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Storage Hunters

Storage Hunters is an American television series that premiered on June 21, 2011 on TruTV. It focuses on storage auction followers Brandon and Lori Bernier and their travels throughout the country.

Lizard Lick Towing Storage Wars Baggage Battles

Channel hopping. bbc 1.cookery, off, bbc 2. athletics, off, itv 1. dinner date, blonde is nice but off, channel 4...winter games, off, channel 5.Lazytown, omg, off, itv 2.soaps, off quick, itv 3.sherlock holmes, repeat, off, pick.sowing??!!!? dam, off, dave.Storage Hunters, ok but repeat, off, etc, etc, etc. Hate weekend tv. ynwa
If you like any of the following, we can be friends; Pawn stars, Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Bear Grylls, Shipping Wars or Lizard Lick 🙊
Don't know why I'm dreaming about Linda Nolan & Chief Keef being in Storage Hunters
Whenever I'm not at school all I do is watch Storage Hunters and Criminal Minds
Between Hardcore Pawn and Storage Hunters, Tru tv is one of my favorite television networks.
Storage hunters is the UFC of the storage auction shows
Why do people keep saying that? It's not true, Storage Hunters is a ting
woman auctioner? Wait isit Storage Wars or hunters you watch :p
I only watch storage hunters tbf something addicting about watching those characters
All my dad watches is pawn stars and storage hunters. Sad.
Storage Hunters and Traffic Cops. That's the purpose of life
Storage Hunters is sick not even arsed👌
So wrongly attracted to Jesse from Storage Hunters
If you don't like storage hunters then re evaluate your life
Oh my there is a storage hunters knock off game, too tempted to buy this..
I know, seen this one twice already, it never gets old, like storage hunters that's the best
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I'm spending my Friday night watching Storage Hunters. I'm living the wild life.
Programmes like storage hunters and property wars are so under rated
My life basically consists of hollyoaks, nothing to declare and storage hunters
Not into that one.Love storage hunters u s a. N C I S with Dinozzo in it.Like crime dramas too.
Jesse from Storage Hunters is strangely attractive.
Brandon and are the only reason I watch storage hunters, it's fab!
you do not know how much people in the UK love Storage Hunters 💪
Sean Kelly of truTV's Storage Hunters joined Jesse and the Jellyman.
Does anyone who's not one of the main characters ever buy a bin on storage hunters?
Going to pretend that I haven't just spent the last 6 hours watching storage hunters
I love it when bins explode in storage hunters
No way is there a storage hunters game for iPhone! Bye everyone
There's not a lot I hate more than the chase and storage hunters. 📺🔫💣
Storage Wars texas and storage hunters are the worst programs ever
Papa bear from storage hunters just followed me on Instagram, what
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BIG show today! Join us for "celebrifriday" as we have Storage Hunters' Starts in 30 minutes!
Storage Hunters on Dave, home of witty banter.
Surely Dave could pull QI, Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick and just replace them with Top Gear. :)
Life isn't the same without storage hunters
Sick of revision, would prefer to be watching storage hunters right now...
Wish I was at home watching storage hunters
Early morning storage hunters, it's gunna be a good day
Storage hunters, Lizard Lick Towing, top gear and man v good, who could possibly want more ?
Watching recorded episodes of Storage Hunters just to get a laugh from .. Great start to the day!
Sitting in watching storage hunters
Love the guy on storage hunters that just shouts "MONEY"
But I suppose it's not surprising from a country that thinks swamp loggers and storage hunters are valid documentaries.
On the recent discovery that storage hunters is on anytime, i have become erect
American shows like Storage Hunters and Fast 'N' Loud are so poorly scripted.
. Never heard of it what's storage hunters x
Now officially hate 'storage hunters'! When its on 24/7 in this house, its hard to not despise it!!!
Got a sly addiction on storage hunters good programme.
Storage hunters is so staged, the friggin locks on always new on everyone lol, buys its so addictive x
Think im obsessed with storage hunters now. Cheers ma n da.
On storage hunters the guy bought a locker and it had a stocked bunker in it ! He thought it was junk and planned to scrap out the bunker .WHAT !!! People really ARE crazy I'd love to find that !!! :)
Holde på me sessong 2 av Storage Hunters :D
I dont believe it,no storage hunters :-(
Storage hunters is by far the best television program on TV. It should win every award. Ever.
Watching Texas storage hunters.this girl was testing a fishing pole that she got in a shed.she caught a big red snapper. The guy threw it into a cooler and she asked if he could drowned it first or something.REALLY!
Storage hunters is the Best programme on tele right now. If you havent seen it, you are missing out big time
Home to mc Donalds and storage hunters sober!
So I'm watching storage hunters and in one of the bins is stuff for a zombie apocalypse...
Watching storage hunters, and this happens pmsl
Friday stayed in watching storage hunters now Saturday night In
Watching storage hunters nd there's a garage full of snakes nd spiders would have loved to have been them
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Pretty sure everyone on Storage Hunters knows a guy for everything
Papa bear is my favorite off storage hunters by far :')
Match over now for storage hunters ;) then bitta fifa14 after night sorted!
Its saturday night, so its storage hunters time. Im so rock n roll!!
Does anyone else watch storage hunters? If so hi 5, its awesome
Hands down lizard lick & storage hunters has to be the best programmes ever 󾮟
Watching storage hunters and there doing suitcases from airports and they found bloodbags in them.. new vampires were real
As if they found snakes on storage hunters. As if
I watch way to much storage hunters
Jeremy Clarkson , man versus food , storage hunters , I had enough now ,pisses me off
Lizard Lick Towing and Storage hunters are the worst staged shows on the box to date!
Carnt stand Brendan n Lori of storage hunters 󾌽
Having a lazy pj morning watching storage hunters.. :)
No footy = day in bed watching storage hunters and films :)
Enjoy the programme storage hunters, but am pretty sure all the fights and arguments are staged, If not then there all pr**ks
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Storage hunters is tha only thing keeping me going these nites.. this no sleepin crack cant be hacked nomore!
Big brother.. z. Storage hunters recorded . Rather watch that bad boy
New storage hunters! "I try not to let angry black woman come out... When you put ya hands on me, I put a foot up yow as"
Is being a compulsive 'Storage Hunters' watcher as sad as it sounds? 󾍁
A fish in the oven and storage hunters on telly..
Slightly obsessed with Storage Hunters... Feel a career change coming on
Wasted a whole day watching storage hunters :/
Im addicted to storage Hunters :s i'm becomin an old man lol
Gunna miss storage hunters when i go back to work. all in fair ward.
Have a weird addiction to storage hunters! Greatest t.v show of our generation!
Worst programme ever is storage hunters. Why does he make that weird noise!!?
The reason I watch Storage Hunters is because I enjoy mocking the stupidity of most Americans, PRAISE THE LORD FOR AMERICA
Storage hunters are crazy ! Really need to get back to work I'm not good at being bored climbing the walls!
If you've never seen storage hunters you're missing out big time
Hands up who's addicted to Storage Hunters?
Man v Food then Storage Hunters. This is what Friday mornings are made for
Sat here watching new storage hunters eating cheese and *** with a Malibu and coke :)
Love the auctioneering on Storage Hunters! balladdadada
Do do like a bit of storage hunters
Just siting watching storage hunters and jayden is playing with her twister
Kim and jeff the storage hunters lol x
Hurrah!! Just seen that 'Storage hunters' is on right now- that's me for the night then?! Thanks to Julie Manning for introducing me to my new tv obsession!!
Was watching storage hunters on tv and guess who is branching out in New Orleans
Can't get enough of Storage Hunters, and Storage Wars!
I have become oddly hooked on Storage hunters.
Really wants to go on storage hunters lool make loads of money :)
Proper cringey fights on storage hunters. Wade needs to simmer down
Chill out day watching storage hunters perfect
love Storage Hunters, couple by a storage garage for $4000 and find 2 brand new harley davidsons in it along with various other things giving them a profit of $50
Could sit and watch storage hunters all day T MONEY
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My little son loves Storage hunters lol
Catching up on my storage hunters why Pauline and Declan's still fast asleep x
This Storage Hunters on dave is very good sham whys no1 told me about it b4 lol
Love a bit of storage hunters at 0230 in the morning,
Watching Storage Hunters at half 2 in the morning. So much for a sleeping pattern..
Storage hunters is a mad ting, MONEY!
Mock the week, top gear, storage hunters, its great 👌
Storage hunters is the best thing on TV I could watch it all day
Seeing everyone's photos from last night... Hhm I was in my room watching storage hunters 👌
Storage hunters is on.. That means something big is going to happen lool
Been watching storage hunters since 5pm 😬
So funny how Lori on storage hunters casually has a rose tattoo on her boob
Think im addicted to storage hunters
Lizard Lick Towing n storage Hunters is the life
Ok so I recorded 7 hours of storage hunters for Leanna and me tonight am I the best girlfriend ever or
Perfect chilled first day of 2014: lie in with my boy, watching Storage Hunters, Derby match and then more Storage hunters! ⚽️📺☺️
All I've done today is watch Storage Hunters
All I've done today is sleep and watch storage hunters. I'm okay with it tho
Also put up a blind in the bedroom today. Considering I was watching storage hunters for 4 hours earlier, quite a productive day.
Storage hunters is probably my new secret obsession
I want to sleep, but we've recorded over six hours worth of Storage Hunters
I was watching storage hunters this morning😂😂
Storage Hunters is a great programme🙌
I don't understand why storage hunters isn't on 24-7
Why do I always watch storage hunters 😂
I won't lie, Storage Hunters is actually quite good, 4 hours well spent
Ive been watching to much storage hunters on dave
Not a bad start to the year: 'Storage Hunters' marathon . . . and tiramisu made by
Been watching storage hunters all day
Actually love watching storage hunters 😂
My first day of 2014 consisted of 4 hours of back to back Storage Hunters and I regret nothing
Loved just laying in bed all day with the bf watching storage hunters ❤️
Starting off the year by watching storage hunters!
I'm so chuffed I'm watching Storage Hunters and Baggage Battles while EVERYONE is having fun with Sherlock. Yeah. I win.
Love watching storage hunters... Itss sooo funny aha
How have I only just watched storage hunters !
Not gonna lie, I would've preferred Family Guy or Storage Hunters😬
If you don't like Storage Hunters you're an ***
really?😱 he is a good actor tbf! I'm on the hype, non stop Storage Hunters and Blackadder!
It's Storage Hunters, or nothing. There's no inbetween.
My days just consist of watching storage hunters and programmes like that
I could watch storage hunters all day 👌
My wife loves you on storage hunters, she reckons you should do a UK episode
Literally sat here all day watching storage hunters
Storage Hunters marathon on tv today.Perfect New Years Day viewing.Was disappointed though because you weren't on many
no I was forced to watch episode after episode of storage hunters... 😒
Oh God. 'Storage Hunters' is growing on me. Make it stop!
what is it with storage hunters?? The way that man rolls the price off his tongue as if he's John McCririck at the races.
Just waiting for the day they find a dead body on storage hunters
All I watch is storage hunters and come dine with me
Been slumped in front of Storage Hunters since 9.30.
Has a proper addiction to storage hunters .. 󾮗
I might enjoy Storage Hunters more if it wasent so obvious that the whole thing is completly faked in every aspect
Sometimes that storage hunters seems so fake and set up man
So I'm watching storage hunters.and in one container , there is just a phat meth lab ! And he says "I don't see any drugs,so I may just sell it"
Drinking my baileys whilst watching storage hunters in my onsie with Sam in his :) lol x
As theres not much on TV apart from storage hunters. Does anyone need anything Collecting/Delivering around the areas for a bit of petrol money, Im based in hinckley. Inbox me :) Only got a Fiesta so nothing too big lol
Im gettin pretty addicted to storage hunters!! Lol!!
Storage Hunters is pretty good but it has to be all acted / set up
Storage Hunters on Dave just now, then Blackadder is on after it, safe to say that i will not be moving for the next few hours...XD
Watching storage hunters for hours and hours to cure this hangover!
How many episodes of Storage Hunters is to many??
Sitting watching storage hunters with Emma Bull and the kids, eating our 2 mega bags of sweet and toffee popcorn, good times!!
Over 6 hours of storage hunters today, loads of junk food, radiator on, blanket on and settee . Pretty productive day.
I think I've been watching storage hunters for 5 hours solid. Dave is actually the best
I think storage hunters could be up there with breaking bad you know..
Just spent my day watching storage hunters all day, my social life's better than yours
Watching storage hunters, I need to start going to these auctions. They make loads of money. Rachel
Storage hunters,salvage hunters and dog the bounty hunter my day has been completed!
Back to back Storage Hunters :) chilling on my tod till my Joey comes home!! Xxx
Back to back storage hunters my day is sorted...
Back to back storage Hunters and no hangover not too shabby
So I am addicted to storage hunters
Laid in bed with oscar watching storage hunters :)
Pizza and storage hunters you know you all wish you were me right now ✌
Never realised how amazing storage hunters is
Can't get enough of storage hunters, it's hilarious
Love watching storage hunters lol fuking crazy wit they pay for them get some bargains then some get fuk all in them lol
This guy on Storage Hunters looks like a fat Jeremy McKinnon omg I cannot cope.
A day of Storage Hunters, ace way to kick off 2014.
Been watching storage hunters for the last 2 hours! Glad I didnt drink last news feed is just one big hangover lol
A day of storage hunters, rustler burgers and space raiders with my beautiful girlfriend Billie Bethell
Living the dream watching Storage Hunters marathon on Dave! Hardcore!
Totally addicted to storage hunters! I need to become a storage hunter 󾮆󾮇 󾮍󾓝
Storage hunters is on till half 6 tonight so looks like im not getting out of bed until then
OMFG Storage hunters is on ALL DAY!! :D there IS light at the end of the tunnel :D xx
Watching Storage Hunters and they found a billy goat in a lock up. anybody that went St. Bede's knows about the billy goat ha
storage hunters... lurv Jesse... why r there no men rand these parts that look like him!!
That feeling when you've seen this storage hunters before
Oh my gosh where has storage hunters been all my life!!!
Start the new year in style, storage hunters and water!
Plenty of water and endless storage hunters.
God the people on storage hunters are utter nobs and really wind me up but I still keep watching it. Get a life you *** !!
Anyone up for a 'storage hunters' day where everytime u open a door u scream?
Storage hunters on none stop till 7pm, great way to sloff off this hangover
Brandon on storage hunters bought a bin that had a ragged old broken up sex doll lying on the floor, now I realise im glad I don't go drinking at the weekend nightimes.
That big heavy girl in Storage Hunters is a dose! She thinks she's a feckin rock star.
Great start..watching Storage hunters on Dave..Whats this world come to?
Gotta love abit of storage hunters :)
Watching 6 hours of storage hunters - do not disturb
Day off storage hunters, but seen pretty much all of them!
Back to back storage hunters on Dave. I now have no reason to get out of bed!!
Hour and a half of storage hunters yh why not :) "money"."cut the lock green mile baby" haa love it
Noone disturb me storage hunters is on all day :-)
First programme of 2014 storage hunters start as you mean to go on I guess lol
Well been getting into storage hunters this Christmas.
Freaking storage hunters don't let me sleep I need to know whats in there
watching storage hunters ewww and just wish i could be there once to punch Lori and Brandon in the face. Lol
The new years coming up. What do I do, go yo a party? Go to a fireworks display or something like that? No- I'm sat at home watching storage hunters :-) Living the life
Bringing in new year with Storage Hunters on Dave... T Money
Just found out storage hunters TV program is all staged and fake 2013 has just been ruined.
Storage hunters is my newest addiction. A bunch of angry people buying junk for lots of money.
Storage hunters is gonna be banned from my tv in the new year, feel like putting my foot through screen
2013 has been amazing but maybe my highlight is discovering Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters!
Love a new episode of storage hunters
Storage Hunters is hilarious. Some guy looks like Heisenberg, "I got 1,500 from Breaking Bad."
watching storage hunters and looking through the next home catalog in my onsie. Oh what a wonderful life 󾌵
I friggin love storage hunters!!! Team money is a real mac daddy and team brandory make me roar!!! Xxxx
Bit of storage hunters surounded by my pooches wat more could I want
Breast Cancer Awareness
Storage Hunters? WHAT? A TV show about searching for cupboards? Seeking out a filing cabinet? Please Explain?
Come home from work to storage hunters on tv oh yeahhh󾮟󾌧
Everyone loves a bit of Storage Hunters!
the only way is storage hunters. MONEY
Colm is loving storage hunters...his new fave programme the wierdo!
Storage Hunters on the Dave channel. Too weird. The auctioneer is a fruit cake.
up at 4am help watching storage hunters YEP! need help
Is debating lizard lick or storage hunters it is
Everytime I watch Storage Hunters I always wonder how much money they spend on buying new padlocks aha! :)
Going to watch Storage hunters all night, best program on the box
Storage hunters and a couple cans then an early nyt ready 4 work the morn :-( cant wait 2 get it out the way then 2 days off 4 new year :-)
Is chilling out watching storage hunters. :)
Lizard Lick and Storage Hunters. Why am I so addicted???
Getting a bit addicted to Storage Hunters :p
Wish they had a storage hunters box set :(
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Storage hunters, Lizard Lick Towing and mega truckers are my new favourite things! Might give up work and watch this all day everyday!
I used to hate Storage Hunters, and I now I enjoy it. *** ??
Is watching storage Hunters and wondering what Marc Field's obsession is all about!!!
Storage hunters with breakfast, retail therapy roast dinner, that's the day sorted... Hmm where will I end up tonight :)))
Is Dana White related to the auctioneer on Storage Hunters???
Storage Hunters is such a cool programme, I would love to have cash laying around where I could bid on storage rooms and sell what ever is in there lol
How good is Storage Hunters!? Such an intense peice of televised entertainment.
Totally addicted to storage hunters, thanks Chloe Fiona Walker
Every time Storage Hunters is on, I forget about depression. It's that good.
Can't beat a bit of storage hunters!!
Team money on storage hunters cracks me up
Watching storage hunters with. The hubby before heading off to town , love it , awesome programe!!!
Watching Storage Hunters 󾮗... Planning the perfect time to go for a run 󾌸
Storage hunters has taken over my life ... 25 mins and counting for today's "money " feast starts . "Now dats what I'm talking about ...MONEY"
Feel tired finally. But storage hunters is on
Chillin out watching storage hunters in front of fire :) gunna go bed soon tho xx
My new favourite show is storage hunters
How good is storage hunters by the way?!
Slowly becoming addicted to Storage Hunters and I don't know why.
Watching storage hunters with Philip James-Morse-- finally someone who loves this show more than me
Watching storage hunters with kids, r Kyles an addict just wishes he had cash to splash
Says a lot when 'storage hunters' is the best TV choice
Sat watching storage hunters, now I see what all the fuss is about Charlie Blend Cooper!
Watching Storage Hunters, whilst Gary snores on the other end of the sofa.
Watching storage hunters and they found loads of pogs!!! Queue some serious reminiscing!
Bit of storage hunters and a cup of tea. Lovely jubbly.
My love for storage hunters is getting out of hand
Does anyone watch storage hunters on Dave? Gem and I are addicted
Watching storage hunters wiv my wee Riley bubbles. AH WHAT A LIFE EH a love my life rite now x
Move over Storage Hunters, Baggage Battles beats you by a country mile!
I could watch storage hunters all day even Libby's into it now
Sat chilling watching storage hunters with a fat J!!
The blokes voice on Storage Hunters blows my mind!
Nothing says Christmas like storage hunters
Bit of storage hunters on quest . All about the chill out 󾁒󾦃
Storage Hunters is on never watched it before lol Not bad but risky business
Storage Wars, Storage Wars Texas, Storage Hunters, PAWN STARS, Cajun Pawn, and Swamp Men are all amazing
Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick Towing are my fave
Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters are the greatest shows on TV... Fact.
Gogglebox is up there with the likes of Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters
I won the auction, my attempt at the 'Storage Hunters' tactic of upping the other bidders backfired. Got my though!
Storage Hunters,Lizard Lick Towing and a few stand up comedian programmes xD
wish Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick was on telly 24/7
Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters are quality shows
Storage hunters and Lizard Lick Towing are top tv programmes
Love it on Storage Hunters when they find those Trojan condoms and Brendan asks Lori if she wants some fun, and she slaps him with the box
if only I could watch storage hunters all day
I haven't seen the storage hunters or Lizard Lick Towing ones yet tho😁
where would I be without storage hunters?
Spent the last two hours watching storage hunters, sometimes I really question what I'm doing with my life
Storage hunters then lizard lick, good day
Highlight of the day is watching storage hunters, it's so good
Storage Hunters fml this is a seriously awful programme 😂🙊
I still haven't watched Lizard Lick Towing or storage hunters today it doesn't feel right
Storage hunters has recently been mine and Maggie's favourite
sup bruva aka team MONMEEY! Loving the new series of storage hunters
think I have an addiction to watching storage hunters🙈
Why does that auctioneer on Storage Hunters insist on rolling his tongue on every other word.
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