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Stranger Things

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Stephen King, Tim Burton, the art team on Stranger Things, Nosferatu.
The little sister of the black boy on Stranger Things is unnecessarily sassy. Like it didn’t make sense why her characte…
The Shadow Monster from Stranger Things crossed with Harry Potter Demontors is how I visualize the evil that is Trump and his supporters.
Stranger Things season 3: the gang accidentally releases Mike Pence from the Upside Down
RED looks really digital imo, but for some reason, I love the way Stranger Things looks, it'…
1) why tf do you swipe like that fjfjdfj . 2) THATS STEVE! Have you never seen Stranger Things?
I️ saw the movie poster for “Mars Needs Moms” and then I️ looked at the Stranger Things season 2 poste…
This episode: we talk about Tommy's wedding and that time he had a Stranger Things-style adventure as a kid. Plus, we ask…
Stranger Things cast answers the most googled questions about th.. RB
of Stranger Things cast answers the most googled questions a.. VB
Millie Bobby Brown recapping Stranger Things season 1 by rapping on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!
I've just watched episode Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak of Stranger Things!
Lovely, between this and Carpenter you have a Stranger Things soundtrack.
Stranger Things: MONSTER Opening. (youtube link: I love the opening and I…
I've just watched episode S02E02 of Stranger Things! Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak
Just realized that Bob from Stranger Things is Doug from 50 First Dates and idk what to do with this information
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Check out this lot in The Sims 4 Gallery! - Will Byers' House from Stranger Things. Includes shed in the garden and…
How much cooler would Stranger Things be with Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix as maybe Steve, Fred Savage,…
Stranger Things kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved it! Totally binge watched it. Now I’m also lookin…
Before Briarcliff Campus’ Building A was the Hawkins National Laboratory in “Stranger Things,” it was a mental heal…
I don’t know how I survive without Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Stranger Things, Sense8, Sherlock Holmes, etc etc etc 😂
So I finished Stranger Things, erm the first season was so much better. I like science fiction stuff but I…
Why does Will from Stranger Things look like a young Eric Forman? 😂
So, I dreamt I was in something like Stranger Things and I was Dad Steve and Ed Sheeran was a murderous villain who…
When you realize and (Mike and Steve Harrington from Stranger Things) follow
Stranger Things,voltron,fate stay night,sinbad, the seven deadly sins,ajin, no game no life,cowboy bebop,doctor who
The sister, Nancy, from Stranger Things is such a babe.
Best scene in Stranger Things don't @ me!. After Jonathan and Nancy sleep together... Murray: "So Jonathan! How was…
Sometimes...i wish people will appreciate the effort the 'Stranger Things' team puts in creating that whole TV seri…
Pocket Gamer's best games of October giveaway - Stranger Things: The Game
Stranger Things' Joe Keery Got Buff to Wear a Speedo for the Show — but the Storyline Was Cut. Stranger Things fans…
so when are you doing Stranger Things trivia ??
The inspiration of Stranger Things comes from Montauk, New York...
Stranger Things are afoot in New York this week and we talk the legend that lead to the show Stranger Th…
Just talked to my mom about Stranger Things and I almost seriously had a mental breakdown about not being an Americ…
Do you think Ernie Hudson was upset that none of the kids in Stranger Things wanted to be Winston?
Stranger Things on Netflix is trippy as he'll.
The day after I finish Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders announces their season release for November 15. People, this is what life is about.
I need you to be your brothers keeper and get these guys hip to Stranger Things. Cody & Eph. Y'all on an island with this one.
Anyone else think Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things actually sounds like a character from an 80’s action film? “Th…
I would never hire Hopper from Stranger Things for Tulsa’s Police Department. Not because he’s a bad guy, but becau…
Great shout out for Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's soundtracks for Stranger Things. Looking forward t…
It's on HBO but Big Little Lies is the best thing out there rn besides Stranger Things (which I'm sure…
Stranger Things but with only the scenes of Winona Ryder destroying her house
What is that kid Tracy Beaker doing in Stranger Things
I just added Stranger Things to my library!
Lux Aurumque in the style of Stranger Things. Brilliant cover by Elias Symons.
Only complaint I have so far (and probably the only one) about Stranger Things is that I took a risk and watched a…
Every actor on 'Stranger Things' wants more screen time with David Harbour (Sheriff Hopper)
The kids from Stranger Things performed Motown with James Corden.
Has no one on the set of Stranger Things ever had an injection? Every time they jab the needle in far enough to poke out the other side...
Just using my 250 limit to remind you that Joe Keery whom plays Steve Harrington in the Stranger Things series has the…
The 'Stranger Things' kids performing on James Corden! These kids are so talented. Link to the Full video:
Stranger Things made my music taste go out the window I just listened to 80’s Dad rock for a half an hour on the elliptical and I’m not mad
Can they stop making Stranger Things now so those kids don't end up like Amanda Bynes and Jake Lloyd
Stranger Things star responds to model controversial Instagram post
Connor Carrick is what I assume Dustin from Stranger Things will look like in 5-7 years
*My dad watching Jessica Jones*. My Mom: Erin is this Stranger Things?
There should be a Stranger Things episode where Steve Harrington plays dungeons and dragons with the boys
Stranger Things season 2 is getting strange.
Stranger Things foley team, "Kids running through the woods? Let's make this sound as sticky and grotesque as possible."
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Wynona Ryder deserves somebody's award for her acting in Stranger Things. I will say that much.
Help the Stranger Things kids tackle adventures from Season 2 with Just say, “Hey Google, talk to Dustin fro…
Having to be anywhere in the vicinity of Jeffrey Jones in Bettlejuice must have inspired Wynona Ryder's performance in Stranger Things.
Intro to Stranger Things has a Blade Runner vibe. I dig it.
The creators of Stranger Things saw a Mosquitos foot and decided that would be their villain. Brilliant
Ali Michael 27, sexualizing Finn Wolfhard 14, from Stranger Things is no joke. Why is she still signed to agencies?…
Stress level: Wynona Ryder at any point in Stranger Things
Model, 27, under fire after asking Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, 14, to 'hit her up' in four years
Matilda star Mara Wilson slams the 'sexualisation' of Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown via
You should consider playing the iPhone game
I didn't know Dustin from could sing!
2: Examining the father figures via
also I binged watched stranger things szn 2 for like the 4th time last night lmao
Finished Stranger Things 2 last night. Great season. I️ would have finished sooner if not for Mario.
Im confused is this fake or does stranger things really have the voice of an angel?
I only started watching it coz everyone was talking about it including…
I will not be supporting Stranger Things anymore. The Duffer Brothers clearly don't care for the safety of their underage actors.
Thank God Kevin Spacey was on House of Cards and not Stranger Things.
Can we just talk about how good a open-world game would be?
all I’m thinking about is if I will ever watch the stranger things finale
all the boys in stranger things are such good boys except the new *** and his dad and also Jonathan.
HEYYY! I dreamed of you is what happens when stranger things become your favorite thing😍
I've never seen it, you recommended it to me?
Just finished watching OMG what a serie 👏👌
Is stranger things really worth watching?
Someone give every award for his truly extraordinary work on like, NOW
16 million people watched the 'Stranger Things' season 2 premiere in the U.S. alone: .
stranger things on crack is giving me life. CCTO
9 not-so-strange things we want in 'Stranger Things' Season 3
Someone tell my why the ENTIRE stranger things cast pulls through with good editorials
I am middle-aged & in Stranger Things withdrawal. Do not speak to me unless you have heretofore unseen photos of my friends…
Can’t wait to get off work so I can binge the rest of stranger things season 2
'Stranger Things' star opens up about her experience with hearing loss..
Matilda star Mara Wilson has lashed out at the 'sexualisation' of Millie Bobby Brown and the Stranger Things' cast…
Millie Bobby Brown, 13-year-old star of the hit sci-fi series, "Stranger Things" can't fully hear what she sounds...
Stranger Things s3 will be set in 1985, the year The Goonies came out, Wynona Ryder's character fingers herself to death when she sees Bob
Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of "Stranger Things," were honored with the annual Alumni Achievement Award.
Noel Wells and Ben Schwartz are doing a great job on Stranger Things
Oh my God, please tell me I haven't just watched the whole of Stranger Things series 2 in one day.
Stranger Things is one of the best programmes I’ve watched and I feel sad I’ve finished this series :( until next year x
It's like if Stranger Things had been cast exclusively with Garbage Pail Kids
The teacher in Stranger Things was talking about Phineas Gage. (For some reason.) It's a true story. Read the Wiki.…
Fam talkin Stranger Things "Wynona Ryder is in it?" Me thinkin I'm funny "Ryder? I barely know her!" Mom begins belly laughing in the corner
This is why we should all love Steve from "Stranger Things" now
Current stress level: Wynona Ryder in every scene in Stranger Things
Dr Foster is good. But stick with Stranger Things, trust me.
Read today about Wynona Ryder's "crazy facial contortions " from 1st season of her series Stranger Things. Do any GIFs exist?
Season 2 of Stranger Things is feeling like Gremlins meets Harry Potter meets Exorcist meets Goonies meets an allegory for adolescences.
I LOVE Wynona Ryder in Stranger Things. Her eyes are so big and expressive and she just generally looks so cool and full of emotion
. Wynona Ryder is in Stranger Things, she was from Mn, maybe it was in her closet, just sayin'
Stress Level: Wynona Ryder in every scene of Stranger Things
Why does Steve from Stranger Things stand like Max Branning 😂
I'm sure it's v good, but from the advert Stranger Things just looks like one massive Stephen King rip-off. 'Stand By Me' meets 'Duma Key'
If *Stranger Things* was a made-for-TV movie in the 1990s adapted from Stephen King, all the characters would know…
Am I the only one who thinks Stranger Things is just meh? It's a Spielberg, Stephen King wannabe with not much new to offer.
How do and feel about Phineas Gage being mentioned in Stranger Things this season.
My husband and I got addicted to Stranger Things 🤩 We started to watch the show a few days ago, just a couple of ch…
So Eleven in Stranger Things & Sam Huntington in Jungle 2 Jungle look exactly alike when she wears her blo…
Stranger Things marathon on my flight to Austin 😍
Betrayal when your boyfriend watches the first episode of Stranger Things without you 🙄
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
361,000 Americans binge-watched the entire second season of Netflix's 'Stranger Things' in the first 24 ..
Someone on Tumblr put Jean-Ralphio quotes over Steve Harrington from Stranger Things and I can't cope
Everyone thinks the guy from Stranger Things looks like Jean Ralphio but you’re all wrong??? He looks like Andrew Garfield???
Season 3 of Stranger Things is just going to be eight episodes of the Duffer Brothers poking Wynona Ryder with red-hot irons.
Currently obsessing over Stranger Things and especially Steve Harrington. His character development is what I live for.
Steve Harrington from Stranger Things has the best villain character redemption arc since Zuko from Avatar the Last Airb…
Millie Bobby Brown rapped a recap of Stranger Things season one and it'll turn your world Upside Down. h…
I’m sad he died in Stranger Things he was a good boyfriend to Wynona Ryder
Little Zach Martin is by far my favorite Stranger Things character.
Guys... Stranger Things is actually just an elaborate Fresh Prince of Bel Air meme... WILL'S LIFE GOT FLIP-TURNED UPSIDE DO…
Stranger Things writers, you are dead to me. Nobody called Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC in 1984.
Weird that they got Tom Hiddleson to play Eleven for one episode of Stranger Things.
Millie Bobby Brown rapping Stranger Things season 1 recap is just 🔥
'Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown opens up about being deaf in one ear.
Bro you gotta watch Stranger Things! But if I had to choose, always assume it's the Chris O'Donnell version
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i'm so zany and kooky i don't even think Stranger Things is weird at all. all the stuff that happens in that show seems norma…
Why does Mr. Clarke's voice in Stranger Things sound like Ryan's when he's narrating stories in buzzfeed unsolved v…
This 'Stranger Things' Star Was Inspired by Woody Harrelson to Go - (blog)
Just want to make a good veggie burger and cuddle up with my man while we watch Stranger Things tonight.
Harold Ramis admits that Ghostbusters characters were written in order to fit the demographics of the Stranger Things cast!
In Season 3 of Stranger Things, Chunk & Sloth team up with Captain EO & the Frog Bros to fight Krull.
If any 80s star could show up in Stranger Things 3 I think I would have to say a return of Rick Moranis would be crazy
Did you catch these references in the Netflix hit Stranger Things?
South Africa is basically Stranger Things: we all live in The Upside Down.
Stranger Things makes me feel nostalgic for the 80s which doesn't even make since my *** wasn't even alive for that deca…
this joke is even funnier bc Bob in Stranger Things played Mikey in The Goonies
Just finished book about Lyme disease and can’t stop drawing parallels between her and Will from Stranger Things
Okay but y'all can't tell me that Charlie Heaton from Stranger Things doesn't look like Harry Styles and Dwight Schrute ha…
Rumor mill: Season 3 of "Stranger Things" will be about the kids running from Kevin Spacey.
One thing ain't changed from S1 to S2 of Stranger Things, parents still letting the kids run all over the place like it a…
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I hear Christopher Guest’s fave character in Stranger Things is Eleven 😬
Add Bob from Stranger Things to my list of fictional dads I'd want to be my dad. Not to replace the top contender, Dan Conner.
Elijah Wood's 'Stranger Things' Halloween costume was spot-on: Elijah Wood went on Conan on…
We’ll see, it seems pretty 80’s now. Just look at the aesthetic around Marvel cinematic universe and Stranger Things 🙆🏼
"Actually, Stranger Things is bad" says man who owns every Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.
Vee's EP and Beach Dog and Baker and Stranger Things. Beautiful way to end this splendid October. What a time to be alive.
Just slurped down three Stranger Things episodes and managed to just barely stop myself from starting the fourth.
How are ppl hating on season 2 of Stranger Things?! It's so good and these little kids are such amazing actors.
Stranger Things is so good! season 2 keeps getting better and better!
Its time to start Stranger Things season 2
Season 2 of Stranger Things is never this good like it’s stressing me out and my friends not caught up 😩
How have I not binged Stranger Things season 2 yet? I’ve only watched the first episode. I’m kinda proud, but also kinda upset with myself.
Oh no I offended the whole internet because I didn't like Stranger Things season 2. In other news got a ton of contest submissions so far 👍🏼
Can confirm Stranger Things is pretty wack. One episode I thought I was watching suicide squad 2.
I added a video to a playlist Stranger Things 2 Chapter 6: The Spy
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Rewatching Season 2 of Stranger Things already. There is no limit to my Netflix binging skills.
'Stranger Things' sounds: All the music from season 2 - CNET
I’m gonna hate all of the snapchats of random snippets of season 2 Stranger Things, stop spoiling it for me you fast bitc…
Columbia College Chicago shared Stranger Things's video. October 27 at 11:47am ·. If at any point during your...
Netflix needs its own convention, where fans of Stranger Things, Master of None, Narcos, The Ranch, OITNB and Adam Sandler m…
Looks like it’ll be cold and wet and windy today. PERFECT day for a pot roast and Stranger Things.
I’m getting a very strong Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys vibe from Billy in Stranger Things
Caught a 3 hour power nap yesterday which obviously lead to me staying up til now watching the entire Season 2 of Stranger Things.
But Dave is the fun cool guy... he smokes pot and watches Stranger Things. Clearly, the last liberal.
Well orange is the new black is my obsession right now and Stranger Things. Wentworth i…
Found this rare interview footage with the cast of Stranger Things 👍🏼. . . .
this guy dressed up as Eleven from Stranger Things just made my entire day 😂😂
I liked a video Here's How the 'Stranger Things' Cast Says You Should Binge-Watch the 'Dangerous'
i'll tell u why Stranger Things is so good? bc the driving force of the show at its very core is an incredibly talented cast of young people
👻 favorite pictures of the Stranger Things cast ; thread 👻
domain names
The cast of Stranger Things are all so grown up now. I feel like a potato when I look at myself. 😂
Is it just me or is Stranger Things a bit overboard on the music this season ?...episode 7 i keep expecting the cast to break into song
How does one do college, watch Stranger Things, and Riverdale at the same time?
Stranger Things is killing me jesus
Find your 'Stranger Things' music match on Spotify - CNET via Bonnie Burton
Been at the London Warriors Cup jiu jitsu competition all day & am dead on my feet. No bed, got 5 hours left of Stranger Things to watch...
Sean Astin in Stranger Things season two is really all I could have asked for
just done watching Stranger Things season 2... Can I keep you?
Stranger Things season 2 has droped and i now remember that Natalia Dyer is hot af 😍😍
Sean Astin is in the new season of Stranger Things and I'm super excited about it 👏🏼
Natalia Dyer attends the premiere of Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Season 2.
For Langoliers or Stranger Things? Either way, Bronson Pinchot is amazing
Denden lazaro looks a bit like Nancy from Stranger Things ha 😅
It was so hard. I was late to work thanks to Stranger Things 😅 oops
Stranger Things is the only show that could ever get me excited about Sean Astin and Paul Reiser
I'm laughing cause watching Paul Reiser in Stranger Things reminds me of him in Aliens.
Unpopular opinion: Stranger Things is not that great
Of course Sean Astin and Paul Reiser would join the Stranger Things cast.
I love that Paul Reiser & Brett Gelman are in the new season of Stranger Things.
Time to snuggle up in my Harry Potter sweatshirt & start S2 of Stranger Things 🌹
Just a few seconds into seeing Paul Reiser on Stranger Things and my craving for Mad About You is returning with a…
Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton 'caught with cocaine at US airport' via
Stranger Things star flies to US for show's launch but is 'deported for coke'
Charlie Heaton 'caught with cocaine at US airport'/Stranger Things /2017: via
Sean Astin in Stranger Things looks like Patton Oswalt's older brother who wishes he'd quit comedy and work at their dads insurance company
Will Byers is to Stranger Things as Laura Palmer is to Twin Peaks
I have to wait until & I are together to watch Stranger Things, which isn't until late Sunday so we might not wa…
Season 3 of Stranger Things will be about how Sean Astin turned into Patton Oswalt
Only small town folk got to watch a building fall. Big city slickers watch on their phone on their couch while watching Stranger Things
Arguably a better Barb than Stranger Things' Barb: Margot Kidder in Black Christmas.
happy Stranger Things day aka Winona Ryder day
I feel like I turn into frantic Winona Ryder's character from Stranger Things when I binge watch shows
I've never actually seen Stranger Things (which I should, and I probably will) but holy cow, I love Winona Ryder wi…
It stresses me out that kids watching Stranger Things probably only know Winona Ryder FROM Stranger Things
yes! Winona Ryder is freaking out and running around the house doin stuff again! Stranger Things officially back! lol
📷 netflix: How Hawkins does picture day.  Stranger Things by Dan Winters for [x]
Field trip to Florida Polytechnic University today and then an evening of Stranger Things and chill with Aries😁
Ryan Potter got the role for Teen Titans, lets see who got the role I auditioned for in Stranger Things..
Patiently waiting for Stranger Things with my bucket of blue bell ice cream. 🌝🌝🌝🌝
Should I watch Stranger Things? Not sure it's up my alley but I'm a Stephen King guy so I'm torn
What's the one thing you're hoping gets revealed when 'Stranger Things' returns to Netflix tonight at midnight?
So it seems like Stranger Things season 2 releases at exactly midnight. Welp, looks like I'm not sleeping tonight.
Five questions 'Stranger Things' season two needs to answer
Stranger Things season two, which will be released all at once, is also somehow getting an aftershow…
Still not seeing Season 2 of Stranger Things in my feed. When exactly is the airtime?🙁
“On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you for Stranger Things season 2 to come out tomorrow”
I really cant wait for the new season of Stranger Things, it better be good. Imma be upset if its bad.
Finally all caught up on Stranger Things and so ready for season 2 tomorrow!
So is Stranger Things season 2 going to release right at midnight ?
mom: you can’t watch the second season of Stranger Things in one day . me: ... . 🎄💡👻
When this Stranger Things season 2 drops in a couple hours i'm not talking to anyone lol..
Big dilemma tomorrow... do I waste my day watching season 2 of Stranger Things or playing the new Assassin's Creed?
Are you excited for the new season of Stranger Things?💙
I love stuff yeah! Paul Reiser is having a big moment that includes 'Stranger Things' - Cherry Hill Courier Post
Super Mario Odyssey, Stranger Things, & iPhone X all dropping tomorrow night. That's the kinda content I signed up for baby
Between Super Mario Odyssey and Stranger Things, this weekend is shaping up to be quite nerdtacular.
'Stranger Things' Eleven is a super freak in music parody - CNET via Bonnie Burton
Calling Hawkins Power will give you 'Stranger Things' clues - CNET via Bonnie Burton
Send your own 'Stranger Things' message from the Upside Down - CNET via Bonnie Burton
Stranger Things for Adam. Yakuza 0 for me. Magikarp for Elliot. Though we all get fun / use from all three. :D
Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard has fired his agent after he was accused of sexual assault…
Stranger Things star fires agent over sexual abuse allegations
Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard has left his talent agency after his agent was accused of sexual assault:
Omg Harry Potter and Stranger Things are my life😭🙌🏾
Need someone to watch Harry Potter, Stranger Things, and Star Wars w/ me because I can't make myself watch them&I feel like I'm missing out
Philip rivers looks like Eleven from Stranger Things
So cool to see Steve of Stranger Things is visiting a Twin Peaks landmark
im so ready for Stranger Things to strip me of any remaining mental stability I have left
wow okay uhhh I just watched the Season 2 trailer and I'm seriously so excited ‼️
I plan on sleeping non stop October 25th and 26th so that I can binge watch Stranger Things new season straight through on the 27th.
So are we watching stranger things from season 1 or we starting @ 2 do I know to watch it while I’m home.
I just realised that this comes out the same day as stranger things season 2 (I think)
Woah I’ve been waiting for Stranger things for SOO long
You probably already watched it but Stranger Things! The first season was amazing and the next one is in a couple weeks 😄
Here's a terrifying new 'Stranger Things' trailer just in time for Friday the 13th:
Hey Will Byers has a little something to tide you over until Stranger Things 2.
Will or the Stranger Things cast be in Star Wars someday?
Fridays are for watching TV all day 🙌 Watch our episode of feat. Teen Wolf, Stranger Things and more! https:…
Also just want to mention that the new Stranger Things soundtrack is about to be one of the best things we have ever heard.
We've never been so excited to hear a synth. 2, coming October 27th.
I'm on the 7th episode of stranger things and i'm not about to watch season 2 if that lil *** Will is still missing ***
The 'Stranger Things' season 2 trailer hints it's up to Eleven and Will to save us all
Happy Friday the 13th! Celebrate by watching the spooky new trailer for season 2.
If Stranger Things was so good why isn't there a Strangest Things?
"Stranger Things" was rejected 15 to 20 times by different networks before Netflix picked it up.
I’ve watched the final trailer for Stranger Things season 2 like 20 times. I’m so ready 💛
In the final trailer for Stranger Things season 2, something is horribly wrong with Will Byers
Can’t see it though— Brum are that bad but stranger things have happened
Barb made it out of the Upside Down!!
||: The final trailer for Stranger Things 2. IM SCREAMING! ASDFGHJKL! So can't wait!
STRANGER THINGS. Now that is a Trailer!. Season 2 Final Trailer [HD] | Netflix via
Spooky. Scary. Stranger than ever. The gang is over at talking Season 2. https…
Netflix deployed an army of Dustins from Stranger Things in New York to hype the new season
My friend met one of the Stranger Things actors the other day. His name was Caleb something from what I remember.
Despite her huge breakout on Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown insists she's just like "any other 13-year-old."
.Stand By Me poster for Stranger Things made it to a Louis Vuitton fashion show:
A Moment of Zen at Chanel, a Unicorn Finale at Thom Browne and 'Stranger Things' at Louis Vuitton! Ruth Negga takes the plunge in a daring dress at 'Stranger Things' Louis…
Android gameplay footage of the new Stranger Things mobile game.
The must-watch TV of autumn 2017, from Blue Planet to Stranger Things
Netflix's American Vandal is fantastic. On par with Stranger Things and Black Mirror. It's so good 😩
Winona Ryder in the scene in Stranger Things of her telling Jonathan he's not alone makes me cry a lil.
Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown deserved emmy's for Stranger Things. Fight me.
Gonna start watching Stranger Things cause Finn Wolfhard is in it and I adored him in IT
Jaleel White sounds off on child actors' experience after Stranger Things' Emmy snubs: "Our youth gets hazed"
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
EMMYS - Congrats to Spectrasonics users Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein for Stranger Things!
Do you think Millie Bobby Brown should have won an Emmy for the show Stranger Things?
Here's a better look at my portrait of Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven from Stranger Things.
so which company is going to pick up the Commander Keen brand and making it into a Stranger Things style game to bridge Wolf and DOOM
Praying to the two Corey's and Danny Bonaduce that we never see the Stranger Things kids on Celebrity Rehab or any other VH1 show. Amen.
when stranger things hardly wins any Emmys
everyone keeps calling finn a legend after seeing IT but like..he's been a legend since stranger things s1
Dear Netflix-please do better. I didn't laugh once⚡️ “Chris Rock crashes Stranger Things in new Netflix promo”.
Friends don't lie: Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown stuns in the E! Glambot at the
Waiting for more Stranger Things 2 art to be dropped to create that once it drops
Yo really happy for you. I'mma let you finish but is one of the best dramas of all tim…
'Stranger Things' gave us the best moment of the Emmys and you didn't even see it
The kids from are here and SO MUCH YES TO THOSE 👏 SUITS! 👏 . (📷 : Getty / Kevin Mazur)
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