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Stone Cold

Steve Austin (born Steven James Anderson, later Steven James Williams; December 18, 1964), better known by his ring name Stone Cold Steve Austin, is an American film and television actor, producer, and retired professional wrestler.

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The one note at the end of Stone Cold got her that nom
Stone Cold chorus for vivi's birthday! (make sure to check out the unpitched version :)
Bret "The Hitman" Hart is a Raiders fan? That's cool but I still love seeing Stone Cold whip his *** all over the ring
Stone Cold shouldn't get formal role but he knows Trump, Trump's family and key advisers. Crazy not to make use of…
Stone Cold would do crazy ish, giving beer baths, running The Rock's car over w/a monster truck, no other wrestler like him
CFTS talking about Demi cuz she promoted Stone Cold like crazy
This is you. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin confronts Brock Lesnar days before WrestleMani... via
I added a video to a playlist Demi Lovato - Stone Cold (Official Video)
This face can be in *your* house today! "Stone Cold" is up for adoption today at the Milwaukee branch of the Wisconsin Hu…
he had some great feuds w/Bret Hart. He tagged with Vader. Fought with Stone Cold, Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson vs Hart Foundation
I liked a video Stone Cold - Demi Lovato ft. Brad Paisley and Nick Jonas
On The Steve Austin Show, Stone Cold revealed that he wishes that he called an audible and gave Vince McMahon a...
On this day in 2001, Stone Cold regains the WWF Title from Kurt Angle, with a little help from William Regal...
I expected to see a lot of blacklash but I'm so glad to see this was the first comment and girly kept coming thru!
"There's nothing more american than Stone Cold Steve Austin"
Demi literally held a meeting with Necirvan Barzani for Syrian refugees but yall wanna trip when she doesn't agree with Taylo…
For a minute, I was stone cold sober.
I liked a video Undertaker calls out Stone Cold
Even when I'm stone cold sober I'm thinking *** is going on? Did they take lessons?'
I hope you're doing well, I love you so much ❤
I added a video to a playlist Stone Cold Attacks Tazz! [2001]
Just managed to free my leg from this stone cold killer.
favorite food with my most favorite man 💓 @ Cold Stone Creamery - Serendra, BGC
Awful experience in your Peterborough Queensgate store. Waited 20 mins for order then was stone cold! Sort it out!
then you smiled over your shoulder. for a minute I was stone-cold sober.
Those supple lines; a familiar warmth, turned hard and cold as stone.
just ordered 3x ft long b/fast sub and collected them. Got back and they are stone cold, cheese not melted, egg cold etc(1)
My Stone Cold lock is that Artie Burns will pick off Fitzpatrick tomorrow.
Chester Ch Kenzy Corbett bred by Mays Showpigs sired by Stone Cold(Laird) Res . Logan Baker bred by Armstrong sired by Ret…
You know it's bad when stone cold Republicans are muttering... Ps, this guy!
"grindin like eric koston…stunnin flows like I'm Austin…stone cold frigid when I'm locked in…hit em with the rope a dope playn possum"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
did flathead duck and give him a stone cold stunner?! I can't remember!
There's nothing better then cold stone baked pizza that's home made 😈💜
Don't want to be stone cold anymore
ugh love. Wait what are the cold stone sizes? Like it, love it.ugh got to have it.
Oh and if I had brain, I'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fools that turned all those good hearts away.
He's got a heart made of stone but he never gets cold because the sun's always on his back
We need Stone Cold Steve Austin to hit Trump again with a Stunner again.
Here's the thing if you get Stone Cold stunnered by Steve Austin you shouldn't be allowed to run for president.
It's gonna be so *** awkward between me and those stone cold rigid delegates
For the record. I had what's called in the trade " a heart scare" when stone cold sober and flaked out before collapsin…
Stone cold, Stone cold, You See me standing But i'm dying on the floor
What happened when my iPhone fell to the floor in a Kilkenny bar. Iwas stone cold sober. Kilkenny workshops coming.…
Can someone give Trump a field sobriety test on live TV. I don't trust a stone cold sober Trump to be able to walk a straight line.
Vince McMahon: And I just wanna say reading is for squares. Anyone who reads can go. *Glass breaks. Stone Cold rides Bo…
How funny would that be to hear the Stone Cold music and see Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood sprinting to the podium?
Tonight's Presidential debate will only be a success if the FBI walks in to Stone Cold's intro music, and tells Hillary sh…
Otis Redding - I've been loving you too long, Demi Lovato - Stone Cold, or Etta James - I'd rather go blind please?
Donald Trump shaves the head of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, held by Stone Cold & assisted by Bobby Lashley, WM 2007. http…
WWE Hall of Famers "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and *** Foley make a surprise appearance at The...
Miley Cyrus picked her finalist, who sang Stone Cold by Demi Lovato, for Snapchat Series!
"I wish I could whisper but here's my pain"🎶 ♫ Stone Cold by Demi Lovato
After seeing the mayhem that was this weekend I'm now hoping does a Stone Cold double beer entrance at Kinda Funny live 3 .
cold and raining in Barry! I'd rather be st my daughters in stone today
Always love watching this brawl and hearing JR yell STONE COLD, STONE COLD, STONE COLD
post on Clinton:in all reality she truly IS evil.why cant her "blind sheep" followers see this. her heart is "STONE COLD". B
'When the moon is a cold chiseled dagger. sharp enough to draw blood from a stone.'
Any song released by an Australian pop songstress in the 00s is a stone cold banger
Sometimes the world can be cold. Sometimes a heart turns to stone https:…
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a funny man
Don't wanna be stone cold. Stone. I wish I could mean this. But here's my good-bye. Oh, I'm happy for you. xD
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
imagine being behind Ben Carson while he's ordering at Cold Stone
Jack Wighton should hit the nrl justiciary with a few Stone cold stunners Ricky could do a run in with a chair
No one sees your world crashing down inside if u portray yourself stone cold
that's the bottom line. Cause stone cold said so
I'm gonna beg my mum to stop at cold stone on my way to school today 😋
I was watching the Stone Cold podcast with Dean Ambrose and Dean said something awesome about what having the...
it was wellard that actually killed Lucy with a stone cold stunner
That he's an evil stone cold killer!
The passing of years hardens a man to the simple joys of life... Till all that is left is a thing of stone... Cold and unforgiving.
Stone cold gentlemen. Thanks for the hat-tip, guys.
At Cold Stone Creamery our ice cream isn't scooped out of a carton. It's made fresh in every store. Really.
All Jack Wighton needs to do to fight his charge is play the *** Ennis footage. And then hit a couple of Stone Cold Stunners
Nikkei 225 posts fresh session lows after Kuroda pours some... |
I didn't care. How much they cried, no sir. Their tears left me. Cold as a stone
I liked a video Stone Cold gets frustrated with Dean Ambrose
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All I know is I still want you to come over and I'm stone cold sober..
I quit Cold Stone today, and my boss called and texted me begging to stay.
Still stone cold sober, looking for the rum punch.
ive watched Demi Lovato's performance of "stone cold" on the ellen show a billion times & it still gives me chills & makes me cry every time
“Ofresser is a hero,” Reinhard opined with a hint of a cold smile after hearing their report. “But he’s a hero of the Stone Age.”
Stone cold... You see me standing while im dying on the floor.. ♫ Stone Cold by Demi Lovato (with Yoanita) —
Stone Cold hits me right in the soul every time it comes on 😭👌🏻
I liked a video Stone Cold Beer Shower to Triple H
The alleged ringleader of a cold call investment scam has been arrested
it's like the Lance Henriksen line in "Stone Cold", "My father's last words...careful son that gun is loaded!"
*** bring back ol Stone Cold.. What could it hurt
Dude can we go Stone Cold when Tennessee whips that *** in Neyland against Florida?
it happened the Tuesday after Stone Cold shoved Tyson on Raw..and it LEAD Sportscenter (2/2)
Dean Ambrose can't decide if he is Stone Cold, Brian Pillman, *** Foley, or HBK and he bounces between them erratically.
Introducing New Day, the WWE's most made-for-TV act since Stone Cold and the Rock. .
domain names
The fact that Stone Cold, *** Foley, Fit Finlay, Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Road Dogg and Matt Hardy follow me still blows…
I'm still shook because of Amber Riley's cover of Stone Cold.that day
Amber Riley sang the *** out of Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold". Amber has one of the best voices of our generation.
LRT: I kept thinking they were Magic and Bird, but Rock and Stone Cold feels more apt.
Hillary Clinton bursting into the like Stone Cold.
I mean, he's got potential but people are making him out to be the next Hulk Hogan, Rocky, Stone Cold, John Cena...he's not
I'd rather to see Jason as Jason Q/Jake Doe with Elizabeth and Jake than this 'Stone Cold' Jason w/Sam, S…
hey Clanton, in case your Stone Cold stops workingThe Most Annoying Sound In The World
Cobra makes a great double with Stone Cold. Oh yeah, The Boz in a banana hammock feeding his Komodo dragon. Classic cinema.
What Jim Ross was for Stone Cold, Corey Graves is to Nakamura!
I just listened to Stone Cold by Demi Lovato for the first time and my heart hurts
"Ung-unn son". Nah Dean... the comparisons to Stone Cold fit sometimes... but he did it better...
I grew up Stone Cold just to face the Undertaker. Big Sean
The casting for the Longest Yard was clutch. From Courtney Cox's bitties in the first 10 mins, to William Fichtner, Stone Cold, Mike Irvin
Confident by Demi Lovato, Stone Cold by Demi Lovato, Irresistible by Fall Out Boy ft. Demi Lovato
Stone Cold doing a promo with Iron Mike in the squared circle!
Austin 3:16 was born 20 years ago tonight. Stone Cold instantly had a catchphrase for the ages.
Kevin Love celebrating like he's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with his Austin 3:16 shirt. .
Kevin Love embracing his inner Stone Cold (via
I also struggle to *get* LOD, Vader, Ahmed Johnson, a lot of the guys that were doing it good right before the Stone Cold era.
In case you missed it, watch my performance of "Stone Cold" from the Summer Concert Series 😊.
Please stop what you're doing & go listen 2 this cover of Stone Cold by Can she not? I'm in tears! https:…
Demi Lovato - Stone Cold (Andie Case Cover) via need to add her to the voice..
That AJ commerical for the Stone Cold podcast. 😍
It had Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake, Ted DiBiase, Uktimate Warrior and Stone Cold on it lol
Finally, she shares a network with 'Redneck Island' and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin.
The godfather of the spear. He was WCW's answer to Stone Cold during the Monday Night War times.
needs to make a double turn in the Reigns/Rollins storyline like they did with Bret Hart and Stone Cold back in the day!
I liked a video Stone Cold by David Baldacci AudioBook
Because Clifford's Zone 1 persona is like Steve Austin's "Stone Cold" persona: loosely based on who they are.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
If happy is her,Im happy for you (: ♫ Stone Cold (feat. Shoshana Bean) by Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox —
I liked this Co. GM stuff better when it was Stone Cold and Eric Bischoff
How isn't there a beer flavored ice cream from a 'Stone Cold' Creamery?
Never forget Stone Cold hitting Donald Trump with stunner .
It'll be like when Stone Cold stunned Vince McMahon with the stunner hand tied behind his back
Just the normal Stone Cold pop from the Attitude Era
Who invented the question mark: Austin Powers, Jane Austen or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin?
I hope McGregor vs Mayweather is a steel cage ladder match with an appearance from Stone Cold where he stunners both & chugs 2 Coors Lights
Want to find out more about who Thomas "Stone Cold" Allen is on & off the court |
Stone Cold gave Roman Vs AJ match 5 stars said It was Roman's Best match and "it was The Best Match seen in Years"
. Stone Cold put you over on CHAEL SONNEN Podcast.
bro they had Vader, Flair, Cactus Jack, Psycho Sid, a young Stone Cold
I/Stone Cold is the Bionic Redneck. Lookin out for ya S'Supe. Unless you called her that in which case y'boned
Hey listening to the latest show, love all of references but S'Supe's Stone Cold impression NEEDS WORK!
like a warped WWE plot feat. Vince McMahon and Stone Cold with Steve Bruce delivering the masterplan to get us Wembley success!!
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"Stone Cold" advanced one spot today to number 5 on keep voting lovatics 👏
.what if the Ten Minute Podcast was just Stone Cold reading ingredients of a product and had to guess the product??
- Trish. As for me? I'm the next Stone Cold. The next Dwayne Johnson. *** I'm the next Sergeant Slaughter. Nobody in -
When Shawn Michael and Stone Cold return in Wrestlemania 32, they are all legends luls
Classic Raw moment when Stone Cold tried to break in and assault Brian Pillman.
Can you play Stone Cold by Demi Lovato thanks 💕
This whole Dana Conor thing reminds of the beginning of the McMahon Austin feud, where Vince pretended he did not hate Stone Cold lol
I loved and hated Chyna with a passion. Stone Cold and Bret Hart and HBK were my favorites. Good times though. and I wonder how
Stone Cold did a podcast with the Firestone Brewery guys that came out today.
Calling it right now Conor McGregor 'retiring' is a work to get heat between him and Dana White. . Conor = Stone Cold of UFC.
Very sad to hear that Big Mike Rice (aka "Stone Cold") formerly of LUX/ZAR in Akron passed away today. Was such a good dude. Rest in peace.
basically, in kayfabe, Brian Pillman had a broken arm because of Stone Cold
Moms off to surgery for a kidney stone. But she has a super bad cold and cough so they might not operate. Worried...
JIm Halpert? He stone-cold dropped Karen once the decision was made but he did turn Pam down, honestly & painfully at the lake.
📌 7:30pm-9:00pm send me a screenshot of you voting for STONE COLD BY Demi Lovato on MYX now!
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Padgett Tip & Trivia of the Week -Enter to win a $10 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery
u should watch her new music video. It is amazing :D BUY STONE COLD NOW
Through the cold stone eyes of a lonely .
Had a dream that I was playing FIFA 16 with an inebriated Stone Cold Steve Austin. That was a weird dream.
Y'all look at how beautiful my best friend is. Look. Stone cold stunna.
I went from stone cold sober to paralytic in 0.5 seconds last night
CHILLS. absolutely killed her performance of "Stone Cold." 🙌
The Stone Cold music video is visually stunning
Leroy Sanchez amazed me again with his stone cold cover omaygaaash 😍
- I'll stone cold stunner mom dukes if Kobe scores 50
Demi Lovato really out did herself with Stone Cold
hi! Can you please play Stone Cold by Demi Lovato thank you!😘
— listened regardless of what she had to say.] Stone cold, princess. But fine, couch it is. [I couldn't tear my gaze away —
3rd single peaks from Disney trinity on the Hot 100:. Hands to Myself: Adore You: Stone Cold: N/A
Kobe drops 60 goes out on his shield will miss the stone cold killa
I literally have a playlist of 100 Stone Cold songs on spotify on repeat since 2 weeks... Im sick.
100k more likes til Stone Cold hit 1M likes on the official music video! Go like it now! h…
If I could Stone Cold stunner your *** and get away with it, I wouldn't hesitate to think twice. 🖕
Triple H vs Jack Swagger vs Stone Cold in a Triple Threat strap match at
Return of Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, *** Foley, John Cena, Rock, and more - WWE Wrestlemania 32 -2016
Y2J beating Rock and Stone Cold has become his "Polk High City Championship" story
you forgot Eddie Guerrero and Ray Mysterio, Stone Cold, the old Kane, Great Khali...
Stone Cold, *** Foley, John Cena, Rock & HBK gonna be there. "I just heard shaq is gona appear in wwe as a guest"
Madi, I don't think the view number display thingy for your "Stone Cold" video is working.
I'm days behind...but Stone Cold, Cactus Jack and Shaun Michaels at Wrestlemania 😀 my childhood just came rushing back. HBK is still 😍
See Demi Lovato sing "Stone Cold" at where Nick Jonas presented her an award https:/…
if they sell Stone Cold's beer (Steve Austin's Broken Skull India Pale Ale) near you, can you bring me home a case
I give you the fact that Y2J became the first Undisputed WWE World Champion by defeating The Rock & Stone Cold on the same night!
The story on snapchat of Wrestlemania with Stone Cold, Shaun Michaels and *** Foley 😍
VIDEO: Stone Cold makes an EPIC appearance at delivers stunner
Stone Cold, Shaun Michaels and *** Foley. Cena came back to team up with The Rock? Is this the WWE version of the Masters Tour?
Stone Cold and Shaun Michaels came back for Wrestlemania! how ill is that!
Banks/Charlotte/Lynch best match of HBK/Foley/Stone Cold best moment, may go down as one of the best ev…
The only good things about this New Day. Women's Title match. Shawn, Stone Cold, Foley. Sami, Kevin, and Aj Styles. That's it.
The Rock, Stone Cold, Scott Hall, DDP, & Goldberg are my favorite wrestlers of all time
Stone Cold's Dallas 3:16 shirt is in honor of Dallas' 3 wins and Tony Romo's 16 INTs next season https:/…
no. Foley just does signings and Stone Cold has his Broken Skull ranch TV show and a podcast. they're just at WM cause it's in TX.
Wrestlemania - Stone Cold, Shaun Michaels and *** Foley sums it up. Childhood memories.
Stone Cold doesn't do Budweiser's no more? Just broken skull ranch ale??? He sold out!!!
Haven't watched WWE in ages but watching and Stone Cold, *** Foley and Shaun Michaels come on!!
Remember when we applauded Stone Cold for battering Stacy Keibler for not accepting a beer?. That wasn't a precedent folks >__>
Well that was worth watching just to see that! Stone Cold, *** Foley & Shaun Michaels!!
Because why not bring out Stone Cold to beat up all of today's wrestlers? I remember Pedro Morales beating up the Undertaker constantly...
: M. Cole getting open for Stone Cold killed it for me. I prefer Jim Ross do it.
Demi Lovato gave a heart-wrenching performance of 'Stone Cold' at the awards.
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I personally like the glass breaking. Stone Cold.
It’s the last day of Stone Cold month, 3/16. It won’t happen for another 100 years. Drink beer & give stunners.
Demi's Stone Cold performance at Billboard Women in Music has to be my absolute favorite.
Triple Threat match: HHH v Rock v Stone Cold. The unicorn of the Attitude Era.
If you guys ever get the chance, look up . His version of Stone Cold is mesmerizing. 😍
If you go back and watch Jason w/Robin when he first lost his memory...he was not Stone Cold in the slightest, he felt things...
if Steve Austin was "Stone Cold" in WCW & The Rock was in WCW & not WWE would the Monday Night Wars have ended differently?
Remember to vote for Stone Cold on this poll too!
RiFF RAFF is the a top 5 wrestler all time already...he's up there with Stone Cold, Brett Hart, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, & Macho Man
pls go here and vote for the Macho Man (also Stone Cold, but he doesn't need your help):
The doppelgänger were out at last night. I saw Kendal Jenner, Stone Cold, Devonte Freeman (RB from the Falcons)
Stephen F. Austin wants Stone Cold to come to their next game:
They’re a big deal now, so Stephen F. Austin invited Stone Cold to their next game
They were a sweet 16 team like last year so I just kinda went for it. You could call it a... Stone Cold mentality
Stephen F. Austin can't make a shot. Yes, they are Stone Cold.
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Looking for the movie Stone Cold with Brian Bosworth.
Stone Cold stunning the entire McMahon family is still funny as ***
I still have chills. Best performance of "Stone Cold" to date. Hands down👏👏👏
in honor of 3:16, here's ya boy Stone Cold hitting Donald Trump with a stunner.
I'm going to watch Stone Cold starting Brian Bosworth
I love the cameos in Love. Haven't seen Will Sasso since that vine with Stone Cold.
Listened to pt. 2 of Vince Russo's Stone Cold podcast. He's spot on about many things. But he's wrong about the spot fest issue.
I'm happy for you Know that I am, even if I Can't understand If happy is her, If… ♫ Stone Cold by Demi Lovato
“Stone Cold" is about to get sent for radio adds very soon! This single could be HUGE for career!
I liked a video from WWE 2K16 Stone Cold 2k Showcase Livestream
It's the 3rd month of 2016. It's 3/16...or 3:16. By God it's Stone Cold month!
Demi Lovato will perform Stone Cold & Confident (with the contestants) tonight on American Idol, airing at 8pm ET on FOX! …
Stone Cold v Shawn Michaels w/ Mike Tyson special guest referee, is a great way to spend my Saturday
*** you totally sang Stone Cold with POWER
Stone Cold needs to do a podcast with Bret, he speaks the truth
the best 3 matches out there 1. EC3 and John Cena 2. Vince McMahon and Kevin Nash 3. CM Punk vs Stone Cold
Was one yrs old when Stone Cold came up with Austin 3:16 at king of the ring
Dean Ambrose is the only guy from this era who can you give you the vibe of Stone Cold & Brian Pillman all in one!
He is basically Brian Pillman and Stone Cold's love child! HE IS ANTI-AUTHORITY
Stone Cold - Demi Lovato - Connie Talbot Cover via , she did it justice.
This song went straight to my heart, i hope i did it some justice. ♡ Stone Cold cover by NiQ:
HINO! Stone Cold tocando no fundo do snap postado por Debby Ryan.
Even though not impacting radio yet, Stone Cold has gained more views in 3 days than CFTS & Confident got in a week. ht…
Never went there, but I saw Stunning Steve (Austin) and Flyin' Brian (Pillman) at Barton. Was just before Austin's Stone Cold push.
'Stone Cold' backs Brit star to fly high at Wrestlemania
A fan dm-ed Savan Kotecha why Stone Cold's radio add date is a lil bit late and here's his reply. (via
Savan Kotecha about why Stone Cold's radio add date is so late (via:
Watching you vs Marty Janetty from Cincinnati Gardens on kept foreshadowing you as Stone Cold
can fans add Stone Cold to radio even if it's not there. It's a head start for whatever plan you have for it
Liked the Stone Cold leg brace reference in the south stand bar! not sure many others know who Austin is lol 😆
was this staged like when Vince McMahon had Stone Cold arrested on Raw?
Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" music video is our Must Watch Video today...because obviously: https:…
Summerslam '98 Stone Cold vs Undertaker for the World Wrestling Federation Championship
Demi Lovato takes heartbroken snowy stroll in new 'Stone Cold' video: Demi Lovato might be “Stone Cold” in her...
Stone Cold music video is beautiful 😍😍😍
Demi Lovato's raw emotion in her ''Stone Cold'' music video will give you chills:
Stone Cold - currently at number 1 on the Trending 140 chart
entered the 1998 Royal Rumble at but was eliminated by eventual winner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin h…
Demi's Stone Cold music video is out. It's uploaded on Demi's YouTube channel. The wait was officially worth it.
Only happens in Detroit, just like the fact there's a WWF World Title belt in the Detroit River thanks to Stone Cold
So excited for 'Stone Cold' music video tomorrow! This song! 💜
Pfft, it'd be like Stone Cold against Santino Marella. He wouldn't stand a chance.
every gimmick has been done before though, Dean is a poor mans Stone Cold, Brock is Goldberg
If you loved Demi's performance you can get her new album featuring her new emotional single "Stone Cold":
Demi Lovato performing Stone Cold right now at Sirius in LA
Just realised i share my birthday with Brad Pitt, Stone Cold, Steven Spielberg, Rob Van Dam, DMX & Keith Richards. They're in good company.
Demi Lovato performed her new single 'Stone Cold' on Ellen and absolutely killed it!
How many of you loves Demi Lovato's new single Stone Cold?
Mike, please play Stone Cold by Thank you!!
Prediction: Mike Richards scores and celebrates by chugging two beers like Stone Cold.
Stone Cold has 10,597,116 reproductions at the Spotify.
.Hey Mike, can you play new single Stone Cold, please? 😊
please mike, play Stone Cold by Demi Lovato
hey mike can you play Stone Cold by Demi Lovato?
Jay Ross always goes crazy wild whenever Stone Cold appears in the ring.
Daniel Bryan has to be the second most over superstar of all time behind Stone Cold. The ENTIRE crowd always backing him is crazy.
Imagine if the Owen Hart/Stone Cold piledriver had happened today. Austin's crazy run on top may have never happened.
Vinnie Mac would hate that term (Smart) Marks. I wonder who would win if vs. Goldberg (with Stone Cold as special ref) ?
Basically sort of like Stone Cold, Edge & Christian
3 of 5 stars to Stone Cold by Robert B. Parker
Hey guys! Please play Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. Thank you!
'Stone Cold' by is available NOW:. Buy: Stream: Watch: https:/…
"CFTS and Confident were awesome and they were so much fun to dance to. But I'm just ready to sing and Stone Cold does exa…
I am positive that the WWE will be firing the Rock and Stone Cold . Their foul and offensive language demands it after firing of Brad Maddox
Wish John Scott would give him the Stone Cold stunner… Just please
John Scott scoring a goal in the All-Star game is the equivalent of Stone Cold hitting Vince McMahon with a Stone Cold Stunner. Love it.
I'd watch Wrestling but there's no Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, The Rock, Stone Cold.. + HHH is a punk now
thanks to your video, YouTube recommended the full, uncensored Stone Cold. Holy crap was Lance Henriksen a great villain.
Jon Jones jumps in the octagon ... Stone Cold stuns them both and when the ref wakes up one of them pins the other
You know Stone Cold is gonna open up a case of whup ***
Do you like this revival of the 1999 rumble? Reigns playing the part of Stone Cold. League of Nations the new Corporation ..
We're watching Walker, Texas Ranger. Sadly, it's not a Stone Cold episode.
Goat Wrestlers - Stone Cold, Shawn Micheals, Triple H, Undertaker, Orton, The Rock by default & some more
Sarah Palin's speech/babble/nonsense was like something out of WWE. She needs a Stone Cold stunner. Or a Rock Bottom. Chokeslam. Pedigree...
Kinda wanna be Stone Cold. Kinda wanna be The Rock.
Didn't realize this, but thanks to found out Stone Cold's WWE or actually WWF in ring TV debut was against Matt Hardy.
The last Rumble on my birthday 17 years ago was won by Vince McMahon as he screwed over Stone Cold. 17 years on he's screwing over Reigns.
if Mike Pettine was supposedly 'Stone Cold' (IMO Goldberg really)...does that make Hue Jacskon 'The Rock'?
Stone Cold will hands down be one of my favorite songs. ✊🏽
Listen to Frank Costello Ft. SincereOfficiaL - Stone Cold by Frank Costello on
Which character do you love Steve Burton most as Stone Cold or Dylan McAvoy?
Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, The Undertaker etc... It was so *** good!
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