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Stonewall Jackson

Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson (January 21, 1824 – May 10, 1863) was a Confederate General during the American Civil War, and one of the best-known Confederate commanders after General Robert E.

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“This week it is Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson. Is it George Washington next? You have to ask yourself, where does it s…
."This week it's Robert E. Lee. I notice that Stonewall Jackson's coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next wee…
There is a giant carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee, and Stonewall Jackson on Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta
Robert Duvall and Stephen Lang as Robert E Lee & Stonewall Jackson are way better than Martin Sheen & Tom…
After all, the (treasonous and seditious) generals, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were men of devout Christian faith.
Stonewall Jackson - And when you charge, yell like furies!! Gods and Generals
And really, without Stonewall Jackson, was just as bad as any other Confederate General.
Fyi, Stonewall Jackson was a traitor. Pretty crappy general too. Definitely not a General…
Time to bring back a little Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, JEB Stuart and James Longstreet to kick some progressi…
On --Why was Gen. Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah campaign so significant? Here's why w/lessons for toda…
Congrats OP Boys tennis on their win over Stonewall Jackson advancing them to the Regional Tournament.
General Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, I have a great deal of respect for these noble, honorable men.
I wonder if he was conflating Andrew and Stonewall Jackson? I used to get them confused... in middle school.
Really? From Mechanicsville, va grew up on cold harbor battlefield went to lee-davis hs and Stonewall Jackson middle school
You don't have to be Stonewall Jackson to know you don't wanna fight from inside a good…
CONGRATS, SJ MUSICIANS! For the 2nd time in history, Stonewall Jackson is a VMEA Blue Ribbon Music School!!
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Robert E Lee is buried at Washington and Lee U, Lexington .Stonewall Jackson home nearby. Virginia cannot erase Lee
Mary Tyler Moore's Great Grandfather was Lewis Moore. His Virginia home was also used by Stonewall Jackson. Now a m…
📷 vint-agge-xx: Stonewall Jackson, Confederate General of the Civil War (1861-1865)
Chicago's First Lady had a great great grandpa who fought for the South's Stonewall Jackson & General Le…
Grant Painter leads with 6. Dylan Davis leading Stonewall Jackson with 7.
Thomas J Jackson aka "Stonewall Jackson". :) A Confederate General. Lee's right hand man.
There are several: USS Robert E. Lee, USS Stonewall Jackson, USS Dixon, and USS Hunley, etc. all filled with controversy.
Duval has schools named after Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart, Jeff Davis off the top of my head.
This is such a crazy history story. Stonewall Jackson is my favorite General in US history!!! A grave marker for an…
Just found out today is Lee-Jackson day in VA. . ... as in Robert E Lee, Confederate General and Stonewall Jackson, confederate Lt.
How was Confederate General Stonewall Jackson shot by his own men during the Civil War?
Jeff Sessions as Attorney General would follow in the footsteps of former Generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, & George Pickett.
Black velvet Stonewall Jackson jumping over Boss Hog with the General Lee
I've always like the name stonewall Jackson :) but I'm related to Fielding Hurst - which has become my main interest
we changed the name of "Stonewall Jackson Elementary" to "Eyy, I'm Walkin' Here. Paisan!" please tell the tech industry we're ready for jobs
"Stonewall Jackson's left arm was amputated on the battlfield after Jackson was accidentally shot by his own men." -
Jan 7 1862: Stonewall Jackson leaves Federals penned up at Hancock, MD and marches south toward Romney in western VA.
"General Stonewall Jackson's left arm is buried at the site of the battle of Chancellorsville in Fredericksburg, VA-
I know emancipation, believe me. Crooked Stonewall Jackson doesen't know anything. The union will be great again. Believe me.
"General Stonewall Jackson's, most of his body is buried under a monument in a cemetery in Lexington, Virginia." -
"Stonewall Jackson: now here's a guy who, when he gets shot, he falls off his horse and dies.". John Madden, Civil War comme…
Always mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy if possible. — General Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson
This man Fred said stonewall Jackson was a president .
"The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights, makes the most reliable soldier on Earth." Stonewall Jackson…
Did you know Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson was a Conservative fighting for the Constitution? Learn more here! https…
Harper’s Ferry, Maria “Belle Boyd,” Stonewall Jackson, and more. West Virginia in the Civil War https…
If there is ever a bio pic made about Stonewall Jackson in the next 5-10 years, Kim Coates would be perfect looks-w…
Seriously? Dear Lord, what would Stonewall Jackson, Chesty Puller, and George Patton say?
Good luck to our girls basketball teams as they host county rival Stonewall Jackson tonight at 6 PM!
Charlottesville City Council has 2 options for the future of statues of Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson:…
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VT Employees get the day off on Jan 13, but it's for Robert E Lee/Stonewall Jackson's birthday.
John Ashcroft is defending Jeff Sessions. He did the same for Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
Great track from the fifties: Waterloo by Jackson, Stonewall.
This is the perfect time of year to visit an historic home. We suggest Stonewall Jackson House. ;)…
Let our government acknowledge the God of the Bible as it's God, and we may expect soon to be happy and independent people-Stonewall Jackson
This week's podcast also includes a challenge from me to leaders inspired by Stonewall Jackson.
American Civil War. Stonewall Jackson's campaign in the Shenandoah Valley
Sleep is for people like Stonewall Jackson. Dead people
"The Civil War never happened. I miss Stonewall Jackson. I do. He did everything."
rising over the Stonewall Jackson Monument at Manassas Battlefield in Virginia.
I bet you have a giant confederate flag hanging off your pickup truck. Your dog is probably named Stonewall Jackson…
A UNC graduate wrote a biography of a man related to Stonewall Jackson.
Non-sports card of the day: 1952 Topps Look 'n See Stonewall Jackson.
Too lazy to search for Anchorman 2 Stonewall Jackson
Also featuring the ghost of Stonewall Jackson
my wife and I are hrs away from having a boy. I want the name Stonewall Jackson. She says the only way is if you support it!
Stonewall Jackson is the coolest name ever
the Holy Grail and the left arm of Stonewall Jackson
My men have sometimes failed to take a position, but to defend o...
The way a proper hound dog gets basset, Stonewall Jackson, lying in the sun.
Colonel Nathan Kimball earned promotion to brigadier general on 16 April 1862 after defeated Stonewall Jackson at K…
it's pretty much confirmed that you are related to Stonewall Jackson
are you by any chance related to Stonewall Jackson?
Little Sorrel, a horse born in became the mount for General Stonewall Jackson during the
I added a video to a playlist Episode 7: The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson
They come to Texas they can try and earn their 77 Virginians (You know guys like Stonewall Jackson,Jeb Stuart )
i wonder if my boy Stonewall Jackson's gonna chime in at some point for a hot southern fried take
The four horsemen of the confederacy, Jefferson Davidson, Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Pacman
A lot of historical liberties were taken today...Stonewall Jackson showed up, too😂
that would be Stonewall Jackson, Lee should get me Secretary of Homeland Security or state .
"Stonewall Jackson was a pathetic adversary. We built a wall to make sure he didn't irritate us again"
Confederate Gen Stonewall Jackson. A shrewd tactician, Jackson was accidentally shot by his own troops, losing an arm.…
And the Kickoff to open the 3rd Qtr is returned for a Massaponax Touchdown! Stonewall Jackson: 0. Massaponax: 42…
Several player kneel during playing of national anthem before game with Stonewall Jackson tonight,
Stonewall Jackson joked that he wished she would be captured, and she pointed out Lee said Gordon was better with her around
"They may take our lives, but they can never take OUR FREEDOM!" -Stonewall Jackson, 1738
Don't forget to come out and fish our fund raising tournament this weekend at Stonewall Jackson
🚨 FINAL SCORE 🚨. Stonewall Jackson: 6. Massaponax: 62. GREAT game by the Panthers. let's keep it going!!!
iMessage isn't working on my new phone and now I know how Robert E. Lee felt when Stonewall Jackson died.
Civil War roundtable to highlight Stonewall Jackson: The St. Croix Valley Civil War Roundtable will hold its ...
Stonewall Jackson just popped in my head! 🎶 Waterloo, Waterloo Where will you meet your Waterloo 🎶
My students have met Stonewall Jackson and George Washington. Check it out here on my blog:
My boy Stonewall Jackson lives the life of the party...
that Chokin' Robert E. Lee can't win without Stonewall Jackson. Jefferson Davis should make me general instead!
August 26th come see us live and in action Jackson high school 😤💪🏾🐐
GLF: Stonewall Jackson places third in golf tourney:
Manassas/Bull Run Battlefield quiet at dusk in northern Virginia. Stonewall Jackson looks over the distance.
Gonna ride the world like a merry-go-round @ Stonewall Jackson Resort, West Virginia
LEE JACKSON Excellent article! So true. court picks. We will suffer long after if wins
*feeds Lexi Brie" . "It tastes like the smell of stonewall Jackson"
Did some photography work for the Stonewall Jackson HS football team. I miss going to football games in HS.
Did some photography work for the Stonewall Jackson High School football team earlier today. It made me miss...
This Day in R. E. Lee History: 1862 August 8. "Cavalry is much wanted in this army." .
I'm reading a biography of Stonewall Jackson & had to share this.
Near this very spot, Stonewall Jackson held his line. Hard to believe. I can picture it.
I'm reminded of that line from "Stonewall Jackson's Way, " "strangle the fool that dares to scoff" while he prays.
I'm watching Charleston Robert E Lee Stonewall Jackson this guy's good
The Stonewall Jackson Shrine off 95 in Virginia should be removed, along with all the confederate flags.
Here is a man, so lacking in leadership~that he can accomplish nothing unless he is led by the hand like a child. ~Stonewall Jackson
Thank you! I always love getting to see my boy Stonewall Michael Jackson!
1863- Stonewall Jackson is fatally wounded by friendly fire. Doesn't sound so friendly to me!
Right down from Stonewall Jackson Lake, the old Crawford Store and home are available for someone to give...
Stonewall Jackson — Smoke Along the Track: right now on
"Stonewall Jackson... The man was a psychopath. Im excited to see his grave." We haven't even started the car yet
.So i go to the beBee website and the 1st thing I see is the glories of Stonewall Jackson? No thx
Wow, stonewall jackson is being a *** right now, this is gonna cost us the war
Very funny thread about this on Civil War Talk:
But still, the thought of the barfight Stonewall Jackson would start manages to cheer me immensely. "PROVIDENCE, SIR!"
If, that is, Stonewall Jackson ever drank. Which I doubt.
I'm from the part of Ohio where all your neighbors have a confederate flag in their yard & a grandfather who died figh…
Poll results posted by Stonewall Jackson on comment section for Windham, NH Trump Rally. YAH https:…
::Keith listens to Verducci::. ::Keith bludgeons a Columbia student with a Stonewall Jackson book::
Stonewall Jackson monument at the State Capital building in Charleston, WV.
Chance has some family in town so a battlefield tour is in order. Hey Stonewall Jackson!
Jesse Jackson call all cops racist.What about these cops? Jesse Jackson is the true definition of HOUSE ***
Checking out the Stonewall Jackson statue at the Manassas Battlefield
World Record shattered in Stonewall Jackson Lake! Read more:. Photo by: Ben Queen Photography h…
Best *** fam in the land @ Stonewall Jackson Resort, West Virginia
Lee Jackson. . America is the idea that free, virtuous people live by tenacity, and act responsibly. That built America's
In some town in Virginia obsessed with stonewall Jackson. The confederacy is strong with this one...
You should all be very proud of me we drove right by Stonewall Jackson house
STONEWALL – EARLY TO RISE…. “The men of the Stonewall Brigade had a saying that Jackson always marched at dawn,...
Stonewall Jackson's Way : A Sketch of the Life and Services of Major John A.
Jesse Jackson is the original race baiter.he wrote the book
Before I do anything.. I often ask myself.. "WWSWJD"? (What would Stonewall Jackson Do)
FYI: Stonewall Jackson is just handing out Pokeballs today
Town named for Gen Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson"~This is a town where the cops have free rein,”Lawrence said.“That’s what type of place it is”
Reading a book on Stonewall Jackson. He sounds like me!
Stonewall Jackson once said, he doesn't like to drink whiskey because he likes it so much. . I feel the same way about…
Stonewall Jackson said never take counsel of your own fear
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Please note: The shooting range at Stonewall Jackson WMA will be closed Monday, July 11 and Tuesday, July 12 for repairs.
If only stonewall Jackson wasn't killed..
Latest blog post: searching for Stonewall Jackson's arm.
it doesn't take a Stonewall Jackson, but it does so show a bit more motivation than the norm
you must know General Stonewall Jackson!
Let's not down play the fact that that's the ghost of stonewall Jackson
The best part of Anchorman 2 is John C. Riley as the ghost of Stonewall Jackson.
"Is that the ghost of Stonewall Jackson?"
Hold on. Is that the ghost of Stonewall Jackson?
Really? Clinton looks like the biggest habitual liar/ traitor since Stonewall Jackson!
Just saw this on Amazon: Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson by Robert Lewis Dabney via
Well, seems there is a Pokemon around where Stonewall Jackson was shot. . Add that to phrases Id never thought I say
Hits on this day in 1959. Lonely Boy – Paul Anka. Waterloo – Stonewall Jackson. Lipstick on Your Collar – Connie Francis
I once thought I had a Stonewall Jackson, garden Gnome, turned out it was Johnny Gomes winning a WS.
should consider the righteousness of Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Albert Sidney Johnston
What would Stonewall Jackson do? Lee's trusted general was killed months before Falling Waters 1863
Stonewall Jackson was the greatest General the US military academy ever graduated! A Christian to his core!
I share my birthday with TJ Stonewall Jackson and Rasputin
Call me a latter-day Stonewall Jackson, as I will stonewall and refuse to call you back until you relent and text instead.
This nurse just asked me if I had any family history and I told her I'm related to Stonewall Jackson
General Stonewall Jackson, who is portrayed by Doug Riley of Tunnelton, will be speaking at 2 p.m. on Sunday,...
I LOVE this article on future BALLER Josh Square.
People gathering at Stonewall Inn to support Orlando shooting victims. More vigils planned:
so respect this Lee Jackson. thanks
2016 Stonewall Jackson HS grads in Va. Playing It Safe by T-Rex on the Outdoor course at Old…
My reporting on the Jackson Heights vigil is alongside 's terrific piece about the Stonewall Inn:
If I could meet 3 people from the past mine would be the saviour of this country The Duke of wellington,Gen stonewall Jackson & Mozart
You don't need to be Stonewall Freaken Jackson to know that you first attack those who won't fight back.
Of course not, Mr Jackson they don't have a pot to pee in liberals r inane n useless
Now the OBAMAS have bullied the National Cathedral in DC 2 remove 100 yr old SG windows of. Jackson & stonewall.
Vigil for Victims of Orlando Shooting Planned for NYC Tonight: A vigil is planned for Stonewall Inn in Greenwich…
DET Newbauer & a few future officers warm up for the Relay for Life at Stonewall Jackson HS Saturday.
Stonewall Jackson grad Mike Costello struck out 4, 4 IP of relief, allowed 0 ER Friday for Single-A Delmarva in his 2016 pr…
Photos of US soldiers next to Stonewall Jackson monuments 1920s
Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners! We visited Stonewall Jackson and Wilson Memorial today.
yee yee God bless Robert E Lee, Jeff Davis and good ole Stonewall Jackson
ROFL, Stonewall Jackson dies. I remember ruining Titanic back in middle school, apologized for nothing.
May 1, 1861 . Robert E. Lee orders Stonewall Jackson to remove the weapons and equipment from the arsenal at Harpers Ferry
I'll do you one better: Names of public schools across the South. Lee. Stonewall Jackson. Jefferson Davis.
Osbourn Park's Emily Weatherholtz pitched a perfect game Friday and struck out 13 in a 10-0, six-inning win over Stonewall Jackson
General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and myself in Charlottesville today.
Luckily for the North, Stonewall Jackson was shot by his own men & died
i.e. Stonewall Jackson high school in Manassas.
"I'm not too fond of our Stonewall Jackson, either.". "The South shall COME AGAIN!"
I've been reading a book called "Gods and Generals". It is about 4 Generals (Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson,...
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CDV General Nathaniel P. Banks defeated by Stonewall Jackson at the First Battle of Winchester May 1
My favorite part of the Civil War trailer was when General Grant called for underoos and Stonewall Jackson flipped up and took Lee's shield.
Grant, forgot exactly when but referring to Stonewall Jackson and Lee's plans to his generals.
Looks like Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, 2 more American Civil War generals, and even LOL
BARRY LEVINE: Moultrie country music star ignored by hall of fame: Stonewall Jackson, the singer, not the reno...
Trees shattered by artillery on south side of Plank Road near where Stonewall Jackson was shot -
Oooh it was stonewall Jackson's way that was the title
The Cumberland gap, stonewall Jackson hmmm i cant think up anymore now i need to get my big memory tote out again find my music papers
Kill all of them, Sir. Kill them all- Stonewall Jackson
"I finally put all the stones in the wall". -Stonewall Jackson
Trump should seize the South. Split the Nation. Dig up Stonewall Jackson.
Michael Jackson was the first to grab his junk during the halftime show.
Let's not down play the fact that that is Stonewall Jackson ghost right there.
Stonewall Jackson was a real man. See more images like this on our Pinterest board:
Stonewall Jackson HQ in Winchester VA. This town changed hands between Union and Confederacy 70 times
Keith ol stonewall Jackson ain't nobody shooting me attitude man
Malcolm X sure did. Why don't we do a tribute to Stonewall Jackson at next year's super bowl? Get Charlie Daniels and Hank Jr.
Stonewall Jackson Hotel day Prints and canvas wraps…
Stonewall Jackson Hotel at night Prints and canvas…
"You may bead whatever you resolve to bead." --Stonewall Jackson .
Yes, Karen, I'm sure the Stonewall Jackson Middle School's PTA boycott of the greatest living popstar will work.
Genesis Parker had 21 points and Makayla Nichols 15 as Stonewall Jackson's girls basketball team beat Patriot 63-47 in a Conference 8 game.
Enjoy a romantic evening for Valentine's Day at Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center and their fantastic...
Great highlight in of boys basketball win over Stonewall Friday night! eagles
We just happened to come across it when we were walking from George Washington's HQ to Stonewall Jackson's HQ.
Stonewall Jackson grad Danielle Burns named A10 Women's Basketball Player of the Week ...
Wilson Memorial Lady Hornets at Stonewall Jackson ready to begin.
Inb4 Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee fight Ulysses Grant and Sherman in giant black iron, steam powered robots.
Stonewall Jackson at Second Bull Run: An Excerpt from Life and Campaigns of Stonewall J... by Robert Lewis Dabney https:…
they didn't have MLK day so they also honored Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee for the racist.
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Virginia is so racist they erased MLK by adding both Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson to his day
Happy Lee-Jackson day Virginia! On this day we remember Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson as traitors to the United States of A…
The same holiday was for MLK, civil rights activist, and Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, Confederate Generals
Stonewall Jackson high school ? 🤔 nah lol more like fightclub Jackson high school 😂😂
The Marty Stuart show has some great old time music! Enjoy this show with the great Stonewall Jackson.
Working on project & accidentally typed Andrew Lincoln instead of Stonewall Jackson bc I can't get over similarities
My story on Riverheads girls' win over Stonewall Jackson on Monday night.
Bamas D line is powered by the ghost of Stonewall Jackson
At the end of the first half, it's Riverheads up on Stonewall Jackson 23-6. Arehart, Bartley, Snyder and Chrisman all have 5 points.
I'll send you updates on the vs. Stonewall Jackson girls varsity BB. Newsleadersports has a reporter here.
I am at Riverheads tonight for the Gladiators' girls game against Stonewall Jackson.
arrested an assistant wrestling coach from Stonewall Jackson Middle yesterday for DUI en route to a wrestling tourny at SAHS
New print available on - 'Stonewall Jackson Lake' by Thomas R Fletcher -
When a cloud comes between you and the sun, do you fear that the sun will never appear again? - Stonewall Jackson
This week we are focusing on Stonewall Jackson's 1862 Campaign. The First Battle of Kernstown was Jackson’s only...
Little Giant Ladders
January 12, 2016, Tuesday, 6:00 pm, I will be speaking at the Stonewall Jackson Camp 901 of Denton with a Power...
"The time for war has not yet come, but it will come, and hng." - Stonewall Jackson conversing with a prostitute
Visiting the death bed of Stonewall Jackson. (@ Stonewall Jackson Shrine in Woodford, VA)
How does a timeout look at an Osbourn vs Stonewall Jackson game?
“My religious beliefs teach me to feel as safe in battle as in bed.'. General Stonewall Jackson . https:/…
Ryann is getting her first high school start today in the Art Turner Tourney vs Stonewall Jackson
Hey Gods and Generals is calling and wants Stonewall Jackson's accent back.
Happy Birthday to our buddy Stonewall Jackson (musician). Hope your enjoying your day 󾔖󾔖󾔖
Spotted in front of the statue of Confederate Generals Stonewall Jackson and Robert E.…
umm who doesn't want to be like John C. Reilly? Dale Doback, Kal Naughten, the ghost of Stonewall Jackson..? He's the 🐐
My Civil War reenactment group reenacted the time Stonewall Jackson got his beard stuck in an outhouse door hinge while wa…
a moment of silence for *** revolutionary hero, confederate General Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and the Army of Northern Virginia 1862 by...
My Christian great-great-great grandfather and the grandfather of Stonewall Jackson. I have a fine heritage.
I wouldn't hate working at a nice hotel like the Greenbrier or Stonewall Jackson Resort. Imagine all the people you'd meet.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Stonewall Jackson – *** Morris. I have the book *** discusses and it's fabulous. Best General on either side.
August 28, 1862--Confederate General Stonewall Jackson attacks Union forces and begins the Battle of Second...
not every Rebel General fought for slavery. i.e. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee fought for states rights
Stonewall Jackson: Confederate General. Not easy to summarize. Recognized as one of the best tactici
Of what I know about Thomas Jonathan Jackson. Aka Stonewall Jackson, CSA General. He's one of the most devout Christians!
The WVU football schedule, salads, and another suggestion to rename Stonewall Jackson, in today's Vent Line:
Are the ghosts of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson or Nathan Bedford Forrest to blame for all this black violence?
That said, I still don't think we should have a high school named Lee-Davis or a middle school named Stonewall Jackson.
When the "heritage" in "Heritage Not Hate" is more Skynyrd than Stonewall Jackson:
and possibly 4th and 5th if they actually change them name of Stonewall Jackson middle school.
first the confederate flag is taken down, now they're debating on changing the name of Stonewall Jackson middle school? getting ridiculous
Grant did riding MBWA and Stonewall Jackson did too, but that's how he came to be shot by his own wander with care!
Three Days in the Shenandoah: Stonewall Jackson at Front Royal and Winchester (Campaigns and Commanders Series) ~ By: Gary Ecelbarger ~ $9.…
Our Most Beloved Sons of the South Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and P.G.T. Beauregard. The oth
Stonewall Jackson and Darren Wilson both want a *** who gets it first?
Did you know the last man to pray with abolitionist John Brown was Stonewall Jackson, the later famous Confederate?
replace the monument of Stonewall Jackson and the gang with the Jackson 5 while we're at it.
7) Homegrown terrorists are now in all 50 states, yet the ghost of Stonewall Jackson is going to kill us
"I do not expect to live to see the end of this war. Nor can I say that without victory I would desire to do so." TJ "Stonewall" Jackson
"Though I love the Union, I love Virginia more" -Stonewall Jackson
More interested in seeing Confed flags coming down from state capitols than renaming Stonewall Jackson HS in MtJackson, Va.
isn't that place named after Stonewall Jackson? You know, the general? I find this particularly strange.
The as in stonewall Jackson, the general. Change the name
I think we're all underplaying the realization that that is the ghost of Stonewall Jackson!
, when are you going to protest stonewall Jackson way down on Christopher Street in the West Village?
Funny how the celebrators on r rejoicing at a bar named Stonewall Jackson's,whom was a General.
Loved today's Hermitage tour - family home of namesake Andrew 'stonewall' Jackson.
In Brooklyn there are a number of streets named after Confederate leaders,e.g., Stonewall Jackson Drive.
My mom just told me I'm like stonewall jackson because I'm not compassionate 😂👌🏻
PRESS LIKE IF YOU MIGHT. Who's down for some at Stonewall Jackson TOMORROW rain or shine? Let's get...
"If I had had Stonewall Jackson & Batman with me, I would've won the Battle of Gettysburg." --Robert E. Lee
If u wanna remove statues -start with Lincoln & Grant who had a lower opinion of blacks than R. E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson.
Before I check with Googlikipedia, do you reckon the Stonewall nightclub was named after Confederate General Stonewall Jackson?
Hey there why not change the stonewall Jackson "shrine" to a more appropriate name like, literally any synonym for park
. Here, here with the on from Stonewall Jackson.
This week we got a lil less Stonewall Jackson, a lil more Stonewall Inn
The Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton is energized with so many great Virginians right now!
Yeah this week was not the best to come to the south. There's a freaking statue of Stonewall Jackson in this town I'm in 😷
what about honorin Stonewall Jackson, one of the greatest military leaders of that time?
Also I was gonna talk about the ??? Of ppl bein proud of confed flags but then I remembered there's a Stonewall Jackson statue in my town
Been a rough week but it's good too see two men celebrating the patriot Stonewall Jackson.
sees "Stonewall" Jackson as symbol and part of history: via
I am calling on the and Congress to take immediate steps to rename General Lee Avenue and Stonewall Jackson Drive.
I'm not too crazy about our Stonewall Jackson.
Just heard some guy on NPR claim that Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson were as awful as the Nazis. Really? Generals v murdering 6 million
All purpose parts banner
I bet Confederate sympathizers are proud that the modern *** rights movement began at *** Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson's bar.
"I'm not impugning Lee or Stonewall Jackson" I'm just comparing them to Nazis.
Not so sure. It's like what they say about Stonewall Jackson: his enemies never knew what he was up to -- but nor did his men.
The trail and tale of Stonewall Jackson's arm--Part 1: burying and re-burying
"Don't you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me. I said your holding back, so shut up and dance with me." -Stonewall Jackson
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