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Stockard Channing

Stockard Channing (born Susan Antonia Williams Stockard; February 13, 1944) is an American stage, film and television actress.

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technically Robin Williams has Stockard Channing beat. He played Jack a 10yr old when he was 45 years old.
Would love to see Stockard Channing win an oscar
I think we both know that Practical Magic is the Stockard Channing show.
Season 4 of is amazing and just got better with Stockard Channing.
I'm concerned you guys are getting big-timed by Martin Sheen, and Stockard Channing. Tell me I'm wrong.
It's hard for me to care about David on cuz I know nothing about baseball. The only Rizzo I know is Stockard Channing.
In the movie musical "Grease," Jeff Conaway (Kenickie) gave Stockard Channing (Rizzo) a real hickey because he wanted it to be authentic.
Gang of lads just went by - all skinny jeans and satin bomber jackets. Thinking they were well 'ard, but all looked like Stockard Channing.
“Every person is a new door to a different world.” via
Stockard Channing there are worse things - Grease Soundtrack 1978
It can't be right?! Rizzo AKA Stockard Channing turned 73 this week?! I guess there's worse things she could do! 😂 https…
David Carradine, Stockard Channing and Christopher Lee star in SAFARI 3000, tonight on CHARGE! at 8/7C.
I love Allison Janney, Marry Louise parker and Stockard Channing. no I'm not watching West Wing again at 6:30 a…
I was vigorously nodding. Stockard Channing is surely 150 years old.
Come for the Aaron Sorkin shade, stay for the Stockard Channing jokes.
whenever I see a photo of SD I immediately hear Stockard Channing singing Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
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GP Andrea was like 120 years old on BH90210. Worst teenage impersonator since Stockard Channing in Grease.
Olivia Newton-John and Stockard Channing photographed on the set of 'Grease' (1978) Randal Kleiser.
Does anyone know if Stockard Channing is interested in adopting a 23 year old w/ no direction but really good credit?
Did you ever see "The Big Bus" starring Stockard Channing and Joseph Bologna. (1976) A classic, Sam.
Keep Stockard Channing and Olivia Newton John away from the Scientologist creep Travolta thanks
Online banking, read "standard checking" as "Stockard Channing." Dunno what I thought she'd be doing there, really bummed she wasn't though.
Great. What a relief! My other book is a tribute to Stockard Channing.
Would have loved to hear Lisa Edelstein for S1 but that's passed, so I wonder - will Stockard Channing be on? Love her!
Stockard Channing just turned up though. She's only a minor part though.
There's a scene in West Wing where Kristin Chenoweth explains hot NASCAR drivers to Stockard Channing & it's getting me into WWE.
Stockard Channing is my fave 4 life
Sometimes I remember what an absolute tour de force Stockard Channing was as Abbey Bartlet in the West Wing and I get rlly ha…
LRT: also an incredible film with Stockard Channing playing a role that she originated on Broadway.
I do like Grease, it's great, especially Stockard Channing 😎
I mean what I said. She's an angel, but not a high schooler there. Stockard Channing was 33!
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Betty Rizzo (Grease) . - every iteration of rizzo, but especially stockard channing and vanessa hudgens . - the best…
Look closely and you'll see Morgan Freeman, Raul Julia, and Stockard Sesame Street regulars.
Stockard Channing's transformation into Elizabeth Taylor is scary good.
Is there a word for that forward-projecting, vibrating, almost shrill voice that actresses like Stockard Channing and Julie Harris use(d)?
I love Stockard Channing and Allison Janney! I always have but I blame this show for making it worse/better.
Pink Ladies have aged, which one is Stockard Channing?
My fall aesthetic is now going to be Stockard Channing in Practical magic.
Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Stockard Channing, Maggie Smith, KLG; there can be no better cast than that of The First Wives Club
I recently saw the movie Isn't She Great. Look, when Stockard Channing and David Hyde Pierce can't even save your film, u know it's bad!
it's got James burrows , Adam Barr AND Stockard Channing , wth is the hold up?
yep. And Stockard Channing. Maybe I'll go watch West Wing again. And Sports Night
Nathan Lane, Alan Cummings, Martha Plimpton, Stockard Channing, Michael J. Fox - all in one series? YES.
When I was younger I thought I was an artist, and inspiration would just co...
2nd installment of 'who am I?' with Tania. Me: who is Rudyard Kipling?. Tan: that bird from Grease... Rizzo! . Me: that's Stockard Channing dysfunctional lovers who have to go on a road trip together with Stockard Channing? Yes, I agree!
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Hair is looking very Stockard Channing 'Grease' today. . Gosh I love Stockard Channing. Quite the stage name hey. I like it.
Here she is, played by Stockard Channing, in the subtly titled HITLER: THE RISE OF EVIL
How could you forget David Hyde-Pierce, Stockard Channing, and many more recurring guest stars? I'll miss this show
a Tom Hooper CATS just makes me want to do my best Stockard Channing in SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION: "You tell your story first."
Stockard Channing's cleavage in the wedding episode 👀 mama
Watching Grace & Frankie s2 w my roommate (she's the Frankie, I'm the Grace) we really want a Stockard Channing cameo
Also, Where the Heart Is, is great. Stockard Channing. Ashley Judd with all her food-named kids. Americus. I…
Now go back and look at Stockard Channing in Grease.
I think the end of last year when we were aware of that transition was for ...
Thanks to I can't say Stockard Channing without affecting a speech impediment.
A 78 second clip of Stockard Channing and Aaron Tveit has changed my life forever.
When you bought the 18 (15?) dresses to try on Stockard Channing, did you return the ones that didn't work?
let's not forget Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest and this moment
PLEASE cast Stockard Channing & Donald Sutherland as extras in the film adaptation of Cats.
See, the thing is I'd totally watch Stockard Channing in a movie of Cats. Also that is the best play/film adaptation ever
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I kind of feel like it needs Stockard Channing and Whoopi too so that it can be me, you, Amie and Bron
Casting can be heartbreaking. Dealing with the disappointment is the hardes...
Interesting hearing the West Wing costume designer talk about the "State Dinner" and Stockard Channing's dress.
.is giving me some serious vintage Stockard Channing. Does anyone else see it?
"Oh how is The Good Wife going to top this roster of all-star guest appearances?". *ENTER STOCKARD CHANNING*
Can you hear the name and not think of Stockard Channing in Grease? Me neither... http:/…
Curious about Stockard Channing as FLOTUS. Was she cast for 1 episode or was character enlarged bc good chemistry w/Sheen?
Martin Sheen and Stockard Channing play SO WELL off of each other.
I wonder what stockard channing is doing rn
Woke up with this in my head. Love Stockard Channing.
Hey how about playing build an actor? Stockard Channing Tatum O'Neil Patrick Harrison Ford for one!.
Also-rans for Lois in Superman movies are interesting: Stockard Channing lost to Kidder. Keri Russell to Bosworth, Mila Kunis to Adams.
Ah, yes, smol Smash Mouth and Redneck Stockard Channing. Dude, I ship all the ships.
Brand New Color Playbill From Other Desert Cities. the Stars of This New Production of the Play Are Stockard
"Like I would ever watch a show that kills off Stockard Channing!"
STOCKARD CHANNING, ALWAYS so much wonderful sarcasm. i think i might be a Dianne Wiest irl tho, sigh
Thank goodness we get one last dose of Stockard Channing before fades gently into that good night.
Stockard Channing should be on television every week. Every dam week.
I don't know if I can properly express how much I adore Stockard Channing.
Of all the aspects of that I will miss dearly, Stockard Channing is at the top of my list.
Escuchando: Stockard Channing. Canción: There are worse things I could do.-
This Downey is in a riverbed. John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing really are misbehaving teens.
4/24 ep is an embarrassment of riches w/ Stockard Channing, Gary Cole, Dallas Roberts, Michael J. Fox, Sar…
probably about the same age as Stockard Channing: 35
She was perfect. Tho the audition reels of Stockard Channing suggest she woulda been amazing too.
The best part about catching up on this season of The Good Wife is the return of Stockard Channing's Plastic Surgery
by today's standards the cast is way male heavy. CJ, Stockard Channing, Peggy fm Mad man, & woman in 1st season
These things have a life of there own and never existed when I was growing ...
Sunrise is describing Stockard Channing as "Grease star". I love Rizzo as much as the next person but Channing is not a one trick pony guys.
you'll both be on the guest list. Stockard Channing as Liz Taylor is nothing short of magical.You'll love it x
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"So? You set the leg." That moment when I remember just how much I loved Stockard Channing.
I liked a video Stockard Channing in The First Wives Club
The thing is that this leaves moe Channing for me so we’ll only have to fight about Stockard.
I'm watching Shameless season 2 and Joan Cussack has a kinda Stockard Channing thing going on ❤️
Grease is also depressing if you remember Stockard Channing was 34 at the time.
I saw Stockard Channing eating a gyro on the sidewalk in Midtown today. West Wing REUNION!!
wait a sec who even is Stockard Channing?
when Stockard Channing does that thing with her nose lms if you agree
Stockard Channing, Condola Rashad and More Set for Beverly Cleary Celebration at Symphony Space: After the suc... https…
While there are many reasons The West Wing is amazing the top two are Alison Janney & Stockard Channing. we need more!
Beverly Cleary is alive and well, and about to turn 100! . Here is Stockard Channing as Ramona Quimby.
“Yep!!!” I knew I liked you! ;) Ramona series, read by Stockard Channing, was the soundtrack of my childhood. :)
Watched Drag Race before bed, dreams included cameos by Stockard Channing, Elizabeth Taylor, and Angela Lansbury. One had bedazzled eyebrows
Stockard Channing was just too good at Rizzo. It's too hard to have anyone else play her. They don't come close.
In other news, Stockard Channing still has it.
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Much as I love it after all these years I still think Stockard Channing would have been the better choice.
Stockard Channing always has that fire. Cool to learn just as I, she was born a city girl & later became a Mainer.
It's very strange watching Stockard Channing in Grease after binging on The West Wing
Practical Magic. Everyone is magic. Stockard Channing is there. She's the wet nurse.
I can't watch Stockard Channing in anything without seeing bits of Rizzo!
ICYMI: Stockard Channing's home offers scenic views and modern charms.
Once, in the 90s, I bummed a smoke off RuPaul outside a play starring Stockard Channing & my NYC life has been downhill ever since
Stockard Channing is so hot... not only in grease, but in too...
Stockard Channing is great casting as Liz Taylor. Joseph Fiennes's a odd, intriguing pick for Michael Jackson. Brian Cox as Brando-Horrible.
Personally, I think they should also cast Stockard Channing as Miss McGee, John Travolta as Coach Calhoun and...
Guess u never saw the movie 6degrees with stockard channing n wil smith
Maybe they are holding out for Stockard Channing and Olivia Newton-John...
It's a bit geriatric. Can they be played by Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland?
When Stockard Channing played "Rizzo" in "Grease" she was 33. The male star of "Deep Throat" was cast to play the coach. Paramount said no.
I can become whoever I want. Including Stockard Channing.
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I liked a video from Grease Soundtrack 07. Stockard Channing - Look at Me, I'm
Hope he's not talking about Stockard Channing only b/c she's already been announced as a guest star & that would be anticlimactic.
you know there's stockard channing/aaron tveit fan fiction out there on the internet SOMEWHERE
Maggie Grace is the last convincing 17 year old since Stockard Channing
Sam Waterston and Stockard Channing looking down on you with disapproval.
well... Stockard Channing is the best thing.
Wow, I can't believe Stockard Channing was only 2 years younger than I am now when she was in this movie! 😳
"Even though the neighbourhood thinks I'm trashy and no good." Stockard Channing kills it. Great song.
Stockard Channing is 34yrs old in this and totally sells it
Stockard Channing is a great actress. She's in a hilarious black comedy called 'The Girl Most Likely To' written by Joan Rivers.
oh my god STOCKARD CHANNING is the First Lady! I'M LIVING!
Stockard Channing is such a cute actor
"I would like to congratulate Stockard Channing on her face"
I'm just saying I know the character inside and out. If Stockard Channing played 18 at 34 I can play 14 at 22.
Tbh, I cannot think of a movie that wouldn't be made better with Stockard Channing.
Sometimes I really miss Stockard Channing's original face.
Stockard Channing plays a car thief who steals cars, resells them and then steals them again in 'Sweet Revenge'
Much thanks for this-deeply appreciated. And I think it won a daytime emmy award for Stockard Channing!
Stockard Channing starred in a 1975 film called "The Fortune" with Nicholson & Beatty. How have I never heard of that?
Stockard Channing and the skull of Sid Ceasar.
“Stockard calls me all the time!” says Kether Donahue to Vanessa Hudgens, who hasn’t heard from Stockard Channing about playing Rizzo
My favourite character is C J Cregg. Fabulous female in a position of power. Also, Stockard Channing plays the First Lady 😎
omg how did I not know that miss stockard Channing was on this weeks
they should be! now I'm picturing Martin Sheen & Stockard Channing in the mansion...
watching West Wing and all I want to know is WHERE IS STOCKARD CHANNING
I thought that was Stockard Channing (Rizzo from Grease)
Lucie Arnaz lost the role of Rizzo to Stockard Channing in "Grease."
The fact that Stockard Channing looks amazing & she's 71!
Stockard Channing is on saying words like "Uber" and "cheat day." Where's a fainting couch when you ne…
('I love Stockard Channing', 'where was I in 1999?', 'Toby')
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had forgotten how much i loved Stockard Channing in To Wong Foo
Why are you showing me Stockard Channing's Good Wife Super Bowl ad? Oh. Wait.
Also I mean??? Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest. sign me up
A show starring Allison Janney and Stockard Channing - should happen and I would watch.
Just so it's out there, Stockard Channing is an international treasure.
Educating Yourself Just Before Your before and after plastic
I wish the West Wing was just Stockard Channing lighting things on fire.
In drag currently and I look like some sort of hellish Stockard Channing/Michael Jackson hybrid.
Cosmetic Surgery: The Things You Wis surgery before and after
Scheduling vols into GOTC shifts to Grease Soundtrack. Remembering Stockard Channing is both Rizzo and Abby Bartlet feels somehow relevant.
The 1 Stockard Channing sang about being a *** "there are worse things i could do, than go out with a boy...or two"
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I fkn love Stockard Channing, so I was delighted they cast her as Abby.
How long has Oprah Winfrey looked exactly like Stockard Channing?
Stockard Channing was hung with care...
And the Stockard Channing's were hung by the chimney with care
Hang Stockard Channing on the chimney with care ❤️
Stockard Channing hung by the chimney with care
Get Maggie Smith on the phone. Get Stockard Channing on the phone. Better even get Kathie Lee on the phone.
Also I just can’t with Stockard Channing in general…what a…unique woman
Can I skip my 30s-60s and just become Stockard Channing in Practical Magic
I legit sang "There Are Worse Things I Can Do" - Stockard Channing, 40 times today in preparation for my audition tomorrow for Grease😅
you could come over to me and Stockard Channing's house all the time!
I confuse his name with Stockard Channing-the woman who played Rizzo in Grease 😂
Will Smith on "I realized that I had fallen in love with Stockard Channing." And who wouldn't, Will. She's the best.
Married Will Smith admitted to "yearning" for Stockard Channing while filming 6 Degrees of Separation
Wait a second -- did married Will Smith just admit to falling in love with Stockard Channing during the filming of 6 Degrees of Separation?
well I love Stockard Channing and Ramona! That is a power team.
I will say that Stockard Channing reading the Ramona books is saving our life right now
Why am I only now discovering there's an NBC Xmas album featuring Megan Mullally, Bebe Neuwirth, Stockard Channing & Katy Segal?!
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2 Broadway Legends & a Redhead. . Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing last night at night of play readings… http…
First impression was Jill Hennessy, but I think it's Stockard Channing.
Dianne Wiest and Stockard Channing would be the best aunts ever.
i mean any time there is the West Wing Theme playing there is literally no wrong. That scowl from Stockard Channing tho..
"I hate parties. I really don’t like public events. I hate dressing up. I am the worst celebrity ever!" - Stockard Channing
Wow, I guess she does not know you & that there is no bigger Stockard Channing fan than you :)
There was a few minutes in S5 of West Wing where Stockard Channing's hairstyle reminded me of my mom c.1994 & I got deja vu.
Stockard Channing was on I had forgotten. This two-ep arc is glorious.
I know right. The three of them are wow. I first saw this film cause I loved Stockard Channing. Imagine my disappointment :P
its a classic. don't forget the incredible Stockard Channing!
♫Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee por Stockard Channing, do with LiveLyrics ®
Watching on She really does look like Stockard Channing -- just like in her avatar.
I only listen to Summer Nights for Stockard Channing's line
That moment you discover Stockard Channing is 71!!! And it makes you feel so old it knocks you for 6! Well i have just had that moment!
yes. the one that TOOK STOCKARD CHANNING'S PLACE ON YOUR PHONE SCREEN. oops do i sound bitter?
Love Stockard Channing here: yes, some people are so touchy! "RIzzo, are you making fun of me?" asks Olivia/Sandy. ;-D
I think that Channing Tatum is this generation’s Stockard Channing.
Stockard Channing wins 2002 Emmy Award for Supporting Actress in a Drama... vía
One day, sociologists will pinpoint Stockard Channing singing a duet with a twink while Bret Michaels nearly killed himself as our peak.
I will never get over the fact I work on the same street as Helen Mirren, Nathan Lane, Elizabeth Moss, Stockard Channing, and many more.
Watching a NOVA episode about the Old Testament with voice overs by Stockard Channing. "I am the alpha, the omega and the Rizzo."
Wow, is right: where was Stockard Channing on TGW tonight to suggest they call in Martin Sheen or Melissa Fitzgerald?
Mathew Broderick. Martin Short. Stockard Channing. It's only a play is on my bucket list. Saw this ad…
We're watching the Paul Newman film 'Twilight'. Stockard Channing as a sassy lady detective. Her captain is John Spencer. AW YISS.
Hehehe. That moment when Stockard Channing cackles like mad when she cuts off Martin Sheen’s tie pre-debate. He smacks her *** HA!
Theater Review Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing in 'It's Only a Play' on Broadway
"at least 25% of my brain's pie chart is devoted to Donna Murphy & Christine Baranski & Stockard Channing & Bebe Neuwirth" same
Stockard Channing receives a round of applause. Yes. Well done everyone.
I saw Stockard Channing show up to her call time four minutes late. Her response: "There are worse things I could do."
Just when I thought The Good Wife couldn't get any better, STOCKARD CHANNING appeared.
Ah, thanks! Happy days. Imagine my rage when I got passed over for Stockard Channing.
Stockard Channing and the rest of the cast at
Sometimes you just need Stockard Channing to smack ya on the behind and say "Game on, boyfriend."
Is Tatum Channing the offspring of Tatum O'Neal and Stockard Channing? That would be...interesting.
I want to channel my inner Stockard Channing.
Sally Field takes a snapshot with her former Where the Heart Is co-star Stockard Channing and F. Murray Abraham.
My favourite West Wing episodes are with Stockard Channing.
Can totally see Nathan Lane stealing the show but Martin Short was wonderful. Stockard Channing my fave! Lots of LOLS.
Oh nothing just looking up Stockard Channing's unconventional marriages.
Intermission at It's Only a Play. So excited to see Stockard Channing live. :-).
I love Stockard Channing! I'll admit that while watching West Wing I thought: *** Rizzo grew up to be the 1st lady!
Just in case we haven’t covered this, Channing Tatum is not related to Carol Channing, Stockard Channing nor Tatum O’Neill.
Re Watching The West Wing, thee best TV Show ever made! Gotta love Stockard Channing as First Lady!
Also Christopher Plummer is the dad and his girlfriend is Stockard Channing. This is the greatest movie cast ever.
Keeping my fingers crossed for a Stockard Channing/Channing Tatum/Tatum O'Neal movie sometime soon.
even though I didn't get to see Rupert I'm still so happy. the whole show/cast was amazing. Stockard Channing killed it. thanks mom, ily❤️
just watching it now. Season 2, second half. Stockard Channing is brilliant! wing
I mean is there a role Stockard Channing has played that I wouldn't be quite content to be - I'd even be her medically unethical First Lady
I think I'd prefer it if it were "It's Raining Stockard Channing" than Channing Tatum. And I wouldn't lose my *** card be…
A good indication how much *** a guy has in him is to simply mention Stockard Channing and see how he responds.
Stockard Channing. No, I won't say it again.
Stockard Channing aka Rizzo from Grease is in this play and all I want her to do is sing "there are worse things I could do"
The Mother "I thought Channing Tatum was a girl. There is a girl called Channing something". Me "Yeah, that would be Stockard Channing"
Photo: Stockard Channing and Jack Nicholson on the set of The Fortune (1975)
even Stockard Channing can't believe it
Stockard Channing defies age at 70 and is still the fiercest female we know:
Stockard Channing and Alison Janney are amazing in The West Wing
Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane lead an all-star cast, including F. Murray Abraham, Stockard Channing, Rupert Grint, Megan Mullally and Micah Stock.
Home from my quick trip to New York City to take in the sites and see some awesome theater! "Cabaret" with Alan Cumming and Emma Stone was superb! Alan Cumming never ceases to amaze me in both dramatic and comedic performances. And Emma Stone was captivating as Sally Bowles! "A Delicate Balance" was a beautifully acted drama with a script that seemed to lack a point (to me, anyway) beyond rehashing Albee's previous subject matter in "Virginia Woolf." Glenn Close and John Lithgow were stellar and Martha Plimpton held her own! Finally, "It's Only A Play" was as big a treat as I expected. While the script is thin and the pacing is a bit slow at times (I thought the play might have benefitted from shaving off a good 30 minutes), the laughs were genuine and the performances (save for Matthew Broderick's, which felt flat and uninspired) were delivered with perfect timing. The standouts, for me, were Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing and newcomer Micah Stock. We had great seats for each show. I think I need t ...
Saw 2002 tv movie version starring Sam Waterston & Stockard Channing. It was heartbreaking yet moving and strong
HEARTBURN (Hollywood: 1986) Was a movie about A ‘happily’ married woman (Meryl Streep) discovers her husband (Jack Nicolson) is having an affair and the aftermath of the betrayal. It stars Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Stockard Channing and the blink and you’ll miss him film debut of _ _. Who and why am i asking this question today?
Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally and Stockard Channing and Rupert Grint...…
omg - I SOOO WANNA SEE It's Only A Play - I don't think I have ever heard of a play having that many stars in it. - I have seen Earth Kit in Cinderella, I have seen Patti LaBelle twice, The Rocketts 5 times, Bette Midler once, NKOTB when I was in High school, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert The Musical (loved that one - and on broadway) - But "It's It's Only A Play" has Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing,Matthew Broadrick and Megan Mullally in it - This should be a great play and its in NYC thru Janurary
age ain't nothing but a number and when it comes to Stockard Channing, I've crushed on her since I was like 10.
meh, Stockard Channing could be 100 and I probably still would.
As Rizzo said: "I'm gonna get my kicks while I'm young enough to get 'em." (Ignore Stockard Channing's real age.)
PS. I'm more of a Stockard Channing as Veronica rather than Stockard Channing as Rizzo kind of guy
Sometimes when I need to find some clarity - I just look at the picture of Stockard Channing outside my office - and, well, that happens
My mom mixed up Stockard Channing with Channing Tatum
When they finally get the script right for Mighty Aphrodite 2: Mighty Hermaphrodite, they would be fools not to cast Stockard Channing Tatum
Tell me about it! And I haven't even gotten to the Stockard Channing/Channign Tatum free-association episode yet!
's observation that Chubby Checker and Stockard Channing sound the same has changed my "The Shirelles" Pandora forever.
Stockard Channing is my new favourite. AND the best role in Grease.
I have no idea if world peace is attainable. But aiming for it is. ~ Stockard Channing -->> htt…
Here's to our two Megan Mullally and Stockard Channing.
And, Stockard Channing, Angelica Huston, I mean Renee is not the Lone Ranger.
Any time I see Stockard Channing in ANY role, all I can think is: Rizzo, Rizzo, Rizzo, Rizzo.
Olivia Newton-John and Stockard Channing were 30 and 34 when they played Sandy and Rizzo in Grease
"No, you lost to Stockard Channing." I see Danny's Rizzo fantasy is long-standing.
i'm pretty sure i saw Stockard Channing walking to the Egyptian Wing 😳 i wish i could tell her i love her in Grease & The Good Wife 😭
going to see Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Rupert Grint, Megan Mullally &Stockard Channing tonight :)
Stockard Channing is a national treausre
Marilyn Denis is morphing in to Stockard Channing before our very eyes
Elton John and Stockard Channing at New York's Studio 54, June 13, 1978 - a party for the opening of Grease
I got to talk about Stockard Channing in class today. So that's how my day is going.
“I do a lot of self-destructive things but I draw the line at television.” Stockard Channing in "It's Only a Play"
Watching Practical Magic. Why can't I live in a witchy house with Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest? :(
Perhaps a.little behind the times but got to say I prefer the Stockard Channing in opening credits of series 4 to series 3 of West Wing.
Is Channing Tatum named after Stockard Channing? Gosh I hope so.
146:Many, many *** hate Grease. But it's not in any way Stockard Channing's fault.
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the first few times i heard the name Channing Tatum i was thinking it was a reference to stockard channing
Wouldn't it be great if Stockard Channing and Channing Tatum got married and she was called Stockard Channing Tatum.
I'm giving away: The Golden Age Playbill 1984 Stockard Channing. Check it out -
The West Wing is still so great in so many ways but Stockard Channing's general fierceness is really high up there
Im passionate about theatre, making dreams come true and Stockard Channing!
any night that ends in my Stockard Channing/Sandra Dee at full volume is good with me!
Stockard channing is 70, I refuse to accept this
I hate to be one of those people, but Stockard Channing had an awful facelift.
Sometimes I like to pretend I'm Stockard Channing in Grease.
Holy crap Stockard Channing's plastic surgery is out of control
I've said this before but it's worth repeating: Stockard Channing Tatum O'Neil Patrick Harrison Ford.
Who are your dream guest stars for ?I'd love Lizzy Caplan, Stockard Channing, & Tom Selleck, so don't make me choose btwn my BFFs
re: West Wing article, Stockard (?) Channing's dismissal of Grease is wonderful!
That's why I love it for a ridiculous campy Midler & Nathan Lane movie w/ bonus Stockard Channing & Dionne Warwick soundtrack
Stockard. Channing. 👊 Further fueling my obsession for The West Wing is this boss of an actress.
With Lily Tomlin & Stockard Channing. You know it makes sense.
Loved Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing on Broadway in They were comedy gold.
Just saw, "It's Only a Play", the new play starring Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing, and others. Some good laughs!
The review the entire show was written about! Loved this unforgettable opening night experience. 'It's Only a Play'
Hoping to see pics of stockard channing from opening night of ive spent a lot of £ i dont really have2go i hope she comes out
where is stockard channing? My dreams of meeting her r fading theres no pics anywhere of her
All the best to Stockard Channing who opens in It's Only A Play tonight at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre!!!
Billy almost just asked me if Stockard Channing was related to Channing Tatum...
Stockard Channing will always be someone I look up to ☺️
Can we please talk about Stockard Channing's wig…?
Fitting that our interview with Yvette Lawrence Bishop came out today -- the same day It's Only A Play opens on...
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