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Stewart Robson

Stewart Ian Robson (born November 6, 1964 in Billericay, Essex, England) is an English former football player.

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better than 90 mins of Stewart Robson.
We'll also have reporters at all the FA Cup and Premier League games with analysis from and Stewart Robson
he loves Arsenal you can't put him in the Stewart Robson /Merson category
please call out Stewart Robson for his favoritism commentary towards Barcelona from 0' to 90'+...
Hmmm. Stewart Robson (co-comm on FS1) is giving Hargreaves/Owen & Hoddle a run for their money as most annoying, stupid pundit on TV.
Would love Stewart Robson to shut up
Stewart Robson. Said the average punter knows more about football than Arsene Wenger 😲
I actually agree with Stewart Robson on that Wenger needs more dissenting voices, fresh input. Do Arsenal miss Pat Rice?
We're talking Arsenal and Arsene Wenger with Stewart Robson from 7.30pm, how grim can it get at the Emirates tonigh…
hi ade today is the day, as youve been only consistent voice in media challenging AW (save for stewart Robson) we…
Shall be with Stewart Robson for Sunday night 🇮🇹 from 7:30 - v
What a load of pants. Stewart Robson, failed pro. Massive chip on his shoulder.
Arsene Wenger's ego is the only thing preventing him from deciding future now, ex-Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson…
Gunners chiefs are right to demand an answer from Arsene Wenger over his future, says former midfielder St…
Monday night request show coming up with Graham, Rebekka and Robson. We have requests for Doris Day, Rod Stewart,...
I think sometimes Stewart Robson just needs a nappy change. 😫
Stewart Robson have personal agendas towards Wenger
He is an unstable man. I just don't understand him. At least Merson and Stewart Robson are consistent
catching up on episodes and reaction to Stewart Robson dropping a hard F bomb on air was pretty gold
Does John Stewart still think he's relevant.
Stewart Robson always took time out to talk to Stewards & spoke a lot of sense-unlike Merse. How'd he get on managing Walsall?
I would listen to Dave Farrar all day. With Stewart Robson as co-commentator. No need for hype with them
I will rather listen to Stewart Robson than or Both belong to the bottom of rags
Ray Houghton & Stewart Robson with us now. Lots of big stories to discuss from the Premier League today - get your views in here.
On tonight's panel they had Stewart Robson talking about AW's latest quote on transfers (cont)
when is Stewart Robson going to get the F out of the USA and back to Sky Sports right where he belongs?!
Charlie, G Rix, Stewart Robson all jettisoned by George and Caesar + Willmott didn't feature...Gus Caesar oh dear!
Here's Stewart Robson's sublime chip goal... In all it's 1991 glory
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Michel Vorm can deputise for Hugo Lloris - Tottenham boss Pochettino ESPN FC's Mark Donaldson and Stewart Robson e…
Arsenal's Serge Gnabry to be offered new contract - Arsene Wenger Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson assesse…
Tottenham's Toby Alderweireld excited for Champions League at Wembley ESPN FC's Mark Donaldson and Stewart Robson …
Arsene Wenger needs to find right balance in talented Arsenal midfield Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson as…
More football for you at 5pm EST/2pm PST in the US - Barcelona vs Sevilla on ESPN2. Stewart Robson and me would love your company.
got to ask you John abt stewart Robson (ex Arsenal & WHU) u may have played against him. Do u rate him as a ⚽️ brain?
Arsenal's Jeff Reine-Adelaide promoted to first team by Wenger Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson assesses t…
better than Steve McManaman but you're right. Should be John Champion and Stewart Robson.
Stewart Robson's sanctimony makes him soccer's version of Tim McCarver. Minus the ridiculous dye job and hair, of course.
Stewart Robson really just called bob lee fat 😂
"No one is going to put Arsene Wenger out of a job, except himself."-Stewart Robson on
It's business time in the Premier League - previews, and & Stewart Robson review today's games.
Sean and Mark Courtney, David Walsh, Andy Campbell, is it Stewart Robson, can't place other
Alan Smith is very quickly turning into Stewart Robson
Eredivisie Comms for the world with Stewart Robson 1230CET Den Haag have drawn 6 of 8 home games
"Slaven deserves a lot of credit for what he has done with - Stewart Robson
"Their priority has to be the That's what everybody wants at - Stewart Robson
Stewart Robson giving a really lazy view on cattermole on show there
Good to know is also a Brentwood schoolboy. Along with Frank Lampard, Stewart Robson and we'd make a great midfeld
Turn off now gooners, and Stewart Robson guests this evening point
From 7pm, &- Stewart Robson review the weekend's games and look ahead to Tues/Weds games.
I love Paul Scholes. I wish Arsenal had a prominent ex player - Stewart Robson excepted - who talked like this...
he was massively out of his depth and massively undermined every day by his 'assistant', Stewart Robson.
Best manager I worked under was Brian Talbot (by a mile), worst, in hindsight, would have to be Stewart Robson & Ernie Tippet.
ally Crawford in Robson out Stewart from Dundee in
Roma-Milan tonight in a game that means a lot to under pressure Garcia & Mihajlovic. On air 7.30pm. Stewart Robson with me. Europe
Stewart Robson (on FS1 US) all over him from start to finish for not winning headers or being in the box for crosses. Correctly.
1988 Hammer of the Year Stewart Robson joined on 7 January 1987
Stewart Robson is still being a massive goit, even when he's not talking about Arsenal.
Stewart Robson "they beat a very poor Southend I was co-managing at the time". Any chance they were poor BECAUSE you were involved mate?
ESPN FC's Stewart Robson and Mark Donaldson examine what is Anthony Martial's best position at Man United.
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Spot on but and others still lap it all up. Much like they get Stewart Robson on for a quote if Arsenal lose.
“If they play like they did against Manchester United, they’ll blow most teams away.” Ex. Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson
When Bayern Munich go to the Emirates, they'll have to defend in the middle of the pitch. Arsenal can beat Bayern at home. - Stewart Robson
LVG got it wrong. You need to have your best defensive midfielders on the pitch when you play Arsenal at the Emirates. - Stewart Robson
Ok, if you can't hold of how about Stewart Robson ? 😂😘
wasn't even time for Stewart Robson to give us a generic prediction.
All set. Join Stewart Robson + I for a crucial clash in the East. - should be a belter. 5 in UK.
Stewart Robson's 'tactics board' on TalkSpite... "This might happen. On the other hand, this might happen". Thanks Stu.
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble STEWART ROBSON in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our STEWART ROBSON Conundrum. Nice one!
Good workout, lovely pub lunch, off to the smoke soon. Stewart Robson + I on - this evening. 5 in UK.
clearly have and Stewart Robson on speed dial so they can wheel them out the morning after.
Also does anyone have a list of the world feed commentators that TSN are using? Guy Mowbray and Stewart Robson on Man United I believe
Difference is Paul Merson/Stewart Robson have made a Career in Media by perpetuating AFC Negativity
Stewart Robson basically blaming arsenal for diaby
Watching on Fox Sports. Martyn Tyler and Stewart Robson sound absolutely gutted that Walcott has just scored.
Stewart Robson "Arsene Wenger is the lizard king of the illuminati and mastermind of 911 and autis…
Are Chelsea prepared to lose Petr Cech to Arsenal or Manchester United?: ESPN FC's Stewart Robson and Gab Marc...
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho banned from driving for six months: ESPN FC's Stewart Robson and Gab Marcotti discu...
Stewart Robson has blamed Arsenal's management team, especially Arsène Wenger for Jack Wilshere singing at the FA Cup pa…
btw the female commentator is so annoying. like a female Stewart Robson lol
I beg this woman on Eurosport shut up. Why u wanna be Stewart Robson
Lol who is this female Stewart Robson commentating.
Owen, Tony Gale or Stewart Robson. Can't mute the commentary and you also hear it if at live games
Stewart Robson will try and blame Arsene Wenger for it if he could. Nonce.
Can't blame Ter Stegen for that, despite Stewart Robson's best efforts. The first save is fantastic
Can Juve stop Barcas front three (ESPN): ESPN FCandaposs Adrian Healey and Stewart Robson go playerbyplayer to...
► LIVE on .and Stewart Robson prep for the…
Champions League final return is the aim: ESPN FC's Stewart Robson and Gab Marcotti discuss how Radamel F...
LIVE on .and Stewart Robson prep for the and answer your questions
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Can Juve stop Barca's front three?: ESPN FC's Adrian Healey and Stewart Robson go player-by-player t...
Fox’s FA Cup broadcast will have Martin Tyler & Stewart Robson on the call. For the Champions League final: Tyler, Alan Smith &
The quotes from their former player- and analyst, Stewart Robson, explains the situation well:
I'm surprised Stewart Robson doesn't think Allegri is getting the best out of Juventus. Think he's allowed their technique to shine more.
Pearce, Robson, Walker, Waddle, Sheringham, Scholes, Martin, Wright, Hirst and Stewart. Pretty sure I have at least 8 right!
Southampton hope Nathaniel Clyne will snub Man United to sign new deal: ESPN FC's Stewart Robson examines how ...
I've never really heard be overly critical of Arsenal while commentating. Stewart Robson on the other hand...
Personally, I'm looking forward to Thierry Henry going full Stewart Robson.
Arsenal Mgmt dreamteam.Just what we need after 18yrs of Wenger.Stewart Robson as Director of Football for the win
Rambo's clumped RVP & blanked that dog Piers Morgan,if I were Adrian Durham or Stewart Robson,I'd be double careful.
a poor man's version of Stewart Robson
Why is anti-Arsenal feeling is spreading among Former Arsenal players Listen Dixon's comment today Keone. Stewart Robson of ESPN ...
Danny Mills is the love child of Stewart Robson
So win the today if fail to beat - with Stewart Robson for commentary - 16:30
LRT: in agreement; Alexi Lalas thinks Stewart Robson is smart, and should generally not be listened to
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I wanted to work X-Pac in somehow but I feel like Stewart Robson would have needed to be involved
Morgan Schneiderlin should be one of Arsenal’s primary transfer objectives, says ESPN FC’s Stewart Robson. Mauric…
Not for poor Barry Robson, whose rather rough red was upheld.
Will get lost amid Meekings news but Barry Robson appeal failed. Two-match ban for elbow on Charlie Telfer that looked e…
Vincent Wanyama: Arsenal want to sign me this summer: ESPN FC's Stewart Robson gives ...
Tim Payton in my T/L what's up. Someone buy some shares without telling him? Who is next Stewart Robson the Dutch coach
In the scheme of things Fabregas is no more important in Arsenals history than say, Stewart Robson. But we hype the f**ckers up so much now.
We are little bit relieved tonight. We did not see that coming. We thought Hal Robson-Kanu was the son of Stewart Robs…
There is so much passion when Peter Drury is commentating LFC game and Stewart Robson commentating Man Utd.
Stewart Robson still commentates as if he is a coach stood on the sidelines.
Stewart Robson's scarily accurate views on Alan Pardew after it was announced he'd take over. He's a witch, burn him!
I enjoy Ian Darke's commentary but I wish Jon champion and Stewart Robson call the final. Absolute brilliance those two, top class
Worst thing about this world cup: listening to Stewart Robson whinge and moan through every game. Awful announcer.
John Champion & Stewart Robson. Switching over to Spanish broadcast.
Stewart Robson has launched a stinging attack on Arsene Wenger after the crushing 6-0 defeat at Chelsea left Arsenal's title bid in tatters and has called for the Frenchman's reign to be brought to an end. Wenger admitted he was not sure what went wrong at Stamford Bridge on Saturday lunchtime as hi...
Arsenal would be better off under Jose Mourinho than Arsene Wenger, according to Stewart Robson
Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson says Mesut Ozil should be dropped
Aston Villa defender Leandro Bacuna tells us the secret to his free-kick success and West Brom’s Steven Reid joins us after their dramatic late draw at Chelsea. Presenter Jacqui Oatley is also joined by Former Arsenal and West Ham midfielder Stewart Robson to review the rest of the weekend’s action.
Arsenal will be genuine title challengers if they convince Karim Benzema to leave Real for Arsenal in January, according to Premier League record scorer Alan Shearer. The Gunners have been in great form since the start of the season, but Shearer, who won the title with Blackburn in 1995, reckons the addition of a goal machine will help them win a first top flight crown in 10 years. "They have had a fantastic start, you can’t deny that, but if you were to give them a world class centre-forward like Benzema then people might have to start revising their opinion," the Newcastle hero and football analyst told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast. It's not just Shearer who believes Arsenal need another striker, though. Former Highbury midfielder Stewart Robson has echoed what Shearer said regarding the front line as has ex-captain Frank McLintock, while Nigel Winterburn reckons Arsene Wenger will sign a new forward in the next transfer window.
Sir Ben Ainslie, Michael Duberry, Peter Grant, Stewart Robson & more on Sports Centre from 4 on
Gary Neville, Stewart Robson, Shane Warne, Michael Holding, Justin Marshall and John Mitchell are the godfathers of sports punditry
Don't forget that the new awaits at A Totti appreciation with Stewart Robson, and much more besides
lose Arsenal, I want to see Stewart Robson on Sky tomorrow slaughtering Wenger for no trophy for the 743rd time
But then again papers go the bitter ex players like Stewart Robson before they ask someone like Ray Parlour a question
Also stewart robson bullies Wenger and the arsenal players that struggle
Listen to this week's Podcast with Dave Farrar, Stewart Robson and
Hi my names Stewart Robson and i love the camera and the camera loves me work;).
Looking forward to working on the acronym derby from 8pm on - it's OM v ASSE with me and Stewart Robson.
I'm sure we'll share snarky commentary at some point this season re: Kroenke, Mike Dean, RvP, Stewart Robson, etc. Ha.
even someone with a balanced opinion would be nice. He may as well be Stewart Robson's alias for how negative he is
Stewart Robson was at his miserable worst last night. Why they let him cover games beyond me
What the *** Stewart Robson?: After Sagna's goal, Robson mentioned that Bac was 'well-known' for his aerial ability. Uhh wut?
Drinking game for pregnant women: Take a shot each time Stewart Robson says something positive about Arsenal.
What will Stewart Robson moan about on Monday?
On my broadcast was stuck with Stewart Robson for 90+ torturous minutes.Could feel his heart break after Sagna goal.
And in 80/81 Stewart Robson signed for The Arsenal and is still fondly remembered by the AFC fans
I haven't seen a big moaner like him. Oh wait, there's Stewart Robson and Piers Morgan as well.
Stewart Robson. This is actually the best I've heard him so far...
Made to suffer through Stewart Robson, Mike Dean, Mark Hughes & Stoke City today. Still three points. Thank you, Arsenal, for the result.
Sarcasm RT“Really like what Stewart Robson brings to the commentary.”
Stewart Robson made my ears bleed today.
For those who want to know why Robson is so anti-Arsenal has some clues:
Stewart Robson says best player on the field has to be N'Zonzi. Lol. He's gone mad.
even criticizes Theo Walcott when Walcott isn't playing. There is some personal animus there that's almost irrational.
Stewart Robson on Mesut Özil's performance in a game during which he provided three assists: "he's done one or two good things."
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Watching the game on mute was the best solution when the *** Stewart Robson is on commentary.
JW10 and Arsene Wenger must have double teamed Stewart Robson's mum. That's the only reason I can think of for him hating them so much.
seems misses an opportunity to criticize Arsenal's Theo Walcott. His remarks don't seem purely football related. Personal?
Stewart Robson shouldn't be allow to commentate Arsenal matches
Walters draws a foul, he does well. Wilshere does it, he's buying a foul. Mson'a Stewart Robson
it's Stewart Robson. He is deplorable & unprofessional.
Stewart Robson doing his usual Arsenal hate job.
Can we get a red button for commentary without Stewart Robson please ... I'd pay extra. (If i paid)
Stewart Robson: "Arsenal struggle playing out of these areas" . *Arsenal immediately break pressure easily*
Stewart Robson's head is so far up his own *** that it's actually reached the point where his head should be, like a human pretzel.
is trolling all Arsenal fans by letting Stewart Robson commentate this game
stewart robson and he loves to dig in on The Arsenal
Stewart Robson is a *** ..what a waste of a commentary seat
no more Stewart Robson calling matches. His anti Arsenal bias is distracting & unnecessary
Stewart Robson cannot say a single good thing about Arsenal.
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You would never guess Stewart Robson spent most of his career at Arsenal
Stewart Robson should not be allow to commentate on games. His utter bias against us is laughable.
I am going to punch Stewart Robson in the ***
Stewart Robson should not be allowed to call Arsenal matches. *** faced ***
Stewart Robson is the most embarrassing commentator I have ever seen. Can't understand why they let him anywhere near an Arsenal game
Stewart Robson's got a real vendetta against Arsene and Arsenal. Bitter about being sacked
Stewart Robson needs to stop speaking. He is the cancer of the football world.
Stewart Robson is officially the worst commentator ever!
It's Stewart Robson. Guy hates ARsenal, hates Wenger. Do a google search for his comments, it's not at all subtle.
Stewart Robson is a self proclaimed fierce critic of Gibbs' defensive abilities but concedes that he's playing well right now.Thanks Stewart
I did of course mean Stewart Robson- still early in Anchorage!
Just want to say Stewart Robson is a plank. Bitter co-commentator
Be on your guard. There are older and fouler things than *** in the deep places of Stewart Robson.
Already sick of listening to Stewart Robson.
had to switch to Hindi commentary when I found out Stewart Robson is commentating on Espn...never thought it would be of any use until today
“Can someone in the booth turn down the bitterness on Stewart Robson's voice. Yes Please!!!
Hear from Mark Hughes, Tony Scholes, Matty Etherington, Brian Little and Stewart Robson on Signal 2 - 1170MW & DAB from 6.
OF VITRIOL, VIRULENCE AND HATRED – Comment by a Manchester United Fan It has become highly irritating if you choose to watch BPL matches involving Manchester United in Malaysia, through the country’s Astro Satellite TV network. In the past, it was pleasant enough to watch – most of the time. However, in the current 2013-2014 season, it is even more imperative for Man United fans to mute their TVs when the studio discussions start before any match involving our beloved United, continue through half-time and go on even more after the match. Live commentaries from seasoned PROFESSIONALS in the U.K. like Sir Trevor Brooking, Jon Champion, Robbie Earle, Peter Drury, Stewart Robson, David Pleat, Alan Curbishley, Gary Lineker and Martin Tyler are most welcome. Even Craig Burley is all right, most of the time. Football talk-shows from the U.K., aired in Malaysia, such as Fanzone, also boast some of those PROFESSIONALS named above as guests plus some gems like Andy Townsend. Great to watch, even the hosts an ...
What I would give for Michael Owen's inanity right now. I loathe Stewart Robson more than anyone except perhaps Eric Wynalda.
Adrian Durham is another Stewart Robson. Both deserve being shot in the face.
I'd love to see Adrian Durham in Islington, I'd make him feel really welcome. I think he's even better than Stewart Robson.
My favourite players of all time. Thierry Henry. Liam Brady. Tony Adams. Charlie George. Patrick Vieira. David Rocastle. Stewart Robson only joking
See the dichotomy, RVP was practically being sold on TalkSport, they get Ray Parlour in or Stewart Robson and slaughter Arsenal
missed the start, but that sounds like Lee Dixon doing the commentary... so much better than Stewart Robson.
Stewart Robson just dropped the bombshell that Sergio Aguero is a better player than Fred.
Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson suggested that the French boss would struggle to keep the 27-year-old under…
Former Arsenal striker John Hartson believes that Arsenal should break the bank to sign Rooney while Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson feels that instead Fellani should be bought to bring balance in the midfield. What do you feel? Personally I don't want Rooney as his wages are so high it may split the team up. Also this will lead Arteta going to his preferred role. MK
Former Arsenal player Stewart Robson has urged the club to move for Everton's Marouane Fellaini, instead of Manchester United's Wayne Rooney
Former Arsenal midfielder , Stewart Robson , believes that If Arsenal wants to win any title next season than they would need to buy Fellaini instead of Wayne Rooney click like if u agree with Robson or Comment ur thoughts below ?? -Bilal
Tonight's show Stewart Robson, Paul Mariner (not available in USA)
Ian Darke and Stewart Robson are a dream pairing of announcers
Ian Darke and Stewart Robson are really ripping Brazil and Italy for flopping
Odd, Ian Darke and Stewart Robson did the same thing
I love how Ian Darke and Stewart Robson didn't even acknowledge that Kobe Bryant is in the audience.
Robson: Win trophies or sack Wenger Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson believes Arsene Wenger should be dismissed next season if the club fail to end their eight-year run without a trophy at the Emirates.
Ian Darke and Stewart Robson will lead ESPN's coverage of the 2013 Confederations Cup that ...
ESPN Announces Commentators and Pundits for 2013 Confederations Cup! Ian Darke and Stewart Robson have been announced as the lead match commentator team. Both are accomplished professionals. Darke was the recipient of the 2012-13 EPL Readers’ Choice Award for Best Commentator, while Robson won the EPL Editor’s Choice Award for Best Co-Commentator.In the studio, the team will comprise Everton manager Roberto Martinez along with Alexi Lalas, Steve McManaman, Kasey Keller, Tato Noriega and Rubens Pozzi. Bob Ley will be the studio host.-Am a big fan ov Ian Darke-can't 4get him in 2002fifa world cup!!
Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson insists Arsene Wenger will not bring in marquee signings despite being handed a large transfer budget this summer.
Yesterday for Spain, Santi Cazorla scored and Nacho Monreal got his second Man of the Match in a row. Shows how much Stewart Robson knows by calling him a "flop"! *IG*
Its either Stewart Robson has a man crush on Arsene Wenger or probably Wenger took his wife, girlfriends, sisters join together... Which kind beef be this?
For me Stewart Robson is in the same league as Dum Dum Adrian Durham both tossers both anti Arsenal
Manager Arsene Wenger should not be trusted to spend Arsenal's summer transfer budget, according to former Gunners midfielder Stewart Robson.
Stewart Robson was abused as a child by an Arsenal fan more than Adrian Durham and Mike Dean were.
Former Arsenal man Stewart Robson is not expecting the likes of Wayne Rooney and Gonzalo Higuain arriving this summer, because he does not believe Manager Arsene Wenger will spend any money wisely.
Stewart Robson doesn’t believe Arsene Wenger should be handed a transfer warchest this summer – as he will simply waste the money. The Gunners chief will be allowed to spend £70million in the transfer window as the North London club look to catch up with Man United, Man City and Chelsea. But former…
Stewart Robson claims Arsene Wenger is scared to spend ‘big money’ this summer – because he will be accountable if his acquisitions flop. The Gunners have failed to replace some of the their top stars over the last few seasons, having let Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas all leave the Emirates in recent years. And former Highbury favourite Robson believes the Frenchman needs to splash the cash when the transfer window opens, if the North London club are to have any chance of winning the Premier League trophy next term. “If Arsene Wenger goes out and spends big money, say he buys three big players, then he is then culpable when they don’t succeed,” he told the Sports Bar. “All the time that he is selling players and not spending big, when they come fourth, everyone says ‘Arsenal are doing OK because they are not spending what the other clubs spend’. “As soon as he spends big money Arsenal fans and everyone in the media will expect them to compete for the Premier League an ...
Stewart Robson believes Arsene Wenger should be sacked if Arsenal don't win a trophy next season. Thoughts? -varun
Can't decide who's the bigger *** Alan Smith or Stewart Robson. Shouldn't let their dooshbag opinions get to me so much but Jesus. Awful.
It's disturbing when you realise.Stewart Robson,Alan Hansen,Jamie Redknapp they all get paid for what they talk
Don't know who this Stewart Robson is, but I don't like him. Ian Darke is good, though. ESPN got it half right.
So we are on espn2 in the US this weekend. I like Ian Darke sometimes, but the thought of him and Stewart Robson (filling in for macca)...
Stewart Robson, Andy Townsend and Jamie Redknapp should all take a bath together.
Piers Moron,le grove,Stewart Robson,Adrian Durham,the bannerwankers,Tony Gale-don't you just love it when Arsenal make people look stupid.
Press Pass: Time for a qualifying overhaul?: Tommy Smyth, Shaka Hislop and Stewart Robson on one-sided World ...
Press Pass: England expects: Stewart Robson, Shaka Hislop and Tommy Smyth on England's clash with Montenegro.
Sad to hear about Toby Hubba. A proper commentator, not like no-mark agenda-driven *** like Tony Gale, Stewart Robson, Chris Waddle et al
Paul Elliot has been forced to resign? Ha flipping ha. But how will he get his TV appearances now, copy Stewart Robson and bash Rafa?
Charlie Nicholas, Trevor Francis, John Collins and Stewart Robson look at way forward for Arsene W...
Arsene Wenger: Robson blames Arsenal manager for lack of trophies Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson says Arsene Wenger is the reason why Arsenal have not won a trophy for eight years. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast , Robson criticises Wenger for not doing enough coaching and adds that he is a "poor tactician" who should have been sacked five years ago.
Stewart Robson just edges Clive Allen on the arsenal list of greatness.
2-0 Bremen. Stewart Robson is finding a way to criticize Djourou for everything.
Stewart Robson was on Irish radio earlier this week. He hurts my brain
Man, Stewart Robson is bitter. I wonder what happened between he and Arsenal behind the scenes.
Tim Krul & Graeme Le Saux join Marcus Buckland & Stewart Robson to look back on a busy midweek set of BPL fixtures -
I guess you've been listening to stewart robson lol.
Tasmania's Macey Stewart is the 2013 under 19 women's points Australian champion. Won on 38pts over Talbot 31, Robson 29.
2 sprints to go - Stewart still has 9pt buffer over Talbot. Manly & Robson on 23. Some of Australia's best on show in this race.
Macey Stewart gets over the top of Robson for sprint Stewart now leads by 10 pts on 33pts.
Stewart, Manly, Talbot & Robson have cooled their jets after taking a lap. Stewart leads on 28, Manly 22, Talbot 20. 3 laps to go
After 4 - Stewart still leads on 28. Manly on 22, Talbot & Robson on 20.
Manly, Talbot, Stewart & Robson have gained a lap. Stewart leading on 28pts.
Hi Darren, Stewart Robson anti-Wenger agenda continues. Was on Irish radio last night blaming him for Brady leaving.
Ken, just so you know, Stewart Robson is completely anti-Wenger. Very, very inaccurate reasoning used to explain Brady departure.
Love the show lads but Stewart Robson has a massive anti-Wenger agenda. Noticeable anytime he talks to media. Cringeworthy.
I wouldn't believe a word of rumours in press. Especially if they came from Stewart Robson!
I don't think there is one beyond whatever issue is in Stewart Robson's head
Listening to Stewart Robson on Wenger. Man, he's full of it. If Fabregas took the place of an equally talented Englishman, then show me him.
Press Pass: Togo through: Stewart Robson and Steve Nicol on Togo's progress to the Africa Cup of Nations quarte...
Yes Sir Alex Ferguson, take advice from Steve Nicol & Stewart Robson and get rid of De Gea and change your formation. Cantona wept.
Stewart Robson - "Mertesacker can't run". Guarantee he can run faster than you, ***
What, you mean to say Perry Groves isn't a shoe in? Or everyone's favourite, Stewart Robson?
Stewart Robson said that Santos was a poor player. Even the blokes at Fox Soccer thinks Santos is the worst player at Arsenal. FOX SOCCER!
Well let's hope they sack him tonight eh Matt,and get ourselves Big Sam,Harry, Stuart Pearce,Stewart Robson,Adams,Merse???
If I could fight anyone it would be Stewart Robson!
I'll take Craig Burley commentary over the greatest Arsenal player of all time Stewart Robson who we have to listen to every fookin week.
irrelevant on big night like tonight but garbage Stewart Robson coming up with on otb tonight unbelievable
Stewart Robson was arsenal employee up to last season,he speaks with an agenda every time
Stewart Robson - we don't care what you think! You lost your place at Arsenal to Steve Williams, Who??? Exactly.
Enjoying the short scouting reports on Dowie on Villa yesterday, Stewart Robson on Arsenal today. Fans thirsty for tactics.
Stewart Robson hasn't a clue about anything, and he's an arsenal fan featured in NBC s Science of Love
had to watch the Swansea fa cup match with Martin Tyler (my face) and Stewart Robson! Didn't know if to mute it or not!!
Stewart Robson is bang on with everything he says. Please involve him more in the dressing room.
Omg not Stewart Robson again. Despicable little man. Why is he on my telly...
Stewart Robson has urged Wenger to focus on signing a defensive midfielder and central defender and end his pursuit of David Villa.
Blackpool boss Steve Thompson, Stewart Robson, Julian *** & more with from 4 listen here
Stewart Robson: "I think Arsenal can destroy Liverpool on the counter-attack."
What is this My Mad Fat Diary thing? I'm getting that it's supposed to be set in the 90s but for real it is not set in the 90s I lived through that is for sure. And why are all these teenagers 30 years old? What is wrong with channel 4? I don't even...
Stewart Robson says the only way we can have change is if we fall out of the top 4. Its sad but I agree.
Our latest show features Stewart Robson, Steve Nicol and as well as on the Africa Cup of Nations:
I didn't know Greg Rusedski was an arsenal fan; was chatting to him earlier and he's a gooner; just in case people are thinking im claiming to have famous friends; Greg or G as I call him comes to do presenting work for the tennis matches in the studios where I'm working; So nope I'm not one of those people who like to name drop in saying that I am on first name terms with ex arsenal player Stewart Robson and do share a few jokes with Actress/presenter Julie Peasgood, oh my I am one of those people. I'm going to emigrate now so embarrassed and ashamed of myself did I mention Virginia Wade as well ah
Tonight's show w/ Stewart Robson & Steve Nicol dropping lots of wisdom on this weekend's games in England
Therefore giving air time to people like Stewart Robson, Adrian Durham and our good friend Micky Hazard
Stewart Robson is the most negative commentator i have ever seen...he finds problem with each and every player of Arsenal mostly.. In his one sentence he will pick a fault of a player 5 times before praising him once I had to watch today's match with his commentary
:::ARSENAL TOP TEN P.M HEADLINES::: {1}=Everton could be outsides in race to sign Arsenal's target Holtby. {2}=Hannover keen on deal for Djourou Within 48 hours. {3}=Arsenal & chelsea Arda Turan hopes dashed. {4}=Arsenal knocked back in spanish striker chase. {5}=Robson: Gibbs is a liability when the ball is played in behind him. {6}=walcott set to commit future to Arsenal. {7}=Redknapp: my best signing was Arsenal legend & nightmare paul merson. {8}=Arsenal legend pat rice rewarded for 44 years club dedication. {9}=Aguero could miss Arsenal encounter with hamstring injury. {10}=Alan Smith: Arsenal can't afford to drop points in top four race. ::HEADLINE 5 DETAIL:: Kieran Gibbs for cristicism claiming the youngfull-back is a 'liability when balls are played in behind him,' he becomes a problem for him. Early last year Stewart Robson said in an interview that walcott is a liability. He said he lacks awareness and doesn't deserve to play for Arsenal. He also said that if he were in wenger's shoes, he will n ...
Dream commentary team of Peter Drury & Stewart Robson here *mute*.
Live at St Mary's Stadium and today two of my favourite commentators Peter Drury and Stewart Robson. WE ARE THE ARSENAL.
Oh Peter Drury again. . . Stewart Robson too. . . Expect someone screaming
Steve McManaman on ESPN, Niall Quinn on Sky, & Stewart Robson on Int'l feed. As if watching wasn't already painful enough.
Arsène Wenger's great Arsenal FC teams of years past had an unmistakably French flavour: think of the powerful Vieira-Petit midfield axis in the 1998 double year; of Robert Pirès's elegant contribution to the 2002 double success; of Thierry Henry and his 228 goals. Yet right now, Arsenal's football has less of a French than a Spanish influence – it is two Spaniards, after all, who have arguably done as much as anybody to ensure the Gunners have made a positive start to the campaign. Santi Cazorla, the Spanish international recruited this summer from Málaga CF, has hit the ground running, winning two successive supporters' player of the month awards and attracting plenty of headlines for his creative powers. As for Mikel Arteta, he has shone in a new role as the holding midfielder, still passing the ball with his customary precision but now showing the discipline needed for that deeper position. According to Stewart Robson, the 1980s Arsenal midfielder-turned-football analyst, Arteta is "more controll ...
Sad these days, when former United player and former Liverpool player talking some sense and we've got Stewart Robson and Paul Merson.
It's a myth that Theo Walcott hasn't got a football brain, created by bitter ex-pros like Chris Waddle, Andy Townsend and Stewart Robson!
Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal's values and evolution are his responsibility Arsene Wenger has acknowledged he is the man responsible for Arsenal's direction as a club. Arsenal's worst start to a season under Wenger has led to unprecedented criticism from a section of the club's support, though many continue to back a manager who has delivered UEFA Champions League qualification 15 years running. Among the accusations levelled at Wenger is one that his decisions go unchallenged by anyone on the coaching staff or in the boardroom, and former Gunners midfielder Stewart Robson went as far as calling him "a dictator" in the wake of the Capital One Cup defeat at Bradford. Speaking before that setback, the Frenchman told Four Four Two magazine he personally pushes the club's commitment to self-sustainability. He said: "I feel responsible for the evolution of the club. When you've been here for 16 years, you're part of the history and the guy who is responsible for the values that the club wants to show in all asp ...
According to Stewart Robson, the Former Arsenal midfielder.. “Steve Bould is a very good coach but he’s not allowed to coach them – he doesn’t do any coaching,” “Arsène Wenger is not doing enough on the training field. He’s not coaching the players, they have got no game strategy and, because he won’t let anyone else do it, Arsenal are going backwards and some of their players are going backwards. “Sir Alex Ferguson is not a coach. He realises that, to get the best out of his players, he has to get the best coaches. "He’s made sure his number two is not just a yes man, which Arsène Wenger likes to appoint. Arsène Wenger, because he has got a massive ego, because he’s a dictator when it comes to Arsenal Football Club, he’s not allowing Steve Bould to do any work.” -.p9
Ray Parlour rejects suggestions that Arsene Wenger is a Dictator. He even rubbishes claims that there is a rift betweenWenger and Bould. Ray Parlour - "Stewart Robson has got his own opinions, but I played under Arsene Wenger and thought he was a great manager when I was there," "He was always one of those managers you could talk to." "Arsene Wenger is one of those sort of guys who will always try to stick up for his players." "We would have meetings after games and it would all come out in the dressing room, which (is how) it should be. It is a private matter between the players, the manager and the staff." "It was quite embarrassing to lose to Bradford, there is no doubting that, but I think he is one of those guys who does criticise people behind the scenes instead of in the press." "Steve Bould was a real character in that dressing room area, he's one of those sort of players that points a finger at people if you weren't doing your jobs, and I'm sure he's not changed," "People will speculate very quic ...
Here's Stewart Robson on July 17th about Wenger being a "dictator" ->
Stewart Robson eh? They should've gone all out and got the opinions of Merson, Pulis and Clive Allen too.
The stuff Stewart Robson says about Arsenal is positively glowing compared to his opinions on Marek Hamsik.
Ex-Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson has slammed boss Arsene Wenger, branding him an "embarrassment":
Former Arsenal player Stewart Robson says Arsene Wenger should have been axed years ago: Is Robson right?
Stewart Robson was so spot on today, he slaughtered the board and Wenger whilst stucking up for the fans who pay "top dollar" to watch the team, well done that man *GC*, (if you aint seen it go onto skysportsnews there's links, or can someone post it below)
In an explosive interview with Sky Sports News, Stewart Robson lays into Arsene Wenger, calling him a dictator and saying he should have left Arsenal years ago.
Stewart Robson looks a sad bitter old man to me on sky sports news
Stewart Robson (Ex Arsenal player) Has just said that Bradford manager Phil Parkinson is "a Better manager than Arsene Wenger". Bit off an over-reaction there Stewart, Wenger is still a top manager. -Sean
AUDIO: Former Arsenal player Stewart Robson says Arsenal needs to fire Wenger to have success
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