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Stop Trump

nevertrumper is bosom buddies with Botox Bob . What do they have in common? Stop Trump!
Are people interested? Host a "Stop Trump's Rally at Your Senators' District Office
Stop Trump's cabinet picks from sneaking by the government ethics office CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY
⚡ Michael Moore to GOP electors: Stop Trump and 'I will pay your fine'.
Stop Trump Pence Stop Republican Party Take over Stop Trump and BrightBart from taking America down, Stop America Nazi Party from Take over
4 days before civil war..Stop Trump while we still can!
For Art's sake For the country's sake. Spencer Tunick is Asking Artists to Stop Trump -
She wants war and the TPP. Stop hating Trump just because it gets you brownie points. Trump is way better than her.
Take action to stop Trump and tell the Democrats to get climate serious
Trump wants to use his negotiating skills to stop the great "rip off" of America. . Hillary wants to "rip off" America.…
Folks should stop thinking R supposed 2 think alike.Some want . Smart 1's want
the new party. What a shame. Please stop the madness mr
seriously. I think you need to look in the mirror Mr. Trump, your in no position to judge anyone else, please stop 😂😂💯
and there we go, typical Trump. You were mean to me so I'm going to be mean to you. Very unstable. Please stop him
Read this!! People need to stop getting distracted from the truth.
media must stop saying, "trump appeals to white blue collar workers." this is an insult. trump ONLY appeals to white suprema…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not going to stop! So many more events this week! Stay Tuned
The dates were set by the commission, not the Democrats, nor Hillary. Stop believing the liar Trump
Stop whining. No ones saying you shouldn't be conservative. Trump is the nominee and 10x's better than Hillary. Get on board.
Bloomberg the analretentive milketoast mayor who made the decision to stop citizens from buying a large soda
There are so many things in the news about Windows 10, Trump, Putin, and everything that I want to share but I need to stop posting so much.
We’re going to stop migrants from coming to the US – Trump via
My goodness. Trump says the US military should stop doing electronic communication and go back to paper couriers:
People can't stop talking about this father of a fallen Muslim soldier who took down Trump:
Jill Stein explains her plan to stop Donald Trump by electing him president of the United States.
A key point: "it is now time for Canada’s government to consider whether it can do anything to help stop Donald Trump’s election"
>They think another snarky hashtag will stop Trump after the destroyed the democrats young voter base.
Lolla = great music, 10 year olds making out, losing everyone your with, getting shoved non stop, me screaming Trump 2016 at everyone 🙌🏽
Hillary Clinton's corruption has no limits. She will lie, cheat & kill her way to the top unless WE THE PEOPLE stop her.…
CNN is so dumb. If they stopped talking about him, he'd stop dominating them. Trump is manipulating CNN into working f…
Rolling Stones ask Trump to stop using their songs at campaign events
No little girl, Trump WASN'T endorsed by the KKK. Keep believing lies.
How has it not occurred 2 Hillary and Bernie 2 clog up trumps timelines with Regina George memes? Stop trying 2 make f…
It's a good time for everyone out there concerned about Trump to review videos on "How to Stop Trump"
This might be the logic that ends all logic. RIP logic
Really badly - if we can't come together to stop him- How do you see this whole Trump freak show playing…
Jill Stein Explains Her Plan to Stop Trump by Electing Him President. Bottom line she's crazy!
I’ve been glued to the T.V. today. Stop Trump, Melania, Colorado leaving, who’s not interested?
WATCH LIVE: Juan Williams and WSJ reporter Shelby Holliday discuss the 'Stop Trump' effort being blocked on first...
Dems Absolutely Desperate to Stop Trump. After 8 Yrs of Obama, They're so Close to The Globalist Promised Land h…
MSNBC: What's next for the Stop Trump movement?
What's next for the Stop Trump movement?
Oh lord. My ears are bleeding. Stop Trump's 5th grade babble before we all die. is the only one who can s…
, KASICH, FLORIN attempt "Stop Trump" dogged in INDY by FREE TRADE, TPP, TTIP, GOLDMAN SACHS globalists all
GOP 'King of Dirty Tricks' on RNC's Plan to Stop Trump: Depending on whom you talk to, Roger Stone, the veteran GOP…
☆☆Professor Gruber & Reince Priebus think American Voters are stupid. Voters are not falling for the rigged Stop Trump scam.
In order to Stop Trump from reaching 1237 delegates, we recommend voting for in Tuesday's New York primary! http…
Is the Republican Party Too Cowardly to Stop Trump?: Paul Ryan has taken his name out of the mix, proving the GOP isn’t serious about derai…
would watch -I am tired of listening 2 the same old Stop Trump tune
GOP Elites Are Waiting on Sidelines to Push Ryan as Nominee - Just Using Cruz to Stop Trump. VOTE CRUZ = VOTE RYAN! http…
HuffPo's Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop Trump - via
I have the solution to the Stop Trump problem. Get Wayne LaPierre to announce "he's coming after your guns."
‼️👉🏻 Ben Domenech: The Only Way to Stop Trump is for Rubio to Back Cruz TODAY. 🚫
According to Playbook, it looks like Guggenheim Partners has adopted my Stop Trump scenario:
It’s Going to Be Hard to Stop Trump: Mark Halperin: “Cruz is making noises about winning Texas ...
The Daily 202: Nebraska freshman Ben Sasse emerges as a leader of the Stop Trump movement - Washington Post
u tell em Obama! If only u could b president again! With the circus we have going on's pretty *** scary! Stop Trump plz!!
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