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Stone Roses

The Stone Roses are an English alternative rock band formed in Manchester in 1983. They were one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement that was active during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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Spent the night with the Stone Roses aka Manchester legends aka family friends at the Sydney bloody Opera House.
Going to see the Stone Roses in the Sydney Opera House tonight yeha. If Mersey Paradise gets played my kecks are coming off
Stone Roses review – a euphoric dance rock celebration at the Sydney Opera House
We will NOT be selling tickets for the Stone Roses gigs at First Direct Arena, but have posted links on our website. htt…
What has happened to this new Stone Roses album
Stone Roses played the Royal Court in Dec 94. Not sure what my point is.
This Manchester United fan went to see the Stone Roses at the Etihad on Saturday.i think he enjoyed it... https:/…
Rebecca Wilson this is the Stone Roses song I was telling you about (my favourite) .
And as for new Stone Roses songs... "The timing has to be right. Sometimes things crop up, get in the way. I think it just a…
It was blinded by the sun. The band was Seahorses. . John Squire was the guitarist. He was Stone Roses guitarist.
You can all keep going on about Stone Roses at Spike Island but I always have Fleetwood Mac at Norwich Theatre Royal
Bought Harris a Stone Roses ticket as he really likes them. It's a step in the right direction although he still likes Drake
These are the things the men I know talk about in private. A) Peep Show/Stone Roses. B) Bet you couldn't throw this can in…
Chris Helme, who first rose to prominence as the front man of John Squire's post Stone Roses band (also Pre now...
The new members o' the family ... Pink floyd, Muse, Radiohead and Stone Roses.
Jonathan from Stranger Things looks like a combo of Ian Brown and Kevin Eldon with Mani from the Stone Roses' hair.
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Kevin Shields gets mistaken for Jimmy Page at Stone Roses gig [Marlay Park]
Just watched some Stone Roses footage from The Etihad..I'm glad I can remember them doing 'She Bangs The Drums' from way back when .
I love this story, the story of the Stone Roses and lemons 🍋.
David Beckham, 41, was at the home of Manchester United's bitter city rivals on Wednesday night to enjoy a Stone Roses gig…
Everyone is going Stone Roses and we're going Pizza Hut ?
Jake Bugg is 'not a fan' of Stone Roses track and 'doesn't care' what Noel Gallagher thinks
Jake Bugg gives his thoughts on the Stone Roses and Noel Gallagher:
First listen to new Stone Roses tune, sounds very Soup Dragons? Maybe just me.
A proper "I was there" moment seeing the Stone Roses in the Border city. Great for our small county getting such an act & it went off 🍋👏🏻
Stone Roses confirm more new music is coming and say it sounds 'beautiful'
Dreamt I went to see the Stone Roses at the New Ship Inn and have woken up in a right foul mood
Stone Roses in Marlay Park and then Indiependance next month yes
Been sitting like a Fanny wondering why I seemed to be only 1 to not have their Stone Roses tickets... Turns out Ive to print them myself 🙄
1 spare Stone Roses ticket going Wednesday 15th, unfortunately watches Live island, so can't come :/
Bruce Springsteen was the best concert you've been to? Sorry but no danger! Stone Roses at GG or Calvin Harris at T wi Will Smith.
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The new Stone Roses song is absolutely dreadful
I think I'm more buzzing about Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott then Stone Roses
Alan Bennett remembers the first time he heard the new Stone Roses single.
Wilko & Dr Feelgood doing Roxette; Bob Harris being snooty about New York Dolls; that time the power went on the Stone Roses.
Clive Tyldesley just made a 'Stones to Rose' gag. Then he referenced the lyrics to the new Stone Roses single.
Oh my god, you guys. This new Stone Roses song is off the hook! Hands Across America 1986 via
Hear the tracks that caught our pop critics’ attention, from the first new music from Stone Roses in 21 years to Grimes’s new take on
Like the Stone Roses in Marlay Park,Indie,the Strypes and Placebo and probably a few in the Marquee
Selling 2 tickets for Stone Roses at Marlay Park on Saturday July 9th face value €75 each if anyone interested?
Peter Hook in Wrexham at talking about new Stone Roses release
Not sure about this new Stone Roses song.
All for One - Stone Roses changing to All for you - Janet Jackson has done nothing for my windows-down tesco carpark street cred.
I completely forgot about having Stone Roses tickets until today because I was listening to All for one and now Im buzzin for Marlay Park
3rd track is a 28yr old cover of the new Stone Roses single: The Fall - Peel Session 1988
After getting caught up in the Stone Roses furore, Stoke City are pleased 2 announce that Stanley Matthews' ashes will be starting on Sunday
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My favourite Stone Roses song is the one where Ian Brown tells us he wants to be Jim Morrison.
Oh my god this is the new Stone Roses song? Is this the tune to the Men Behaving Badly reboot?
Funnily enough I've just published something on why I'm not keen on Stone Roses comeback
There's the main man getting ready to listen to the new Stone Roses single tonight...
I hope the Stone Roses single is John Squire farting into a microphone for 4 minutes.
Exclusive - the new Stone Roses single sounds like 'Tomorrow Never Knows' by the Beatles, esp. the guitar & drums...
Remember John Squires' last live Stone Roses gig at Reading's Rivermead must be 18 yrs ago. At last, 1st new material in 20 yrs tonight!
In the time it has taken the Stone Roses to release new material since Second Coming, the Fall have released 14 albums.
has the reformed Stone Roses got John Squire in it? x
Stone Roses to release first new music in more than 20 years tonight
Stone Roses, Noel Edmonds, John Smith and Manic Street Preachers all trending, the 1990s are back...
hi John. Do you know where the new Stone Roses single will be being aired? Vid premier on LTW? 😉
The time is here. Stone Roses to debut brand new single tonight
I'm probably a bit biased here but the single out tomorrow will be far better than the new Stone Roses one
Next couple of months are going to unreal. Town at Wembley x2,Kasabian x2,Pete Doherty,Stone Roses &T in the Park.Yes I'm making you jealous
In my baggy Stone Roses phase to see Inspiral Carpets and 808 State.
I could have written this word for word but substituting "Elephant Stone" & the rest of the Stone Roses' eponymous debut LP.
plausibly but it will have been in Stone Roses, so there's a big grey gap where I'd normally remember
the part where The Vibes do the Stone Roses / I Wanna Be Adored, sang all out and hyped up damnnn..
Taylor decided to get a last min Stone Roses ticket
Warrington’s Ian Brown, of the Stone Roses has a great solo career. inspires young people to do the same!
Blond fella top middle, Cliff Richard, the Stone Roses years?
I love Oasis, Stone Roses, but Richard Ashcroft's music is the only music that properly talks to me
Noel Gallagher saying that listening to Stone Roses' new album was like listening to their first is VERY good news.
Noel Gallagher says new Stone Roses album is 'amazing', band will play new songs this summer
Stone Roses want to play 'Sunderland - and other places you'd least like to live'
Didn't they recently do a Heaton Park gig as a "we're big like them Stone Roses are", or was that another one?
John Squire from the Stone Roses used to work on this. Cosgrove Hall in Chorlton, Manchester. Great tv as a kid I loved it 😎👍
Dark side of the moon, Illmatic, Whats the story morning glory, definitely maybe, and The Stone Roses
The stone roses are definitely one of the best bands there's ever been
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Just booked to see Oasis v Stone Roses tribute bands on Saturday at
a boy in maths went "you're listening to the stone roses? I bet you also like catb. are you one of those try hard indie girls" feel attacked
Noel Gallagher at the end of month, Stone Roses in June and Ibiza in July! can't bloody wait 🎉🎉🎉
Ian Brown confirms that The Stone Roses are recording glorious new music ©NME
Loads of good albums coming out this year, Catfish and the bottlemen, Sum 41, Blink 182, Jake Bugg maybe The stone roses
Then again 2 months till the Stone Roses so 50 y/o dad's u can suck it too
the difference between stone roses bar York and stone roses bar Leeds is. astonishing
The Stone Roses' 'Fools Gold' should only be 20 seconds long, because that is how long it is interesting for. Goodbye
Ma 2 favs celtic and the stone roses
Now you're at the wheel. Tell me how, how does it feel?. So good to have equalised… ♫ Waterfall by The Stone Roses —
Time for our & It's a classic!. Enjoy the Stone Roses with Fools Gold 😃.
And now I'll have to listen to The Stone Roses on my way home. Last time I did that I woke up 3 days later...
Mersey Paradise has gotta be one of my fave Stone Roses songs... (hint hint )
Do the tickets for The Stone Roses need to be signed for when they are going to be delivered?
Only we could storm into The Stone Roses bar and put Darren Styles on the jukebox
Can't wait to see the stone roses n catfish at t😭
Sometimes you've just got to put that stone roses vinyl on and lie there for 45 mins and appreciate the greatness
The sun is shining.. The stone roses are playing.. Today is going to be a good day. 🌞
Interesting article about The Stone Roses recording Fools Gold from the Silvertone days
any stone roses/killers for my gorgeous hubby driving me & the kids from Durham to SouthAmpton
The Stone Roses are literally the best.
Cannot wait for summer, Stone Roses in Manchester and Gran Canaria. Gonna b a good one 🌞
half thinking of this myself but it's 2 days after stone roses. Might not be in any state 🍻
there ain't much music in this world I like but I love yours , stone roses and the jam
Next up is the stone roses at the etihad 😝😝
'My only excess was guitar solos' .-John Squire / Stone Roses - Driving South.
Are the Stone Roses recording a new album a t Paul Epworth’s Church Studios in London?
Stone Roses in the studio with Paul Epworth. Ian Brown getting the Adele treatment?
complete *** (and I'm not convinced the Stone Roses are worthy to support The Jam, never mind the other way round!).
to win 2 tickets for any Stone Roses afterparty (winner at random). Courtesy of http…
Now I know the Stone Roses news is actually coming it's impossible for me to concentrate in work
Parklife, Stone Roses n Leeds this summer gonna be power ⛺
The 2nd coming. Stone Roses. The future of music "the space monkeys" album "daddy of them all". Regards,. Dave (fac records no.2.52) Waterman
Watched a documentary about the Stone Roses and their former manager Gareth Evans is basically a worse David Brent.
It was Matt Squire , brother of Stone Roses guitarist John who took the photo. He was a great photographer
NEW: A first hand account of the Stone Roses at Spike Island by the editor
Watching Spike Island, gets me so buzzed for the Stone Roses in June🍋🍋
New on the DE Blog: Stone Roses at Spike Island via the eyes and ears of editor
What would happen if the Stone Roses didn't have Ian Brown? DearDarkHead knows...
This should be a Stone Roses tune For The Glory by Ian Brown
On that note, are there any Fela Kuti tribute acts? I'd rather that than another Bowie/Jim Morrison/Stone Roses act.
Just spotted Ian Brown (of the Stone Roses) in the opening scene of Harry Potter Prisoner Of Azkaban.
Tix to see the Stone Roses, Milburn and Last Shadow Puppets twice this year. Also looking at going Germany for a week. Could do with a 💰🌳
Blur straight to Kate Bush, hike a left to Neil Young and on to local lads Stone Roses .only *no musak here*
[TV] 6 Music Live Hour (BBC 6 Music) Fri, Jan 29, 2:30 AM Chris Hawkins presents the Stone Roses recorded in concert at the Leeds Town and..
Keith Moon! Moon the Loon. He knew how to go mental on the drums and he loved having a laugh. Reni from the Stone Roses too.
Reminiscing being 15/16, listening to old tunes. Stone Roses at Glasgow green was one of the best memories I've got
Its the 90s Pop idol weekend July 15/16th, with tributes to Kylie Minogue & the Stone Roses .
Birthday present off my mate Stone Roses vinyl clock
Wish I could have some music on at work, I could right do with some Stone Roses to pick me up a bit.
I Am The Resurrection by the Stone Roses is my morning song
The thing with The Taliban reforming is everyone is gonna lie about being into them back in the day like with The Stone Roses and Daft Punk.
Last minute Xmas present ideas? How about tickets to one of our Stone Roses parties in 2016:
when The Stone Roses sold out then they added more dates
Steve is back but it's not the second coming That was the Stone Roses Lets keep our feet on the ground and wait for Saturday
I've seen sense, The Stone Roses are qaulity.
2x Sonos! great prize! Just imagine thats 2x the annoyance for the girlfriend when listening to The Stone Roses :)
When ya stay up talkin to a fella about the stone roses 😎🍋✨
His heart was a stone but then his hands roam. 🎵
"The best album of 2015, as it has been for 26 years, is Stone Roses' eponymous debut" (paracit)
I heard it yesterday and thought the same! Surely it's high time for a Stone Roses Christmas single.
Stone roses I wanna be adored cover by the "Attics. Our newly formed band cover adored, ...
Do you think The Stone Roses will ever release a 3rd album?
Stone Roses playing over a tracking shot of Elijah Wood
I scored 10/10 on the MEN How well do you know the Stone Roses? quiz. Can you match me?
Now playing on dentradio: The Stone Roses - Fools Gold
Grooving out to the Stone Roses on my last day at the office, high above the swarms of Christmas shoppers below
Stone roses sitting out at the balcony.. unreal
Whenever u tell someone ur from Manchester they just say 'oh Man United/City' 'ahh oasis/the smiths/stone roses/joy division'
The Complete Stone Roses at the end of the month and then the gig in Marley park in July, buzzin
After a very hard and productive week, before we head out to watch Dave Spikey, how about a bit of Stone Roses
T in the Park line up is looking very good, shame I've got nae pals that like the Courteeners or the Stone Roses
The Coral, Blossoms, Tame Impala, Stone Roses and T in the park already on the cards for next year. 2016, bring it on lad!!!
There's a few Sunday Stone Roses tickets on stubhub for £88.50, seller only gets about £73 after fees and that's not far off face value.
The Stone Roses first album is still without a doubt one of the best albums EVER made!. And you'd be a fool to disagree :).
Thug set upon six-stone disabled man as he waited at bus stop
BIG NIGHTS: The Complete Stone Roses give a taste at Factory of the real thing next year at the Etithad
can't believe im going to see the stone roses in july oh mY GOD IS THIS REAL
Off college an hour early AND got a Stone Roses ticket, happy friday
Libs, stone roses and James next year👌
Stone roses on the radio making me wish I attempted to at least buy a ticket 😩
Fools Gold by The Stone Roses on oh Leona it just gets better Tune!!
France & Blackpool in January, Germany in March, Stone roses & euro's in June, my 21st in November. Next year is a busy year. 🍻👀👊😈
unless you're in town tonight? Jimmys band supporting somplete stone roses at factory
here here brother!! Stone roses afterwards should be full too!!!
I hope me and Niamh grow old together listening to the Stone Roses and watching ferris bueller
Local band supporting the Complete Stone Roses at Factory tonight. Have a bang on the old spotify
I wonder who will be supporting the stone roses
How much are Stone Roses tickets in-store in Belfast ticketmaster in sterling please?
Going to see the Stone Roses. Roll on July!!!
Always forget that I've already seen Stone Roses live lol
Looking for one or two standing Stone Roses tickets for the Saturday in Manchester.
You jumping on the Stone Roses bandwagon Lou?? Ann Marie got me a ticket this morning? Think Jen just got one now!
"Reni looking worse for wear ahead of The Stone Roses reunion"
Stone Roses tickets in the bag...well alright!!
Tickets for tomorrow ngiht's Definitely Mightbe & Adored (Oasis and Stone Roses tributes):
James, The Stone Roses 🍋 and The Courteeners tickets smashed! we did well!!
The Stone Roses in Dublin. Couple O' tickets in the bag ✅
yep joined Stone Roses queue this morning only to be told not on sale yet
The Stone Roses announce Dublin show... tickets on sale today
Rainbow Venues NYD, Stone Roses, Amsterdam, Austria for Snowbombing & few trips to Manchester for some gigs.. 2016, come at me!
Ticket for The Stone Roses sorted and after landing a couple of freebies for The Proclaimers in Vicar St tonight. Yerrraaa.
need help! What is the cure to stop singing Love Spreads from the Stone Roses? Driving myself and everyone around me crazy!
Kinda wanna watch Spike Island again, in a Stone Roses mood🌷
if you like the Stone Roses then Spike Island
Just watched Spike Island, can I be a Stone Roses fan now?
Me this morning when Steven said he got me Stone Roses tickets for the Sunday
Fans battle for tickets as Stone Roses announce FOUR Etihad Stadium gigs - recap
Hospitality packages available for Stone Roses, through the club from 9am, Friday 6th November 0161 444 1894 (opt5)
Stone Roses ticket at The Etihad purchased thanks to Already booked the Monday and Tuesday off after!
In other news... you're all aware the Stone Roses gigs clash with a bunch of Euro 2016 group stage matches, right? Okay.
Any got Keith Teeth's number need some Stone Roses tickets
Stone Roses fans!!. Hold off for years and you'll be able to see them play Butlins in Minehead on Mons, Tues and Fri's, July and August £4
I've heard Keith Teeth has got a few tickets spare if anyone's interested for the new Stone Roses tour 😂🍋
I'm not even a big Stone Roses fan... But this announcement has got me super hyped! Roll On Friday!
Stone Roses announce T in the Park and Manchester gigs
Stone Roses playing a festival 30 miles from the Scottish town I lived in as a kid?. Am there.
@ Stone Roses please return to my home town
GRAZIE for including 'Mira' in their podcast, along with Mercury Rev, Mogwai, Stone Roses
Just seen this in town! Stone Roses to play huge gig at Arndale Market. Wow 🍋
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bloc Party on NME awards too...usually a sign they'll be playing Reading and Leeds festival. Stone Roses announcement expected too
John Robb is the Stone Roses of music journalism.
Posters appearing all over town, rumours are rife, classic mysterious Stone Roses bravado. What they do best.
Ian Brown's manager re Stone Roses reunion: "Not sure what’s going on, but there are hundreds of lemon posters displayed around town." HMM
The Complete Stone Roses, spoke to singer after in Stone Roses bar, he thought you was my son and that you was pretty cool 👍
Stone Roses remind me of being at college and spending a fortune to look like a complete ***
That documentary 'Stone Roses: Made of Stone' by Shane Meadows is amazing. Can't stop listening now
yeah, John Squire from Stone Roses was the front man of them
Education, Sinods, & rebuild stone roses parly is required, watt I sea daily, is a load of snakes slithering about, dancin zomby lines - bad
Look, stop whatever you're doing and listen to I Am The Resurrection by The Stone Roses. All of it. Loud. Trust me.
oh great, the police. Does that mean stone roses up next?
My course so far is all about the smiths, the stone roses, joy division and sex pistols... I'm not complaining...but I'm not doing music...
Seems like there's a hole . In my dreams . Or so it seems . Yet nothing means anything . Anymore. Stone Roses.
Is it true that the stone roses reunion is being announced next Tuesday!!
Pulp , the Beatles , the smiths, Ian Brown stone roses cartoon t shirts available from our web
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
you and I agree on very few things, but the Stone Roses' second album is one of them. A musical masterpiece.
Ladies & gents. I have a few oasis/stone roses tribute tickets left for next Friday 23rd. If you want one message me. Don't miss out. ✌🏼️
. What about Stone Roses? I'd go for that.less contentious with half of the city
I feel I got into The Stone Roses REALLY late in life.
Don't care what my neighbours think of me. I will blast out Stone Roses in the mornings and there's nothing u can do.
Stone Roses the choice of music today. Beautiful.
The Stone Roses get me in the mood for anything, pure class
The Doors remind me of The Stone Roses inasmuch as over the years you really grow to appreciate what astonishing musician…
I bloody love stone roses and oasis
It really depresses me that my dads saw stone roses and oasis live💔💔
Think I'm gunna do stone roses pumpkin this year
not very indie at all! I was used to The Stone Roses,New Order,808 State, Public Enemy, Morrissey, Happy Mondays
15 year old me would have been appalled that I am air drumming to the stone roses!
Some 40 something scousers woman in the pub Saturday and a asked her whit the Stone Roses were like at Spike Island and she wasn't happy
This Is England have done it again haven't they? lull you into a false sense of security, bit of Stone Roses and then …
Awful defending and Stone Roses make it into this week's 'five things we learned'
I went to Manchester to write a wildly self-indulgent intro about how much I hate Fools Gold by the Stone Roses:
maybe a career in a Stone Roses tribute band?.
... Re: 'Stone Roses' new songs- John Robb is on the case, not looking hopeful but who knows eh? Fingers crossed! All the very best, j...
NEW Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British Pop by John Robb (English) Free
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