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Storage Hunters

Storage Hunters is an American television series that premiered on June 21, 2011 on TruTV. It focuses on storage auction followers Brandon and Lori Bernier and their travels throughout the country.

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Feel the Sunday vibe with in Celebrity on UKTV Play!
This job interview is class I'm just sat watching storage hunters in the staff room
Dunno how people cope with freeview,all I've been watching for 6 weeks is storage hunters,come dine with me and NCIS
UK storage hunters is just terrible πŸ™ˆ
Heavy D on storage that awful horror that shouts "mine" with that irritating voice...BAN her
Is there anything worse than Storage Hunters UK?
is BACK and this time it's celebrities rooting around for treasure! Available now on UKTV Play
Tiny House Hunters is so annoying. . "I'm concerned about storage space"... DUH you're looking at a 10x20 shed
I love Tiny House Hunters. Potential tiny house buyer: I'd really like some extra space for storage. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Storage hunters celeb special is making my life
Carl Froch on storage hunters. that's a whole new kind of desperate
was Storage Hunters: UK Celeb Special fun to make because it was hilarious to watch.
Jimmy Bullard on celebrity storage hunters is crack upπŸ˜‚
Storage Hunters is one of those things that's on for like seven episodes in a row. I turn on one and suddenly I'm watching ALL OF THEM.
are you a Storage Hunters fan Chris?
Love you on storage hunters but i have to say you do seem to bully your way through it, if you don't win a bin, god help em.
All purpose parts banner
Whoever has to write the subtitles for Storage Hunters should be a millionaire
from storage hunters, likes to over filter me in attempt to make me look better. I…
Storage hunters just makes my afternoon
Storage hunters makes me laugh so bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Exclusive British Treasure American Gold video clips in Jesse's article!
if I ever become an A List EGOT winning celebrity please know that I will always be available to do Celebrity Storage Hunters
So many loonies on storage hunters uk it's great
. New Celebrity Storage Hunters UK . Starts next Tuesday at 8pm on DAVE
Storage hunters = keech. UK storage hunters = terribly bad. UK celebrity storage hunters = just shoot me now.
do a joke about storage hunters, you have 60 seconds Mr Vine.
I've earned Β£150035 in Storage Hunters UK: The Game, can you beat me?
storage hunters is on Dave. Does that help?
storage hunters I think 😩I don't know they like challenge to see how makes the most money against the clock ?
I dated a girl years ago that worked there. I always felt like I was walking around a game hunters storage room
I've unlocked the 'Inspect 1' skill in Storage Hunters UK: The Game! –  10% Off
Moving into the new house and someone's left a drum kit, bike, Tv and 3 guitars, roll on storage hunters
There's nothing better then storage hunters
Only good thing about America is Storage Hunters.
Storage hunters UK is shockingly cringey
I've unlocked the 'X-Ray 1' skill in Storage Hunters UK: The Game!
If I tell you a price, don't try and barter with me. This is not Storage Hunters.
I've found the rare item 'Ornate Dagger' in Storage Hunters UK: lucky me!
I've unlocked the 'Confident Call 3' skill in Storage Hunters UK ... Gets worse for me...
Storage hunters is such the 'meh not alot on' go to programme. . What's yours?
I've unlocked the 'Take Down 2' skill in Storage Hunters UK: The Game!
Meanwhile, Manchester gets Warwick Davis, Peter Davison & the bloke from Storage Hunters. I don't they get how to do comic cons.
Ok. Well at least ww like Pawn Stars and Storage Hunters.
All in fair warned! is coming back for another celebrity edition:
People next to me at lunch are on about going on storage hunters next week... Instant jealousy
Celebrity Storage Hunters is coming to Dave for a fullΒ series
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With new episodes of Celebrity Storage Hunters coming, why not check in with the Xmas Celebrity Special on
Celebrity Storage Hunters to return to Dave via Broadcast Now
Dave bids on more celeb Storage Hunters: Celebrity Storage Hunters will air this autumn in the UK and ...
Digital channel Dave has ordered five episodes of Celebrity Storage Hunters following the success of a one-off Christmas Celebrity Special.
UK: Dave bids on more celeb Storage Hunters /via
News: Dave bids on more celeb Storage Hunters /via
Celebrity Storage Hunters is returning to Dave for a full series
The main attraction, The Don, The piece de resistance,The Mac Daddy, The King of Storage Hunters is back tonight! Tell all your friends!
NEWS: UKTV greenlights Celebrity series following success of one-off special
Dave orders five episodes of Celebrity Storage Hunters.
Dave bids on more celeb Storage Hunters
love storage hunters USA more excitable than UK version
"I want to move my 5 person family into a tiny home but I need 3 bedrooms and tons of storage space" everyone on tiny house hunters ever.
Storage Hunters UK's gives hilarious interview after Chestnut Tree House celebrity football match
Follow our thataway to and catch up before TONIGHT'S ALL NEW episode!
I wish someone loved me as much as Willie Rennie loves Storage Hunters.
Willie Rennie likes Storage Hunters - just when I thought my opinion of him couldn't drop lower!!.
Is the owner of the ufc the guy off storage hunters?
Gary Tank Commander's election special is making me so happy. I'm gonna check out storage hunters as well.
"Do you know what I quite like..Storage Hunters" - Sophie Hill quote of the day
A 1911 episode of Storage Hunters, then a radio show, discovers the Gnostic Gospels in a lock-up in Syria.
Our lives have got so crazy were watching storage hunters on a Friday night πŸ™ˆ
I've unlocked the 'Jostle 3' skill in Storage Hunters UK: The Game!
let's rent a storage locker and pop her in for a rainy day. Would make an interesting future episode of Storage Hunters
saw a hat go for like Β£3000 or something on storage hunters!
I've earned Β£100730 in Storage Hunters UK: The Game, blimey if only it was real πŸ‘Ή
Storage hunters UK is so disappointing compared to America
Becoming a fan of storage hunters UK it's got some characters in it that's for sure πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚
I've found the rare item 'Hollywood Signatures' in Storage Hunters UK: The Game! Whoopy do dahs πŸ’©πŸ’¨
I've found the rare item 'Moon Rock' in Storage Hunters UK: The Game! Moon rawk \m/ 😁\m/
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Time for another teaser with Storage Hunters star BOM!
I've unlocked the 'Valuation Range 1' skill in Storage Hunters UK: The Game!
I've found the rare item 'Champ's Gloves' in Storage Hunters UK: The Game! Yee Boi
I've unlocked the 'Trash Talk 2' skill in Storage Hunters UK: The Game!
I've found the rare item 'Shergar's Hooves' in Storage Hunters UK: The Game! What can you find?
canna believe chumlees going down man I mean who's next Sean Kelly from storage hunters for slamming hookers
Brendan vs Jesse on Storage Hunters and Jeremy Clarkson... now becomes the latest great warrior to be on Dave.
Storage Hunters UK is like my guilty pleasureπŸ˜‚
First time watching UK storage hunters. Can't buy quality like this on German telly*
I find it hard to watch storage hunters uk because of the fat lad that's in it
the fat guy that shouts boom all the time on UK storage hunters deserves to fall over the ***
I love heavy D on storage hunters he's absolutely jokes
The UK version of storage hunters is actually a disgraceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Storage hunters UK is so embarrassing.. Please don't say people are actually like this.
Storage hunters uk is the worst show on tv! πŸ’©
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The UK storage hunters is ill! They all deserve the death penalty!
Anyone here play or watch Storage Hunters? :D
how can I get to meet the stars of storage hunters UK love the programme would love to meet
watched you on Storage Hunters UK yesterday so funny really enjoyed it. Happy New Year to you,hope it's a good one!
No storage hunters or ice road truckers on tv, might just throw it out the window seeing as there is nothing else to watch
Happy New year to my favourite storage hunters and
Uk Storage Hunters is one of my Favourite TV shows,always watch it when its on β˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘
is one of all time favourite Storage Hunters followed by then β˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘
Used to enjoy but lost its sparkle 4 me when I learned it was recorded in early December. I watch repeats of Storage Hunters now
Watching Storage Hunters, wondering where it all went wrong for the lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins.
. . And all at storage hunters uk. Have a great new year .
Never thought I'd be spending new years having a pint with my grandad watching storage hunters, but here I am...
[TV] Storage Hunters UK (Dave ja vu) Thu, Jan 7, 1:30 PM Glasgow: Another round of auction ructions. Nat and John's day gets off to a flye..
Please make Storage Hunters available for the South African Apple App Store.
team brandori should come over to the English storage hunters. Think that would shake it up
Hi Linda i love you on Storage Hunters! By the way your gorgeous. Can i ask you what do you think of
Wow from watching storage hunters seems a barrel of laughs.
Dave is my favourite channel ever, Storage Hunters, American Pickers, Dave Gorman, QI. . Yep.
Cant believe I just played on stage and the next day Sean Kelly from Storage Hunters is going to be performing on the exact same stage
Randomly met Sean from Storage Hunters today on campus... @ University of Lincoln
Storage Hunters is getting me through this afternoon
Storage Hunters will be the death of me.
Does anyone else love watching storage hunters or is it just me?
When you start developing a crush for a girl on Storage Hunters, you're watching too much Storage Hunters.
Storage hunters just makes me crease
T money has to be the only reason anyone watches storage hunters! .
All I've done today is sat in bed, ate chocolate and watched Top Gear and storage hunters aha
Lizard Lick Towing and storage hunters are like the best programmes on TV πŸ‘€
No doubt that storage hunters is the best TV show out there
Imagine if Storage Hunters accidentally sold a Mexican Drug cartels cocaine stash and we follow Brandon & Lori as they fight for their lives
why is storage hunters so addictive HH
the fat guy on storage hunters uk who shouts BOOM after every bid really annoys me
When u think its Storage Hunters but its Storage Hunters UK.. This is why I have trust issues
Whats the guy from storage hunters doing in chingford?
Sometimes in life you just have to be happy. I'm happy storage hunters and Pawn Stars are on TV. Grateful and blessed
Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick Towing a programme's that will never bore me
I don't watch Lizard Lick Towing, but I love Storage Hunters.
Best thing about today, meeting Jesse from Storage Hunters! Totally didn't play it cool...
Anyways I'm watching Mystery Diners by accident and it's almost as not good as Storage Hunters
My Wednesday mornings consist of Storage Hunters, Lizard Lick Towing and Top Gear. Thanks
Storage Hunters followed by Worlds Strongest Man. New Years Eve has started well.
Had a top night meeting Sean Kelly from Storage Hunters, what a lad!
Is Sean Kelly from Storage Hunters your bald brother?
Quids In tonight with special guest host Sean Kelly of Storage Hunters!. So come on down grab a selfie, an autograph and a few Β£1 drinks.
Quid's In tonight from 7pm with special guest host Sean Kelly star of Storage Hunters!. Some come on down grab a...
Storage Hunters star meets fans in Liverpool. Sean Kelly dropped in at the Custom Cupcake Co. shop...
I think John Logie Baird invented the TV so i could watch Storage Hunters marathon on Dave!
UK Storage Hunters is my guilty pleasure!
You know your life's going down-hill when you spend most of yours days cuddled up in blankets watching Storage Hunters ;//
If you want the intel on Storage hunters next show DM me.
i didn't expect it. I was just casual watching storage hunters and then a got a fav from you. I'm actually happy/shocked πŸ˜‚
Storage hunters uk is making me feel sick tbh, just wrecked it completely
I'm so embarrassed for my country watching Storage Hunters UK
Dear America, please do not judge us Brits by the people appearing on Storage Hunters UK. Thank you!
storage hunters UK was just a disaster, like don't air any more episodes..please
you said Purdy's girlfriend is on storage hunters UK and there she is
If anyone from wants to dm the other storage hunters cast and ask them to follow me I'll be so happy thanks
Just watched storage hunters UK and I'm so disappointed. Looks so fake!
Don't agree with british storage hunters πŸ˜”
Loved the UK version of storage hunters! Come visit Chester (England) and I will come say hi! Bring too! X
have a great time would love to meet u. Huge fan of storage hunters :)
where abouts was the first UK storage hunters filmed?
Starting to think storage hunters is fake πŸ˜”
Did you watch Storage Hunters UK tonight featuring Natalie and John from Staffordshire ???
Storage Hunters UK is absolutely awful! It's completely ruined Storage Hunters for me! πŸ˜“πŸ˜©
Who does this Heavy D chap think he is on Storage Hunters Uk!
The banter on Storage Hunters UK is weak beyond belief. Awful chat.
Auction hunters is much better than storage hunters you actually get to see them sell the stuff rather than just guess how much it's worth
Quite upsetting that most of my nights are spent watching endless recordings of storage hunters and lizard lick πŸ’©
Some *** acting the fool on Storage hunters UK. Was quite amusing till I found out hes not real lol
Missed storage hunters UK and Gotham last night , what is wrong with me 😩😀
We follow Storage hunters all the way from Spain! You are known Sean lol
I'm not sure what's worse the UK Storage Hunters or the American Inbetweeners
The uk version of storage hunters is actually better than the original.. Heavy d is my hero
Aha that guy heavy D on storage hunters uk was too jokes
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Storage Hunters UK is just full of useless *** :( . Everso disappointing.
Storage Hunters UK. We are truly failures in every sense...
Can someone just get the whole of storage hunters cast to follow me please
Linda off storage hunters UK follows me!!
follow me please😩😊 storage hunters is my fave and I want all of the cast to follow meπŸ˜ŠπŸ’Ž
One of the guys of storage hunters uk looks like hes on fiet, find it so funny me!
Ffs I missed it . I love storage hunters
Storage Hunters UK is here and everyone's talking about Heavy D via
I'm determined to get the whole of storage hunters to follow meπŸ˜„πŸ˜
Gutted I missed new series of Storage Hunters tonight! Which I'm obsessed with! Hope there's a repeat ?
Storage hunters UK is pretty classic to be fair, but none of these Cockney-sparaaa's are a shade on Brandory.
Storage hunters is the most rednecky programme I've seen
UK Storage Hunters isn't as good as the US version! T MONEY HAS MONEY ON TOP OF MONEY
my dad didn't believe me when I said that people from storage hunters follow meπŸ˜•πŸ˜‚
Can't wait for Storage Hunters UK to come to Walsall and someone to buy a storage unit turned Crack Den.
Heavy D off storage hunters UK follows me! BOM
Storage Hunters UK; proves how fake the show actually is!
That UK storage hunters earlier was disappointing
storage hunters UK is making me cry, there's a guy, after every single bid he does, he shouts 'BOOM' at the top of his voice, omfgπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Storage hunters uk is so british I love it :D
storage hunters UK is nowhere near as good as the US one lol
since dads been home ive watched so many episodes of Pawn Stars, Storage Hunters and Extreme *insert miscellaneous activity*...
looks like channel 5 are ripping off Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick Towing
Have already spotted Sean from Storage Hunters, the Hoff and Eric McCormack at AND they have sausages here. Best morning ever.
Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters actually make my days off!!
Amy from Lizard Lick Towing and Lori from Storage Hunters are probably more butch then me
I watch way too much Storage Hunters and Shipping Wars
FORSOOTH Tony Alva turned up on an episode of Storage Hunters last week!
Storage Hunters, so wooden, the acting it reminds me of Acorn Antiques.
I love Storage Wars, Storage Hunters, Pawn Stars, Cajun Pawn Stars, all of it! Great shows!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Just seen a trailer for Big Rig Bounty Hunters. Surely there is nothing left to hunt. I thought Storage Hunters was the limit.
ATTENTION!. Storage Hunters host to front UK version on Dave. BRRAAABRA!. http:/…
My life has literally become sitting in all day watching orange is the new black or venturing to the front room to watch storage hunters😢
Tryna get an early night and guess what's on... Storage hunters 😊
Highlight of my night is discovering that storage hunters series 1,2,3 and 4 is on demand😁
Now the world cups finished.means my life has to adapt to storage hunters & storage wars again
My days consists of watching Jeremy Kyle then storage hunters and then FIFA when did my life become so boring
he followed me first 😎 next step I'll be on storage hunters
This time last week I was in ibiza and now I'm sat in my room watching storage hunters wooo
Think I'm running out of Storage Hunters episodes that I haven't seen yet 😩
I'm addicted to this and storage hunters.
I can't be the only one who watches storage hunters?
is Storage Hunters UK coming to Border Storage? If so hit me up for a visa and a courtesy Siobhan
β€œI don't I love it you always say how bad storage hunters is :(”
storage hunters is a silly programme I can't stop watching
Jesse from storage hunters can be such a *** and that's why he's great
I find it a bit racist that a black dude cuts all the locks on Storage hunters.
Storage hunters is the only thing keeping me awake
Don't miss the premiere of Storage Hunters tonight on channel 175. Watch Tru TV's most daring couple as they...
Daughter watching tv. What you watching? . Storage hunters. What happened to the Disney channel? . Erm.. I only watch things on Dave now mum!
Sitting in my underwear, drinking cans at unacceptable hours & watching Storage Hunters is starting to become routine for me
Jessie is my favourite person on storage hunters he just pisses every one off and runs ppl up
Why am I so obsessed with storage hunters
why the he'll is lizard luck towing on? Me and my teddy bear want to watch storage hunters! This is your fault Dave.
Really need to find something to do just watched a whole series of storage hunters last night and today..πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
It's ridiculous how much I enjoy watching Storage Hunters
If you tune into Dave then you can bet you will be watching Top Gear, Storage Hunters or Traffic Cops
whose casting for storage hunters UK i would love to be on that
Watching Storage Hunters is our guilty pleasure!!
Dreamt I had a race with Brandon from Storage Hunters to bid on a giant pepper, that *** run me up and I got stuck with it for $400...
I get so excited about Storage Hunters
Series linking storage hunters was possibly one of my best ideas to date.
I think im a little addicted to storage hunters... does anyone else watch this program and wonder how the fuge they come across this stuff??
Woah wait, why isn't Storage Hunters on today!?
You love it β€œWit a wanty know is why am up watching fken storage hunters πŸ˜’β€
All I ever seem to do is watch Top Gear and storage hunters!
I've just watched 7 episodes of storage hunters on the bounce and I'm still not bored
Storage Hunters host Sean Kelly to front UK version on Dave
Eating chocolate fudge cake and watching Storage Hunters. .
The auctioneer from Storage Hunters looks like someone shaved Jimmy Carr.
Spotted - First bus driver lookalike of Dave Hester from Storage Hunters & a pedestrian on LBRd that was spitting image of Diego Costa
4:50am and I'm just sitting here watching Storage Hunters.
Yes it's me tβ€œIs this actual Scott from Storage Hunters?”
Hurry up Dave, I want to watch storage hunters!
"If I was on storage hunters I'd bid for you"-
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Storage hunters is like the best thing
Why is Mykim making us watch Storage Hunters? πŸ˜’πŸ˜³πŸ˜©
They're making a UK version of Storage Hunters?! Best news ever.
I thought Storage Hunters was a horror show.
u in storage hunters still. Just this week in the uk ur in it ???
Could watch Storage Hunters all day, if I wasn't so busy.
Jesse from Storage Hunters looks so weird with a beard
Top Gear and Storage Hunters has finished and I'm now watching Friends, I did prise myself that I would revise
That guy who calls the price on Storage Hunters just goes "dddr 100"
β€œENJOY I HOPE ITS ONE IM ON - Aww yes double Storage Hunters on Dave in like 5 minutes”
The speed at which the man on Storage Hunters can reel off prices is so commendable
Sams watching tv in the other room bc I wouldn't watch storage hunters with him
A episode of storage hunters without t-money is not worth watching
wouldn't they get more money on Storage Hunters if they told them what's inside it or at least uncovered the stuff?
Nice. !! β€œLove chilling watching storage hunters with ma nan! x πŸ’‹β€οΈ
Storage hunters is probably my favourite show. It makes my hoarder instincts tingle.
My life is literally storage hunters right now πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
Football transfer windows would be a lot more exciting if the bidding was done like on Storage Hunters
T-Money is by far my favourite member of Storage Hunters.
Today I slept until 5pm and ate a silly amount of Chinese food. Now I'm going to sulk and watch storage hunters forever
If I spent as much time doing exercise as I do watching storage hunters I'd be an Olympian by now..
Watching "Storage Hunters". Seems very similar to "Bullseye" in that everyone wants to win a speedboat.
Haven't watched storage hunters in a while
Just watched my first episode of storage hunters, I may have a new favourite tv show πŸ˜„
I really do have an unhealthy obsession with storage hunters even though I don't really understand what the *** is going on
Peeling potatoes whilst watching Storage Hunters. Exciting Saturday night.
I actually watch really manly programmes eg. Storage hunters, wheeler dealers, mythbusters etc
Storage hunters is a waste of effort.. These people
The midget guy on storage hunters pisses me off
I want to marry the auction leader dude from Storage Hunters so I can just wile away the hours listening to him do his tongue rolling thing
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Hunters Pt radioactivity decontamination research facility from WWII now Iron Mtn records storage. at
I love how angry people get when they hear the bidding man on storage hunters for the first time
I look way too happy to be just sat alone with my dog watching storage hunters
T money from storage hunters is the man
J'adore storage hunters it be the bomb diggadi!.xx
I've never seen it but have been told today we should have been on storage hunters. Picked up from Southsea to be taken to a storage facility full of containers and bought the contents of one. Cheated a bit because we knew it was some kind of kitchen. When the man said I'm not sure what make the fridge and freezer are we looked inside to find they are Gaggenau I was one happy bunny.
Okay, let's watch the rest of Top Gear, possible Storage Hunters and then some revision :(
Storage Hunters is on at 7 if you want to watch?
I'm sure they just make up the prices of items on storage hunters .. 'Yea that pencil is worth Β£300'
Today I'm going to sit on my recliner and watch Dave. Top Gear,Storage Hunters and Sin City Motors, yep ily Dave
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