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Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler (born Steven Victor Tallarico; March 26, 1948) is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the frontman and lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith, in which he also plays the harmonica, and occasional piano and percussion.

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Joe Perry talks about why Steven Tyler hated 'This Is Spinal Tap.' Details here:
freezer for a fanny pack. Steven Tyler's voice in my head. She's being a war? yes, apparently so. Am convinced that this
Steven Tyler seems like a buzzkill.
Joe Perry has posted videos of Aerosmith rehearsing a few songs without Steven Tyler.
when did Steven Tyler start doing horoscopes?
Steven Tyler, the demon of screaming.
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler performs at the ForEverglades gala, raising more than $2.5 million.
Here’s a touching story that proves even rock stars can have big hearts.
Steven, Tyler and Patrick F. a ll won their first match and advance to the Regional quarter finals to meet up with Patri…
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith or John Taylor of Duran Duran. You decide.
you know, Steven Tyler would make a *** of a Krang voice.
I can barely tell the difference between Steven Tyler and Christine Baranski.
Julian Lennon (feat Steven Tyler) - Someday via How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people!
From Justin to Michael J, to Adam Levine, to our very own Francis M, and tonight, watch out for Steven Tyler!. Justin as StevenTyler
The only thing that looks out of place at the country music awards with Steven Tyler is his Fu Manchu.
Always flirting with Mr. Death, spending time w/ various drugs, all creating a 50 year rock dynasty like Steven Tyler or Keith Richards.
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is it me or Killuah's father looks like the young muscular Steven Tyler.
Steven Tyler is turning into Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter.
Steven Tyler's Hennessey Venom GT to sell at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction
Looks like Steven Tyler is finally going to sell that car.
Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler at the opening of Studio 54, NYC (1977)
Steven Tyler's teeth recreated scenes from the Brady Bunch with David Bowie. I am fancy.
2016 don't you dare think of taking Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Richards, *** Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Steven Tyler, Joan Jett
He looks like a young Steven Tyler.
..I loved her on American Idol, especially when she was paired with Steven Tyler!
When did Steven Tyler change his name to Ann Coulter?
if only Ann Coulter didn't look like Steven Tyler
"Brian May, Steven Tyler and George Harrison have also complained".
Hey Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler called, he wants his horrible look for an old dude back.
Nevermind I'm 100% sure it's Steven Tyler. I feel blessed. Now I'm on the hunt for him in this *** park
Steven Tyler and Craig Jackson’s Barrett-Jackson to Auction Rare Hennessey Venom GT Spyder for Charity…
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I was very close, so I saw Steven Tyler, twice in the left side of the stage and then the Joe Perry. It seemed five meters away.
OTD: Steven Tyler & Joe Perry attend a lecture by the. Beatles Sir George Martin at Harvard. Martin produced their version of Come Together.
Name a better duo than Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Go ahead. I'll wait.
2009, Steven Tyler was airlifted to hospital after falling off stage during a gig at the Sturgis Motorc…
Yeah and he's signed to Big Machine, who also has FGL, Steven Tyler, Thomas Rhett etc. But I'll give his album a fair listen.
Steven Tyler's teeth drank drank drank in front of the president. I am the Muffin Man.
Brian said "maybe" when I asked him if we could see in concert. Excuse me while I track down Steven Tyler.
Luke thought Hayley Williams was married to Steven Tyler. Gross.
I feel like Greta Van Sustren and Steven Tyler are the same person.
Back in 2015 , Robert, Eric and myself spent an afternoon with Steven Tyler reworking & recording Janie's Got A Gun.
Methinks Dale Watson needs to go up to Dallas to kick Mark Davis' *** for saying Steven Tyler is country.
"I love him he's my Steven Tyler!" Matt Jones talking about Jacob Sartorious
I want Stephen to be here, I want Tyler to be here, I want Steven Tyler to be here" -
Is it just us or could Myles Kennedy be Steven Tyler's Illegitimate son?
And Steven Tyler!?. Steven Tyler being at a country music festival is like if I went to WeFest, to pick someone up. I'm getting paid to do it
domain names
Steven Tyler- the filthy rich crazy petrosexual trans aunt/uncle you wish would will you his Hennessy Venom.
Steven Tyler grabs 'Hold' of pro bull riding
Steven Tyler Has a rough dancer that farts trucks
Steven Tyler launching solo tour at The Venetian
steven Tyler needs to gtfo of country music sorry not sorry
is rocking. Loved seeing Steven Tyler & Martina McBride sing one of my favorite Aerosmith songs.
Thoughts on . 1. Steven Tyler is equally cool and weird af. . 2. Has Luke Bryan always been that hot? . 3. I actually miss country.
Congrats to whose country album debuted at No. 1 this week! More charts news: 👈🎶
I don't understand Steven Tyler's reason to try country music. All I want from him is Aerosmith hits.
This die-hard country fan cannot deal right now! Martina McBride singing with Steven Tyler?
Wow is right! Martina McBride knocked it outta the park w/ Steven Tyler! So many artists on
Now I've seen everything. Steven Tyler and Martina McBride singing in the same mic. Is this a sign of the
Steven Tyler may be great in Rock music. Country not so much. That was awful.
Can't get Steven Tyler off the screen soon enough
I love Martina, but & Steven Tyler was 1 million times better
Watching Steven Tyler on the and can't stop thinking that he's "Captain Jack Sparrow"
Watching steven tyler perform . Man i love how he lights it up 🔥🔥🔥😬
Steven Tyler and Martina was good in theory. Not actuality. Sorry Martina.
Steven Tyler looks like the drug addict version of Jack Sparrow
Steven Tyler looks like a pirate now
Steven Tyler is my favorite human being
Steven Tyler I missed you so much, Zigzag man.
Holy mother of God please stop trying to absorb the 68 year-old Steven Tyler into the country music world
Steven Tyler is like a real-life Jack Sparrow and that honestly freaks me the heck out.
That answers my question if Steven Tyler does any Aerosmith songs on his country tour
I'm freaking out a bit watching Steven Tyler and now he's performing Cryin' aw
Does Steven Tyler just raid women's closets and pick the best outfit to wear on stage?
Steven Tyler still has it. Demon of Screamin.
What is going on with Steven Tyler? I'm so confused lol Has he been countrified?
i guess Steven Tyler made a country music record this year and i guess it sounds sort of just like Aerosmith with maybe more mandolin
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Steven Tyler should stay away from country music 🙅🏼
I have a feeling I'm going to look exactly like Steven Tyler when I'm older
Brett was so cute gettin hella pumped for Steven Tyler
Find me a better front man than Steven Tyler, not possible!
. However, I love his style. I am a fan. Even my Jesse has his style. See?
Why wait until you get home Laura Barletta? Enjoy the 8 minutes of Steven Tyler now & enjoy it on TV later.
Congrats to Steven Tyler on the new number one Country album!
Steven Tyler & Martina McBride CMA Fest 2016 via Martina had this looks like Tyler was hurting her eardrum
Steven Tyler hits pause on Aerosmith to go a little country - THonline ... - Dubuque Telegraph Herald
The fact that Steven Tyler is on the CMAs is so funny to me. He does not sing country music...
I've cried like five times since Monday bc I get to see Steven Tyler on Saturday
I love Steven Tyler's new country vibe he's got going
Steven Tyler has a country album out? Where have I been??
Leanna just asked if Steven Tyler was Kesha's dad.
She wasn't hard to look at.😜Steven Tyler was great, but it's hardly fair to compare with a legend, even though he's almost 70.
Are you a Steven Tyler fan? He's coming to town on Friday, July 29th! Buy your tickets here:
I wonder if Steven Tyler, Joe Perry or Ric Ocasek were fathers for the 7th time they'd receive the same headline?
There is just not much to tell on the condition of Joe Perry from Aerosmith but here's what Steven Tyler has to...
Mount Olivet Friends also spotted Steven Tyler from that was neat.
Elizabeth Warren is a dumpster fire on an Indian reservation. Elizabeth Warren is a moose knuckle on Steven Tyler.
I'm actually so excited to see Steven Tyler 😍🤘🏻
"Country is the new rock & roll," Steven Tyler told Rolling Stone Country last summer, and that has since become...
Steven Tyler said he is "really concerned" about Joe Perry's health and has been unable to contact his...
It was still cooler for him to be home in aerosmith but I understood it,like I do now w/ steven tyler solo album...
Steven Tyler shares his concerns over bandmate Joe Perry
"Nothing feels better than somebody telling you the truth" . Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler opens up about Joe Perry's health: "I'm really concerned and worried about him" http…
We are at the Steven Tyler concert now. We ARE somebody!
Watch Steven Tyler in the Trailer for the New Horror Movie ‘Happy Birthday’
Steven Tyler is "really concerned" about Joe Perry, awaiting word on his Aerosmith bandmate's health
Good Lord. Highlight of the day. Tyler Ulis showing off the handle then hitting the fadeaway.
Remember when Steven Tyler was Santa in one of the Christmas episodes of Lizzie McGuire
Didn't that happen to Steven Tyler as well? He got on an elevator and the woman inside got off. He even wrote a song about it.
Got to do a few well deserved promotions tonight. Tyler (purple), Steven (yellow), and Rowan…
Here for Steven Tyler walked by me in hotel lobby but I don't think he's at conference
Scoring a GREAT ticket is always a VICTORY!. Next up... Josh Groban, Barbara Streisand, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, Meghan Trainor and more
Steven Tyler last night. Garth Brooks tonight. Weekend of legends that couldn’t possibly be more different. Each still put on epic shows.
Joe Perry says he's not ready to draw the curtain on band's career – despite frontman Steven Tyler saying...
Steven Tyler posts 'Lord of the Rings' birthday message for daughter Liv
Steven Tyler posts Lord of the Rings birthday message for daughter Liv
I added a video to a playlist Steven Tyler's New Song 'We're All Somebody From Somewhere'
John in little rock or Steven Tyler??
Can I say I laughed because Rick Parfitt and Steven Tyler? It’s not bad, is it? I love all four of them. \m/
But Paul Stanley, John Norum, and Steven Tyler, they have both metal minds and kawaii atmosphia, lol
I liked a video Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Gap Commercial
VIDEO: Steven Tyler and Billy Ray Cyrus greet fans in
Only the very coolest Celebs connecting with this group! Steven Tyler, Corin Nemec and more...Hear the latest Song .
Wow! Now you've made it! Craig Peterson and Steven Tyler, time to retire!
I saw Steven Tyler buying red velvet cupcakes at in Does that count?
Nicki Minaj came at Mariah Carey. I think Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Love her but her track record is horrible
Day 3. Starting old school with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Also Steven Tyler and ending with Blake Shelton.
that sounds sooo fun! Last year I saw Steven Tyler at the Art Crawl lol
"My dad cleans George Clooney, Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and Steven Tyler's pools. Its fun going to work with him."
Steven Tyler concert tickets for Jul 20 at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix AZ
There is a part of me that truly believes that Matthew Gray Gubler will look exactly like Steven Tyler when he gets older.
Exclusive: Discovery plots summer series with Christina Aguilera, Usher and Steven Tyler
So happy to see Steven Tyler without his walker
Janie's Got a Gun by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith - Fallsview Casino. Janie' ...
Joey Kramer basically just confirmed that Aerosmith really is considering the idea of touring without Steven Tyler.
The personal lives of my heroes--some being Ron Van Zant and Steven Tyler, Jeremy . Do I really need to know?
Our Uber driver has driven Steven Tyler here in Nashville that's pretty sweet. Tons of celebrities down here!
I would totally go see Steven Tyler at the Chicago Theater if it was actually Cheryl Crow.
can you please tell me what the presale code is for Steven Tyler at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC? Thanks in advance!
I was out side the David Geffen Hall singing all night in the park while Steven Tyler was having a benefit concert
I remember when they caught Sarah Jessica Parker at the game lookin like Steven Tyler if Steven Tyler was a foot
PAUL McCARTNEY AT KENNEDY CENTER HONORS (Complete) Steven Tyler is incredible as always!!
5 things we learned from Steven Tyler's "Out on a Limb" show in NYC
Steven Tyler has announced his Out on a Limb solo tour
Amazing job by Steven Tyler last night at the great event in Hollywood!…
Steven Tyler: Aerosmith considering a farewell tour in 2017
Great seeing Steven Tyler last night at the Hollywood HSUS event!
Mama Kin by Steven Tyler now playing on
...of Steven Tyler. "What a hack!" Made me smile. Hope you're well, big guy.
I don't know if it's brain damage or something, but I'm having a increasingly hard time differentiating Steven Tyler & Cait…
Is it just me or Julia Roberts looks a bit like Steven Tyler in this ?😂😂
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Has anyone ever seen Julia Roberts and Steven Tyler together? Are they the same person?
I'm not sure which weighs more, Steven Tyler or a pile of scarves.
Tyler Johnson passes Steven Stamkos for 4th most playoff goals in history at 16 (15 of them have come in his la…
Steven Tyler is literally sitting one seat in front of me in this movie right now and idk what to do with myself
Kanye and Tyler the Creator racing each other.
Artwork done by yours truly quote taken from Steven Tyler 🌌🌌🌌
Watch Kanye West make two surprise appearances at Coachella.
Steven Tyler makes dream come true for a fan with Down...
Love this!!! "When I was 4, I told my mother I wanted to be a rock star when I grow up. She said, 'You can't do both.'" - Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler just shot into our top 10 Perfect Gentlemen List!...
Ive always loved Steven Tyler's hair. lol idk why he's a cool dude
Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's frontman, claims that he spent at least $5 million on cocaine in the 1970's and 80's.
There was some great guests in Lenny kravitz and Joe Perry and Steven Tyler,unfortunately Jeff beck pulled out of show !!!
If anyone can truly know what it’s like to be Steven Tyler, it's his doppelganger, right? Or maybe not.
having small hallucinations frm staying up thru the drowsiness of Benadryl & I can both Steven Tyler and the band Kansas sing to me to sleep
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Scotty McCreery shocked Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler with his deep country sound!
I mean it's a 30 year old song about Steven Tyler almost hitting on Vince Neil, where are you getting 4000 words of analysis? Fascinating.
Niagara Falls was shown on the American Idol finale last night, with Steven Tyler!
Is it just me or does Steven Tyler look like Carly Simon with a mustache?
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler tells us the band is contemplating a "farewell tour" in 2017
Steven Tyler to play NYC’s Lincoln Center May 2nd to benefit Janie’s Fund! . Read more:
You must get these folks on Carpool...x Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Tom Jones, Bruno Mars, Steven Tyler (will be fab)
Steven Tyler crashes live CNN snow report to say hello to his grandson
Steven Tyler's chance meeting turns amazing for Ontario fan
C'mon, he sounds like Steven Tyler..maybe Buster Poindexter..cause he's "Hot, Hot, Hot" like the chili!
This "celeb look alike" on fb got girls thinkin they Angelina Jolie mixed w Megan Fox when they really Tilda Swinton mixed w Steven Tyler
lol I only watched one season of American Idol solely bc Steven Tyler was on it so I feel you
I'm going to look these artist up on Pandora. I like Bryan Adams, Nate Reuss, Pharrel Williams,Steven Tyler, and Sean Carter
That Skittles commercial with Steven Tyler is comical: "I have minds to bend and values to warp".
I want to achieve a wardrobe that is part part Steven Tyler
All purpose parts banner
The Steven Tyler skittle commercial is my fav
Steven Tyler moving to country music has got to be the best choice ever
Let's play a game. It's called Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler or your Hippy Aunt.go
Steven Tyler is starting to look like Caitlyn Jenner's grandmother.
A platypus voiced by Steven Tyler sings the theme song over the credits...
I didn't know Cam justice played for Steven F. Austin 😂😂😂
Steven Tyler makes some really interesting choices in this horrifying Skittles ad.
Never realised before how much Carly Simon looks like Steven Tyler
we've seemed to gone off the tracks somewhere between Steven Tyler, and Johnny Cash's sideburns
Lol just saw a skittle commercial with Steven Tyler
My dad just met Steven Tyler and I don't think I've ever been more jealous of my dad.
Vote for what you want to hear next on STEVEN TYLER, are in the running! Vote now at
INJURY UPDATE: Tyler Seguin out 3-4 weeks w/15% cut to Achilles' tendon. GM Nill says he should return for playoffs https…
Adam Cunningham killed it on the vocals for this. I'd love to hear Thomas Rhett or Steven Tyler do it.
Tyler Roberson today: 🔥🔥🔥. The Cuse forward grabbed 18 (!) boards on the way to his 7th double-double of season.
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He needs to ask his mom if she ever partied with Steven Tyler
Why is it every time I hear Steven Tyler I think of you?!!!
IRVINE! Don your best Steven Tyler PJs when you see NEXT WEDNESDAY 3/23! Tix —>
Guy at the bar won't stop doing Steven Tyler impressions at the top of his lungs. There's about 50 people who may murder him.
Happy funny Friday! . Steven Tyler in a great Skittles ad! . .
Have a during class jam session to this 😏.
Steven Tyler is the King of drunk grandma dresses TBH
Steven Tyler performs on Day 3 of the Download Festival at Donington Park in Castle Donington, England, 2014.
Steven Tyler is starting to look like Johnny Depp playing Steven Tyler in a movie.
I had in my head that Sara Gilbert is married to a relative of Steven Tyler.
Steven Tyler just came to mind...bcs we're stuck in an elevator! Well there's a & Ari says "sorry, my dad was jumping"
Anybody see the video of Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp covering Come Together by The Beatles?
Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and Steven Tyler sing Come Together with Johnny Depp on guitar!
Marshall and Ben are being survival experts in State of Decay! R.I.P. In peace Steven Tyler...
More than words with Steven Tyler and Extreme guitarist' Nuno Bettencourt. :-)
I know! It's so hard, right??? Im down to Michael Jackson, Springsteen, Cindy Lauper and Steven Tyler...and also Bon Jovi…
no one ever talks about Steven Tyler or Kenny Rogers plastic surgery, and they're white men... why doesn't anyone attack them?
"Steven Tyler, of all people, once said,'If men bled, would tampons be free?' " Jello Biafra /Lard... From "The...
I'd love to see Steven Tyler get a reading. Love him, he's so funny !
Then he complimented my Docs and told me about how Steven Tyler gave him his necklace and he has a ring from Keith Richards.
"I have always liked Steven Tyler, Jimmy Page and Steven Miller Band. So, for me it is something…
Rock vocalists who moved me had R&B influence to their voices. Paul Rogers, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler...
Jeffrey Tambor just touched base with Steven Tyler, who is wearing black nail polish and checking out the auction booklet.
Did you see Steven Tyler's tribute to Sir Paul McCartney?
Great tribute by Steven Tyler! Thanks to Paula Nelson for sharing.
Holy crap...modern day Steven Tyler, I'm in love!
ICYMI Joe Perry not a fan of Steven Tyler's decision to make album:
Joe Perry not impressed with Steven Tyler's solo song...
Would someone please tell my husband that is NOT Brent Spiner unveiling the singing Steven Tyler in the commercial?
Alice Cooper, Ronnie Van Zant, Ozzy, Steven Tyler, and most of the Eagles were born in 1948. Solid year for rockstars.
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Adele, Steven Tyler, and REM tell Trump to stop using their music. .
On a recent late night with Steven Colbert show, Steven Tyler was asked whom, out of any one would he like to...
you're really gonna leave Steven Tyler, Axl Rose and Trent reznor off the list?
Axl Rose or Steven Tyler? Sunday, see live tributes to BOTH their bands at Rock Ballad Ball!
I wanna know...why put Willem Defoe in a dress? make a skittles collage of Steven Tyler? Why sing about babies...
Hey wondering if I could make two requests red white and you by Steven Tyler and drunk on your love by Brett Eldridge
they shoulda had Marshawn Lynch do the commercial with Steven Tyler
Hey, I recognize that grand hallway in Steven Tyler's Skittles commercial : )
Didn't realize Steven Tyler was such a big Marshawn Lynch fan!
so Steven Tyler has a house in Eureka Springs?
Steven Tyler, Arnold, Willem Defoe. Many celebs; few have been used well. But it is still early.
Steven Tyler is lucky Marshawn Lynch wasn't in that mansion.
That spot with Steven Tyler went down hill fast.
Skittles went with Steven Tyler and not Marshawn Lynch... Huh.
All that was missing from the Steven Tyler skittles commercial was Marshawn Lynch.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Marshawn Lynch is a fan of Steven Tyler now
This Morning chaos as Steven Tyler's voice shatters camera live on air
If Mary Tyler Moore married then divorced Steven Tyler, then married and divorced Michael Moore, then got into a three-way *** marriage
I'm wasn't aware that you dressed like Steven Tyler, but thanks for the tip!
What do Steven Tyler, Ann Coulter and Magic Johnson all have in common? THIS GUY:
I cant wait till Steven Tyler takes credit for sending Bowie, Fry, and Lemmy to heaven.
Never realised until recently the heavy influence of Susan Sontag on Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.
Steven Tyler walk by live report... talks about the weather on CNN
unless it's Steven Tyler or Eric Roberts or John stamos or John Salley or Larry birkhead or Tony little or or or
Anyone ever seen Julia Roberts and Steven Tyler in the same place at the same time?
Just saw a scarf blowing down the street. I hope Steven Tyler is okay.
CNN runs into Aerosmith's Steven Tyler in the New York snowstorm
If you've ever wondered what love child of Capt Jack Sparrow & Cruella De Ville would look like check out Steven Tyler on Colbert right now.
Steven Tyler talks about Kurt Cobain on Turning Point with Meredith Viera, 1994
Currently working out with Jake Owen, Steven Tyler, and Shawn Johnson 💪🏽💪🏽
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to Perform on Upcoming Episode of Public TV Series "Front and Center"
Steven Tyler dies of heart attack aged 67 [EXCLUSIVE]
Steven Adler and Steven Tyler had gangbang together with 12 women
Steven Tyler wrote Dude Looks Like a Lady. after mistaking Vince Neil for a woman in a. bar.
rock spinal tap moment when my man Steven Tyler did the big stage fall & again when Joe Perry pushed him off in Toronto
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Slash and the others bc they were trying to get them clean and Slash and Duff were doing
Not many people know that Steven Tyler wrote Sweet Emotion as a tribute to his microphone scarves.
Steven Tyler's mic stand has so many scarves on it that I always thought he was just screaming at Johnny Depp and trying t…
Watch video of Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and Sammy Hagar singing on New Year's Eve:
Why do girls care so much about Instagram likes? Prettiest girl I know gets 60-70 on selfies then others who look like Steven Tyler get 200+
love is your name - steven tyler, rocket - tori kelly, vertigo - jason derulo, what if this aint love-verbal jint ft. Ailee
Steven Tyler singing an inspirational song about recovery at Recovery Unplugged in Ft. Lauderdale.
| Liam is signed to the same solo management as Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Steven Tyler.
Me and Steven Tyler are basically friends now iamstevent @ Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea
Steven Tyler's tribute to Sir Paul McCartney is SO good. I makes me glad I'm a Baby-Boomer, so I could watch real...
Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead and Steven Tyler is alive.
a few studios are interested in my Armageddon reboot but starring Steven Tyler and Rumer Willis (Matt Damon plays Ben's part)
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