right here on bridge street! . .
~kids walking in the street on "G" street bridge due to the sidewalks not being plowed 🙄
Then you cross the rainbow bridge onto Baker Street then got flushed down a toilet
Just because someone has made mistakes..that does not define who they are, says
LIVE: This community program is building a bridge from gang life to life on campus:
*Service Update*. As of 25/01/2016 X2/X22 will not be serving Chedgrave. Please see link for more info!
Ice on the Potomac today! First I’ve seen this winter. (As seen from Metro crossing at 14th Street bridge)
Helix Bridge Travel Hotels arab street detail at...
LIVE on Beautiful snow coming down at the 2nd street bridge in Louisville, KY
Car on its side on Hiawatha bridge over Lake Street
.Chief Peter Collins calling for the James Street bridge to be reopened. "We need to resolve this issue" current…
same at twells! London Bridge & Cannon Street closed at the weekend!
In Braamfontein Smit Street is flooded under the Nelson Mandela Bridge
1982: U.S. - shortly after takeoff, a Boeing 737 jet crashed into Washington, DC's 14th Street Bridge and fell into th…
Downtown Calgary viewed from the 24 Street Bridge over Bow Trail SW.
Crews still on scene with water rescue off the west 4th Street Bridge.
Suburbs: State says Jefferson Street bridge in Joliet will reopen Wednesday afternoon
Delays on Tates Avenue in towards Glenmachen Street and on East Bridge Street towards Short Strand
Gardaí say Bridge Street, close to the scene of an accident in Tralee, is closed to traffic and likely to remain so for the next hour.
Actually they're clearing traffic now. Buses are detouring onto Illinois Street cuz the bridge is still up.
A reminder that New Bridge Street, heading into town from Cheetham Hill Rd, is closed.
In 10 mins Valois created a concept with roads, bridge, street furniture, guardrail & now "enlivening" with embedded Lum…
You need to tell people that New Bridge Street is closed - no access to Cheetham Hill Rd from Trinity Way.
Drivers to expect diversions on Ermine Street in as work on bridge
The Urbanette Range is designed to bridge the gap between formal wear and street...
Nice Any plans for a bridge at End street ?
This section of Bridge Street in is NOT straight on. Could help road users be aware? https…
Electronic Device Insurance
Protesters are now in the vicinity of Vincent Square. Victoria Street and Vauxhall Bridge Road are open.
New Bridge Street is now open but heavily congested continue to approach with caution.
NEWS: Gardai in arrested a man on Saturday night last after the window of a Garda patrol car was smashed on Bridge Street.
Protesters are now in Vauxhall Bridge Road at the Victoria end. Victoria Street remains closed for clean-up.
The will be going to Chester Song Writers tonight 8pm Cross Keys Lower Bridge Street Chester
The demo has now dispersed from Victoria Street. A group is moving towards Vauxhall Bridge Road. There is a policing plan in place
This weeks show" flew "to the top of the charts on Voice America TV! after only a one day release! That makes 3...
I want to call the authorities responsible for the street lights on the 3rd mainland bridge to fix it.
See what's cooking! Coming up next on Bridge Street, how to make a delicious Sunday sauce.… all the best for the future. Emma and Steve’s new venture will be at the Pilot Boat Inn in Bridge street, Lyme R…
Officers observed vehicle blocking all northbound traffic on Fremont Bridge as others participated in street racing on the lower bridge deck
The foggy bridge - Dublin, Ireland - Black and white street photography by Giuseppe Milo via …
just drying now. For Bridge Street Gallery exhibition, Helmsley 14th- 28th November.
Here's the surface street traffic around the West Seattle bridge
London Bridge in chaos as DLR strike forces people to queue in the STREET for tube trains >>https…
A boat heads south down the East River toward the 59th Street Bridge from my perch in Carl Schurz…
Los Angeles to bid iconic 6th Street Bridge farewell with free event Saturday
Live art performance this evening at Historic City Hall/6th Street Bridge beginning at 5:00pm
Starting 8/31: Watch for new traffic patterns and lane closures on 7th between Hamilton & Linden Streets & also 8th Street Bridge work
I- 695 11th Street Bridge inbound traffic remains closed due to the overturned vehicle, D-Dot is on scene,…
My column in the Saturday Brandon Sun looks at the looming fate of the 8th Street Bridge.
Jefferson Parish: 4th Street Bridge closed tonight from 7 pm to 6 am.
Career Fair going on now on the L Street Bridge (2nd floor).
Beginning Thursday at 9:30 a.m., the Clark Memorial Bridge, commonly known as the 2nd Street Bridge, will be...
Queensboro Bridge opened 106 years ago today linking Manhattan & Queens. Known as the 59th Street Bridge & the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
There's still time to grab a cake or two at New Bridge Street
"Making a difference one cup at a time!" Visit the Express Mart Convenience Store 805 N. Bridge Street thru April...
Jamie Cucinotta and Dr. Carmen Giunta discuss the NYS Science Olympiad being held this weekend.
Old Woolworths store in Ballymena opening again? See more here:
Some more info from FOX 17 about the changes the Bridge Street corridor could potentially see.
Jubilee line is calm. People get off at Baker Street, Waterloo, London Bridge & Green Park. Never use the metro one tho
We are one of Bridge Street Community Matters charities in March. Support us by dropping a green token in the…
I saw two. The other relates to the weird sculpture in Bridge Street and the Romans. I don't know anything about them.
Lunch today & Brunch tomorrow at Bridge Street. A beautiful day in Writtle today.
Cement truck collided with cyclist on Dublin street (via
The year is 2064, a guy was crossing the street under a pedestrian bridge. The bridge did nothing because it's a bridge. Times are changing.
08:36 Birmingham New Street to Liverpool Lime Street due 10:10: This train will call additionally at Winsford, Hartford and Acton Bridge.
Cement truck collided with cyclist on Dublin street -
TRAFFIC: Slow the on A420 eastbound in between Seacourt Tower Traffic Lights and the Hythe Bridge Street junction.
Cement truck collided with cyclist on Dublin street: Gardaí are the the scene.
Just commented on Cement truck collided with cyclist on Dublin street -
Oxbridge Lane - Surface water and flooding between Yarm Road and Sheraton Street. Under the railway bridge.
I'm sorry to hear this, just to confirm, you were catching the service from Wickham St at Bridge Street, stop 5,? - S
A stunning angle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Jeffrey Street Wharf at sunset! . Pic: Aneesh Pillai http:…
Johnson Street Bridge to meet top quake standard, councillors hear: Johnson Street Bridge to meet top quake st...
Sydney chasing the Aus F1 race from 2020 with plans for a street circuit over the harbour bridge & around the city!
Smells fishy about comment censorship on articles like the
Wild night. Adam and Scott getting captured by ISIS on Bridge Street and everything. Stirling is dangerous.
jumped from oak street bridge onto pike? Just saw medflight lift off.
But sometimes, the little old lady down the street walks under the bridge with flowers or balloons;
*** s Sporting Goods coming to Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsville in 2016 via
What's doing to save NY from these monstrosities??
When my bus heads back downtown to take the Midtown Tunnel instead of the 59th Street Bridge 😍
Ottawa police closed Wellington Street in both directions from Booth Street to the Portage Bridge on Thursday night…
takes the practice of yoga to unique places like the gorgeous Hays Street Bridge.
Found the one road in isn't on tonight. @ 6th Street Bridge
Market Street Bridge and the city of Harrisburg.
Spring! Spotted crossing the street by the BU bridge for a stroll by the (frozen) Charles
Johnson Street Bridge to be built with highest seismic standards possible - CHEK
20 mph speed limit from Westminster Bridge to Southwark Street
Cruisin down 8th street, off white Lexus @ Brooklyn Bridge
I honestly was expecting to cross a bridge & pay a toll like we do in the east coast . Not crossing the street
Delays on Harlem River Drive NB from 145th Street Bridge to George Washington Bridge
Live & Let Die why's Bond on the FDR. Coming from the airport? 59th Street Bridge or Midtown Tunnel surely?
A fun little technical riff, if you wanted something else to practice--59th Street Bridge
... It'll be quicker. Little did he know there was traffic around the Midtown Tunnel, and the 59th Street Bridge didn't move for 15 minutes.
The London CS (blue bike lanes) are good but there isn't a lane on Westminster bridge or opposite 10 downing street :(
Ami's patrolling bridge street so watch out
Truck stuck under bridge on lower King Street. Street blocked off.
MARION, Ind. (21Alive) -- The Marion Police Department has determined the cause of death of a male victim located near the Rails to Trails Walkway between D Street bridge and 9th Street in Marion to be a homicide.
Don't think I am anywhere near Bridge Street West tomorrow, you will have to wait.
Tony Russell News On 6 says people in Muskogee might have some trouble getting around due to the closure of the Court Street Bridge.
Peterborough Bridge street is not a Sea Front, it is a very busy high street with shops on both sides and stalls in the middle
I can't even see the train bridge rn... mind you my work is literally right across the street from it
Favourite restaurant next to London Bridge on Clink Street
Breast Cancer Awareness
A clean and tidy new year to all residents at westergate
Want to see what's happening at the Silver Jubilee Bridge northern approach? Click on Down Your Street to see more
Pancake breakfast from IHOP, walk up the steepest street, golden gate bridge, meal on one of the piers, cable car ride
The thought of driving on bridge street is annoying. Lol
Capturing a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge w/ Wall Street as the backdrop.
The running route I took last night - from my street to Lekki phase 1, via Ikate, to the start of the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge & back - made sense
First real snow for the Big Shoulders. @ Lasalle Street Bridge
Niki Under the bridge on 16th street at greenway road
.This was Bridge Street today, two hours after cycling is prohibited.
Missed Rents flying towards Calton Street Bridge when visiting this weekend.
Scathing review of London's Walkie Talkie: a "bloated, thuggish" skyscraper that "crashes into" views of Tower Bridge
One of the 4 things I'm painting for show. This is a real Carrot-ER .Bradenton Beach Historical Bridge Street...
Try DSW at bridge street? They've got a pretty large men's selection.
At show: Bradenton Beach Historical Bridge Street Market. As usual, if you see something you want, as me to set it aside. . 10-3.
There's no better way to kick off 2015 than with a walk up Bridge Street.   10% Off
Great review: My experience with this company was very pleasant. Ben is very polite and thorough. Although I dropp...
State officials to continue work on 17th Street Bridge bike lanes in
I once made my way from the Manhattan Bridge all the way to Times Square on google maps street view. I was not in a good place.
Street closure. Mellon Bridge road from 1225 to Buckalew Bridge rd. Access Cider Ridge from Friendship side.
Ice in Morecambe has closed the A589 Greyhound Bridge Road westbound between Lune Street and Scale Farm Road
Is it one of the Bridge Street Fourteen or is the SMS wording ('the secret' not 'YOUR secret') a clue that it's not?
See which new businesses are on tap for an early 2015 opening at Bridge Street in Huntsville
Walkie Talkie's impact on view of Tower Bridge from Butler's Wharf is "plain thuggish" says in Observer:
Going out in zante is gonna be like bridge street at this rate 👀
Possible shots fired on Macquarie Street between Bridge and Bent Sts. One man arrested
Documentary telling the story of Dublin street photographer Arthur Fields, who took pictures on O'Connell Bridge... htt…
I-395 at 14th Street Bridge: Description:On I-395 North in the County of Arlington, at 14th Street Bridge, mot...
ADOPTION SPOTLIGHT:HARLEM THE CAT Looking for a friendly cat with an incredible backstory? You’ve got to meet Harlem! This super sweet feline, approximately seven years old, was rescued at the end of October by NYPD Harbor officers from the Harlem River, where she was stranded on logs by the 145th Street Bridge! Harlem is the most affectionate cat you could meet," an AC&C volunteer notes. "She is 7 years old but acts like a kitten. She loves to be held. She loves to be stroked. She purrs all the time! She likes her ears scratched. Harlem needs her own human to lavish all this love on. No matter how your day went, coming home to Harlem will make your day 100% better." If you're interesting in adopting this affectionate adventurer, visit AC&C's Manhattan Care Center at 326 E. 110th Street or email adoptionwith her AA1018700. AC&C adoptions include vaccinations, spay/neuter, a pre-registered microchip, an identification tag, a collar, and a certificate for a free initial exam at a participating veterinaria ...
View of Lower Manhattan from Upper Deck of 59th Street Bridge (tighter crop). @ Queensboro Bridge
View of Lower Manhattan as seen from 59th Street Bridge @ Queensboro Bridge
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Allegheny - 15th Street Bridge at Walnut Street - McKeesport - 4 Vehicle accident with multiple injuries.
The City of Vero Beach, Florida: Build concrete barriers on the 17th Street Bridge for pedestrian safety.via
Sign the petition in honor of Cole, to build concrete boundaries on 17th Street Bridge via
31st Street Bridge ramp to PA 28/East Ohio Street northbound in to close this weekend..
cream cheese frosting. Available at 4 bridge street today!!!
MINOR A1018 Wearmouth Bridge in Sunderland busy but moving inbound from the A1018 Dame Dorothy Street Traffic Lights junction to the A183 St
MINOR A1018 West Wear Street in Sunderland busy but moving westbound at Wearmouth Bridge.
Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last. The 59th Street Bridge Song(1966)
MINOR A58 Wharf Street in Sowerby Bridge busy but moving in both directions at the A6139 Tuel Lane junction.
A167 Tyne Bridge Southbound, traffic building up with minor tail backs to the A193 Newbridge Street Rbt
So today tuesday sept 16 I was fishing on the nechako in between the hart hi way and carney street bridge. I usually bring my dog with me and he sniffs around and chills out, says hi to other dogs and people. Always comes back. At 7:15 pm I looked back cause I was planning on leaving at 7:30, he was chilling out in the grass. At 7:30 i packed up and he was gone. I walked down the bank and another dog owner said he was just there playing with his dog. While I was fishing there was a family skipping rocks and they left exactly when Felix went missing. I'm thinking he ran up to say hi and because he didn't have a collar on they thought he was lost and took him. I walked the whole area for four hours and I can't find him. He's about 55lbs. Looks like a black lab cross. Has a bunch of gray on his face and paws. His name is Felix Unger. He's a rescue I've had for almost 9 years and I want him back. If it was a misunderstanding thats alright. Reward is offered.
Either Cannon St or London Bridge to Liverpool Street, but I have a dodgy knee so I try not to walk too far if not necessary.
Streets and Sanitation needs to stripe the bridge on east 103rd street by the police station!
No matter which of the four 11th Street Bridge Park designs is chosen, DC wins
The crooked street. And Bay Bridge right behind. Someone pinch me. @ Lombard Street
Operation Remember to Get Off the Train at London Bridge has pre-emptively failed due to the cancellation of the 7.03 to Cannon Street.
Welland city council has not pulled the plug on plans to light up the Main Street Bridge.
You may like this! BMX biker rides over Ft. Worth 7th Street Bridge arches: via
Some "Vandalism" on the East side of the Utica Street Bridge in Oswego, NY.
One of my favorite shots! from under Congress Street Bridge.
Took the midnight walk across the Pickens Street bridge before my exam tomorrow, does this guarantee me an A
he'll roll us down the hill in to traffic on bridge street... Lets me realistic here.
In light of the NJ pension scandal, maybe Trenton oughta change its bridge to read "Trenton Makes, Wall Street Takes" http…
MassDOT schedules public hearing on Marion Street bridge in
Cuenca- In the broken bridge near to the long street
Shoutout to the car driving down my street blasting some sick jams.
Dom Jones wIll be shooting my video this Saturday at The 6th Street Bridge Downtown LA 12 Noon if anybody wants...
Kumarie's roti shop in bridge street mall
Join tomorrow on the Pickens Street Bridge and sign our pledge to stop domestic violence! 💜
support ΑΧΩ tomorrow on Pickens Street bridge and vow to end domestic violence!
Only the gnarliest old guys in the crew working on the Bay Street Bridge tonight they're gritty & then some.
It cannot simply be called DC’s High Line. Innovative designs for The 11th Street Bridge Park were just unveiled>
Another fabulous photo I found taken by someone: The view from the Kinzie Street Bridge. by
Street light hazard. Image taken from stony plain rd bridge on groat road eastbound.
thx for the feedback! I'm going to be focusing a lot on the Drag & South 1st Street Bridge going forward. Will be interesting
Why are there so many spiders on the ferry Street bridge I'm going to cry
I wonder how congestion through the Drag and on the South 1st Street bridge affects systemwide performance.
Register for the chance to win a $400 gift card to Bridge Street from Pure Water Technology of North Alabama:
Accident: SB on I-395 at 14th Street Bridge in Arlington Co. 3 lanes closed. Potential Delays.9:58PM
The Lindbergh Street overpass in is now open to traffic once again.
Check out highlights from the The Bridge BMX Shop's 2nd annual jam!. ^ VIDEO.
Great looking entries for D.C.'s 11th Street Bridge Park But me think I'm liking
Hill Buzz: The 11th Street Bridge designs are the talk of interwebs: Gizmodo, Washington Bu... via
The 10th Street Bridge is a great candidate for a bike lane. Getting to the South Side from Downtown is oddly a real hassle.
Just got it - phew! 14th Street Bridge on the approach @ Potomac Riverboat…
Line striping may bother traffic on 10th Street Bridge today via
Forgot to post this sweet pano from yesterday. Sunset at the 6th Street Bridge.
6th Street Bridge. Any of you One Tree Hill fans will recognize this! 😊❤️
Movie Night! Walnut Street Bridge is screening PITCH PERFECT tonight at 7:45pm.
I ❤️ FW in the mornings! But finding a breakfast joint that's open can be a task. @ 7th Street Bridge
Traffic Watch: State Street Bridge temporarily closed has more!
Traffic Watch: State Street Bridge temporarily closed: It just got a little more difficult to get around Downt...
A good-looking New York call girl flagged down a taxi on Eighth Avenue, hopped in, and directed the driver to a Long Island address. As the cab crossed over the 59th Street Bridge, the girl exclaimed, "Oh, my God! I forgot my purse!" "Nuts!" said the driver. "How're you gonna pay me!" "With this!" she answered, raising her skirt above her waist. "you got anything smaller?" snapped the driver. (J)
love R Street Bridge, river promenade & welcoming vibe for visitors
Congestion, avg 10mph on PA-28 SB between Grant Ave and 40th Street Bridge -
Papio was out of it's banks and running over 36th Street Bridge by Affordable Dentures, just down from where I live:
I Street Bridge replacement on track for 2018
Yo kids come on down to 2nd Street Bridge watch a movie and drink some BBC. See you down there around 8:00!
Have you been on the Rotary Centenniel Trail in Carleton Place yet? Here is a brief description of the trail. Perfect for a sunny day! The Rotary Centennial Trail Enjoy a 7 km stroll along the Mississippi, connecting the village of Appleton to Carleton Place. This trail showcases the varied landscapes beside the picturesque Mississippi River which was once the mainstay of the textile trade in the area. This trail runs just below the McNeely Street Bridge at Highway 29 to the junction of Hillcrest Drive and River Road in Appleton.
Join us Thursday night under the 2nd Street Bridge for a screening of "42", an incredible film about baseball legend Jackie Robinson!
We just finished a site walk through under the 2nd Street Bridge for Thursday night's screening of "42" about Jackie Robinson! So excited! Our new 20' inflatable screen is going to look amazing under the bridge! Bring your friends and family out. Opens at 7:00p with music by BabyFishMouth, food and drinks provided by Centerplate and the film starting at 9:00pm sunset!
John Carpenter - 69th Street Bridge on Escape from New York [Expanded Edition]
Good afternoon from The East River and the 59th Street Bridge. At least one of you will have this bridge on your wall
Feeling groovy at the 59th Street Bridge a/k/a the Ed Koch Queensborough Bridge ...
The Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, and the 14th Street Bridge from the Potomac River.…
Mouth of the Puyallup River, as seen from the East 11th Street Bridge.
We are now located in the Red River District under TX Street Bridge..May 12-23 10-5pm (or later) as part of Pop-Up project.. in old McAuthor's Chop House! Our bdlg also houses Amazingly tasty wedding cakes, 3-D printing and Custom jewelry!
Also there's a TJ Maxx under the 59th Street Bridge? And a Food Emporium? Now I want to go just because.
Don't forget that 2nd Street Bridge is now closed for Thunder Over Louisville. Traffic coming from 62 in New Albany was horrible today you might want to find an alternate route if that is your normal path to the studio.
3-30-1909 – The Queensboro Bridge opens, linking Manhattan and Queens. Also known as the 59th Street Bridge – because its Manhattan end is located between 59th and 60th Streets – and officially titled the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, is a cantilever bridge over the East River in New York City that was completed in 1909. It connects the neighborhood of Long Island City in the borough of Queens with Manhattan, passing over Roosevelt Island.The bridge is flanked on its northern side by the freestanding Roosevelt Island Tramway.
Great view! (It's the Queensboro Bridge, or the 59th Street Bridge, its known by both names.)
On my way to work this morning I saw a pair of Eagles perched in tree along the Allegheny River across from the Oil City Post Office. Two weeks ago I saw one perched in the same area. Last week I was driving on Route 322 from Cranberry to Franklin and there was an Eagle sitting on a limb above the cliff just before the 8th Street Bridge going into Franklin and then a few days later I saw an Eagle flying while I was driving up Route 8 from Franklin to Oil City. I just think it is awesome to know that we have such majestic birds in our area.
My friend, Paul Roth MAY have been right when he complained about the press coverage of the Christie administration in New Jersey regarding the shutting down of access lanes of the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee. During the recent snowstorm, many New York citizens complained of the lack of snowplows in their areas. For the record, this was around the 59th Street Bridge and the Upper East Side. This encompasses the wealthiest areas in NYC. DiBlasio said that he had "fouled up." Maybe, but it suspiciously looks like the plows were "told" to either ignore these areas or, at the very least, make them low priority. The press coverage was nowhere near what it was with the Christie scandal and there wasn't even one "investigation." Simply put, this is not right. This is class warfare at its ugliest.
Got new shocks on my 4x4 p/u truck so when I went for a ride to see my doctor in NJ, I continued into NYC... Went over the George Washington Bridge, Cross Bronx Expwy, Throgs Neck Bridge, and Northern Blvd, to Great Neck... Visited w my sister and her husband. My older brother was there visiting from Durango, CO., and my oldest brother showed up from Manhattan, and my 96 year old father is also there from Europe, for another two weeks. My Italian/American brother in law treated us to a big Italian meal, brother Henry played the piano, and I took group portraits of us together. Afterward, I drove my oldest brother by way of the Grand Central Pkwy, and Long Island Expwy, and 59th Street Bridge to 62nd street, on the upper east side... From there he directed me to get on the FDR and head toward the Harlem River Drive... Thank goodness for new shock absorbers, most of these roads are full of patched pot holes and very rough to handle. The lanes are pretty narrow on these Manhattan routes too... Got to the GWB ...
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All neighborhoods are somewhat in thrall to Manhattan, but Long Island City is haunted by it. By day, it’s noisy with the squeal and clatter of elevated trains, the rumble of delivery trucks on the 59th Street Bridge and the hum of subways beneath the sidewalks—a cacophony of people and paraphernali...
Work and Travel USA Sample Job: Work in Baia Restaurant! Baia’s diverse menu features traditional Italian cuisine as well as an eclectic flair and flavor in a casual and entertaining atmosphere. Outside, you’ll find a sun baked deck and crisp ocean air, partnered with weekly live entertainment and casual dining. Inside the restaurant, enjoy a more intimate dining experience, perfect for large families and groups of friends to gather. Ideally located near the 9th Street Bridge in Ocean City, Baia Restaurant of Somers Point is easily accessible by land or sea! Dock your boat and walk directly onto Baia’s multi-level decks for an experience like no other at the Jersey shore.
HAPPENING NOW: Kanawha County dispatchers are advising motorists to use caution while traveling on the interstates coming through Charleston. The 35th Street Bridge exit in Kanawha City is extremely slick. Be safe!
So, ummm, yeah -- your handy Christmas Day NBA preview: Brooklyn-Chicago - A couple of of months ago, this was a possible Eastern Conference finals preview. Now it's just pretty much tankapalooza. OKC-NYC - When this one's over, James Dolan might actually jump off the 59th Street Bridge. Pre-order your poster of Durant over Bargnani now. Miami-L.A. Lakers - LeBron James is the best basketball player of all-time. He doesn't have Jordan's rings, but he's a better all-round baller. And if you disagree, watch the games. Houston-San Antonio - This just in - born-again Dwight Howard cut his recently-born 15th child to get under the salary cap. L.A. Clippers-Golden State - Remember when these two were the worst teams in the Western Conference for like 28 straight years? Not anymore. Gonna watch me some of this for shizzle.
MetroNews Morning News Headlines: Christmas is forever marred for two Kanawha County families after a young girl dies of gunshot wounds. Relatives say Payton Thomas, 10, was spending the night with a friend who sneaked a shotgun out of the house. The gun somehow fired as they walked down the road and struck Payton who later died. Relatives are now wanting to know where the adults were when this happened. In Randolph County a truck driver is credited with pulling a five-year old child from a burning car. The car collided with his truck and burst into flames on Rt. 219. The driver of the car was killed and the trucker injured, but he spotted the child in the car and dragged them out. The child is at Ruby Memorial Hospital. A close call on the Ohio River at Huntington Monday. A barge broke loose from it's moorings and was headed straight for the pier of the 31st Street Bridge, but was caught in time by a tug boat. ..and look for malls and shopping centers to be crowded right up until closing time today--w .. ...
Calhouns on the River employee James Bailey points out where man jumped from *** Street Bridge
We had a great time performing at the opening of the 7th Street Bridge this morning! "...A Shrine circus passed by on 7th Street..."
If UNC Asheville beats Kentucky I will run across the *** Street Bridge. Naked.
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