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Stone Gossard

Stone Carpenter Gossard (born July 20, 1966) is an American musician who serves as the rhythm and lead guitarist for the American rock band Pearl Jam.

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My friend's friend kinda reminds me of Stone Gossard
A note from Stone Gossard on There are only 3 venues left in 3r….
Great SongOTD, Pigeonhed on Vocals is from Stone Gossard brilliant side-project Brad, as wel…
Another great album is Shame by the band Brad, which has…
Read a note from about the state of the world right now, and why we need each other more than ever:
It was amusing seeing Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam as the rest of Matt Dillon's band.
Beauty is power a smile is its potential. -Stone Gossard
The good news is that Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard are still around to put a stop to TM's nefarious shenanigans!
"It was one of those occasions when art took on a spirit of its own, and was greater than the sum of the parts.” - Ston…
There are many musical Birthday’s on June the 20th, they are: Chet Atkins, Brian Wilson, Anne … via
EDDIE :"Let me borrow a few cords from mr stone Gossard...
I still want to be Stone Gossard when i grow up by the way 😎
"Even when it's raining it's still fun". Stone Gossard
I liked a video Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard Interview - 1991
my 1991 interview with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam: . “I think Eddie had to do something with Holland today,” said...
Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard as shared by Jonathan Cohen on Instagram. . At the
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Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard singing Daughter to honor the one & only Michele Anthony at
Theme song of the week: Bayleaf by Stone Gossard.
Stone Gossard looks like the guy who gave Rick Wakeman the prostate exam.
Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament were the MLB guys that were in Temple of the Dog & founded Pearl Jam with Vedder
Vintage photo of Matt Dillon, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder star in Singles.
Brief almanac for today: John Lodge of The Moody Blues fame is 73. Carlos Santana turns 69. Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam fame turns 50.
Stone Gossard (riff master), Danny Carey, Paul McCartney, Prince, Freddie Mercury. w/a dolla to spare for the after party 🔥
I'm probably at my least religious I've ever been in a while. When you...
I think it's evident that expensive neighborhoods in Seattle are surro...
I dig Pearl Jam, but this was obviously written by a dude. "Better Man" This is Such a Lie Stone Gossard is Awesome!
If you have a lot of nature in your city, it becomes a more enjoyable ...
Call it holistic or holographic thinking, it's been quite effective im...
I think when you put a new record out, everyone has a song or two that...
I wish I looked like Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard's love child tbh.
If it had remained always my band, my natural tendency would have been...
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I've always related music to those moments when someone turns you loos...
I think I have my own sort of distinctive swing, for sure. I think tha...
A lot of fun stuff happens when you go out on a bike compared to when ...
I liked the banana-seat bikes with the high handlebars - maybe a card ...
Parenthood and having kids puts you in touch with a whole other sort o...
If you look up the definition of 'too much', there's a picture of Stone Gossard there.
.guitarist STONE GOSSARD says playing albums in full is a "fun challenge":
Mike McCready and Stone Gossard were on KISW 99.9 "The Rock" yesterday morning talking about Vitalogy Foundation...
I like to write music. And I think exploring with lyrics and figuring ...
I picked up a guitar, and I knew what I wanted to do.
I like to play music. I like projects. I like excuses to hang out with...
I love making music. I love being involved in arranging music. It's ve...
I've seen neighborhoods that I would have never driven though because ...
Listen to this interview with Mike and Stone!. Talking about the Vitalogy foundation and the charities they...
The past is filled with people who aren't traditionally thought of as ...
Raising awareness, changing the marketplace, effecting spiritual chang...
Eddie is a natural leader. Jeff and I have been very much in control o...
So there you have it folks, according to Stone Gossard, will play a show in Seattle "pretty soon."
As a songwriter, it's kind of hard to listen to your own stuff with cl...
A significant event for me was learning Hank Williams, reconnecting wi...
It would be great to take one city street and turn it into a pedestrian cor...
Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) and friends covering 1999, written by Prince.
Pretty good tribute by Stone Gossard. => 1999 (Live) by Stone Gossard via
and Kstiz has tattoos of Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard on both butt cheeks.
I never was Prince fan. But Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam did a amazing cover of 1999. 1999 (Live) by Stone Gossard
Dave played an important part in our growing, but change occurs.
If you have a lot of in your it becomes a more enjoyable place. That’s my own feeling about it. Stone Gossard
After seeing them live, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard are two of the most underrated guitarists...
Was watching Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story and noticed Stone Gossard watching the…
Bottom line, he's Stone Gossard and we are to worship at the garden of stone.
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And I remember as a second or third grader having some autonomy to go to th...
You know, at 35 or at 38 or 40 you really start to see what your body could...
My methodology is not knowing what I'm doing and making that work for me.
From the ashes of Mother Love Bone, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament formed what pioneering group?
Shawn Smith has a voice I love. I think he's underrated. He's in BRAD with Stone Gossard and Regan Hagar. He's also in
Let us all take a moment to appreciate Stone Gossard.
And all of those (plus now Dustin) fit that bill. Nirvana was local music to Stone Gossard. The Ramones were local music to David Byrne.
Well, you go to Holland and everybody's on a bike - nobody would think to have a...
Waiting for That one is Jeff Ament. Also saw Stone Gossard. / …
sometimes he looked like Chris Cornell or like a mix of Chris Cornell and Stone Gossard I mean hello there boyyy
Some pre- love for Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament
so Eddie Vedder, Matt Cameron & Jeff Ament are all here, when are Mike McCready & Stone Gossard showing up?
Just drove behind a car with a "PRL JAM" license plate. You guys think it was Eddie Vedder? Or was it just weak *** Stone Gossard?
Sad Billy Corgan is mad that people don't play guitar anymore.
“It's a perfectly human instinct to want to be near water.”. ―Stone Gossard
Am I the only one who thinks Stone Gossard is an underrated musician?
A Happy Grunge Birthday to Stone Gossard and Chris Cornell, both born today!
There was no direct comparison in musicality in any way between Nirvana and Pearl Jam. NONE. Stone Gossard destroys Kurt Cobain.
BEST BANDS/ARTISTS 2000thru2014! 3rd seed - Pearl Jam Pearl Jam is a rock band, formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), Mike McCready (guitar), and Eddie Vedder (vocals). The band's fifth and current drummer is Matt Cameron of Soundgarden, who has been with the band since 1998. Formed after the demise of Gossard and Ament's previous band, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam broke into the mainstream with its debut album, 'Ten', in 1991. One of the key bands of the grunge movement in the early 1990s, over the course of the band's career, its members became noted for their refusal to adhere to traditional music industry practices, including refusing to make music videos or give interviews and engaging in a much-publicized boycott of Ticketmaster. In 2006, Rolling Stone described the band as having "spent much of the past decade deliberately tearing apart their own fame." To date, the band has sold more than 31.5 million ...
Just got this I ♥ Stone Gossard cup for my birthday. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!
Eddie Vedder and stone gossard though😍😍
Eddie Vedder is great. Stone Gossard is great. Jeff Ament is great. Go Pearl Jam
you've had Eddie Vedder on the show, but what about Stone Gossard?
I'm singing on the title tune of Stone Gossard's new solo cd, Moonlander, Spacy beautiful w/ a
Stone Gossard to headline Bonnaroo 2k15 plz
listening to Stone Gossard's solo work feels like coming home.
Sharing this very cool photo of Mike Starr & Stone Gossard. :D. *laura
Stone Gossard and Mike McCready shredding side by side at the Pepsi Center
So I have to assume that Mike McCready (and Stone Gossard too, probably) did time in Mexican prison for melting all …
Hmmm... Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament switch guitar and bass for tonight's Moline show.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I want a Pearl Jam record written entirely by Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard.
Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Matt Dillon as 'Citizen *** on the movie 'Singles' (1992)
Quick someone find stone Gossard while he's in town and tell him my dog is named after him.
One of the best photos of Stone Gossard in Cincinnati
Well, he did have lovely hair just like a girl in the early 90s (not as glossy as Stone Gossard's)
one of my cousins just ate breakfast with Stone Gossard i'm going to cry
Stone Gossard has the best name in rock n roll.
I have to choose someone who's an example to me and I'm just going to choose Stone Gossard
Chad Smith and Stone Gossard Talk Side Projects and the Grunge Band Green River -
One of the best photos of Jeff Ament , Boom Gaspar and Stone Gossard
Stone Gossard said this about "The End" in 2009:. "I think ["The End"] is going to stand out as being one of his...
New thing: just shouting STONE GOSSARD when I spot a Pearl Jam shirt in public
didn't know it because Stone Gossard wro…
didn't know it because Stone Gossard wrote guitar parts!
Stone Gossard's campaign to help Andy Wood's (MotherLoveBone) Mom out. Plz pitch in with me! via
I added a video to a playlist In conversation: Chad Smith with Stone Gossard
Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and Chad Smith from the RHCP talk about the 1991 tour.
Stone Gossard Says 'The Chili Peppers Changed Our Lives' I was at their show in in
"The Chili Peppers changed our lives" - Stone Gossard telling Chad Smith about the first time seeing his band:
This is Eddy Vedder's favorite brand of car seat. Maybe Stone Gossard's too. Eh? Anyone? Thoughts…
Stone Gossard is the most grunge name ever
Stone Gossard - Bombs Away. Talk about good song writing, here it is
"Who said women can't get pleasure from something soft?". - Stone Gossard
.interviewed of for his podcast, In Conversation. Listen here via
.and talk early days on tour, forming a "jazz odyssey" band, production, and much more. Watch:
Week. Stone Gossard said this about No Code:. "People say that No Code wasn't like a rock record. The big...
Check out this love in between The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam!
Chris, Jerry Cantrell and Stone Gossard and Eddie Vedder in the background! So much tale...
Anthony Kiedis and Eddie Vedder... Our rock stars had the coolest names... Stone Gossard... Perry Farrell.
Dave Krusen, who played drums on Pearl Jam Ten and would drum for Hoovercraft, Candlebox and countless other projects, shares stories of gigging around Seattle's Punk-Metal scene in the late 80's when bands like Mother Love Bone, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden played the bar circuit. He illustrates the immediate chemistry during those pre-Pearl Jam rehearsals with Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard. Krusen goes in-depth on the Ten sessions: the quick brilliance of "Alive", the haunting flow of "Black" and the labor of love that became "Even Flow". Krusen's love affair with drumming began in junior high - about the same time he began his love affair with alcohol. It would take multiple attempts spanning parts of three decades before Krusen would find permanent sobriety. It's a priceless, incredibly insightful conversation with an instrumental player in Rock history. . .
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Happy Birthday to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden (50) and Stone Gossard, (48) of Pearl Jam.
Happy Birthday to Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard who turns 48 today!
to Pearl Jam guitarist, Stone Gossard... He was born in Seattle, WA, 48 years ago.
Happy 48th birthday Stone Gossard! Find out what the guitarist said was his favorite Pearl Jam riff:
Favorite solo tracks: Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder, Cadillac by Stone Gossard, Give It A Name by Jeff Ament
I'm actually in love with Chris Cornell Sean Kinney ans Stone Gossard
Blast from the past. Cameos by Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament
I'm sitting here on the tarmac in Seattle thinking about the last month of my life. It has been surreal and really fun. I went from a South American tour filling in on drums for one of my favorite rock bands.. Soundgarden! To jumping in a van with Robert Fripp, Bill Rieflin and Peter Buck playing totally improvisational music down the west coast, to recording drums on the soundtrack to the new Transformers movie, to making tons of crazy beats/loops for The Loop Loft Ableton Live Matt C loop library ..Got to play 2 nights of live music with the amazing Jazz Guitarist Anthony Wilson, Mike Elizondo and Patrick Warren. Recorded a few songs with my pal Bob Thiele-- also recorded a bunch of demos/works in progress with Stone Gossard, recorded with new band Linus Young and compiled all of the music I've been writing on my laptop to finish another solo record. Feeling inspired and psyched!! Now in Seattle for more SG rehearsing for the summer tour! Wo!
one day I will find a funny Jewish girl who appreciates the melodic stylings of Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament.
I go the the church of Mike Mcready, Stone Gossard, Matt Cameron, Jeff Ament, and Eddie Vedder.
"I change by not changing at all." -Stone Gossard's lyrics, Eddie Vedder's voice.
Pearl Jam, Brad, QOTSA, Soundgarden, RNDM, Tres Mtns, Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, and Drumgasm. All is good. And some new shoes
fun fact: my eskimo brothers include pitcher Sid Fernandez and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.
The only time I will tolerate the words "I've got a feeling" are when they're accompanied by Stone Gossard's guitar
At this same time, in two days, Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, and Matt Cameron aka Pearl Jam(!) will be melting my face off with amazing music.
"Ed has been singing 'Ray of Light,'" said guitarist Stone Gossard, "and he's pretty into that song...I think it's a great song." ... Noe Fraerman ya está pedile casamiento !!
Post by Tony Nicholl DAYLIGHT ROBBERY are pleased to present their new single and video 'SAMARAH NEVER SLEEPS' from their new album 'SECONDS OUT'. The single is now available from all popular download sites including iTunes and Amazon etc... The new album promises more huge melodies and anthemic choruses coupled with high levels of musicianship, and will be the first album to feature the bands new keyboard player - David Billingham, and the return of the bands original drummer - Chris Miller. This release is the first since their critically acclaimed debut album 'CROSS YOUR HEART' hit the shelves exactly two years ago and launched the band into the public eye with supports slots to rock legends URIAH HEEP and progressive rock giants IT-BITES.cumulating with a legendary performance on the main stage at the inaugural HRH/AOR festival alongside TESLA and FM. The single and video 'CROSSING THE GREAT DIVIDE' was subsequently released with the accompanying video documenting the bands HRH/AOR performance. The re ...
Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard at pearljamofficial concert in Oklahoma City.
oi there's a deflated acne ridden stone gossard in the English wing
I decided to do one more! If you look real close, you can see Stone Gossard playing his guitar... 😊…
Eddie Vedder with Pearl Jam performs during a concert at Chesapeake Energy Arena on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013. Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman Every great live concert unfolds in three acts. It begins with the big foundation performances that everyone expects, the songs that cause thousands of people to lean forward and try to match the singer in the upper decibel reaches. Then the show gets intimate, so personal that simmering grudges get swept under the stage with a few laughs, people start proposing marriage and even the performers seem surprised at how sweet the mood can get at a 22,000-seat basketball arena. The final stage of any concert worth remembering comes when the performers and the audience agree to set the rulebook on fire, which is what happened at Pearl Jam’s Saturday concert at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The house lights went up but the band kept playing as singer Eddie Vedder poured wine from his stage supply for lucky front-row fans and the audience heard possibly the most committed . ...
I need to ask Stone Gossard how many trees I need to plant to make up for all my traveling this year
Listening to Stone Gossard rich solo LP, "Moonlander." So many moods, and a whole lot of soul.
treat for all my jammers out there - this evenings portraits will be: Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Mike McCready -
Stone Gossard has used the same strumming pattern in almost all the songs he has played. "Change happens" can suck his guitar's ***
I own Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam's very first guitar. Any idea what it's worth ?
Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament have been in the same bands together for over 30 yrs. Green River. Mother Love Bone. Temple of the Dog. Pearl Jam
Carrie Brownstein talks with Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Matt Cameron, and Stone Gossard about the themes off of...
I cannot handle anymore stone gossard tonight ugh it hurts. I miss Helen, I wish she wasn't sleeping cz she would let me touch her butt.
Whenever I see, hear or think about Stone Gossard.
"I like rhythmic things that butt up against each other in a cool kind of way" - Stone Gossard. u can butt something rhythmic against me bb
I spend like 99.75% of my time browsing the stone gossard hashtag lol
A single by the side project of Stone Gossard, BRAD. Released in 2012 along with Don't Cry as a single and as a bonus track in the album United We Stand. Stone Gossard: Guitar Shawn Smith: Rhythm guitar and vocals Keith Lowe: Bass Regan Hagar: Drums
So kind of Five Horizons Organizer to donate two picks handed to her by Stone Gossard's guitar tech
Stone Gossard on rhythm guitar, Matt Cameron on drums.
Wishlist is a song from the 1998 album Yield by Pearl Jam. The video can be found in the Single Video Theory film which was recorded around the end of 1998 after Yield's tour was ended. Eddie Vedder / Stone Gossard / Jeff Ament / Mike McCready / Jack Irons
Music Nerdiness: Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, Eddie Vedder, and Michael McCready appeared in the 1992 movie Singles. In the movie, they backed up Matt Dillon in the band Citizen ***
Stone Gossard's existence & V8 Peach Mango Juice are the only reasons I have to be happy
Just saw Pearl Jam. First time since '94. Stone Gossard's hair is STILL prettier than mine.
Stone Gossard just put on a Durant Sonics jersey.
"Because we had waited so long for anyone to ask us to do something, that we were saying " yes , yes ,yes. That was a moment where it was evident that there was always gonna be one more thing they were gonna ask us to do. At some point you had to say no ." that was the birth of NO " Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam
Woke up from a dream where I was jamming with Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard on "Porch"; then Hawk and I listened to Nirvana's Nevermind on the way to daycare (he really liked "In Bloom"). It's been a grungy, 90's kinda morning.
The guy waving the domino's sign looks like Stone Gossard...considering PJ just released a new album, ticket sales must be down :/
A late evening of work with Jerry Cantrell, Chris Cornell, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Eddie Vedder and the late great vocalists Layne Staley & Andrew Wood.
My sing pick for today is by Brad, "Circle and line" this is a fantastic side project of Stone Gossard. Click the link, love this song
I wish i had the poetry gift of Jim Morrison and the arrangement gift of Stone Gossard..
Although this becomes factually inaccurate with respect to the early 90's lack of guitar solo (writers must have never heard Kurt Cobain, Jerry Cantrell, Tom Morello, Kim Thayil, Chris Cornell, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Peter Klett...I could go on forever rallying against these people that think 'Saved By The Bell' and Barney defined the 90's), but it's frickin awesome. :) Love FACT MAN.
.is killing it with his videos for Here's the latest, a little promo feat. Stone Gossard.
On in 1990, Eddie Vedder is selected as lead vocalist of what would become Pearl Jam after Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready hear his demo tape where he added vocals to three instrumental tracks the band had recorded.
Man oh the urge to learn guitar...after listening to Johnny Cash last week, Stone Gossard & Mike McCready is Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Johnny Lang...have to see what this car will cost and might have to look into an acoustic one
Foto: rollingstone: Happy 47th birthday Stone Gossard! Read our recent interview with the Pearl Jam...
Today in Rock July Tenth Featured Artist Pearl Jam Pearl Jam announce the launch of their ‘06 Carbon Portfolio Strategy which earmarks $100,000 in donations from the band to nine environmental-related organizations to help offset carbon emissions produced through touring and other activities. "We (are investing) in the future health of our planet and its delicate ecosphere," says guitarist Stone Gossard. 2006 1940's Guitarist-singer-songwriter Jerry Miller (Moby Grape) is born in Tacoma, WA. 1943 Rainbow and Black Sabbath vocalist (following Ozzy), Ronnie James Dio, is born in Cortland, NY. 1949 1950's Memphis station WHBQ plays an acetate demo of Elvis Presley’s “That’s All Right (Mama)." DJ Dewey Phillips also interviews Elvis. 1954 1960's Local boys make good. The film “A Hard Day’s Night” opens in The Beatles hometown, Liverpool. The soundtrack is released the same day in the U.K. 1964 Leave it to the Rolling Stones to produce the ‘60’s defining song. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfa ...
Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard discussed the band’s upcoming show at Wrigley Field in the latest issue of Illinois Entertainer.
Today in Music History (June 30): 1939 - Frank Sinatra made his first appearance with Harry James’ band. 1966 - The Supremes made the studio recording of "You Keep Me Hangin' On." 1975 - Cher and Greg Allman were married. They were divorced just 10 days later. 1977 - "Love Gun" was released by KISS. 1977 - Marvel Comics issued the first of two comic books based on the group KISS. 1986 - Madonna released the album "True Blue." 1994 - Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam testified at a congressional hearing concerning rising concert ticket prices. 1996 - Neil Young premiered his album, "Broken Arrow" via the Internet. 2000 - Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones) checked into a rehabilitation clinic in London to be treated for alcohol abuse. -Jen-
Hey Alan, remember that time you made of “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog by dancing around like an *** and mocking the vocal? And do you remember how you did that right in front of Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament and remember how you felt when Stone reminded you about how those songs were about his dead friend? Those were the days.
Wow this takes me back to 1993 listening to the Brad - Shame album which was a side project for Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard
New White Lies, Nine Inch Nails and Stone Gossard tracks released this week.
Last year BRAD( Shawn Smith, Stone Gossard, Regan Hagar, and Keith Lowe) joined Synergia Northwest with an amazing performance. Here is a peek of one of their songs from the show last May! Big fun this year as Shawn Smith joins us, Walking Papers, Michael Shrieve's Spellbinder, Tess Henley, Mycle Wastman and others again at the Moore Theater on Saturday May 18th for one of kind performances at Synergia Northwest 2013! Get your tickets here:
Time once again to vote for your favourite tracks featured on the Classic Rock website. Choose from songs by Status Quo, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bon Jovi, Stone Gossard, The Sword, Tracer, Valentiine, Rival Sons, Reckless Love and many more…
The new Stone Gossard solo tunes are hilarious and kind of amazing. Listen here:
Stone Gossard's new song almost sounds like Bowie
If you don't love Stone Gossard, I have no time for you
I Need Something Different - Stone Gossard by Monkeywrench Records via Love this. Love
Bro, check this, - Have a listen, I absolutely love it.
Check it out! More on Stone Gossard's upcoming solo LP! Glad to be a part of it!...
Hear a sample of the guitarist's first solo outing in over a decade...
Have you heard the new track from solo album? "Moonlander" streaming live
Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard on his long-coming LP 'Moonlander': "I've got to finish some stuff every once in a while."
I made it to 1:20 before I decided I hate the new Stone Gossard song, but hey, at least it didn't end up on a Pearl Jam album.
Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard sang that last bit of vocal melody on "Black" over the telephone yesterday
Fellow fans should check out this story from colleague on Stone Gossard's 2nd solo album:
Lou Barlow winked at me once and Stone Gossard called me "love," you know what I'm done here *takes flight into other dimension*
Im in the gym and PJ-Alive comes on my Pandora: During sets: I turn into the Hulk Between sets: I turn into Stone Gossard
It's Tuesday. That means the second track from Stone Gossard's Moonlander is available to stream! A new song is...
Check out another tune from Stone's forthcoming Moonlander record...
Stone Gossard, do Pearl Jam, finaliza álbum solo:
Totally geeked out just now when I ran into Stone Gossard on the way home from work.
Guys, we really don't have to go through the Jeff Ament / Stone Gossard look again, do we?
I liked a video from Stone Gossard "Bayleaf" (Live @ Viper Theatre, Italy 2013)
Stone Gossard of course but can't say I've listened to Brad..I'm on it
And Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard & Mike McCready fell in love with me all at once on that day well then my life would be complete
Breakfast today w/Matt Cameron and Stone Gossard. Headed home to shower and wash the grunge off (and vacuum to pick up those names dropped)
Pic: Stone Gossard's got great taste in guitars!
Foto: marekrodriguez: Stone Gossard and Anthony Kiedis, 1993.  I’m not usually a fan of turquoise with...
Mike McCready says 2013; Stone Gossard says 2014. When do you think the next Pearl Jam album will be released?
Stone Gossard & Anthony Kieds em 1993 no Live and Loud da MTV
Jeffrey Allen Ament (born March 10, 1963) is an American musician who serves as the bassist for the American rock band Pearl Jam. Along with Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, and Eddie Vedder, he is one of the founding members of Pearl Jam. Ament is also known for his work prior to Pearl Jam with the 1980s Seattle-based grunge rock bands Green River and Mother Love Bone, and is particularly notable for his work with the fretless bass, upright bass, and twelve-string bass guitar. Ament is also a member of the bands Three Fish, Tres Mts., and RNDM. In 2008, Ament released his first solo album, Tone. A second solo album, While My Heart Beats, followed in 2012.
N THIS DAY IN ROCK N ROLL HISTORY! Boston’s mastermind, guitarist (and electronics engineer) Tom Scholz (in back), is born in Toledo, OH. 1947 1940's Dean Torrence, of Jan & Dean fame, begins his life in L.A. – not Surf City. 1940 1960's Pearl Jam Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament has a birthday. He’s one of the band’s founding members (along with Stone Gossard and Mike McCready). 1963 Cream plays San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom. During the show they uncork Robert Johnson’s Blues classic “Crossroads.” This version lands on the group’s studio/live “Wheels Of Fire” album. With vocals (and guitar) by Eric Clapton it is one of his signature songs. 1968 1970's Having inked a deal with A&M Records the day before, the Sex Pistol reenact the signing in front of Buckingham Palace. Of course, the press is invited. Blood is spilled, a woman is assaulted and damage is done. A good day. A&M cancels the deal six days later. 1977 Pink Floyd’s “Animals” goes platinum. 1977 Breaking Benjamin’s B ...
Jeff's friend Stone Gossard will be on the radio with director Judd Apatow for a conversation about their recent...
We've got a very special feature lined up today: Stone Gossard in an exclusive conversation with writer/director/producer Judd Apatow about life, work and family. Hear them chat about recent projects, movie soundtracks and more today at 5pm ET - exclusively on SiriusXM Pearl Jam Radio!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Be sure to tune-in today at 5:00 pm ET for this exclusive interview with Stone Gossard and writer/director/producer Judd Apatow.
Watching this Pearl Jam concert on TV only reminds me of how badly 13 year old me wanted to be just like Stone Gossard on the guitar. The funny thing is that Mike McCready was and is the guy who always does the huge guitar solos.
1997–2002: 10 Minute Warning reunion, Beautiful Disease and Loaded Following his departure from Guns N' Roses in 1997, McKagan moved back to Seattle, where he met with many of his old friends, including Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, who convinced him to reunite 10 Minute Warning. Singer Christopher Blue was brought in to replace Steve Verwolf, who was serving a term in federal prison. In 1998, the band released their self-titled album on the well-known Seattle label Sub Pop. The album featured nine tracks, including two new versions of songs originally recorded by The Fartz, namely "Is This the Way?" and "Buried". 10 Minute Warning played its last show on August 22, 1998 at the Roseland theater in Portland, Oregon.[24] McKagan's second solo album, Beautiful Disease, was intended to be released in 1999, but became lost in the legal shuffle of the merge between Geffen Records and Interscope Records.[25] McKagan was dropped from Geffen's roster,[26][27] and subsequently lost all commercial rights to release t ...
Two more new edits for the night...Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard, and Maybach Music Group, both shot at Jay-Z's Made In America Festival in Philly.
Stone Gossard's side band Brad is pretty sweet too!
are the Beatles the band Stone Gossard started?
I think if you exercise, your state of mind - my state of mind - is usually more at ease, ready for more mental challenges. Once I get the physical stuff out of the way it always seems like I have more calmness and better self-esteem. Stone Gossard
Do you know the people fighting for your head? What you think, the things you read and what you see What you hear and how you choose Your buy from wrong Yeah...
Deep Six compilation was released March 1986 (catalog# CZ001). It was the very first release by C/Z Records, a few months before the release of "Sub Pop 100"...
Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and Matt Dillon in a scene of Cameron Crowe's "Singles"
Stone Gossard busting his moves at the end of that video is priceless
I went into the Stone Gossard tag and I was not disappointed
Hey Do you think you can book "Stone Gossard" to do the national anthem at the next House of Hardcore show? ;)
"Stone Gossard" knew the jig was up when we baited him sto sign my pic of the REAL Stone Gossard. He ran out of the ECW arena.
Of course Balls Mahoney took the bait the hardest. He hugged the guy. I said "who is that?!". He said "Stone Gossard".
Best thing I read all night was and discussing an impostor Stone Gossard crashing the ECW arena!
I might still have the cd pic of the real Stone Gossard we had Gabe get him sign to let him know we were onto him.
he said he was Stone Gossard but came to the arena the next night giving out Marylin Manson shirts.
Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Stone Gossard, the list goes on for days.
Official names for my fists (subject to change)... Right: Stone Gossard Left: CCH Pounder I'd like to thank Ron Burgundy, Jack Donaghy, and Meredith O'Donnell for the inspiration.
I found stone gossard's address within 2 hours, I'm sure I can find you
I had a vivid dream last night that I played guitar with the 90's version of until my fingers bled!
Stone Gossard would love that the united states of the children.
"It's what you do when you're 20-years-old and obnoxious." Stone Gossard Here's a Green River history lesson...
Stone Gossard urges you to Stand Up and Rally for Sane Gun Laws in Washington State in memory of the Sandy Hook...
Cannot stop listening to Brad at the moment. Roll on Feb 8th. Ahh Stone Gossard in a small venue.
Our bass teacher at DBDS! Plays with the likes of Fiona Apple and Stone Gossard. He'll get you grooving and...
Today, December 27th, your donation to Forterra goes twice as far! Stone Gossard, Pearl Jam Guitarist and longtime friend of Forterra, is generously matching all donations made from 9am-5pm today, up to $2,000! Your investment helps fund our important conservation, stewardship and communities progra...
Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament were members of pioneering grunge band Green River during the mid-1980s. Green River...
I thought the guitarist with Roger was Stone Gossard... Then I was immediately upset
Update your maps at Navteq
Is that Stone Gossard playing with Roger and Vedder?
If you can afford to donate some money to help protect Bristol Bay this Christmas, here's a chance to double down today! Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay gives a big thanks to the Wild Salmon Center as well as their board member and Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard for their efforts to prevent the Pebble Mine.
Eddie Vedder, Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament talk about their history, the new album and many other things. Here are the questions: 1. What made yo...
Trivia: there were two Dave Abruzeze in Pearl Jam at the same time.. Guitar player, and drummer. Stone Gossard played in Sweet Water.. Mike Mccreedy played in many bands like I care, just don't say he played I'm Mudhoney. Jeff Ament played in Green River with Mike Mccreedy.. This was like evenflo.. Eddy grand theft auto. Just get it! That MTV is real, I can feel it!
I know everyone thinks that Eddy Chris,Layne,Kurt, others are the utter enigma... When I listen, I know what is supposed sound.. Their voices are so drab... On immortality.. Eddy's singing makes me want to cry.. Butchered. Stone Gossard would really know the words.. I wrote that when this guy kicked in someone's door ...weirdo that wanted pot. The cigar box., I was rolling one up waiting for Kim. He was buying some weed from me. Remember Eddy's place Doc Martin green over by where the Cafe Wa used to be... I feel like I owe people an apology. If I can find a temple.. It's on..~ALICE~(my band)
It's great, because it ends with Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament saying, "we're trying to form this band..."
Stone Gossard must have been waiving the liberal flag all along...
Just saw Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam checking out RAC Cluster capabilities in the DEMO Grounds at That didn't really happen.
I mentioned Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard's secret relationship in my english CA, also Chris Cornell's chest and Eddie Vedder's cheeks
Another Baylef song, actually my favorite track of the album. Stone Gossard "Bayleaf" solo album (2001). This work shows Stones´s grow up as a composer and m...
You should be required to get a permission slip signed by Stone Gossard before covering Even Flow w/a 1986 Casio drum backbeat.
Next August! HA! We start tracking in December at Stone Gossard's Studio in Seattle.
I'm kind of becoming all about Stone Gossard's face. It's a really notable face. I'm making a lot of notes.
With the best guitar player in the world :). Stone gossard of Pearl Jam...
It's just me and my 'friend' talking about how pretty stone gossard is
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Everything on my bio really, and Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain, Stone Gossard and Mike McCready mostly :D
Stone Gossard of Mother Love Bone and Jason Everman of Soundgarden discuss their homosexual tendencies on tou…
Is it just me or does anyone else think Eddie Vedder looks better without the beard and age has turned Stone Gossard into an architect?
Stone gossard is the chilliest guy in the world
I have no idea what's going on with my other favourite bands because all my time is being spent on Pearl Jam and stone gossard
Mom: 'why haven't you cleaned your room?' Me: 'because stone gossard'
My life resolves around stone gossard and food
Bass and percussion only. Composed by Stone Gossard.
I'm at the Seattle airport. Last time I was here I saw Stone Gossard, rhythm guitarist from Pearl Jam. Maybe this time I'll see the big fish, Ed Ved.
mmm... I think someone called Stone Gossard said that
I'm proud to have the support of talented Washington State artists who want to keep our state moving forward, including Mike McCready and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam, Brandi Carlile, and Tom Skerritt.
I might go to artsfest next saturday and make a new friend, preferably one who likes foo fighters or looks like stone gossard..
I didn't know Stone Gossard had so many kids.
Stone was just on WMMR, check out his interview here. Thanks, Giving For Gossard.
Stone on the radio. (I wanna' hear got to gimme' some more.) Thanks for the heads up from Giving For Gossard.
Interview w STONE this morning on WMMR Philly STONE GOSSARD intereview re MIA WMMR 08-30-12 on
Only Stone Gossard would wear a black turtle neck and "mom" jeans to rock out behind a les paul gold top..
Stone Gossard is Pearl Jams guitarist not front man. PJ is fronted by Eddie Vedder.
I really enjoy not getting in a car and running errands on bikes. ~Stone Gossard
Seattle NPR reporter just called Stone Gossard the frontman of Pearl Jam. C'mon, I'm from Indiana & even I know the singer is Bobby Vedder.
dude u missed out... we got banned from editing Stone Gossard's wikipedia page...
Ten is the debut studio album by the American alternative rock band Pearl Jam, released on August 27, 1991 through Epic Records. Following the disbanding of bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Stone Gossard's previous group Mother Love Bone, the two recruited vocalist Eddie Vedder, guitarist Mike McCre...
I want to marry stone gossard. I'm not even joking. I actually am in love with him
That glorious moment when Stone Gossard's Wikipedia page says he slept with a potato
bibberly: Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard testifying against TicketMaster in 1994.
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