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Strawberry Fest

A Strawberry Festival is an event and celebration in many towns in North America. In most instances, areas around these towns are, or have been, deeply involved in the production and marketing of strawberries, and the festivals are usually held in late spring around the time of the strawberry harvest.

Cottage Grove Strawberry Festival French Quarter Fest Plant City Theatre Royal La Trinidad Dwight Yoakam

Looking for something fun to do for the whole family this weekend? Head to Cedarburg, WI for Strawberry Fest!…
Strawberry Fest actually not that bad a venue. I saw Cheap Trick there last yr, bought the tickets right before HOF announced.
After a long day in the sun at Strawberry Fest or Smith Mountain Lake Beer Fest, come relax with a cold one at SRCB
Lots of strawberries,ice cream, live music and dancing at the 27th Strawberry Fest, 6th and Ohio Sts. until 8 pm
Make your way to today - it's the 50th annual Strawberry Fest!
I wanna go to the strawberry fest too.
2nd is a tripple layer fest cream strawberry fluffy fluffy sponge ... That one's all mine lol
Entries being accepted now for the Berry Blast Off Recipe Contest. Officials rules at
I still have to take off for the strawberry fest.
I want go to strawberry fest this year.
I haven't been to strawberry fest in forever.
I'll be in Miami for the Strawberry & French Quarter Fest 😞.
Might be coming home for the strawberry fest tho '
I wanna go to the strawberry fest this year πŸ“
Kinda wanna go to strawberry fest in April to see JAB 😌
After panama y'all coming back and go to the strawberry fest
I'm the type of girl who goes to a Strawberry Festival one weekend and then buzz fest the next weekend :-)
TBT strawberry fest '14 can't wait for '15 ! And when I had hair !
French Quarter Fest strawberry fest and the concert in biloxi Mississippi and that's my last week of school , yes I'm about have some fun πŸ™Œ
Great to get to meet ALL our family down at the Strawberry Fest in Ocala Florida!
Next year I'm going to one of those balls in New Orleans! And when is their strawberry fest? I'm taking my little strawberry!
Getting my belly button pierced before the strawberry fest 😜
Ion know what I'm wearing for the strawberry fest 😩😁😭
So is still having a party after the strawberry fest ? 🌚
So they're playing 'Tears In Heaven' right now at the Strawberry Fest and now I've got the feels.
FQF the same day as prom & that night is the strawberry fest πŸ’€
Yayyy for Brandon driving all the way here from Mississippi to stay with me the whole weekend of strawberry fest.😍
Bruh why the Strawberry fest and FQF gotta be the same weekend. Them *** can't work out an alternate schedule
Strawberries everywhere at Tag us in your Penland Strawberry Fest. pics to win a sunggie
Panama, FQF, strawberry fest.. Too much going on.
MyAvi: front of Eden Chapel on Fair Street in Cambridge,England. Shirt&shades from Strawberry Fest blocks from Fair street. Bag from Ghana
I have a big grey goose standing bottle from the strawberry fest probs cost like $40 js
Celebrity sighting! Nice to catch up today with the Strawberry Fest Ambassadors in Cottage Grove.
That's Strawberry Days. I can't say I have ever seen them at Fall Fest, but if I do see them I will text you!
Is the Fall Fest when they sell the Amish donuts or is that Strawberry Days? I can never remember lol
Two family events at Strawberry Park tomorrow: Strawberry Stroll at 8am and Fire Prevention Fest at 10am. Games & activities for all ages!
The ladies of will be selling strawberry shortcake at best fest tonight!
Catch at the strawberry fest park after I eat.
Meeting with le crews of On9 Shop Fest. Mushroom cream soup & Strawberry Yogurt…
I liked a video Essencia Live at Strawberry Fest 2012
Mmm...a mini would be so perfect right now! πŸ˜‹πŸ° Wondering what exactly a…
On October 11th and 12th, 2014, I'll be signing books at the Pine-Strawberry Apple Fest and Craft Fair. Come and chat with me.
The current BL Gothic exhibition has lots about Walpole's Castle of Otranto.I'll be at his Strawberry Hill House for Richmond Lit Fest 2014.
I really love spring too. French Quarter Fest, Mardi Gras, Crawfish festival, and the Strawberry Fest. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹
Garlic fest is in my tiwn. It's neat. Cheese fest??? I'd go to that. I want to go strawberry picking next year. :)
Can somebody bring me a funnel cake to dallas??. No okay. I will wait to the strawberry fest lol
What a great fall fest. The alpacas are wiped out! Can't wait for Strawberry Festival June 2015.
Explore SW Tenn: W. Tenn Strawberry Fest. Mus: memorabilia from longest continuously running festival in the South
Our Quartet sung "Soak up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow @ strawberry fest today. It was so much fun! :D
I'm wearing a strawberry fest tshirt and my mom thought I was wearing a shirt that had the Mexican flag on it..πŸ˜‚
"Well, he said the phone is an older model. I'm sure strawberry fest is thee place for the latest and current cell phone technology" :p
Stop by Strawberry Way this afternoon for Apple Fest! Apple pie, dumplings, cookies and more!
I still don't get whey there was so many pictures posted during strawberry fest??
Another busy weekend! Join us at the Vashon Strawberry fest starting at 10am or the Puyallup Farmer's Market from 9-2!
Taking a lil road trip to the west coast today to take in the Strawberry Fest and possibly hit Corner Brook as well.
you guys going to see lavender tomorrow? We have strawberry fest over here
Packed and ready to head towards Vashon Strawberry Fest this week. Who's coming? Meet you there!...
I've got the pavilion keys, anyone want to throw another strawberry fest?
Daily Beer Reveal! A taste of what you can taste this year at our fest:. White IPA Strawberry Harvest Lager.
Good morning! French Toast Fest is happening now! We're serving Strawberry and Walnut Stuffed French Toast, Baked Apple French Toast & more!
β€œWhen you see somebody you don't want to talk to. day of strawberry fest walk home
πŸŒ»πŸ„πŸ’Ώ - I remember when we hung out at the Strawberry Fest. we used to talked all the time. I love how we still ask each other if we're okay☺️
Every day I get more and more excited for the Irvine Lake Woodstock Fest
Long evening of strawberry picking and rotary fest
If you missed our act at the Strawberry Fest. talent show, you can watch it here! (more like our rehearsal)
SARAH CHRISTINE has a show on 07/19/2014 at 02:30 PM @ Strawberry Fest... in Vashon Island, WA
Wallis Bird stopped by, just an hour before she went on stage during the Strawberry Fest. Find out what she had...
Guess who's just been offered a slot on the acoustic stage Strawberry Fields Fest! Wo
Looking through old pics and u were in the back of some strawberry fest ones XD.
Do you love the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest? Does the Strawberry Shortake Sale on North Street, PI mean summer's...
I'll do the Strawberry Rhubarb Ginger Ruby first! To think a chat at a beer fest manifested this..I cant wait
Come out and meet Strawberry Shortcake at Carrot Fest between 12 - 4pm. Strawberry Shortcake is everybody’s...
I remember in grade 9 I missed the Structures concert to see the fireworks at the strawberry fest. I will never forgive myself for that.
Issue 28 - July now live. Read all your local news, Round up of the Strawberry Fest 2014, all your latest tech...
We had lots of fun at Strawberry Fest and tbh I regret not kissing you.
Bonus Deal of the Week: Buy 1 Get 1 Free on the Strawberry Fest Cookie Sampler.
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I had a great time adjudicating the Wexford Strawberry Fest Carlsberg Pub Talent competition recently! Congrats to the winner Slaney Inn!
i worked at the ASG Fan fest last year and i said hi to Michael Kay and got to meet Daryl Strawberry
OMG I won a raffle for a new kitchen set from strawberry fest! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
I'm still how I was after the burn from the strawberry fest went away.
next weekis Strawberry fest. Ferries will be hosed. However, you could park at Lincoln and walk on and I could pick u up at dock
take me back to the 2nd night of Strawberry Fest because that was a perfect night
little tb to strawberry fest with my favourite people❀️ just missing Julia and talaπŸ™ˆ
Ayyy more fangirlin' bout Little Comets @ strawberry fields fest ??
I really just want to know what I'm doing wrong..and to go to strawberry fest.
Strawberry Fest at West End Farmers' Market of Hartford today! Just glorious. Real Shortcake from Farm To Hearth,...
Sunshine and Star Wars at today's Strawberry Fest parade in
NEW: 9-year-old girl in Cottage Grove's Strawberry Fest parade was run over by float. Awaiting news on her condition.
I am heading down to Cottage Grove for it's annual Strawberry Fest! I am looking forward to seeing my fellow Grovites!!!
Strawberry Fest in Long Grove. You just try and keep me away (the gazebo at Beans & Leaves)
Come join us at the Strawberry Fest in Historic Downtown Long Grove! Saturday it will be open until 8!
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heading back up to Long Grove this weekend. Friday thru Sunday is Strawberry Fest! see you there!
Thanks for following! Come and check out Long Grove's Strawberry Fest.
Hey VBW fans, we will be playing FOUR times at Long Grove's Strawberry Fest over the next two days! There will be...
I'm working all day at the gallery for Strawberry Fest in downtown Long Grove. We are off Fountain Square above the Potpourri Shop. I'm here till 6 working on a few projects. Stop by and check out the festival!
Finally the weekend starts!!! I have been looking forward to just going out and having fun.. First tonight I will be going to Willow River with my awesome dance peeps and second tomorrow I will be going to Cottage Grove for the Strawberry Fest! So all I have to ask is What are you all doing?
Strawberry Fest is the granddaddy of Long Grove’s signature festivals, drawing thousands of music-loving, food-loving, and fun-loving visitors.
Playing at Strawberry Fest tomorrow night in Enniscorthy with Ryan Sheridan. Come down for the craic if you're around, going to be good!
Big gig this Saturday supporting Wallis Bird in Enniscorthy for Strawberry Fest! If you can make it to it then please do!
Killer Led Zep cover band at the vista Strawberry Fest ((Custard Pie))
The I picked for at is inspired by Saturday's Strawberry Fest!
Looking for something fun to do Sat, May 17? Come see LNG at the PUMC Strawberry Fest in MD.
I played the Strawberry Fest 3yrs ago w/Billy Joe Royal + Ronnie McDowell Great time! Nuthin agin Roscoe,but we had Barney Fife!!
:) looking forward to Strawberry Fest and Apple Fest!
Glad to announce I'll be playing June 22nd on the Main Stage at this years Strawberry Fest in Enniscorthy Co Wexford just before headliner Damien Dempsey.!
Happy Saturday, on our way to Poteet, Strawberry Fest,and this is what it looks like in our ride this morning! Have a Great Day everyone:)
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β€œJust can't wait for the strawberry Fest πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ“ she's so freaking adorable!!! love you guys❀️😘
strawberry fun run with counsins, kaanakan, friend and Leonardo Smile... enjoyed the day... happy strawberry fest!yahoo
β€œJust can't wait for the strawberry Fest πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ“ it's perfect! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•
Just can't wait for the strawberry Fest πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ“
Amherstburg fair, tecumeseh fair, strawberry fest and corn fest this year for sure
Stop by The Fresh Market Saturday & Sunday for Strawberry Fest to sample great strawberry desserts and more!...
Makes me happy that Turos coming with me this year to the strawberry fest. πŸ“πŸ‘«πŸ˜Š
Broke my 5k PR yesterday...but i broke it again today in the La Trinidad STRAWBERRY FEST FUN RUN!!! Must be the special beer last night ei?! Thanks Lakai Levi! Congrats Jonie Flores on your 1st run!! Great job!
Too excited for strawberry fest this year πŸ˜πŸ“
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To go or not to go that is the question?.trying to figure out what to do whether I should go to San Antonio for Strawberry Fest with my family or stay home with my husband who can not go because he has to work on Saturday...I dunno? He told me to go have fun with them, but I do not want to leave him behind (he is my other half!)
You know spring is here when the Strawberry Fest arrives at the Westgate Village Fresh Market! Enjoy tasty...
Listen for a chance to win Poteet Strawberry Fest tickets all next week on 94.3 Rev-FM
I wish we was both off tmmrw I wanted to go to the crawfish festival that's ok we will just go to strawberry fest together.
This should bring spring to your heart- the 4th annual strawberry fest will take place on May 17
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Bout to have a strawberry fest in here.. strawberry glazed pecan salad, strawberry shortcake with strawberry...
The LATACPA coffee joins the La Trinidad Strawberry Fest! Try and enjoy our quality processed pure organic arabica coffee, we are located at the coffee booth--La Trinidad municipal park. Products are now on sale /display until March 31, 2014.
Starting to think I should have wrote this paper on the other topic because there is nothing on the history of the Strawberry FestπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‘πŸ˜€
Not paying money to Easton Corbin tonight if he's going to be at Strawberry Fest
Cant wait to see My Madness Band at Strawberry fest...keep fingers crossed.
They going creep tomorrow before StrawBerry Fest πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚
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It's an every year thing. Just like the strawberry fest.
Recipe contest entries now open to entries. NO LOSERS~Everyone gets FREE ticket |
Strawberry Fest Gone be sum serious for baby derrick ... maybe his lil homie too!
That sounds amazing! β€œWho hitting the Strawberry Fest this year?”
okay when you're back and maybe strawberry fest again!!! Hehe
β€œWho hitting the Strawberry Fest this year?” βœ‹ I go every year. Love the little get away
Who hitting the Strawberry Fest this year?
I'm putting the stuff on this weekend. Should be on the road before Strawberry Fest
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Strawberry fest I'm gone be in tha front
I wanna go to the Crawfish and Strawberry fest!!!
/Have fun y'all! We missed you at The Strawberry Fest!
Gotta go get boo and I new boots for strawberry fest! πŸ‘Œ
We will be in 2 places Saturday. Pearl brewery FM. And a special pre strawberry fest farmers market. Come see us!
Crawfish fest then French Quarter Fest and Strawberry fest
I want the Strawberry Fest to be here.
April 11th through the 13th is strawberry fest!!
365Greymatters Will be a Participating Vendor at this years California Strawberry Festival. SAVE THE DATE!...
I've never been to strawberry fest, only corn fest onceπŸ˜’
Might not be going to strawberry fest 😐
The strawberry fest falls on my birthday this year. I wanna throw a party
WHW: STRAWBERRY FEST Join us this weekend for Strawberry Fest!
Join us this weekend for Strawberry Fest!
Volunteers are still needed for Strawberry Fest! Sign up at the link below.
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Brenda Lee, Crystal Gayle, Oak Ridge Boys and appearing at '14 FL Strawberry Fest
Hey do you remember meeting me and my friend at the FL Strawberry Fest?
So Im watching Strawberry Fest and m seriously like almost in tears. Didnt realise how much Ive missed that much its changed me
He definitely won over many fans this year during DL Strawberry Fest.
congrats KP on your engagement!! Nice to hear where you guys met at the Strawberry fest in Plant City fl!
probably right,, since Spring sort of been on a massive strawberry fest,,,he cake, I can't believe he's back!
Tourist travel to other places ain't no crawfish fest strawberry fest lsu su games festival international rodeos in no
Getting my Tye Dye around for the Strawberry Fest in Scio- 4pm-8pm-stop on down and get yourself one! Deb Quinn will be sitting next to me with her bags (wine/beach/carry)
Some things will never be the same in Indiana as they were in California. I saw a sign for a nice Strawberry Fest. I love strawberries so we stopped. Nothing going on outside so we went inside, there were all these religious old people. Yes, I don't consider myself old yet. Anyway they had a line for the strawberries on top of some cheap white cake and whipped cream. All the people were sitting on this big picnic bench. The band was horrible, some Brass and old men playing. I ran out of there so fast. I got freaked out like it was a cult. So much for leaving my house. It is also extremely hot and humid. Just another reason why I am not leaving my house until Fall. BTW some churches here are different. I think I will stay out of church buildings for awhile. Maybe that was the problem. I really thought the Fest was outside like a little carnival and it was not!
Too many fun things to do this weekend, Cobra Car Show and Strawberry Fest in the AM, possible West Jeff pool in the heat of the day, have not figured out tomorrow night yet. Sunday back to church, we have missed it, and Wyatt gets his soccer trophy at church service Sunday on excited!
I had a lot of fun at the Strawberry Fest tonight! Those were some very spectacular fireworks. And it was fun running into friends and getting a chance to visit! Although I loved participating in the Business Expo in the past, it was very nice to just be a guest and watch the parade, visit the fest, go home for a nap and come back for the evening.
We are traveling back to the realm of Cottage Grove for Strawberry Fest today! The Royal family had a great time last week with the 2012-2013 Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest Ambassadors!
Strawberry Fest runners: (including Jennifer Gusse Heidi Higgins Amy Reitnauer Dora Baker ) Here is a bit of info I got from an email after I registered. I emailed in question to this and they said due to the # of people running, they suggest you pick up your stuff early. You do not have to, but it would help avoid the rush of people. Pre-registration packets can be picked up on Friday, June 14th from 10 am to 2 pm at the Tioga County Visitor’s Center located at 80 North Avenue across from the Owego Fire Station.
Just wondering anyone else wonder what happen to May? OK here is June 1...and just three weeks to Strawberry Fest. And whats with this weather...oh well enough of that French Vanilla coffee brewing, red velvet cupcakes and Merv Collins our local fingerstyle guitar offering us some tunes while you join us for coffee, friends and chit chat.
Today I got a postcard from NYU alumni relations about Strawberry Fest. Apparently there's a link to a shortcake recipe.
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May 16, 2013 Attention LGPAA Students: Great news - our beloved Glee Performance Troupe is back for the 2013 Long Grove festival season! We rocked at the Chocolate Festival. Next is the Strawberry Festival, June 22-24! Open to any LGPAA students and friends and directed by Miss Sara Pardo, the Performance Troupe is a high-energy singing/dancing group that takes the stage of the festivals for 1-2 performances. Please read on for details and sign up today if you're interested - space is limited! What: Strawberry Fest 2013 Performances: Sunday, June 23rd, at 1:00-1:15pm & 1:30-1:45pm at Fountain Square Stage Rehearsals: Friday, June 14 - 5-7pm Tuesday, June 18 - 5-7:30pm Friday, June 21 - 5-7:30pm Sunday, June 23 – 11:30am - Dress rehearsal *Participants must be able to attend ALL rehearsals at the Academy, as our time to prepare is very limited. What to Wear: Please come to rehearsals dressed in dance/exercise clothes and dance or tennis shoes. Who Can Join: Any LGPAA student, ages 10-18, as well as ne .. ...
Carnie Barkers at Strawberry Fest playing an original song called Mr. Clean.
at dinner at Crabby *** s :-) 2 wks till our 1st parade at Morgantown, WV's Strawberry Fest
Strawberry Fest today @ Community School! Come get your DIY guides and energy saving gaskets between bites of strawberry shortcake!
Just realised 's shirt at the Strawberry Fest & 's dress at Rib Roundup Fest are the same shade of green :-)
Headed to the Strawberry Fest. In Plant City to hang with my Bowtech brother Rob Byus and Blake Shelton!
I have 2 tickets for the Bret Michael concert tomorrow night at the Strawberry Fest. Only $33 ea. Please message me if you want them!
I just found out that the cast of Lizard Lick are going to be at the Strawberry Fest on Friday! Can't wait to meet them!
Went to the Strawberry Fest tonight to see Dwight Yoakam, he was fantastic and his band was too, last night we seen Alan Jackson and he was great, only 15 minutes from the house and $8.00 admission for a day pass for each person...going tomorrow to Bobby Vinton in afternoon and Martina McBride at night, then Wednesday we see Neal McCoy afternon show and Trace Adkins at night...Mel Tillis on thurs afternoon and then SHOPPING in Lakeland (more yarn at Hobby Lobby...!!) , dinner out with Jack and Shirley (friends from Oshawa,) that takes us to Friday... Then I quess golfing and dancing at night..Another week gone again..!
Pam Tillis and Lori Morgan this afternoon. Tonight we have Dwight Yoakam! Fun day at Strawberry Fest!
Now to find someone with a car that can go to Plant City with me Thursday to the Strawberry Fest to see Brantley Gilbert . Wish i could drive -_- 2 tickets , and i have no way there ... what the heck lol
French Quarter Fest, Strawberry Fest, Jazz Fest... I'm hitting all of them up!
I really wanna go to Monster Jam!!! And Pig Fest and the Strawberry Festival!
I miss gatorfest and strawberry fest and all that stuff πŸ˜”
Begging my parents 6 months in advance to let me go down to Windsor for the weekend of the Strawberry fest πŸ™
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On the radio when they say Hunter Hayes is coming to strawberry fest, they always say if you didn't catch him w/Carrie Underwood,but I did😏
My favorite artist will be playing at the strawberry fest March 2 , you beat your azs ill be there 😍
where was I to send that application 4 entering d wexford rose for you again? Would u not do the strawberry fest
r y'all coming 2 the strawberry fest this yr? I hope to catch uif u r.. We crashed last year on way.
Between my 6 classes, MUR, Strawberry Fest, Ocean Magazine, senior class officer duties, and general life responsibilities, I'm going to die
It really pisses me off that they have the Strawberry fest the same weekend as the French Quarter Fest. I know it's done on purpose.
I'll get the tickets booked for the birthday so! Strawberry Fest and Theatre Royal gigs were quality
Saw ye play at Strawberry Fest and Theatre Royal, brilliant shows keep it up lads. Inspired us to start making our own music!
πŸ“Strawberry Fest ! I defiantly want to go again this year! πŸ˜ŠπŸ“
You know. About the time u get down here willl be the strawberry fest around me and BG will be there
Officially bought the tickets for and I!! Watch out Strawberry Fest! ;)
I'm coming back for Strawberry Fest! But that's like 3 months away so. :/ Lol
I freakin love you guys I seen yall at the strawberry fest in Fl & that was a great day yall are my role models
Pineapples and strawberry would be great right now.”what freak Fest are you at?
I almost had a panic attack at strawberry fest so I would prop pass out at warped
Hope Alex takes me to the strawberry fest.
they didn't come to Florida and I want able to go anywhere near Florida to see them. I saw them at the strawberry fest here
I was at ciara's house doing stuff for school, and she told me where ciara from the strawberry fest lives.. :p
And they better not get any funny ideas about not going to strawberry fest this year too lol
Between the Strawberry Fest in Feb and strawberries coming into season, you're doing the DCP right on time :)
Is your wallet still recovering from the holidays? Find some family fun on a budget this weekend: via
Can't wait til the strawberry fest.
2012 was definitely a great year for me! I accomplished some goals ( I ran my first 3 5k’s(Dirty Girl, Warrior Dash, Strawberry Fest), hosted a 5K in memory of my mom, Did a Polar Bear Plunge in the middle of a blizzard(sorry honey), finished college (even though I still haven’t applied to graduate), started a business I love, helped people in need, and…….. I am sure I am forgetting stuff =)) But most importantly I learned how to be happy. =) For years I struggled with this issue. I seemed to always be searching for something or someone to make me happy…In 2012 I learned that it was up to me and only me to make my life β€œhappy”!!! So I made BIG changes. ….I got rid of the negative people (even family), I got rid of all the negative things ( a stressful business, tv, etc), and I looked at everything in a positive way (even if it was bad) . I then only welcomed positive people (you know who you are..THANK YOU) and things into my life, I did a lot of reading (positive books, educational books) ...
Seriously can we stop with the lazy and unnecessary abbreviations, America? I answered an email the other day where SF stood for "Strawberry Fest," and I asked how their trip to California was.. "YOLO?" I'm about to go LOCO.
Finna hit up the strawberry fest big boi chilln finna get white boy faded ya digg fwm...
I miss traveling. I miss the "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona" moment. I miss seeing the Grand Canyon...again. Mt. Rushmore...again. Watching a Buffalo being born in South Dakota. Being in FREEZING cold Pocatello, ID on a Sunday, and 85 degree sun shiny Phoenix on a Monday in February. I miss singing to 15,000 at the State Fair in California, or 20,000 at the Strawberry Fest in Florida... Parasailing in Myrtle Beach... Everyone has their "days." I guess those were my "days." *sigh
Sugamoma said she excited about her school Strawberry Fest lol!
Hi all. This year, festivals celebrated in Cape May included the Peach Festival, the Strawberry Fest, the Tomato Fest, and in October the long awaited Lima Bean Festival of 2012. Yes, the much maligned lima bean is historic and a hit at the nation's oldest seashore resort. Crowds come out to sample the lima bean soup, lima bean chili, chutney, and yes even succotash as well as kettle corn, while jiving to the music of a local band. During midfest Miss Lima Bean is crowned. I eagerly waited in anticipation of having the Green Goddess smile upon me, but once again was passed over and instead the coveted crown was placed on the head of a young beansprout tall as a beanpole with a slightly greenish tinge...or was it a reflection of my being green with envy? Oh well--There's always next year. Anyway, I prefer the honor bestowed upon me in June as Volunteer of the Year 2011-2012 at our Cape May City Elementary School. That, too, was unexpected but much appreciated! Mary Ann Mosso
Food fest at Mezza Norte! Can't believe I'm able to resist eating! Chose Mango Shake and Strawberry Juice over Manangs. Unbelievable!
Bowl two. Fat fest over with strawberry shortcake and ice cream. @ Grand Buffet (MGM Grand)
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yeah, so is corpus I wanna go there too! Have you ever heard of the strawberry fest in Poteet?
I remember at the strawberry fest Robert was talking to mya he was like With Yo Ashy ***
I've made strawberry vodka before, want to try rum from scratch... 3 or 4 years?? im doing "research" at the rum fest!
β€œπŸ“πŸ“ strawberry fest the RIVERASHIAN way... yall got eat dem like dat??😬
πŸ“πŸ“ strawberry fest the RIVERASHIAN way...
"The Cowboy Rides Away " tour, we all knew it was coming sooner or later! King George is saying farewell over the next two years. He will be in New Orleans April 13th (strawberry fest weekend)!
Makayla cuddling w Uncle Chad watching Strawberry Shortcake. Moments before a tickle fest broke out.
This weekend is the long groves strawberry fest long grove Illinois come on in to the long grove cafe for some good food and great service located behind the mill pond shops on Robert Parker coffin rd. Hope to c u there
Definitely an early night tonight I think. Had a fab time at Lynsey Bruce-Rayner and Samuel Rayner's wedding yesterday. An amazing day with celebrating some special people. Shattered now I'm home. Can't wait for Rayner's Strawberry Fest though :)
Visit 2 strawberry fest turned out 2 b more enjoyable than I thought it wud b.Da 'little girl' in me enjoyd the variations of strawberries..
Are you still going to the strawberry fest
A sunny day with a fresh wind greets me this morning. So much to do in the way of fun this weekend. Big sports weekend here and then there is the strawberry fest in George too. Let's take out our inner child and have some fun. Life is to short to sit and mope. Have a superwonderful day. God bless
Bar tending at fest and I'm a strawberry daqs for all!! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“
Did you go to the Strawberry Fest in June? What did you think? The festival committee weighs in.
Strawberry and Yogurt Alpen Bars remind me of Leeds Fest
We have an apple fest in a couple of weeks and I'm all like *** didn't we *just* have a strawberry fest?"
Scoff Fest finished off with homemade strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and Almond cake - m :)
like lunch lunch? Or chocolate sauce strawberry fest?
for suuure 😏 I heard he's comin to strawberry fest!!
Drinking the most amazing strawberry microbrew from at Olympia Brew Fest.
had its final performance in the Strawberry Fest today. Thank you to everybody who supported us in person and online! Onward xo
won the King Award (1st place) at the Pepperfest Parade todaay! way to go Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest Amabassadors! (:
I can't wait for A-fest. I really want some strawberry mochi.
eric says I should give it a 5 β€” Drinking a Strawberry Farmhouse Saison by @ Olympia Brew Fest β€”
My last birthday I spent with my brother , when made 13 .. April 10, 2009. We went to strawberry fest together
I haven't been to one since Strawberry Fest in April, and the TN State Fair is too far away so...
I am having a strawberry fest and I'm in a really good mood if I'm honest with you
Plant City, Florida -- If you click on the home page for the Florida Strawberry Festival, the countdown clock is ticking down the minutes until the 2013 Festival kicks off.Right now we have 245 days, 17 hours and 33 minutes.It kicks of February 28, ...
Check out the video from my set at this years Strawberry Fields Fest w/ exclusive preview of my new remix
I used to like Amelia Lily coz she was like "cnt w8 to shift ya at the strawberry fest" but then she didnt. ***
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Break outside forever21 with a strawberry shortcake sugar fest
This was for the strawberry fest we had to much fun
You were great at the Strawberry Fest this year! Rocked Enniscorthy! You should return next year man
But really why do i still have tan lines from the strawberry fest
shut UP jesse. you kissed me on the forehead at the strawberry fest
I bought him for $100 at the Strawberry fest when I was 7.Koko my boy.
Strawberry Fest '11. I was so mad that day.
I meant to say Strawberry Jam earlier not fest...
Anna! Did I ever tell you I saw Mr. Thompson at Strawberry Fest and we reminisced on the good old days of 8th grade home room?
Congrats to some talented (and young) locals whose play is in the finals of the Strawberry One-Act Fest:
Who's selling V'fest ticket for the Sunday??
Didn't care about strawberry fields, but wish I was going v fest:(:(
I miss hanging out with you like at strawberry fest!
Watched back the videos from the night of Strawberry Fest! I NEED to get to Electric Picnic now!
About to watch it was away at strawberry fields fest he'd of been annoyed he missed out on charlatans on his door
Splendid! Journeyed North to South today too, was selling Kigus at Strawberry Fields Fest for the weekend!
just back from strawberry field fest!! Wiked vibe and great catch up with darx!! Big love now homeward bound to the wifey!!
I'm craving one of those strawberry lemonade things from the TCBY at the fest 😍
Just watched at Strawberry Fields Fest - best thing I've seen all weekend, the animal onesies completed the act
Oh hello strawberry poptarts! Reminds Me of America :( ah well. V fest on Friday... Purchased loads of needless Crap
Just got in from strawberry fields fest, not too much 'summer in the city today'. Dope weekend meeting the boys &
sod the Olympics get your *** to strawberry fields fest the sun is out
Strawberry fields fest then bbq later with
so basically you were double booked for strawberry fields fest,you let a lot of people down. Some people only went there to see you
Strawberry Fields fest today, well looking forward to! Tracks tried & tested last night, these are gonna blast the big top :)
To cap off the weekend baking fest - strawberry & cream cheese chocolate muffins !
Newport parade tomorrow ! Check out the Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest booth afterwards (:
Great day to enjoy a Strawberry aor Peach Bellini with our Lobster Fest Menu
nearly had the chance to go to strawberry fields fest with ma boy but his dad went with him instead D:
so u like the boot shoot boogie u ever go to the Plant City strawberry fest I go every yeat
enough to give out Friday to V Fest travellers :0) We can get the ice creams (strawberry splits) just need somewhere to store them
Wicked set at strawberry fields fest but no super sharp shooter :-( gutted !
Heading to Brigus for or I guess you could say we're going to for strawberry fest
so far for leeds fest I have: a giant rucksack, baby wipes, and some strawberry sunglasses. sorted.
Wishing I was at strawberry fields fest seeing bo
Strawberry soup shooters for the Woods Hole Film Fest at
Hang with these girls: They were at a fest with homebrew: hibiscus ESB and strawberry something. good&girly.
Konafa belManga, 3esh Elsaryia (bel2eshta), Custard donuts and Strawberry/Chocolate Muffins- Today I'll be boarding this love fest.
We loved our Strawberry Coconut smoothie today!! Check out our post here -- xx
'summer fresh strawberry fest' I gotta go to that !! πŸ˜„πŸ“πŸ‘
First Brewers Fest = success! organic Strawberry Honey Ale for the win! (at β€”
Packing up for a weekend in Farmington, 5K tonight at 6:15 for the strawberry fest and a fiends wedding tomorrow.
Kayben Farms Strawberry Fest this weekend - Juicy stuff
I'm going to a 3 day BlueGrass festival next month called the Strawberry Fest. It's in Yosemite park.
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