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Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg (born May 3, 1933) is an American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate in Physics for his contributions with Abdus Salam and Sheldon Glashow to the unification of the weak force and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles.

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It does not matter whether you win or lose, what matters is whether I win or lose!. Steven Weinberg
"Good men do good deeds. Evil men do evil. But for good men to do evil, you need religion…
I added a video to a playlist The Dream of the Final Theory Steven Weinberg Diagrams by QAT
Steven Weinberg: For good people to do evil -- that takes religion.
But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. - Steven Weinberg
For good people to do evil things, it takes religion. -Steven Weinberg
Creating personal art that connects & the compulsion to make your own homework and Steven Weinberg
and Mr Steven Weinberg. I also like the dance
"For good people to do bad things, it takes religion" (Steven Weinberg).
Steven Weinberg is an American physicist. He was awarded the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics. In 1998, in an interview, he said this quote..
Steven Weinberg on teaching and the goal of physics
Steven Weinberg and the Puzzle of Quantum Mechanics via
THE NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS - Steven Weinberg and the Puzzle of Quantum Mechanics
Check out the claimed organizing committee: Steven Weinberg, Neil Spooner, Yifang Wang, among others:.
Learn more. Spend 6:58 min on listening to physicist Steven Weinberg on why science outreach is worthwhile
works in cast optical crystal by just arrived at the gallery. More images:…
We have just received some beautiful cast optical crystal by Steven Weinberg. Additional images on the gallery...
Inn serves up class with a chef chef Steven Ferrel
Nobel-winning physicist Steven Weinberg on the universe and our search for meaning
Painting and politics at the Whitney Biennial: Adam Weinberg discusses the often controversial show
Physicist Steven Weinberg on Simplicity & Complexity, Science & Religion & the Mother of All Questions
philosopher Alan Watts, who popularized ancient Eastern teachings in the West, wrote in his classic 1951 meditatio…
Steven Weinberg, Strauss would be ok. I would kill for another ann richards or even a Eisenhower or hutchinson.
Please check if Steven Weinberg a.k.a. Steve Wynn was/is the President of Vietnam?
This is one of the great social functions of science- to free people from superstition. Steven Weinberg
The Unity of the Universe: Nobel-Winning Physicist Steven Weinberg on Simplicity and Complexity, - Brain Pickings
Steven Gerrard sharpening up for the game today! ⚽️. Five-a-side and more:
Steven Weinberg: the 13 best books for the general reader:
2016 Patrusky Lecture: Steven Weinberg on What's the matter with quantum mechanics?
Steven Weinberg: Universe is our math teacher
Of Steven Weinberg list of the 13 best science books, BI represented 5 of the 7 published since 1965. featured in NBC s Science of Love
"Convergence is not a trivial matter. Steven Weinberg, the Nobel Prize-winning professor of physics at the Universit…
A teensy bit surprising from John Weinberg/GS Prof but I feel u!
Steven Weinberg on a 'final theory' of nature and symmetry in physics via
Steven Weinberg describes his experiences writing about science for a general audience:
Hi, please make sure the public knows that Steven Weinberg a.k.a. Steve Wynn is not involved with this Co. & I own Encore LV.
Steven Weinberg co-Nobel laureate with Abdus Salam always says this about religion in his talks. Can now fully appreciate…
Steven Weinberg is the Head of the American Dental Association and American Medical Association.
I liked a video BBC The Atheism Tapes - Steven Weinberg - 2 of 6
Please join me tomorrow at 12:00 pm for a free family-freindly drawing workshop at the
An expert is a person who avoids the small errors while sweeping on to the grand fallacy.
I think Christopher Hitchens said some thing about this...and Steven Weinberg.
Week Two of Art in August concludes with the fabulous Steven Weinberg!
Steven Weinberg: "All logical arguments can be defeated by the simple refusal to reason logically"
The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it seems pointless. - Steven Weinberg
"I don't understand why other people aren't theoretical physicists." - Steven Weinberg - Moving Naturalism Forward:
think of the Nobel won by atheist Steven Weinberg with the devout muslim Abdus Salam.
, understood, but I am referring to the heavyweights who refined it. Steven Weinberg, are you familiar?
, there were also Atheists like Steven Weinberg who worked out the math for the Big Bang.
No. Read Carl Sagan, Steven Weinberg, and other science writers. It'll clear your head of religion.
To Explain the World by Steven Weinberg...mesmerising, enthralling, reminding me why I do science ;)
"The First Three Minutes" by Steven Weinberg; "Hyperspace" by Michio Kaku are the two books which is in front of me now. Let me enjoy it.
I remember the day I read Steven Weinberg left Harvard for Austin 1982. I cried. He must have been thinking SSC? Canceled '93
Enjoyed reading "Dreams of a Final Theory" by Steven Weinberg. Many of my doubts about the horizons of theoretical Physics are cleared.
"Our job in [.] is to understand a great many complicated phenomenon in a unified way." Steven Weinberg.
On the "Gender is a choice" comment, here's an interesting piece on gender by a friend of mine.
5 of 5 stars to To Explain the World by Steven Weinberg
I will but if you haven't read Brian Greene, Steven Weinberg, Janna Levin, Stephen Hawking's works for General Readers try to
I will be gladly happy to have a book discussion with you on the books and works of Steven Weinberg. Hope to join me later.
Steven Weinberg reflects on the nature of science, and it is, as always, worth hearing.
Mohammad Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg were given the 1979 Nobel Prize in physics for their the discovery of...
Leading our 2016 will be Ertharin Cousin, David Skorton, M.D., & Dr. Steven Weinberg
Steven Weinberg took over Mirage LV when I went to work for Boyd Gaming.
because good people try to do good things for other people. Should I quote Steven Weinberg?
For forty years I have not seen a single paper by physicist or astronomer working in Muslim country that was worth reading-Steven Weinberg
I bet would look pretty cool reading and BEARD BOY. https:/…
Finished reading 'To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science' by Steven Weinberg :…
Steven Shapin on the discovery of modern science via
New Review for: You must be this tall by Steven Weinberg - NO
Scientist: four golden lessons by Steven Weinberg: My favourite is "no one knows everything, and you d…
The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe - Steven Weinberg on AudioBook Bay
Our Global Health & Disparities Path can take you far... just ask new MD Steven Weinberg:
Steven Weinberg is the Head of the FBI.
China bought my macadamia nuts from Steven Weinberg.
Book Release: You must be this tall by Weinberg, Steven, 1984- author, illustrator. "The story of two friends, Fra…
PhysicsWorld: Steven Weinberg on the "wrong problems" to get hooked on
Steven Weinberg: "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things..."
& I'm repelled that Weinberg's good humor counts more than his scholarship. Science, so good at objectivity:
Critical principle of modern history - what is being left OUT? That's what's wrong with Whig interpretation
SCIENCE. Steven Weinberg defends his “Whig” view of history.
Some very useful clarification of what Steven Weinberg said at the APS by Wish I'd been there!
Steven Weinberg defends his "Whig" interpretation of the history of physics at
His talk today at Am. Physical Society meeting, the Steven Weinberg "To Explain the World" session.
Another one of the most popular talks today - Steven Weinberg on "Reflections of a Whig physicist"
Steven Weinberg speaking to a packed audience at
There are Good ppl, and there are Bad ppl, but it takes religion to make good ppl do bad things! . -Steven Weinberg.
Referring to a session today at the APS meeting, at which another speaker was Steven Weinberg, so -- I am proud.
Steven Shapin a huge presence in the Weinberg panel (despite not being here).
"Finding out you are wrong is a refreshing experience that everyone should have," says Steven Weinberg at
"If we don't use the things we have learned, the story we tell has no point" says Steven Weinberg at
Steven Weinberg gives a wonderful history of science.
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"We should avoid imagining the past is like the present" says Steven Weinberg at
Dr Abdus Salam shares the 1979 in Physics with Sheldon Glashow & Steven Weinberg at Nobel Prize ceremony http…
Omg has spawned a son-in-law, Steven Weinberg, who is a picture Bk creator. You Must Be This Tall is the book
I liked a video from 8. Steven Weinberg, Lawrence Krauss, and Sam Harris Discussion -
Putting god before humanity is a terrible thing - Steven Weinberg
Steven, you're my kinda guy. But, the answer is . . . it ain't!!! I blame Mike!
I started thinking about it when I saw this list. which made me think of "Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland"
Mohammad Abdus Salam was an Ahmadi Muslims who won Nobel Prize with Steven Weinberg for Standard Model
It will take time. By the way Mohd Abdus Salam was a physicist who created Standard Model w Steven Weinberg
The word of the hour is COSMOLOGIES. Link:
Steven Weinberg on the indefensible track record of religion, the Abrahamic sickness
I added a video to a playlist Best of Steven Weinberg Arguments And Comebacks Part 1
The arc of early scientific discovery: To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science’ by Steven Weinberg
Steven Weinberg's quote puts that whole thing to rest.
Loved last night's dinner with Nobel Prize physicist Steven Weinberg: most of my life has been blunders with a few big payoffs
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This video surfaced of Marlboro's goalkeeper James Weinberg... outrageous save against CBA.
Is "religion" responsible for bad behavior?. Steven Weinberg, famous physicists and diehard atheist, criticizes...
You may check his other books too. Also books by Michio Kaku, Paul Davies, First three minutes by Steven Weinberg
At the Core of Science by Jim Holt via
☞ Steven Weinberg on the history of science - podcast | Science | The Guardian
Fascinating conversation with nobel price winner Steven Weinberg about the history of science!
Do you know ??. Whilst working with Steven Weinberg, the first Pakistani Nobel Prize winner Professor Abdus Salam...
Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg still dreams of a 'final theory'—a Q&A with
Are ppl known to take the theory of a multiverse seriously? Martin Rees, Andrei Linde and Steven Weinberg do!
The ever smaller future of physics. Don't miss this note about a lecture given by Steven Weinberg.
STEVEN WEINBERG: "there is no interpretation of quantum mechanics that does not have serious flaws"
Have you heard ‘Steven Weinberg on the history of science - podcast’ by Guardian Science Weekly on
. I'll defer to Steven Weinberg on this:
Dark matter—new findings lucidly explained by the great Steven Weinberg, along with two experimenters:
"As the Nobel Prize-winning American physicist Steven Weinberg said, ‘Religion is an insult to human dignity.
A masterful commentary on the history of science from the Greeks to modern times, by Nobel Prize-winning...
Steven Weinberg. Could also be applied to nationalism I think. http:…
Tomorrow 3pm Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg is here to discuss the history of science:
The next two books u want to read Cops and hackers by Marc Goodman; and To Explain the world by Steven Weinberg
In his new history of science book, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg fails to be as Whiggish as he promises--and thats a good thing.
I added a video to a playlist Steven Weinberg on Atheism
I liked a video from Steven Weinberg on Atheism
Saw Tom Stoppard's The Hard Problem last night. Loved it. Wish I'd seen it before I reviewed Steven Weinberg's book
"The Standard Model is so complex that it would be hard to put it on a T-shirt." - Steven Weinberg
Plato was “silly”; Aristotle was “tedious”; Steven Shapin reviews Weinberg's book (none too positively):
WAKE UP Steven Weinberg: I think that on balance the moral influence of religion ... &
This is Fu&%up on so many ways... Again, Steven Weinberg's quote is spot on...
listening to Steven Weinberg on Science Friday is like listening to Uncle Paul talk about dark matter.
You can't get dark energy *out* of space because you can't create or destroy space, says Steven Weinberg
In his latest book, Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg explores how science made the modern world. cc:
today on 2pm EST. Nobel winner Steven Weinberg, Dan Hooper, Jodi Cooley
Today's selection -- from To Explain the World by Steven Weinberg. In Isaac Newton's three volume book Principia...
Physicist Steven Weinberg is 81 and does not plan to retire
Something special for the little ones over spring break, with guest author Steven Weinberg and our own Francesca!
Steven Weinberg: NASA cuts could be good for its science |
"In complexity, it is only simplicity that can be interesting." Steven Weinberg
Steven Weinberg's 'To Explain the World' is a european idea is to live without trauma.
.talks with Steven Weinberg RE: his book on the history of I quite enjoyed it!
April issue: lead interview is with Professor Steven Weinberg. Plus regular columinsts
. Dear God, you have a message from Steven Weinberg, thanks.
Germany produced finest of Physicists. Steven Weinberg (German-American) is one of them. Read his very sane views..
Steven Weinberg: "The effort to understand the universe is one of the very few things that lifts human life a little above the level ..
Steven Weinberg: it's okay to view the history of science through the lens of what we know now.
Steven Weinberg's 'To Explain the World' is a superb history of science by a Nobel-prizewinning master. Technical notes…
Great interview in Kolkata of physicist Steven Weinberg - very thoughtful.
April issue of Third Way includes an interview with Professor Steven Weinberg. Subscribe at
There's an apocryphal story about Steven Weinberg telling Alvin Weinberg that he'll be the famous Weinberg someday. 1/2
To all the Bible thumpers, Quran literalists and Virat Vedic folk. via
/one may lose some respect for the pretensions of religion to certain knowledge/. Steven Weinberg
Steven Weinberg on the tensions between scientific method and religious belief
Nonsense to say modern science existed in ancient Greece or India: Steven Weinberg
Steven Weinberg is a remarkable educator/scientist, thanks for the post
tom_siegfried: My ScienceNews review of Steven Weinberg's new book on the historical prelude to modern science.
Steven Weinberg explores history of modern science in new book:
Pakistans only Nobel laureate Abdus Salam was born in Santok Das, District Sahiwal, on January 29, 1926 a little over 85 years ago. He shared the 1979 physics Nobel Prize with Steven Weinberg and Sheldon Glashow for the historic unification of the weak nuclear force with the electromagnetic force.…
I was reading 'the first three minutes' by Steven Weinberg and just closed after three minutes
Photo: A Watercolor Requiem by Steven Weinberg. until the light completely faded away. [Tumblr:...
.no no Hitchens some interesting character bio's in there though. Steven Weinberg is brilliant for sure
Steven Weinberg: “Glimpses of a World Within”. Are we 17 to 19 orders of magnitude vs. nucleus from new physics?
Steven Weinberg: I think one of the great historical contributions of science is to weake...
Update your maps at Navteq
Steven Weinberg's wise words on science.
For good people to evil deeds takes religion. Paraphrase of Steven Weinberg.
Maybe nature is fundamentally ugly, chaotic and complicated. But if it's like that, then I want out. -Steven Weinberg. 0
On page 30 of 203 of The First Three Minutes, by Steven Weinberg: reading every single wor...
Marked as to-read: Gravitation and Cosmology by Steven Weinberg
"For good people, it takes. religion to do bad things." -. Steven Weinberg (Nobel Laureate. in Physics)
"Religion is an insult to human dignity ." . Steven Weinberg
A wonderful group of politicians past and present at this rally! Roy Cho, Steven Fulop (mayor of Jersey City), Loretta Weinberg & more!
Two days talking physics with the great theoretician Steven Weinberg:
Neat moment: Max Weinberg and Conan reuniting after five years apart.
He did not like this. I asked if he would like to borrow my copy of SUB ATOMIC PARTICLES BY STEVEN WEINBERG,he declined.
"Science doesn't make it impossible to believe in God, it just makes it possible not to believe in God." -Steven Weinberg
in response allow me to quote Steven Weinberg: "good people will do good things & evil people (1/2)
Steven Weinberg physicist re string theory:. The mathematics is so elegant, so beautiful that it must have relevance to the physical world.
Wilson, Lewis Thomas and. . Richard Dawkins in biology; Steven Weinberg, Alan Lightman and Kip. . Thorne in physics (1/2)
Abdus Salam, Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg accepting the 1979 Nobel Prize for electroweak unification
:'-) "Richard Feynman (or maybe Steven Weinberg): Philosophy is as useful to physicists as ornithology is to birds"
According to Richard Feynman once said, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” และ Steven Weinberg, “There is now in my opinion no entirely satisfactory interpretation of quantum mechanics.”
Stephen Colbert has done more to educate the public on campaign finance than any members of the mainstream media
I like Bruce a lot, but I think I like Steven Van Zandt and Max Weinberg even more.
with whom Abdul Salam shared the Noble Prize ,Which he got in 1979? Steven Weinberg Sheldon Lee Glasgow Both of them None of them
I want the CEO of Walgreens of my Board (Steven Weinberg), Walgreens.
Radio 3's composer of the week is apparently ignored. Here's what we had to say about Weinberg three years ago:
I have always loved Max Weinberg because of Conan, and Little Steven because of The Sopranos though.
I want Steven Weinberg off my Board in any of my casinos.
Steven Weinberg had no clue. . . (Mark 10:18) So Jesus said to him, "... No one is good but One, that is, God."
New interpretations of quantum mechanics, part 1 (Steven Weinberg): by
Yes that's taken from a quote by Steven Weinberg; "Religion is an insult to >
The bridge between style and technology. Image via
WikiLeaks claims Google director helped the NSA spy on Afghanistan
hi are you related to mark and Steven Weinberg ?
CONSCIOUSNESS: THE BEGINNING & THE END April 21, 2014 - Nothing is more certain than the fact that we are conscious. And yet there is something very puzzling, even uncanny, about being conscious; and the learned talk of the mystery of consciousness. The mystery centres around the origin of consciousness; the prevailing scientific view is that consciousness is a property that emerges from complex brains. The problem is that we haven’t the foggiest idea of how the stuff of our minds could conceivably come forth from anything physical. Bits of electrified meat don’t easily translate into episodes of consciousness – we have it, we know it, in some sense we are it – but what it is and where it came from escapes us. There is also a mystery about the future of consciousness – I mean for each one of us there is the mystery of what comes after death. There’s no easy answer to the ‘after’ question, but I will offer my opinion, based on my own experience and research. We might begin by saying that th ...
US: Harvard University takes a step back after Satanic Black Mass (©Fotosede) (©FOTOSEDE) HARVARD UNIVERSITY There have been a strong reaction from Boston’s Catholics led by O’Malley MARIA TERESA PONTARA PEDERIVA ROME Harvard. The name immediately reminds us of the prestigious Ivy League institution that is up there with the likes of Princeton and Yale. Harvard has taught the likes of Henry Kissinger and George W. Bush; it has given honorary degrees to numerous celebrated figures such as George Washington and Presidents Roosevelt and J.F. Kennedy. It is the oldest institute for higher education in the US: founded in 1636 by vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, it takes its name from its first great benefactor, John Harvard, who left the entire contents of his library and half his possessions to the university when he died. It boasts an extraordinary student-force of Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners, including the physicists Carlo Rubbia, Steven Weinberg and E. Purcel ...
In this sense, science, as physicist Steven Weinberg has emphasized, does not make it impossible to believe in Go...
Steven Weinberg says do away with quantum wave function/state vector; sole description of reality is density matrix.
Who of the following won the Nobel Prize for his work on Photoelectric effect . . [A]Albert Einstein [B]Max Planck [C]Steven Weinberg [D]Werner Heisenberg
As of tomorrow, it will be 12 years, 8 months and 5 days since that beautiful September day turned into a dark day with death and destruction with unimaginable pain and suffering. However it also showed us how ordinary people helped ordinary people. On the eve of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum dedication ceremony, I would like to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who has worked so hard since September 12th,, 2001. With all this hard work and dedication we will have a museum that has a mission to honor and remember the 2977 innocent people who were murdered that beautiful September day and the 6 who were murdered on February 26, 1993. I know that all of the stakeholders had an opinion of what should be done and how it should be done. I know in my heart of hearts that the museum will be respectful to the 2983 people murdered on this site and their families. My wife Cynthia Branco and I are honored to be included in the dedication ceremony tomorrow morning. While we have been in the museum se ...
Life possible in the early Universe Planets orbiting the first stars could have been habitable, challenging arguments for a multiverse. Zeeya Merali 10 December 2013 Life on other planets could have been warmed by the afterglow of the Big Bang. Aliens might have existed during the Universe’s infancy. A set of calculations suggests that liquid water — a pre­requisite for life — could have formed on rocky planets just 15 million years after the Big Bang. Milky Way map excludes region of gravitational-wave findings Imaging tumour cells inside the body Russian islands have unusually deadly avalanches Abraham Loeb, an astrophysicist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has realized that in the early Universe, the energy required to keep water liquid could have come from the cosmic microwave background, the afterglow of the Big Bang, rather than from host stars. Today, the temperature of this relic radiation is just 2.7 kelvin, but at an age of around 15 million years it would have kept the ...
Wow! Thank you for all the emails, phone calls and posts! Steven Weinberg and I are beyond excited and ready to party! xox
Night view of Sydney, where we flew over earlier today.
We see bright aurora in the last few days flying over the south of Africa.
Happy birthday to Bing Crosby (1903), Sugar Ray Robinson (1921), James Brown (get on up! 1933), Steven Weinberg (1933), Frankie Valli (1934), Rob Brydon (1965), & Christina Hendricks (1975 - name dropping this lady for Hannah :P) On this day in history ridiculously over-rated novel "Gone with the Wind", won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1937), In 1952 CBS gave the Kentucky Derby its first national airing on TV, & in 2003 the Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire collapsed. The good birthdays out-weigh the bland-to-shoddy happenings, so let us all have a great day :) Spread the love, folks
Mohammad Abdus Salam, محمد عبد السلام, was a Pakistani theoretical physicist who, along with Steven Weinberg and Sheldon Glashow, was the winner of the ...
I think the world needs to wake up from its long nightmare of religious belief; and anything that we scientists...
oh It's a good stuff! "One finds many in the secular community constantly equating the word science with macroevolution, or large change. This has led to gross misunderstanding of those who are trying to fathom the origins issue. If macroevolution and science are used synonymously, then of course creation science would be “anti-science.”Let’s address this issue by first defining our terms. Although many definitions have appeared, science can be described as what we really know to be true mainly through observation. The late G. G. Simpson of Harvard stated in Sciencemagazine that “it is inherent in any definition of science that statements that cannot be checked by observation are not really about anything . . . or at the very least, they are not science.”But the origins debate centers around macroevolution, and macroevolution hasnever been observed. One of the architects of neo-Darwinism agrees: “It is manifestly impossible to reproduce in the laboratory the evolution of man from the australop ...
Bruce Springsteen, “Little Steven”, Max Weinberg and me:. (Blue shirt, standing on stairs, above Max the drummer.)
Physicist Steven Weinberg pondered that sometimes nature "seems more beautiful than strictly necessary". Carolina is beautiful.
Eminent Nobel Prize winning Particle Physicist Steven Weinberg was quoted as saying:With or without religion, good people can behave well[1]
Steven Weinberg explains how physical laws can be deduced from symmetry principles, such as how, due to Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, the differen.
Heard Steven Weinberg stat mech class at UT is a free A. He has better things to do... Making 500k+ a year. Boss
Steven Weinberg on religion and science:
"Science is corrosive to religious belief.and it's a *** good thing too...!" - Steven Weinberg. Brilliant.
Looks like a great Movi competitor!. Steven Feralio Kyle Crichton Jesse Burton Adam Weinberg
Uh. Sure. Steven Weinberg doing pretty good for himself.
Many of the great world religions teach that God demands a particular faith and form of worship. It should not be surprising that some of the people who take these teachings seriously should sincerely regard these divine commands as incomparably more important than any merely secular virtues like tolerance or compassion or reason. Across Asia and Africa the forces of religious enthusiasm are gathering strength, and reason and tolerance are not safe even in the secular states of the West. The historian Hugh Trevor-Roper has said that it was the spread of the spirit of science in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that finally ended the burning pf the witches in Europe. We may need to rely again on the influence of science to preserve a sane world.It's not the certainty of the scientific knowledge that fits it for this role, but its uncertainty. Seeing scientists change their minds again and again about the matters that can be studied directly in laboratory experiments, how can one take seriously the ...
Without quantum mechanics the world be like 19th century - steven weinberg..steam engines , telegraph signals...
"I have seldom met an intelligent person whose views were not narrowed and distorted by religion." - Steven Weinberg
I loved it. Lots of soloing and Charlie Hall Max Weinberg'ed the *** out of the new songs.
Physics: What We Do and Don’t Know by Steven Weinberg great primer on cosmology & particle physics. [Nov. '13]
The way "God's Not Dead" misrepresents the position of Stephen Hawking and Steven Weinberg is astounding.
I am a healthy, loving atheist, and your statement proves Steven Weinberg.
Today I met with Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg and he told me "go find dark matter!" so I should probably do that.
Because Steven Van Zandt loves Syracuse and Max Weinberg is a huge Kentucky fan, and they can't keep rhythm when they feud
Weinberg: "The only thing that's cheap is theorists"
"The only thing that's cheap is theorists." -Steven Weinberg on the need for investment in new physics facilities.
I once disagreed with the Nobel physicist Steven Weinberg when he said: "With or without religion, good people...
"In the beginning there was an explosion," explained Nobel Prize winning physicist Steven Weinberg in his book the First Three Minutes, "which occurred simultaneously everywhere, filling all space from the beginning with every particle of matter rushing apart from every other particle." ...among those particles were photons, which make up light. "The Universe," he said, "was filled with light." (Interesting that's what the Bible says too.) But what caused that explosion? did it just happen, first there was nothing, then there was something? Or did something or Someone make it happen? Lee Strobel
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Wandering in a Country Graveyard: Editor’s Note: This is Steven Weinberg’s fifth comic in ... via .
Old but great: the First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg
Nice shot by Anthony Lau. He used the Distagon T* 3,5/18 to create this colorful sea view:
Excellent article by Charles Krauthammer of The Washington Post. Washington For decades, The American Studies Association has labored in well-deserved obscurity. No longer. It's now made a name for itself by voting to boycott Israeli universities, accusing them po denying academic, and human rights to Palestinians. Given that Israel has a profoundly democratic political system, the freest press in the Middle East, a fiercely independent judiciary, and astonishing religious and racial diversity within its universities, including affirmative action for Arab students, the charge is rather strange. Made more so when you consider the state of human rights in Israel's neighborhood. As we speak, Syria's government is dropping "barrel bombs", filled with nails, shrapnel and other instruments of terror on its own cities. Where is the ASA boycott of Syria? And of Iran, which hangs political, religious and even sexual dissidents and has no academic freedom at all? Or Egypt, wher Christians are being openly perse ...
I recently posted my thoughts relating to the lack of contributions to mankind from the Arab world since the 13th century. My wonderful son, Sam, has seriously questioned my argument. The following, for anyone who actually cares, is my research on the subject. As far as I'm concerned their only major contribution in modern times is in literature (specifically Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel Prize winner) and film making where they are beyond superb. Especially Asghar Farhadi, the director of two of the finest films of this year and last. The Separation and The Past. Beyond that the Arab world concentrates totally on sectarian violence and primitive punishment of women. Just so it shouldn't look like I'm the only person who thinks this I'm including a study made by "The New Atlantis" A journal of technology &society. There are roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, but only two scientists from Muslim countries have won Nobel Prizes in science (one for physics in 1979, the other for chemistry in 1999). Forty-six M ...
"Side by side with the main stream of scientific knowledge, there are isolated small back-waters with something splashing there, in fact what I (by selecting the most neutral terms) would call para-science: astrology, divination, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, creationism, and many of their varieties. If we could prove that at least one of these concepts have some truth, it would be the discovery of the century, much more important and significant than anything that is happening today in the normal physics." Nobel Prize-winner Steven Weinberg, the creator of the theory that brought together the weak and electromagnetic forces in nature, wrote.
Aha! Steven Weinberg. It's a long read. Bookmarking to read it in leisure. :)
Scientists believe that our universe began with one enormous explosion of energy and light, which we now call the Big Bang. This was the singular start to everything that exists. The beginning of the universe, the start of space, and even the initial start of time itself. Nothing we observe today existed prior to that exact moment. Further, it was something outside of time, outside of space, and outside of matter that caused all of this to come into existence. The realization that our universe started, and did not always exist, brings enormous challenges to nontheistic scientists. Are scientists certain of this Big Bang Theory? Yes. In the late 1920's, astronomer Edwin Hubble saw through his telescope that galaxies (some millions of light years away) were hurtling away from each other at fantastic speeds. This was not caused by some force thrusting them away from each other. Rather, they were still moving as a result of a primeval explosion, all from one point of origin. In this point of origin, all the m ...
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